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Chapter 4[edit]

Part 1[edit]

—Little Garden, Outer Gate Number 54545’s Stage Area, entrance to the Corridor displaying the [Tablet of the Sea of Stars].

“—Well then, Rin, what are you guys up to?”


Rin, who was sitting in the corner of the café, with her cheeks stuffed full with the Golden Yam Egg Tart had halted her hand that was holding another of those tarts when she heard that question. Seeing her face in that state, Percher who had wanted to approach the matter at hand seriously could only give a sigh instead.

Currently, Percher and Rin were on a different task that caused them to go on their separate ways from Jin and the others.

Jin, Sandra and His Highness had gone to the scene of the Corridor of Displays to conduct their investigations while Percher and Rin were to wait for orders at the entrance area.

But as they had much time to spare, they had decided to go for a bite, the famous local delicacy of [Salamandra]—the Golden Yam Egg tart. As she was still unclear on the motives of those two who didn’t seem to be taking things seriously, Percher gathered her courage to assert her question once more:

“I’ve already seen through your reasons for coming to this City. So tell me. How long are you going to put up that act of yours?”

“Hoho, that really sounds interesting coming from you. Percher knows of our plan?”

*Wow so scary~I’m so surprised!* Rin had that sort of smile hanging on her lips.

The style of speaking after giving a staggered pause with an accented voice. That was the conversational skill of this young lady. Seeing how guarded her opponent was even though she had tried to shake her up, Percher decided to put on the pressure:

“Let me say this in advance. Everyone from [No Name] will be coming to this Corridor of Displays. As long as I meet up with one of them, the possibility of me escaping successfully will not be zero. The sneak attack that you are planning for the [Floor Master] will also end in a failure. Then, you guys will also be chased out of this place too you know?”

Percher gave a calm leisurely smile.

— Of course, all that she had said were only unsupported information fabricated just for the purpose of shaking up Rin even for a little. But little would Percher know that her lies would become a reality.

Rin made an act of pondering over it for a moment before smiling maliciously.

“Well then, if things really come to that point, we will just have to put an end to our plans there.”

“Isn’t it? Well, then why not stop n….”

“Mhm. I guess it’s time to kill Percher-chan then.”

—*Suu* A sharp dagger was already grazing Percher’s neck.

Seeming to be an amazing control of strength, the tip only grazed a thin layer of skin that covered the pulsing artery.

The instantaneous drawing of the dagger that now pressed on her neck was so quick that it even caught Percher off guard even with all her heightened wariness from before. It was until the prick of pain started to register in her brain that Percher noticed the graze on her neck caused by Rin’s dagger.

And that stunt caused Percher to stiffen up and turn pale.

Whereas, Rin only leisurely stowed away her killing intent that had been released instantaneously just a while earlier as she gave a mischievous laugh.

“Just playing with you there. I only wanted to play a prank on you a little. After all, Percher-chan isn’t cut out for negotiations, so there’s no need to push yourself. Moreover, if you really do have an information that is to be used as the trump card, you shouldn’t be waving it around from the get-go. You should to wait for all the conditions to be set before bringing it out. If you just bring it out just like what you did moments ago, it wouldn’t have much of an impact you know?……But, Mah[1], it’s still a false report from you anyways.”


At this point, Percher’s anxiety had finally come close to the critical point.

She had already made a mental preparation to create a chaotic situation with a battle if things made a turn for the worse, but it would seem that this was a really bad idea. Initially, she had had high opinion about the innocent looking girl’s power, but little did she expect that her opponent’s strength was one that exceeded her original expectations.

(The difference is too great. Be it a use of melee or a tongue fight……)

She had already entered a dead end and had no other moves to take. Even though it was the only chance she had when His Highness wasn’t around, Percher was still unable to find the way out of this mess.

Noticing Percher’s distress, Rin gave an unguarded smile as she shook her head.

“Really now. Just relax. At the very least, we do not intend to kill you, Percher, nor do we want to get rid of Sandra and Jin either. You could say that it would run contrary to our intent.”


Percher narrowed her eyes as she tilted her head in doubt.

Rin’s gaze took on a serious look as she gave a giggle: “I for one, wish to get you three to become a valuable asset of our Community.”[2]


Percher spluttered out her words due to her surprise. That must have been the most improbable possibility that she did not even bother considering about—the enemy’s general and trusted aide wanting to recruit people from their side?

But Rin who misunderstood Percher’s reaction immediately leaned close to a distance just three inches away from Percher’s nose.[3]

“No worries, we can discuss about the treatment and privileges! Percher-chan’s loss can also be forgiven and written off. We will also be giving you the other Gifts of [The pied piper of Hameln]! The age of witch hunts had also been quite close to the era that Percher-chan came from. I think you might just be compatible with Orsola you know~If you return the other half of [The Death Eye of Balor], we might even let you reappear as Black Death Demon Lord—”

“Wait, Hold it right there! Saying such things in a public place… Are you out of your mind?!”

Percher’s eyes kept darting around at the open-air café and the passers-by outside as she frantically covered Rin’s mouth. To be so bold as to speak of such things in the open, that was the really evil streak in this girl. Bur Rin continued to have that nonchalant look.

“There’s no problem at all you know? Because our voices, will not be able to reach the ears of others around us.”

“……I beg your pardon?”

“Try screaming at the top of your voice if you want. There’s no one who will be able to hear you.”

Using a very confident voice to announce such a scary thing. But that was something that Percher should have noticed from the start. If she had given it some thought, she would have known that such a thing would be possible with Rin’s Gift.

Regarding Rin’s Gift, Percher had heard of it a little—The mysterious Gift called [Achilles High][4] was conceptual type of Gift that controlled the spatial “distances” between objects.

And besides that piece of information, the conditions for its usage, effective range and real name for the Gift was unknown.

The only thing that could be confirmed was that it was truly a sort of ‘invincible’ Gift and Percher only knew of two existences that could defeat this sort of Gift.

As long as it is used to create a [Wall of Distance] between us and the other people around us, it would naturally create a soundproof condition that traps the sound waves from leaving. No, it isn’t only for that alone. It also prevents any escape or call for help.

(……In other words, there wasn’t a possibility for me to create a ruckus that would draw in everyone into the chaos from the start?)

That sort of consideration made that girl more horrifying.

In addition to that, the current [No Name]s did not have anyone who could force Rin into a corner and the only possibility would be to bet it all on that Izayoi to mess up the situation as much as possible.

What a pinch. She complaint in her heart.

“……Anyways, sorry about that. I don’t have any intention to join your group. Moreover, my master is Jin, so please convince him first.”

“Oh, is that so? If we get Jin, we can get a free Percher as well……That really sounds like a good bargain.”

Rin was mumbling to herself seeming like a girl deciding on the purchase of a candy that promised to have a free gift upon payment.

And though she might be displeased by that tone, Percher had chosen to be silent to avoid needless conversations.

“Well, let’s put that matter aside for now for I would also like to confirm your thoughts on this. Percher, do you have any dissatisfaction about your current master and servant contract?”

“I can’t say that I’m satisfied…… but it’s still not at the point where I would want to terminate my end of the contract.”

An answer that held no deception. That was undoubtedly the honest opinion of Percher.

The [No Name]s are a Community that have the potential to rise higher from amidst the lower levels for they possessed a variety of talents and a handful of elites who could fight on par with Demon Lords.

If they obtained the Alliance Flag, it might even be possible for them to rise up rapidly into the Five Digits as well.

But Rin narrowed her eyes to slits.

“……Is that so? But you do know that he doesn’t possess the power required to help you, Percher, to achieve your dream right?”


Rin’s words rang so true that it seemed to have struck home into her heart. Although her childishness earlier had caused Percher to be confused and hence lowering her guard, Rin had not let that chance pass her by. And this girl had a sharp tongue that had the accuracy to hit its target every time in a clash of words.

The words embedded itself so deeply into Percher’s heart that it gave off an illusion that the whole conversation had been staged just for that particular line to deal the finishing blow.


—To fulfill Percher’s wish, the boy whose name is Jin Russel wasn’t strong enough at the moment.

She had already known that for a fact.

No matter how extraordinary the comrades of [No Name] were, the most important person—Jin, the leader is still too immature. The problem that Rin had pointed out would not have been a problem if the wish were to be a normal one. But Percher’s wish—-is one that would be a heavy burden of making enemies out of real gods.

If the secret wish that she harbored in her heart were to be leaked……it wouldn’t be too surprising if Jin Russel were to cancel the contract or even seal Percher away for good. That sort of insecurity caused Percher to be unable to tell the [No Name]s of her yearning.

And it did not take much effort for Rin to see that insecurity in her.

Rin gave a charming smile[5] as she crossed her arms before her chest.

“But it won’t be that way for us. Although we may have been beaten in our own game by the Community of Jin and the others before, the battle this time will be a Game of a larger scale than before. And if everything proceeds as smoothly as planned……the world of Little Garden might just be totally thrown into chaos for real.”

Resting her hand on her puffed up chest, she continued to look at Percher with confidence in her eyes.

That strong will in her gaze was really intense and seemed to shine in Percher’s perspective. As one of the authoritative figures in an organization to have such a clear target in mind and the resolve and attitude to pull along her comrades in the chosen path, it really made Percher’s loyalty waver.

“But……My ownership is still with Jin……”

“Isn’t that simple? We just need to take Jin along with us and it’s all solved right?”


“I’ve discussed with Aura and Graiya Oji-san before and we feel that we still need another boy around the same age as His Highness to be paired as his friend. I would say that Jin’s brains is quite good and he would fit perfectly to help our His Highness who lacks the knowledge of common sense in life skills. More importantly, we can also prepare many Demon Lords suitable for [Genier Contractor]—In the first place, his Gift will only be utilized to its truest potential when he comes to our side.”

Rin added happily.

Jin’s power was indeed a Gift that was indeed one that is specialized in the enhancement of sealed Demon Lords that are under his control. Leticia had also said that such a Gift was also quite renowned. Even in Little Garden where many Demigods and Gods roamed, it could be considered as one of the most unique Gifts.

Legend has it that [Genier Contractor] is a Gift that is conferred to [Solomon, The Spirit King] who sits in the Four Digits for having achieved the accomplishment of sealing seventy-two Demon Lords.

If he had defeated all those seventy-two Demon Lords by himself, that would make him run for second placing in the rankings for defeating Demon Lords.

And the ancestors of Jin Russel had cleared one of the trials prepared by [Solomon, The Spirit King]—the <ARABIAN NIGHTS> which had a part of the Gift as the prize.

Rin who knew of all that had also seen the true value of Jin Russel even if he was still developing in his Gift.

“The trials which were prepared by [Solomon, The Spirit King] has already been completed without leaving a single trial left undone. What’s left is only the defeating of the seventy-two demon lords which can be left to others to handle. And that makes Jin’s Gift incredibly desirable—even if some rough measures need to be taken, it might just be worth it.”


A sharp glint could be seen in those child-like eyes of hers but that sort of atmosphere had been dispersed almost immediately.

For Rin had suddenly stood up, preparing to leave the open air café.[6]

“In any case, I guess that’s the end of today’s persuasion. Percher-chan also needs more time right? I will be taking my leave first, and I will leave His Highness to you today, Thanks.”

“Heys, wait…wait up!”

“Nay~I’m not gonna wait♪ But no worries. I will be back to sway you over to our side for I feel that it would be for the best for both parties. Ah~and don’t forget to keep the real identity of His Highness a secret—this is also for the best for both of us.”

Rin gave a spin, causing her short skirt to flutter, as she turned to disappear into the crowd. While at the opposite end of the table in the open air café, a cup of unfinished drink was all that was left behind.

The girl who had appeared just like sudden storm had just left after having been satisfied by its destruction.

(……to return to the Demon Lord Alliance?)

Percher pressed her hand on her chest as she felt very uneasy about it.

She who is the representative of the eight million vengeful spirits—the collective of spirits killed by the plague of Black Death.

And this body had come into existence for the sole purpose of fulfilling the wish of those spirits who have died with much resentment in their hearts.

What should she decide on then?

The lonely girl who couldn’t find an answer to that question could only sit at her original spot.

(I….what should I choose now…..?)

Part 2[edit]

—[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames], Commercial District of the North Side

Pinning his eyes on the guy with the “混”character on his back, Izayoi was happily immersed in the endless pursuit as he ran along the roofs of the buildings.

The afterimages of Izayoi could be seen flitting over the heads of the crowd as it shot off towards the alleys in the blink of an eye and easily outstripped the military police squads who were dispatched to secure the area.

Noticing the commotion overhead, the passers-by of the Commercial District were crying in surprise:

“Wuoooh?! What’s that just now?”

“It seemed like a figure of a human just flew over our heads!”

“There’re also the military police squads in pursuit. Could it be the rumored ‘Kamikakushi’?”

The strong wind that swept through the Commercial District caused the people to speculate on what they had just seen. For they could only see Izayoi even if they weren’t able to see the guy with the “混”character.

And though the military police squad had chased from behind, they were unable to lay a net to surround an unseen opponent, hence only resorting to chasing after the back of Izayoi.

(If only Mandra, that fellow can widen the net of his men to surround the area, things would be much simpler……)

But it was difficult for them to accomplish that when matched up with an invisible opponent. Moreover, the opponent’s footwork wasn’t worse than that of Izayoi’s. After all the opponent was still a Demon Lord, albeit being a third rate one.

But even so, it was still possible for Izayoi to catch up to him if he gave his all into the pursuit.

However, if Izayoi were to put his full strength behind his every step, the residential structures that weren’t stable enough would most likely be blown away. He had previously destroyed a tall building that way when he had used it as a foothold to exert his full strength.[7]

Basically, all structures in Little Garden are built with a defensive Gift to reinforce its sturdiness but if Izayoi were to use his full power on them, it would be a different matter altogether.

(Having said that, continuing this endless chase isn’t going to solve things as well.)

Initially enthusiastic about the chase, Izayoi had now sobered up completely.

He had thought that the game of tag would be complemented with the use of Gifts similar to the “虚度光阴”. (Passing time in an idle manner. Direct translation for the skill that causes time to stop for the opponent) However, that kind of interesting stuff seemed to be limited to only that one time and the rest of the chase was purely a game of tag with him needing to hold back on his strength.

Looking from Izayoi’s perspective of his dislike for repetitive labour, this sort of situation could only be described as really boring.

It did cross his mind to kick a building to shoot the fragments like the pellets of a shotgun……but he had used this trick on Kuro Usagi before and it wouldn’t be interesting to use it the second time. Then, that would leave only 1 option left—

(Oh well, I guess there’s no other way around this. I will apologize to Mandra later.)

Izayoi clapped his hands together as he gave his silent apology before injecting his strength to his legs while he continued to dash forward.

A full-power dash would have caused the buildings or streets that had been used as his foothold to collapse.

But if it were to be a full-power jump—The worst case that could happen would just be the destruction of a building.

Although that could still be counted as quite a severe damage, but if it were to be the price to catch the ‘Kamikakushi’, such a thing would be just a small sacrifice that the victims would surely be understanding regarding the damage.

On the other hand, Demon King of Confusion had not realized the dangerous thoughts that had formed within his opponent’s mind as he sweated buckets while focusing on the run. He was busily flitting from the walls of the narrow alleys and making small hops on the tops of the trees. He would even dare to use the hanging lanterns and electrical wires as his footholds for his skills in making his body as light as a feather were as good as acrobats.[8]

But being the one gifted with the array of versatile techniques, it was only him who understood clearly how bleak the situation was for himself due to the impossibly relentless pursuer who was unshakable from his tail.

(Absurd, this is absurd! That smelly little brat is really absurd! If this continues, I can’t even fathom the idea of meeting Kouryuu to challenge him to a duel!)

Compared to the hatred towards his nemesis, it was much more important to keep his life intact. And the Demon King of Confusion continued to run with his cloak emblazoned with the“混”character billowing out from behind him.

He, who had come a long way to [Kouen City] for an opportunity to attack Saurian Demon King, [Great Sage who Devastates Seas], was carrying a tragic past as well.

—It would be interesting to know how many people actually remembers about it. For this Demon King of Confusion[9] is one of the most courageous Demon Lords that were recorded within the <Journey to the West>. At the same time, he’s also the first victim to be defeated after the Sun WuKong, who had accumulated a load of achievements in battles, for he had sounded the first gong of invasion.

(Damn it…….! I’ve only come to this sort of Human settlement just because of the news of that lad, Kouryuu, having taken the office of a Master…… Why am I so unfortunate?!)

Pressing down on a connecting wire to a lamp, he used the force of its upward reaction force to jump.[10]

Demon King of Confusion who twisted his body in mid-air, managed to capture the Izayoi’s figure from the corner of his eye.

(……I guess this leaves me with no choice. Although I didn’t really want to use it before that lad, Kouryuu, arrives—)

The atmosphere around Demon King of Confusion suddenly underwent a dramatic change. Izayoi clicked his tongue in frustration as he noticed it as well and berated himself for the miscalculation on his side.

As the spiritual power hidden away by the “混”character cloak started to expand, an ominous wind started to blow in the Commercial District.

([Authority of Host Master]……)

The authority to forcefully issue a Trial that has been granted to the Strongest of Demigods, Deities and gods.

If it were just another normal day, Izayoi would have welcomed such a challenge but it wasn’t a good day for such a situation.

At this very moment, [Will-O'-Wisp] should be handing over the new Gifts to Asuka. If it were an actual Gift Game, things might be different but he did not want to risk an unnecessary battle with a Demon Lord without any sort of preparation.

And the ground started to give off *Kazha* sounds of strain as his feet ran upon the brick paved streets.

“I won’t let you…!”

Exceeding the speed of sound, he leap off with a force enough to vibrate the atmosphere around him.

The bricks beneath his legs had immediately shattered with pieces of rubble debris scattering everywhere.

At the very instant when his outstretched hand was about to snag the “混”character guy by his fingertips—Mandra shouted loudly from behind:

“Behind you! Watch out!”

He had only sensed the threat behind him only then but it was too late for him to react to it.

Izayoi had only just turned his head when he was struck—by an extremely cold gust of wind that swept into the extremely hot district.


The extremely cold violent gust that managed to freeze even the flames of the lamps had swept through the entire Commercial District. Using the rubble that had been swept upwards by the wind as his footholds, he managed to dodge the attack from his back.

But he was still slow by a beat.

It was as if the opponent had been waiting for Izayoi to make his second jump before perfectly executing the attack to be released all at once.


The cold bone-chilling winds were released at Izayoi while the debris from the structures nearby were also sharpened by the cold wind to form icy daggers that flew at him. Though Izayoi had used both hands to deflect all the icy shrapnel, he was still unable to dodge from the gust of icy-cold air that blasted at him.

The gust was so cold that it seemed to condense the atmosphere itself and cracks started to appear on his skin within moments of coming into contact with the extremely cold air.

Izayoi managed to right his posture in mid-air after being struck down by the extremely cold gust and he landed on the tarp covering a stall which reduced the impact of the fall. But his only miscalculation was the fact that the stall was one which sold fruits.

And Izayoi clicked his tongue in displeasure for he was soaked by the fruit juices.

“Darn….. I’m used to getting wet by water but it didn’t need to be fruit juice this time.”

*Bite* Izayoi sank his teeth into an apple.

And being chilled, it tasted quite good as well, but that ticked him off further.

The owner of the stall stared in a daze at Izayoi and his destroyed stall as a shout came from Mandra who had finally caught up.

“Hey, are you alright?”

“Ah, I’m fine. But I’m sorry for letting the target escape, and also for taking action on my own without calling for backup. Because I have no excuses for those actions.”

“No, no, it’s not something to worry about. It’s not like we can see him anyway and the result would have been the same……

Rather than that, where has that fellow gone? I still need information to give an update of the situation to the public.”

“I apologize for that too for I’ve really lost him completely.”

Izayoi answered awkwardly and Mandra didn’t berate him for that but only looked at the ground pondering over the bitter fruit that had been handed to him.[11]

“……I see. But with things the way it is now, I will be insisting on your cooperation to solve the case even if you are unwilling.”

“I don’t see a problem with that. After all it isn’t in my nature to leave things half-way. But the most important thing is that——“

Izayoi’s words trailed off as he lifted his head to look at the skies.

Compared to Demon King of Confusion, he was more curious about that extremely cold wind.

To release the attack at the most opportune moment. That was a feat that not anyone could accomplish and it was a wonderfully executed attack that targeted the moment of vulnerability.

(Was there an accomplice right from the start? I sure didn’t sense another one then. Moreover if there were many people involved in the case, would that guy have flashed that card of [Authority of Host Master] that hastily?)

Then who could that person be?

It wasn’t the military police nor an accomplice of the Demon King of Confusion.

Could it be that an unknown third party had suddenly appeared to launch an attack at Izayoi? Or could it be just an act to save Demon King of Confusion?

And the biggest question is where could he, Demon King of Confusion, have disappeared to.

(If I’m not mistaken, the presence of Demon King of Confusion had disappeared together with that gust of icy cold wind—)

—that’s right, he disappeared.

Although Izayoi had been struck by a stealth attack, Demon King of Confusion had already filled his field of sight and yet his target had suddenly disappeared like smoke dissipating in the wind.

Just like a real ‘Kamikakushi’.

“‘Kamikakushi’ has been ‘Kamikakushi’ed……? Looks like a problem has arisen even before the other can be solved.”


“There’s a lot of things to do. But first we have to inform Sandra that the enemy is a Demon Lord of ‘Kamikakushi’ and I fear that only children can see him.”

Hearing Izayoi’s words, Mandra’s face had suddenly turned pale for some unknown reason and had drawn a sharp intake of breath.

“Only….Only children can see him?”

“Yep. The person’s name is Demon King of Confusion. His real identity should be a Demon or monster that can hide within the hearts of little children while roaming free—no, this stuff can be said in detail later. Your sister will be the best candidate to go up against this Demon Lord, so contact her right away.”

“I…I understand.”

Mandra replied through clenched teeth.

Izayoi picked up on the strange response and he cast a curious gaze at Mandra’s direction.

“……is something the matter? Is it inconvenient to do that?”

Mandra’s face had taken on an expression of self-mockery as he muttered, “No, that’s not it. I’m just feeling a little ashamed by my own actions.” Izayoi’s curiosity had been piqued by that strange expression but a member of the military police had frantically rushed over with a report just then and he could only swallow his question for now.

“Man…Mandra-sama! It’s bad! According to reports, Sandra-sama has slipped out of the Palace!”

“What did you say?!”

“Luckily there’s a lot of eye-witnesses in the city and she should be at the Corridor of Displays located before the [Tablet of the Sea of Stars]!”

“Tch! At this time? What is that girl thinking….”

Mandra wanted to say more but suddenly he held his tongue.

And that same bitter expression of earlier came over his face again as he turned his head to face Izayoi.

“I’m sorry but please accompany me for a trip to the [Tablet of Sea of Stars].”

“Okay. Mah, I’ve not seen enough of that Corridor of Displays yet, so with the offer of a free admission, of course I will be glad to leap on that chance.”

The both of them nodded to each other and were just about to walk off towards the Corridor of Displays.

Just then, someone grabbed Izayoi. Wondering who could it be, Izayoi turned his head—only to see the fruit stall owner equally drenched in fruit juices smiling with his veins popping at the temples:

“……Okyaku-san, thank you for the cost of the repairs and the damages.”

“……. Mandra-sama, the tactician, you have heard that didn’t you?”

The businessman stared at Izayoi while Izayoi’s face took on a mischievous smile as he stared at Mandra.

Being the leader of the military police squads and the tactician, Mandra had already guessed as much even before Izayoi said those words and he silently took out his coin pouch to place at the counter.

After that, Mandra left the place with an expression that was a hundred times more bitter than the one he originally wore.

Part 3[edit]

—[Ruby Cave], Underground Canal.

*Plonk!* Demon King of Confusion was deposited along with a hot wash of wind and he fell from his mid-air position.

“That hurts!”

He grabbed his head as he rolled around a few times. Due to the suddenness of the situation, he who had not be able to respond to the situation had landed on the ground. Head first.

To prevent the canal from being rocked by strong impacts, the stone carved canal was thoroughly inlaid with many Gifts. Of which some Gifts to eliminate trespassers had also been set up at certain points to trap and exterminate.

It could be said to be a fortunate thing in his misfortune for him to just hurt his head only.

“Why am I in the underground canal? Who is it who brought me to this place?”

Demon King of Confusion clutched his head as he took a look around him.

The underground canal that was as complex as an underground maze only had a few specific exits and wasn’t something that could be accessed from anywhere. Or at least there wasn’t an entrance from the streets of the Commercial District that would have led to this passageway.

Then, who could it be to have brought him to this place? If he could have figured out the answer just a few seconds earlier—the fate of Demon King of Confusion may have been slightly different then.



The sharp voice was piercing and seemed to be of a high pressure as just hearing that word had already given him the illusion of being struck by an axe.

Due to the echoes in the underground passage, the source of the voice could not be pinpointed accurately but it could be sure that the person must be hiding in a blind spot of his field of vision.

Under the dim lighting, Demon King of Confusion had immediately stopped his movements. This is not because of him being unable to pinpoint the enemy’s location but it was his innate instincts of self-preservation that was shouting an alarm at him in the highest possible volume.

(……This is bad…This is really bad. My[12] senses are really too slow.)

This Demon Lord who had been living in seclusion for a long time had now felt ashamed at his lacking that was being shown quite frequently today.

When he first found himself to be in this situation, he should have already noticed it.

The number of Gifts that could have brought him from the District that had no entrance to this passage would have been only a limited handful. For it would have been a Gift that enabled ‘passing through’—or a large scale Gift that could control the ‘Portals’.

(Instantaneous transport of an object?……Though I’ve heard of it in the past, but this is my first time experiencing it for myself.)

Demon King of Confusion was panicking as cold sweat started to dampen his back.

If he activated his Gift of “虚度光阴”, he might just be able to escape but he would have to aim for the time that the enemy drop their guard.[13]

Since the order had been ‘Halt’, that would also mean that the instant that he make a move, the enemy would also bare their fangs.

Listening for the breath of his enemy, Demon King of Confusion then matched his heart beat to it while awaiting his chance.

Just when he was prepared to make his move—a crisp sound chimed from the depths of the darkness.

“Really now, Maxwell-san! Using threats will only cause others to mistake our intentions! We are here to make a deal, don't go scaring others that way!”

Hearing that young voice that really contrasted with the atmosphere then, Demon King of Confusion couldn’t help but fall to the ground.

But that was only understandable. He had already set his mind to activate his Gift in a gamble with his life on the line but only to be stopped short by the childish complains of a little girl who seemed to be trying to defuse the situation.

Losing his will to fight, Demon King of Confusion decided to ignore the command to look towards the one who just spoke up—at Rin’s direction.

“Oi Oi, don’t you think that this kind of treatment for negotiations is pushing things a little? Adhere to the request of your client next time, the intellectual Demon Lord of Thermodynamics, right?”

“……Hmph. When dealing with a third rate who only knows how to abduct children, that sort of treatment should already be very appropriate, am I right?”

The other had replied in a haughty and contemptuous tone and Demon King of Confusion was just about to return those insults a hundred fold when Rin frantically placed herself between them.

“An-ny-way-s![14] Maxwell-san, please redraw for now! You needn’t mess up the situation for me every time!”

“Although I’m not really willing, but I will just comply with that. But if you are so angry, you will be violating the direction set by the Game controller you know?”

*URIA!* Rin shouted towards the dim waterway at the opposite end. And following that, the man who was at the end of the waterway……[Maxwell Demon Lord]’s presence had winked out of the place.

Rin gave a small sigh before turning to face Demon King of Confusion with a look of weariness on her face.

“Sorry about that. That fellow is definitely strong but the quality of his character is left wanting.”

“HehHeh, that must be quite a headache. ……Well then ojou-chan, did you come to look for me knowing that I’m Demon King of Confusion and the situation I have?”

“Yes. My reason for coming here is to meet with the famous [Disaster of the North], Demon King of Confusion. If you can forgive that act of insolence earlier, I will be much blessed with that honor.”

“……Oh?” Demon King of Confusion exhaled a long breath in admiration.

Though many people might have heard of his title as a Demon King, this other alias of [Disaster of the North] wasn’t one that was commonly known. For that other name had only been told to those who had experienced the Trial hosted by himself.

“What a surprise. There shouldn’t have been anyone who heard of that other name of mine and manage to survive……Oh well, forget it. What do you want me to do? I will just take it that I owe you one for just now and no matter how difficult a task you set for me, I will be willing to accept the request more favorably.”

Demon King of Confusion gave a laugh under the folds of his long robes.

He had already guessed the organization that Rin belonged to for the warning issued by Shiroyasha when she stepped down from the post of [Floor Master] had spread like wild fire and even he who lived in recluse had heard of the news.

—[Maxwell Demon Lord] had joined the Demon Lord Alliance.

Then she who was addressed as the “commander”[Game Controller], could only come from one organization.

So Demon King of Confusion was full of anticipation when he asked provocatively:

“Well then ojou-chan, who do you wish to be ‘Kamikakushi’ed? It must be your desire to snatch away a talented individual or two that you have searched for me right?” he spread his arms, causing his presence to be emphasized.

The game of tag earlier had only been a portion of his real power. Hosting a Trial that overrode the intellect of Mankind was the true epitome of a Demon Lord. And if one looked from that perspective, it would mean that he had not even shown a tenth of his true power yet. Hence, Demon King of Confusion was able to taunt Rin while boasting of his worth.

Rin placed a finger to her lips as she replied with an infinitely gleeful look on her face:



“I said, I want everything.”

—For a moment, Demon King of Confusion had doubted his ears and returned the question reflexively.

But Rin paid it no mind as she stretched out her arms while swaying her beautiful black glossy hair as she spun around in a dance. And while she did that sort of cute girlish actions, she blinked those pretty eyes at him as she continued:

“That’s right, it is not a metaphor. Every single talented individual, materials, territory, social positions, Flags, Names and the Gifts that have been bestowed upon this piece of land. Take them away. Every single one of them. Not allowing even a single one of them to escape your hands, completely rob them of their wealth.—For that purpose, we needed your ‘Kamikakushi’, O Demon King of Confusion.”

Those were the words that she had declared with that chime-like awe-inspiring voice of hers.

It wasn’t a metaphor— Yes, they wanted to take away everything.

This was the place that the North, South and East Side Masters of were to gather in preparations against the Demon Lord Alliance but they had actually thought of this plan while knowing that fact. Seeming to mock their enemies in the face. And in the eyes of the one who said such blasphemous words—the girl called Rin had not a shred of worry or a trace of fear about the possibility of the plan failing. There was only that blossoming look of joy that was on that cute smiling face of that girl who was feeling happy about the imminent plan of plunder that was about to be set into motion.

Hence Demon King of Confusion changed his view of her then.

Compared to himself, this girl had shown the truest essence of the term ‘Demon Lord’ of all the people that have been seen by him thus far.

“……Ha, Haha…….HehHehHehSiaHahahaha!!!!!! This is bad, bad, downright bad, a really bad karmic task you have there!!! In the age where even strong Demon Lords are to hide their names and aliases to survive, there’s actually a little brat crazier than me, the crazy and hungry ghost, wandering the Earth?!!!! Looks like even after a thousand years, sin is still deeply rooted in this world……”

Demon King of Confusion laughed loudly while hugging his belly, laughing so hard that his tears flowed out as well..

And who knows whether those tears were for joy or due to his laughing.

But after his laughing fit had subsided, Demon King of Confusion panted as he got up to his feet with a gaze ablaze with the flames of his fighting spirit.

“—Okay. I will follow ojou-chan for that trip then. Take out your book for the Alliance recruitment and I, Demon King of Confusion will start right at this very moment to stand behind the Flag of the Demon Lord Alliance under this sky.”

He had opened his blood red jaws as he laughed those words out.

Drawing out the Alliance recruitment book and a Flag, Rin was fairly satisfied by his devilish and fearless laughter. And under that Flag that started to flutter vigorously—she announced.

This was the Alliance Flag that had gathered many powerful Demon Lords under its pact and upon it was a ‘Tail biting Three Headed Serpent emblazoned on it of which its eyes emitted s strange light that seemed like the radiance of light bouncing off a king’s crown.

“I hereby welcome you, Demon King of Confusion. We of the [Ouroboros] welcome you into our ranks.”

Translator’s notes[edit]

  1. [magref notes: not sure if I explained the slang sound effect of Mah before… but people who watch anime should have heard of it being said before like Mah Mah, it’s just a small thing… or something along those lines? Yea, basically it just means that the person is dismissing it lightly by saying Mah. A dismissive tone I guess.]
  2. [magref notes: she said get. Which means by force or coercion. Not really focused on recruiting though…and yes this part is one space after the above and one line spacing before the next few paragraphs to come.]
  3. [magref notes: I really want to delete the part of ‘three’ but it is in both texts…. zzz]
  4. [magref notes: the meaning of ‘called’ here means that [Achilles High] isn’t really called that… but is just a nickname for the Gift. ]
  5. [magref notes: the direct translation would most likely be the Japanese metaphor of Rin gave a smile like a flower in full bloom. Well… in English, that would really sound weird as a metaphor. So I’m just going with charming. Note that I’ve used the metaphor once in direct translation before… but this time I’m just going to word it as charming. Future usages of this metaphor will also be translated as charming with a translator note.]
  6. [magref notes: I don’t really know what it should be called but this café has no ceiling and the sky can be seen, so I called it open air café. Never really looked into what cafés are like… so if it is wrong, please suggest a change for it. Thanks.]
  7. [magref notes: this is in volume 2]
  8. [magref notes: I think this would mean Qinggong… but they didn’t use the term so I’m just using the description they gave.]
  9. [magref notes: Demon King of Confusion is one of the demons in <Journey of the West> who had invaded the Mount Huaguo, home of SunWukong and his monkey tribe during the time that he had left to study up on the 72 Transformations and meditations. Sun WuKong came back after learning the skills and found him possessing his friends…. Yea auto sign-up for death sentence. Demon King of Confusion is supposedly dead by now.]
  10. [magref notes: Newton’s third law, the Action Reaction force pairs]
  11. [magref notes: this is a metaphor…. No real bitter fruit has been exchanged. No bitterbug either. Lols a Monster Hunter reference.]
  12. [magref notes:CALL FOR JAP VERSION TRANSLATORS hmmm I translated it as ‘my’. I don’t know what it might have been in Jap. But it seems that he used a very self-important way to address himself.]
  13. [magref notes: this phrase is the Gift used to stop time]
  14. [magref notes: I didn’t misspell… just that if you drag the words, it sounds like that.