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Chapter 5 - The coin of the Stymphalian birds I & II[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“『Name of Gift Game: “The Strange Green Copper Birds (Stymphalians) 』”-

Participants: Free for all.:

*(But, the danger of death and incapacitation exist for participants.)

Winning Condition: Bring us feathers of the Stymphalian that are made out of green copper.:

Defeat Condition: When participant is unable to fulfil the above winning condition.:

*(Death counts to defeat.)

Detailed Rules::

*The Game ends when the quota of green copper has been collected.

*Prizes will be prepared for those who gather the green copper feathers.

*All copper and silver feathers gathered by the Participants will have to be handed over to the Host. (those who sneak away with them will be punished.)

*The Host will bestow the blessing (Gift) according to the copper or silver feathers that are gathered.

*In the situation that a participant dies, the spiritual power that remains from the dead will be entrusted to the Greek gods.

Oath: With respect to the above contents, [Kerykeion] pledges to host the Gift Game in its glory and Flag.

“『 Stamp of [Kerykeion] 』"

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v9 p160.png

Part 2[edit]

— Outer Gate 727246. Deborah[1] Gorge. A tavern in the valley.

Turning back time to roughly a month prior.

News of a lucrative Gift Game that promised thousands of gold have been spread to the edges of the world of Little Garden. And it was to be held in the South Western region of the valley.

Thus, strong candidates who have heard of the news have gathered in the corner of the tavern. And having been riled up by the excitement of the Game contents in the rumors, the strong candidates were whispering among themselves after their read of the shining sheepskin parchment— the [Geass Roll].

“It says here, Kerykeion. Isn’t that the head of the commerce Community that controls the South Side of Little Garden?”

“And to have the Gods as their backing, it seems likely to be a game with generous rewards.”

“But when we talk about the Stymphalians, it should refer to the strange birds that spit vile poison. A type of Legendary Eudemon that possess green copper feathers capable of deflecting blades with just its hardness.”

“So what if it is strong. [Kerykeion] is still the treasury guardians for the Greek gods. The rewards would definitely be huge.”

“Aah. It might even be possible for someone to be granted Divinity as well. It’s definitely worth the gamble of our lives……!!”

The strong candidates raised their bottles in their excited anticipation and a closer look would tell that the majority of them were non-humans. The possessors of strength, who belonged to various renowned Communities, had their races identifiable with their unique non-human characteristics.

Possessing ferocious looking sharp teeth and wolf ears, the vice leader of [Five Claws], Woldo Focas.

Possessing a body as wide as a tree trunk, the vice leader of [Four Footed], Dork Porfoy.

Besides them, there were also many winged individuals of [Two Wings], were-beasts, faeries and more who gathered within the tavern.

They, a portion of the [DracoGreif] Alliance had their headquarters and territory situated in the huge Tree of [Underwood] and were here to participate in the hunt for the strange birds.

Yes— this is the world of Little Garden where various Gods, spirits and vengeful ghosts gather.

It is another world where gods, who possess absolute great power, would confer their blessings (Gifts) to the Humans, Eudemons and Faeries by the process of a magical game—the [Gift Game].

And in this highly unusual other world, individuals who possess congenital unique abilities, descended from special lineages, or had heroic battle accomplishments would be summoned from the outside world.

There were also a number of humans who summoned over for they possessed the peak of their certain talents.

But these people who possess talents would not join the game in an orderly fashion—

“Bad newwwwsssssss!!!!!”

—Bang! The Tavern echoed with the sound of its door being slammed open. And one of the Participants who had joined the advance party of the Gift Game -“The strange copper green birds (Styphalians)” came charging into the midst of the guests while panting.

This panting guy who was drenched in sweat slumped over a table in his attempt to catch his breath.

The other strong candidates gathered around him in curiosity and the man was thusly at the centre of their attention.

“Oi, Oi. What’s the matter?”

“It can’t be that you guys have captured all the targets already right…..”

Currently, the people in the tavern were the second team on standby. If the first team were to successfully complete the game, it would mean that this group would have to return without the glory of any accomplishments.

But the guy who having had recovered his breath, shook his head.



It wasn’t like that someone was rebutting his words, but the guy who recovered his breath wore a fearful expression—

“There was the appearance…. The appearance of some incredible brats……!!”

…Wha? The air above the strong candidates’ heads were filled with question marks

“We found the Stymphalians at the lake and the advance party were about to prepare for the hunt…… then, there, there came three unbelievably strong brats who attacked us……!”

The male Participant of the advance party shuddered as he the details spilled from his mouth.

After standing in a daze with half opened mouths……the second standby squad at the Tavern,—

Gave off a loud roar of laughter in unison.

Dork Porfoy, Vice leader of [Four Footed], slapped his huge belly, “Oi Oi, did you hear that?! We have come all this way to the edges for the hunt of the strange birds and …… and the advance party was actually wasted by some small brats!”

The tavern was filled with another bout of laughter.

Woldo Focas, Vice leader of [Five Claws], then continued, “Haha, that certainly is the most fortunate thing about the misfortune. Those who can’t even handle a couple of brats, would certainly be incapable of beating the Stymphalians anyways!”

The strong players in the tavern hooted in laughter.

After a while when the laughter finally subsided, they stood up to ready their equipment.

“……But that sure is good news. Looks like the advance party is defeated even before their assault on the nests.”

“Aah. If they have not startled the flock, it would also mean that there is no need for us to hunt in the mountains. Oi, my men! Set off immediately! The Stymphalians will be ours for the taking!!”

Woooooh! The players cheered as they finished their preparations.

In another corner, a male of the feline race stroked his beard lightly as he watched them with amusement in his eyes.

“……A strong trio of brats who can mess others around, huh?”

The neatly dressed tomcat was clearly out of place in the dirty tavern where the strong players had gathered. A slyness that seemed to be a result of experience similar to the weathering of many sandstorms could be seen in the depths of his gaze. An elderly cat who exuded a different sense when compared to the other strong players around himself.

Accompanying the elderly cat by the side, the female in long robes twitched her Usagimimi which could not be hidden perfectly as she grumbled.

“Uu…… got a bad feeling about this.”

“That’s right. But let’s just ask him about it.”

The elderly tom cat and the Usagimimi female walked towards the guy from the advance party.

“Oi, you there. Are those brats…… could it be a trio formed by a lad and two other ladies?”

“Ye, Yeah. The three of them were using completely different types of Gifts…… They were simply monsters……!!”

Aiya, the elderly cat and Usagimimi female supported their foreheads with a hand.

But seemingly in understanding, the elderly cat gestured for the guy of the advance party to sit beside himself.

“That sure is a disaster. Mah, have a drink. It’s on me. Feel free to order anything you like.”

“Wha…? No, but,”

“There, there. Don’t worry. After all this is a branch shop of [Six Scars]. So there isn’t a tab for me.”

The elderly cat who gave a dry laugh while pouring a cup of wine— Garol Gandach.

The Usagimimi female took this opportunity to pat her robes as she stood up.

“Really sorry about this, Garol-dono. And this is when Kuro Usagi gave them the instruction of “Don’t go overboard with your actions!” too.”

“Oh. I think it should be possible to overtake the party in their progress with your speed. The young urns of this tavern are all family to me, please relay that message to those troublesome brats for me.”

“YES! Understood!”

Taking off the long robes, the Usagimimi-ed young girl who dashed out of the tavern with a trail of dust—was Kuro Usagi.

Knowing that the ones who assaulted the advance party to be a trio of young boy and girls, the reason for the advance party’s demise would be understandable if it were to be the same trio that they had in mind. No, it wasn’t only that. For the second party would surely be defeated as well.

If one were to ask the reason for that conclusion, it would be that they belonged to the [No Name] Community where their goal was to battle the ever spreading disasters of the world of Little Garden— [Demon Lords].

And they are the world strongest problem children group.

Part 3[edit]

—Deborah Gorge, bank of the lake at the foothills. Nest of the Stymphalians.

The Stymphalians had built their nests near the bank of the lake and were accustomed to moving in flocks which weren’t dependent on any other races for survival.

But within the nest of the strange birds, there were some unnatural shadows that gathered.

“……The second squad is here. Izayoi, Asuka. Get ready to move out.”


“Kasukabe-san, how many are there in the incoming squad?”

“There’s a total of about a hundred and twenty of them and it seems that they have prepared poison arrows for hunting, please be careful.” Caution was conveyed through the tone of the young girl.

Hearing that warning, a voice exclaimed in surprise. “What? They actually prepared poison arrows as well? Looks like the second squad is really going all out to hunt the Stymphalians. —Ha, that’s fine with us.”

The lad was thrilled as he stood up to face the other two girls.

“You two, take your positions. For the completion of <The strange copper green birds>…… we must definitely guard the Stymphalians with our lives.”

Part 4[edit]

By the time the second squad took to arrive at the lake front of the Stymphalian’s nest, it was already well into the wee hours of the night. Lifting their heads to survey the night skies, they basked in the radiance of the full moon’s glow.

“With this amount of moonlight, it won’t be that difficult for our hunt at all.”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement to Woldo’s opinion. But they did not drop their guards. The carnivorous Stymphalians liked to feast on fish and meat and a blunder within close range would surely wipe them out with a breath of its poisonous exhalation.

Hence, there were three ways to attack.

The first would be to attack without any restrains.

The second would be to launch a ranged attack out of the range of its poisonous breath.

And the third would be to “Imitate the legends”.

The second squad split into smaller groups according to their realm of expertise while heading directly towards the nest of the Stymphalians.

The werebeasts, who were adapt at surprise attacks were to lead the front to throw their enemies into chaos.

“—Okay. Quick, hide your presences.”

A couple of them started to suppress their ferocious intents while muting their footsteps as they walked along the water’s edge. And there were others who used the camouflage colours of crawling insects to hide themselves.

Just as the various individuals employed their own methods of stealth— a sudden whirlwind swept through their ranks.

“Wha, what’s happening……!?”

A whirlwind that rotated like a hurricane.

Although it was an intense wind that would easily sweep humans off their feet, the werebeast hunters utilised their own unique abilities to stand their grounds with much difficulty.

But that sort of move at that moment was a considerably bad choice.

“—So this level of attack is insufficient to turn you guys back? I see.”

“Wha, who’s that?” Walking to the front, Woldo bristled his ears while roaring at the voice that sounded like a young girl.

Being a player who have had hundreds of battle experiences, he had been alert for the appearance of the opponent who had defeated the advance party. But he did not believe that his opponent is a mere girl and speculated that it might be some sort of illusory or brainwashing Gift that portrayed the opponent as a young girl.

(For an actual player to stand in the way of others? That is such a despicable player…… Witness how I tear your disguise apart! )

Crouching down, he levelled his daggers before him in a combat stance. The spring like curvature of his physique was definitely that of a predatory beast.

The stance was clearly a sign of complete alertness on Woldo’s part.

However, upon seeing the young girl’s appearance that accompanied the whirlwinds, Woldo was dazed for a moment.

“Sorry, I will not allow you guys to attack the Stymphalians.”

Seeming to walk on air, the young girl descended from the skies by whipping up a whirlwind. And what surprised him so was that the source of that power was clearly from that young girl before himself. A fact that would be difficult to stomach in a short time.

Looking to be of an age of fourteen to fifteen, the short-haired young girl announced her name without any change of intonation in her voice while her sleeveless coat fluttered in the winds.

“I’m Yō Kasukabe of [NoName]…… . If you are defeated by me, I hope that you guys will depart from here obediently without the intention to launch another attack on the nest anymore.”


The male werebeast narrowed his sharp gaze before—casting aside his dagger into the waters to stare at the full moon.

“That’s really surprising. I wasn’t expecting a direct challenge. And here I was thinking that it’s just another despicable player who wants to interfere.”


“I’m Woldo Focas, Vice Leader of [Five Claws]. —This challenge, I will accept it, ojou-chan!!!” Ending his words with a loud shout, the appearance of Woldo Focas started to undergo an intense transformation. With his eyes upturned to gaze upon the moon, it absorbed the droplets of moonlight that trickled down from above.

His skin started to grow a coat of grey fur while sharp claws replaced fingers and looked capable of rending through boulders.

Capturing the sight of the transformation before herself, Yō muttered in self confirmation.

“A werewolf….. that’s surprising. So he wasn’t a normal werebeast then.”

“Ooh! It’s a spiritual power that has been inherited over seven generations, it isn’t even close to the power of the progenitor—!!”

Having transformed fully to have a wolf head as well, Woldo leaned forward to start his straight dash towards Yō.

And Yō did not take off to the skies, but merely welcomed the direct confrontation.

At the moment when fierce sparks were emitted from both sides—-a sorrowful wail came from the squad that continued their advance into the lair.

Part 5[edit]

The squad that climbed to the higher ledge which gave them a clear view of the lake front were suddenly thrown into chaos as they were met with an unexpected attack.

But that was only to be expected.

The destination which was on that higher ledge had a huge shadow that could even block out the glow from the moonlight and the red armored single armed metal giant gave a fearsome roar as it stood in wait for them.


“WUaaaaaaahhhhhh!!?” The operatives of the second squad issued a series of alarmed cries as they backed away from the thing that they had no idea about.

That was also understandable since there was no forewarning for the sudden appearance of the thirty feet tall metal giant. And it would be rather difficult if we were to expect them to be calm.

Elegantly sitting upon the shoulder of the metal giant, the black haired young girl—Kudou Asuka looked down upon the scattering crowd as she grumbled with dissatisfaction.

“Why are they running? I’ve not done anything yet…… This is not fun at all.” Asuka sighed while supporting her face with a hand.

“Just a mere metal doll, don’t you get all cocky like that!”

Asuka lifted her head sharply to spot a huge boulder flying towards herself.

Asuka raised her hand and issued the command to Deen, “Deen, block!”


Giving a roar, Deen used its right hand to shatter the boulder. Although Asuka had not understood the situation instantly, she soon got the information she needed from the sight of the person who threw the object.

Her carelessness dispelled, she watched the enemy who stood before her eyes.

“A Giant……!! Where could he have come from……?”

“Haha—!! The technique of therianthropy[2] isn’t only limited to the Eudemons and werebeasts! It is also a necessary skill for one as big as me to live in the human cities as well!”

*Dum!* Dork Porfoy of the Giant’s race thumped his chest with a fist as he explained. Measuring a height similar to Deen, the muscular arms that were as thick as tree trunks seemed to promise a proportionate amount of crazy strength to match.

Summoning a huge axe from his Gift Card, the male Giant reported his name in a loud voice, “I’m Dork Porfoy, Vice Leader of [Four Footed]. Although I do not know your intent for standing on this high ledge….. but it would be a headache for us if you do not give us passage.”

“Ara, then that’s not a problem. We intended to give you guys that headache by standing here in the first place.”

Hng Hng, Asuka ran her hand through her hair lightly as she gave a laugh.

“I see. Standing there to give us a headache, huh? It might not be a problem for you ojou-san…… but it is a serious problem to us.”

A warrior’s glint could be seen residing in the gaze of Dork and Asuka accepted that gaze directly with a light smile.

“Let’s cut the talk. We have different goals and to plunder and fight with each other in the world is only reasonable in these situations. ”

“I’m Kudou Asuka of [No Name]. This is my comrade Deen. We will block the way of all who try to take this higher ground. So if you are prepare to do that, feel free to come at us at any time!” Clenching her right fist, Asuka reported her name to Dork.

“Ha, that suits me fine!!!”

Heaving the axe to his shoulder, Dork started forward with an earth shattering sound in his wake. And Deen swung its right hand to send the head of the axe flying.

The collision of the super heavy and tall classed players shook the earth and caused the other participants to be shiver in fear.

A huge crater was created on the elevated platform and there were even some players who fell under the crater cracks.

As the single armed metal giant and the warrior of the Giants fought, the collisions caused the surface of the lake’s water surface to shake and the moon’s reflection to ripple.

Even though the fight had only progressed for a few minutes, the sight of such a fight was already able to capture the hearts and minds of the participants.

And they would soon remember who was it that caused the advance party to run their retreat.

Part 6[edit]

— This is just additional information.

What is known to be a Stymphalian is a strange bird recorded in the Greek mythologies. The sixth monster that the Greek Hero Heracles had to face in the “Ten Labors” was the Stymphalian that possessed green copper feathers.

Facing the green copper strange bird that possessed a potent venomous breath, Heracles had also found it to be a tricky situation. But in the end, Heracles arrived at an amazing strategy to deal with them.

That amazing strategy was to “Sound the bronze gongs to create a ruckus, causing the strange bird flock to disperse and to bring them down with poison arrows.”

In other words, it would be a use of “poison against poison”. This is the third method to attack the Stymphalians.

And the task force that was in charge of transporting the bronze gong and the poison arrows to the location were the comrades of the winged Community [Two Wings] who specialised in the tasks of transportation.

Having lost their leader recently, they were passing their days in shame as they lived alongside the other Communities of their Alliance. However, their desire to be the victors of this Gift Game that may bestow a high class Gift wasn’t any lower than the other Communities.

For the sake of regaining their might and for the sake of attracting talents that might be material enough to be their new leader, they had come forth with the determination to weather the Gift Game and to challenge it even if it grinds their bones to smithereens.

—At least,

That is until the instant that Sakamaki Izayoi stood in their way.


Boom!! Following the impacts that struck twice and thrice more, the sounds of explosions echoed around the entire foothill of Deborah’s Gorge.

That impact was swifter than the winds of a Griffin and heavier than a fist of a Giant.

The comrades of [Two Wings] who supported the poison arrows were forced to dodge in all directions at a gallop as they waited for the aggressor to appear.

“Who, Who goes there? If you are here to challenge us, at least know your manners of reporting your Community’s name while upholding your flag. Show yourself now and report your name!” A male of the winged humanoid type taunted his enemy with an intimidating tone and the explosions subsided thereafter.

And a figure wavered in the moonlight that was obscured by the rising steam of the explosions.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v9 p180.png

“……Ha, that’s shocking. I didn’t expect my second opponent to be a member of the [Two Wings]. Looks like we both have a mysterious sort of fate together, huh.”

*Hahaha* The young lad gave a loud laugh as he stood beside the water’s edge while folding his arms before his chest.

The young lad looked the age of seventeen at most.

However, looking at the wreckage of steel parts that were scattered around the young lad and the many participants who were downed by the impacts, it was already enough to give a clear sense of irregularity that resided in the young lad.

[Two Wings] could be said to be famed for its elites within the [DracoGreif] Alliance but they were currently deflated by the strange pressure that exuded from the young lad.

“……Was this the guy who defeated the advance party?”

“Be careful. We don’t know what kind of Gift he’s hiding.”

“Ready the poison arrows. Although it’s a pity to use them for things besides our prey, it is still better to be safe.”

The members of [Two Wings] notched their bowstrings as they entered their battle stance while eyeing Izayoi’s movements.

However, Izayoi only sniffed at them. “Hmph. Looks like you guys of [Two Wings] are all cowards huh?”

“What did you say!?”

“To bring poison arrows, that sort of vulgar stuff, to a hunt and being too scared to use it tactically when the situation calls for it. …… Ha, the Griffit would be much better in that aspect. They would have immediately let loose their arrows.”

Izayoi controlled his urge to laugh as he gave a short laugh that sounded very much like *HngHng*. But that only lasted for a moment as he suddenly kept away the smiling face as he stared hard at the members of [Two Wings].

“—This will be your first and last warning. Disappear from my sight immediately or else I will make you all lie here quietly.”

“Grr— Everyone, release the arrows!”

The members of [Two Wings] drew their bowstrings and loosened their poison smeared arrows at the same time.

A shower of arrows zipped down towards Izayoi’s head. And Izayoi who faced view of a one-sided attack that seemed like a wave-like burial service, gave a fierce grin and launched his sudden attack.

“Ha, Don’t get too cocky!”

Following his enraged roar, he swung his fist with the force that could shake the earth and the heavens or even demolish whole mountains and rivers. The pressure of that punch was then made tangible in the visible vibrations of the atmosphere as it repelled the poison arrows.

And it did not stop there.

The pressure of the punch also created a shockwave that swept across the crowd of [Two Wings] who had been pulling their bows and sent all of them flying.

“That’s, That’s impossible?!”

The members who had been blown away immediately spread their wings to readjust their stances in the air. The winged humanoids and eudemons were basically possessors of the ability for flight even in their therianthropic states. Just being blown away would not be able to inflict fatal wounds to them.

Izayoi also realized that point soon enough as he started to review his plans.

“……Okay, I guess this might be better. Let’s play this long awaited shooting game, shall we?”

“Wha, What?”

“It’s nothing actually. Somehow, it’s just that the hunter has become the hunted and this is the epitomedaigo-mi[3] of the hunt. I think it’s time for you guys to experience it too.”

Saying that, Izayoi immediately plucked a tree from his side with its roots and all. The [Two Wings] crowd had fallen silent from the absurd display of his strange strength as a bad feeling started to take hold of their brains.

“Could, Could it be that he wants……?!”

Izayoi gave a mischievous smile as he placed the tree upon his shoulder, “All of you, just stay there and let me send you flying obediently Ooooooreeeaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!”

—-as he threw it at the speed of the third cosmic velocity.

“That’s…….That’s too illogical already, you bastarrrrrrddddd!!!”

Having sensed the threat, the guy had already taken off in fear as he gave that wail full of despair. Completely different from the pressure of the punch demonstrated earlier, an unusual impact shook the atmosphere.

This was only to be expected.

Even with their outspread wings, the trees had immediately caught up to them at the speed of the third cosmic velocity.

And the trees were even alight with fire as they combusted from the friction of the high velocities and the flaming splintering masses created a type of interlocking buckshot web. Having created such a situation, it highly unlikely for even the winged beings to dodge from them.

Izayoi was sure that it was his victory as he confirmed the subsequent falling of the figures that looked like swatted mosquitoes in the distance. He then shifted his gaze to look towards the direction of his two other comrades.

“…… Well then. I wonder if things are going well for Kasukabe and Ojou-sama.”

Part 7[edit]

Bounding across the lakefront of the mountain gorge, Yō and Woldo’s fight was one that relied on speed and their numerous vertical and horizontal movements caused the water surface to ripple.

“Your speed isn’t too shabby eh?! What a pity that those legs belong to a human!”

“……thanks for the compliment.” Yō replied in monotone. The duo who kicked up water sprays as they ran alongside the water’s edge only increased their speeds as they engaged in a melee.

Normally speaking, it should have been the victory for Yō Kasukabe who possessed superhuman strength.

But it was a different story tonight.

Absorbing the rays of the full moon, a werewolf would gradually improve in its strength.

“It’s just the wrong day for you! If it isn’t a full moon today, ojou-san would still have some chance to win right?”


Woldo gave a loud howl and the muscles from his gluteus maximus[4] to the knees started to expand.

The next time Woldo runs, it would definitely be one that exceeded his previous maximum speed. Having that sort of premonition, Yō took hold of the necklace before her chest as she chanted.

“[GenomeTree]—Pegasus Forme.”

In a flash, the wooden carved necklace was wrapped with a dazzling bright radiance and the materials flowing from the branched carvings took on a solidified state as it wrapped around Yō’s legs. The remnants of the radiance then flowed to create a concentration of light particles at Yō’s legs…… where the silvery white leg armor which emitted a radiance of its own had appeared.

The light particles that seemed to give an illusion of outspread wings from the leggings helped Yō to float off the ground as she soared towards Woldo.

Having prepared her wings to run in the skies, Yō bravely confronted her opponent in a melee once more.

“Haha, a direct confrontation?! Ojou-chan, this intensity is quite to my liking! Then I will also put my all……!!!”

Following that, the sounds of the earth creaking could be heard. Woldo had sprung from his location with the strength to destroy his previous foothold and was now approaching Yō with a speed rapid enough to create afterimages.

Yō stared directly at her enemy who shot towards her like a bullet and captured his movements with her eye—

“Got him……!”

Using her right foot to kick down the downward slash of his sharp wicked-looking claws, Yō whipped up a sparking whirlwind from her Pegasus boots to land a spinning kick squarely on Woldo’s chest.


Woldo who was winded by the strike to his chest was sent skipping along the water’s surface and blood spurted from his mouth.

Confirming that her opponent was unable to stand again, Yō then raised her right hand with her fingers forming a “V”.

“……Victory,” Yō declared her victory.

Part 8[edit]

Continuing with the battle on the high ledge, the intensity of the figure was enough to make one worry about the destruction of the platform from the impacts of their exchanged collisions.

Deen had unexpectedly been able to deftly parry aside the axe with only an arm and Dork was unimaginably agile with the movements of the axe that seem to tell of his mastery in its wielding.

(Tch…… Having such strength in its wrist even when it is damaged. How strong can this metal doll be, tch! )

Deen was only using an arm to parry the axe that was wielded by both arms of the opponent. If Deen were to be whole, victory would definitely be determined in an instant.

“Aah, darn it! Who are you people?! Are you really [NoName]?!”

“Ara, that’s really rude. If we wanted to lie to you guys, we would definitely name a famous Community right?”

“Yeah, that’s true!”

After the shower of intense sparks dissipated into the air, both sides drew back some distance. Dork who now saw Deen as a strong foe showed his bitter expression for a moment…… before setting his determination to draw another huge axe from his Gift Card.

“Although I wouldn’t really want to admit it, the battle of wrist powers will not be advantageous for me. So let me use my both arms to attack…… So what’s your decision? If you want to retreat, this will be your chance.”

Dork leveled his sharp gaze at the opponent as he issued the warning. Originally a dual wielder, the attacks with both arms would be much faster and powerful. And that was a common knowledge. Moreover, the use of dual wielding would not be effective against the sturdy armor of Deen.

But regarding this situation, there was an advantage of occupying Deen’s other arm in an instant and taking a swipe at Asuka who was the puppeteer.

If Asuka were to be struck by the battle axe, it would be no laughing matter at all and one strike would surely cleave and mince her to bits. And that was the prediction that led him to give the warning.

Having understood the basis of his warning, Asuka gave a polite bow and spoke up, “I thank you for your kind warning. Those two battle axes are indeed a threat to me.”


“But, that is only if we continue the fight at our current sizes. —Deen, let’s go up.”[5]

With a snap of her fingers, Deen’s body started its gradual increase in size, taking naught but a short time to reach a size sufficient to block out the full moon.

At the height of ninety feet or more and more than double in size, it looked down upon Dork the Giant.

“This…… This is wha……?!”

Even a Giant like him was made to lift his head to see the top of the massive opponent which towered over him. And from the view of Dork, this must be an experience similar to seeing a bolt of lightning on a clear day.[6]

After all, he whose body size would allow him to gaze down on the other races was being gazed down upon by the metal giant who outsized him by three times.

Asuka gave a leisurely grin as she mocked Dork who stood far below.

“Well then, Dork-san. I shall return the same words that you have offered to me earlier. — So what’s your decision? If you want to retreat, this will be your chance.” Asuka returned those words maliciously.

After his gaze travelled from that of his battle axes in his hands to the metal doll before himself for a few times, Dork gave a bitter smile—and shrugged his shoulders in a sign of surrender.

“Sorry, I will choose to surrender. It sure doesn’t look like I’m going to win today.”

“Good. That’s a wise judgement.”

Asuka giggled and looked from the top of Deen in two other locations before getting down to stand before Dork.

“Are you the leader of this squad behind you?”

“That’s right.”

“I would request you to be the representative and come with us for a while.”

“……ah? Where to?”

Dork asked in surprise.

And Asuka leisurely pointed behind herself— “Into the nest of the Stymphalians of course.”

Part 9[edit]

—Foothill of the lake at Deborahs Gorge. Deepest recesses of the Stymphalian nests.

A quarter of an hour had passed since the end of the battles from the three teams.

Garol and his subordinates had caught up with the second squad and joined Izayoi and the others.

“Aiya, I’m sorry, really sorry about this! These guys did not join the battle in [Underwood] and hence do not recognize you people.”

“I thought so as well. If they recognized us, our communication would have taken a different route,” Izayoi shrugged his shoulders as he gave a “Yare Yare” sigh.

Garol-dono gave a hearty laugh.

On the other hand, Woldo and Dork had a bitter and complex expression as they listened in on the conversation between the Izayoi and Garol.

“……it must have been rude of us to not know of the faces of the heroes who saved [Underwood].”

“We have only heard a rough sketch of the situation that “there was a group of incredibly strong to the point of absurdity, [NoName]s who brought down a Demon Lord”. Never did we expect it to be you guys. The world may be wide but it sure is a small place I guess.”

Dork gave a dry laugh while Woldo was reflecting on his actions. Having been the ones who fought these two, Asuka and Yō gave a wry smile.

“Mah, not having stated our reasons is also our fault.”

“Mhm. Both sides are in the wrong.”

“It’s great that we can agree on that. Come to think of it, why would you guys do such a thing?”

“That’s…… a special request from Garol-dono,”

“Everyone—! It has hatched!”

Before Yō could complete her words, the voice of Kuro Usagi from the deepest recesses of the nest broke into the conversation.

Not knowing the meaning of those words, Woldo and Dork exchanged a look while Izayoi and the others urged them to move faster.

“The incubation ground is in the cave by the water. We will start to explain from here.

The trio beckoned the others to hasten their steps.

The cave of the lakefront opened up into a cave that was lined with the feathers that have not solidified to their copper state and functioned as an insulated warm space. And there were many beautiful green copper feathered strange birds who were roosting in their own nests as they incubated their eggs.

Yō took a step as she pointed towards them.

“It’s currently the incubation and hatching season for them. The Gift Game can resume after this.”

“After all, this is the period that makes them easy to be targeted by others.” Izayoi supplemented.

And the destination of the group was the nest where the biggest strange bird was roosting in the centre of the incubation cave.

Confirming that it is Izayoi and the others, the strange bird craned it neck to turn its gaze to Yō.

{“Yō, have you brought them?”}

“Mhm. This is Garol-san of [Six Scars], Woldo-san who is the Vice leader of [Five Claws] and Dork-san who is the Vice leader of [Four Footed]. And there are also the members of [Two Wings] whom we have brought with us from the outside.”

{“Is that so? Members of [Two Wings] are also…..”}

The strange bird closed its eyes slowly, seeming at ease.

Not understanding what was going on, Woldo and Dork asked Izayoi and the others in their confusion.

“What’s this about?”

“It isn’t anything too complicated anyways. Just think about it, we have chased off the leader of [Two Wings], Griffith and his faction right? So Garol oji-san requested for us to find a new race for the core of their forces to bolster the ranks of [Two Wings].”

The two vice leaders were suddenly stunned by the revelation.

“wha…… you want the Stymphalians to join the [DracoGreif] Alliance?!”

“Garol-dono, are you serious?!”

“Aah, I’m serious about this. I did have a little fright myself when I heard of the proposal but continued the negotiations with the leader of their side anyways. Actually, to think of it carefully, they are a race of eudemons that are ranked in the higher range of spiritual powers. Why would there anything to be unsatisfied about?!”

“But, they are the strange birds that the Greek gods are planning to annihilate, you know?!”

Izayoi stared at the panicking duo with his sharp gaze.

“You are wrong. This game is ‘to gather a large amount of green coper from the bodies of the Stymphalians’. If you are able to solve the problem peacefully, it would be for the best.”

“That, that’s your own interpretation right?! Isn’t it normal to read it as a genocide for the strange birds,”

—*Bang* Izayoi flung a bronze and silver coin over to them.

He then tossed a handful of green copper feathers and silver feathers into the air as he added.

“Those are the minted copper and silver coins of a faction within the Greek gods, known as [Keykeion]. The coins should have the pictures of the Stymphalians engraved upon them right?”

“Wha, What?!”

“What’s going on? Oi!”

The two vice leaders were shouting in surprise.

Izayoi turned and gestured them to be quiet as he started to narrate the reason.

“[Kerykeion] hosted this game for the materials to mint new coins for themselves and not for any other reason.”

“That, that is…… but, why would they require the feathers of the Stymphalians?”

“Who knows? The following will be my speculations. The elimination of Stymphalian birds is quite famous amongst the Greek mythologies. Hence, the Greek gods have decided to employ the engraving of Stymphalians on their coins to parade that accomplishment.”

“Then, if the copper coins are made from the material of [green copper feathers] from the Stymphalians,”

“The silver coins will also be combination of [green copper feathers] as well.”

Izayoi, Asuka and Yō finished the line for him.

The two vice leaders digested the newly obtained information in their minds while coming to a succinct conclusion.

“Which means to say that this game isn’t with the goal to eliminate the strange birds……?”

“Just handing over the feathers of the strange birds would suffice? All for the purpose of minting new coins?”

“Yes, that’s right. Just hand over the green copper feathers and [Kerykeion] doesn’t care for what method the participants may use to get to that goal.”

“Mhm. So we sought the chief of the Stymphalians for negotiations and this is what he said: {“If it continues to be hosted like this, the games hosted by [Keykeion] might just wipe out our kind. Why not form a contract where we are able to pay green copper feathers in installments to the Communities while obtaining the protection as new comrades of [Two Wings].”}.”

Hearing Yō’s final supplement to the narrative, the duo finally understood the point that they were coming from and the reason for the whole series of events that followed.

“I see. This is something that we can also help out with.”

“That’s right. Although I did say those stuff earlier, but we are always welcoming to strong comrades. After all, we of the [DracoGrief] Alliance are going soon to become the [Floormaster] and for eudemons as strong as you guys, we will not have any objections to that.”

The two vice leaders laughed heartily as they made their promise.

With Yō as the translator, the chief of the flock, the mother bird bowed its head in thanks.

{“Thank you. We who have been feared as strange birds will hereby swear to protect the peace as one of the defenders of the region and to fight alongside you guys under the same Flag.”}

“…… okay, so Garol-san, that’s the end of the request right?”

“Aah, everything is now perfect. The [DracoGreif] Alliance will also be welcoming a more prosperous era after today!”

Garol gave a hearty laugh that wasn’t any less as compared to the other two vice leaders as he gave a clap of his hands.

“Oi, call in the guys who have been waiting outside! Tell them that we are going to hold a party to welcome the new main force for the Alliance!” Garol called he took out his Gift Card to bring out a bottle of rum which he placed on the nest.

“Got it!”

Upon receiving the order, his men immediately proceeded to inform the other [Two Wings] members who were waiting outside.

Izayoi, Asuka and Yō exchanged glances as they stole a laugh—

“Although the method is different…… but with the contract of an installment for feathers from the Stymphalians, the game of <<The green copper strange birds>> can be said to be cleared right?”

“Yep. Then, what follows would be the negotiations with Garol-san about obtaining seventy percent of the rewards.”

“Mhm. We do have that sort of right to make that demand.”

*Pa* They hi-fived each other for the victory they had gained.

Having fulfilled the request of Garol for <<The green copper strange birds>>, the trio had mischievous smiles as they walked towards the banquet.

Part 10[edit]

—Being blessed with the glow of the full moon, the chicks of the Stymphalians were gradually hatching from their shells.

The banquet that was held in blessing for the entrance of their new comrades was also filled with laughter.

And among the noises, there was the sound of a pitiful wail as there was an Usagimimi girl who was being pecked by a newly hatched chick—-Kuro Usagi.

“No, cannot! There are many drunk and wasted adults who are intoxicated by alcohol on the outside! To allow you all who are newly hatched to go out is a big no, no!”

{“I don’t care~! People want to go out, you Oppai Rabbit~!”}

{“If you don’t allow me to go out, I will spit poison okay?! I will be cursing you at the top of my voice you hear?!”}[7]

{“If you don’t want to let us out, at least squeeze some milk out for us, Gu heh heh.”} [8]

“Wait, a moment, spitting poison is that sort of meaning?! And who was the child who made that sort of age inappropriate comment?!”

*Uwaa!!* Kuro Usagi’s usagimimi stood on ends in anger. But the unruly chicks were completely without the intent to quieten down.

Even if she were a [Moon Rabbit]— sung by bards to be innocent, romantic, good natured and honest, and a race that is symbolic of its selflessness, there was still a limit to the patience.

Kuro Usagi was played around like a nursery teacher and it took her much effort to get the chicks to sleep.

Finally, when all the chicks were sound asleep, Kuro Usagi dropped her Usagimimi in exhaustion.

“Fi, Finally they are asleep. When compared to these chicks, Izayoi-san and the others are still much better to deal with……”

“Ho? Those words, I just cannot let them slide by my ears.”

*Eiya*?! Kuro Usagi’s usagimimi jumped in surprise and as she turned to look behind her, she was faced with a trio of children who were emanating some seriously evil aura as they gazed pointedly at her with those dazzling smiles.

Or perhaps it should be said to be staring.

“Is that so? I guess our pranks are just nothing different from those of newborn kids huh?”

“…… Well then, from today onwards, we must work hard to polish our skills making pranks.”

“No, that is not needed. There is no need for it at all!!”

Kuro Usagi took out a folded fan to slap their heads.

Meanwhile, the days for the hair on those usagimimi to drop completely might just be coming close due to the pangs of hunger that she was experiencing.

Having teased Kuro Usagi to the level that they found acceptable, the trio exchanged looks before presenting the food that they brought from the banquet.

“Here’s something to reward your efforts.”

“We are going back tomorrow, so have something to eat for now.”

“But if you don’t want to eat, I can…”

“Kasukabe-san, please show some restrain.”

Asuka swiftly rebutted Yō’s words.

Kuro Usagi’s eyes sparkled as she dashed towards them for the meal.

(It’s just as Kuro Usagi thought, they are much gentler than the chicks.)

Kuro Usagi waved her usagimimi elatedly as she drank the warm and steaming soup.

Izayoi sat by the side chewing a meat jerky as he looked at the skies.

Watching the bright full moon, he whispered, seemingly lost in his memories.

“……Word of our name is gradually spreading around. Perhaps it’s about time to increase the propaganda efforts.”

“Hehe, that’s right. I also feel that it’s time to officially start some activities as a Community.”

“Mhm. With that…… we will definitely find the path to recover our Community’s lost [Flag] and [Name].”

The trio looked at each other and nodded in affirmation. And Kuro Usagi’s eyes were shining with reflected tears as she watched her dependable comrades.

(Bringing enemy Demon Lords to justice and retrieving our glory…… as long as everyone’s here, it will surely succeed.)

Placing her hands on her chest, she hugged the warmth given to her by her comrades.

Seemingly spurred by that piece of warmth, Kuro Usagi stood up in enthusiasm.

“Okay, here’s to everyone for completing the game successfully! Although it might be an overstep of bounds, please allow Kuro Usagi to lead the toast!”

“ “ “Aiye—” ” ”

“Okay, then let’s, Oi, can’t Kuro Usagi do the honors?!”

Kuro Usagi drooped her Usagimimi as she seemed hurt from their reactions.

But the trio immediately exchanged a look as they stole a laugh from the reaction.

“Mah, Kuro Usagi didn’t really take much of the spotlight this time. I guess this sort of role can be left to you.”

“Yep, this sort of thing is best left with you.”

Let’s go, Kuro Usagi.””[9]

Following that, the trio raised their cups for the signal. Kuro Usagi immediately raised her Usagimi and raised her cup poised to clink it with the others.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v9 p198.png

“Then, let’s have a toast to the prosperity of us [NoName]—”

“ “ “KanPai![10]” ” ”

“KanPai, Waaah, you guys still didn’t allow Kuro Usagi to say it in the end!!!!”

Kuro Usagi tearfully ran to join the problem children trio as they clinked their glasses.

Bathing in the radiant glow of the full moon.

The hopeful victors have gathered for a celebratory feast that continued into late night as they prayed for a radiant future.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. [magrefnotes, Note: Deborah (Hebrew for honey), a person mentioned in the Bible, the fourth judge in ancient Hebrew and the only female judge.]
  2. [magrefnotes: therianthropy is the ability to shapeshift from human to beast or vice versa.]
  3. [magrefnotes: 醍醐味,daigo-mi is used in Jap language as a figurative speech for best/ epitome as clarified and suggested by jorgelotr. :)]
  4. [magrefnotes: that muscle group would make up the thigh muscles]
  5. [magrefnotes: It is either “let’s go up”/ “let’s get on with it”/ “Ascend”/ “it’s our turn”. Not that it looks all too important to me now, but just giving the various interpretations in case I see a need to change it in the future. If and only if they reference to this event in the later volumes.]
  6. [magrefnotes: I used the direct translation of “seeing a bolt of lightning on a clear day” an English equivalent that I can think of at the moment is “once in a blue moon”.]
  7. [magrefnotes: Note from author: the words of spit poison and cursing someone is a pun. Although it can be seen as the literal sense of spitting poison, it can also mean that the person is about to say some vile stuff. ]
  8. [magrefnotes: note from ch translator: this is obviously a certain type of slang in the laugh of Gu heh heh….]
  9. [magrefnotes: bolded to show that it was in English from the original text.
  10. [magrefnotes: Bottoms up in English but I guess I wanted to instill that Japanese feel to the translations.]