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Chapter 5[edit]


—North Side. In an unexplored section of the forest.

This is a quiet place. That was the first impression Asuka had about the forest.

The only sounds that could be heard in the forest were that of rustling of the trees as wild birds roosted on the branches. And the light footed gallop of wild beasts on the moist ground as the herds passed them by.

Various calls and howls echoed in the night while Asuka started the fire that would warm their campsite.

“It’s really quiet here. It might actually be the first time that I’ve heard this kind of silence in Little Garden.”

“……” Kuro Usagi hunched over the fire and did not respond to Asuka. Hugging her knees, Kuro Usagi had been lost in her thoughts for hours and it would have been an uninterrupted trance if it weren’t for the occasional act of tossing a kindling to the flames.

Although Asuka did not question directly nor was she supplied an answer about what was on Kuro Usagi’s mind, she guessed that it must have been the result of a traumatic experience in [Kouen City]. Moreover, Kuro Usagi had been in this state ever since she was rescued by Almathea.

Perhaps it was the desire to be in control of her own anxiety and wish to remain at status quo that made Asuka unwilling to ask the question. However, seeing that sort of behavior was also starting worrying. The usual Kuro Usagi would be the one who would play the role of the mood maker and boost their morales.

Thinking up to that point, Asuka shook her head to change her thoughts.

(Baka. Even if Kuro Usagi’s a cheerful and energetic person, it would be too cruel to depend on her to continue in her usual state at this point in time. It’s wrong for me to add on to her burdens when she has lost her usual drive. I’ve got to get my act together.)

Asuka pulled herself together as she decided that it is precisely in this dire situation that she should display the legendary “girl’s power”. Although she did not know the exact meaning of that phrase, but this Showa Era girl was just going to take that “girl’s power” to be an equivalent to the arts of a skillful supporter— which refers to the supportive background role of a wife. And it was time for her to display her interpersonal communication skills which have been honed in the world of Little Garden.

Having set her mind to the task, Asuka then continued to engage in her random and unending flow of topics even while knowing that there would be no response to any of them.

Since the time that she was thrown to the surface of a lake upon being summoned to the world of Little Garden.

And the time that they had won against [Fores Garo] and proclaimed the plan to revive [No Name].

Then came the [Perseus], [Black Death Demon Lord] and battle of [Underwood] sagas.

…… Thinking back to those days, there was quite a number of battles within the past half year.

“Kuro Usagi, do you know what’s the most impressionable thing after our arrival in Little Garden?”

Having talked for some time, Asuka posed a question to Kuro Usagi to start a new topic.

She was unable to find anything else to talk about after having expended most of the topics in a short time span. After all, the definition of a conversation is a kind of interaction that is to be held between two individuals with an equal share of passing and catching of the ball. If it is only one individual who is passing the ball, it is only inevitable that the ball is lost in that process.

The sound of the rustling leaves in the forest and the chirps of the crickets and wild beast calls only helped to make the silence excessively prominent.

Behind the façade of Asuka’s smile were beads of cold sweat that soaked her back.

Kuro Usagi continued to hug her knees in silence before speaking softly.

“……Asuka-san, have you regretted?”

“Regretted? About what?”

“About coming to Little Garden.”

—Don. Asuka’s eyes widened in surprise.

Kuro Usagi’s words were really unexpected.

But at the same time, Asuka was able to understand where it came from.

And what was bothering her.

“Kuro Usagi, could it be that … something happened to Izayoi-kun?”

Hearing Asuka’s question, Kuro Usagi started to break into a bout of shivers. And one would be able to guess from her reaction. It would most likely be the explanation for her silence as well.

Although Almathea had glossed over the whole matter, Izayoi must have sustained a heavy injury at that time. In addition, it might have been Almathea’s way of showing her loyalty when she stopped Asuka from heading to his location.

“Kuro Usagi……[No Name] changed a great deal because of you guys. Although it might be difficult to believe….. it was a building that used to have a thicker depressive atmosphere and it was truly a tiresome road that we had struggled to live up till today. Our few remaining comrades had also left us one after another because of the bitter and harsh life that we were leading. Among them were those who would even abandon their own children while leaving the Community. ”

Kuro Usagi continued to squat while hugging her knees and she spoke while avoiding a direct answer to Asuka’s question.

It was the first time Asuka was hearing about the past.

Although the abandonment was only to be expected if one were to take into account the culture of Little Garden.

Large scale Communities were mainly dependent on the hosting of Games for their earnings. Opening businesses and such were only a supplementary source of income.

No matter how one were to think about their shared times in the Community, it was a fact that a Community that has lost its Flag (symbol) and Name (brand) would be unable to host Games anymore. And there were almost none who would be willing to remain in a Community that was given a fate similar to that of a death sentence.

Those who left to protect their families and those who left while abandoning their families.

The three years spent in their condition of ruination was surely the hellish days of the [No Name].

“Kuro Usagi wasn’t planning to insult those who left us. After all, it is a very common thing in Little Garden. Rather, the laughable one would be Kuro Usagi. Thinking that they would stay on if we were to hold on and not announce the disbanding of our Community. If we were to establish a new official Community— Everyone wouldn’t have to be summoned over to such a useless Community. Izayoi-san wouldn’t have to bet his life in that brutal battle.”

Her last words were choked by a sob.

Hearing Kuro Usagi speak in such a feeble tone was totally unexpected and in stark contrast to her usual self. Asuka was stumped by the situation. Although she had known that something was bothering Kuro Usagi, she did not expect it to be such a degree of self-blame.

Asuka wanted to give a reflexive answer of “No, that’s not it”, but she caught herself before the words could come out. She could not think of anything to say to a person who was feeling cornered like this. And she speculated that Kuro Usagi would continue to blame herself even if she were to say anything different.[1]

—Asuka did not know that Kuro Usagi had met with a similar situation 200 years ago and lost her parents in the process.

For the sake of letting Kuro Usagi escape, the view of the backs of her parents was too similar to that of Izayoi’s. And it became the source of her fear and insecurity.

Her past that seemed to burn like the image of a setting sun was unable to be banished from her mind’s eye.

Following that, their conversation broke off and was swallowed up by the silence of the region.

Only the sounds of the night wind brushing through the sea of trees could be heard and the campfire swayed unsteadily.

Are we going to wait like this until dawn breaks— Suddenly, Asuka broke the silence with a light tone,

“Just for a bit, let’s talk about some unimportant stuff.”


“It’s something that happened in my world. I’ve only talked about the rough sketches of the era that I’ve come from right?— Oh, let’s start from my family and school.”

Scratching her black hair, Asuka’s smile faded from her face.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v10 p163.jpg

It was then that Kuro Usagi had a change of expression for the first time. Asuka had not brought up about her past as much when compared to Yō and Izayoi. Although Izayoi and Yō wouldn’t initiate the topic, they would still oblige with a conversation if posed with the question. On the other hand, Asuka did bring up about the financial conglomerate and the original era that she was from, but there weren’t any specifics about her homeland in all of her conversations.

Wondering to herself about her own change in mood, Kuro Usagi adopted the attitude of a quiet listener.

“Although I did bring it up myself, but where should I start this. I’ve recounted the part about entering a female dormitory before, did I?”

“Y, Yes.”

“Then let’s start from that. —Perhaps you may be surprised by this, but up till the age of ten years of age, I was still attending classes you know? Although there was a strict screening, but I was still able to make a few friends. The teachers trusted me and I did not have much friction with my relatives. My grades— was also excellent in the confines of that era. Hm Hm, that’s right. After all, I was the main successor of my family.”

Hehe, Asuka slightly puffed up her chest.

Due to her origin from the period after the Second World War, it was inevitable for her to be slightly less refined in her thoughts and knowledge, but that did not make her inferior in terms of cognitive capabilities. It must have been true that her grades would be excellent as well.

Having friends, being trusted and having a good relationship with her relatives, these would not be an exaggeration at all…… At least it was that way before the admission into the female dormitories.

“Just a little…. And it’s really just a little that there was a change to the attitudes of the people around me. I would feel the gazes that held a little doubt and even notice the gazes in the common bath that were filled with fear. At that time, I did feel a little curious about the trust and obliging attitudes of the people around me. But, I had taken pride in those while attributing the reactions to the good evaluations and trust that people had in me and paid them no mind.”

Kudou Asuka is a strong girl who possesses a sense of righteousness.

Faced with uncalled censure and impeachment, she would have used her reasoning attitude and talent in communicating to deny them. However, it was also impossible for her to push away all that pressure.

At that time, she was still a ten year old girl who did not know of the power of Gifts.

Even when the decision was made to place her far from her loved ones, she did not dwell on the thought or reject that idea.

“But even so, I will have to move on. Even if it is decided that I will be transferred to a location that seems like a quarantine zone, even if I were to be enrolled to a new school, I will also clench my fist just like that, [“For the sake of regaining my title as the most outstanding student! Let’s be optimistic and gambatte!”]— I’d cheered myself on.”

“……Hehheh, that sounds like Asuka-san.”

Asuka desperately continued with conversational topics and Kuro Usagi responded with a little laugh.

Seeing Kuro Usagi’s smile, Asuka suddenly hesitated as she considered whether or not to continue the story.

But thinking that “It would be meaningless to stop here before reaching the end”, Asuka gave a troubled smile as she continued,

“Mah, getting myself pumped up with anticipation to enter a new school was only the start of that phase. The deep forest tracks were really inconvenient. The trails through the mountains were also winding along treacherous mountain paths and cliffs. The surroundings of the female dormitory were covered with a mix of soil types and mud. There would be frequent patrols carried out by armed guards and it was just like a prison in there.”


“Having entered the female dormitory that required all tenants to seek permission for entering or leaving the premises, I remember it to be the first night there that it happened. While arranging my luggage and preparing to go to bed, the dormitory matron came running in and just when I was wondering what had happened, the dormitory matron spoke,

[“Your friends have trespassed into the female dormitories covered in blood”], while looking pale in the face.”

Kuro Usagi couldn’t believe her ears. If her rabbit ears were still attached, they would surely be greatly tilted to a side. If the word friends was used in that occasion, it would mean that there were a few of them who had gone to look for Asuka.

Asuka had a self-depreciating smile as she gazed up to the skies.

“I had thought that it was all a joke back then. But those who arrived were unquestionably people whom I’ve known well. My best friends since my younger days. …… No. I should say that they were my bosom friends. And why would they come this far to the depths of the mountains? I then asked the reason…… and they absentmindedly said this,

[“Didn’t Asuka say this from before? We are best friends— so we must always be together.”]”

—Blood was flowing from her forehead.

Transversing the treacherous mountain paths

There was no doubt about that action.

The people whom I had thought of as bosom friends were saying that with a confused smile—

“At that moment…… even if it were me, I was able to understand everything. My words held the power to bend the wills of others. It’s just as the others had rumored about me…… I am a witch who befuddles the mind of others.”

Toward Asuka, whom she had always thought of as a person who was shy to bring up her past, Kuro Usagi was unable to say anything in reply.

And she was feeling ashamed of her smile that she gave lightly just a little while ago.

Although it was said that simply, but there would surely be a great change in the attitudes of the people around her. An impact and hopelessness that is far greater than what was described by Asuka was to be borne upon the back of a girl who was just ten years of age then.

Needless to say, the gazes of the people around her would be filled with distrust and fear. Betrayals in hope to wrest the inheritance would have had happened as well.

Otherwise, why would a talented girl who was a candidate for the inheritance in the Showa period, which had the culture of respecting men and looking upon women as supportive roles, be sent to a deep mountain isolated facility?

Just as it was mentioned earlier, Kudou Asuka is a strong girl who possesses a sense of righteousness.

And every time that she opened her mouth to speak what she felt was the right way of doing things, it would also unintentionally silence the opinions of the others. Twisting the other party’s will to her own. A girl who originally believed in her own purity and reasoning to life while proudly raising her chest, was mercilessly beaten down by the truth of reality.

The one who’s truly at fault—- is me, I, a witch who befuddles the mind of others.

“Th,Then,…… What about those friends?””

“I’ve not seen them after that day. Although their minds were confused and scrambled up into many fragments, it would seem that their brainwashing was undone. They should be living normal lives from then on, I guess.”

Then, what about Asuka-san? But she quickly shut her mouth before that question could escape her lips.

Noticing the unasked question, Asuka gave a stretch and continued, “After that, it’s just been the same as how I’m now. I’ve been born with this character. Just a stumbling block in the way isn’t going to change my whole life. I’ve decided that I will take my judgement of something to be right as a correct decision and that which I feel is wrong to be a wrong one. So, if I were to name something that might have changed…… It would be my inability to trust in the feelings of the people around me. That’s just it.”

In a world that calls for people to be forced to wear masks, shouting about righteousness and the correct way to things on her own. How did it become this situation? Even Don Quixote[2] would be unable to compare to this level of ridiculous antics. On first glance, it might look like a comedy, but that was surely not a comedy.

Just like how righteousness would not be able to exist without the pairing of an evil intention, there is nothing in the world that is of a meaningless existence.

If that wasn’t loneliness, what would that be? If that wasn’t a tragedy, what would that be?

There had never been a need to be kept away in the prison of the mountains. Kudou Asuka had always been alone since her birth into the world.

“……Asuka-san, why are you telling Kuro Usagi all this?” Kuro Usagi asked cautiously. The story that Asuka recounted just now should have been one of her darkest histories that she would not want others to know of. Why would she choose to bring up a past that she had not said up till now? It was understandable that Kuro Usagi would have this doubt.

Asuka did not answer her immediately but lifted her head to gaze at the skies, temporarily sinking into silence.

At the moment when the moon’s rays peaked from the edges of the clouds—- Asuka stood up and gave a bright smile, “So Kuro Usagi. I’m really grateful that you’ve summoned me over to this world of Little Garden.”

Brighter than the stars and the moon, without any worry or embarrassment.

That was a real smile that reflected the soul of Asuka.


Kuro Usagi finally remembered. And tears flowed from her eyes once more.

To be swung along by the feelings of sadness and displaying a weak side of herself in the process of the recount, Asuka had accepted all of that. For the sake of Kuro Usagi and to help her out of her self-blame and worry about the future, Asuka had made the decision to tell of her past humiliations.

—- I’m really grateful that you’ve summoned me over to this world of Little Garden.

“cast aside your friends, your possessions, your world, and come to our Little Garden”.

To have sent me that wonderful letter filled with instigative intent, I’m really grateful to you.

That was a smile that was from the bottom of her heart, conveying the gratefulness for each and every day that she had spent in the world of Little Garden.

“Kuro, Kuro Usagi’s the one who should say that……Asuka-san, and everyone who answered my summon, Kuro Usagi have not even thanked you guys once……! Kuro…. Ku,Kurob[3], really…… !!!”

For it to be you guys who answered the call to Little Garden, it’s the best thing that could happen.

Although she wanted to say that, but her tears and leaking nose was making it difficult to get the words out. Asuka gave a wry smile as she handed Kuro Usagi a handkerchief.

“Izayoi-kun is surely okay. He’s been doing fine up till today. So, he’s surely going to be fine this time as well.”

“Y, Yes……!”

“Who care’s if he’s the strongest Godslayer or what. He won’t be our match at all. Let’s quickly beat that guy to his knees and return to our Headquarters with everyone. Jin-chan’s name is also well established by now and it shouldn’t be a bad idea to try host a Game of our own. Right?”

“Yes…… Yes……!!!”

They would definitely return with everyone. No matter how strong their opponent may be, they would still return with everyone alive and well. With each encouragement spoken by Asuka, Kuro Usagi could feel the warming of her heart’s fire.

And this warmth is definitely not the work of a witch’s curse. For if this warmth in her heart were to be a curse, all Gifts in the world would also be a curse.

Wiping away her tears, Kuro Usagi was brimming with smiles when she turned to face Asuka.

And she saw their hopelessness that lurked in the shadows of the undergrowth.

“Asuka-san, get down!!!”

Pulling her clothes forcefully to get Asuka to lie low.

Asuka was bewildered by the sudden change in Kuro Usagi but she soon understood the reason behind such an action in the next moment.

An impressive intimidating presence flew over their heads. If Asuka had remained standing, she would have been gnawed in half and probably would have her organs spilled over their camp grounds too.

The attacker —a pure white two headed dragon, had a glint of reflected light in its ruby red eye as it flew overhead while giving a roar.


“Here…..! Until we escape, obstruct that two headed dragon!”

Waving the only Gift on hand—the [Hamelin Wind Cutter Flute], she endowed a mock Divinity upon the trees as she gave her orders.

Following that, trees started to stretch and roil the grounds like an agitated animal.

Twigs were transformed into arrow heads and the tree branches changed into hundreds of spears as they pierced the four limbs of the two headed dragon. It did not matter that they were just normal trees as trees that were given mock Divinity would possess a strength that exceeded that of any normal weapons.

But as a price for power, the trees would start to wither at a rapid rate after accomplishing their mission. After all, this was a different situation from how Asuka gradually sanctified the land itself to become a holy temple ground in the previous encounter.

And as the trees burnt their spiritual powers with the conferred mock divinity, they were instantly reduced to withered logs that crumbled away.

A fresh spurt of blood of the two headed dragon was followed by its roar.

And from the blood that was splattered around it, more one headed dragons were being produced and were multiplying gradually. If it were only one enemy after us, we might just be able to escape, thinking that to herself, Asuka took a step forward

But Kuro Usagi’s shout brought her attention to her back, “Asuka-san! There’s still another enemy concealed in the trees!”[4]

Possessing a body of a burning temperature, the two headed dragon lunged at Asuka who was unguarded. However, the water tree branch which was their ration supply was given a command which it accepted along with the endowment of mock divinity to form a protective blast of water which shielded Asuka.

Intense heat collided with flowing water to form steam that blanketed the surroundings. Effectively blocking them from sight.

“Let’s run!” Asuka saw it as an excellent opportunity and pulled Kuro Usagi by the hand to break into a run.

“But, But where do we escape to?!”

“If the two headed dragon can find us here, this location should be close to [Kouen City]! If we can meet up with Almathea, we might have a chance to be saved!”

They could only leave it to the heavens to dictate their fates. And fortunately, there were the burnt tracks of the heated two headed dragon from its travel in the forest. If they were to retrace the tracks of its passage, it might just lead them back.

“Definitely…. We will definitely make it back alive……!!!”

It won’t end like this, it will not end in this sort of place. It will definitely not end like this.

They cannot leave behind the Senior group just like that.

When they have not even restored the Flag.

When they have not even return the Name.

When they have not even defeated the Demon Lord whom they needed to exact vengeance upon.

And when they have not hosted a Halloween event.

How could we die like that when we have not even accomplish a single task?

Asuka ran with all her might.

However, all those were not even worth mentioning when placed before the problem of the two headed dragon.


The shroud of steam was instantly dispersed by the intensity of its roar. The pressure of the winds caught Askua and Kuro Usagi in the process and tossed them up like leaves in the wind.

And up they flew to tumble over the tree tops while struggling like worms caught in a gust.

Asuka had been protected all those times by Almathea’s iron strong defence, but with just a human body alone, a simple breath of a god would be enough to snuff out the life in her.

Having collided her head on the third tree top, Aska’s vision started to swim as she gradually sank into a concussion. But even then, she continued to show her will to fight.

However, the fiery breath was already close in before Asuka’s very eyes.


The approaching ball of fire that seemed like a miniature sun elicited a shiver in her.

Even in her hazy semi-consciousness, Asuka was able to understand the implications.

Tears of regret and anger wetted the rims of her eyes as she couldn’t accept the death that she judged to be imminent.

“Ah…. Asuka-san!!!”

Kuro Usagi rushed over to Asuka and the twin headed dragon.

Her body was equally battered to the point of inducing a bout of nausea, but she ignored her condition to rush forth. Perhaps it might be evident that it is a useless attempt to be together but she continued to rush over with that understanding in mind.

Just like in the distant past—-where the [Moon Rabbit] sacrificed its life in the Buddhist stories.

For the sake of protecting her important comrade, Kuro Usagi charged into the blaze.

Part 2[edit]

—[Kouen City]. In an adjacent part of the forest.

Rin, and the others who were in a desperate situation of fighting against the steel angels, noticed the rise of a fire pillar in the depths of the forest and understood that there was a fight with a two headed dragon going on near them.

While throwing her last dagger in her hand, Rin gave a loud click of her tongue.

“Who’s that fighting with the two headed dragon……?!”

The echoing scream and rise of the fire pillar caught their attention and the steel angel did not allow this opening to slip it by. Instantly using a teleportation to close the distance between them, the steel angel swung its sword down on Rin.

But that large sword would never be able to reach Rin.

The Gift that allowed her to manipulate distances is one of the strongest Gifts for defence. That is because the ability to manipulate distances would allow her to be in control of the target’s speed and hence the time of the strike.

Suddenly losing its speed, the large sword continued in its heavy trajectory to chop at a vacated spot. This opening was then targeted by Demon King of Confusion’s Dragon flare and Aura’s harp.

“Match my attack, babaa[5]!!”

“Hey, who are you calling babaa!!”

Anger flared within Aura’s eyes as she knitted her brows while plucking away on her golden clarsach. And following the plucking of the clarsach, which held divine power from the Celtic mythologies to control weather conditions, thunder was summoned to rain upon and pierced the steel angel.

Enveloped in a blast from the combination of fire and lightning, the outer steel armour was shattered by the attacks. However it was clear that their attacks were ineffective when the damaged portions started regenerating at a rapid rate.

“Tch, just a puppet but it’s still a divine being?! Oi Oi, what do we do now?! Rin-chan, it’s impossible to bring that down with our firepower!”

“I already know that! But if only we could find out the origin of its mythology……!”

No matter how strong the spiritual power of the third perpetual machine was, it wouldn’t be able to create a whole mythological faction on its own. Although it had the outer appearance and structure of this unknown angel, there was no doubt that it would have a core spiritual power that belonged to a mythological faction that was loaning it power. After all, the ones who were in [Ouroboros] weren’t only Demon Lords.

(Who can it be……?! Who is it who could have loaned this spiritual power to Maxwell?! No, that’s not it, it should be a question of who is able to loan to Maxwell?!)

When talking about angels, the initial association that most people would have would be the divine beings recorded within the Bible. However, in reality, there were many various types of divine beings that were called angels, such as those of cupids and more.

Examples from The Old Testament and New Testament Bibles and even those from the Greek and Roman mythologies would add up to quite a sum.

(A mythology faction that has allied with [Ouroboros] and possessing a divine being related to the third perpetual motion machine…… Or perhaps it could be a financial conglomerate that invested in the creation of the third perpetual motion machine with the use of another mythological faction’s flag? What happens if I were to follow that line of thought……?!)

The Greek mythological faction of [Kerykeion] was an example of that. They loaned out their Flag to a school of finance and business set in the 1900s to 2000s CE. Almathea also loaned out her name of the Aegis system to increase her spiritual power.

However, if that knowledge was to be key to the riddle, it would far exceed the realms of Rin’s knowledge.

(To completely defeat this guy, we will require knowledge about the organization or financial organization that backs up this third perpetual motion machine! Is it 2000 years later or is it from a person of a much further future?)

Rin rapidly ran through the possibilities and in that instant, she was struck by an intense light from her back.


A loud peal of thunder shook the skies. But that wasn’t the lightning of Aura’s harp. It was a blindingly bright continuous streak of lightning that shot from the ground to reach the heavens, illuminating the night sky.

It was definitely a lightning that did not originate from the ground. Jin, who was curious about that development, observed from the back of Graiya. And noted that the stunning light from the thunder originated from within the pillar of fire.


But lightning wasn’t a Gift that could be conferred to any normal strong people. Just like how its phonics sounded like that of a “God’s calling”[6], it is a Gift that is only reserved as the powers of Sky gods or even that of elder god tiers.

In the short span of time that he pondered over the identity of the caster, the lightning continued to intensify in brightness and burned away at the forest.

Even Jin and the others who were far from the epicenter of that phenomenon were being washed by the flare of light and they stopped in their tracks. Even Aura’s lightning from just a little while ago was incomparable to this. The streaks of lightning were tireless in their increasing intensity and might as they danced while seemingly intent on setting fire to the entire forest.

Watching the intense lightning that seemed to inspire life in itself, Jin widened his eyes and sucked in a cold breath of air.

“Could it be that …. She……!?”

There was only one person whom Jin knew as an existence who could use lightning to this extent.

In the instant that the intense lightning ravaged the surrounding region—- the caster, appeared with hell itself.

Part 3[edit]

Kuro Usagi felt her limbs burning and wasting away as she was swallowed by the fiery breath.

What continued to burn wasn’t only limited to her limbs.

The morrow filled with hopes that she had just glimpsed upon earlier.

The happy days that they had in their Community.

The paths that the problem children of the other world had taken were also burning up like illusions in the face of reality.

It was all a daydream of a powerless fool. Depending on their kindness, roping them into situations where they would take on the role of defeating enemies when the situation of “having enemies that require defeating” arose and even to the extent of placing them on the path of their downfall.

They should never have been summoned to Little Garden.

We should never have met each other.

Even at a critical time, being one who is known as an aristocrat of Little Garden, she was still unable to do anything. Wouldn’t that suggest that she had been blinded by the radiance of their talents and promising futures that she allowed herself to neglect her duties and enjoy those times in play?

A torrent of regret, her words of gratitude and apologies would never be able to reach them now.

In the instant when she was to be burnt entirely in the flames along with all her regrets.

An earth-shaking thunder that rocked the heavens, echoed in the night sky. Resembling the mark of dawn of an apocalypse.


Following the radiance of the seven coloured rays, the boundaries of life and death rushed to greet her eyes. In the instant that her body was to be completely incinerated— in a distance, an image of the past came into her field of sight.


The wide expanse of blue Earth was overhead. An uninhabitable grey landscape and a volcano vent stood to her left and right. It did not take long for her to understand that this was the surface of the moon.

And it looked like there was a huge battle on the moon surface.

Flags that seemed to be emblazoned with the symbol of Buddhism and those emblazoned with the symbol of [恶] similar to that of the flag on the three headed dragon were scattered around [The Moon Palace (Chandra Mahal)]. However, the one who wore that flag wasn’t a three headed dragon.

Hugging the corpse of a Chandra (Moon God) Magi female of the rabbit race was a warrior whose face was streaked with tears.

Although his body was bleeding from the many cuts and expended all his arrows and broken all his blades in battle, he cared not about those details. Instead, he continued to hug the corpse tightly as he gave a sob that sounded like a roar in dejection.

—Why, did you protect me?

This body is one that is born to be an evil god anyway.

To be defeated by someone, is the fate of a Demon Lord—!

That pained cry and torrential tears were enough to tell KuroUsagi about the identity of this warrior.

A person who used to carry the same flag of [恶] as Azi Dahaka of the Zoroastrianism to be unable to stand under the same skies beside Order itself, and is now known to be the leader of benevolent gods.

Taking joy in wine, women and battle while being a divine being who loved the kindness in human nature.

The warrior god. [Indra].

Tossing aside any feelings of shame, embarrassment and pride, that figure was one that did not seem to belong to an evil god or Demon Lord as he continued to sob while hugging that female corpse in a tender and pitiful fashion. And from the situation where he sobbed over the passing of a life in battle, it was already unbecoming to count him as a divine being. That small figure was already similar to that of an insignificant mortal.

(This rabbit race Magi…… could it be…..?)

In the final battle between the Buddhist faction and Indra, having protected him, was a young rabbit female who lost her life like a wavering illusion before his very eyes. He, who had planned to be a Demon Lord and was about to be punished. Her body was so thoroughly burnt by the hell-like flames that it was charred and gradually disintegrating.

Although wounds had riddled her body, there was still a satisfied smile on the lips of this female Magi even after her death. That peaceful look on her face was one that told of her feelings of satisfaction from having protected her beloved to the end.

Sacrificing everything about herself, to become the rabbit girl who would change the fate of the evil god.

The tragedy before her was undoubtedly the truth behind the story of the [Moon Rabbit] and Kuro Usagi understood that even in the midst of her burning heat.

(My patron god….. and my ancestor……!)

And just like a sign of respect to the figure of her distant ancestor, KuroUsagi poured her pride into her soul.

Although she might have lost her spiritual power and lost her Gifts, she had yet to lose the pride of a [Moon Rabbit]. The chains of regret from the incident 200 hundred years ago might have held her down and perhaps it was the unbearable pain of the downfall three years prior that added to her baggage. If now wasn’t the time to get rid of all those feelings, when else would there be time for her to do so? Even if she were to descend to hell, even if her body would be burnt entirely by purgatory flames, if she were to be unable to guard her comrades to the end as well, she would really die an unrestful death.

—Thank you. Someone had said that to Kuro Usagi who only knew how to rely on others.

— We are comrades. Someone had happily said that to Kuro Usagi.

—We are here to save you. Someone had said that while pulling Kuro Usagi’s hand up till today.

So, it will not end.

It will not end like this.

This time, Kuro Usagi must protect them well!!

Even if it results in death, it is a death for the sake of comrades. Please light up the flame of my soul now, let it burn……!!!

“ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh———!!!”

Following last scream at the brink of death by immolation—-Kuro Usagi simultaneously screamed in her rebirth.

Her limbs that were burnt away moments ago were regenerated with the accompanying lightning and her cardinal red hair transformed into a red lightning that blasted away the heat from her body. And from her head, the symbolic Usagimimi of Kuro Usagi appeared once more.

Donning the ceremonial robes made with the techniques of the Age of Gods and surrounded with peals of thunder that shouted the presence of the caster to the gods of heaven and earth

It is not that Kuro Usagi’s spiritual power returned.

But it was the manifestation of a [Moon Rabbit]’s inheritance. A new form of Kuro Usagi who overcame death to be reborn.

“Kuro, Kuro Usagi……?!”

Although most of her attention was riveted by the sight before her very eyes, she was still able to comprehend with a speculation on what might have happened in Kuro Usagi’s body.

The holy inscriptions of Indra surfaced on the skin of Kuro Usagi’s forehead. Although it was incomparable to Asuka’s power, it was undoubtedly the proof of Divinity.

Her spirit of self-sacrifice for the sake of her comrade had led to the housing of Indra’s Divinity in her body.

“Prepare yourself, two headed dragon!”[7]

Kuro Usagi, who was covered in the indescribable amount of electricity that coursed through her body in the form of divine thunder, stood before the two headed dragon

The Vajra which was supposed to be destroyed was enveloped by a blue streak of lightning at its tip and it grew itself a new spear, calling forth a clap of thunder in Kuro Usagi’s hands.

The two headed dragon gave another fierce roar to cough out another blast of fire but instead of dodging, Kuro Usagi merely charged straight into it. Having received the Divinity of Indra, Kuro Usagi, who originally had a power that was close to a divine spirit level, was now several times mightier than her previous self.

With just the electric currents coursing around her body, it reflected the blast of the two headed dragon aside while enabling Kuro Usagi to chop the two headed dragon cleanly in half.


The corpse of the two headed dragon was burnt to become a charred lump.

But there was more than one enemy.

A pure white two headed dragon instantly approached Kuro Usagi, slipping behind to her back with its high level of agility and slashing down with its vicious claw. However, Kuro Usagi made the quick decision to switch her weapon to the other arm to rotate the spear shaft and deflect the claw beautifully like the movements of flowing water. Maneuvering it skillfully like how one would skim the top of the clouds, Kuro Usagi brought her spear back up to chop off a head from the two headed dragon with the blade.

Fresh blood spurted from the wound like a fountain and sloshed into the forest.

Immediately, the spilled blood transformed into many large snakes and crocodiles that lunged towards Kuro Usagi.

Numbering more than a few dozens of them.

Such large numbers of venomous and vicious animals were raining down from above that one would have thought it to be an insane spectacle. A rain of venomous fangs which would either reduce a target into nothingness or leave no trace of their bones within seconds. However, all that were charred by the red lightning released by Kuro Usagi.

“Incredible……! But, that Divinity……!!!”

Although Asuka was immature about those matters, she was also able to guess as much. The power that coursed within Kuro Usagi was not Divinity. It was a pseudo-Divinity. Although the power that it granted to the user was much different in terms of the magnitude, it was still under the same classification of the Gift system that Asuka uses.

A pseudo-Divinity is a double edged sword that shaved away at the user’s lifespan.

Kuro Usagi was currently burning her life to engage in the battle.

“That’s enough……! It’s enough, Kuro Usagi! So, just run! Your current condition would allow you to escape!”

Her entire body’s bones and muscle sinews were creaking and her clothes had already transformed into a blaze that covered her charred body. Even then, Kuro Usagi did not stop fighting. Although the two headed dragon had lost a head and was hence weakened with a severe injury, it was still plenty strong to finish off Asuka.

Even if this body were to be burnt completely, she would not stop her fight in this place.

“……Guh, Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!”

Must not retreat. Must not retreat!

Must never retreat!!

Retreating would mean the death of her comrade.

(Oh my patron god…….! Please confer your Gift to Kuro Usagi……!!!)

Summoning another two, three and up to four Vajras that aimed toward the two headed dragon.

At the instant when she gave the command for them to strike, the two headed dragon seemed to throw it all into a gamble.


Targeting the split second that the Vajras would be launched toward it, the two headed dragon made a sudden attack in its gamble. It would die if it were to be struck by those spears and that degree of having accepted the inevitability to put it all into a gamble was a level higher than that of Kuro Usagi’s.

In a melee battle, those Vajras that were transforming into long spears would be of a disadvantage. The pure white two headed dragon was without an element of its own and its strength was much higher than that of any other two headed dragon types. Kuro Usagi and the two headed dragon then switched into a super high speed battle which raced along the top of the forest to display a blur of melee engagements and disengagements.

As the both of them left the forest to move closer to the open area, Jin’s exclamation travelled over to them.

“Kuro, Kuro Usagi! As I thought, that lightning was from Kuro Usagi?!”

Kuro Usagi, who was in the midst of battle, did not reply to his question.

Currently, her entire brain was focused in the heat of battle and she could not hear anything else.

The one who responded to their fierce fight was the steel angel instead.


The steel angel made a sound for the first time and swung its huge sword down on Kuro Usagi. However with the usagimimi back on her head, Kuro Usagi’s ability to receive and collect information was overwhelmingly competent for this. At this current state, it is basically useless to even attempt a sneak attack from 100m around her as it was the radius of her information collection. Turning to avoid the attack from behind, Kuro Usagi confirmed the alignment of her enemies to be in a direct line of fire while pulling out a card.

“Summon [Brahmaastra Replica]—!!!”

With the resounding clap of thunder, the Victory spear materialized in her hand. With her holy garments of the era of gods burnt to the extent that it was currently, it would seem that this would also be her very last attack.

And mustering her might with an intensity that would pierce the Earth, the Heavens and shatter the stars, Kuro Usagi shouted,


The tip of the holy spear gave off an unprecedented spiritual pressure as the rays of the Sun were infused within it—- be launched at the absurd speed of the sixth cosmic velocity[8] to pierce the two headed dragon and the steel angel in succession.

A hundred streaks of lightning split into a thousand and a thousand into ten thousands to multiply up to the tens of millions before converging into a single entity to incinerate the two monsters into nothingness.

Never pausing in its unlimited barrage of attacks to achieve its goal of piercing its target, the spear emitted its last ray of sunlight to rip a line across the night skies.

And that overwhelming display of strength was enough to cause the members of [Ouroboros] to turn pale. Having engaged in a battle with the angel themselves, the fight was already beyond the realms of being unusual. Her combat prowess was already comparable to that of the strongest species. The forested lands were reduced to charred smoking regions by the collateral damage of the fight and it effectively rendered the lands inhabitable for any living beings.

Originally a dense forest before the war was now reduced to a flat land which stretched into the horizons. If it weren’t for the destructive powers that were enough to destroy a city with each and every one of those Vajras summoned, it would not have reached such a state.

“This is the true power of the [Moon rabbit]…… [Aristocrat of Little Garden]……!”

As a member of the race who were granted the ability to judge the balance in the world and as a herald of the one who created the world of Little Garden.

Indra’s holy inscriptions continued to shine from Kuro Usagi’s forehead and she looked around to confirm the annihilation of her enemies. She then fell to the ground as all her strength sapped from her body.


It was then that Kuro Usagi noticed the abnormality.

The flames that covered her body did not seem to disappear even after the battle.

(Aah…… It really is, going to be like that, right……)

Seemingly to accept what was to come next, the spear fell from her grasp.

This was the cost of the Gift. The end of the [Moon Rabbit]’s gamble at the cost of their life.

The rabbit, whose body had been burnt by flames, saved an old man—the reincarnation of Indra.

That is the legend of the [Moon Rabbit]s.

Offering her life in conjunction with her existence of being a symbol of sacrifice, she enacted the miracle of harboring the Gift of the Warrior God within herself.

And this blaze was a greeting from hell to collect the debt from Kuro Usagi.

Kuro Usagi’s body was entirely covered in the blaze and that sensation of pain tightly clung to her body. However, there was no regret in her heart.

(My patron god…. I will be returning this life to you.)

Kneeling in the posture to thank her god for the miracle. There was no hate or regret in that action. It was a life that should have been ended a while earlier. To be able to grab such a miracle was already a fortunate thing in the unfortunate situation.

The purgatory would hasten her to the six paths, and that was where Kuro Usagi’s consciousness ended.

And at the critical moment when the doors of the purgatory were to be opened—- there came a figure that came rushing over without a care of the flames.

“No! Don’t die!”

In her tottering gait, Asuka reached out to the flaming Kuro Usagi. The purgatory flames would not burn the living. But the sensation of pain of being burnt was real.

Suppressing the pain that was similar to having her body immolated by the same flames, Asuka tearfully cried out.

“Go away! Go away!! Please, go away!!!”

Asuka commanded the purgatory flames to go away. But the blaze did not seem to be of the mind to go away. The purgatory flames seemed like a tsunami that continued to crash over them from the Hell of the six paths.

Although it was a flame that would not burn the living, if the gate of hells were to continue opening for them, Asuka would also be swallowed and lose her life in the process. Even if it weren’t for that, the pain and strain on Asuka’s body was continuing to increase and it would not be out of the question for her to die from the shock.[9]

Even so, she would not give up, seeming to convey those very feelings of hers, a torrent of tears flowed from Asuka’s eyes as she pleaded to the Heavens.

“Indra……! If you really are a benevolent god! A god who seeks to stop the encroaching evils in the world! Then please save your herald who has faithfully followed in your teachings!!!”

Kuro Usagi has never veered from the path of good in her life.

Not forsaking her Community that has fallen into hardship and poverty, taking it upon herself to overcome the odds and living honestly and honorably up till now.

And that life was to end in such a tragic manner? Asuka could not allow that.

“As long as it can help her, I wouldn’t mind standing in for her debt as well!! I too have the prepared my resolve to be burnt by the purgatory flames!! If you can hear this wish of mine, I’m also willing to offer up everything of mine to the Heavens!! So…. I beg you……!!!”

At the last parts, the crying voice did not manage to complete her words.

The purgatory flames separated into two like the upper and lower jaws of a huge monster and enveloped the two bodies.

Their bodies ravaged by flames, were about to be swallowed by the gates of hell, when…

Asuka heard the sound from the Heavens that was accompanied by a clap of thunder.


As if her wishes had been heard, thunder rumbled in the skies.

And in the brilliant streaks of lightning that came flashing like prongs of a trident in the skies, Asuka saw the gods for real.

The silhouette of the gods who stood within the lightning were similar to that of a wild beast and yet that of a human.

And the purgatory flames also disappeared shortly after to allow silence to return to the region.

Having lost her consciousness from the pain and anxiety, Asuka then collapsed on the ground amidst the wilderness.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. [magrefnotes: yes, in this case, she is right. If you say yes or no to that thought, it will only make things worse. Try to distract the person with another related topic instead, look below at the tactic Asuka chose.]
  2. [magrefnotes: Don Quixote is a character of a Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra during the Golden Age. It follows the adventures of a nameless hidalgo (nobility without a heredity title who owns little real property and were exempted from paying taxes) who reads so many chivalric romances that he loses his sanity and decides to set out to revive chivalry, right the wrongs of society and bring justice to the world under the name of Don Quixote. You might also realize how this name may be symbolic and meaningful for the pirate crew in the anime of One Piece. Almost all the information here have been lifted from Wikipedia.,]
  3. [magrefnotes: ch translator red lily notes: It’s a sob+ stumble over words.]
  4. [magrefnotes: what comes next is something that I’m unsure of… it is only in this part that the translator suddenly uses two headed and three headed interchangeably. My guess is it is all two headed as the typing for two in ch is shuang and three is san, and if he uses the character input program, he would only need to type “s” for the dictionary options to appear. I used to make that mistake a lot in my time as well. But, just for clarification sake, hopefully someone can help to check. I will just use two for now. Because it makes no sense that Azi main body would go all the way out there to search for Kuro Usagi and Asuka.]
  5. [magrefnotes: babaa- the rude way of saying old lady, ]
  6. (Note: the Japanese word for “thunder” sounds like the Japanese phrase of a “God’s calling”)
  7. [magrefnotes: yeah, “two headed dragon”, I know it sounds like a mouthful here, but in Japanese or Chinese, it is only 3 syllables. Would be just plain “dragon”, if it were in English from the start.]
  8. [magrefnotes: the sixth cosmic velocity is the speed that a spacecraft from Earth would require to escape the gravitational pull of the universe. As the universe’s mass is undetermined at the moment, it is also a value that is impossible to have an exact number affixed to it.]
  9. [magrefnotes: shock is a critical condition brought on by a sudden drop in blood flow through the body. Circulatory system fails to maintain adequate blood flow and diminishes the delivery ability of blood cells in its provision of oxygen and nutrients to vital organs. Taken from]