Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo:Volume 7 Interlude 2

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Interlude 2[edit]

—[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames] At the lowest levels of the Palace, within the Sea of Stars.

In the depths of the Palace that seemed like the Underworld with its jet-black darkness, devoid of all light and sound, something had suddenly raised its neck to be curved like a sickle. With just the movement of its body, the many metal chains that restrained it started to clank together noisily.

However, it wasn’t given any more freedom to move further than that.

The metal chains had been coiled around the four limbs and riveted through each of them while the body was wedged in the crack of the wall. The metal chains were so tightly fastened around it that they dug into the flesh. So long as the body twitched, it would have caused excruciating pain.

However, that sort of thing was minor in comparison.

Having been sealed in this place and lain quietly without moving for two hundred years, it has finally felt the heat of the intense battle above ground today.

*Sniff sniff* —there exists the fragrance of war and havoc and it revealed its fangs to give a ferocious grin.

Although it was difficult to discern due to the pile that was driven from the top of the skull bone to exit through the lower jaw, that expression was undeniably a grin.

Be it in pain or happiness, freedom or being restrained, those wouldn’t be the reason for its torture. For the only feeling under the Sun that this criminal’s soul can understand—-is the rampaging heat of battle amidst the hellish battlefields.

Before the dawn of the Little Garden’s era—when the Heaven and Earth of the world had just been born not too long ago, during the time that many gods and deities were sweeping into the world, many unlawful disasters that mirrored the opposite of their symbol of peace had scattered across the lands.

Heaven and Earth, Day and Night, Good and Evil, Prosperity and Decrepitude, from the crucible that brings forth all creations and destructions of the world, being boiled and filtrated to form the first of the disasters.

—This world co-exists with disaster.

—This curse exists with three thousand worlds.

You, still wishing for evil and sworn to be the incarnation of your wishes.

It was the one who expands the realms of Hell to encompass and devour the entire Human world and was none other than the tyrant who crushed hundreds of countries and thousands of heroes.

The people who were giving out that aura of domineering spirit above ground were also most likely carrying that same big ambition as they threw themselves into the battle. Then the destiny that appears before this tyrant would only be that—

The day that the seal would be undone was close.

Happily relishing the fragrance of blood and iron in the turmoil of war, it had the premonition that the time for the seals to be undone was near.


It would be very soon that the people within [Kouen City] understand—

The origins and meaning behind its title of [Natural Disaster], and…

Who it was to have first raised the emblem that swears ‘not to live under the same sky with his enemy’.

The proud and overconfident newcomers will also have a taste for themselves as the doors of Hell’s furnace will be opened.

Rampaging during the dawn of the Age of Gods—the True Horrors of a Demon Lord.