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Chapter 8[edit]

— Now then, what the hell happened here, Izayoi thought.

Though Izayoi had extraordinary powers of deduction, it took him some time to grasp the tragic situation spread before him. It would seem that Willa and Asuka were relatively unharmed in the arena grounds. But Jack, Yō and Kuro Usagi were seriously injured in the spectator stands.

Normally speaking, one would think there was a large brawl amongst the audience.

However, Izayoi was clear about the true potential of Kuro Usagi’s power and for her to be injured to this extent, it would have been a difficult feat pulled off by her opponent. It would be pretty much impossible if it were simply a brawl.

So that leaves this to be the only option open to explain this scenario— The person who injured Kuro Usagi had done it intentionally.

From the first visual scan of their conditions, Yō, Jack and Asuka would have been involved in that battle as well.


Then, who could the aggressor be?

Izayoi gave the arena grounds another sweep with his eyes.

The only one who could pull off such a situation would most probably be Willa the Ignis Faatus. That was the rough speculation that he had while in his dazed state—but when his eyes moved across the white haired lad with golden irises, that thought was instantly tossed from his mind.

Staring at His Highness with a lack of emotion in his eyes, Izayoi asked Jin who stood nearby.

“……Oi, Ochibi-sama.”


“That is the guy who injured Kuro Usagi and Kasukabe right?” Izayoi stated his bold conclusion.

He used a voice without intonation. A tone so cold that it gave goose bumps to all those who knew Izayoi well enough. Be it Asuka or Yō, it was their first time hearing Izayoi speak in such a tone.

Izayoi who held his stare on His Highness continued to approach expressionlessly with gradual steps as he asked His Highness the same question.

“……Were you the one who did this to Kuro Usagi?”

He looked down at His Highness, who was shorter and younger than he was, and asked coldly.

Meeting his gaze, His Highness gave a nod of his head calmly.

“Yeah, I knocked out that rabbit.”

“I see.”

—In that instant,

Izayoi’s eyes had widened to the utmost.

“Then—There’s no reason for me to go easy on you, you White haired brat—!!!”

With a roar, Izayoi gave a kick to the back of His Highness’s head with a power capable of smashing mountains and rivers.


The hands that have been brought up to defend himself had been kicked aside and it connected to his head. It wasn’t that His Highness was lax in his alertness, but the sheer rage in Izayoi’s strike had made it impossible for his reaction to defend himself completely.

Although the attack had almost knocked His Highness out, he was still able to stand firmly on his feet by bringing all the strength and willpower in his body to focus on the present.

Unfortunately for him, that was the worst possible move and it was also the fatal judgement that would seal his fate in defeat.

His Highness should have flown back with the kick when he absorbed the impact.

Just a small distance away and— he would not be caught by the hand of Sakamaki Izayoi.

“You bastard……”

His Highness grabbed Izayoi’s wrist and exerted pressure on it. However, Izayoi’s wrist did not tremble one bit.

Izayoi had also made a back hand grab for the wrist of His Highness to give it a hard swing.

The impact, which was strong enough to shake the Heavens, caused the floor of the arena to be shattered and it formed a depression. The damage was also so deep that it was enough to destroy the subterranean river tunnels.

Having lost all his control in his fit of rage, Izayoi continued to pursue His Highness to launch a flurry of attacks; sparing no thought for the effects on the surrounding structures. He who usually spared a thought to avoid posing a hazard to others had now unshackled himself from thoughts of restrain.

The reason for him to abandon his beliefs and self-restrain could only be that one reason and no other.

Seeming to blot out the presence of the other two beside her—Izayoi gave a beast-like roar as he confirmed the bloodied figure of Kuro Usagi with his eyes while engaging in a melee with His Highness.

“Yahoho……? This… This looks bad!”

In order to continue the treatment for Kuro Usagi, Jack hurriedly carried Kuro Usagi and escaped into the skies. Asuka had also pulled Yō away, but her heart was still in a turmoil.

It was the first time that she had seen Izayoi in this state of rage; Asuka couldn’t help but to draw a sharp intake of breath while she watched on.

“This… This is really…”

“…… really angry.”

The both of them had long lost the sense of urgency. An enraged Izayoi was more than enough to deal with that white haired lad with golden irises and he would have excess to go around.[1]

The third punch devastated more than just the arena grounds as the damage ran all the way to the Corridor of Displays and destroying it in the process. The force of the punch had also reduced a row of brick houses in the city to a pile of rubble. Just three punches was all it took to bring damage equivalent to the heavy battering of a violent typhoon.

Being hit while in his standing position —on the back of his head, his chest, and his flank, His Highness had vomited blood while falling to the ground as his knees went jelly on him. It was amazing that his body was still intact and for him to remain conscious was already something to be feared.

Izayoi took a step forward with the intention to continue with the attacks as his face was still contorted with anger.

His Highness then lifted his head to fix a look at Izayoi— grinning suddenly.

“……That’s so slow. What have you guys been doing just now?”

With just a little more acceleration to his swing, Izayoi would have ignited the atmosphere with the speed of his punch.

Swinging down the fist that he was sure to be his last, his punch had met the air. Because just a breath away from coming into contact with His Highness, His Highness had just disappeared without a trace.

“Disappearing? Could it be that bastard from the day time?”

“Oh, it’s just as you said”, a mocking laughter that sounded like an imitation of a drama actor followed the words.

The voice that sounded like a person intoxicated with himself came from the space above the rubble that was originally the arena.

The figures were overlooking [Kouen City] that was dyed in the yellow hues of the evening. However, it wasn’t just one or two figures.

[The Three Headed Dragon who bites its own Tail]—A strong force had gathered under the Flag of the [Ouroboros] Alliance and their eyes seem to glint dangerously.

“Ara, sorry about that. For you to point out the similarity to the morning incident, it must mean that you have quite a keen eye to notice such details and come up with conjectures. Don’t you think that this intelligence is something that we need to be wary about, ‘Advisor(Maker)’-dono[2].”

“Stop your ramblings. Just don’t speak to me now.”

Rin chided him in her chime like voice as she kneeled before His Highness.

“Aura, what’s the status of His Highness?”

“It’s nothing to worry about. Although the injuries are severe, none of them are fatal. It seems that all of the impacts had narrowly missed the vitals.”

“That’s only natural. After all, he is our[3] leader. He wouldn’t be that easily defeated by some unknown pawn from their side.”

Behind the lovely looking girl whose hair flowed pass her shoulders—Rin, the strong members have gathered.

A completely jet-black Gryphon with a single horn.

A witch who was clad in a strange-looking long robe.

And a man who stood out from the crowd with his dramatic dressing—dressed in a gorgeous outer coat that was designed with the contrasting colors of red and blue. The man who looked just like a clown was emitting a threatening pressure with his presence, demanding the highest level of alert.

Having previously exchanged blows with them, Asuka and Yō instantly recognized them.

“That hooded woman……was also there at the attack on [Underwood].”

“The Black Gryphon was also there. Looks like that white haired boy is……”

The duo were looking down on the gathered main force of the Demon Lord Alliance as they stood in the skies above.

Victory in [Underwood] had not been decided through ability. That is because these group members were definitely possessors of great power and it would be a bad move to simply jump at them.

Even Izayoi who had forced His Highness into that state was reluctant to simply jump towards them, but merely stared up at them with his cold vengeful eyes. Seeing the enemies whom they would be battling in the near future, Asuka and Yō couldn't help but shiver a little in anticipation.

“They…are the Community that leads the rabble of Demon Lords.”

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v06 241.jpg

“The Demon Lord Alliance and the ringleader……”

The two of them hovered in the skies as they watched the situation unfold below.

Knowing that their current strengths weren’t sufficient did nothing to dampen their will to fight.

They had set their hearts on stepping forward to meet the charge if those people were to make the first move.

The Demon Lord Alliance were also wary about the duo as they quietly treated the wounds for His Highness. After having most of the blood traces wiped away by Aura, His Highness straightened his clothes to stand before the group from the Demon Lord Alliance.

“……Rin, was he the one who defeated the Strongest Race?”

“Yes. That’s him.”

“I see. So that guy is also a candidate for the [Origin] huh?”

Blood still trickled out of the corner of his lips as he looked down at Izayoi from the top of the rubble.

Izayoi had withdrawn his hostility but continued to stare at the party who faced their backs to the Setting sun.

As their vengeful gazes met, His Highness suddenly burst into laughter.

“……Hahaha, what a coincidence. For the [Genome Tree] and the candidate of [Origin] to come from the same Community? Looks like I won’t be needing much effort since all the things that I want are popping up one after another.”

“That’s what they call the proof of your overbearing power that causes Heaven’s will to bow to you. So what’s the plan? If you so wish it, we[4] of the Alliance can do it now.”

“Hold it. Let’s just stop here for today and retreat. The [Salamandra]’s main army should also be arriving very soon.” His Highness pointed towards the Palace—The Community Grounds of [Salamandra]’s territory, where some large sized fire dragons were starting to fly out of the Palace grounds.

Moreover, the military police squads having been notified by Mandra about the commotion that had broken out in the place had started to swarm towards the scene.

“Although it is quite interesting to continue the battle with this sort of setting, it would be quite a waste since we have already gotten our chess piece of [Demon King of Confusion] on our side. I guess let’s play again after coming up with a nice plan for it…… how did things go on your end, Rin?”

“Mhm. Demon King of Confusion-san is ready to set the Game anytime.”

“Is that so? That leaves……only that huh.” His Highness gave a throaty spine-chilling laugh.

Seeming like a timed move on their part, the nearby pile of rubble started to shake and out came Percher, from under the pile, and Jin whom she had protected from the shockwaves. They had finally reappeared after being buried a little while earlier.

“Thanks, Percher. You are really a lifesaver.”

“……That’s nothing. After all, we are related as master and servant, this is only natural on my part.”

*Fui* Percher turned away as she replied.

Looking down at the two of them, His Highness used his friendly voice from before to call out to them:

“Hey looks like you guys are okay. Jin, and Percher!”

“Ugh. Your Highness…!”

The duo had quickly turned to look up while Percher and the rest of the Demon Lord Alliance had immediately entered a combat stance.

However, His Highness signaled to them with his hand to hold off.

Giving a refreshing smile, His Highness who stood on the top of the rubble had raised his voice slightly.

Seemingly with the intention to let others overhear the conversation, he then announced—

“Ah, it’s been a pleasant day with you two today! I will definitely treasure the memories of this day! As for the previous offer—Regarding the invitation to join the Demon Lord Alliance, just think it over okay?!”

“Wha……” The both of them had gulped at that point for they realized the bad situation as they looked around themselves.

When the surrounding area was already teeming with the military police squads, the enemy’s general had shouted those sort of words. Moreover, there would be many eyewitnesses to testify that they had spent time with His Highness earlier.

If this continues, they would be branded as spies and have their movements restricted.

“Highness…. You……”

“Hoho, I’ve always wanted to play this card. How’s that? I’ve gotten the lead again right, Jin?”

His Highness revealed a happy and sincere smile that harbored the hint of making an evil prank. Just like the smile of a little kid who had achieved a half success at making a prank, his smile did not contain a trace of malevolence.

Jin finally understood that this was his way of getting back at him for the things he did earlier.

Facing that pure and innocent smile, Jin couldn’t help but feel the start of cold sweat run down his shoulders.

“You…… are really despicable.”

“Mhm. I know right?” His Highness couldn’t help himself as he giggled.

Rin who stood nearby had also smiled as she looked down at Percher.

“Percher, I’m serious you know? I’m sure that you will definitely stand on our side under the same Flag. I’ll be looking forward to that day when it comes.”

“……is that so? But, sorry, I will be officially declining your invitation.”

Percher had replied without hesitation this time.

This is because she had seen a glimmer of hope from this master of hers, Jin. Although Jin’s not really mature at this point, she was just the same. Moreover, Jin had once talked about his aspirations—If there’s something that I want, I will train myself to reach it first, without depending on others as much as I can.

Just the responsibility of leading a hundred and twenty fates had already made him develop to this extent.

Then for her, who carries the spirits of eighty million vengeful souls, there’s no reason for her to be unable to change.

“I’m officially severing my connections to the Demon Lord Alliance. The next time we meet will be on the battlefield……I will not hold back next time as well. If you want to seek me then, you’d better be prepared.”

Percher stated the words in a stern voice.

Hearing the obvious declaration of war, Rin finally wiped that cute smile of hers from her own face.

“I see….. Let’s see about that then. The voice of eighty million vengeful spirits, would it be able to change the fate inscribed in the stars? Before that dream of yours goes out like a flame in the winds—You will revive as the Demon Lord once more. Don’t you regret it then, Percher.”

Leaving that prophetic line, Rin had turned to signal the end of the farewells.

And just as she returned to the side of His Highness, a violent swirl of icy wind had sprung up around the Demon Lord Alliance.

Noticing that this was the same technique that was used during the disappearance of Demon King of Confusion, Izayoi stared at their faces while encoding their appearances into his memory.


“You needn’t stare at me. The day will come that we will get to find out who’s on top…….That’s for sure.”

Just at the last moment before disappearing, His Highness had returned the stare at Izayoi with his golden irises.

Izayoi had also met the gaze up till the moment of His Highness’s disappearance.

I—will most probably be engaged in a bloody fight to the end with that lad huh.

That was the feeling that he had about the crossing of their fates and it continued to linger in his chest for a long time.

Translator’s notes[edit]

  1. [magrefnotes: the metaphorical way of describing him being more than sufficient. Just like the imagery of handing over a bowl of rice and having more to share with others.]
  2. [magrefnotes: ‘Advisor(Maker)’-dono. A source just put Advisor-dono, another had the Maker added in to clarify which I think is quite a good detail. I might have used Controller in the previous chapters… but oh well, I guess such a change can be done later.]
  3. [magrefnotes: said by Graiya. The ‘our’ was said in old Chinese.]
  4. [magrefnotes: said by Graiya…. But they denoted it by the tone which is old Chinese… hmmm someone can volunteer to translate ‘we’ of the Alliance to old English? :p]