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Chapter 6[edit]

Part 1[edit]

—[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames], Battlefield of the Outer Walls.

The battle between the Vampirified Titans and the Fire Dragon squads had fallen into disarray.

And the Titans, who had their aggressiveness heightened, were incapable of fighting in any recognizable style as they simply waved their swords or axes to chop as they pleased while others drew their bows to fire randomly.

Although the [Salamandra] stationed soldiers and the Fire Dragons had the numbers in their favor, the curse of fatigue caused them to continuously fall back from their front lines.

Pest had joined the fray, wielding the Disease of Black Death, but it did not seem to have much of an effect against the Vampirified Titans.

Converting the feelings of grudge and resentment into a shockwave, Pest used that move to meet their charge. But this sort of fighting style is similar to the firepower of the Fire Dragons and it was still a far cry from being a significant move that is capable of turning the tide.

“Hah…Hah…. These Titans……is there an end to them?…”

While cursing under her breath, she launched another shockwave flying towards the Titans which exploded in their faces.

The Aerial Dragons and Lesser Dragons who rushed from the Palace had also joined the front lines but it was still insufficient to protect the streets.

And as the doors of [Kouen City] were broken from many locations, the Titans invaded the City with their swaggering gaits.

(What do I do now……If this continues, Jin at the Palace will……)

“Pest! Are you alright?!”

Asuka shouted from behind between her heavy panting.

At the same moment, Deen gave a loud roar as it raised a Titan to fling it back to the front lines.


And as the Titan was sent rolling in an exaggerated fashion, it pulled down the other Titans who were at the frontlines as well. If it were just the same as before, this sort of injury would already have incapacitated them and put them out of battle. However, the Vampirified Titan got back up on its feet in no time and gave a roar. It was as if nothing had happened.



Engulfing the right fist in a fiery blaze, Deen launched its burning extendable arm towards the Titan. The flaming punch that deeply buried into the flesh was indeed effective. And as the Titan started to burn, it could only writhe around on the floor in pain.

But, even while battling with all their might, they were only able to defeat two or three of those Titans.

And towards the back, more Titans were being summoned and the numbers had already exceeded 1,200.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v07 163.PNG

At a short distance away, Jack was hunting the Titans mercilessly but his efforts were similar to putting out a forest fire with a cup of water—futile. The Vampirified Titans would even bite and feast upon their dead comrades’ blood to heal themselves and stand up once more.

Asuka and Pest were fighting back to back but they already realized the severity of the conditions that they were fighting under.

“This is troubling……I don’t think I can last much longer……”

“Asuka, that’s not something I would have expected to hear from you. If you ever repeat that line, I swear that I will give you a sepsis[1] punishment game.”

“Ara, up till just now, you were the one who had that look of being close to tears weren’t you?”

“Guh. That’s your own imagination!”

Was I seen at that time? Pest’s face begin to color up with a shade of red as she continued to release her shockwaves.

However, there was no time for them to start bickering in their usual banter. Despite the help of the volunteers from the City, coming forth to battle the Titans, they were still unable to hold back the advancement of their enemies.

The duo were sweating heavily as they continued to meet the onslaught of the Titans. However, it was just a matter of time before they receive a fatal blow on themselves.


“Yes? Were you struck by a good idea to turn this tide?!”

{“No, it’s the contrary. This city is already a lost cause. It’s time to gather your comrades to prepare for retreat.”}


Hearing Almathea’s cool assessment, the duo clenched their teeth.

Asuka and Pest were clear about it as well. It was impossible for them to change anything with their current power at this point in time. Moreover, from the time that the Titans became immune to the weakness of Black Death, there would be no way to turn the tables……!!![2]

“But……Izayoi’s still fighting.”

At the time where everything is on the verge of collapsing and at the foremost of the battle’s frontlines.

Asuka had named the lad whom she had the most confidence in.

Having interacted with him thus far, she could understand that he is able to run further than anyone, be the first to meet the charge of the enemies in the frontlines for the sake of others and that his reasons for doing so has nothing to do with the rewarding feeling of having helped another nor was it out of heroism.

He had been born with a power that far exceeded the normal Man and fights for the justice that he believes in.

Those irises of his were filled with a sense of confidence and that was only to be expected. Having placed his utmost effort in everything he wanted to do, living his life with no regrets, Izayoi had no need to feel guilty at the slightest.

“If we were to……to retreat now, I will never be able bring myself to say that I’m his comrade for the rest of my life!”

If Izayoi is able to defeat the leader of the enemy’s camp, the tables of the battle would definitely be overturned.

And the number of people who fought with that thought as their only moral support were far from being the minority.

Then, what more can she, who stands under the same Flag as him, be doubtful about his ability to pull through.

{“Master! Even if you are okay, what about the others? The young lad who’s your leader and that [Moon Rabbit] wouldn’t have the ability to fight now, would they? If the Titan army were to storm into the Palace, the two of them would definitely become hapless sacrifices! Are you okay with that?”}

“Bu, But……”

Almathea’s substantial addition to her argument had caused Asuka to be stumped.

During the time of this conversation, the situation continued to worsen by the moment.

“This, This is bad!! The First Dragon Tower which stands as the corner for the Palace’s fortress has been broken through!!”

“What did you say?!”

“How can that happen……the last bastion that protects [Kouen City] has actually……!!”

The morale that held the Fire Dragons’ determination up till now was starting to crumble. If this were to continue, the morale would not hold out and it would just be a matter of time before the defense line crumbles in defeat as well.

The end of [Kouen City] was already apparent to all of them.

Giving a glance towards the streets behind, what met the eyes were the hungry scarlet flames which engulfed the houses instead of the warm glow of candles that used to line the streets.

(The Corridor of Displays that used to be such a pretty sight….. is already unrecognizable……)

Recalling those streets which had been filled with the warm glow of candles, Asuka closed her eyes in regret.

—Asuka’s ability to remain calm amidst this chaotic battle is due to her prior experience of chaos and ruin. To make it clear before any misunderstanding can arise, that is the experience which her grandfather had recounted to her, regarding the ruin and chaos of war, and it is not of her own experience.

Her grandfather who had experienced the days of war had recounted his experience to Asuka, whom he had wanted to be his successor to the financial conglomerate, on many occasions. Embroiled in the disaster known as war, the burning streets and smoldering people burnt in the attacks and many other similar stories. Her grandfather who was good at recounting his old stories had told her of the past, ever since she was a child.

—“The Kudou family is a clan that protects Japan from its invaders.”

Although it is a family motto that is passed down with great reverence, it did not mean that the family supported the idea of war during those warring days. According to her grandfather, this is because Japan had also been one of the aggressors and a victim of the war. Regarding the war that stole her grandmother away in death, her grandfather had recounted that past many times to emphasize on how it would only lead to a tomorrow that sees both parties bleeding and in pain.

Then, what purpose does this invasion hold?

One-sidedly imposing of unreasonable rules, allowing the single sided invasion and stealing to occur, what then would the tomorrow hold for them? What kind of justice would there be?

“I……do not want to escape and leave these people around me behind!”

“Justice stands with me.”—She wanted to shout out this line and fight till the end.

In the past, there had never been anyone who really seen her for what she was.

So now, at the very least, she wanted to be able to be proud of what she achieved in life and be able to lift her head and chest to move towards her definition of justice. Regarding that point, even though she had arrived in this different world, Asuka continues to hold true to that dream for it is the pride that Asuka carries in her heart.

But why is it that this desire—is so much more difficult in real life?

{“Master, please give your order. I can carve out a path in blood for you to allow you and your comrades to escape!”}

“……Yeah. If it’s you, it is indeed possible.”

Having said that, she had also arrived at a conclusion and she soon lifted her head.

“This is an order, Almathea. Bring Kuro Usagi and Jin back to the Community Headquarters.”[3]


“It’s just as I say, I need to believe in Izayoi-san and fight till the end. That is the order from your master.”

{“……are you breaking the contract?”}

Bitterness had leaked into Almathea’s voice. It is not that she could not carrying out Asuka’s orders without a compensation in return. She had only agreed to obey because Asuka had proposed a befitting contract to her, the Mountain Goat Divine Beast who also stands as the Herald of Zeus.

Asuka shook her head with a smile as she signaled Almathea’s words to be unaffirmative.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t intend to die here. As long as Izayoi-san wins, the tide of this battle will be turned against them. I’m only believing in it and intend to wait for it to happen.”

{“…… You still intend to hold by the contract, is that right?”}

“Of course. Moreover, I’ve not been able to make you fully obey me……you actually do not have any regard for me at all, right?”

{“Yes. I only think of you as a haughty little girl who does not commensurate to her powers and only knows how to scream and shriek in fear. …… But, you have compassion in your heart. I believe that we can get along well.”}

“Thank you—Go now, Almathea!”

Under the command of Asuka, Almathea transformed into a streak of lightning that shot towards the Palace.

Splitting through the horde of Titans.

Streaking through the City alight with the flames of destruction.

In order to accomplish the order of her master, the Mountain Goat Divine Beast charged forward.

Seeing off her figure, Asuka then confirmed the battlefield before herself. The Titans continued to swarm in with the sounds of their footsteps pounding and causing tremors on the very ground they walked upon. Besides that, Asuka had also lost her only way to defend herself.

Pest, who had heard the conversation that happened beside her was frankly surprised to the point of being silent all that time, opened her mouth to comment:

“Are you stupid?”

“…… . Even if it’s me, I will also feel hurt by that.”

“Then please hold it in for now. You do know what you have done right?”


Perhaps she did try to look cool and overdid it a little and she was currently reflecting on it.

But seeming like an attempt to encourage its master, Deen raised its right hand to give a low bellow.


“Fufu, thank you. Deen, I shall be count on you for now.”

But that was beside the point. What came next would be the crucial problem.

Standing on the shoulder of Deen, Asuka used all her might to shout:

“Listen up, you Titans! We of the [No Name] will never bow under from your invasions! We will have the resolve of breaking all our bones in this fight to defend this last Great Door! If your want to invade this [City of the Brilliant Flames], don’t be cowards who enter through those crumbling holes at the side. Face us squarely and triumph by defeating all of us who guard the Main Gates!”

Standing before the Main gates of [Kouen City], Asuka issued a challenge to the Titans. Despite the fact that they were vampirified, these Titans were still warriors at heart. To ignore such a challenge would be an insult to their pride.

Simultaneously, all the pairs of bloodshot eyes turned to focus on Asuka and Pest.

Seeing this as a good time for a comeback, Asuka started to spur the male warriors of [Salamandra].

“The defense line for the Palace is already torn. I understand that everyone must be feeling low on morale at this point, but if we of the frontlines were to fall under the might of our enemies, that would be adding a burden to our comrades who battle in the City center. I know that the curse must be terrible for you…… but if you are a real Fire Dragon, a real Man, then please stand with us as a Wall against all odds!”


Using the body to be a wall if fighting is impossible. To allow the scales, forged from the trainings in the active volcano, to be the final defense.

With such a lady before them, Asuka, who willingly steeled her determination to stand at the front of the Gates, it was now impossible for the morale to stoop any further. Straining against their fatigue and mentally whipping themselves awake, the Fire Dragons stood up one after another.

“Hmph……if even a nameless pawn can arrive to that sort of determination, how can we shy away at this critical moment?”

“I agree. Just watch me as I make a comeback by breaking the blades of those swinging battle axes.”

“Ojou-chan, you should be retreating now. There’s no reason for you to do it to this extent. Let us be the decoy to delay them…… Just run now.”

“It’s regretful but I can’t do that. Our comrade has taken to the centre of this stage and if I do not stay to watch the moment of glory, wouldn’t that be a little lonely for him?”[4]

“Haha, I guess you are in quite a bind! My condolences, Ojou-chan!”

Be it those who had broken wings, or even those who lost an eye, all of them were able to force a laugh and this is definitely not the doings of Asuka’s power in words.

Kudou Asuka had a type of unusual quality to her character that allows her to be loved by all, regardless of their races such as the elves, the demons or the monsters.

Simple and yet elegant, casual and yet arrogant, and noble while being kind. This sort of charismatic appeal in her character is a self-accomplishment achieved through persistence in developing her own opinions and following through with them.[5]

Surrounding the main Gate where Asuka and Deen stood, everyone gave their all to shout:

“Here we stand…… Bring it on, you Titans!”



The Titans, who trembled the grounds with their charge, totaled a hundred and twenty.

The Fire Dragons who stood against them to protect the main gates totaled a hundred and forty-five.

If they gave their all in this fight, there might still be a chance of winning. With that sort of believe, both sides had started their charge—

“Hai, it ends here.”

—With the determinations flushed out by the turbid waters that seemed to smash into them like a dragon with the willingness to flood everything in its way, the victory was decided in an instant.

Part 2[edit]

The first to notice the change was Demon Lord of Confusion who sat cross-legged on the Outer Wall. Whereas Graiya, who used the [Genome Tree] to take on a human form, had bandages wrapped around his chest, stood nearby.

The Demon Lord of Confusion, whose red hair overflowed from the top of the tiara, gave a fierce smile, exposing his incisors, as he looked down upon the phenomenon that came upon [Kouen City].

“Arriving at long last…… the [Great Sage of Maelstroms]……”

Using a devious scheming gaze, which did not seem to belong to a regular young girl, he stared at the battle grounds below.

The silhouette of a small figure who inserted himself between the two factions of the Fire Dragons and the Titans started to grow distinct in his sight.

That guy with a single eye patch and black hair could be seen clearly. Possessing a well-toned body which would have told everyone about the great deal of training that he must have been through to achieve this level of iron-like sturdiness. Having been through a thousand years of reclusive intense trainings, his punch would even pack enough power to be comparable to the Breath of the Stars.

That, is the highest level obtainable from training in the submarine volcano of the deepest abyss for a thousand years.

Possessing the spiritual power of a thousand years, the [Dragon Deity]—[Great sage of Maelstroms], Saurian Demon King had placed himself before the Titan horde.

“Ara, I’m much later than I would have liked. Are you alright, Asuka?”

“Ye, Yeah I’m fine.”

Having her determination of fighting to the death replaced by the feelings of surprise, Asuka nodded her head. But this is only understandable.

This is because the Titans which totaled a hundred and twenty strong whom Asuka and the Fire Dragons were bracing themselves to stop their charge had now been reduced to a ragtag bunch in the eddying waters released by this man.

(This man…….is really that strong……?)

She had heard that this man had been taking the upper hand in the fight with Izayoi in the previous battle but this scene was really much too absurd.

Kouryuu seemed to be apologetic as he scratched his head while flashing a bitter smile.

“I’m really sorry about this. Just when I wanted to rush to the North Side, there had been some troublemakers in the East Side and it took me some time to put things right.”


“Yeah. But let’s talk about the details at another time shall we—-Let’s close the curtains for this Game stage first.”

He raised his right hand.

And in an instant, a huge shadow fell over the [City of Brilliant Flames].

The [City of Brilliant Flames] was built with its rear against a huge mountain peak and it was naturally situated in a mountainous region. It was a city that excavated into the mountain side to create a flat plot of land as its foundation.

Not only was it surrounded by a mountain range, but it did not have any large bodies of water besides the sporadic small streams which did not pose a threat of flooding their civilization. The direction by which the underground waters travelled were controlled by Gifts. Hence, up till date, the [City of Brilliant Flames] had never experienced a disaster from flooding. And as the inhabitants of [Kouen City], the Fire Dragons and the monsters turned their eyes skywards to look at the sea which rose above the City’s Outer walls, they could not help but tremble in fear as they shouted:


They were right. That, was undoubtedly a tsunami.

A tsunami is a hazard of the highest threat level to a City and it had never been seen in this area before now. Moreover, this was a tsunami capable of devouring the entire Mountain range and it was definitely something that exceeded everyone’s imagination.

Asuka’s mouth was half agape as she, who was at the frontlines of the Battle at the Outer Wall, was also stumped by the absurdity of the scene before her.

“Wha…… Wha……”

Kouryuu had called up a wall of seawater to surround the Outer Walls of the city and it covered the entire city.

The volume of water would be impossible to be expressed in numerals of the tens or hundreds of tons.

The flow of water, which had the volume to drown out the entire city and more, reared up like a living creature as it swallowed the Titans amidst the roaring waves. Initially, the Titans were able to hold their own against the flow but when faced with a tidal wave that swirled like a whirlpool, their efforts were futile.

Even Aura, who commanded the Titans from the very rear, was stunned by the sight before her.

“Is that… … Is that the strength of a Fourth Digit Demon Lord?!”

Although the Titans had obtained the Gift of Vampirism, they were still unable to do anything and became similar to small pebbles when faced with a large tsunami capable of flooding the entire plains.

Aura pulled back her cowl to glare angrily towards the Main Gate of [Kouen City].

Maybe it was just coincidence—-but she felt that her glare was met by that of the Single-eyed Sea King.

“—you are the one controlling these Titans?”

Aura’s heart was barely contained in her throat.

Located at the furthest end of the Titan horde, Aura was a dozen kilometers away from the [City of Brilliant Flames]. But at the moment that she was stared at by that single eye of Kouryuu, she could feel that message being sent through his gaze, directed at her.

Aura started to tremble but she would not escape by herself when her Master was still in his battle. Drawing out her [Clarsach Orga], she then started to pluck its strings in her desperation.

“I cannot lose…… I must at least hold out till we achieve our goal! For His Highness, I will not lose here!”

Injecting her emotions into her performance, the snow white fingers danced across the strings.

The melodious music filled the battlefield and seeped into the Heavens and Seas. Although it was unable to wrest control of the authority over them, it was still able to reduce the momentum of the seawater flow.

And the Titans, who had been washed away, started to invade once more.

Kouryuu’s tsunami had only been diverted to the area away from the City Outer Walls and that was out of consideration for Asuka, Pest and the Fire Dragons.

As long as they were able to breach into that area, they would have a chance at victory.

Using their strong limbs to wade through the flow of seawater, the Titans broke through the Seawater barrier.


A trio of Titans stepped out of the seawater zone to swing down their battle axes at the same time. The blades of the battle axes, which measured multiple times larger than Kouryuu himself, were swung towards his head and his sides.

But Kouryuu continued to fold his arms without budging from his position.

The blades had already closed in on him to the point which he could not dodge in any direction. And as the Titans were feeling the sensation of hitting their mark—they were also dismayed by the overwhelming sense of invincibility before them.


Their blades had indeed chopped on his flesh.

If one were to use an iron blade that weighed many times heavier than the target to chop into the flesh, the feedback sensation from their hands should have matched the sensation of chopping into flesh.

However, the sensation that travelled up into the hands of the Titan warriors were that of numbness. Feeling the sensation that was similar to striking their blades into the hard crust of the ground, the Titans then understood that there was a wide power difference between themselves and the enemy which can never be breached, just like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Using the body that was similar to the hardness of steel to block the attack, Kouryuu maintained his stance to give a smile that made his single exposed eye narrow to a single line as he commented:

“Oh my, what a nice massage that makes me a little drowsy now. It’s just like the ocean spray slapping on the cliffs.”


That is right for it is an accurate simile.

When it came to this man before them, the strike of a Titan would only be likened to droplets which spray from the crest of the wave. No matter how strong the Titan’s prided bodies were, or the battle axes which handles were as thick as tree trunks—All those were just little ticks and twigs in the eyes of this man, whose spiritual power is enough to create maelstroms in the seas.

“Fuahahaha! You are still as strong as ever, o’scion of the Eastern Seas-sama!”

Mhm, tilting the narrow eyes to look towards the top of the Outer Walls, Kouryuu spotted the Demon Lord of Confusion standing there while laughing wildly in an uncouth manner with the arms crossed like the stance of a Niō[6].

The Demon Lord of Confusion who had a crooked smile on his face pointed at Kouryuu and gave a louder laugh.

“Dragon King of the Eastern Seas sure is a blind old fogey. Although you are an illegitimate son of a concubine, but the child has surpassed the father. Fufu, actually it might not be all too surprising if you were to be chosen as the next generation of the Yellow Dragon too.”[7]

“…Hue? At first glance, I actually thought that you were Sasa, but there’s someone else in that body right?—That sort of shameless attitude when discussing the stories of others during their developmental years and that despicable smile……what brings the bones of the old recluse hither, Confusion?”

“Well, isn’t it the same as you? There are quite a number of newbies that I want to observe for a little while more. Currently, this Great me belongs to the Demon Lord Alliance of [Ouroboros] as a member.”

Puffing up Sandra’s small chest, the Demon Lord of Confusion smiled as he said it with pride.

Asuka, beside Kouryuu, whispered softly to convey the latest situation.

“Sandra’s body has been possessed by him due to the [Authority of Host Master]. Do you know of any way to dispel it?

“……Sorry. Although I’ve heard of the contents from my elder sister, but I do not know of the full requirements to be fulfilled.”

“Is that so? But since the contents is known, that would mean that it is possible to clear, right?”

Then, perhaps there might be a way to save her. Asuka wanted to ask for more details but Graiya and the Demon Lord of Confusion did not give her that chance.

“With the most troublesome Almathea gone, now’s the best opportunity for our win! Are your wounds still okay?!”

“Almost there but this is an opportunity that I will not miss. If we want to get rid of them, we must do it now!!”

“Agreed! Let’s settle things with Kouryuu, okay? Grai-boya!”[8]

“Who are you calling Grai- boya, you little girl!”

Graiya, who had shapeshifted into an adult human with the therinthropy technique, gave an angry retort.

Materializing a rod that was twice as tall as himself from his Gift card, Kouryuu whacked the three Titans from behind to send them flying into the sky.

The three had been sent flying with the destination being that of the Demon Lord of Confusion and Graiya but the other party were not to be done in by this level of attacks. Graiya, who transformed into his Black Dragon form from his Gryphon form, had used the flick of his wrist to knock aside the Titans before charging down with the red-haired girl who hid behind his body springing out after him.

“Fuahahaha! Come on, let’s bring it on, the vengeance that spans a thousand years! Moreover, this vessel here is an exceptionally good one too! Being the substitute for the Great Sage, let’s just start by smashing that pretentious face of yours!”[9]

“—Hou? A Five Digit challenging a Four Digit? Don’t go overestimating yourself now, you Ape!”

The wildly raging flames swelled with the swirling flow of seawater.

And the battle situation that covered the entire [Kouen City] was intensifying by the moment.

Due to the flow of seawater that stands in their way, the speed of the Titan’s invasion had been slowed. At the same time, the number of Titans attempting to attack the Outer Wall was reduced by half, but even then, the battle strength of both parties were still at a draw.

The burning battlefield did not seem to have any signs of cooling off any time soon.

But from this continuous heightening of the battle situation, everyone—could feel the gradual approach of the calm that will befall with the drawing of the curtains to this Game stage.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. [magrefnotes: I think I explained sepsis before… ]
  2. [magrefnotes: there’s a conflict. Another version in the ch book is ‘there would only be one person who could turn the tables……’]
  3. [magrefnotes: check the addressing method for Jin. By Asuka]
  4. [magrefnotes: Alternate version in my book: ‘My comrade has taken to the Centre of this entire stage. If I do not play my part as a Side, wouldn’t he be overwhelmed by the pressure?’ I think this might be referring to the way J-pop groups are arranged. The centre as in the leader of the team usually dances at the front, centre of focus… while the side are to dance just as well to complement. It is said that if they are unable to keep up, the feeling is just like being overwhelmed by the stress and the whole performance would be over… but I guess this is the ch book trying to play around again. Apparently they do not translate it directly and tries their best to incorporate ch elements or jap culture elements for the book. Online versions tend to be direct translations though… too direct at times.]
  5. [magrefnotes: suggest ways to improve this, thanks!]
  6. [magrefnotes: refer to the previous chapters or if you are lazy, it is just the name of one of the two wrath-filled and muscular guardians of the Buddha, standing today at the entrance of many Buddhist temples… directly copied from Wiki]
  7. [magrefnotes: Huang Long(ch), Koryu or Ōryū(jap) hmm could it be that Kouryuu was from this name? Oh well, the Yellow Dragon(direct translation) is one of the guardians in the four corners. It is the fifth symbolic guardian of the four corners---the centre and represents the element earth for Chinese, and the void for the Japanese. Void magic Saito eh? Anyways, the other four guardians are Azure Dragon of the East represents Wood (spring), the Vermilion Bird of the South represents Fire (summer), the White Tiger of the West represents Metal (autumn), and the Black Turtle (or Dark Warrior) of the North represents Water (winter). Most commonly seen in books about FengShui. If I’m not wrong there’s a yellow dragon clan mentioned earlier. I will have to check that up too.]
  8. [magrefnotes: boy+sound effect ’ah’ together becomes boya ]
  9. [magrefnotes: this Great Sage here refers to Sun Wukong. He’s substituting Kouryuu as the target instead as Sun Wukong is unreachable for the normal people.]