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Chapter 5[edit]

Part 1[edit]

—[Tablet of the Sea of Stars], Corridor of Displays.

Right at this moment, the Sun was already starting to sink slowly into the western horizon.

The appearance of [Kouen City] was gradually changing as it began to be dyed by the hues of dusk. Coupled with the colorful lights of the lanterns, it was only when night fell that this City would display its truest appearance.

There were many nocturnal races who took up residence in this City and the evening hours seem to be the time when it gets most lively.

The City that gave off a different radiance between that of its day and night—that is the territory of [Salamandra].

Just as the [Tablet of the Sea of Stars] had started to be dressed in the hues of dusk, there came a sudden commotion in the Corridor of Displays.

Upon receiving information on the whereabouts of Sandra, a large number of the military police squads had caught up with them. Ignoring the troubled looks that they have put onto the faces of the guests mulling around, they were hot on the tails of Sandra and the others as they ran around the place.

“Please wait up, Sandra-sama!”

“NO~! Before resolving the case of the ‘Kamikakushi’, I will not go back~!”

*BLEH~* Sandra put out her tongue at them as she continued to run.

In actual fact, she didn’t usually show this childish side of hers to her subordinates.

Jin who was also caught up in this commotion was being dragged around between Sandra and His Highness who had a grip on his collar as they ran around. And he was already falling into the state of suffocation.

Struggling for a long time to finally squeeze a space for his neck, he gave a pitiful cry.

“Hey….. I’m dying here!”

“No problem. If it’s only suffocating to death, we can still think of ways to revive you later.”

His Highness-dono had dropped the comment with a deadpan look. Was it due to this youth’s responses thus far? For Jin was unable to figure out if the youth was being serious or joking about that comment at all.

……No, it’s possible that this youth was just that serious all the time.

“Any….Anyways, we need to find a place to hide first!”

“Mhm. There’s a back door leading into the showcased displays, which is usually used for the transportation of display items, just ahead of us, let’s just rush inside there for now.”

“Got it.”

His Highness and Sandra continued to drag Jin as they sped along the corridors to take a sudden right turn and leap over the heads of the visitors. But it seems that the military police squads had already guessed this move of theirs and set up an ambush before the back door. And they shouted the command as they spotted Sandra rounding the corner.

“Now! Let out the Winged Dragon squad!”

“Eh……Winged? Winged Dragon Squad? Right at the heart of the Corridor of Displays?”

Sandra couldn’t help but cry out in surprise, stopping short in her tracks as three Winged Fire Dragons of a height of approximately three meters towered over them while barring their way to the door.

The three dragons did not only possess the advantage of a pincer attack, having rounded them up in the middle, from front and back, they were also able to take flight and control the skies above. With such an ambush, they were no longer able to escape from the Corridor of Displays.

The three dragons who had fire rimming their jaws had surrounded the three of them and their leader stared at Sandra with a sharp gaze.

“Sandra-sama, please return to the Headquarters.”

“We have no intention of fighting our leader.”

“Please wait quietly for the convening of the Great Convention. If word of this problem were to spread, it will be the butt of all jokes amongst all the other Masters. So, for [Salamandra], please return to the palace quickly.”

Despite their polite use of tone, it did nothing to hide the dissatisfaction that was embedded within their words.

It’s most likely that these three dragons were part of the group that did not support the move to put Sandra on the throne. Or else these inferior dragons wouldn’t have appeared before them at this tourist attraction— the [Tablet of the Sea of Stars]. If Sandra wanted to use force to resist, these guys were most likely planning to push the blame of all the damages wrought on the gallery on her head.

So Jin drew Sandra protectively behind him as he suggested softly:

“……I say, Sandra, why didn’t you ask Mandra-san to help you with this? Since the opponent is a Demon Lord, shouldn’t [Salamandra] be going full force to deal with the threat?”

“……No, that won’t work. Mandra Onii-sama did not believe me at all.”

“EH?” Jin tilted his head as he couldn’t imagine how that solemn and serious Mandra would put aside the words of his leader and he couldn’t help but wonder if it was a mishearing on his part.

But Sandra clenched her fists while seeming to recall a past incident of hers.

“Actually……I’ve already seen the culprit for the ‘Kamikakushi’ at the scene of the latest committed crime scene.”

“The culprit for the ‘Kamikakushi’?”

“Mhm. It was a person wearing a long robe that had the character of “混” emblazoned on the back. But it was only I who could spot the ‘Kamikakushi’…… Mandra Onii-sama and my comrades had not believed my words then. From that day on, onii-sama had called me to stay out of this business.”

Sandra closed her eyes as she recounted mournfully.

But she immediately shook her head to straighten up her thoughts.

“Mandra Onii-sama has always been like this. He had never taken my words seriously before. If the relation between the leader and the tactician was already like this, how else can I continue to lead the Community? That’s why I need to use this incident to get the trust of onii-sama and the others.”

Sandra clasped her hands together as she struck up the blaze of fighting spirit within herself once more.

Hearing her words, Jin finally understood the reason behind this stealthy plan of hers to sneak out.

Sandra’s character had always been one that was bold and unrestrained, but that did not make her a crazy girl who would do things on a whim. And the reason for Sandra to steel her heart enough to undertake such action was more of the fault of her pride than a rebellious act against her elder brother.

As a leader of the Community, whether one was able to gain the trust of their comrades was a matter that concerned its survivability. Needless to say, with [Salamandra] being such a big Organization, as long as the subordinates started to harbor a little doubt, it would definitely create much problems within the chain of command. And for a Community that had always passed the position of the leadership by the heir of the lineage, this was an obstacle that she would have to overcome sooner or later.

“I understand. Since you’ve said so, I won’t push further. But, how do you intend to break out of this current situation?”

“By force……or should I say that was my original plan. But it would be troublesome if the displays in the gallery were to be destroyed. There’s a passage that leads to the arena located above the backdoor entrance of the Gallery and we need to find a way to get there.”

“Come to think about it, it’s almost time for the [Duel of Creators] to begin. There should be quite a large flow of visitors flocking to the arena.”

After the flag off of the Game event, the visitors from the Corridor of Displays would most likely swarm into the arena spectator area and provide an excellent cover for them. But how were they going to make it to that place seemed to be the greatest problem at the moment.

Staring at the three Fire dragons who were closing in on them, Jin kept thinking hard for a solution.

Just then, His Highness broke in:

“Jin, Sandra, is there only one condition?”


“The condition of breaking out. After all, I’m employed by you so this sort of small matters can be left to me to handle.”

“Small…Small matters……once we start a brawl, the whole plaza for the displays will be thrown into confusion with the military police squads. If there’s a method to break out of this encirclement without hurting the opponent, it would be good, but other methods would definitely cause a huge problem.”

“Is that so? So, you mean that as long as the military police squads are kicked aside but not hurting them would be fine by you right? That will be a simple task.”

His Highness had merely stated it without the intention of boasting.

Seeing his confidence, Jin and Sandra looked at each other, stumped for words. And just to make it clear in advance to prevent any misunderstanding, Sandra also possess the power to defeat the Winged Dragons and the military police squad.

But to take on those military police squads without harming them or the displays in the gallery, that really raised the difficulty up by a few notches.

“Nn. About that……I will confirm about the plan again. No destroying the Corridor of Displays, kick the Winged Fire Dragons and the military police squads away and find the ‘Kamikakushi’. Those are the things that we must accomplish……”

“Mhm, yes. Do not destroy the Corridor of Displays, send the Winged Fire Dragons and military police squads sailing through the air and search for the ‘Kamikashushi’ at the same time, am I right?……Well then, is there any other requests?”

*Kacha Kacha*His Highness started to crack his fingers as the three fires dragons were almost reaching them, albeit slowly.

Even though His Highness had asked to confirm the final points, the two of them had already ran out of other ideas.

Sandra nodded her head as she steeled her resolve then.

“Well then, I will be leaving it to you. I will snag the winged Dragon who is in the sky while you needn’t hold back on the other two winged dragons. Try your best not to harm the military police squad as much as—-”

—possible and just run them off the grounds. The last part had not made it out in time.

For a Winged Dragon that was awash with waves of heat had pounced on her from behind, taking the opportunity to restrain her while she was focused on talking.

“Sandra-sama, forgive my insolence!!”

The ten feet tall huge body had dipped quickly and drew close to Sandra from behind. Sandra who was issuing the instruction to His Highness had then lagged for a moment in her reaction and was snagged by the front claws of the Winged Dragon.



“Sandra-sama’s safety has been secured! It’s okay to make the other two suffer a little! Everybody, charge!”

The military police squads and the other two Winged Dragons gave off a belligerent roar and an enthusiastic response to the command.

His Highness quickly grabbed Jin by the scruff and drew him close to whisper in his hear:

“It will be over soon, just stay down for five seconds.”


At that instant, there was a sudden explosion from the ground beneath the spot that His Highness originally stood at as he lunged towards the military police squads.

The military police squads hadn’t been expecting their target to be captured to take the initiative to charge at them and they had faltered for a moment. This chance, however, was not let off by His Highness.

Swinging his arms lightly, he smacked right into the midst of the seven people formation to deliver accurate and critical punches on the vital spots to rob the military policemen of their consciousness

And there were a total of fifty-five others from the military police squad at the back. To actually make such a huge fuzz over an ojou-chan? His Highness couldn’t help sighing in his heart as he continued to sweep through the military police squads in a flurry of punches.

Using an astounding super speed, His Highness accurately connected his punches to his opponents’ chests that were right over their hearts, their necks, the shafts covering their brain, etcetera. It was only when the last one of them was knocked unconscious and crumpling to the ground that Jin finally managed to react.

“……A second…..Not even a second. Your Highness……you……!”

“Bastard! That smelly little brat dares to look down on us!”

“The crime of hurting us, comrades, don’t you think of getting away lightly with this!!”

The two Winged Dragons roared ferociously as they made their angry charge towards the one who seemed to have ruffled their scales the wrong way.

The Winged Dragons who had waves of heat emitting from their jaws were flying with that huge body at an unbelievable speed and they spat an enormous fiery ball of fire from their mouths.

The fire ball exceeded the height of His Highness by almost three times but His Highness seemed unfazed as he merely waved his right arm lightly to make the fire ball disappear without a trace.

“That’s…That’s impossible!”

“The command received was to show no mercy to you guys. So, I will not be going easy on you……Well, if you want to run, now is the time, you know?”

The warning was given out of his generosity but those two Winged Dragons had mistaken it for a taunt as they grew angrier as they roared:

“Hah! Who’s afraid of you huh?! Our scale mails have been forged in the huge crater of the peak yonder, it will never lose to the likes of you, a kid who’s green behind the ears!”[1]

Spreading its wings, the Winged Dragon gave it’s declaration to accept the challenge for the confrontation.

Up till now, His Highness who had only dully knocked his opponents over had widened his eyes in surprise—the next moment saw a cruel smile creeping across his face.

“……Is that so? Since that’s the case, I will be in the wrong for having any mercy then……!!!”

“Ah! Your Highness, DON’T!!”

Sandra who was still in the grasp of a Winged Dragon hovering in the skies had shouted loudly in fear for her comrade’s safety.

But it is a pity that it was late. This shout to stop had come too late.

Although his battle stance had been casual, His Highness wasn’t that generous to give his opponent any leeway after being goaded in that fashion. The usual calm demeanor of his had completely vanished to be replaced by a battle frenzy that cloaked his body.

The short lad, who was now leaking a little of his spiritual powers, gave off an illusionary feeling of being many a dozen times larger than his actual size. From the pressure that was given off from the golden irises of his, the white haired lad would have been comparable to that of a Demon Lord.

Stepping on the ground with enough force to create depressions on the floor of the corridor, His Highness seemed to travel at an acceleration that would burn the atmosphere itself—the Third Cosmic Velocity as he barreled straight into the chest of the Winged Dragons.


“Take this with all you’ve got. Don’t worry. If you are lucky, you might just survive—!”

The fist of the lad connected with the Winged Dragon.

The impact of the punch from what looked like a scrawny short lad had packed a punch that exceeded the imaginations of the Winged Dragon. The scales that were harder than steel were shattered beautifully and the huge body was thrown back. And the other Winged Dragon used his four limbs as a meat shield to receive his comrade.

“Gu, ohohohohohohoh!”

The other Winged Dragon gave a roar as he tried to stop his comrade’s fall.

But the Winged Dragon that was thrown back by His Highness’s punch continued to accelerate in the same direction without slowing down and the two Winged Dragons were knocked out of the Corridor of Display’s plaza.

Jin, Sandra and the sole remaining Winged Dragon stared at the whole series of events that played out before them with wide eyed surprise.

And it was the nonchalant voice of His Highness that drew them back to the present.

“Oi, that fellow who’s still holding on to Sandra. Release her now.”

“What?!……Who do you think you are?!”

“Come on now, just release her already. Sandra’s trying to earn the trust of [Salamandra] in this desperate struggle. Being one of the main fighting force of the Community, just try to have a little more confidence in the decisions of your new leader alright?”

His Highness lifted a brow as he chided the Winged Dragon.

Being lectured by a youth, the pride of the Winged Dragon was wounded. However, the Winged Dragon had a complicated look on its face as it looked around at Sandra, Jin and His Highness, and his comrades of [Salamandra] who were on the ground.

After sweeping them with a bitter gaze, the Winged Dragon silently released Sandra from its grasp.

Sending Sandra back to the Corridor of Displays, the Winged Dragon bowed in a high-kneel while saying respectfully.

“……please forgive our insolence, but we too were thinking of the future of [Salamandra]. Please do not push yourself and return if you deem it too dangerous to handle alone.”

“Okay, I got that. I’ll also give it some self-reflection for my embarrassing immaturity for resorting to this sort of violent method to convince you guys. I hope that my actions this time will help to bring glory to the Flag of the Fire Dragon, and in so doing, I would hope that you guys will forgive me.”

The Winged Dragon and the young leader met gazes and nodded.

Spreading his wings, the Winged Dragon gave another last glance at His Highness before departing.

As the commotion finally came to a close, Jin let out a long sigh before giving a smile in relief.

“With this, we only need to escape into the arena right?”

“Mhm. …… But it sure gave me quite a shock to see that His Highness is actually that strong.”

“Is that so? I think I’m more in awe with that fellow of the Winged Dragon squad. Even though I did hold back, but that impact was supposed to be a punch that would send them to the end of the world. I really didn’t expect for them to be able to stand so quickly”

“Is……is that so?”

“Yeah. If there were four thousand Winged Dragons of that standard, it would really be quite a difficult situation for me to handle.”

“—-That’s just like you are planning to do battle against [Salamandra], huh?” Jin gave a laugh.

His Highness laughed in reply as well.

“Aw, cut that out. Haven’t I said it before? My Community is a commerce type and picking a fight with a [Floor Master] would definitely cause our business to be sorely affected……Compared to that, let’s go into the arena first. Is the back door that way?”

The trio nodded silently as they met gazes and started up the stairs that would lead to the back door of the gallery with the link way leading to the arena being the destination in mind. And it would seem that all the military police were still outside as there wasn’t any of their presences felt close by.

Temporarily sitting in the linkway, the enthusiastic cheer of the crowd sounded from the arena.

And in response, the lady responsible for being the emcee of the event gave a lively announcement.

Jin cautiously looked around as he pulled open the door to walk into the arena stands—

“—Round one will start now!

From [No Name], Kudou Asuka!

From [No Name], Kasukabe Yō!

And the idol of everyone! The most popular candidate for obtaining the overall victory!

The Super lady who is unbeatable!

From [Will-O'-Wisp], Willa the Ignis Fatuus—!”

Translator’s notes[edit]

  1. [magref notes: this is a chinese saying though…. Quite sure it wasn’t used in the jap version but we use yellow headed kid to mean green behind the ears. Hmmm changed it to green behind the ears …]