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Chapter 7 - Shiroyasha-sensei! Teach me![edit]

Shiroyasha: Fuhahahaha! To the readers who have thought that I have left the storyline for good!

Sucks to be you!

The Demon Lord of the White Night is eternal!

I was feeling lonely because I’ve left the main plot line for some time, so I took over this section!

Kuro Usagi: YES! The section that will explain the vast and complex world of Little Garden, “Teach Us! Shiroyasha-sensei” will now begin!…………. But, is it alright? For you to not return to the Heavenly Realm?

Shiroyasha: Ya~, its like this. Its good that I went back home, but I had nothing to do. So I consulted that Sid***tha dude and he said; “How about a job that leads people to enlightenment?” and suggested this. So that's why I was left to take care of this extra section. Here we’ll be explaining the said Little Garden’s world, and explain some side plots that were simplified for the convenience of time.

Kuro Usagi: ……….Please wait a moment. Than that would mean the one who took over this section is-

Shiroyasha: Oops, thats a story for later. Now lets start!

Q: Gift games and Gifts

Gift Games are games that are only allowed to be played by those who’s powers transcend humans.

In Little Garden, it has the same value as normal economic selling/buying;

……..Well that's what's on the surface.

I’m sure some of you have realized, but this is a big white lie. It's a type of excuse.

The origin of Gift Games turn historical theologies, cultural common senses, and phenomenons into trials, and use these trials to wage representative wars. Depending on the outcome of these representative wars, the outside world’s history may change. As Garol Gandack said in volume 5, Gifts are phenomenon that are given during a Paradigm Shift.[1]

Gifts are basically the balancing system of the gods given so that humanity will move in the correct path. The reason why many of the people invited into Little Garden are heroes, famous people, and historically important people is because when the gods tried to recover the Gifts, their users came with it. If Gifts were left as is in the era, it would get messy later on.

Well, once in a blue moon, there are those who are summoned at a completely mundane time. Those exceptions tend to be human shaped, but there are a few that are completely unrelated to the Genomes. According to the records of the Divine Army, those folks called themselves the Cthulhu Mythos.[2]

Mixing various worlds, histories, testing Genome patterns, and collecting them all, as a result, the Little Garden ended up having a unique culture. In other words, the economic use of Gift Games.

Q: Vajra Replica

Kuro Usagi’s favorite Vajra that was blessed by Taishakuten[3]. The Vajra is one of the famous armor that represents the buddhist gods, but this one has the power to summon holy lightning due to Taishakuten’s blessings. It's a Gift that's easy to use, has a high output, and it's well versed for offense, defense, and speed.

By the way, “Divinity” is a Gift “a Divine Spirit has recognized as a god”, and can enforce the Gift, regardless of type/equipment, to its strongest potential. Thats the greatest difference between a Divine Spirit and one that gained Divinity.

Q: Brahmastra Replica

A Divine Spear of absolute victory made by the leader of the 12 Devas, Taishakuten, and the overseer of the 12 Devas, Great god Brahma[4] from Indian lore.

The model for this Gift would be Brahma’s Divine Spear. The original spear is similar to the Celtic lore’s Broniac, and will always win and defeat its opponent.

The scary part about this spear is that it was blessed “to win”, not “to kill”. For example, if an opponent had a shield that could not be penetrated no matter what, the spear would twist the world and display a power that would win against that opponent. It’s a power made possible for the Great God Brahma whose name means the truth of the universe, but with this much power it touches the realm of authority rather than power.

Kuro Usagi’s Divine Spear is only a replica of this, and it doesn’t have that much of a cheat function. Instead, it endlessly provides and shoots out the power needed to defeat the opponent it has speared.….. MU, I guess that in itself is a cheat.

Q: Chandra Mahal

This is the holy temple that the [Moon Rabbit] from buddhist lore was invited to. The authorities of the moon are divided into 15 parts, and it's a game board type gift that can be summoned by a [Moon Rabbit] with more than one authority of the moon.

Inside there’s a barrier maintains similar environmental conditions (gravity, oxygen, etc) as on earth, but the ON and OFF of the barrier is determined by the summoner. If the opponent is a human, Kuro Usagi can use this single Gift to easily defeat them. The authority of the moon isn’t for show you know.

Q: Code Unknown.

The cheat Gift that Sakamaki Izayoi uses. Super strong. The end.

…………..I guess that's not good. Frankly I have no clue what this gift is.

What I can say though is that it's not the same type or form as other “Candidates of Origin”. Rather, because it's so different, it's counted as a Candidate. If it was the same type, there would be no need to have candidates, after all.

Besides, the “Candidates of Origin” that I know of are all Demi-Celestial spirits of Earth. Please understand how weird a human boy having this Gift is in the first place.

Q: Authority

Cheat Gift #2 that is used by Kudou Asuka.

Unlike the other two, the answers for Kudou Asuka’s gift can be said to be near completely answered. It's said to be a Gift that gives Virtual Divinity, but that’s obviously a power on the side of a provider; a power very similar to “Influence”.

“Influence” refers to a power granted only to the gods. The power of blessings are mostly born from this Gift.

Using the power of Asuka’s version of “Influence” that “strengthens Gifts”, a flame Gift makes Hell Fire, lightning Gift becomes Divine Lightning, and frost Gift will make things fall in temperature to absolute zero. Her power to give Divinity to anything is very similar to the concept of Yaoyorozu [5] of Shinto religion. So there may be a clue in Japanese Lore that will solve the mystery.

Then the question shifts to why did this power reside in Asuka. Let's ponder a bit.

In volume 8, do you remember what Almathea was pondering about?[6]

That was probably because her godly form she originally should have had separated in some shape or form. If this hypothesis is correct, than the “IF” dream that Asuka in volume 2 at the time of VS [Grim Grimoire] becomes suspicious.[7]

—I, Kudou Asuka, should have had sisters. —I ran alongside my dead sisters. —I silently watched myself say “Trick or Treat” as I laughed gleefully with them.

This dream would be the key to solve the mystery that Kudou Asuka carries. The time the answer will be known should not be too far away.

Q; Genome Tree

The cheat Gift #3 used by Kasukabe Yō. At first glance, its hard to tell what the Gift’s powers are, but as the story has progressed, we now know a few things.

1. It makes it possible for the user to attain the natural powers of any beast (including Eudaemons and Holy Beasts) 2. Using the powers the user has attained as materials, it is possible to produce a weapon with the powers of a completely different beast. 3. The amount of combinations of the weapons made by said attained materials are unknown. 4. When using a Gift that the user cannot control, all attained powers vanish?

…….Hm, Even when we line them up, it's hard to think these up from just the Gifts ability alone.

This is only speculation, but the reason why Kasukabe Yō was able to weaponize one of the strongest species, “Great Garuda” would be most likely because there is a known parent Divine Spirit. The relationship between Parent and Child, in other words a family tree exists, so Genome Tree can weaponize the Garuda using that condition. In other words, it can’t weaponize a beast that doesn’t have a family tree that incorporates a different species.

Anyway, the price for using the powers of the Great Garuda being the loss of all attained powers is absurd. Besides, a Gift does not disappear for no good reason. Perhaps, a power besides that of Genome Tree has intervened.

Or perhaps the row of words that appeared inside Kasukabe Yō’s head during volume 4 may have a relationship to the true identity of this Gift.

In other words; at this point, we don’t understand anything!

Q: Little Garden

Currently its turned into the playground of the Gods, but originally a place created to guide the outer world to the correct progress, in other words a space of Third person view.

In volume 6 Izayoi had said “Little Garden is maldistributed connected to the outer world’s flow of time.” This is an assumption made from the fact that the three problem children were summoned from different time periods and time flows.

But sorry! If it's just that than the assumption is half correct and half wrong.

The thoughts of Sakamaki Izayoi is probably as follows.

Temporarily naming the time period the kids were summoned to be points a, b, and y, in order for them to be summoned at the same time, there needs to be a completely different time flow that can observe all three points a, b, y at the same time.

That's why Izayoi assumed “Little Garden is maldistributed connected to the outer world’s flow of time.”

Well, he isn’t wrong up to there, but he’s still missing something.

For one thing, Divine Spirits can exist because of human religions and history. But these Divine Spirits are the ones that are observing and fine tuning the fate of humanity from an outer world. This creates a question of which actually came first; the humans or gods?

This would be a form of the so called “Bootstrap Paradox”. [8]

If this paradox can be solved, it can uncover the truth of the world of Little Garden………maybe, but this has little to do with the main storyline. [9]

Q: Strongest species

This phrase would refer to the three great species that represent Little Garden.

The ones born as Divine Spirits, pure blooded Dragon species, and Celestial Spirits.

If you want to put ranks of strength, the Celestial Spirit would be at the top, followed by the other two with rivaling strength. This is not a matter of battle prowess, but rather that Celestial Spirits are born regardless of human civilizations. Of course this includes unknown future worlds as well. So killing a Celestial Spirit completely would mean you’d have to be able to kill an infinitely existing world.

But like demon lord Algol, it is possible to demote a Celestial Spirit to a Divine Spirit, then enslave it. Therefore, it's not always true that Celestial Spirits are superior.

Q: Demon Lords

The disasters of Little Garden. They are the beings who have the ability to forcefully impose a type of Game called [Host Master Authority].

But these [Host Master Authorities] are not all evil in nature, and can also be used for justice. That’s why the virtuous gods and apostles give their representatives this privilege, and make them use it to judge evil. If these representatives abuse this, the god's responsible of granting the Authority would have to capture and judge them. These people are commonly referred to as “fallen”.

Q: Demon Lord Algol

Known as “Medusa”, “Lilith”, and various other names.

Her verbal tick is “Al-chan is a super beauty!”

……….Yeah, go die. Thanks to her arrogant personality, I ended up crying many times.

Right now, her spiritual power is greatly weakened because she’s become a servant to [Perseus], but her true form is one that can rival Queen Halloween, and is one of the Three Great Problem Children of Little Garden.

Being a variable star, Algol has had great magical capabilities since ancient times, and her roots spread to as far as ancient Mesopotamia. At that time she was hailed as a Mother Earth Goddess, she gradually changed with the changes of culture and advancement of Astrology. She steadily grew away from being a spirit of Earth.

The reason she changed into her form as Celestial Spirit Algol would be her appearance in the Masoretic text of the Old Testament.

Using this, Algol began to spread various demons and poisonous animals (snakes, spiders, and scorpions) throughout various worlds and ages, and declared war against deities of the Three Thousand Worlds.[10]

After many hardships, she was finally sealed, but the deities of the Old Testament, where the roots of her power came from, refused to look over her because of how much of a pain in the ass she was. She was passed around from place to place until finally the Greek Mythologies took her in. But, Algol decided to agitate Athena, her overseer, by showing off her beauty and hooking up skills, and finally

Algol: “U so ugly~”

Athena: “Ok, I’m buying that fight.”

Thus, both sides began an all out war.

Their fight made many worry that it would develop into a huge war, but Athena’s group gained an advantage in a unusual form.

Algol’s spiritual power had been shrinking because she was taken in by the Greek Cosmology. As a result, while Algol was drunk, she was assassinated/eternally bounded to Perseus. The fight of two women ended on that idiotic note.

By the way, the word Alcohol comes from the name Algol. This comes from the saying that “alcohol is the demon drink that leads men to depravity”.

The reason why the Celestial Spirit of the fluctuating star Argol changed her name into Algol is rumored to be because of the influence of the drunks that worship her, but…….it's also rumored that she’ll get drunk with just a tiny sip of holy wine.

Q: Baron La Croix

A God of Death as well as a God of Love in Haitian Voodoo. Otherwise known as a God of Life. He’s one who understands my interests, and is a great friend as well as my eternal rival!

He has many names, with the most famous of them being “Goethe”.

He looks like a pitch black shadow wearing a tail suit[11] and a bowler hat, and his entire body is thin and flat. Being a Divine Spirit with profane emotions, his emotions are easily understood.

Well, his true body is not the shadow but rather the hat and suit. The existence of the Divine Spirit known as Goethe is based on how he’s dressed rather than his actual body.

This comes from the fact that when the believers of Voodoo go into ceremonies or political activities, they dress as if to look like Goethe, wearing a tail suit and bowler hat. In this way the Divine Spirit has no actual form, and his suit and hat are the strongest symbol of his existence.

While there are many Divine Spirits, there are few who are capable of being called Sagacious God. How he became known as a demon lord has to do with this slave freedom movement of the outer world……….This little mystery will be solved in the near future of the main story.

Q: Final Trial of Humanity

The title given to the oldest demon lords. It's basically the origin of demon lords and Gift games that make Little Garden so unique.

They are the disasters that suddenly appeared during the time Gods were fighting each other for the fate of humanity. While the Gods war is a trial directly linked to the fate of humanity with the assumption that humanity continues, Final Trials of Humanity are the highest level trials that need to be cleared by humans in order for humans/the world to survive.

It would be easier to understand if I say that they are a manifestation of a [Host Master Authority] itself.

The scary part of those guys would be the fact that they do not need a Geass Scroll to continually activate their Game. So in order to defeat them you would need an incredible amount of knowledge, weird ideas, and the will to defeat the impossible.

Aži Dakāha that's currently attacking [No Name] right now is also one of them.

But in its case, its motives of action still hasn’t left the realm of a Divine Spirit.

What that means, I want you all to understand with your own eyes next volume.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. This occurred in Volume 5, Chapter 6.
  3. Otherwise known as Indra in Sanskrit.
  5. Translates as “the 8 million gods”, the expression implying the ever increase amount of gods. In Shinto religion, anything can become a god/youkai (the only distinction between the two is if they are worshipped or not) given the right conditions.
  6. Volume 8, Chapter 3.
  7. Volume 2, Epilogue.
  8. The most famous example of this paradox would be "Which came first; the chicken or the egg?". For further reading,
  9. In other words, using this paradox, Little Garden can observe multiple time periods.
  10. This means the Buddhist deities.
  11. This type of suit ->