Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo:Volume 8 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4[edit]

In the distance, a roar resounded.

Buried under a pile of rubble, Izayoi woke up to the sound of the beast.

“…….I’ll say so about myself, but I sure am sturdy.”

Keho, he coughed blood. It was evident that he was injured all over his body. Rather, his condition begged one to count what part of his body wasn’t injured. His sense of pain was already numb, and his blood flowed freely.

All the bones in his body and the muscles in his body were minced.

The fact he was alive in this condition was almost comical.

“………I lost, huh.”

{“Aah. You lost, human”}

Basaa, Aži Dakāha spread his wings and landed. It also did not battle unscathed. The tip of its arms and legs were dripping with blood because of the last impact, and he was losing a horrid amount of blood.

The difference between his condition and Izayoi’s, however, was that none of his injuries were fatal.

“Tch……….the hell. You're pretty much unscathed.”

{“Of course. Our powers canceled each other out. The fact that you are still alive can only be explained that way.“}

Is that so, he muttered uninterestedly.

But surprisingly, it wasn’t a bad feeling to be defeated.

He had completely lost, but it was a fight without regrets. He did what he could, and he chose every method available.

If he couldn’t win, it simply meant that he was lacking.

“Mah…………I bought some time. If its Ojou-sama and Kasukabe, they’d be able to run somehow. They’re not the type of women that would die just by sending three lizards.”

Embracing the sky, Izayoi listlessly sighed.

Like a fish that submitted to its fate on a chopping board, he silently offered his body.

Aži Dakāha watched Izayoi’s stance and laughed.

{“I see. So three is not enough, you say……..Fufu, thats superb. It seems the gushing blood is not going to be wasted.”}

—What? Izayoi lightly lifts his head.

Izayoi, who was embracing the night sky, finally realized the situation surrounding him.

Because of the two’s clash, over half of the giant ridge was gone. But that was not the issue.

The crimson eyes that glowed in the dark of the night.

The numbers did not end with ten or twenty. Just by lightly lifting his head, Izayoi could see that hundreds of crimson eyes shone in the night.

“……..Hah. This seriously is a bad joke, damn it……! If this many Divine beings went wild, the lower floors would be annihilated…….!”

{“It would indeed. That would be amusing in its own way.”}

Aži Dakāha coldly said with no modulation in his voice.

But that one word lit a flame of anger in Izayoi’s hedonistic spirit.

“Amusing….you said? Hah, Stop joking, you shitty dragon. If you say it in a voice that isn’t amused, no one would be convinced…….!!!”

Rightening his body, he glared at Aži Dakāha.

The strength to fight was already depleted.

So Izayoi challenged Aži Dakāha with condemnation.

“Aži Dakāha— The pure god of evil. What is your purpose?”


“Don’t play coy with me you shitty dragon……!!!! If you say the word amusement, then you have clear desires or goals! Then what are they!? Like other demon lords, some selfish, ego logistical reason; you have one! Am I wrong!?”

Under the circumstance where there would be no wonder if he was killed at any moment, Izayoi used all his strength and asked.

This was the final condemnation of a man who had lived as he pleased.

“If…….If your goal was to simply destroy, then fine. If we compared our desires, tried to kill each other over our ideals, and I lost, that would be digestible. But you're different! Even when you fought this hard, and you destroyed so much, you aren’t satisfied! You probably won’t be satisfied if you killed me either! Then where is your motive, your desire…..Where is your Justice!!!!”

Ignoring the blood that flowed out of his body, Izayoi yelled freely.

If he didn’t, he felt like he couldn’t die in peace.

This demon lord would most likely destroy Little Garden to oblivion later on.

The roots of the giant tree, the town that was dyed in sunset, and the downtown district that held the [No Name] headquarters.

The things that Izayoi held dearly without reserve, the dragon would destroy everything thoroughly without any distinction.

—He was honestly mortified that he couldn’t protect it all.

If his opponent was a destroyer without a conscience, then he would be able to give up.

Like a storm, like a tsunami, like a rain of lightning, if the dragon would befall everything in the world equally, he would be able to digest it.

But Aži Dakāha was different.

Even after it destroyed everything, it still had a goal and a conscience.

“This is Sakamaki Izayoi’s………..last inquiry in his life. Answer, Demon Lord Aži Dakāha. What is the meaning of the “evil” you carry on your back……..!!!!”

The demon lord of the Black Death desired revenge against the sun.

The demon lord of the Vampires desired to purge her clan.

He asked the dragon that was sung as the demon of all Demon Lords, its desires, and its reason.

{“So you ask where lies my Justice……….eh”}

You're a human that amuses me to no end, laughed Aži Dakāha. To answer the inquiry, it gathered its energy into its fist.

The three heads and six eyes each looked in different directions, and embraced the sky.

Its crimson eyes reflected beyond the nebular cloud, and held an air of serenity.

While its figure was no doubt a monster, it looked very solemn.

“This body has crushed everything its eyes beheld ever since its birth. Life, cities, cultures. Societies, achievements, order, crime, public evil, proud justice and hideous depravities. Like a storm, like a tsunami, like a rain of thunder, this body has bared its fangs against everything in existence equally. But I…….am not a “natural disaster”. I am a being that wields the destructions that only a natural disaster should be able to wield, with a single will, and destroys anything by his impulses. That can no longer be called a natural disaster. Inevitably my being, the single word of evil I carry, is the final destination for all hero’s to cross……!”

Aži Dakāha’s eyes shone clearly.

The red flag that had “evil” etched into fluttered harshly.

Carrying the unparalleled word on its back, the demon lord opened its six eyes on three heads and declared

“Rise………Over my dead body is where Justice lies……..!!!!”

Like when somebody took a radiant sword to defeat the demon lord.

With its own death, it would declare “the justice of victory”.

The dualism of good and evil becoming the first trial humans must face, Aži Dakāha stood against the world.

“………So, that’s it.”

So that’s what he fights for. Izayoi listlessly embraced the sky.

In those eyes that held the abundant stars, there was no will to fight left. The inquiry that he had come up with using his life was answered by an unshakable resolve.

—Using its own life to show what is evil, and using its own death to pave the path of good.

The supposedly opposite and clashing dualism, was being proven by its very life.

The word "evil" it carried on its back was the symbol of its resolve to fight until the promised end. It was none other than the proof that it would not run from the active virtue and sinful evil. Carry out the ideology it was made by without doubt, the monster’s back showed the same awe-inspiring light as the saints that carried about their teachings.

“Hah……..I give up. I give up. I was the one that was supposed to be condemning, but I ended up being the one condemned. Shit, even losing in a battle of speech; how lame can I get?”

But that was fine. He got the answer he wanted. And he found what he had searched for.

The best treasure that he had searched and searched and searched for ever since he was summoned to Little Garden.

Concentrating all his remaining energy that could vanish in a moment to his fists, Izayoi delightedly began to run.

“So………you are the Demon Lord, Aži Dakāha!!!!!!!!!”

He had no tactic. But he also had no fear. What he had was the excitement that bounced in his heart.

The young man that had ran around Little Garden bare fisted, focused all his remaining energy to his clenched hands and ran toward the final trial that stood before him.