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Chapter 1 - A certain normal day in Little Garden[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v9 p8.png

Different Eras.

Different Worlds.

And a curious and incredible letter delivered to the trio of a teenage boy and girls who should never have had a common point of intersection in their normal lives.

And, the contents of the letter was as follow:

“Boys and girls with wondrous talents and much distress, I address thee! If you strive to test your Gifts, then cast aside your friends, your possessions, your world, and come to our Little Garden“

Instantaneously, the horizons of the trio were absurdly unfolded.

And as the situation changed sharply, they were then dropped from a location approximately 4000m above ground.

The horizon that spread before the eyes of the trio had a cliff that looked like the edge of the world.

Towards the ground, the cities were covered by a huge Veil and it caused the phenomenon that seemed to give a misleading proportion to its actual scale.

The world that they were summoned to— is a perfect other world.

Part 2[edit]

—The time was noon and the location was the streets before Little Garden’s Outer Walls of Outer Gate Number 2105380.

In other words, it was at the doors, flanked with the carved stone tigers, which connected the city to the outside.

Traders who carried large backpacks and men with large frames who looked confident with their fighting abilities were walking along the street that led to the city’s centre.

And a girl, who wore an extremely provocative miniskirt, stocking suspenders and a pair of rabbit ears, cried out.

“Baka! You Bakas! You…… super stupid bakas!!!”

A resounding cry that tore through the heavens.

This girl, whose usagimimi[1] were perked up in anger, was none other than the perpetuator who summoned the trio from the other worlds— Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudou Asuka and Kasukabe Yō with the invitation letters.

And currently, this girl was giving the trio a lecture.

“It hasn’t been an hour since you guys set out from the City and Kuro Usagi was just thinking when would you guys be back……Ah~ mo Really now, how did things develop to this extent…….?!”

Kuro Usagi was hugging her head in what seemed to be a headache while before her were the trio from different worlds who were pretending not to know anything.

Let’s rewind the story back to an hour ago.

The setting was in the City of Little Garden, in front of the Fountain Plaza that was the neatly arranged stone paved Peribed Avenue. Izayoi and the others who were sitting in the open-air café, which had a banner of [Six Scars] flapping in the wind, had a question for Kuro Usagi’s words.

“All Gift Games……. Are to be suspended? All that are in this region?”

“YES! This is really an emergency!”

Kuro Usagi perked her usagimimi as she replied.

What is known as “Gift Games” are Divine magical Games that are played within the world of Little Garden for items, “Gifts”, fortune and more. Divided into the categories of the [Host] and [Players], both groups would bet their own rewards and prizes for the sake of fortune, land, power, fame, talented individuals…… and the crystallized form of miracles which are “Gifts” in the battle.

And the hosting of “Gift Game”s were to be completely suspended.

The lad who wore a straight collared student uniform while hanging a pair of headphones around his neck—Sakamaki Izayoi, asked Kuro Usagi in a displeased tone.

“What’s this about? To stop hosting “Gift Games” would be equivalent to halting all financial transactions right? Although there appears to be trade facilitated by the use of currencies, aren’t most trades decided by the hosting of Games?”

Izayoi slightly tilted his head as he said that. Whereas the girl, who wore a red formal dress, Kudou Asuka had followed up with the conversation with a slightly anxious expression.

“Could it be…. That a Demon Lord has appeared?”

Hearing Asuka’s comment, Kuro Usagi frantically shook her head in negative.

The other girl who sat on her other side, Kasukabe Yō, stoked the Calico cat that rested on her knees as she asked with a slight tilt of her head.

“There’s a sort of anxious atmosphere on the streets. Rather than the feeling of fear, it would seem like they are troubled over something?”

{“Yeah. It feels like everyone’s running to and fro in a hurry.”}

Calico cat gave a mewing sound.

The Fountain plaza before the Peribed Avenue was normally a place which few would pass through but there were many who looked like wandering merchants who were walking about on that day and residents were trying their best to stop these wandering merchants in their tracks so much so that it looked like they wanted to catch these people there and then. For this plaza which was usually quiet and only used by those who walked leisurely, this was a rare and curious sight indeed.

“YES! Although it isn’t a threat on the level of a Demon Lord, it is undoubtedly a situation that would make people feel troubled. Actually, it is regarding the news that the drought will be running over from the South Side of Little Garden to the East Side.”

Wha? The trio voiced their confusion.

Asuka and Yō furrowed their brows as they asked Kuro Usagi.

“……what’s that about? Is it even possible for a drought to grow a pair of hands and legs to run over here?”

“YES! To put it accurately, it is of the appearance of only an arm and leg.”

“What in the world is that strange thing?”

Asuka and Yō were only getting more confused.

But only Izayoi was surprised as he commented,

“A drought that has an arm and leg to run over….. the KanBatsu? Could it be that the [Batsu] has appeared?”[2]

“YES! As expected from Izayoi who’s so well read. To be more accurate, it is a strange bird found at the end of the genealogical tree. This strange bird has always been giving the South Side an intense heat from the Sun and it seems to have caused a fairly huge damage to the region.”

While her words drifted off with a mumble of “It really is a troubling matter”, Kuro Usagi continued with the explanations.

—The [Batsu] appears from the folklores of China and it is called the divine beast of droughts. Sharing the same bloodline as the emperor, [Batsu] is able to command the Sun and has the ability to turn away the winds and clouds.

During the battle with the Demon Lord [Chiyou], [Batsu] who had used its power was corrupted by the miasma and was unable to return to the Heavens.

And thus many years have pass and the descendent of [Batsu] who have waited for generations to be able to return the Heavens, has gradually morphed into the appearance of this strange bird and wandered the world of Little Garden ever since.

Listening to Kuro Usagi’s clarification, Izayoi was silent for a moment.

“…… [Perseus] of the Greek mythology and the [Moon Rabbit]s of the Buddhism faction, and now it is the [Batsu] of the Chinese folklore that has made its appearance. Ha, as expected of the world of Little Garden. It sure has everything.”

“Well, Izayoi-san, that will be a NO for you. Be it the [Moon Rabbit]s or the [Perseus], we were all invited over from the Outside World as recognition for our achievements. Just like the term of “Blessing (Gift)”, it represents the blessing that the gods have bestowed upon us! And in this situation, where the term of “descendent” is being brought up, it is equivalent to having an “achievement”!” said Kuro Usagi who had clenched her fists to make a forceful motion.

Similar in situation as the [KanBatsu], Kuro Usagi was a descendent of the [Moon Rabbit] whom Indra had summoned to Little Garden.

As a herald of Indra, one of the creators of Little Garden, the descendants of the [Moon Rabbit] were also known as the [Highborn of Little Garden].

“……Mah, although it isn’t only [Batsu] who had been summoned to Little Garden for a reason like that, his presence is also assured to bring about an intense wave of sunlight and hence it makes him a pitiable eudemon whom no Community is willing to welcome. After being contaminated with the miasma, it has not only lost its Divinity but a gradual decline in its divine powers. It is so far contaminated that what little sanity within had all been gone, leaving behind a husk that is filled with the inherited longing of multiple generations to return to its former homeland……” saying that, Kuro Usagi’s gaze began to drift into the distance. She was probably thinking about how there is such a lack of fairness as the strong desire over the generations have already given it the wings in the current generation despite the change in its appearance.

But a yard is a yard. They who were in the situation where the meals of the next day are not assured would also be unable to continue with this sympathizing of others.

Kuro Usagi’s expression changed as it lit up with cheer.

“We have slightly gone off-topic! Well, that goes to say the Communities within the Outer Gate 2105380 are already busily preparing for the drought! And this will be a big chance for us [No Name] to clinch a big deal!”

Kuro Usagi elatedly waved her arms.

Recognizing the underlying meaning from her words, Izayoi and the others gave a slight smile.

“I see, we have that large water source due to the possession of the [water tree]. Although we do not exactly know how much water storage the other Communities possess…… I’m guessing that most of them have not stored up enough with this sort of frantic expressions.”

“Yeah, to have the water source supplied for our own use only would be much too wasteful. Taking this opportunity to secure some long term contracts with the other Communities to ensure a steady flow of income would be a good idea indeed.”

“Mhm. After all, it is a little desolate to leave that huge treasure room empty.”

Seeing the looks of Asuka, Yō and Izayoi who was laughing loudly, Kuro Usagi gave a wry smile as she nodded her head.

“Actually, Kuro Usagi did not want to use of this method that seems to be plundering the unfortunate, and wanted to use a legitimate method to get the contracts…… but we of [No Name] are an organization without a ‘name’ and ‘flag’ which have been stolen by a Demon Lord and there is no way for us to make a proper advertisement. If we were to show that we possess a water source in the period of drought, there should be people appearing with the desire to make a contract with us! Next up, Kuro Usagi would like you three to scout out the situation of [Batsu] and gather a bit of information about it.”

Hearing that, the trio nodded their heads in acceptance of Kuro Usagi’s request.

“Mah. There’s no Games in the meantime after all. Taking it as a way to pass time is also quite a nice way.”

“When we talk about collecting the information about eudemons, it is surely the realm that Kasukabe will be glad to be a part of. You must work hard okay?”[3]

“Mhm. I will reconfirm the details. It is a huge strange bird that only has an arm and leg…… am I right?”

“YES? Although it might have a difference in proportions, it is still a strange bird that is with the unique characteristic of having “different limb proportions”. If you use that sort of characteristic to search, it should be easy to locate it. Besides, he should be emitting a high body temperature at all times and it might be a good idea to search for a region where there is a heat haze[4]. …… But, please be careful. If you feel that it is dangerous at any point in time, it is alright to return immediately.”

Kuro Usagi then sent the trio from the other world off on their journey with a worried expression and they had also left towards the outskirts of the City in that fashion.

The trio were on an undercover mission to scout the information about the divine beast [Batsu] who was hiding in the neighboring region.

And after an hour since they set out,

— returning to the present.

The trio from the other world were sitting in a seiza before the stone pillar of the Outer Gate which was adorned with the stone tiger carving.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v9 p18.png

There were many people around them. In fact, it was to the extent that an unnatural crowd had been drawn around them.

Even with the large number of spectators, Kuro Usagi was furious enough to ignore their stares. A Kuro Usagi, who had her ears and long glossy hair dyed to a fiery pink, was giving the trio a lecture.

“Did, Did you listen to what Kuro Usagi said earlier?! Kuro Usagi said that it is to prepare for the drought that is about to arrive and hoped that you guys will go gather some intelligence on [Batsu]!! And this so called intelligence is on its nest whereabouts, the proportions of its body and stuff! But why!! WHY……!? Who called you guys to go defeat [Batsu]!!?”

“ “ “We just did it in a moment of rage and are in the process of reflecting upon our actions.” ” ”

“Just shut up!!!”

*Pak! Pak! Pak!*

Towards the trio who were apologizing without a trace of sincerity, Kuro Usagi used her paper fan to launch a lighting speed attack on them.

Yes. This is the problem. Rather than saying that the crowd were looking at the four of them, it would be more proper to say that they were looking at the prey that was brought back with them.

Lying beside them was a huge strange looking bird, around the length of twenty meters, which was strapped up.

Its two limbs were of different sizes and it was most likely the fault of having transformed into the appearance of only a single arm and leg. The body of [Batsu] which stores a great amount of heat was still creating a heat haze while unconscious.

—The divine beast [Batsu] was one that was able to control the Sun. Although it had been contaminated by the miasma and had its divine powers diminished over the generations, it is still an opponent that normal humans are unable to defeat.

But when faced with these three, all of that would be disregarded. For they were a trio who were the most unique of the special.

And Kuro Usagi had forgotten a very important thing when she asked them for this favor.

The trio from the other world whom she had summoned—- were one of the strongest problem children teams which were countable with the fingers on one hand.

Part 3[edit]


After a very long sigh, Kuro Usagi had entered a lifeless state.

“Uu….. this is really depressing. And here Kuro Usagi had thought that we would be moving a big step forward to the revival of our Community….. Why in the world did you want to defeat him……?”

“Law of impermanence.”[5]

“Law of the jungle.”[6]

“The hearts of mankind”

“I say, even if you want to find an excuse, at least discuss it beforehand!”

Kuro Usagi’s ears were towering towards the sky in anger but the trio were looking in different directions and completely without the intent to spill the reason.

And since they were unable to leave [Batsu] as it is after the capture, the four made their way to the shop that would allow them to exchange it for money.

Leaving the shaded avenue of the rows of peach colored flowering trees that lined the Fountain Plaza and traveling across the bridge built across the well paved waterway, the four of them made their way to the shop that hung the banners of the twin goddess in its shop front. The store of the [Thousand Eyes] community.

Having transported the twenty meter strange bird overhead with his arms, Izayoi threw it onto the entrance with a loud sound that accompanied its fall as he smiled to greet the shop assistant.


“Please turn back.”

“Don’t wanna. I’m exchanging it for money.”[7]

“Please do not make ruckus about this. Our shop will not welcome any visits from [No Name], how many times do you need me to repeat this before you understand my words?”

The female shop assistant raised her broom as she bared her fangs in an attempt to intimidate the group. And in response, the group only gave a tired shrug of their shoulders.

The group was not to be turned away by this extent of obstruction at the doorway. For the sake of the children at their Community who did not have a guarantee for food availability, the problem of exchanging goods for money here would be a matter of life and death.

Sighing secretly, Kuro Usagi took on a sinister expression as she laughed.

“Hmph Hm~~? Is it really okay to turn us back here? If your senpai in the store should scold you for that, it will not be our business you know?”

“Hmph, I thought you might say something worse. Isn’t that just a mild retort just out of frustration for being unwelcomed at the door?”

“Yeah, Kuro Usagi knows that we are being rejected at the door! But please have a look at this strange bird that we have caught! It’s only because this is the first rate trader Community, the [Thousand Eyes], that you should know the true value of this strange bird at a glance, right?”

Kuro Usagi gave a subtle smile. Suddenly, the expression of the shop assistant changed as she looked and walked towards the [Batsu] which she did not even give a glance from before. And she lifted her brows to take a closer look.

With each feather the size of an average human’s head and emitting a warm wind that wafted towards the four standing at the door.

Suddenly, the expression of the shop assistant changed.

“…… A descendent of [Batsu]? No, No way. The Community of the lowest level to actually have this standard of strength,”

“No, No, please be more confident about your eyes will you? This huge strange bird is the topic of the streets, the reason for the drought! The divine beast [Batsu] who commands the Sunlight!”

HngHng~, Kuro Usgi puffed her chest as she perked her ears.

“[Batsu] who can generate heat for eternity can become the most important and valuable source of energy for a Community if it is processed well. And that is something that everyone knows! In this lower levels, there are still many new Communities who are using the method of generating heat from firewood. There should be many who would offer a high price for this, you know?”

“……Yeah, I guess that’s true. But is that [Batsu] really caught by you guys?”

The female shop assistant cast a doubtful gaze at Izayoi and the others.

Understanding the intentions of Kuro Usagi, Izayoi gave a proud grin as he nodded his head.

“What’s wrong? It’s not like it is a big deal. It just seems like the drought is giving the other Communities a headache and we just thought that we should take it upon ourselves to help rid of the problem. It’s just like that only.”

“Hmph…… That is quite a heart-warming ambition coming from a [No Name]. It would also be a problem if it were to be left lying unattended. God knows how many Communities would be willing to bring in their high bids and various Gift Games for it.”

“The hearts of mankind, you should remember that well. Seeing people in trouble makes you want to reach out a helping hand.”

Izayoi gave a dubious loud laughter and the female shop assistant continued to shoot him a doubtful look.

However, putting aside the truth of the matter for now, this situation would mean that there is no need to continue worrying about the drought.

And this was also an advantageous situation to [Thousand Eyes].

Reluctant but hapless about the offer, the female shop assistant gave a sigh and lifted the door flaps to the shop interior.

“Mah, I will just take this as a special exception. The protection of the peace in the lower levels is supposed to be the responsibility of our shop owner. If the pretext is to have you guys as her agents tasked with the support for our job, I doubt anyone would have any opinion about your stepping foot into the shop.”

“Sorry about that, we have troubled you.”

“That’s absolutely right. …… Please wait here for a moment. I will get the shop’s appraiser over.”

Just like that, the female shop assistant tucked the bamboo broom under her arm as she walked into the shop.

Seeming to have a weight lifted from her shoulders, Kuro Usagi relaxed her shoulders and turned to the problem children trio.

“That was a perfect assist! Izayoi-san.”

“Actually, I wasn’t telling a lie. Am I right, Ojou-sama?”

“Is that so? I kind of felt that a part was definitely a fib. Kasukabe-san, what’s your take?”

“Mhm~……But the rest of it were the truth right?”

Yeah, seems like it. The problem children exchanged a look as they bit back their wry smiles.

Part 4[edit]

When the group of four were on their way back from the shop, the buildings in the Community were already dyed with the hues of the setting sun.

The problem children then made a beeline for the residential area.

Whereas Kuro Usagi had gone straight to the location of the leader, Jin Russel’s residence, to make the final confirmations on the order list of inventory and food that is to be placed with [Thousand Eyes].

And running from the Great Hall to welcome them was one from the Senior Group, a girl with kitsunemimi[8] and sporting a Japanese style apron.

The fox girl was full of smiles as she greeted Izayoi and the others.

“Welcome back, Izayoi-sama, Yō-sama ……eh? Where’s Asuka-sama?”

Bounding over energetically, the fox girl looked all over for Asuka.

Izayoi and Yō gave a slight shrug of their shoulders as they explained.

“She headed off to the baths first saying that she has sweated a lot.”

“It must have been the stuffiness from being close to the [Batsu]. Come to think about it, it sure is a great thing that [Thousand Eyes] is willing to buy it from us.”

“Buy it……? Ah! I see! So it’s like that! Thank you for your hard work!”

Energetically perking up her kitsunemimi, that was an easily understood response from one who had much expectations for the performance of Izayoi and the others. But, seeming to feel that her thoughts were much too realistic, her kitsunemimi were awash with a colouration of crimson as they tilted down.

Regarding those ears that make it easy to understand the multitude of expressions, Izayoi and Yō could only exchange a wry smile.

“Don’t worry. We have caught a big prey this time so we will be able to have no worries about our food shortages for a while.”

“We have already placed a big order on ingredients from [Thousand Eyes] and it will be delivered the next day. So, we will be troubling you with the receiving of the order and the management for their storage areas.”

“Ye, Yes! Understood! Then, what are your plans? If you would like to have your meal, I can start the cooking preparations right away.”

“No, I will be waiting for Ojou-sama to have her bath first before eating together. What about you, Kasukabe?”

“I…… Uu.”

Her words suddenly trailed off abruptly.

Yō, who was staring fixatedly at the kitchen, tilted her head slightly to ask.

“That is quite a nostalgic fragrance. Could it be the smell of the lye extraction from the ashes of bamboo shoots?”[9]

Aye? After Yō’s words hit the mark, the fox girl was frozen on the spot.

“Eeh, About that,…… Ye, Yes it is. Hearing Yō-sama mutter something about “I really miss Japanese seafood cuisines”…… so I wanted to give you a surprise and made many many preparations.”[10]


Thinking “Gosh, I screwed up!”, Yō had a bitter expression as she looked aside.

Because of the superior sense of smell that Yō possessed when compared to the common man, it was no wonder that she was able to tell what was going on in the kitchen.

The Gift that she possessed, the [Genome Tree], was one that gives her the ability to communicate with dogs, cats, dolphins, bats and many other types of animals. And if there is a connection forged between them, it would grant her the abilities of the animals. Among them are the abilities carried by eudemon types such as the Gryphons.

It seems like she had just burst the surprise for herself and the atmosphere was really awkward then.

Unable to watch this situation any further, Izayoi gave a slight shrug of his shoulders and offered a helping hand.

“So, what would be the key dish in the menu?”

“Ye, Yes. Because of the ingredients of some quality tender chicken meat, bamboo shoots and some wild mountain vegetables, I thought of making a tempura out of them. Removing the lye slightly from the freshly gathered bamboo shoots, it then brings out the fresh sweetness of the bamboo shoots. Using these bamboo shoots for the tempura and adding a little salt to taste will couple it with the sweet fragrance of spring in its taste……. Ah, there’s also the other vegetables gathered from the small garden in the backyard that is used to fill it with the essence of vegetables—“

“Sorry Izayoi, I will be digging in first.”

“Don’t mind me for I will start first as well. …… Come to think about it, is there some spare bamboo shoots that are not used for the dishes? If there’s some leftovers, I would like to order Takenoko Gohan[11].”

“Ah, That’s a good idea. May we trouble you with that?”

“Ye, Yes! I will make the preparations immediately!”

Seeing their understanding response, the fox girl naturally relaxed herself and became cheerful.

Pitter Pattering her two tails, she seemed to be in a very good mood as she returned to the kitchen to start the dinner preparations.

Part 5[edit]

On the other hand, Kuro Usagi was giving loud sighs as she sat in Jin’s office which was located in another block. Jin had left to check on their warehouse to reconfirm the quantities of the inventory after looking through the order list.

Whereas Kuro Usagi, who was waiting for Jin’s return, seemed to have lost all her motivation as she slumped into the chair and allowed her head to hang on the back of the chair.

Although the transaction of [Batsu] did make their coffers a little plumper, the Community that they ran was one that housed a hundred and twenty young boys and girls. It would require a stable source of income if they were to be raised in the Community.

The girl, who was dressed up like a maid, sat down beside and consoled the depressed Kuro Usagi who was dispirited after the loss of their rare opportunity.

“Don’t be so glum. Trading with the water resource isn’t the one and only method that we have.”

“Well, you may say that…… Then, what better suggestion can Leticia-sama give?” Kuro Usagi asked as she slightly lifted her head.

Leticia’s soft and silken hair shone like strands of gold as they lightly brushed across Kuro Usagi’s nose.

Appearing to be around the age of a twelve or thirteen year old, this maid costume that she wore was adorned with a lovely lotus leaf patterned lace. If one were to look at it from the objective perspective of the role of a maid, no matter how polite one may be, it is too much to call this clothing a suitable dressing for that kind of job.

But it could not be more suited for her when she wore it.

A dainty height coupled with a head of splendid long and flowing blonde hair and a gentle beautiful appearance. Although it may look like a strange outfit for a maid costume at first glance, it did look very good on her. Compared to the focus on the functionality of clothes, it was clear that the master had placed the focus on the aesthetic aspect of the clothes. Regarding that point, it shows the serious attitude of Leticia about her job.

And this serious girl was now revealing a mischievous smile like the foreboding of a prank as she slightly tilted her head to ask Kuro Usagi.

“Ara, I’m just a lowly servant who do not have the position to talk. When in the face of the Community’s strategist, and one who is known as the [Highborn of Little Garden], it would really be out of place for me to bring up any suggestion before Kuro Usagi-Ojou-sama……”

“Uu…… please don’t say that. Please do share with me your knowledge.”

Seeing Kuro Usagi say such spineless words, Leticia gave a shrug of her shoulders in slight irritation.

“Mhm…… To increase the strength of our Community, what we would need is to increase our savings. You do know that much right?”

“YES. But currently, our Community does not have any excess savings……”

“Well, that’s true. Although goshuujin-samas have done well, currently it would seem that it has only reached an equilibrium and there’s nothing for us to talk about savings.—Then, why is that so? Is it because of the hundred and twenty members who are incapable of contributing much to the Community? Am I right?”

Kuro Usagi’s expression was frozen for a moment.

Because that was something that she knew all too well and it was the reality that she wanted to avoid all these while.

However, Leticia had a cold and unforgiving look that was unthinkable from her usual self as she continued to press the matter.

“As I’ve mentioned earlier, goshuujin-samas have done a very good job. Ever since their arrival to this world of Little Garden, they have been gaining victories in games in a consecutive manner. Yet the living standards of this Community did not have any visible signs of improvement. And why is that so? Because we are an organization riddled with liabilities. And the biggest liabilities in the Community…… are these children. Am I wrong to say that?”

“………… .”

The Kuro Usagi gradually became expressionless as she started to stare hard into Leticia’s eyes. For the sake of reading the real intention behind those words, she continued to search for the answers in the depths of those wine red irises.

If the real intention behind those words were to abandon the liabilities…… That would absolutely not sit well with her.

—Normally speaking, the human resources to support everyday life in the Community could be divided into two major groups.

The first would be those who are specialized in and responsible for taking part in Gift Games and the earning of Gifts like the [Water Tree] or even monetary rewards among others. Talents who support the Community, such as Izayoi, a Game Player.

The second type would be the support group who would help in the other aspects of life to allow the Game Players to be able to enter the competitions in their peak conditions. The children in the Community were only able to enjoy the same Gifts that were earned from rewards through the work that they have done to help Izayoi and the others in the aspects of food preparation, sweeping and cleanliness of the place and caring for their every aspect of living.

But the structure of these human resources in the Community of [No Name] was fairly unbalanced. The former only consisted of three people and the latter was a group of over a hundred and twenty individuals. If compared to Izayoi and the others who needed to spend their mornings in competitions, the jobs of these children would only be to prepare the meals, wash the clothes, sweeping, other similar tasks and no other.

“…… ……”

The hundred and twenty children were the liability of this Community. Kuro Usagi could only lower her head and turn away her gaze as she could not find any way to retort to Leticia’s words. In fact, that was something that she thought of as well. Even for the [Batsu] incident today, it was supposed to be a reward that belonged to Izayoi and gang without the need to share with others. Even if the situation was not one that followed the plan, there should not have been any grounds for her to remark upon the act.

However, they had been uncomplainingly contributing their all to the Community— and that could only be said to be their act of kindness.

The more she thought about it, the more it pained her heart and her Usagimimi drooped as she looked more depressed than before.

Giving Kuro Usagi a sidelong glance, Leticia sighed as she looked to the skies.

“Try to come up with a plan to help these liabilities become a resource for the Community. If we can do that, our Community will definitely be able to make progress. …… This is something that those children strongly wish for as well.”


Kuro Usagi lifted her head in surprise.

Leticia was looking at Kuro Usagi with a warm and gentle smile.

“This is something that happened this afternoon. After the preparation of lunch earlier in the day, the children of the Senior group have come to me to discuss about this matter

“ —Ever since Izayoi-sama and Asuka-sama arrived, we were able to get our fill every day. Moreover, we also have sufficient water from the water source that removes the need for us to fetch water from the faraway river. ……But we are now unable to complete our duties to this Community. Are there any other good ideas for us—?”

like that. Those children must have been aware of this situation when they make that sort of plea and they seem to have given it much thought before coming to me with those serious expressions, you know?”

“ Is……Is that so?”

Kuro Usagi blinked her eyes in surprise.

Perhaps it was her recent hurrying around after the arrival of Izayoi and the others, Kuro Usagi did not have a good chance to properly speak with the children. Not knowing that the children were actually carrying that same sort of guilt was unexpected.

Seeing Kuro Usagi’s look, Leticia gave a laugh as she continued.

“Indeed. If only we were able to clinch the deal of the sale of water, there would definitely be a steady inflow of income. But there needs to be a better plan for the efficient allocation of resources. Although they might still be children, but they are still a hundred and twenty strong. To include all the members and resources to search for the way that will bring out the greatest value is a task of yours. Am I wrong, Kuro Usagi?”

Listening to Leticia’s counsel, it struck a chord within Kuro Usagi’s heart.

“A way to utilize the water and children…… not just for minor house chores but to offer them a productive task……”

For Kuro Usagi who had supported this Community by herself for the duration of the last three years, this was a suggestion that she had not thought of before. This is because in the eyes of Kuro Usagi, these children were not comrades who supported the Community but were individuals to be protected and cared for. However, in the interval of three years after the attack of the Demon Lord, the Senior Group of the children are already at the age of ten.

For the sake of supporting their Community—Perhaps the day for them to play a part has finally arrived.

The drooping Usagimimi suddenly perked up with a *Pi!* as Kuro Usagi thanked Leticia with renewed spirits.

“Thank you so much! I’m finally able to see the way forward all thanks to your words.”

“Is it so? That’s great to hear.”

“Yeah~ …….And, Kuro Usagi’s really sorry for having to rely on you so much. Even though they might have destroyed the original plan when they defeated the [Batsu], it does not change the fact that they have brought a huge benefit to the Community. It would seem that Kuro Usagi has done a very impolite thing to Izayoi and the others…….”

“I guess that is so. Even with your closest comrades, one still has to pay attention to politeness. When you remember of it, please do apologize to them. …… Well, coming to think about it, for goshuujin-samas to defeat [Batsu], I wonder what could be the reason behind it. It just doesn’t seem to be their usual way of doing things.”

Ara? The both of them tilted their heads as they exchanged a look.

At this moment, there was a sound of frantic running along the corridor.

With a “Bang!”, Jin swung open the door in a hurry.

“Kuro, Kuro Usagi!! This is bad, please come quickly!!”

“Jin, Jin-bocchan? Has something happened?”

Running over in a hurry was the young leader Jin Russel, and before he could even have a moment to catch his breath, he pulled Kuro Usagi’s hand, “It is impossible with me alone! Anyways, just come with me and help me with the translations!”

“Is, Is this about translating?!”

Things were getting more confusing by the moment.

And while Kuro Usagi was still in her state of confusion, Jin pulled her hand as they ran down the stairs.

Arriving at the entrance of another building, Kuro Usagi finally understood the situation with just a glance at their guest.

“Ah! You…. Are that unicorn whom I met before, am I right?”

{“Yes, that’s me. It’s been a while, [Moon Rabbit].”}

Yes. The one who visited the territory of the [No Name] is the Eudemon whom she had met during the time when she had been chasing after Izayoi.

A body covered in a beautiful bluish white gloss and the lone horn that stems from the forehead. This is a horse that is commonly known as the unicorn.

“This is really surprising……! Not only seeing a unicorn in the East Side but appearing in a human inhabited region?! Just the news of your herd leaving the South Side is already very strange…… Well, because we are in this outlying building, we are unable to offer you much for a warm welcome. If we were at the main building, we do have a special guest room for entertaining Eudemon type guests! If it is convenient for you, we can go over…”

{“No, please do not stand on ceremony with me. Because I’m just here to offer my gratitude. ….. Sorry about this, but could you help me take down the bundle on my back?”}

The unicorn used his nose to point to his back. In the sack, which seemed like a saddle on his back, was only one item. After unbuttoning the sack, Jin carefully retrieved the sack from his back and laid it out on the ground.

Upon seeing the object, Kuro Usagi and Jin were unable to contain their surprise.

“Could this be…. The horn of a Unicorn?!”

{“That’s right. I hope to gift it to you guys.”}

“How can that be?!! We cannot accept such a valuable gift!! Moreover, you are of the unicorns and to give a horn of your kind as a gift…… that is something that is completely unheard of!!”

Kuro Usagi couldn’t help it as her mind was thrown into confusion once more. This also told of how unusual the situation was.

—When one talks about the Unicorn’s horn, it is a very famous heirloom which has the properties of cleansing and curing of wounds. And in this world of Little Garden, there have been records of unicorn hunting as many humans wanted to get their hands on the horns.

This history is also the reason for their surprise when they spotted a unicorn who has entered the territory inhabited by Man.

Needless to say, the gifting of a unicorn’s remains to an outsider is something that is unheard of.

{“It is understandable that you are surprised to that extent. But your comrades have performed a deed worthy for this horn of mine to be bestowed to you. Not only did they save my life today—they have also avenged my kind by defeated the demonic beast [Batsu] who is also our nemesis! With that, it can be said that it is undoubtedly an avenging for the regrets of my fallen comrades! As a representative for all the South Side residents who have suffered greatly under the drought, I hope that you will accept this gift that represents our deepest thanks…..!”}

The voice of the unicorn was earnest and filled with gratitude.

But Kuro Usagi’s reaction was one of incomparable surprise.

“ Could it be…… that the reason for Izayoi-san and the others to have defeated the [Batsu] is to save you……?”

{“Yes, you are right about that. Aiya, they really are exceptional humans. Just remembering that sight is enough to make my blood boil in excitement! Although it is said to be corrupted by miasma and having its divinity corroded away, it is still a descendant of a Divine Beast. —But with just a hit! It was sent sprawling in just a hit! If I were to put it myself, it sure is expected of the comrades of [Moon Rabbit]. It really is a hit that makes one feel the palpitations of joy……!!!”}

The unicorn’s breathing started to become irregular as it grew more excited with its recount. But it did tell of the flow of events that led up to the situation.

—It is said that the [Batsu] had been resting in the South Side of the world of Little Garden previously.

Water shortage had struck due to the intense heat of the sun and it brought a destructive disaster to many plants and organisms in the South Side. Especially for the unicorns who live near the waters, this was a matter of life and death Not only were their habitats continuously destroyed but a good portion of their comrades had also lost their lives due to it.

Although the Unicorns were a race that were courageous and proficient in battles, their opponent was able to take to the skies and the difference in their compatibility was seriously too great. Comrades who have gone to face it to meet out its punishment have also returned with only a handful of feathers.

Just when they were about to be wiped out, a passing magi general had chased the [Batsu] out of the South Side and saved them from the impending extinction of their kind.

{“As we heard of a Herald, a water god, residing in the East Side Outer Gate Number 2105380, I set out hither to obtain a Gift from it. The serpent god who resides in the nearby Tunisia Falls is rather famous by the way.”}

“I, I see. So that is why we met in that place.”

{“Yes. But you guys have beaten me to the completion of the challenge hosted by the serpent god. Even so, the serpent god who learnt of my situation had referred me to a challenge offered by the neighboring water faeries. Thanks to that, I’ve also successfully obtained a Gift.”}

“That is great news.”

Kuro Usagi massaged her chest as she felt relieved.

But the Unicorn suddenly dropped its volume by a bit at this point.

{“But on my journey to return to my homeland.— I discovered the enemy of my race! I did not know that the [Batsu] had been driven to the East Side nor did I expect to meet it! What came next was a blur as the blood rushed to my head to chase after it. We of the Unicorn race are quite spirited and will not stop when our hearts are ablaze!”}


Although it sounded like something said in a jokingly tone, Kuro Usagi was able to relate to his feelings.

If she had been the one who met the Demon Lord who was her enemy…… she would definitely charge at it without a second thought as well.

{“AiyaAiya…… It was a really shameful sight then. Not only did I not succeed in my avenging strike, but I found myself slowly retreating when I came to my senses. Because my heart was telling me persistently that I must get the Gift bestowed by the water faeries back to my homeland but at the moment when my mind calmed down enough to think of that, it was already too late. Just as he was about to rend me with his claws— your comrades had saved my life from the fate of his claws in the nick of time……!”}

It really was a situation that could be said to be happening in a split moment.

In the moment that the huge hooked claw was about to strike from the skies on the Unicorn who had left the city, travelled the hills and woods in his journey for the Gift, Kudou Asuka had shouted these words to the [Batsu].

“Stop it right now!”

Needless to say, the movements of the [Batsu] had suddenly frozen in its act.

Not missing this moment, Kasukabe Yō immediately whipped up a whirlwind to send Izayoi into the air.

“We will be leaving the rest to you, Izayoi.”

“Leave it to me then!!!”

Laughing a “Yahohoho!” as he soared through the sky with a somersault, he landed a roundhouse kick on the [Batsu]. And being unable to withstand that force, the [Batsu] crumpled to the ground.

{“Aiya……that was really spectacular. Although it was shameful that I had turned tail at that moment, it was still a sight that made my heart sing in joy! Really…. I’m really grateful to you guys.”}

The Unicorn gave a deep bow.

Completely frozen in her spot, Kuro Usagi also hung her head for some strange reason.

{“This horn is horn is a relic left behind by one of our fallen comrades who failed in their challenge against the [Batsu]. Originally, it is an item that is prepared for the negotiations if I failed in my Gift Game…… But if it is given to you guys, I will think it to be more than fitting for this end. I would like to trouble you to accept this token of mine.”}

“…… I understand the whole story now and I will pass this horn over to Izayoi and the others. Please be careful on your way back as well.”

After passing his comrade’s horn to Kuro Usagi, the Unicorn turned to leave.

But suddenly seeming to remember something, he turned his head back to ask, {“Aahh, right. There’s another thing that I would like to ask about.”}

“And what would that be?”

{“I heard that your Community is spreading the word of “Defeating Demon Lords” as you carry out your activities. Is that true?”}

In a flash, Kuro Usagi swallowed back her words.

Slightly giving a glance at Jin’s expression, she then puffed her chest and lifted her head to reply to the question,

“ —YES! Not only pertaining to the Demon Lord themselves but also the problems that are caused by them. We will accept them all, you know?”

{“Hoho……I see, it sure sounds dependable! Compared to the reality that you guys are [No Name]s, your ambitions are strong enough to carve its mark into my heart. If it is possible for you guys, please come and attend the Gift game contests that will be hosted by the South Side’s Harvest Festival in two months. Although the Unicorns are still in the process of recovering and are unable to attend the festival, but our Community, the [One Horn] will surely welcome you!”}

Saying that, the unicorn gave a loud neigh before leaving the [No Name] territory.

Part 6[edit]

Returning to the duty office with Jin, Kuro Usagi related the whole story to Leticia and showed her the horn of the Unicorn. While Leticia looked at the precious horn that was around a meter in length, she nodded her head, seemingly in admiration, as she commented.

“I see…… Hoho, it sure is the usual style of goshuujin-samas. Not telling us their reasons is just part of their shyness right? Or perhaps it is the trouble of giving an excuse when the unicorn clearly turned tail.”

“But, But if they did tell it to me properly, I would also be receptive to their actions.”

Kuro Usagi said with a slight pout.

But her heart was thinking differently. Kuro Usagi stroked the horn while she thought of Izayoi and the others ever since their first meeting.

“Come to think about it, although Izayoi-san and the others are indeed problem children…… but the problems that they cause are all things that can be laughed off as pranks. This matter is clearly different from their usual style. Kuro Usagi should have realized that there must be some sort of unusual reason behind it from the start……”

“You are right about that. Although they did give various excuses, they are fundamentally honest people. …… Although we cannot deny that they can be quite sour about things at times too.”

Exchanging a glance, the both of them giggled.

“Coming back to the topic, we heard it from Unicorn-sama just now that the South Side will be hosting a Harvest Festival with the hosting of a Gift Game contest in two months’ time.”

“Ho……The Harvest Festival of the South Side? Fufu, that sure is a nostalgic memory.”

“Leticia-sama has participated in it before?”

“Yeap. It gathers many people of various Races and Communities. The memory of everybody being noisy and lively in the crowd is something that I remember clearly.”

Leticia had a faraway gaze and it would seem that she had lapsed into her memory of her participation with her former comrades.

Hearing those words, Kuro Usagi was partially excited and regretful as she sighed.

“Is that so…… Although we were invited to join the Festival, it would be difficult for us to get there without saving up the sum for the passage fees. If we were to get over there with the normal means, it will really be a ve~~~ry far place.”

“Hoho, that is right as well. But the Harvest Festival of the South side is really fun. There will be famous Earth gods and faerie Communities who will bring their cultivated seeds to that region—”

The conversation broke off unnaturally at that point and the both of them held their breaths.

“The harvest of the Community…… right. Kuro Usagi, what’s the condition of our Community’s agricultural sector?!”

“The soil itself is plenty messed up by the attack of the Demon Lord three years ago but the land is still there! If we are able to recruit a famous Earth god from the Harvest Festival, we might be able to revive the land!”

If the lands were revived, the children would also be able to help out with the fields. There will also be a new use for the bountiful water supply. And if the Community were to be able to build its own system of self-sufficiency, the matter about increasing the savings will no longer be a dream as well.

But upon remembering the words that came from her mouth, Kuro Usagi bowed her head as she became deflated.

“Ah……But, there’s the problem about the journey fee,”

“We will tighten up from the food expenses.”

It was said by Jin who was confirming the quantities within the inventory lists and the orders had suddenly interjected their conversation.

Though he might not know the full contents of their conversation, but he must have understood the nuance within their words.

Placing the documents aside, Jin lifted his head to look at the duo as he gave a suggestion.

“If we do not have enough for the journey expenses, then we will start with the cut backs on our comrades’ living expenses for food. If we cut back on our food consumption by 30% on a daily basis and judging by the average rate of earnings from Izayoi and the others, it would probably take two months to raise the amount needed for a group of six to depart on the journey. ……Ah, But it will probably be just enough for the journey. If we want to be sure about the success of this plan, it would probably be safer to cut it back by 40%. And considering that we must prioritize the food amounts of Izayoi and the others to have it at the usual amounts, I will run a recalculation on the inventories.”

“Bu, But if it is at 40%, it is almost a reduction by half isn’t it?”

“Hoho, isn’t that great? This is a really good suggestion too.”

A worried Kuro Usagi and an approving Leticia.

Jin nodded his head vigorously as he replied.

“Mhm. I will take the task of telling everyone about these changes. Moreover, we are all accustomed to starving and it should not be much to worry about. It is just for the duration of two months. It’s going to be a breeze. Moreover, if it is Izayoi and the others,……they will surely reap the reward of bringing the lands a complete revival.”

Jin clenched his fists tightly as he said that.

The duo exchanged a look before starting the planning for the course of their futures.

“Then, it is not only about the food expenses. We must also pay attention to prevent the incurring of any unnecessary expenses. Leticia-sama can also use your position as a maid to direct the Senior children on their task.”

“Got it. Kuro Usagi, I would like to go ascertain the situation of the farmland first, so come along with me later.”

“YES! I understand!”

Kuro Usagi gave a thumbs up and the underlying tone of worry was gone from her voice.

Having clearly marked out their course for the Community, her spirits also seemed to have a boost.

“Aahh, right, regarding the matter about the food expenses, do keep it a secret from Izayoi and the others, okay? If they were to know of it, they would surely say “Really, now. Don’t mind such minor and boring stuff.” Or something along those lines.”

“I really can’t figure out if it is just a matter of having a lofty pride or just a side of their gentle kindness…… Having people who do not ask for any privileges in this sort of place. If we want it to work out nicely, it seems better to keep it a secret then.”

“Mhm. If we were to anger them, it might just become horrifying.”

The trio exchanged a bitter smile.[12]

With that, the secret saving plan for the journey to the upcoming Harvest Festival was launched. For the long term goal of the plantation’s revival, the young leader, the immature strategist and the maid reaffirmed their determinations for the goal of reviving the Community.

Part 7[edit]

—The next day morning.

Kuro Usagi and the problem children arrived at the Outer Gate of 2105380 where she was brimming with smiles as she addressed them.

“Well then, everyone, the hosting of Gift Games have completely resumed as per normal! Everyone must give their all for the Games, okay?”

“Well, it isn’t much of a big deal, but are you sure that this will be an interesting Game?”

“YES! It is a Community that has come to this region for commercial purposes, the sub division of [Yaoyorozu no Kami] and they are currently hosting a contest too!” Kuro Usagi replied.

This time, it was Izayoi’s turn to use an admiring tone to mutter.

“…… Buddhism, the mythologies of the Greek gods, mythologies of China and now the gods of the Shinto faction.

“This sure seems to be much less in momentum when compared to Japan’s new year and year end festivities. Come to think about it, since it is the Yaoyorozu no Kami, it would be something about the Omikami right? Oi!”[13]

“HngHng, we will know that later! No matter what the case is, the [Yaoyorozu no Kami] is a super large scale Community that can match up to the [Thousand Eyes]! The degree of anticipation can be much larger when compared to the previous ones, you know?”

“Is that so? Mah, we were talking about the degree of anticipation, and it really is on a super scale?”

“Although it is really vague about which event you were comparing our anticipation for, it does sound quite hopeful.”

Kuro Usagi, who was slightly frustrated by the merciless comment of Asuka and Yō, perked her Usagimimi as she did not want to lose from just that.

“Well then, let’s go! The Gift Games are games for the gods and the demons! It will surely have many miracles and Gifts that will be prepared to satisfy your desires!”

Saying that, Kuro Usagi made a twirl on the spot and her skirt fluttered with her movements as she gave a bright smile.

—Yes. This is the world of Little Garden where the gods reside. If one wanted a miracle, they would just need to obtain victory.

With the goals of reviving their destroyed Community and the defeat of the Demon Lords carried within their hearts, they continue to travel to the battlefield of Gift Games today.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. [BionicMeerkat note - In case you forgot, Usagi = Rabbit & Mimi = Ears.
  2. [magrefnotes: In Japanese, the “Drought(Kanbatsu)” sounds similar to the Kan Batsu. Eh, when I translate it back to Jap, it looks so obvious… It is the HanBa in Chinese, and I used the term HanBa during the translations of volume 5. It has the names of Hiderigami( god of drought), Kanbo(drought mother), KanBatsu(Drought Demon) where ‘Kan’ is ‘drought/dry’ and ‘Batsu’ is most likely Demon.]
  3. [magrefnotes: the ‘You must work hard okay?’ can be reverted back to the ‘Gambatte’, if I’m not wrong.]
  4. [magrefnotes: Heat haze is the phenomenon when there is a layer of heated air surrounding the object that our eyes are trying to see. This causes a mirage whereby the object looks blurry.]
  5. [magrefnotes: all things will come to an end, there is no permanence.]
  6. [magrefnotes: The strong eat and the weak get eaten]
  7. [magrefnotes: from ch notes, the Japanese pronunciation of ‘exchange’ and ‘turn back’ have the same initial pronunciation.]
  8. [BionicMeerkat note - You know the drill, Kitsune = Fox & Mimi = Ears]
  9. [magrefnotes:According to Wikipedia, edible lye is a liquid obtained by leaching ashes to produce a strong alkali solution for the curing of food.]
  10. [magrefnotes:many many is not my typo it was doubled so I just directly doubled it too. thanks to commentor shorty for suggestion :]]
  11. [magrefnotes: Takenoko->bamboo shoots, gohan->rice. Bamboo shoot Rice. A seasonal spring dish in Japan]
  12. [magrefnotes: my guess is Jin, Leticia, Kuro Usagi in that sequence for the conversation, but it is not written.]
  13. [magrefnotes: yaoyorozu no kami literally translates into the 8 million gods of the Shinto religion. Omikami refers to Amaterasu omikami.]