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A Tea Gathering[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“—Izayoi-chan. This is the wind that blows in your current era, the modern age alchemy……!”

Part 2[edit]

––-[Underwood], VIP Quarters. Individual room for Sakamaki Izayoi.

It was nightfall. Having awoken from a dream of his past, Izayoi couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“Ha…… That was quite a nostalgic dream.”

The roaring of the waterfall must have reminded him of that memory. The sound of the waterfall’s continuous churning into the river’s flow at the tree roots permeated the walls of this VIP room that was hollowed out from a large Tree Branch.

It must have taken quite a bit of work to have the sound tuned to a comfortable intensity to the ears and to be a merry churning sound similar to a lullaby. There simply cannot exist a more perfect use of the Huge Water Tree’s pulsation than this.

Listening to the orchestra of running water that was playing a lullaby, Izayoi reminisced his past while turning his body, as he lay upon the straw bed, to stare emptily at the carved wood roof above him.

–––– It has been a week since he defeated the Huge Dragon.

Due to the tough victory of the [Draco Greif] and [No Name]s, they were unable to resume the hosting of the Harvest Festival; hence, it was postponed for a period of time for rest and recovery.

In recognition for the achievement of repulsing a Demon Lord, the Underground City of [Underwood] have been receiving many disaster relief supplies as well as Communities who have come forth to help with the relief efforts. If this pace of progress were to continue, the re-hosting of the Harvest Festival and the inauguration ceremony for the [Floor Master] might be possible in half a month.

To help out for a speedier re-hosting of the Harvest Festival, the [No Name]s have also remained in [Underwood]. Having made their name with the business of “Handling all sorts of trouble related to Demon Lords”, they officially accepted the commission from [Draco Greif].

However, Izayoi had only happily participated in the initial two days before handing all the trivial work over to Kudou Asuka and Kasukabe Yō.


To prevent any misunderstandings, I would like to clarify it a little. Izayoi isn’t repulsed by the idea of working on the relief efforts.

As suggested by Sala, the project to crystallize the water tree sap was an amazing sight to behold. The process of melding timber together to form a crystalline waterway with a translucent quality was simply an eye-catching and jaw dropping scene that would have filled anyone with wonderment and joy.

After all, it is a unique construction technique reserved to the world of Little Garden where Gifts were plentiful. The task to over the reconstruction efforts of the were-beasts and Eudemons, which utilizes both the classical and the avant-garde approach, it would never be a bore. Instead, it would was a refreshing sight capable of inducing a joyous palpitation in anyone’s heart.

“……Aahh. So, that’s why I’ve started to think of my past.”

Turning a one-eighty on the straw bed, Izayoi had a knowing smile as he seemed to have figured out the reason to something.

Completely awake, he was just thinking about rolling around on the bed for a while when small knocks of *kok kok* came from the room door.

“Um…… Izayoi, are you still awake?”

“Aahh, is that Kasukabe? The door isn’t locked.”

Lying on his back Izayoi invited the other person to enter.

Kasukabe’s face peeked in, opening the door to the size of a crack before pushing it fully to enter Izayoi’s guest room with a tensed expression. And in her hand, was a small package.

Seeing Yō’s expression, Izayoi immediately figured out the reason for her visit.

(……Is this about the headphones incident? )

It felt like a long time since that incident, he thought to himself as he rubbed his hair that stuck out stubbornly.

In the high humidity of [Underwood], his bed-hair was really troublesome, which would stick out in a mess from his head, just like a lion’s mane. The headphones were a tool used to clamp down the hair that stuck out…… In other words, there was no other reason for that item that can be more important than that. But, every time his gaze met with Kasukabe’s, she would always have that atmosphere and reaction of walking away as if she had just seen someone she wanted to avoid. In fact, her actions for this whole week could only be said to be very troubling indeed.

His good mood was affected by those reactions, but listening to the reasons offered by the defendant is also the obligation of the victim. So he propped himself up to put on a lofty expression.

“So, what’s the matter, at this time?”

He asked unceremoniously.

Yō sat on the ground in a seiza[1] position. Her expression was much more tense than normal, anyone would have been able to see how nervous she was then.

“Well….. Because of various matters that kept me busy, it’s a little later than intended. Actually, Izayoi’s headphones are destroyed during the invasion of the Titans,”

“Oi, the sequence of events are messed up. Start off with the reason for it being taken.”

Oh, Yō shrank in her seiza position.

Izayoi wasn’t angry, but he only wanted the events to be told in a chronological order. ……But according to her, it really was destroyed after all.

To prevent any misunderstandings, I would like to clarify it a little. Izayoi isn’t hung up about the headphones. But, it was just the passing though that “My hair wouldn’t stay down if I don’t have headphones” as he continued to listen to Yō’s sequence of events.

The incident of Calico Cat’s theft.

The incident of the Titan’s attack on the Harvest Festival.

And about the time that it was crushed under the collapsed dormitory.

Listening up to that part, Izayoi gave a bewildered sigh.

“……that sure makes you unfortunate to the point of dispelling any ill-feelings anyone can have against you.”

“Is, is that so?”

“Aahh. If it were the usual case, there would never be so many coincidences that would follow to that extent. From what I hear so far, I do not think that it is your fault at all, Kasukabe.” Izayoi said, intending to wrap up the whole topic as quickly as he can.

But Yō simply shook her head.

“That is not acceptable. The responsibility is mine. As the owner of Calico Cat, to simply end this incident would not be good for our relationship. As one who lives under the same roof, it is only right for me to display the minimum necessary etiquette as a member.”

……Uu, It was Izayoi’s turn to look at Yō clearly.

Izayoi finally caught on to the reason for Yō’s anxiety.

He did not expect to hear the words of “The responsibility is mine” to come from a girl who did not show much care about the things that happened around her. Although it was just a little, he did admire that resolve.

Yō mustered her momentum to push on with the topic.

“In addition, I’ve also heard from Leticia that those headphones were something made by a member of Izayoi’s family. Then, it should be more so for me.”

“Heh? If you put it that way, you sure did spend quite some time before coming to apologize, didn’t you?”

Yō shrank even further as Izayoi teased her.

“That is because…… it took quite a bit of effort to prepare as well as to set my resolve.”


“Mhm. To prepare an item to substitute the headphones. But due to a moment of carelessness, I’ve lost it then. ……To find that item, time passed and it was delayed for a week.”

Yō’s gaze suddenly became distant. Although the explanations have been left out quite a bit, but the problem was more than what meets the eye. The nekomimi headphones, which she had summoned, had already been found amongst the rubble of the Ancient Vampire City, safely intact. Yō had been very excited upon learning of its recovery, but after hearing word from Leticia about the story behind the headphone, the situation changed.

Leticia, who had heard the whole story of the theft and the nekomimi headphones, had looked at her with a disquieted expression while hugging her arms at her chest.

“……About those headphones, I think it would be better, no, absolutely do not give it to him.”

“It’s, It’s just as I thought right?”

“Aahh. Although I cannot guarantee about it…… it would be an irreparable mess if you were to anger him.”

“Is that so. Mhm, Izayoi looks really scary when he flies into rage.”

––-Hm? Leticia gave a baffled look.

But it seems that she did not have objections to the decision of “not giving it to him”.

Moreover, an idea of “Izayoi who likes to use nekomimi headphones” is a picture that is hard to imagine. It would be better not to douse more oil over the fire by keeping it from him.

“In the end, although I couldn’t prepare something to use as a replacement……but to delay it indefinitely would also be rude. So, I hope to compensate for it in this upcoming Harvest Festival…… Is that okay?”

Yō tilted her petite head.

Izayoi had a bitter smile that was a mix between surprise and admiration.

“Since you’ve considered about it that carefully, I will not have any objections. …… but Kasukabe, are you the kind to be so polite? According to my impression of you, you are a little more inconsiderate than this.”

“Mhm. Now, I’m in the process of my own self-reformation and will deny any praises. So, please look forward to the new me.”

*Bishi!* Giving a thumbs up, puffing up her chest and lifting her chin.

What is that? Izayoi controlled his urge to burst into laughter.

Part 3[edit]

“Actually, there’s also another matter.”

Yō relaxed her legs as her mind was now at ease after the topic of the headphones came to a close and the small parcel bought into the room was placed before her .

Within the small parcel was a golden yellow fruit and a red fruit which were purchased from the Harvest Festival.

“Although I’ve talked to Asuka before…… but it feels like we really do not know much about each other. Moreover, the three of us did not try to talk about those things right?”

“Mah, we have only known each other for three months after all. It is difficult to describe us as old acquaintances, right?”

“Nn. So tonight, we have the purpose of deepening our bonds and becoming harmonious in our relations. I think Asuka should also be coming over soon after preparing some kōcha[2].”

Just as Yō ended her words, the voice of Kudou Asuka could be heard from the other side of the door.

“Are you guys finished with your talk? I’ve brewed some kōcha, would you like to have a little break?”

“Ojou-sama, you’re just in time”

“Mhm, but my hands are full with the plates at the moment, could you help me open the door?”

"Don’t wanna!!!"

“Is that so? Thanks.”

… … … … .

… … … … … .

… … … … … … .

“––-Are you guys finished with your talk? I’ve brewed some kōcha, would you like to have a little break?”

“Ojou-sama, you’re just in time”

“Mhm, but my hands are full with the plates at the moment, could you help me open the door?”


The aroma of kōcha wafted lightly into the room as Yō opened the door.

Asuka must have mixed in other spices bought from the Harvest festival in this brewed tea. Even Yō, who wasn’t familiar about kōcha, could tell that this was of high quality.

However, for the person in question who had brought the kōcha over, Asuka, was had her veins popping at her forehead even while maintaining her smiling composure.

“What’s wrong, Kasukabe-san? If I continue to stand here in the corridors, this quality kōcha will turn cold and it would be such a waste. So, would you hurry up and get out of the way?”


Looks like someone got the time for jokes wrong there.

Asuka strode into Izayoi’s room and sat herself daintily on the chair that came with the furnishings of the guest rooms. Having placed the kōcha on the table, Asuka exchanged a glance with the two of them,

“Then, let’s start the first party among us Outlanders.”[3]

Oohh~, *Pak Pak*, Asuka and Yō started to clap.

Although Izayoi was bewildered at the girls’ team who had barged into his room to start this commotion, looking on the behalf of the good choice in kōcha and snacks, he decided to restructure his thoughts and accommodate their behavior for now.

“Mah, I’m alright with having this sort of thing being held in rooms other than your own, but since the hosts were by the girls’ team, I’ll be leaving the arrangements for the proceedings to you girls.”

“Of course. The topic has already been decided.”

“Mhm. The first topic of this party––––I guess it should be “the perspectives of our own era”.”

……Hueh? Izayoi gave a small cry in surprise.

Coming to terms with the suggestion that far exceeded his expectations, Izayoi couldn’t help but feel his curiosity lighted within him.

Being a party which he had assumed to be a high school girl’s standard of partying, it is no wonder that the unusual topic would pique Izayoi’s interest.

“That’s really unexpected. I thought that Ojou-sama and Kasukabe would not be interested in that sort of SF[4] topic.”

“Nope, that’s not true. When conversing with people living in different eras, wouldn’t you feel that it’s a very intellectual and amazing exchange?”

“Well, I’m not that interested. …… But from the vibes emitted from the two of you, I kind of get that I’ve been summoned from the distant future. And from the view that this could serve as a topic, I would believe that it is of some value.”

Kasukabe Yō, who claimed to be from the future, smiled as she looked at them in turn.

Having figured that Izayoi and Asuka gave off the vibes of people from the past, the two who were reflected in Yō’s eyes could very well be holding some commonalities.

“It’s a rare opportunity, so let’s start by the chronological order of our eras… …We will first start with Ojou-sama.”

“I see.”

Two pairs of eyes were then fixed upon Asuka.

––-Regarding Kudou Asuka, the others have only heard of her brief mention of being a “daughter[5] of a financial conglomerate”. But one cannot be certain about the way of life that she led other than the information about her being from an era marked the end of battles after the Second World War. It would then seem interesting in a certain sense.

But contrary to their interest in her story, Asuka had averted her gaze in shyness.

“Well, the suggestion is quite good…… but I’m not too clear about the trends of my time.”

“How is that so?”

“I remember mentioning it to you before, Izayoi-san. I’ve always been in the girls’ dormitory. For me, the place that I’ve lived in is only my main house and the girls’ dormitory. So, with regards to the Japanese way of life after the war, I’m really not too sure about it.”

Asuka gave a troubled laugh. A paradox of her name, she had been leading a life similar to a bird in a cage[6]. For her who had been living in a narrowed perspective of a closed off institution, this topic would be quite a challenge for her to present her available materials.

“It’s very unfortunate that I won’t be able to provide you guys with an interesting conversational material to start on. I can only provide information on things such as the Kudou family being one of the five greatest financial conglomerates or the rarely heard backdrop dealings for the maintaining of the conglomerate’s existence.”

“That actually sounds pretty interesting in its own way as well.” Izayoi broke into a laugh.

But suddenly, Izayoi asked in a very concerned manner.

“……I say, Ojou-sama. The Kudou financial conglomerate, is it on a scale large enough to represent a Japanese financial conglomerate?”

“That’s right, it seems to be the case. If even I, who am sickened by the association to my family, sees it in that way. Then it might be seen to be larger in scale to others.”


Tilting and bending his head down, Izayoi went into a pensive state.

Beside him, Yō raised her hand to pose a question for Asuka.

“Then, there’s still another question. Is it true that females of the Shōwa period are not supposed to wear clothes that reveal anything above the knees? So there’s no miniskirts and shorts?”

“Of course. Kasukabe-san and Kuro Usagi should be more mindful about keeping a maiden’s sense of shame about these things.”

The female representative of the Shōwa period dropped the sharp comment.

Putting aside the residents living in the humid climate of [Underwood], the scene of females of the peaceful East Side revealing their legs excessively was something that Asuka would have difficulty in understanding.

But Yō, who preferred to wear clothes that permitted ease of mobility, did not intend to change and allowed Asuka’s words to brush pass her ears.

“Last question. From the perspective of a person from the Shōwa period, what do you think of the world of Little Garden?”

“I think it is a wonderful place. The water tree that grows astride the river and the residents who live in it. These are all things which would have been unimaginable in our world.”

Asuka summed it up as that.

And Yō nodded her head in agreement.

But after hearing Asuka concluding it as such, Izayoi’s expression was slightly pained.

“…… Ojou-sama. Those words just now, could it be an absolute term that encompasses everything in our world?”

“Mhm, Mhm, that’s the idea of my words.”

“Then I shall beg to differ. After all, although we definitely do not have a large tree that spans across a river’s flow……but we do have things that are on par with it in our world.”

Those words were seemingly said in an attempt to defend their homeland.

Truly, there did not exist a rule breaking miracle such as the Great Tree…… but there exists things of the same level and Izayoi’s eyes were giving off a reproachful glare.

Even though Asuka knew about Izayoi’s erudite side, a look of surprise was still present in her eyes upon hearing that.

“We have something as incredible as [Underwood] in our world?”

“Aahh. Though I may say so, it actually did not exist during Ojou-sama’s era yet.”

Asuka furrowed her brows at that. Then, how would I have known, was most likely the meaning expressed from her reaction.

Even Yō, who was munching away on a fruit, had tilted her petite head as she asked Izayoi.

“Did not exist yet, would that refer to a man-made structure? Like the Sky Tree[7] or something along those lines?”

“Absolutely not those. How can I compare those sort of things with this? To use it as a subject for comparison would be far too strange. Since we are using this Great Tree and its river as the subject of comparison, wouldn’t it be strange if we didn’t match it to a similar river landscape?”

The two others were gazed at each other as the queries continued to multiply in their heads.

Even their gazes were steadily clouded by doubt.

“…… That sort of thing, does it really exist?”


“Then it’s your turn, Izayoi. Hope you will tell us more about that.”

Yō readjusted her posture to display an attitude of attentive listening. Beside her, Asuka had also done the same.

Izayoi was a little hesitant but if he were to retreat now after bringing up the topic, it would not be off the mark to describe him as having lost the battle.

(Although this would surely touch on stuff about Canaria…… Mah, I guess it doesn’t matter. )

Deciding on a direction and acting fast on it are merits of Izayoi’s character.

Izayoi stared emptily at the ceiling, seemingly in his reminiscence about the past.

Part 4[edit]

––-What Izayoi had recalled as he recounted were his younger days when he had travelled with Canaria.

“Izayoi-chan, I shall take the opportunity to say this: Fun and fascinating stuff will not come to you by themselves. So you will have to go in search for them.”

Canaria, whose Konpeitō-like[8] hair swayed as she moved, had only puffed up her chest while saying lots of things that were nice to hear as she brought Izayoi out of Japan from that day onwards to tour the world.

……In retrospect, it sure is a memory of a journey that was totally random. At that time, the choice of destinations had been based on a whim and they would just journey to the country without a plan.

However, the initial destinations of the journey seemed to be a decision made by Canaria.

The first stop was at the South American continent. Moving along uncharted paths, the destination was to be the huge river which could serve as a national border.

Known to be the large in scale, the world’s three biggest waterfalls.

Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls and Iguazu Falls were collectively referred to as the world’s three biggest waterfalls. And amongst them, the Iguazu Falls was known to be the largest in scale with a large waterfall prized for its magnificent view which is also known as the “Iguazu Devil”.

The Great waterfall, which has several tonnes of water volume flowing down per second, was a power unfathomable to be shouldered by Man in addition to its fearsome form. Moreover, within the Iguazu Fall’s plunge pool which is impossible to survive upon entering, Man have also found a mysterious existence which is termed in fearful reverence as ––- the devil.

Part 5[edit]

“……That devil, is on par with [Underwood]?”

“No, that’s not possible. It really is a grandiose sight but regarding this point, the Great Tree would still be in the lead. Moreover, I’ve leapt into the plunge pool to see for myself……but there wasn’t anything that could even faintly resemble a devil.”

Regarding Asuka’s question, Izayoi squinted in disappointment as he continued his story.

Part 6[edit]

––-The “Iguazu Devil” had been Izayoi’s first magical moment of witnessing a mystery of the stars after the meeting with Canaria. And that day’s experience was surely be one that would be remembered for all his life.

The vastness of the world and the insignificance of his existence in comparison.

The sight that turned the tables for his haughty pride.

But what came into the sight of that young lad were the emerald shadows that flittered along the aquamarine river banks and the huge volume of water flow that seemed like the life source of the Stars that ran through the arterial channels. Its mystical value was a huge impact for Izayoi who had always grown up in the little garden known as Japan.

Even though he possessed a superhuman strength, Izayoi of that time was still just a ten year old lad.

Izayoi who still possessed the narrow and naïve perspective at that time, had experienced the magnificent and mysterious atmosphere surrounding the Iguazu Falls and that awoke a desire and hope within him.

Carrying the hope that there might be a possibility of an existence, a monster , whom he could fight on par with––- a “devil”.

But that first expectation carried by that young soul was completely shattered in the next moment.

Part 7[edit]

Within the deep abyss that was unmarred by the presence of Man, it was just a normal waterfall plunge pool even after the unwrapping of its mysterious cover.

The existence of the “devil” hidden within the Great falls had only taken a moment––-to leave Izayoi disappointed.

“……Huh? Could it be that my misfortune with water had started from that time onwards?”


“Aahh, no. Nothing.”

If he were to continue thinking in that direction, it might be possible that the memories of having his misfortunes with water would only come to the fore front of his mind and it was important for him to give priority to the topic of the party for now.

Part 8[edit]

Izayoi had leapt spiritedly into the pool but the feeling of disappointment was just as great. After surfacing from the waterfall, he did not even consider getting up to the river bank but allowed the Iguazu’s flow to carry him downstream.

Floating like a withered drift wood carried by the flow of the river, Izayoi had floated all the way to the bank of the Paraná River’s confluence[9]. Seeming to have foreseen this outcome, Canaria was seen to be sitting on a blue cloth in wait for his arrival.

Canaria tried to dry out the hair of the thoroughly soaked Izayoi with a towel from her bag while asking about his thoughts.

“How was it? Have you met the “Iguazu Devil”?”

……Aahh. The truth was really boring to the maximum.

“Ahaha—so it’s just as I thought—how could the devil or something similar exist there right––?” Just after his irritated complain, the smelly obaa-san had cheerfully rubbed salt to his wounds.

Although Izayoi was still young, he wasn’t a child who would daydream about fantasies. The sacredness felt by humans were only just illusions with a dab of cosmetics. That was something that he already knew from the beginning.

For Izayoi who possessed congenital talents gifted to him, he was more familiar about mysteries than anyone else.


Or maybe –– it was precisely because of that that he aspired towards it. In any case, the “Devil” was proven to be non-existent. And just when he thought that “there’s no more reason for me to be in this place anymore”, and faced his back to the river ––

“Then, let’s go see the real mystery.”

––what? Izayoi immediately let out that sound in surprise.

What came next was the main event and Canaria pulled Izayoi’s hand to start on the journey after saying those words.

Those words had really stumped him and he conceded to allow Canaria to pull him along.

Following the frothing river’s bank as they proceed, they walked upstream from the confluence.

During that time, the duo were repetitively praising the scenery’s beauty or commenting on the occasional wild bird that they had not seen before and similar dialogues that had no nutritional value to it, while making their way towards the destination.

As the street lights began to come on one after another, Canaria pointed to them while posing a question.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v8 p128.jpg

“Izayoi-chan, what do you think about these street lights and those lights in the city?”


“At first, I’ve disliked those very lights you know? These lights have hidden the atmosphere of the night time and blocked out the radiance of the stars. It has also defeated the fundamental unease that is supposed to come with the darkness. It’s almost like a proclamation to all that colors only exist in the human communities.”


Artificial light that flooded the world.

It wasn’t a metaphor nor was it referring to anything else. As long as human history continues to be written, the radiance emitted from this planet would always be controlled by the humans. And that was incontestable. To which Izayoi agreed by nodding his head.

“Fufu. But that seems to be my shallow perspective. Even though I had intended to accumulate various experiences, but my thoughts are still too shallow. ……Mhm. Humans sure are great.”

Canaria then cheerfully strode forth, while bobbling her Konpeitō-like head.

Canaria, who was elegantly dressed in her coat, led Izayoi to a place approximately thirty kilometers away from the Iguazu Falls— the Itaipu power plant.

Approximately eight kilometres along the Paraná River, the hydroelectric dam stored up several tonnes of water flow before a controlled release that led to the large amount of spray and mist emitted from the foot of the dam.

Canaria overlooked the dam from the shore and pointed towards the man-made gargantuan wall while letting out a laugh.

“Wuah! It’s really big and wide! Izayoi-chan, the top of this power station is a gargantuan wall that can’t be seen!” Acting like an excited kid, she pointed towards the power station.

Gazing up at the huge man-made dam, Izayoi suddenly looked at his own two hands.

— The hands of humans, can actually construct such a huge object? “The Heavens cannot create another that stands above me”, Izayoi had used that sarcasm. But this structure had been constructed by that sort of humans had caused him to feel an unexpected lift in his heart that moved him to his core, which was much different than the feelings of seeing the Iguazu Falls and he couldn’t help clenching his fists.

This sort of technical expertise in technology was something that would not be obtainable from a sudden evolution in an “individual”. That was a testament of an accomplishment that was only possible from a “species”, Humans, who have exhausted the evolutions in the Phylogenetic Tree.

“Mhm. It’s much grander and satisfying than I imagined it to be. It really is purely astounding. To be able to create the radiance of civilization in this sort of place, there’s no harm giving them the acknowledgment right? Harvesting the fresh flow of the river and converting it into the radiance of the stars. Doesn’t it feel poetic?”


The streetlights that were still visible from here.

The radiance that resided within the city streets.

The addition of all those where what Canaria described to be the radiance of the stars.

—The energy produced by the gargantuan wall, which looks like a towering cliff, is equivalent to ten times the amount produced by a nuclear plant. Converting thousands and millions of flowing water’s kinetic energy into a massive amount of power. If one were to convert the powers flowing within the natural world into lights for the city’s street lamps, and thus the radiance of the stars—

“—Izayoi-chan. This is the wind that blows in your current era, the modern age alchemy……!”[10]

Canaria was gazing at the man-made gargantuan wall while giving a narrative that seemed to portray her pride. Facing her back to the dazzling water scenery that danced in the backdrop, Canaria gave a smile that seemed to be a silent blessing for the advancements of human kind.

Part 9[edit]

After completing his story, he clapped his hands once to signify the end.

“And as I’ve mentioned above, that is our Human’s milestone of prosperity that does not lose to [Underwood]. ……So how is that? Even if it is just a rough description of it, it should already give the impression of being on par with this Great Tree water arena right?”

“……Uu, Mhm, Mhm.”

Contrary to Izayoi’s posture of raising his head while puffing up his chest, Asuka had given a muffled reply. It must have been the shock and disbelief that something like that would actually be constructed in the later eras.

Yō, who sat cross legged on the floor, had nodded her head meaningfully while muttering in a soft voice that couldn’t be heard by the others.

“Is that so…… in Izayoi’s era, the Itaipu relics were still operating.”

“Mhm? Did you say something?”

“No, nothing. But come to think about it, Izayoi’s foster mother seems to be quite a really spirited individual. It kind of make me want to meet her.”

“I guess so. If it weren’t for her, I would have been bored to death a long time ago.”

“Is that so……? That really makes others envious of you. If I had been picked up by her, maybe I would have become like Izayoi-san and learnt about various stuff.”

Asuka pouted her lips, seemingly in a little tantrum.

On the other hand, Izayoi only laughed loudly in reply.

— On a side note, the story mentioned earlier also has a continuation to it.

Izayoi who was greatly excited after that had his interest stimulated and blew apart the huge wall of the dam that was similar to a citadel. Obviously, that caused the power station to stop functioning and led to a power stoppage for a large portion of the country. The duo who have been termed as terrorists had quickly escaped the national borders and things up to here would be the completion of the story. But it would seem that this was omitted for this time.

“Lastly, we have finally come to the person of the future, Kasukabe to speak.”

“Mhm. But it’s quite late already.”

“I guess that’s true. We will also need to wake up early tomorrow, so let’s end it at this for today.”

Although it isn’t visible from the VIP quarters, the moon had already risen to the zenith of the night sky.

It was also common sense that it wasn’t good for two ladies to stay in a guy’s room too late into the night.

“Come to think about it, what have you girls been up to?”

“Well, it isn’t a big assignment. Although it is the acceptance of the request to go over to the construction, we are also unable to help out much at the place. So our main activity has been to act as lookouts for the Titans.”

“Mhm. I usually scout at the region of sea trees, helping to harvest the fruits. After all there are still some remnants of Perytons and Demonic beasts and it seems quite dangerous.”

Asuka and Yō had crossed their arms, hugging their chests, while looking troubled.

“Although Sala is still clearly in the process of recuperating, she continues to work without rest. Saying “There’s still a threat even if the Demon Lord’s game has ended, so how can I, as the representative lie here and rest?!” when she just got up.”

“Even the Demonic beasts are a menace, acting similar to the time with Percher as well. Although the curse of Black Death has been release, we had found a sizeable quantity of rats that can allow the disease to incubate in their bodies, right?”

  • Hueh*, Izayoi gave a direct expression of surprise.

Thinking back about the matter, the old grudge of the Titans could also be counted as the aftershocks after the previous Demon Lord’s game. To be on the guard for the second or third wave of disasters would also be the responsibilities of the [Floor master].

“Come to think about it, the circus Community that we have fought in the past. Was that also another legacy left behind by the Demon Lord?”

“According to Shiroyasha, it would seem to be so. Similar to the grimoire of Hamelin, it was a stage that continues to function even after the defeat of the Demon Lord.”

“But that mobile circus was quite interesting as well.”

— It was roughly before the Harvest Festival.

Without a fixed Community territory and with just a mobile tent, the circus Community toured the lands of Little Garden and arrived in the East Side. And with its arrival in the East Side that lacked entertainment, the circus troop had struck up a commotion.

In actual fact, it as a circular mobile arena that was used to draw audiences into participating in games.

“It would seem that that’s the only one that is still operational. If only all remnants were like that, it wouldn’t get boring.”

“If those victims were to hear of it, they would definitely be in a rage. But I guess, I won’t deny that.”

Yō and Izayoi suppressed their urge to laugh as they nodded to each other.

Asuka gave a big yawn and covered her mouth in embarrassment. After her work in the day, it was about time for her drowsiness overtake her senses as well.

Drooping her shoulders as it was a pity to be ending so soon, she initiated the last topic.

“Then to wrap things up for tonight, let’s have Kasukabe-san talk on this topic. Please tell me a type of “trend in Kasukabe-san’s era”.”

“……trend? Does it refer to clothes and such?”

“Although anything is fine, but it would be best if you could name a trend that would best give the imagery of Kasukabe as a person of the future.”

Izayoi gave her one of his frivolous smiling gazes. It was a really mean move that embodied the notion of doubt on Yō’s word to be from the future due to the lack of evidence.

Yō hugged herself as she thought carefully.

— A short and succinct trend that would be able to distinguish her era from the get go.

The difficulty of the topic was high but Yō’s mind was clear tonight.

“……I got it. Then, would it be okay to be an accessory?”

“Of course.”

Asuka gave her approval.

Izayoi had also given a surprised nod.

“Good. Then,….I shall introduce you to the headphones that are all the rage in my era.”

Hah? Izayoi couldn’t help but allow a cry to escape from his mouth.

That reaction clearly indicated the doubt about headphones being able to become a trend, but Yō did not mind as she placed her hands above her ears—

“In my era—Usagimimi Headphones, is a trend throughout the world.”

*Bishi*! The hands were made to represent rabbit ears.

The eyes of the other two were as round as saucers—and it wasn’t long before there was an uncontrollable laughter filling the room.

Within the minds of those two, who were laughing to the point of having stitches on their sides, the same image was brought forth.

The same image was that of a world with plenty of people looking similar to Kuro Usagi, the symbol of dedication[11].

The other part was that regardless of the truth in Yō’s words, if it were true that Usagimimi headphones ever became the trend of the era…

Then that would be a peaceful era and one that would be filled with laughter even if a chopstick were to fall off the table. That sort of ironic praise was also embodied within their hilarious outburst of laughter.

The laughter of Sakamaki Izayoi and Kudou Asuka resounded in the night from the Great Tree as the surface of the river continued to ripple.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. [magrefnotes: seiza- also known as the proper sitting(direct translation)]
  2. [magrefnotes: kōcha means black tea, direct translation would be red tea, it means the same anyways.]
  3. [magrefnotes: I’m not sure what to translate it to, so I’ve translated it as Outlanders.]
  4. [magrefnotes: it was used as SF. So I’m leaving it in the abbreviation. Science Fiction (SF)]
  5. [magrefnotes: the daughter word was only part of the meaning, the term was qian jin xiao jie, which can also mean a daughter brought up in riches, getting what she wants and other various connotations, but seeing how the context of Asuka doesn’t seem to meet up to the expectations of getting things the way she want, I just left it as daughter.]
  6. [magrefnotes: Asuka is written as Flying birds in chinese characters. should be the same for japanese… :p]
  7. [magrefnotes:]
  8. [magrefnotes: Konpeitō is some kind of Japanese colored sweets that have no flavors to them]
  9. [magrefnotes: a confluence is an intersection of which two smaller streams join to make a larger river. In this case, it is two rivers joining to make a larger river. :p]
  10. [magrefnotes: I notice that they always have this sound effect after Canaria’s words that go something like oh, but I have not translated that, could someone get me the jap equivalent for it?]
  11. [magrefnotes: will reserve this portion for change… dedication seems wrong… self sacrifice would be bad as well and the other word is devotion, may have to think up an alternative to all those.]