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Chapter 1[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The top of the volcano peak, unmarked [Geass roll] rained down from the skies.

No markings for any trial synopsis.

No names to specify the participants.

Even the hoster's declaration was not on it.

The only thing recorded on the parchment was the flag of [ 恶 ].

Geass rolls were not issued by anybody, nor written by someone.

To spread around the contracts in this world, those trivial things were unnecessary.

Those contracts had been in existence since the day the world split. Eliminating the need to record any synopsis for the trials. Residents of this world had always been aware of these details.

—From the active volcano, hot wind blew out.

Emerging from the cauldron of hell, the high-ranking Maou who "will not live under the same sky with one's enemy".

Thou, prayed to be a monster who "turned to evil", the three pair of ruby eyes shined, accompanying the resonating bell, the battle began.

『Give your all, It's been hundreds of years, hero !!!!

Exhaust all your strength!!!

Muster all your resourcefulness!!!

Show me your reckless courage— become a glorious sword that will pierce my heart!!!』

" !? "

The death scythe passed by where his head had been a few millimeters away.

It was a miracle that Sakamaki Izayoi was able to avoid that, or maybe it was just his character that was usually accumulated. The pure white ferocious nails contained an immense destructive power to kill that Izayoi could even feel it with the naked eye. The remainder of the nails instantly blew away the wreckage of the palace, cutting into the ground.

After being cut, the cracked earth lamented, creating a cliff that can give anyone an illusion that it would lead to hell. Lava poured out of the peak and filled the cracks. It was even suitable to call the currently boiling surface the kiln of hell.

(Damn, this is not the time to be seeing revolving lanterns[1].)

Izayoi motivated himself. The death match had officially begun.

Izayoi used the backlash to gain some distance. Using a posture to jump strenuously, the results were that his abdomen had started bleeding and blood swarmed to his throat.

Kneeling on the ground while gazing upwards at the three-headed dragon and Demon Lord, Izayoi swallowed his breath and blood back while looking at the bone chilling figure.

(Demon Lord Aži Dakāha........this is truly the strongest species.....!!!)

Strongly holding onto his disabled hand, he trembled in the presence of the enemy's strength. If it was what Izayoi had theorized, this enemy is truly a [Demon Lord] that rivaled gods.

—[Zoroastrianism (Zoroastrian)]. To make clear of the Magianism reasoning, having a specific cosmology group faction for gods. A [Demon Lord] in the position of the Hebrew's old testament and Buddhism, but the spirit power this three-headed dragon had was in an even higher level than the two specified.

What the latter said was that the [Demon Lord] prepared a position to have hostility against gods. Therefore, its will and fundamental purpose was malicious. A significant example would be the opposition between gods and devils in The Bible. The essence of the opposition between Gods and Devils were anti-institutional, the viciousness that both humans and social evil possess.

However, for the [Zoroastrianism] Demon Lord, it being evil did not stem from its purpose.

The maliciousness and sense of purpose, became different from the latter Maou's decision.

This three-headed dragon that was a [Zoroastrianism] Demon Lord,— the evil was born because it was his desire, volatilizing to be a tyrant Demon Lord.

(Completely in a different league with Pest, Saurian Demon King and the Demon Lords Alliance. The purpose of his existence did not degenerate into a Demon Lord. Because he didn't commit any sins—this guy, will dominate as a Demon Lord.....!!!)

Three pairs of eyes, six pupil that flashed with a ferocity radiance. In a retrospect, Izayoi had never tried fighting with the strongest species before.

The star-class Algol was enslaved in an incomplete form.

The Giant dragon that fell into a runaway possessed no intellect.

For Sakamaki Izayoi, this was his first time having a deathmatch with one of the strongest species.

(What to do!? How to fight!? My right hand is completely unusable and my left hand will only suffer the same fate if I punch him......)

Battling with the Highness, his body was in a death frequency. Not just his right hand, his upper and lower body kept screaming. Izayoi continued to bleed while thinking at the fastest speed of the ace strategy for victory.

But the enemy would not give him that kind of time.

Running through the pile of wreckage, the three-headed dragon made a creaking sound. Catching Izayoi with his ruby red eyes, he spread his wings and ascended to the skies.


The cry even repelled back the approaching lava wave.

Currently facing no possibility for any chance of winning. Izayoi felt mortified, but he still went the opposite direction where Amalthea was running away from the three-headed dragon.

"Stop looking down on humans.....Lizard!"

His leg muscles that wouldn't admit defeat, he ran in a straight line heading for the volcano peak.

With his footing that seemed to be sinking into the sea of lava for every jumps, he pulled the distance away from the three-headed dragon. This was the best strategy to win, but the three-headed dragon gave a sly smile and snorted.

—Tearing him, the three-headed dragon raised it's right hand and ordered.

In a moment, an unbearable pain came from behind Izayoi. It was a feeling as if a sharp knife slashed him from his shoulder down to his waist.


What had happened, it was definitely not a cognitive blow.

Looking back, the three-headed dragon was still in the wreckage of the palace. A considerate distance away from Izayoi who was sprinting towards the volcano peak. If it was the ferocious claws from before, there should've been traces of it on the ground, but there were none.

And the injury behind was not shallow. Even the battle-weary Izayoi could not help but keel over, sweating profusely while staring at the three-headed dragon.

(What.........kind of gift was used.....!?)

Cross-referencing with the legends related to Aži Dakāha in his mind. But it could not be identified.

The legend was about a Maou who performed thousand kinds of magic, but there was no detailed records of it in books. Even the knowledgeable Izayoi could not do anything to something that wasn't recorded.

Nevertheless, in order to obtain the only intelligence, Izayoi forcibly pressed down on his wounded shoulders.

The wound and the laceration caused by the slash resembled each other. Momentarily chasing off [Something] from the slashing incident into the corner of his mind, Izayoi generally stood up.


The three-headed dragon pointed at emptiness, before making horizontal strokes.

Suddenly, the wings that stood behind the three-headed dragon's back started to change shape. Or it may not be a wing from the very start. Freely changing the shape of the black edge. Izayoi perceived the true colors behind the slash while trembling.

(The dragon shadow similar to Leticia's.....! ! This is the true face behind that slash!)

But comparing with the speed and accuracy of the dragon shadow Izayoi was familiar with, it was completely different.

Just when Izayoi was aware of the shadow blade, it was already closing in to his eyes. Although Izayoi reflexively dodged backwards , he still could not avoid the blade rubbing his cheek.

Second, third, relentlessly chasing after Izayoi, trying to snipe him off.

Like scattering rain, the blade attacked like a storm. With every hit bearing the power for an instant kill. If a dodge was made a few milliseconds later, decapitation would surely happen.

Flogging his heavily injured body, constantly rolling on the ground to escape.

The earth heated by the lava looked as red as a melting iron. Even when he kept receiving minor burns and wounds with the constant tumbling, Izayoi's eyes remain unyielding.


Accepting the unyielding gaze, the three-headed dragon snorted. And twisting its long neck, with the three pairs of eyes locked on Izayoi, the three-headed dragon quickly drew closer.

With a burly body twice the size of Izayoi, yet he used speed superior to Izayoi's to close up the distance.


The burly body suddenly appeared from somewhere out of his perception. Even though Izayoi was mortally wounded, the opponent was undeniably faster than him.

(Damn..........this really sucks......!)

He knew that it was strong. But Izayoi did not think that the power of its strength was actually this huge.

Overlooking Izayoi with its eyes of ruby, as if confirming the situation, the three-headed dragon muttered.

『……Yes. Before the fight with me, your body was already approaching death. If you were not injured, you could have been able to escape.』

"Wha, what are you saying....!!!"

Commiseration was included in its voice. Those words said by the three-headed dragon was full of pity. But instantly understanding the true meaning of his words, Izayoi gritted his teeth in humiliation.

—If you were not injured, you could have been able to escape.

That is—not being able to match even at his full potential— meaning

From the start, the three-headed dragon never doubted his victory, the thought of losing never crossed his mind. That was the arrogance that Izayoi had carried when he arrived in Little Garden, always feeling pity for his surroundings.

The strong will inherently be the strong. So the weak will always be helpless.

Such similar values and philosophy, but now the Maou was severely trampling him underfoot.

( that's how it is. This really, pisses me off.....!!!)

Due to mortification, Izayoi was trembling. Unable to bear the anger that he had never experienced before in his 17 years, he abruptly stood up, forgetting the pain in his wounds.

His life full of sympathy, of lacking in compassion. Never expecting that he would be on the verge of dying for once.

With the negative feeling that he had never felt before, Izayoi smiled while holding onto his broken right hand.

"Thanks for the as thanks, I think I can still struggle a while more....!!!"

Mustering all his strength to stand up, he used unbending eyes to stare into those ruby eyes.

However, this was his last resistance.

The blood seeping out from his flanks and back had already forced him to be in the realm of unconsciousness.

Letting Izayoi stand up, with a fighting spirit that would not yield.

The three-headed dragon along with its three pairs of ruby eyes, gazed at Izayoi—suddenly, a malicious smile appeared from its mouth.

『I see. Your fighting spirit, is commendable. It seems as if violence can't subdue you— so, how do you feel about this despair?』

Raising its white claws, the three-headed dragon dug the claws into its shoulders.

Huge amount of blood started gushing out, dyeing the upper body of the three-headed dragon red. The blood trickled unto the ground, before it started to move suspiciously as if gaining life.

The earth, lava, deadwood started to change shape to be a two-headed dragon after bathing in Aži Dakāha's blood.

Witnessing this move, Izayoi started to feel anxious on top of trembling. That sight was too abnormal for anyone. Devouring the earth, two-headed dragons started to appear— all of them, exuded a sense of coercion that rivaled gods.

(This guys.........avatar of the Divine Class!? The one that Shiroyasha defeated!)

When [No Name] and [Underwood] was fighting, 5 dragons attacked the eastern district. Izayoi was told that they were the subs of Aži Dakāha's body.

After obtaining the characteristics of ferrite, the two-headed dragons emitted out an even more ominous gesture.

The right head of the three-headed dragon, issued an order.

『A goat, two females fled. Go kill them.』


Words that were unexpected, caused Izayoi to be on a defensive posture. However, Izayoi who was riddled with gaping wounds was unable to prevent the two-headed dragon from going. Like a fired arrow, three dragons flew down the mountain.

Blocking Izayoi who thought of chasing after them, the three-headed dragon displayed the flag behind his back and roared.

『Okay, what should you do, human? Gaining time would be meaningless now. Want to save your comrades, the only route is to destroy me.』

"—Stop joking around, you ground lizard!!!"

Izayoi intolerably yelled. It was not the time to talk about the injuries already. Rising from the situation where he was heading towards death, Izayoi jumped towards the three-headed dragon.

Enduring the regurgitating blood from coming, he used his left hand to hit the giant's stomach. Punching faster than the one before, he didn't mind even if his fist broke.

Giving a blow that was equivalent to a double-edged sword, he self-mutilated to deliver a deep punch in to the huge body.


A bitter voice slightly leaked out of the three-headed dragon.

However, Izayoi overrode the impact suffered from the reaction force.

Punching deeply into the abdomen, Izayoi found out that there was a secret hidden in the three-headed dragon's body.

(How heavy......! Definitely, not a body mass a three meter body should have......!!!!)

Izayoi's fist that could be compared to the planetary crustal movement couldn't even generate a slightest tremor.

Although it wasn't known what gift it had, but the three-headed dragon had the quality of a continent or something equivalent to a continent concentrated in his mere three meters of body. It was of course inevitable that his fist would be crushed.

Droplets of blood sprayed out from his broken fist. The generated severe pain, was suppressed with intense passion and male blood.


The indomitable fists that kept striking. Each time, accompanied by blood.

The atmosphere affected by the storm of hundreds of punches in under one second could be seen, even the lava waves were being overturned. Izayoi's foothold could not withstand the power of his might and started sinking in. Despite the onslaught of Izayoi's punches, the three-headed dragon only shook slightly.

Unable to determine the quality of the three-headed dragon, even Izayoi's fist which could even shake the stars did not stir the dragon up. The punches that were in the third cosmic speed kept hitting the belly of the three-headed dragon.


One step, the three-headed dragon placed its right foot backwards.

Izayoi did not let go of this subtle body movement.

The target of the fists changed from the abdomen to the left head, after three punches, forcefully turn the neck down. Although it was unlikely to have toppled it, but going through untold successful balance disruption, overwhelming it at the right time.

Towards the sitting three-headed dragon, this was a final showdown to Izayoi.

(Right now—if I miss this moment, I will never win......!!!)

The crushed right hand, put up an aurora.

Showing something to crush the dragon, the gift that can split the dead world.

With an aurora appearing on his right hand that could eliminate the stars in the night sky, turned into a huge pillar that reached up the sky.

Able to penetrate the sky in Little Garden, in front of the gift where the omniscient demon could only call it as a [Code Unknown], the eyes of the three-headed dragon started to shake because of the shock.


Wrong. Not only were the ruby eyes shaking.

With the three-headed dragon as the center, the earth and atmosphere vehemently rumbled. Only whirlpools started concentrating on the three-headed dragon's palms, producing a hot sphere.

『[Avesta][2] activate ─── rival and return, [Another Cosmology]......!!!』

Heat more intense than the mountain of flowing lava.

Standing in front of the heat that was enough to scorch his skin, Izayoi sucked in cool air.

(What........burning gift is that........?)

No matter how much destructive power, it was not to be feared. The [Aurora Pillar] in Izayoi's hands could not be defended by anything in material world.

As if pulling the handle of the light, Izayoi swung it down towards the three-headed dragon's heart.

Holding the compressed spheres in it's hand that were as bright as day, the three-headed dragon took the blow.

Originally it was thought that the ball would disappear upon contact with the aurora, but the aurora and the sphere interweave together to release an even greater heat.

"—Damn, this can also do it, bastard....!!!"

Injecting all the power into the pillar on his right hand and pushing it down.

But the burning sphere constructed by the three-headed dragon caused an even greater momentum, releasing a more shiny radiance.

The strong repulsive force released by the two burning spheres slowly turned into a ball of light, distorting the surrounding light with the power of its swirl.

The aurora as well as the hot lava waves was sent flying, the aftermath was the destruction of the volcano peak. The vortex with power that could even be compared to the collision between stars crushed all creation at once.

The rubble surrounding the two started to decompose to something smaller than an atom.

In the blurry vision, Izayoi saw the evil smiling Maou.

『It ended, divine son of the new era. With you——it is not enough to defeat the flag of [ 恶 ].』

The aurora pillar and burning star simultaneously smashed.

Watching the aftermath, Izayoi floated in the air like dust....

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. Something you'd see before you die
  2. Avesta, the holy book of Zoroastrianism, Iran's most ancient literature. This masterpiece of the era is a book, although difficult to determine, but at least can be traced back to ten centuries ago. Adequately reflecting this ancient classics is their venerable ancestor the heroic, courageous, pure, honest, tolerant and optimistic virtue, reflecting their world view on all things wise, and show them to the world prosperity and happiness of human life while fighting off enthusiasm