Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo:Volume 11 Afterwords

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Many thanks to all who have gotten themselves a copy of the modern comical fiction based on the hot-blooded imaginations of a different world—<Mondaiji-Tachi ga Isekai kara kuru Soudesu yo?>.

I would like to offer my thanks here to all who have helped me in completing this volume within the tight schedule. A very big thank you for you guys! Indeed, I would not be able to meet the deadlines otherwise!

Next, we are just a volume away from the end of the first arc. The next volume will be the conclusion to the long-running Alliance Flag arc and the Azi Dahaka arc with an open air onsen Game!

The main stage will be at the male’s bath!!!

I really am Taro Tatsunoko who’s really the idea some serious thought. But I’ve not been able to get into the bath house. No, it’s not me, I meant the main characters. No, wait, it’s also possible to sneak into that Stage from the backstage right?

Anyways, the next volume will be the conclusion of the story. It is estimated to be released in stores by winter, so please continue to take care of the problem children then.

Taro Tatsunoko.