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Chapter 1[edit]

Part 1[edit]

[No Name]s Base of operation, Entrance Hall.[1]

Afterwards, the Senior Group who had their lunch and the maid group gathered in the Entrance Hall of the Headquarters. The duo who were also worn out from Leticia’s Maid Game had also obediently joined the lines.

Upon confirming the attendance of everyone, Jin took a step forward to announce the arrangements for the days to come.

“I guess you would already have heard……Percher and I will be setting out to Outer Gate number 54545 which is managed by [Salamandra].”

“And written in the extended invitation to us is as such: ‘Please join us in the [Floor Master]s’ Convention’. Of which such an act could be said to be an unprecedented treatment to us, [No Name]s.”

Hearing Leticia’s supplement to his words, the Senior Group children were thrilled.

The Convention was to be held in the far off North Side territories but the people attending the event would be slightly different from the previous Conventions.

The Strongest Master, Shiroyasha had already resigned from her post two months ago.

The motives of the mysterious enemies known as the Demon Lord Alliance were still unknown and it seems that only rumors of its existence had spread. Hence, to decide on their course of action from now on, the Masters of the different sectors had decided to host this Convention. And since the [No Name]s had crossed paths with the Demon Lord Alliance twice and had also defeated both Demon Lords sent their way, they were also invited to join the Convention.

“Three days ago, Izayoi-san and the others have already left for Outer Gate number 54545. And we also plan to meet up with them later in the day. The expedition this time might be the longest one yet and I hope that everyone will be prepared to protect our Community.”

“‘ “‘ “‘ Understood ! ! ! ‘” ‘” ‘”

After the response that was loud enough to cause ears to ring, the Senior Group had noisily departed to start their tasks for the day. Seeing how energetic these children were, it gave them a little reassurance that it wouldn’t be much of a problem with their departure. Only when Jin and Percher had seen off the last of the shadows of the departing children did they turn back to face Leticia and Shirayuki-hime who were also in-charge of looking after the house.

“Leticia-san, Shirayuki-sama, we will ask of you to look after our house.”

“Roger that……But with Shirayuki-san accompanying me, it wouldn’t be a problem no matter how many intruders try to infiltrate right?”

“Well, that’s difficult to say. After all by participating in this Convention, we of [No Name] will most likely become the target of the Demon Lords. At least until the return of Gry-sama who’s out on a mission, please do not let down on your guard.”

The two from the Maid group exchanged a glance and nodded at each other.

Feeling much at ease with them in-charge, Jin turned towards Percher.

“Well then, it’s time for us to make a move.”

“……let’s go quickly. It’s almost the time for the Astral Gate to close and there will be congestion with last minute stragglers.”

Percher who didn’t like crowds urged Jin to hurry up as she started to walk ahead.

Jin followed behind with a wry smile on his face as they left the Community’s Territory.

Part 2[edit]

—Little Garden, Outer Gate Number 54545, [Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames][2]

Having made their way through the Astral Gate of the East Side, a warm wind brushed their cheeks.

The huge chandelier that hung from the city’s centre swayed violently as the hot winds generated from the ironworks refineries blew at it from below.

The huge chandelier, which was fifty meters in diameter, drove off the cold in the North Side and kept it warm while dyeing the whole city in the color of dusk with the warm glow that it emitted.

“It never fails to astound me no matter how many times I’ve seen it. With just that chandelier, it’s able to prevent the cold from invading the city.”

“……Yeah, just what could that be made of?”

A voice echoed his thoughts from behind.

For her, who had once fought against the [Salamandra] forces to be able to set foot in the Territory of [Salamandra] once more, was all thanks to the achievements obtained by [No Name].

“Saurian Demon King of the East Side seems to have scheduled his arrival at the Convention tomorrow. So what are we going to do during the wait?” Percher gave a little stretch as she asked her Master to confirm the schedule for the next day.

“Well, there’s nothing much to do currently and it’s still in the preparation phase tomorrow. And the time for all the other Masters of the other regions to assemble would still be a week away, so there’s no problem with taking things slow.”

Having heard this information for the first time, Percher tilted her head unhappily.

“…… I guess I will also be thoroughly interrogated as well. What a bother.” She gave a sigh as she stared broodingly at the dusk colored skies.

“That can’t be helped. You are the only one who holds some information on the enemy and being the important source of information, we would naturally need your cooperation.”


*Hmph* Percher whipped her head away. With things the way they were, she no longer had any more regrets or hesitation to sell out information on her old allies……but there was another reason that made her unwilling to tell the whole truth.

(Putting aside Rin and Aura for now…… It’s best to keep the existence of His Highness a secret.)

Percher gave a listless sigh.

That white haired teen with golden irises was the commander behind Rin and Aura and the one whom the Demon Lord Alliance members call in an affectionate way as ‘His Highness’. For her own ambitions, Percher did not want to expose his identity.

Though that might be so, if she were to receive a command from her master, she would still be made to tell the whole truth. The contract itself was just that sort of nasty curse.

Jin being her Master gave a troubled and wry smile as he looked up once more at the chandelier.

For the cold and freezing North Side that was unfortunate to have nutrient leached soils, that chandelier would be a Gift equivalent to the Sun.

And it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that it was a Gift that represents the North Side’s Master, [Salamandra] for only a handful of Communities would be able to create such a large monument to encompass the region in its Gift.

“As expected of a Community that wa originally one of the four digits. To have such a huge monument, I guess even Jack and the others wouldn’t be able to create this right?”

“Yahoho? I won’t be so sure on that.”

Appearing from the flames of the torches hung along the corridor outside the Outer Gate was a huge ball of fire. The Pumpkin head Devil — Jack-O'-Lantern gave a cheerful laugh as he appeared before Jin.

And seated on his head was the leader of [Salamandra], Sandra Doltrake. Sandra, whose beautiful red hair was lightly swaying with the movement, brightened up immediately upon seeing Jin.

“Jin, it’s been a long time! I just knew that it was about time you arrived!”

“Mhm, it’s been a long time, Sandra. And Jack. What are you two doing?”

“We just came from the Workroom District after listening to the suggestions on the development of the new Gift.”

“Yahoho! We were just returning after the discussion when we spotted Jin-dono! As part of my own code of conduct, I needed to come greet you guys!”

Jack cheerfully laughed *Yahoho!*.

However in the next moment, the light in the hollows of Jack’s eyes narrowed to thin but intense slits as he continued,

“Compared to that……Jin Russel-dono. Insulting the Flag of Azure Flames will be quite troubling to me! Our Community’s techniques are good enough to create a Gift bigger than that chandelier!”

“Is…Is that for real?”

“Yahohoho! If it’s faulty, we will even replace it for you……Mah…but it’s just the problem of the cost of production that prevents us from doing so.” Nearing the end of his words, Jack suddenly turned his pumpkin head away. It was unknown whether it’s an act of regret or to hide his embarrassment but it was enough for Jin to realize that Jack had a fierce pride in his creations.

Sandra had also giggled happily by the side but that smile had also vanished from her face suddenly.

Her gaze was riveted on her former enemy—Percher, and she made a show of standing up slowly.

“……Oh, right. You have come as well, [Black Death Demon Lord].”

“Uu, Mhm. In the past two months, Percher had been together with us as a guard……”

“Oh, Sandra. Long-time no see. Your spiritual power seems to have grown quite a bit during that time as well huh?” Percher gave a leisurely smile while Sandra returned a piercing glare.

The childishness from before was long gone from her face and replacing it was the expression worthy of a Community Leader.

“On the other hand, your spiritual power seems to have diminished quite a bit. It’s so meager that it can’t be compared to your former God-class spirit level.—With just a blow, I would be able to reduce the current you into a pile of ash.”

“……Well, who knows about that? Sounds like some big words to me.”

Percher easily swatted back at Sandra who had tried to show her might with a condescending tone. But in reality, her current self didn’t have the right to retort like this.

The words she had said earlier weren’t just social pleasantries—Sandra’s spiritual power had indeed increased a few times since the last time she had battled against Percher.

(Hmph, to have defeated two Demon Lords, no wonder her power has risen this much.)

Just a few months ago, there had been Demon Lords appearing simultaneously in the East, North and South Sides.

[Salamandra] had also participated in that battle. In other words, it was [Salamandra] who defeated the Demon Lord by themselves.

The Dragon Horn of the Dragon King of the Stars and Seas was emitting a red glow and its majestic position that sat high on Sandra’s head did not seem to match the proportions of her body size. The Dragon Horn that possessed the Strongest Spiritual power had now become a part of her. It was not known what kind of trial that Sandra had to pass through but it was clear that there was an actual rise in power to an unbelievable level.

The current atmosphere was so charged that a spark would have set it off.

Jin frantically stood between them.

“Wa…Wait a moment! It would be problematic if you guys do something here……”

“ “ JIN! SHUT IT!” ”

Two voices from different directions shouted together. Jin could only shut his mouth at the order.

But his effort didn’t seem to be futile after all as Sandra withdrew her hostility as she gave a sidelong glance at Percher and Jin.

“……I guess you two should already know that by contracting a Demon Lord under you and to summon it once more, it is to atone for the sins that caused the branding. And before the atonement is completed, I will never recognize you for who you are. Otherwise—The five comrades whom you have killed, will never be able to rest in peace.”

“……Is that so? I will commit that to memory.”

In an instant, a shadow seems to have fallen over Sandra’s expression but she immediately turned around. And that must have been the reason for her hostility towards Percher.

Watching the lone figure of Sandra depart into the distance, no one knew how to break that silence then.

But taking the lead to tear through that heavy atmosphere was Jack’s cheerful voice.

“Yahoho! She’s right. Actually, Jack is also unworthy as well for I’ve also committed quite a number of heinous crimes in my life too.”

“Ja…Jack also?”

“That’s right. To atone for my sins, I’ve adopted the young dead spirits in [Will-O'-Wisp].”


Percher’s eyes slid away to avoid their gaze for this topic should have been quite a harsh subject to be brought up before her.

But Jack only bobbled his Pumpkin head and continued with a smile, seeming to say it on purpose for her to catch his words.

“In the end, it’s all the same for those who are called Demon Lords. Be it Shiroyasha-sama or Saurian Demon King-sama……and there’s also Indra. Those with your sort of spiritual level only need to convert to some religion to be enlightened to a God-class spirit. Well… if you do possess the desire to reflect on your sins, I can help to introduce a saint whom I’m acquainted with to…….”

“No need. I’ve got my own plans—And Jack. Please do not bring up the topic of Saints and Gods who couldn’t even solve the problems of famine in front of us[3] ever again. If you do, I won’t just be giving you a simple warning only.”

Percher’s gaze was fiery for just a moment but she soon looked aside seemingly in a small tantrum. Looks like Jack had set foot upon her minefield.

Jin gave a bitter laugh before taking on a serious expression on his face.

“Jack, let’s leave Percher and Sandra’s matter for another time. Currently, what’s most important is……the Community that’s to join our Alliance. Are they going to participate in this large scale Convention?”[4]

“You can be rest assured about that! I’ve already asked Kouryuu-sama before that to help send the letter of invitation to them. Willa has also finally agreed to make her appearance here as well. With this, they would be sure to appear before all of the [No Name]s.”

*Doink Doink* Jack bobbled his head.

Willa the Ignis Fatuus was famous as the strongest Devil of the North Side and her true appearance had still remained a mystery. According to the rumors, it was rare that she would rush over for the hosted Game in his [Kouen City].

All that Jin knew about Willa would just be the fact that she was a devil who controlled the boundaries between life and death……And from Jack’s response, it would also seem that this leader of [Will-O'-Wisp] was also quite a problem child.

“I see……But since Willa-san is coming over, I will go and meet up with everyone first. If possible, I also hope to use the opportunity to tell them about the situation of the last Community to ally with us as well.”

*Hai* Jin gave a gloomy sigh.

There were three problem children on his side as well and the situation was much more troubling.

“Could it be that you have not told the members of [No Name] about the other party whom we are allying with?”

“No, it’s not that. The only ones who know about it are Izayoi-san and Leticia. After all it’s someone that had bad blood with [No Name] before……if I were to mess up with the timing to say it, they would no doubt oppose the plan.”

“……Then Jin-dono, what do you think about the Alliance?”

“I don’t find anything bad about it. Even if they ran to the lower levels, their Community still possesses the Strongest type of Gift. As long as the talks proceed smoothly, both sides would stand to gain from it.”

Jack nodded his pumpkin head.

“……Yahoho. Both sides to gain from it, huh? You mean to interact with them as equals?”

“Mhm. As long as the other party does not try anything to offend us, we will also abide by our social pleasantries.”

Jin stated his intent clearly and Jack nodded in satisfaction.

On the other hand, Percher who had been listening to the conversation quietly had tilted her head quizzically as she asked in surprise:

“Oi, Jin. Who’s that last candidate for the Alliance? Is it someone that Freak boy and Asuka knows?” [5]

“Hm, I guess it’s more than just knowing, but yet a stranger? It’s a Community that has fought with [No Name] before……”

—*Shock* Jin was unable to continue his words as his facial expression became stiff.

Wondering what might have caused that sudden reaction of his, Percher followed his line of sight turn to have a look for herself.

Jin’s eyes were fixed on something high in the distant skies.

The symbol of [Kouen City]’s development, the chandelier that everyone knows about—Three figures of Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudou Asuka and Kasukabe Yō could be seen standing on it.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v06 001b.jpg

“Oh Ho! The view up here is much prettier than I thought!”

“That’s right. The streets that are paved with flames and glass totally looks like a jewel box lying open on the ground.”

“Nn. The view is much different than that of [Underwood].”

Totally in their moment of enjoyment, were the three problem children who had boarded the chandelier without permission. And upon closer look, one could even see the bentos that they brought with them being laid out.

No matter how you look at it, it was still trespassing of another’s property.

“Why….Why would Izayoi-san and the others be on that chandelier?!”

Jin cried in panic. But that was understandable. Needless to say, that chandelier was a symbol of [Salamandra]’s Authority and Order.

Climbing up there without permission and start eating bentos up there, it wouldn’t be too much a punishment even if they were to be chased out of the Convention. It was even more likely that the [No Name]s reputation would be questioned.

“Any…Anyway, Percher! Take this opportunity now that people have yet to notice, to get them down now even if you have to resort to violence ……”

Sadly, it was too late.


[Salamandra]’s military police had already spotted them and started to gather.

Jin hugged his head that was aching with despair as he said:

“……I say, Percher…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Is it possible for you to make them incapacitated for the time being?”

Jin had spoken some incredibly dark words in a calm tone.

To even break the kindness in him to this extent, Percher secretly admired that for this sort of character would just be a wolf in sheepskin.

“Well, it’s not like I’m unable to do that. It's just that when they recover from the illness, won’t Jin’s life be in danger?”

Percher held back her urge to laugh.

“Then just give me a break. I don’t intend to depart from this world yet.” The young Community leader sighed softly before taking out a pen and letter which he signed,

“There’s no other way. Looks like we can only call the expert to solve it.”

“I’ve no objections to that.”

“She should be in the dormitories right at the end of this corridor.”

“Thanks for the info. Percher, please go now to get her.”

“Yeah Yeah~got it.” With a light flutter of her maid outfit, Percher left in a swirl of black winds.

Part 3[edit]

—On the other side, the problem children group.

Whipping up a whirlwind around her, Kasukabe Yō rode on the hot winds that drifted from the metalwork refineries to land on the suspended chandelier in the sky. But due to the impact of the landing being a bit too rough, there seemed to be some cracks running through the chandelier but it was still possible to ignore it if you had enough will to look away.

Sakamaki Izayoi and Kudou Asuka who had also been transported on board by her whirlwinds were also looking down upon [Kouen City] from the vantage point of the chandelier and they couldn’t help voicing their awe.

“Oh Ho! The view up here is much prettier than I thought!”

“That’s right. The streets that are paved with flames and glass totally looks like a jewel box lying open on the ground.”

“Nn. The view is much different than that of [Underwood].”

The trio sat at the side of the huge chandelier as they looked down at the city below them.

In the distance below them, Mandra, the advisor of [Salamandra] had joined the military police and were roaring at them loudly:

“What kind of joke do you guys think you’re playing?! What do you think that chandelier is huh?! Get down now, you rascals!”

Mandra’s veins buldged at his temples with rage but the trio did not take it seriously.

For they were not joking. They were just……seriously teasing those people on the ground only.

“Well, I guess it’s time to eat our late lunch.”

Izayoi and the others had already laid out the bentos bought from street vendors along the way and started to have a casual conversation.

While stuffing an Umehachin[6] onigiri into his mouth, Izayoi seemed to have remembered something as he looked to Yō to ask a question.

“Oh right, Kasukabe, if I remembered correctly, you still have a Gift game that you signed up for right? What Gift Game was it again?”

“It’s the <<Duel of the Creators>> that had been hosted in the [Rise of the Fire Dragon] festival. This time I must get my revenge.”

“Hoho, I will be rooting for you then.”

Yō nodded her head slightly as she gulped a kombu onigiri, salmon onigiri and another kombu onigiri.

Her excited face had been stuffed full till her cheeks swelled. During that conversation, Mandra seemed to have continued his loud roaring and shouts with a look that would make one think that he might just burst those blood vessels on his face in his rage. But he was still ignored.

“Izayoi, what are your plans?”

“Me? I don’t really have any. I only wanted to take a stroll today and to accompany Ojou-sama to some place so I didn’t plan anything else other than that.”

“Oh really? But that’s surprising. Normally you would have scheduled a whole list of to-dos packed side by side to the very last seconds.”

“Is that so?”

“Mhm. But passing time like this from time to time would do you good as well. I think that the usual Izayoi has always been worrying too much. I really hope that you can adjust yourself to the pace of others around you.”

“That sort of request is really too much to ask for. I’ve already tried my best to match the pace of everyone already.”

Izayoi gave a bitter smile as he replied.

The trio who were done with their meals looked at each other as they confirmed their schedule for the day.

“Ojou-sama and I will be meeting up with Jack and the others. Ochibi-sama will be responsible for the greetings to be offered to the host of the Convention while Kasukabe will be participating in the Game.”

“Ara? Jack’s here as well?”

“Yeap[7]. He says that he will be introducing the last Community to join our Alliance, and……there’s also a present prepared for Ojou-sama.”

Izayoi gave a cryptic smile.

Hearing this for the first time, Asuka was stunned.

And at that moment, a fuming Kuro Usagi stood behind the three of them like a Niō[8].

But they continue to ignore her.

Izayoi took a deep fried potato onigiri and tossed it into his mouth before standing up abruptly.

“Well then, let’s go our ways from here.”

“……yeah. What’s your plan, Asuka?”

“What do you mean what’s my plan? I can’t possibly make it down by myself. I can only rely on one of you to bring me……”

“Then let Kuro Usagi help you guys with that. You bunch of PROBLEM CHILDREEEEEENNN! AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!”

*Swish~Pak! Pak! Pak!*[9] The paper fan generated a towering wave of air that sped towards them.

Just like that, the trio were smacked off the chandelier.

Jin and Jack who saw the whole interaction that happened above could only turn pale while hugging their heads.[10]

Part 4[edit]

— [Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames], Processing Workroom District.

After that saga, Izayoi and the others had been invited to an intense game of tag with a Madora, furious to the extent of madness, and the military police of [Salamandra] as fiery shots were fired everywhere.

“……So how’s the feeling of being chased by lesser Dragons in a game of tag huh?” Kuro Usagi asked icily.

The trio had arrived at the processing workroom district that Jack and the others were waiting at. Kuro Usagi kept pestering at them with words such as the above.

Yo had separated from them along the way and it had then been a three man team since.

Walking along the corridors lit by a brilliant haze of light, Kuro Usagi puffed her cheeks as she continued to complain:

“Seriously, why is it that you guys must always be engaged in pranks……Kuro Usagi is on a rare holiday this time you know? And mind you, when it comes to the blame game, the ones who get scolded are Jin-bocchan and Kuro Usagi who’s the advisor!”

““Isn’t that good?””

“That’s right—-No wait, that’s not good at all!”

Kuro Usagi perked her rabbit ears in her rage.

The Convention that called to all Masters to attend this time was one that held great importance to the fate of Little Garden from now on. And she had thought that Izayoi and the others would be more mature at this sort of event.

But her thoughts were too naïve. Really too naïve.

Within the three days since they arrived at the location of the Convention, the result of the reckless problem children that caused Kuro Usagi, their guardian, to run around in circles was the continuous wins in low-level Gift Games. And as such, it led to a portion of Games banning them from registering as Participants. To the problem children, it had only been a whim to participate in the interesting Games hosted in regions that they had never visited before then. But who could have expected that the difference in their power levels were so great that they accidentally won too many.

Hence coming upon the realization that they needed to reflect on their actions[11] thus far… the trio started to explore the tops of interesting buildings and decided to board the biggest monument in this whole city.

“Compared to all that, Kuro Usagi, I heard that there’s a district for alchemy workrooms at the end of this corridor. Is that true?”

Izayoi laughed heartily while asking with his curiosity barely contained.

Kuro Usagi drooped her shoulders, seeming to have been defeated by that smiling face as she nodded.

“YES. The details can be seen when you get there.”

Kuro Usagi replied while throwing a little tantrum.

Just as she ended her words, a sudden burst of light and heat emitted from a workroom at the end of the district caused the air to vibrate. Izayoi and Asuka exchanged a glance as they started to run over with eyes shining with excitement.


The sudden flare from a pillar of fire that shot up into the skies caused Asuka to give a gasp of surprise. And that wasn’t just a normal flame.

Round the corner of the district, they came to face a garden that was decorated with candles lit with Azure and Coppery colored flames that were arranged in neat rows.

“Ooh……! I was under the impression that there would only be one color throughout the whole city which is the color of dusk yellow. But it seems that I’ve been proven wrong by this place.”

“Yeah. It’s so beautiful that it doesn’t give the impression of being a place that refines and works with metal……”

The duo gazed upon the flames which danced in the front yard with a sense of awe rising within them.

There were candles that were burning in a rainbow flame hung on the trees beside the District and there were tiny fire fairies gathering beside the flame. Just by looking at this scene, anyone would have assumed that this was a warm place unlike its reality of being located in an extremely cold region.

The Sun had not set then and hence the surroundings were still dyed in a deep shade of dusk yellow. But when night fell, these rainbow candles that decorated the courtyard would always dye the corridor in a lovely glow of colors.

Standing beside Izayoi, Asuka’s eyes were already sparkling with much enthusiasm as she started forward in small steps while taking in the sight around her. She said softly:

“Flames, glass, stone work masonry and products. This sight sure is a completely different one from [Underwood]……even the type of Faerie race is the exact opposite of the ones found there.”

“YES! That’s because this district of workrooms is not only specialized in the processing of special top-notched metals, it’s also a place where they specialize in creating glass that can become the medium for Evocations[12].”

*Hah?* Asuka tilted her head quizzically as she asked:

“……Medium? Evocations?”

“YES! To put it simply, the method of producing those walking candlesticks is an example of that. To give a form to fire or earth spirits of a low spiritual level and allowing them to reside within the glass. Even if the medium were to be damaged, it would not harm the spirit. Hence it can be said to be a very good contract for those spirits who would like to increase their spiritual level.”

“……Uh? Just by residing in a glass medium, the spiritual level will increase?”

Asuka tilted her head as she couldn’t figure out how it worked.

Izayoi then looked at her like he just saw a fool standing before him.

“OiOi, Ojou-sama, just give it some thought and you will be able to arrive at the answer right? The mass and heat would be able to be converted into spiritual level. When comparing spirits of the lake to the seas, it’s obvious that the sea spirits will be stronger right?”

*Pak!* Asuka clapped her hands together as she seemed to have finally understood the theory behind it. And that was indeed the case for spiritual level calculations.

Forming mountains from rocks, forming land from hills.

Forming lakes from pools of water, forming seas from pools of lakes.

The collection of those in a larger scale would naturally form a planet.[13]

And that’s one of the reasons why the spiritual level embodied by a Celestial spirit would be called as the strongest type.

“In…Indeed. Just that I didn’t think that the logic would be that simple.”

“Well, that’s not the only factor. The detailed calculation of the spiritual level’s density in existence has to be counted with the density of time to be obtained as well.”

“……what?” The duo had asked in the same tone and time. But Kuro Usagi seemed not to have heard them as she walked in front of them while using her rabbit ears to lead the way.

“Well then, let’s make a move. The leader of [Will-O'-Wisp] and the last Community to join our Alliance will also be coming over today. Making them wait would leave quite a bad impression of us.”

“Nn…. I guess that’s true.”

Kuro Usagi checked her time. There was still a minute before the Sun went down. No matter who the last candidate for the Alliance was, allowing them to seize a foothold in negotiations upon the first meeting wouldn’t be a good thing.

Looking around at the districts paved with bricks, they passed through the crowd to walk towards the place where the districts converged. Just then—

“—‘Kamikakushi’! ‘Kamikakushi’[14] has struck again!”

“Quickly contact the military police squads everywhere! Quickly!”

“Lock down the Outer walls and the Palace wall that leads to the second palace! We must definitely nab that guy this time!”

Izayoi immediately stopped in his tracks. Kuro Usagi and Asuka had also come to a stop behind him.

“ …… ‘Kamikakushi’?”

“YES, it seems like it. But in the North Side where many evil ghosts and Rakshasas are residing, this sort of thing isn’t that rare……but their panicking faces sure look really unusual.”

“How is that so?”

“Because the North Side has developed a measure against the ‘Kamikakushi’s. There’s an organization of experts who are specialized in dealing with cases from evil spirits possessing bodies, the pranks of Divine class wind possessors to Demon kidnappings and even human trafficking cases. As long as they are on the case, most of the ‘Kamikakushi’s would only remain a mystery for two or three days before information is obtained on the culprit. But……”

Kuro Usagi was being evasive with her words.

—‘Kamikakushi’ is quite a simple term but in the world of Little Garden where many gods reside, the types of ‘Kamikakushi’ would also be of a diverse range. Abduction and disappearing are common acts and nothing more needs to be said about those. It also includes the assassinations of individuals just for keeping their secret organizations hidden from the world. These were the sort of stuff that the Communities in the rural areas coined as ‘Kamikakushi’ as well. Hence the type of cases where ‘People suddenly disappear’ would be generally termed as ‘Kamikakushi’ in Little Garden.

Izayoi digested Kuro Usagi’s words before giving an evil laugh,

“In other words, this commotion—is a case of ‘Kamikakushi’ that even the experts are incapable of solving?

Izayoi asked rhetorically with much interest in the matter. That look from his eyes were just like that of a bratty child having found a new toy. Kuro Usagi gave a sigh as she guessed his next move then.

“Hai, Kuro Usagi will not stop you but please be back by evening, okay?”

“Deal. If I’m not back by tonight—-Just take it that I’ve been ‘Kamikakushi’ed as well.”

Izayoi gave a loud hearty laugh while he sped off happily, towards the scene.

Part 5[edit]

Jin massaged his chest as he gave a sigh of relief when he saw Kuro Usagi’s arrival.

“What a relief. With Kuro Usagi around, there wouldn’t be anything to worry even if she were to be up against a hundred of them all by herself.”

“…….I don’t mind you feeling relieved. But wouldn’t it be better to learn how to depend on your own strength to solve the problems?”

Percher who had returned from her task made a dig at Jin.

Jin’s expression turned fearful for a second before straightening up.

“You are right. I can’t always rely on Kuro Usagi……I will have to work harder.”

“……Yep. You can take your revenge after a hundred years and rest in peace then.”

The unbridled way of speech caused Jin to smile weakly as he slumped his shoulders.

“Let’s go, we should also make a move.”

“Where to?”

“To give our greetings, of course. The Communities that will be arriving for the Convention will not only be of the Masters. There are also many Communities that have come hither for the latest information concerning the Masters’ decision, so we must use this opportunity to build some reputation for ourselves.”

“Oh, I see.”

Percher having understood the significance, walked with Jin towards the Territory of [Salamandra]—where the towering Palace stood.

— Little Garden, Outer Gate Number 54545, [Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames] was surrounded by three Outer walls and that was the method utilized to divide the Residential areas.

The Outer wall was where the elite squads comprised of the lesser dragons set up their encampments.

The Second wall held the residential area, stage area and also the workroom districts.

While the third wall held the dormitories to house important guests as well as the hotel facilities.

And within the inner wall stood the Palace of the Community to which an endless mountain range could be seen in the distant backdrop.

The number of people who held special talents in [Salamandra] were few but they were a clan that managed to increase their cohesiveness and strength through the maintaining of the lesser dragon bloodlines.

The main force that holds the power of flight—Lesser Dragons of the Winged type numbered to a rough count of four thousand.

The count of Salamander humanoid dragons easily exceeded that by ten times. Whether it was in terms of the scale and the strength of the personnel, [Draco Greif] Alliance that were similar in standing as [Floor Master], would not be able to be compared with them.

Normally the personnel would have been deployed to various sectors to act as a defensive measure against Demon Lords but with the upcoming Convention of the [Floor Master]s, a total of two thousand four hundred Winged Dragons were lined along the two inner walls.

The warriors of the Winged Dragon squadron possessed vermillion scales that were comparable to the strength of steel and their large bodies did not lose to the large type Eudemons in size.

Their focus on unity and numbers formed the extreme end of the spectrum when compared to the [No Name]s that focused on a few elites.

Jin looked from the corner of his eyes to take in those Winged dragons’ appearances while giving them a sharp and stern look.

(They did have this level of firepower in their possession after all. But yet only a few of them had appeared in the [Rise of the Fire Dragon] festival. Of course, it can be understandable that they might have been a little careless due to the presence of Shiroyasha-sama to grace the event……)

But, it was more believable that [Salamandra] had contacted the Demon Lord Alliance for that would make the puzzle fit.

It was only that… this was a hard to accept truth for Jin.

(As I thought, I should try to get Sandra and Percher to discuss—)

“Jin, look up.”

“Eh?” Hearing Percher’s voice, Jin looked up.

A figure whose face was hidden by a hood was falling towards Jin’s head from the palace courtyard.

“Hey…Wait…What’s happeni….!?”

Jin was squashed onto the pavement of the Palace without any sort of explanation.

*Ka Cha!* The neck seemed to have given off a fatal dull cracking sound. And Percher walked over leisurely to look down upon Jin.


“Clicking your tongue?! Why did you click your tongue?!”

“Clicking my tongue to express a curse upon seeing my master’s safety, isn’t that the normal thing to do?”

Percher answered, not even the least bit perturbed by his question.

Although Jin wanted to retort to that, the person who had fallen on him interrupted his thoughts.

“……Jin?! I’m …I’m really sorry! Are you hurt?!”

The fellow that was wrapped up by the hooded cloak had pounced onto Jin. The impact caused the shaft on the back of Jin’s head to hit onto the sharpest cobble on the walkway, but he didn’t have the time to care about that now.

Clutching the back of his head in pain, Jin shouted:

“San…Sandra! You…Why are you in this get-up?”

“I’m off to investigate something and had to take on a disguise to get out of the palace. Jin, want to come?”

Sandra’s beautiful red hair swayed as she tilted her head amd asked while looking at him with irises which were pure and innocent.

Jin couldn’t help but continue to clutch his head.

“I…I say, Sandra. You are the North Side’s [Floor Master], you shouldn’t be going out simply without telling others. Moreover, the Convention for the Masters will be hosted soon, you know?”

“Nn. That’s why the three of us have decided to solve the matter before the start of the Convention.”

“No, that’s not what I meant……”

—three of you? Jin tilted his head as he closed his mouth abruptly.

Now that he recalled about it, there had indeed been the sounds of three landings. Jin’s attention shifted away from Sandra to accost the two others who had remained silent behind Sandra.

“Are you guys members of [Salamandra]?”


The duo who wore linen hooded robes remained silent. Their height was just a little taller than Jin.

(Children….around our age too?)

Jin appraised the duo with surprise.

Sandra frantically moved to stand before them.

“These… These two aren’t suspicious characters! We have known each other for a year……Well, I would also like to introduce them to Jin……!”

Sandra waved her arms wildly as she tried to explain.

Perhaps it was too unbearable for them to watch her anymore, one of the cloaked figures took a step forward with a sigh while speaking in a voice that sounded like the crisp sound of wind chimes.

“There’s no need to be so flustered, Sandra-chan. That maid-san over there—Percher will help to guarantee our characters.”

Instantly, Percher’s face stiffened.

The duo who wore the linen coats—similar to the heights of teenagers, exchanged a look beneath their hoods before peeling it back to reveal their faces.


Upon seeing their faces clearly for the first time, Percher’s thoughts seemed to have frozen. The hooded duo turned out to be a pair of teenagers: a boy and a girl.

With a gorgeous and lovely smiling face that seemed like flowers in full bloom, the beautiful glossy black hair that grew to the waistline; and the razor sharp daggers that were hunt on the leather sheathes around her waist, the appearance was just like a beautiful stalk of rose with thorns on its stem. She wore a cute miniskirt and sleeveless top that seemed to suggest the focus on ease of movement, and she would seem to be an ordinary teenage girl at a glance.

“I’m Rin and the guy over here is His Highness. Nice to meet you, Jin.”

Rin said in a crisp chime like voice as she gave a refreshing smile.

“……pleased to meet you. Because of a reason that I cannot disclose my true name, just call me anything you please.”

A white haired teenage boy with golden irises gave a light sigh behind the girl. His get-up was also quite meticulous and the formal wear that didn’t fit him seemed to add a sense of maturity to him.

Judging by the appearance, he should be around the age of twelve.

During the time that the duo had introduced themselves, Percher who had stood behind to wait could already feel the pin pricks of cold along her back while her body started to tremble.

(Rin and ……His Highness? No way right? Why would they be in the Palace of [Salamandra]…….)

She gritted her teeth to hide her rising sense of worry and panic.

The relation she had with them weren’t as simple as knowing each other. These two people were comrades who acted alongside her when she had led the team of [Grim Grimoire Hameln].

And they were the main force of the group temporarily named [Demon Lord Alliance].

(This is bad! If it were just Graiya or Aura, it might still be fine……why must it be these two……)

Percher was very clear about the fact that Rin’s Gift wasn’t something that one could escape from.

She also knew the real strength of the whited haired guy with golden irises who stood beside Rin.

Percher’s back was damp with cold sweat but she continued to hide her faltering in her heart as she wanted to act normally with a returned greeting. But Rin seemed to have noticed her anxiety and grabbed her hand while giving her brightest smile.

“Ara, I’ve missed you a lot Percher-chan! I didn’t think that we would meet up here, right~?!”

“Mhm, Right…….it’s been a while, Rin. And Your Highness.”

“Nn. You look well. With that, I’m relieved.”

“Indeed. But I didn’t expect to meet again in the Territory of [Salamandra]. And at this time as well.”

Hearing the words that were slightly barbed, Percher clenched her mouth shut.

Rin’s tone had been quite casual but her eyes did not reflect the smile on her lips. Her gaze had clearly been one filled with killing intent earlier. In other words, these two had already entered a state of high alert to go into battle at a moment’s notice.

(……this really is the most terrible time to meet again.)

Why would these two be in the palace grounds of [Salamandra]?

Why would they be with Sandra as she tries to escape the palace?

Although there were a load of questions to be answered by having time to think, the most crucial thing for now would be the method to escape. She was just thinking up of a plan to deal with the situation when she heard the shouts of the Palace guards.

“Oi, this is bad! We can’t find Sandra-sama anywhere!”

“What did you say? Could it be that she ran out again?”

“Not… Not good! Quickly start a search for her to get her back while Mandra-sama is still out!”

A group of guards rushed out of the Palace in search of Sandra. And the plan of going in a disguise to sneak out of the palace just popped in that moment.

Sandra frantically gave them the look.

“Any…Anyways, staying in this sort of place will definitely get us caught by the palace guards! Everyone, follow me first!”


Sandra pulled Jin’s hand and started to hurry off in a run.

The trio who were left behind by them watched their retreating figures and then—

“Okay, let’s go as well. Of course, Percher will be coming along.”


“Ah, don’t try to escape oh~! I really did want to see you! Because if you were to escape from here……you would certainly not have the chance to chat with us anymore.”

Rin’s pure and innocent words locked cuffs around Percher’s choices.

Rin’s words were not a simple metaphor.

If Percher really did escape this place—they would really not have the opportunity to speak to each other again.


Rin and His Highness were surely up to something but she could only quietly watch the development for now.

Percher gave a quiet nod before leaving the Palace.

Translator’s notes[edit]

  1. [magref notes: 根据地-Base of operation, Territory, Headquarters]
  2. [magref notes: [Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames]Got a suggestion from [email protected] that I could place it this way, sounds cool imo.:] Thanks Talas!]
  3. [magref notes: us as in the 8 million that’s why it is bold.]
  4. [magref notes: not sure if I had said it before but this Convention seems to be for all Masters. For example: Floor/Region Masters and extended invitations to other important Communities such as [No Name].]
  5. [magref notes: requiring Jap translator to check] [Edenhall notes: checked by Jap translator to be correct.] because if I remember correctly it should be little red girl right? to say Asuka–>>> Um did they bathe together again? Ahem. I mean did they grow closer or something to get the acknowledgement?[Edenhall notes: they may have taken another bath and Percher may have a complex against Asuka's.....assets] ]
  6. [magref notes: I’m not sure if you guys remember but I certainly don’t…. Umehachin is basically Japanese pickled plums (Umeboshi) that were pickled with fish shavings (bonito) and Shiso Leaves. It is less salty than the traditional Umeboshi , Kombu is basically edible Kelp.<<<copied from volume 3 chapter 2]
  7. Slang for Yup or Yeah.
  8. [magref notes: Niō or to put it in simple English, the Door Guardians of Buddha. They stand in the form of frightening wrestler-like statues outside the doors of the temples. Hmm similar to the Door Guardian gods in Greek or Roman mythologies stand imposingly.]
  9. [magref notes: lols I really loled when I saw the English translation for the sounds: Lovemaking! ! ! lols]
  10. [magref notes: it’s the international sign of ‘what a headache…’ right? Or is it just an Asian thing? 1 hand to smack the forehead is similar but this action requires 2 hands= 2 times the magnitude of the brain tremor … ok I’m being bored here…]
  11. [magref notes: their actions taken—refers to the reckless participation in Games without proper planning of the win-lose count.]
  12. [magref notes: zzz took some time to find that term of Evocations… it’s basically similar to a summoning but more of a conjuring of a spirit from somewhere to enter a medium. The descent of a spirit into an object or person.]
  13. [magref notes: planet in Chinese is??,star class spirit/ Celestial spirits are ??. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, it’s just to say that they are very similar and in fact, equivalent in the author’s thoughts.]
  14. [magref notes:Kamikakushi- spirited away… if I used English… it wouldn’t sound correct… and since it’s in jap… it will now look so much more like a name/object than an action striking an area….Thanks jorgelotr for the correction of the term:]]