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Chapter 3[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The forest near the City steadily turned into a sea of trees.

The pulsating roots of the trees tangled with each other and made it look like one organism. The two headed dragon born from a rotten tree tried to absorb the forest and conquer the land itself. The rotten tree that was given divinity as the twin headed dragon absorbed the beasts within the forest and rapidly turned into a terrain god.

But the two headed dragon was not a god that bestowed blessings.

It was a tyrant that ate the long living blessings of the land.

The two headed dragon devoured the forest and its inhabitants. Having their will stolen and becoming monster trees, the trees of the forest destroyed the land.

The water that took hundreds of years to collect was all absorbed by the monstrous tree roots.

The soil that was full of nutrients began to grow pale in color, like a desert.

—The mountains themselves became one with the dragon.

If the two headed dragon that absorbed the mountains began attacking the refugee’s, annihilation would be inevitable. If it grew any more larger, regions in lands far beyond would also be affected.

The two headed dragon of the rotten tree expanded greedily.

While spreading its roots, it realized there was a region that it could not devour.


Although it was a monster that had no intelligence, it did have the wisdom that could be used in battle. The region that the roots were not able to penetrate, most likely had an aboriginal terrain goddess.

The two headed dragon of the rotten tree snarled, showing its fangs.

The place he thought was an empty forest happened to have a guardian deity. It was enthusiastic upon finding some competition.

Invasions had their resistances. It was necessary. It was a pleasure above all.

To devour the land, the sea of trees began their invasion.


Suddenly, it encountered an unexpected hostility.

The dragon had lost its control over the trees that were invading. No, not only those trees, but the guardian deity also began taking back the land that had been invaded without resistance.

That invasion speed far surpassed the two headed dragon’s.

The waning water sources rapidly became saturated, and nutrients once more returned to the dead soil. The guardian deity that had suddenly appeared took back the land the two headed dragon invaded at three times its speed.


The two headed dragon’s decision was quick.

It forcibly cut off the blessings and the land it had invaded from the rest of the forest. Even if it lost in the speed of invasion, its battle power was still better.

The two headed dragon of the rotten tree leaped toward its enemy as fast as the wind.

But that leap was intercepted by an iron wall.

{“So you show your face, clone!”}

Turning into a flowing energy being, Almathea rammed into the two headed dragons stomach with lightening fast speed. Her horns sank deeply into its stomach.

But, that move turned against her.

Spreading nectar instead of blood, the dragon created new demons from the nectar. The abominations in the forms of snakes began to entangle Almathea’s hoof, restraining her.

{“As if this would work!”}

From her wool, electricity ran about. The snakes, burned to crisps, fell off her hoof.

But that single moment was enough for the dragon to pass by her.

Slipping past the guard of the Celestial Beast, the dragon headed toward its enemy. Sensing a presence that grew stronger, it stopped its feet.

—A vibrating bell. The sound of a flute cutting through the wind.

The two contrasting sounds reached the dragon’s sensory hearing organs, and made it stop.


As soon as it stopped its legs, the trees began rebelling against the two headed dragon. Its power was incomparably sharper than when it was in control.

The roots became spears, while the leaves became blades. The earth became a hard fist and began pummeling the dragon. Each attack had the power to injure the two headed dragon.


Receiving the rebellion of the forest, the dragon screamed.

The two headed dragon of the rotten tree finally realized it.

The presence that repelled the invasion it had cast. The lands that had once fallen, now had a hint of holiness. If it was just a terrain god that had robbed back its territory, this result would not have happened.

—This was definitely not the work of a terrain goddess. A godly spirit on par with an Earth Goddess, had been giving Divinity to the lands…….!

“—Area recovery, Divinification of the lands complete…..!! The results are satisfactory for something done on the fly! You should have no complaints, Almathea!”

Hearing Asuka’s voice, the Celestial Beast of the Mountain Goat bleated. Making its entire body into a volt of lightning, it sped in front of the dragon, facing it.

{“I couldn’t even say “not bad”. It’s well done, master. I know no one else that could master “Shrine Craft” in this short amount of time.”}

Almathea praised without restraint.

But at the same time, she was thinking about her master’s priceless talent.

—Being born with a valuable Gift that gave others Virtual Divinity, Kudou Asuka.

In her hands, she held a wind-cutting flute once belonging to a kidnapping demon affiliated with [Grim Grimoire; Hamelin], Ratten, that Jack had customized.

Originally, it was a Gift that controlled the hearts of humans with its sound, but was changed by Jack into a Gift that “by the sound of cutting the wind, it told the words of its wielder to others.”

If someone other than Asuka used it, it would be a simple gift of communication, but with a Gift that gave Divinity to others with her words, the effects changed greatly.

The large spread Divinification of the lands, restraining her enemy, fortification of Gifts and comrades.

All these options were enabled with one action. Pairing this with the invincible shield Almathea, calling it the “Holy Shrine Fort” would not be far fetched.

These two were definitely created for Asuka’s sake.

(An unparalleled talent….! Master was unquestionably born to become the leader among gods)

But if that was the case, several puzzles would appear.

The biggest question would be her body.

If Almathea saw correctly, her body was unquestionably that of a human. If blown, she would fly, and if dropped, she would break. A fragile form.

(I heard that master was thought to be a type an Atavistic phenomenon by an acquaintance, but that would not explain everything. Then the most likely possibility is that her current body is only temporal…….)

“Alma! Start concentrating!”

Alma returned from her inner thoughts. Now was not the time to figure out her Masters origins. Now was the time to concentrate on the enemy in front of her.

Turning her entire body into a streaming body of Adamantium, she was now squeezing the two headed dragon of the rotten tree. Changing her form once again into a full metal body, she signaled her master.

{“Master, now!”}

Asuka threw a crystal with the gift of fire, and shook her wind-cutting flute.

A sound similar to a bell resounded in the air.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v8 p86.jpg

A second later, the crystal turned into a massive concentration of heat and burned down the rotten tree. Originally, it was a simple gift of fire, but by expanding its spiritual power, it momentarily gained the destructive power comparable to hell fire.

The flames ran about that the dragon ’s forest, hitting the edge of the mountains, and made a giant hollow.


Having its entire body split in eight, the two headed dragon of the rotten tree crumbled away.

After crying its death throws, the dragon returned to the earth, and moved no more.

“I……….did it……..!”

Breathing heavily, Asuka swiped her shining sweat, and savored the taste of victory. Winning against the opponents main force this dangerously close to defeat was a first for Asuka.

(So this is “Shrine Craft”….I didn’t think it would go this well with just the Gifts I had on hand. If I included Deen and Melin, I might be able to bring out an amazing power……!)

The dart fairy Melin, the Sacred Rare Iron doll Deen, and the Celestial Beast of the Mountain Goat, Almathea.

If fit together, a game play that was never done before may be possible.

From the burned area, Almathea returned. Clopping her hooves, she gave Asuka praise while her wool smoldered.

{“Its a complete victory. Congratulations, Master. You did well against that dragon…….To tell the truth, I thought Master was more of a good for nothing girl.”}

“…… Not saying those kind of words and keeping them in your heart would make you a better servant.”

Holding her hand to her hips, she sighed.

At that exact moment, a radiating light filled the giant ridge.

The heat that blew from afar reached Asuka, and the after radiance pierced through her eyelids.

Asuka hid her eyes with her hand, and looked toward the ridge.

“This light………………is Izayoi’s……..!”

She had only seen it once, but this light was the same one that had slayed the giant dragon. The immeasurable light radiated out of Little Gardens roof and absorbed the light of the stars.

The clashing of two powers faded fast, and night returned to the forest once more.

{“……….I’m Surprised. To think against Aži Dakāha, he was still fighting…..!”}


He’s still alive. Izayoi is still fighting. That reality lit her face brightly.

Asuka gripped the flute she held, “The Wind-cutting Flute of Hamelin”, and asked

“……….Alma. I can fight. With this we’ll go to Izayoi and help”

{“Its impossible. Its the same as committing suicide.”}

An immediate answer. Almathea’s voice showed that she was not moving on this matter.

{“If anyone can help him, it would be those in the Divine Army; the communities made out of war gods. If they start to move, then Aži Dakāha will be sealed again. What we can do right now is pray that the Divine Army will mobilize soon.”}

“……….Can they be trusted? These gods in the Divine Army.”

{“Of course. They are experts in hunting the ancient Demon Lords that Floor Masters cannot handle. With the 12 Devas leading, they are a group of war gods gathered from different mythologies. Around this time, the “Aristocrats of Little Garden” should be reporting to Taishakuten.”}

—eh? a surprised voice was raised.

“Alma. That…… What do you mean?”

{“Its as I said. The privilege to mobilize the Divine Army belongs to “Aristocrats of Little Garden” alone. In their headquarters, Moon Shadow City, there’s an Astral Gate used exclusively by the Divine Army called the Touriten, and from there—”}

“The “Little Garden Aristocrats” were annihilated 200 years ago.”


—Almathea tilted her head.

Upon hearing these unbelievable words from Asuka, her thoughts most likely stopped. Although they were only a short acquaintance, this action must be rare from her, Asuka thought.

After a moment of halted thinking…The mountain goat, regaining consciousness, bit Asuka’s cloth and hurriedly ran.

{“W, why didn’t you tell me something that important sooner!”}

“But its been 200 years! You’d think it would be known!”

{“Please shut up! I have been asleep for over a millennium! How would I know such detail!”}

Of course. Until yesterday she was just a fleece. She wouldn’t know of the details occurring in the world.

{“This is bad…….! This is the worst possible scenario, Master! If the Touriten can’t be used, that means the Divine Army will mobilize independently from the 12 Devas!”}

“Is that bad?”

{“Its the worst! Depending on which war gods are mobilized they can be more ill natured then Aži Dakāha! If its the Greek gods or the Norse gods, then I still have some authority, and there is a chance of salvation, but………If the Slav gods or the Angels are summoned it would be the end; we may be obliterated along with the entirety of the North…….!”}

Wha, Asuka loses her words. That would be putting the cart before the horse.

In order to destroy the demon lord, they would burn down the towns along with the demon lord.

“What the……..They can’t be sane!”

{“It can’t be helped. Some war gods and angels are basically war machines without any will. Fight and win, do those two and everything is well. They are that kind of existence…………!”}

“Even if they did those things, they can’t defeat that three headed dragon, right?”

Against Asuka’s retort, Alma listlessly nodded.

{“…………..Yes. Even if they sacrifice a region of land, all they can do would be to seal it.”}

“Despicable. My faith in gods are dropping.”

She said those words in the coldest way possible. There was a mountain of other things she wanted to say, but right now was not the time for it. If what Alma said was true, they had to retreat from the North immediately.

(But……… that case, Izayoi……!)

He was still fighting on that giant ridge.

He was still alive.

But as his comrade, she couldn’t even aid him…..!!

{“Master’s feelings are painfully understandable! But please only think of running right now! If the mobilized Divine Army are my comrades of Olympus, they would definitely save him……!”}


With frustration, with shame, with remorse, Asuka felt like she was going insane.

Even so, she had to forcefully convince herself.

At best, this was what she could do within her power.

Part 2[edit]

—The battle fought by Kasukabe Yō was, from start to finish, entirely one-sided.

She was fighting against two cloned dragons, but her enemies nails never even reached her.

Heart, skill, body, offense, defense, swiftness, and the Gift she possessed.

In every aspect, Yō utterly out-performed the two headed dragons, and obliterated her enemies in no more than a minute.

Watching this overwhelming strength, the refugees stared at Yō as if looking at some abomination.


“That human, really defeated those dragons…..!”

“That………….is that really the strength of a human?”

The fire dragon squad, as well as Mandra, who received a shocking report, was dumbfounded by the strength of the Garuda wielded by Yō.

But the human in question, Yō, was in no shape to be concerned of such things.

“Gu, hurts…….!”

Holding back her pain, she breathes heavily. But there was no damaged given by her opponent.

The released flames of the Great Garuda blocked physical attacks as well as the inferno breath released by the dragons. What sapped her strength was not the damage she received from enemy attack.

The flames of Garuda that she had released herself, drained her vitality.

“Y, Yō-san. Thats too reckless……….!”

The flames not only burned through her enemies, but also burned her flesh.

Her white skin was burned black, and her fingers spasmed from the pain. It was obvious to the eye that the power well over her body’s limit was eating away her strength.

“But…….If it’s just this, than there’s no problem. Wounds can heal, and I can deal with the pain…….!!”

But; If one dies, life is over.

Having conversed with animals, and even lived with them for a time, Yō knew the cruelty of the world.

Farm animals knew that they were raised to be eaten. They knew the reason they were fed was because their meat will feed humans.

For a human living after the year 2000, knowing how to talk to animals was not a fortunate skill. Rather, a normal person would have gone insane.

The weak are meat, the strong shall eat. Both will and life are up for forfeit.

This way of living was still present even after she crossed the boundary of the world.

Because she knew all of this, Yō adapted to Little Garden quickly.

Because she knew those things, she also knew what she had to do right now.

(That light from before…………..That was Izayoi’s Gift……………… In that case, I can still make it….!)

She gripped both of her burnt hands. Intense pain can be overcome by bonds and will power.

But, there are some walls that cannot be overcome by those things.


Without any prior notice, the transformed Genome Tree returned to its form as pendant. Without being able to even fly, Yō fell down. Willa, in mid-air—


—couldn’t catch her. Slipping through her arms, Yō tumbled out from Willas cleavage. In the dangerous situation, she was saved by Deen, who caught her.

“Yō. Are you ok?”

“U, Uhn Thanks. But why did it suddenly…..”

She unnaturally stopped mid-sentence. Willa looked at her in worry.

Yō stared at her lower body, shocked. She looked at it as if she could not believe what was happening, and also stared at the cold truth behind this outcome.

“…….My legs, won’t move.”


“M, my legs won’t move……..! They can’t even twitch! Why at this timing!?”

She raised a panic stricken voice. This situation was much worse than just her hands being burnt.

Suddenly, coming to a realization, she stopped. Trying to deny her own theory, she tried listening to her surroundings.

Concentrating on her five senses, she tried observing her surroundings, but she could only gather the amount of information that a normal human was capable of.

“The Gift……the powers, are gone……!?”

Yō’s face suddenly turned pale. This wasn’t just caused by a physiological change.

Her body began to lose its strength.

(No…………..! I was prepared for any other risk, but this alone can’t happen………!)

Coughing, she fell down. From her eyes, tears of frustration fell.

From Greya’s words, Yō thought that the risk of her Genome Tree was turning into a monster. But in reality, it was the opposite. The price of power higher than she could handle was the disappearance of the Gift and her bonds.

“I can’t help Izayoi with this…….With my friends gone………………I, I………………!”

The things she had achieved, crumbled without a sound.

The legs her father had given her.

The friendships that crossed species.

The bonds she nurtured crossing the world, all returned to nothingness.

“—Ku, Ha, Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Well well, thats a situation I never thought of! It seems like the price of that power was larger than expected!”

Ah, Yō and Willa raised their heads. The two remembered the sound of that laughter mixed with sarcasm.

At that moment, Maxwell Demon Lord appeared while exuding hot air and cold air.

“When you weaponized the powers of the Great Garuda, it filled me with dread, but……….kuku. I didn’t think there was that kind of price to pay. It seems as though the Heavens are cheering on my romances.”

Holding his face with his right hand, Maxwell’s face held a dark smile.

Willa trembled at the sight of that creepy smile, but now was not the time to fear. Holding on to her trembling legs, Willa stood between him and Yō.

“Maxwell, I won’t lose this time…….!”

“Ooh, please don’t misunderstand me, my bride. I haven’t come here to fight. In your critical situation, I have simply come to escort you away.”


“Haha, I’m glad you’re happy!”

Willa immediately retorted. Maxwell wasn’t listening.

But no matter how drunk he was on lust, this demon lord was still a dangerous existence. Today, especially, his eyes shone with madness.

“Willa. I reflected on my past behavior. It’s true that I have been giving you too many presents. As a result, you naturally couldn’t come back to my side honestly. I think I’ve improved enough to understand that.”


“So I started thinking in earnest. Thinking how you could come back to my side without being so bashful…..Yes, until now, there were reasons why you couldn’t come to me. So I thought backwards.”

He raised his right hand to shoulder height.

Watching that action, Willa and Yō made their resolution.

—But, Maxwell’s perverse actions went above their expectations.

“In other words, a situation that would force you to come to my side. I just had to create such a situation!”

Snap! He flicked his fingers. At the same time, a pillar of fire rose in a distance.

It wasn’t that far away from the streets. It was probably somewhere near the end of the streets.

Noticing what this signified, the two girl’s blood ran cold.

“At the end of the streets….. No, It can’t be!?”

“You broke the Astral Gate!?”

“Haha, exactly! The next Astral Gate was………How many thousand kilometers away?”

Maxwell laughed maniacally. Normally, even if the person was a demon lord, they would avoid destroying an Astral Gate. Destroying a Gate was basically the same as dumping a plot land into outer space.

But this reasoning did not apply to Maxwell Demon Lord.

Being able to teleport, he had no use for the existence of an Astral Gate in the first place.

“Fufu………Than, let’s negotiate, Willa. If you say that you will be my bride, with my power, I will save the refugees and your friends.”


So thats what he’ll offer, the two thought as they grinded their teeth.

In this situation, the refugees and [No Name] were already in a checkmate. In order to evacuate, the only option was to listen to what Maxwell said.

(Darn it………..Out of all the possible outcomes, this is the worst…….!)

And, the timing was horrible.

Yō had lost her powers, and there was no telling when Aži Dakāha would be coming. If they even suggested that they would refuse his offer, Maxwell would definitely abandon everyone in the city.

After all, Willa, who was able to teleport, could simple run away alone.

(What should I do………!? What can I do!!?)