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Part 1[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The snores of the dragon echoed to the depths of the airborne castle.

Its proportions were larger than a river. And a valley between mountain ranges would be too narrow for it.

Even within the world of Little Garden where the gods have gathered, such a huge dragon was a rare sight. And if one were to have the opportunity to meet it, it would definitely be the moment of death for the eye witness.

From time long past, dragons would guard a hoard of gold, silver, gems and other riches. This dragon was of no exception. At the heart of the structure that it was coiled around, there stood an aerial castle, exposed to the violent air currents of the atmosphere. Not only did the streets look maintained, they were also not battered down by the winds and there wasn’t even a scratch on the OuterWalls. It would seem that there was some sort of protection at work and it did not seem damaged from the outside. If one were to find a fault in its cleanliness, it would only be the human shaped stain that was imprinted on the tower observatory’s wall.

It also boasted of a majestic moat that high leveled Communities would even find difficulty in replicating.

It was even possible for one to call it an airborne mobile weapon. And it was surely a treasure to Communities which wanted to own a city state like that aerial fortress. Hence there were Communities that came to challenge with their prided strength of numbers upon hearing the rumors of the aerial fortress and left the world of the living together with their valor.

People who came forth to challenge the huge dragon out of courage and people who ran away knowing that they were unable to win.

All who challenged this dragon, lost their lives without exception.

It was an impregnable den of magic that did not leave any survivors.

Yes, the real horror of this aerial fortress had never been the huge dragon.

But, it was the evil Demon Lord who came up with the rule for sparing no one who dares defy it.

A Vampire who possess long flowing beautiful blonde hair that gave the illusion of a curtain of golden silk.

It was the Host who was in a deep sleep on the throne of the Palace, Leticia Draculea who posed a real threat. And she was also the greatest treasure to those who knew of the truth.


The beautiful eyes did not seem to move under those eyelids and she seemed like a doll at first glance. But the coloration of her skin that indicated the flow of blood and the sound of her breaths were evidence enough that she was alive.

Although she did not seem to have any intent to move.

It is hence inevitable for people to come to a wrong conclusion that she might be an antique.

It would definitely be a picturesque moment if the blonde flowing hair could be blown by a blast of fresh wind to fan out behind her. But sadly, the corridor that leads to the throne room was barricaded by a set of large heavy set doors and air was stale.

As long as no one opens those large doors, the blonde hair would not be disturbed.

As long as a fearless challenger appears and is able to get pass the eyes of the huge dragon.


Suddenly, a slight breeze ruffled those blonde strands.

Simultaneously, a melodious voice wafted over with the sounds of a clapping that was out of synch.

“London Bridge is broken down.”


“Build it up with silver and gold.”

“Build it~Build it~!”

“Silver and gold will be stolen away. Stolen away. Stolen away. Silver and gold will be stolen away, My fair lady.”

“Is that so~What do we do then~♪ …… I say, Niania-chan. What does that last bit of “My fair lady” mean?”

The woman who sang that melodious song and the young girl who accompanied it with her out of beat clapping… or should she be called a teenager(?), tilted her head in a cute way.

Short flaxen hair with the facial features of a medieval person, it made it difficult to distinguish her gender from her appearance. But it wasn’t rare to find those who were of dual genders as well. Besides, that sort of stuff was only a minor detail that we should not sweat about for this person. It was the warm and kindly smile and behavior that bestowed a sense of a charming good will to all who saw her.

On the other hand, the female whose lyrics had been clapped along a little while ago— the woman who was addressed as Niania-chan, had a wry smile as her hand was pulled along by her companion.

“It refers to the female sacrifices who were buried into the pillars of the London Bridge in order to prevent its collapse…… Anyways, Eury, I’m currently a board member in the Alliance at the very least. Even if we are friends as well as allies, calling me Niania-chan is a little too much, don’t you think so? Didn’t Orpheus-sensei say that we should observe civility even while interacting with our friends?”

“Fufu, Orpheus would not say such a thing. Moreover, such a beautiful name of Canaria is not befitting of a person such as yourself. A name with greater impact and strength would be better suited for you. That, I can be sure!” The flaxen haired girl snorted as she opined.

But though she might opine that a name that gave a majestic feel was necessary, she continued to use the casual nickname of Niania-chan in the meantime. Clearly, she was a person with strong opinions while not giving any of those opinions any deeper thought.

Canaria and Eury. Their messing around broke the silence as they approached the throne. Leticia who was in her eternal slumber was also unable to ignore the duo as she opened her glazed eyes.

“…… what a surprise. Hearing the name of Orpheus, the poet who belongs to the Greek mythologies in this place. Does it mean that the gods have finally made their move to bring judgement against the Vampire king?”

The stone cobbled corridor rang with the perceptive and authoritative voice.

Therefore, the two intruders stopped their banter.

Simultaneously, they wiped their smiles and adjusted their postures to kneel and bow before the throne.

“Please forgive our sudden visit, your Highness, Leticia Draculea. I’m Eurydice, wife of Orpheus, the poet of the Greek mythologies. Please call me Eury.”

Eury and Canaria bowed respectfully.

Whereas Leticia nodded her head in understanding after staring at the duo with her red eyes.

“I see. I heard that the song and harp of Orpheus is able to lull various magical beasts to sleep……. But I thought that you would be a young kid. It’s really surprising to find that you are actually a grown woman.”

“Hoho, I’ve also heard that comment from many others as well. I do like to go in the disguise as a child. After all the differences of race, gender and appearance are merely decorations.”

“……Hmph. It sure does feel like the presence of a Nymph. Is this youthful appearance a temporary vessel as well?”

“Your wise eyes are truly admirable. Mah, but please be at ease. I’m just a wanderer who’s unrelated to the Greek mythology faction. I’ve only come here at a spur of the moment for a little fun.”

And Eury fluttered her eyelids at Leticia. It was an unseemly act from another man’s wife but since it was a false appearance, let’s just let this flirty pretense slide for now.

Leticia’s gaze shifted away from Eury to focus on Canaria.

It was no wonder that it would turn out like this. Although it wasn’t comparable to Leticia’s very own, Canaria possessed a head of beautiful blonde hair that seemed to fit her name.

But her dressing was lacking in adornments as it was just a white long coat and some plain clothes. The only thing that could be counted as decorative would be those conch shell earrings.

Judging by the standards of an adult female, there was nothing about her that could be described as sexy at all.

Not being allowed any ornate jewelry, it would mean that she’s just an attendant to Eury?—Leticia came to that conclusion but suddenly narrowed her eyes to question.

“Oi, that female attendant over there.”

“……An attendant? Ah, you mean me? Hai, Hai, what’s your orders, O’ Vampire Demon Lord-sama?”

Canaria acted the fool’s role as she returned with a question.

However, Leticia did not bother about that as her red eyes lit up with an inner light as she pointed at the blonde hair.

“That blonde hair…… it isn’t yours from the start right?”

Ho? Canaria was very surprised as she accepted that accusation.

“Mhm, you can say so. It is the prided blond hair given to me by my old friend. So, what about it?”

“I thought so. Such beautiful blonde hair shouldn’t belong to a Human. Hence, that blonde hair,— was it a Gift bestowed by some other race?”

The red eyes started to take on a dangerous glint.

That color was one of wrath, blame and even that of sadness. Canaria had initially wanted to return a question regarding that sudden connection drawn in Leticia’s question but remembered the ordeal that Leticia went through upon receiving that gaze.

“I see. You suspect that my blond hair is an item obtained from the Vampire race. …… Hng Hng, it would then explain a great deal about our presence in this place as well. Just for two wandering travelers to enter this area is already a high level difficulty to overcome. It would be more plausible to think of us as the spies of the traitorous descendants, right?”

What a headache. Canaria even pretended to be funny by giving a shrug of her shoulders.

And Leticia took that as a confession.

“—so that means, you are my enemies?”

“Who knows. The Human race isn’t that easy to be differentiated into the groups of foe or friends. Looking at things that meet the smallest common multiple isn’t going to give you the full picture you know? I think it’s better to consider the universe, world, from multiple angles.”

“Ah Re? Isn’t it already possible to create a Cosmology with two or more causations?”

“Eury, that’s not what I’m talking about currently.”

The duo were meeting the interrogation with a carefree attitude while giving a smile to Leticia.

To put it simply, it was just a roundabout way to express the desire such as “Let’s have our conversation for a while longer?”. But Leticia ignored their little drama.

“There’s no need for further discussion. Because I’ve no intention of letting you two leave this magical lair alive even if it does not relate to the bloodlines.”

Shadow teeth covered the space around the throne.

That gesture was already similar to the owner of the demonic mansion that has its prey positioned to be swallowed into the belly. With the command from Leticia, Canaria and the other would instantly be chewed up by the shadowy teeth.

The shadowy teeth seemed like centipedes as they crept around the throne and separated the two parties.

Canaria and Eury moved closer to each other wordlessly and they backed up against each other with a wry laugh.

“This means that…… you have no intention to listen to us? What a headache. I had only wanted to ask you about some stuff as wisdom from the earliest [Origin Candidate].”

“Oi Oi Nia Nia-chan, what’s gonna happen to us if you make her angry?

“What to do? As long as we leave some impression on her, that’s also counted as an achievement right?”

“Even if it is a bad impression?”

“It’s better than not having an impression. Our self-introduction is also completed, it’s about time for us to leave as well.”

“Houh, you still plan to escape?”

The sharp gaze from the throne pierced through the both of them. Suddenly, their bodies became immobile just as though they had been tied up by something. Their internal body’s blood circulation was also slowing and their skin were also losing its red hemoglobin coloration. Noticing that it was a curse on the flow of blood within their bodies, Canaria gave a fearless smile while placing her finger to her lips.

“Mah, I will just take my leave at this. We will meet again shortly. I will also tell you about the continuation of the story on the Vampires that you are so interested about. —Fare thee well, Blonde My fair lady.”

The teeth transformed into thousands of spears and arrows and they were launched towards the duo. Engulfing them with the shadows, a tumultuous frenzy of violent winds joined the fray to rip apart the duo to ensure the cleansing of every possible scrap of their physical existence. Tearing their skins and crushing through their bones, it was a net of arrows and spears that hardly had space between them as they formed an enclosure. The targeted prey would surely be unable to escape from this trap by taking to the skies as well. The violent slashing and chopping of the shadow blades carried a pressure that couldn’t be judged from its thin and flat appearance.

And seemingly like a torrent of rain and thunder, the shadow teeth continued to rain down on the area for more than a minute.

The area between the throne and the bombarded area was crumbling as it started to collapse upon itself.

The stone walls and floor were shattered beyond recognition.


Looking at the two corpses[1] without a flicker of interest, Leticia once again closed her eyelids as she planned to fall asleep—

“Fare thee well, Blonde My fair lady”



Leticia’s eyes were jerked awake by the voice. The corpses which were supposed to be lying on the ground had vanished to god knows where. No, that wasn’t all.

The rock walls and floors were not stained by the smears of blood anymore and instead, it looked to be in the same state of as it was before the damages.

The area between the throne and the doorway that was badly smashed by the shadowy teeth and the storm of a thousand spears—- had resumed its silence as though nothing had happened a moment before.

“…… seems like they are not ordinary vermin.” Leticia observed with a majestic air while a tone of displeasure leaked into her voice.

Following that, she felt a pain at the back of her throat.

And guessed that it must have been caused by the conversation held after such a long time of silence.

Indeed, it has been a long time since she last spoke to anyone.

It was ever since the time that Leticia experienced the rebellion from the vampires and cried out in the voice of a thousand rage and agony as she cleansed the rebels.

“—You bastards……You do not even deserve the reprieve called death……!”


It was unsatisfactory to send them to their deaths.

They weren’t even allowed to die.

Their bodies were scorched, impaled with stakes and completely destroyed to return to the ground as ash.

……How it all ended was also a mystery to Leticia.

Perhaps they were all dead or there might be a few survivors who were lucky to escape. That sort of thing did not matter.

If, If the rebels were still alive—

“Even after a thousand years, they are still aiming to take my head? Seems to me that they really want to kill me. —Fufu, fine. I will really cleanse them to the last of them this time.

Her lips gave a slight curve at the edges, filled with an unfathomable bloodlust, as she closed her eyes once more.

She swore that the next time she opened her eyes— will be the time that she rages as a Demon Lord once more.

Part 2[edit]

— [No Name] Headquarters.

When Leticia came to, she was already lying on a bed.

After blinking her eyes a few times and shaking to clear her head, she heard the voice of Izayoi who noticed that she had awoken

“Morning. Are you awake, Jijochō[2]?”

“……Good Morning, goshuujin-sama. This is?”

“The headquarters of [No Name]. You were sent here not too long ago. — but let’s confirm this. Do you still remember what happened?” Izayoi asked Leticia as he kept away his smile.

It was a question to confirm her consciousness.

Leticia turned her wavering gaze to the ceiling as she tried her best to recall.

The sensation of pain all over her body was a reminder of what the battle left on her. Since it was mentioned that she had to be sent back, it would mean that the injuries were grievous and needed his care. Moreover, it was probably over a week from the sensation of numbness in her hand.

The injuries were grievous. There was a strong analgesic sensation in her lower body and it was one that she had experienced before. It was most probably the result of having her upper and lower bodies ripped to bits.

If it weren’t for the regenerative powers of the vampire race, she would surely be dead—-thinking up to that point, she finally recalled the reason.

“I remember…..being in my dragon form when Aži Dakāha tore……right, what happened to Aži Dakāha?!”

Leticia tried to prop her body up forcefully.

And the mere action caused a shoot of pain from her abdomen.

“GuBionicMeerkat (talk) 19:30, 17 June 2015 (UTC)!!!”

“Good, good. If you feel pain, then that’s normal.” Izayoi gave a loud laugh.

Although Leticia was teary eyed from the pain, which was a rare sight, she got the grasp of the situation from his casual reply.

“…….is that so. We won?”

“—…… Mah, I guess you can say it that way. Anyways, what matters is that we are safe. I will go call Kuro Usagi and the others.”

“Ara, there’s no need for that.” There came the sound of the door opening.

It was time for the change in shift to watch over the patient.

Asuka and Kuro Usagi entered together.

Upon seeing Leticia, who had regained her consciousness, Kuro Usagi immediately rushed over with tears and snot streaming from her face.

“Le, Le…. Leticia-sama……!”

“Calm, Calm down Kuro Usagi. I’m fine, here, clean up your leaking nose.”

Leticia took a tissue to dab the tears and wipe the snot that flowed down Kuro Usagi’s face in a stream.

Kuro Usagi also started to calm down at her request.

She then straightened her usagimimi, puffed her chest and held her head high as she made her report.

“Perhaps you might have already found out, we have successfully defeated that Great Demon Lord. With that, the world of Little Garden will not be threatened by Aži Dakāha ever again!”

“Is that so. ……Congratulations, Kuro Usagi. With that, you have also completed one of your revenge. You must be feeling a weight off your shoulders right?”

Leticia propped herself on the bed as she asked in a matter of fact.

But Kuro Usagi responded with the widening of her eyes and a quiet shake of her head.

“……No, Kuro Usagi didn’t know. Kuro Usagi did have that sort of thought before the battle…… but now, Kuro Usagi’s satisfied with just the sight of Leticia-sama and everyone else coming back safe and sound.” Giving a shy smile while scratching her usagimimi.

However, Leticia widened her eyes upon hearing those words as if they had impacted her violently.

“— that’s such a foolish thought. I say, if you really want to take revenge, you should not—“

And she recalled a time long past.

From a time long past that a friend had accepted this body which was frozen by the curse.

“…… I see, Ah. No, that’s right. The safety of our comrades is the most important thing. There isn’t a reward better than that which exists in the world…… Damn it, how can it be. It seems like I’ve not awaken fully. What a fool I am to forget such an important thing.”

Leticia covered her face with one hand as she frowned in regret for her words.

It must have been due to the dream that she had about her past. The curse that she had carried, seemed to announce its presence by torturing the body.

Kuro Usagi who did not know the cause for this, twitched her usagimimi as she thought that it was the fault of something she had said.

“Le, Leticia-sama? Was it something that Kuro Usagi should not have said……?”

“No, that’s not it. The fault lies with me. Although it was unintentional, I’ve demeaned your words. Sorry, please forget what I said earlier.”

Saying that, she collapse onto the bed in exhaustion. Witnessing Leticia in such a confused state was a rare sight indeed. It might not be too strange to call it an amazing sight as well.

Speculating that Leticia is in a state of confusion due to the grievous injuries, Asuka clapped her hand to close the topic.

“Since Leticia is awake, let’s go tell Kasukabe-san and the children. I’m sure they will be overjoyed.”

“Y, YES! We must thoroughly celebrate it!”

“That’s absolutely right. ……Ah, Ojou-sama needn’t help out with the preparations. After all, Alma has enthusiastically prepared your new assignment.” Izayoi gave a laugh that caused Asuka to turn back her head with cold sweat beading her forehead.

“……That’s unbelievable. How many games does she want me to participate in this week?”

“This is the price of having such a capable Spartan instructor as your shikigami. Just accept it obediently.”

“YES! Alma-sama is fairly wise. She’s sure to groom Asuka-san for the better! …… Come to think about it, what’s the topic that she’s chosen for you?” Kuro Usagi tilted her usagimimi as she asked.

Asuka on the other hand, shook her head in loathe, “It’s just basic knowledge of attacking the Game and other applications. But, no matter how many times I’ve heard it, I’m still unable to comprehend it. It’s just like some exam of the liberal arts that is completely ambiguous in its sense.”

“Is that so? What is it like?”

“What I can’t get the most is the topic of “setting aside the gods while explaining the myths”. We are currently using Perseus as the material for reference but I still can’t get what comes after what.” Asuka raised her hands as she shook her head.

On the other hand, Kuro Usagi put aside her smile as she closed her eyes in wonder.

“…… is that so. It’s already, to that stage huh?”


“No, Nothing, please don’t mind that. — Ah, right. Would Leticia-sama like to appear for the memorial service held tomorrow for the war dead?”

It was the memorial held for the various deaths that occurred during the battle with the Demon Lord.

Although there wasn’t any casualties from the [No Name], there were quite a number of deaths in the other Communities. [Will o’wisp] which was in close relation to the [No Name]s was no exception to that as well.

The memorial service would surely be of a large scale with the various religions attending the event.

“…… No, let me attend as well. Without their sacrifice, we would not have been able to attain this victory. I wish to present a bouquet of fresh flowers to the soldiers who have fought valiantly alongside us.”

“Okay, I will pass that on to Sala.”

We will take our leaves, the trio waved and left the room.

Leaving Leticia alone in the room, it soon returned to its silence.

Following that, there came a fresh breeze from the window.

The curtains billowed out like a fan and red leaves that announced the arrival of autumn landed on the bed.

Picking up a leave that is dyed red, Leticia laughed in reminiscence.

“The lives of the comrades are more important than seeking revenge? Fufu…… That child sure is your daughter, Canaria. Only knowing how to move forward without looking back.”

Calling out the name of her friend with much irony and warmth.

Leticia lay on the bed as she closed her eyes to pray while seemingly to caution herself.

To not repeat the mistake in the current time— she hoped to dream of the encounter with her friend in the dream world once more.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. [magrefnotes: I don’t know why there is still corpses… but it says corpses…. so I translated it.]
  2. [magrefnotes: I’m leaving it as Jijochō- a direct translation from Leader of the maids to denote the term of ‘leader of maids’. Unless someone asks me to translate that to English ‘leader of maids’…]