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NOTICE - This story is not a part of Mondaiji-series. It's just one of the stories that was released in a single volume called S WHITE Sneaker Bunko 25th Anniversary Celebration Anthology along with other short stories from several authors.

Chapter 1[edit]

Part 1[edit]

—— Farewell Party·Flower Viewing Field.

A feast surrounded by blooming sakura.

For the sake of sending off Shiroyasha who was returning to Heaven, many Communities especially went to the place 「Thousand Eyes」held the feast. In the seven day seven night feast, the Communities that participated had already crossed the racial boundary.

Beastmen and eudemons, spirits and yōkais, devils and ghosts…

The Sakura Avenue that was brought for today’s feast, swayed in the night breeze and sakura petals danced in the air.

Izayoi who raised his head to appreciate this dazzling scene, mumbled in a satisfied voice.

“...A scenery with flowers, moon, breeze and birds. This kind of feast is also not bad.”

Tilting his red wine cup, leaning on the sakura tree trunk.

At this moment, a giant water pillar rose from a corner of the feast.

As he watched the foam sprayed across the place, Izayoi let out a bitter smile.

“What an elegant rampage. Well, to Shiroyasha, this is the last time to mess around, that much is reasonable.”

He straightened his body, looked over to the direction of water pillar.

In this grandly held farewell party, Shiroyasha conducted a Gift Game in the center of this place. Shiroyasha alone was rooted in the circular battleground (Gladiator Ring) floating on the water, if anyone could push her out of the ring, he would be the winner. As there was no obstacles, this fight had become a contest of ability.

However, nobody could compare to Shiroyasha who was the strongest in the star spirit level.

Despite holding doubt to “is there even anyone who is qualified to participate in this Game”, they were still residents of Little Garden. Those hoping to participate swarmed in like a landslide.

Those confident in their strength, in their tactic, were all idiots who wanted to participate.

People wishing for a fight against the strongest Floor Master Shiroyasha were as many as the stars in the sky. They also treated this as part of the feast entertainment. Although it was a fight without any chance of victory from the beginning, challenging an opponent far above their own ability itself was enjoyable.

However Izayoi was different. If he were to fight, then the goal was of course victory.

Facing an opponent without caring about winning was just laziness and self-indulgence, it was rude to the opponent.

“Well, it is Shiroyasha after all. It shouldn’t be a simple contest of strength...there is no need to hurry. Since the Game will continue throughout this seven day seven night. I will just look at the situation today.”

In addition, tonight was a beautiful scene of moon and sakura complementing one another.

He should carry out a foolish rampage in such a night. Just as he was about to raise his cup and enjoy the atmosphere on the first night —— from afar, Asuka’s voice called out.

“Izayoi-kun, what are you doing! Come over quickly!”

Nn? Izayoi looked towards the voice.

On the other side of his sight, the major force of 「No Name」 were sitting on the blue sheet laid underneath a sakura tree.

Kuro Usagi, Kudou Asuka, Kasukabe Yō and Leticia gathered as a group of four. The main powerhouse of the Community had gathered for what purpose? Izayoi tilted his head in disbelief, asked Asuka back.

“What is it, Oujo-sama. So sudden.”

“We are about to begin 「No Name」 operation meeting. It’s a rare chance Izayoi-kun, come and participate also.”

Just as Asuka finished, Kuro Usagi continued with a bitter smile.

“Although Kuro Usagi is not interested...but Asuka-san and Yō-san would not listen to me and want to pay back Shiroyasha with “a debt from time unknown”.”


What a surprise, he murmured.

Although Izayoi was not uninterested, to think Asuka would enthusiastically encourage him to participate. Izayoi swirled his empty cup while sitting on the sheet where the girl’s team gathered.

Kuro Usagi nimbly refilled Izayoi’s cup after seeing him sit down. After filling up, she twitched her usagimimi and smiled towards Izayoi.

“No matter when, it was thanks to Shiroyasha-sama that we are able to participate in a feast held by 「Thousand Eyes」 like this. As a member of the Lower Floor, we want her to leave without worries.”

“You want to pick a fight with her for this? Isn’t there any other suggestion that can utilize the girl power, our female group?”

Izayoi smiled in bitterness. It shouldn’t be a suggestion from a young girl even if it was a mistake.

Leticia who was standing by at the back put her hands before her chest and nodded in agreement.

“That’s right masters. It is obviously a chance to put the results of maid training in action here.”

“Ara. That is that, this is this. Sending Leticia over will definitely make Shiroyasha happy, our revenge will also just make Shiroyasha joyous.”

Asuka declared full of confidence.

Yō who was blankly eating the food at a corner of the sheet, suddenly thought of something and asked.

“Izayoi, will you join as well?”

“Alright, what to do. If the main force of 「No Name」 is participating, I cannot just sit out…”

He quickly ascertained everyone with an eye signal. If it was a normal enemy these members would not have a problem, but unfortunately this time it was the strongest Floor Master Shiroyasha.

She who possessed over half of the Sun Authorities was undoubtedly strong.

Fighting each other to death might have one in a million chance, but to compete in strength with pushing her out of the ring as the rule, difference in calibre already decided the outcome. Then, to compensate for that difference in calibre ——

Right then.

A giant water pillar rose again in the direction of the Gladiator Ring.

It must be someone who was sent flying by Shiroyasha after losing. Participants that flew high into the sky fell one by one like the water foam.

Elegantly beaten again, in the eyes of a respectful Izayoi, a familiar face reflected.

“—— Master, please ddooodge!”

Dong dong dong dong!!! Shadows of people that rushed past with violent force shook the sakura branches. And there were more than just one.

Two shadows that fell —— Pest and Shirayuki-hime from the maid team, both shook their wet heads and sighed in regret.

“...What is that, even messing around also needs a limit.”

“That is obvious, washing board. My main God is the strongest race that held fourteen Sun Authorities. She is not someone ordinary people like us could challenge.”

“Guh, so noisy udder snake. I also know this.”

Pest pouted and turned her head away.

Those two often quarreled in the past, but due to reasons unknown they seemed to be in a good relationship now. Izayoi closed in on the two maids, joined in with a teasing tone.

“Oi oi, I was wondering who fell down...If it isn’t our maid team. Don’t tell me you picked a fight with Shiroyasha again?”

He revealed a pranking smile and asked.

Shirayuki-hime rearranged her soaked kimono, sighed in awkwardness.

“Hng...This is the last stage to send my main God off. How can I not participate. It’s only a final wish before farewell.”

“Hehe. Then, what about that dotted maid?”

“No real reason. Just wanted to try once, facing the Sun Authority head on.”

Although Pest answered as if it was nothing, she pouted regretfully.

Thinking about the reason she arrived in Little Garden, it couldn’t be helped. The grudge she held after disappearing from that one loss was not light. Despite challenging once there was a chance, she was hideously beaten.

Watching them, Izayoi held his chin and showed an action of thinking temporarily. Looking up while deep in thought...suddenly, he turned towards the girl’s team as if he thought of something.

“...True. Since our maids fought bravely, then as their masters we also have no reason not to challenge as well.”

He showed a provocative smile towards Asuka and Yō.

Hearing Izayoi’s participation, their eyes beamed and stood up full of motivation.

“That’s right. Let’s repay a debt from don’t know what time.”

“Un. This time won’t be like last time.”

“Ah ah. We must let that useless god suffer from time to time.”

He clashed his fists, showing his full motivation. Shiroyasha often played pranks on them as she liked. Izayoi was not an exception. This would be the last chance to repay that gift.

Kuro Usagi and Leticia also nodded energetically and rose up.

“Since it’s a rare chance, Kuro Usagi also wants to join. I will relieve all the stress from the sexual harassment built up until today!”

“It is a maid’s shame to let masters fight alone. The shame from my useless colleagues, I will erase it with my own hands.”

Pyon! Kuro Usagi whose usagimimi stood straight, Leticia whose tiny chest puffed out.

The two in question wanted to rebut being called useless, but was rendered silent from the fear of the sharp glance by the head maid. It seemed that the power relationship in the career was laid bare.

“I will ask just in case, will the dotted maid and busty maid go or not?”

“I will pass. Since there is no defeat condition, it seems possible to challenge an infinite number of times, it may look advantageous but there is no feeling of a winning chance.”

“I also have no will to —— Oi who is a busty maid, brat!”

Hiss! Shirayuki-hime bared her fangs. Izayoi skipped through with a laughter and stood akimbo, pointing towards the Gladiator Ring where Shiroyasha was.

“Then, let’s bring an elegant...farewell for the strongest mondaiji of the East Floor!”

The new elites of East Floor raised a loud cry.

Under the full moon’s bright radiance, the feast became more lively.

The starry night sky decorated by sakura petals that danced in the night breeze, made the Little Garden various Gods resided in more prosperous.

Part 2[edit]

—— Farewell party·“Gladiator Ring”.

In the Gladiator Ring surrounded by blooming jasmine flower, impacts that could shake the night scenergy could be felt now. Despite being called the Gladiator Ring, it was actually utilizing the shrine within the building.

The shrine planted with jasmine flower, was made to worship Shirayuki-hime. It now became the Game Centre for Shiroyasha’s farewell.

If the shrine was fully functional, Shirayuki-hime’s Gift that was blessed with Water God spirit level would fill the water kennel, bringing the rich water to the vast Lower Floor residents.

But that could not be fulfilled at the moment.

The last shrine left by Shiroyasha would be inherited by the next Floor Master.

If he who held the title of 「Great Sage who devastate Seas」were to become the East Floor Master, shortage of water would reverse in a dramatic way. And then that 「Great Sage who devastate Seas」Koryuu Demon King, entered a battle stance at the right end of the Gladiator Ring.

Standing across at the opposite end was a woman dressed in a beautiful kimono, colorful hairpins decorated her hair —— Current East Floor Master Shiroyasha.

The water current released by Kouryuu flowed in the quantity of several million tons, surrounding the Gladiator Ring in a whirlpool. However Shiroyasha was unshakable even within the whirlpool.

Shiroyasha opened her favorite fan and flashed vertically.

That action was simple, but the change brought about was drastic.

The flash from Shiroyasha transformed into light beam from the flame, splitted the whirlpool into two and vaporized it. The water current released by Kouryuu was evaporated in a blink of an eye.

Similarly residing in the Upper Floor of Little Garden, the scale of fight between those two could not be compared with those born in the Lower Floors. It seemed to be a good fight in a glance, but the degree of fatigue between the two already showed a huge difference.

Kouryuu showed a stance with both hands twining water current, but he was already panting tiredly.

In contrast Shiroyasha just opened her fan, overlooked Kouryuu as if it was nothing.

“Hu. There is only you left, Kouryuu?”

“Ugh, well...Although it isn’t my intention, it seems to be the case.”

Kouryuu exerted a bitter smile while watching every move of Shiroyasha vigilantly.

He did not join the Game to fight against Shiroyasha.

As the successor of East Floor Master, it was only courtesy to participate, he held such half-baked attitude to participate.

But before he realized he was already fully motivated to fight. If it came to this then there would be nothing to be picky about if he could just slightly fight on even ground ——

(Aiya...I thought I could do better. Who would have thought, I couldn’t even break through the familiars…!)

Opening his single eye, he observed the four glowing orbs surrounding Shiroyasha.

The light beam that cut open his whirlpool was also released from these glowing orbs.

Every glowing body possessed the power to vaporize Kouryuu’s whirlpool. If these were really familiars, then they would need to add at least five super before the familiar.

The appearance of the glowing orbs was at the instant the gong signifying Game start was rung.

Once the participants entered the ring, those glowing orbs immediately released strong heat, blocking the way as if protecting Shiroyasha.

Shiroyasha, after confirming the battle reached an end greatly twisted her shoulder.

“Aiya, there are so many who like to pick a fight in East Floor. This set of old bones can’t bear with it.”

“Your joke is just as powerful as your ability, Shiroyoruou. What can this degree of fight do to you?”

“Un, that is a indeed a little exaggerated, actually there isn’t any fatigue!”

Shiroyasha waved her kimono and chuckled.

There was no trace of tiredness on her who fought with thousands of people on the first day.

But in the latter half, instead of saying blown away by her, it was better to say blown away by the exchange between those two. If there was anyone who could intervene the fight between those two, there would only be one Community nearby.

“The famous Communities in the Lower Floor have all shown up. Then the remaining one is…”

“—— Yo. Kept you waiting Shiroyasha.”

At this moment, a voice came from the entrance.

Izayoi, Kuro Usagi, Asuka, Yō and Leticia entered the field holding onto their Gift Cards.

Izayoi and gang displayed an appalling boldness, Shiroyasha opened her hands to welcome them.

“Huhu, you are finally here. We were worried if you would come or not. Well, since it’s you ——”

“No, I didn’t want to come?”

“—— That won’t happen, oi oi oi oi I say!? Isn’t it too impolite to ignore the Game held by the kind-hearted God that gave special treatment to you guy on various occasions!?”

Half of Shiroyasha took a hit for real.

The girl’s group consisting of Asuka and others looked at one another in confusion.

“I say, Kasukabe-san. Has Shiroyasha taken care of us at all?”

“ us the Gift Cards?”

“Also helping Leticia-sama escaping from the claws of 「Perseus」.”

“Ah ah. That is indeed a great help. After that she introduced various Games to us...right? Originally we thought Shiroyasha is a mondaiji, but she actually helped us a lot.”

“What a surprise! Shocking truth discovered!”

“You guys are really impolite!”

Shiroyasha’s anger even caused her hair to stand up.

Although her actions focused on sexual harassment, but as a Floor Master she had never once cut corners. The title of strongest Floor Master was not just a name.

“Seriously...People like you guys who misunderstand also numbered many, so some people regarded me as one of the three mondaiji in Little Garden. But I am different from those ——”


“Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi!? Wh...What’s with that reaction! Don’t tell me even you guys also misunderstood!? Don’t compare me with those three elites that ignores common sense, you need to add a “super” before my title of strongest race in being kind-hearted and sociable! Right, Kouryuu!”


“You are lying right!?”

“No, that is true Asuka-chan. Other strongest race, regardless of which were unreasonable and beyond common sense, that 「Brahman」 even dressed up and wander around in the real world. Compared to those, Shiroyoruou’s sexual harassment is juuuuust so cute. At least coming from Shiroyoruou’s mouth ——

『It’s a nice weather today, so I will let those Communities under the umbrella from horizon to the water level off by making some delicious tiramisu as I invade them.』

—— or the like, then rush out like a mad person. Isn’t it cheap to protect the peace with just one sexual harassment?”

“Un, that’s right. I am also troubled over 「whether to invade as a Demon Lord, or to go for sexual harassment」 for a long time before taking action. That’s why I am not wrong.”

It just felt like she was beating around the bush to make sexual harassment a justified act, but those from 「No Name」 did not have that leisure. Rather it was as if they discovered some shocking truth.

Izayoi showed a face full of melancholy while crossing his hands, deeply lamented.

“...In this world, there really are always people better than you. We must also train harder in our path of self-conceitedness.”

“No, not moving forward is fine.”

Kuro Usagi immediately tsukkomi[1].

Izayoi shrugged his shoulders and returned to the main topic.

“Well, I didn’t want to come today also had other reasons. The scenery prepared for the farewell party is very charming. I was planning to just enjoy the scenery of blooming flowers on the first day...but our girl’s team is really hot-blooded.”

Izayoi watched over Kuro Usagi and the others while plucking a jasmine flower.

Although they showed a rebutting atmosphere, it was true that they convinced Izayoi to take part. They could only pout and swallow their rebuttal.

Kouryuu from the minority guy’s team could only show a bitter smile and shrug his shoulders lightly.

“Since the youths are here, then as the Floor Master successor, I must show some backbone. —— Hence, it won’t be like before now Shiroyoruou.”

Kouryuu slightly raised his fighting spirit.

Shiroyasha on the receiving side also revealed a provocative smile, lightly giggled.

“Very well. I will also seriously be your opponent...That said, before we begin. Do Kuro Usagi and gang know about the Game rules?”

“That...Pushing Shiroyasha-sama out of the ring is considered victory, right?”

“Un. But that is too difficult for the participants. I am still the strongest Floor Master! A frontal confront is definitely useless. So I have prepared some aid to the participants.”

Pah! She snapped her fingers.

Following that, four glowing orbs blocked in front of Izayoi’s gang. The glowing orbs gradually faded, displaying the real body in the middle.

Orbs carved with Ox, Tiger, Dog, Pig four beast seals released a dazzling brilliance, unleashing an overwhelming existence. This was no normal Gift, everyone in the area instantly understood.

Shiroyasha then drew across the empty air with her finger, a Geass Roll drifted down.

<<Gift Game Name “Falling Sun”>>

·Participant: Free participation:

Winning Condition: Pushing the Game Host our of the field:

*Special winning condition:

*Solve the mystery of the four rampaging beasts, stick into the land sunk with the flower hairpin of the incense season.

Oath: Respecting the above, Shiroyoruou will hold a Gift Game.

「Thousand Eyes」seal

“...Special winning condition, is it?”

“That’s right. Solving this mystery, I will fall out of the ring myself.”

Pomf! Shiroyasha puffed her chest and pointed towards Northeastern direction.

Facing this sudden development, Asuka let out an amused voice.

“Like that...Huhu. Then, isn’t it a big winning chance?”

As her Deen was in repair, Asuka had no chance in a contest of ability. Though she could be useful if it was this kind of rule.

However, as if to deny her confidence, Kouryuu deeply sighed.

“Other participants also thought about this. But considering this winning condition, you must avoid the interference of Shiroyoruou.”

“Huahahaha, of course! I did not plan to let you guys pass easily!”

Pa! Shiroyasha opened her fan and gave an annoying laughter, pointing towards Izayoi and gang.

Hearing this, Izayoi laughed aloud and walked forward.

“What, that’s simple. Since there is enough people, then we will just divide our forces.”

“Master is right. Fortunately the participant side has the advantage of numbers.”

“YES! This is a chance to legally hit Shiroyasha-sama’s head with my paper fan!”

Pyon! Kuro Usagi with her usagimimi straightened walked up with Izayoi.

Asuka and Yō exchanged an eye signal while standing by at the back.

“Then let us solve the mystery.”

“En. It doesn’t seem difficult so there is no problem.”

Participants got into stance at the same time.

After confirming this, Shiroyasha raised her fan and declared the Game resume.

“Then let me be your opponent. Come at me, mondaiji-tachi!”

With a loud shout, four glowing orbs accelerated in the Gladiator Ring, shaking the jasmine flowers along the way. Heavy footsteps could be heard from the shrine ground that was built with stone slate.

Izayoi, Kuro Usagi, Kouryuu and Leticia understood their roles with just an eye contact.

At the center were Izayoi and Kuro Usagi, Leticia on the right, Kouryuu on the left.

The four were fast regardless of attack or defense speed, but the four glowing orbs closed in with a speed that did not lose to them. The first contact, Izayoi, poised his fist to take on the glowing orb.

(Judging from the situation, these glowing orbs have a high possibility to be the key of this Game. I will take out one first to see the development.)

To challenge Shiroyasha, being fully prepared first would not be too late.

Izayoi preferred tactics that could effectively utilize his high level ability, but this enemy was different. He felt that Shiroyasha was an opponent worthy for him to come up with a sure-plan before fighting.

The instant he swung his fist onto the glowing body it releasing a dazzling light —— his body, flew into the sky.

“ —— Wha!”

Dong! That was a soft impact. Izayoi thought that the glowing orb attacked at first, but it was not so. The glowing orb did nothing.

The hit that barely missed his heart, belonged to something beyond what Izayoi’s senses could feel. And it was not a super-speed physical object.

As if it only appeared on the scene at the moment of contact, then vanish immediately after contact. This was obviously a hit from a Gift outside of Izayoi’s knowledge.

Izayoi who got beaten out of the ring without doing anything hurriedly corrected his posture. Unfortunately even Izayoi could not defy inertia.

The flung away Izayoi would follow the projection line and fall into the drain soon.

“Tch. I can’t do anything in the air! Only to let Kasukabe catch me.”

“Hng hng. It’s useless. Others have already been flung out of the ring. There is only me left, Sakamaki Izayoi.”

Hah! Izayoi looked up the sky.

Shiroyasha was covering her annoying laughter with her fan, floating lighting in the air.

“Late, too late, brat. Because you guys are too slow, the mystery solving time is already over.”

“Hah, Haah!? What are you saying, it only begins now right!”

“No. It has already begun. But you guys chose to slowly control the Game was a mistake, hence causing this defeat. Try thinking about everything happened up to now. The key to victory is already in you hands?”

Wha...he drew a cold breath.

In the tiny moment of Izayoi’s fall, he recalled every scene since entering the Gladiator Ring. His brain began searching through all his knowledge at once as if a computer, filtering out only the important elements.

(Gift Game’s content is 「Falling Sun」—— a setting sun. What appeared next were beast seals of Ox(丑), Tiger(寅), Dog(戌), Pig(亥). What these seals have in common is 「Ecliptic path of the Twelve Chén」, which is the path of the sun. Next is direction. 「丑寅」[2] is Northeastern, 「戌亥」[3] is Northwestern...Following that, the flower of incense season…!)

The jasmine flower he plucked just now.

The instant he took out the flower kept in his clothes, Izayoi understood everything.

—— Solve the mystery of the four rampaging beasts, stick into the land sunk with the flower hairpin of the incense season.

If the flower of incense season meant jasmine flower, then the season would be Summer.

Then the sun in summer would travel from 「丑寅」 to 「戌亥」.

Finally the land meant the Gladiator Ring.

Then this meant that the Gift Game 「Falling Sun」, treated the Gladiator Ring as a Game Board that represented the world.

Sun setting outside the world, signified pushing Shiroyasha who held the Sun Authority out of the ring. Considering the content of the special winning condition, the method to win would be to stick the jasmine flower in the Northwestern direction, or to raise it there.

Although it was a coincidence, Izayoi who held the jasmine flower looked at Shiroyasha regretfully.

“Damn it…! Is it such an easy winning condition…!!!”

“Of course. A truly outstanding Game not only must have special something, but also providing everyone an equal chance of victory...In this sense, the game controlling you guys planned this time is just like Yokozuna[4] sumo. Fighting only after gaining all controls, to me it’s just a bunch of cowards!”

Shiroyasha opened her fan and laughed joyfully.

Izayoi could not retaliate and just clenched his teeth.

—— Just to mention, the following was only commentary.

Shiroyasha swung a fist with her highest speed right after the Game started, was because Izayoi plucked a jasmine flower, resulting in her misunderstanding that Izayoi had already solved the Game.

To use a sure-kill technique against an opponent far inferior to herself right on the first move was a taboo that shamed those born in the Upper Floors.

However, Izayoi who did not know of such custom felt regret from the bottom of his heart and fell into the drain. Scratching his drenched hair, he sighed as he held in his emotions.

“Damn it...Damn it, damn it, this is too lame…!”

“Wha~t, this is also a lesson. It’s not like a parting forever, wouldn’t it be fine to use this in the next Game?”

Shiroyasha lowered to water surface.

She closed in towards Izayoi with footsteps as light as leaves. However Izayoi kept his silence with minimal expression —— and spoke with a bitter tone.

“...Using it in the next Game. But, it can’t be used in the next Game hosted by Shiroyasha?”

Hearing Izayoi’s speech, Shiroyasha opened her eyes wide in surprise.

Using it or not, he did not mean that.

But exhausting Izayoi’s whole life —— whether he could fight against Shiroyasha again, that was his meaning.

“...I heard from Kuro Usagi. For the sake of returning to Heaven you took back your divinity, you probably won't return for hundreds of years?”

“That’s...about that, yes.”

“Then in truth, this will be our last fight against Shiroyasha. But we lost so pitifully...Although it isn’t something important, but 「Leave the Lower Floor to us」 or something, we can’t say these words already.”

Listening to Izayoi’s stiff words, Shiroyasha was truly shaken this time.

Shiroyasha acknowledged Izayoi’s ability, but she never expected to hear such words coming from his mouth.

They purposefully thought about a sure-fire plan against her to let Shiroyasha who was leaving the Lower Floor halfway feel at ease, only to obtain the opposite result. The bitterness Izayoi felt probably could not be described in words.

Shiroyasha also could not come up with a reply, only standing above the water blankly.

When the two maintained silence —— suddenly, Izayoi raised his head as if remembering something.

“...I say, Shiroyasha. Let me ask one, very important matter.”

“Wha...What is it brat. Suddenly so serious.”

Bending her waist and feeling awkward, Shiroyasha’s line of sight zoomed in on Izayoi.

It was rare to see Shiroyasha behaving this way. According to various people, this would be priceless.

Izayoi slowly swam closer towards Shiroyasha ——

“This Gift Game, did not have a losing condition?

—— Hah? When Shiroyasha raised a strange voice.

ZuDooooooon!!! A water pillar rose with such sound effect, Shiroyasha was dragged into the drain. One of the culprit that pulled her into the drain, Kouryuu, jumped out of the water, raised his right hand and yelled in victory.

“Great, good job boy! With this it’s us the participants’ victory!”

“YES! The brilliant plan is a success!”

Kuro Usagi, Asuka, Yō also came up from the drain one after another.

Leticia who was peeking from above revealed a bitter smile, lightly shrugged her shoulders.

“Sympathy think that it would be so successful. It seems that masters are not only the intellectual type, but also the acting type.”

Leticia crossed her arms before her chest and overlooked the bottom.

—— This plan was thought up after hearing Pest mentioning that 『there is no losing condition』. There was a limit to using numbers to compensate spirit level. Predicting this, then they would decide the losing method from the start. Finally falling into the drain, taking the chance when Shiroyasha came down to lower her guard by making a touching speech, it was such a despicable battle plan.

...Strictly speaking this was a rough plan, but “result is everything” was also a real thrill of Gift Games. Shiroyasha was not wrong to have been tricked by the illusion of Izayoi that rarely sacrificed himself.

Izayoi that just climbed up from the drain walked towards Asuka and Yō, clapping his hands.

“Haha, truly prepared for everything!”

“Un un. It is doubtlessly our complete victory.”

“...Psychological attack is a basic of Game Make.”

The three mondaiji boasted their victory, slapped each other’s shoulder.

Kuro Usagi who was one step late also joined in the circle.

“I did it, I did it! I obtained a victory from that Shiroyasha-sama! It’s really satisfying! This is a feat enough to boast between the heaven and hell!”

Usagimimi was swinging around joyfully, Kouryuu also continued happily.

“That’s right. Also those four beasts, seems to have raised their spirit level with Sun Authority. Using Sun Authority, not to mention four of them, you youngsters are the first humans to obtain a victory against them. This Gift Game will end after tomorrow’s announcement!”

“YES! That is so!...Ah, look, Kuro Usagi’s usagimimi also confirmed the victory!”

“Yes, this is how it is, that’s right! We 「No Name」 defeated the strongest Floor Master!”

Ahahahahahahaha! Kahahahahahahaha! Yahahahahahahaha!


—— Not long after.

Who started, it’s not about that.

But the laughter of the gang slowly faded, and eventually stopped.

To say they laughed to their hearts’ content was also not wrong, but it was not such a simple reason. Just, they felt a chill on their back, sealing their laughter.

The source of the chill did not even open her mouth.

After Shiroyasha was dragged down she had not floated up, still in the shrine drain.

Actually Shiroyasha should have come up immediately ——

“You guys’ ability, I have truly felt it! With this I can pass over the Lower Floor to you guys without any worries!”

“Ah ah! The peace of the Lower Floor, we will protect it!”

“YES! There is nothing to fear if everyone cooperates!”

“So don’t worry, Shiroyasha! Although parting is sad, we will eventually meet again one day!”

“Un. Heaven’s local product, I am anticipating.”

—— This, it should have been a touching ending.

However the key person Shiroyasha, still had no feeling of appearing. Not only that, the uncomfortable chill would not go away.

Just as everyone was wondering what happened…

—— Suddenly, a pure white wind blew on the land.

Kuro Usagi and Kouryuu who knew what this was, immediately paled.

“Pure white wind...don’t...don’t tell me, it’s pseudo Solar Prominence!?”

“...? What’s that, that pseudo Prominence.”

“Use...The realm that use super-dense plasma partial radiation to shatter material world, the summoning ritual of the history’s worst stupid power technique! The existence called forth from this summoning ritual, only numbered twenty-four throughout the heaven and earth.”

“Oi, is that Shiroyoruou serious!? Planning to summon a celestial the middle of the street ——!?”

Using Kouryuu’s scream as a trigger, the Law of Heaven and Earth shattered.

The slowly orbiting stars began reverse rotation vigorously, changing their tracks to merge into one star.

From the end of the horizon, the boundary between world and sky, a white silver sun was summoned.

That was the heavenly law that existed before the birth of the unchanging heaven and earth concept.

The original star that contained all the stars at the birth of universe (Big Bang).

The horn of the oldest Demon Lord —— severed by the beginning (Alpha) and ending (Omega) twin goddesses that were the symbol of 「Thousand Eyes」. The strongest individual star that was dismantled by heaven and earth, later changed to this name.

「Last Embryo·Geocentrism」.

“—— Come forth from the other side of the star, my comrades…!”

The sakura from the avenue bathed in the white silver sunlight.

The normal participants although felt shocked from the sudden arrival of white night’s sunlight, but using 「Shiroyasha’s farewell party might be possible!」「Rather this is just a common occurrence!」 such forced explanation had been accepted.

But the targets themselves could not bear with it.

The shadows summoned from the white night horizon —— humongous fish shadow and sail boat, and the presence of beast kings that roared.

Every one of them released an enormous existence that could rival Demon Lords.

Even Izayoi also trembled his lips uncontrollably.

“Originated from Greek Mythology, The Argonauts...summoned with Aries as a medium!”

Awawawa...Not...Not only that! The monster fish of Capricornus that is comparable with Pisces, and also the six livestock yōkai spirit from the twelve Chén! Any of those celestial beast rivals in strength!”

“Uh oh. This really is, terrible.”

Kouryuu groaned. A sailboat crossing the star sea appeared in the sky, seven celestial beasts rode in the boat, and they had bloodshot eyes as if they would charge over anytime.

Shiroyasha was in the middle of the group, she stared down at Izayoi and gang with veins popping on her head.

“...How dare you, repaying my kindness with ingratitude. Even if it’s the tolerant me, this time is also really angry.”

“But...But Shiroyasha-sama! This victory abided by the rules Shiroyasha-sama set! Isn’t getting angry like this too unreasonable.”

“Urusai[5]! When it’s time to get angry I will get angry! If words get out that I lost to the guys from Lower Floor...Queen that fellow, will definitely come and ridicule me! If it is going to turn out like that, exterminating you guys and treating as if the Game never happened is more important!”

Already not finding excuses, she was completely angry.

Asuka and Yō sensing that this time they were really in trouble, Suah! raised their hands.

“We apologize for being rude, Shiroyasha-sama. The person who came up with that despicable plan, is this Sakamaki Izayoi!”

“Oi wait a minute Ojou-sama.”

“We were only forced by him.”

“Kasukabe, even you.”

“Aiya I understand! Then I will just vanquish that brat alone, the remaining Kuro Usagi will become my manager then!”

“Listen to me you useless God!”

“Speaking of which why must Kuro Usagi do that kind of thing!?”

Shiroyasha secretly added conditions in the panic. Despite so she still proclaimed herself as NOT a mondaiji, so the fault lied in the world.

The isolated Izayoi wiped the cold sweat on his back and clenched his teeth.

“Ha...So that’s it. Rude and not having common sense is considered the strongest species, looks like this viewpoint is true.”

“No no, getting angry is still quite cute. Not like she is attacking without any reason.”

“Having said that, it isn’t hopeless in this kind of situation.”

There was Shiroyasha and the seven celestial beasts in the sky.

It wouldn’t matter where the target was if they rampaged at the same time.

East Floor would no doubt become the end of a world war.

“Then, brat...Any last words?”

“Yes. About a hundred year share. Since it will be too wasteful so listen to me finish it.”

“Is that so. You are odd even in your will huh.”

Shiroyasha raised her fan with merciless eyes.

Izayoi panicky raised his right hand, recited out his last resort.

“Last! Give me a last chance, a chance to offer a tribute that will quell your anger!”


Maintaining her position of calling forth the battle, Shiroyasha showed a deeply interested look. Would a tribute that could save them from this predicament exist?

Shiroyasha revealed a savage smile never seen before, nodded her head and answered.

“Alright. This is the final chance for your survival. Present the object that you want to present. But, if that tribute is not to my liking ——”

“Don’t worry, this is the Gift I have obtained...only one in the world.”

Hah, Kuro Usagi and others sucked their breath. The Gift Izayoi believed that could settle this situation —— that kind of thing, there was nothing except 「Code Unknown」.

“Don’t...Don’t tell me, Izayoi-san…!”

“Sorry, Kuro Usagi. Looks like without sacrificing it, Shiroyasha’s anger cannot be quelled.”

He apologized as such and marched forward.

Shiroyasha sensing the resolve of Izayoi was slightly shaken, averted her eyes with a slight worry.

“Ah, no, although such a big lineup is displayed, actually I wasn’t that angry? I have calmed down, it’s just for saving face? For sure, I didn’t plan to make it so ser ——”

“Alright, take it Shiroyasha! Using my only one in the world Gift! Quell your anger ————!!!”

Izayoi raised his Gift Card. The light spilled from the card left Izayoi’s hand, transformed into scroll-like object and appeared in Shiroyasha’s palm.

Upon understanding the nature of this Gift ——

Shiroyasha, obediently admitted her defeat.

Part 3[edit]

—— Farewell party·Dance stage.

“—— Ei, Heisho, then! Let this unworthy Kuro Usagi, for the sake of Shiroyasha-sama who is returning to Heaven, provide a heartfelt dance!”


Accompanying such ferocious roar, Kuro Usagi stepped onto the specially designed dance stage. The low self-esteem emitted from her every act was not hallucination.

Shiroyasha sat in the special seat in the middle, the raised Mikoshi[6], watching Kuro Usagi with an ecstatical expression.

“Oh, oh oh oh oh...the dance stage I dreamt of countless times! The day for Kuro Usagi in a semi-transparent tight skirt to stand on the concert stage has arrived!”

“Ah ah. That’s really great.”

Shiroyasha left immensely touched tears.

Izayoi focused on the absolute territory that was unseeable in the semi-transparent tight skirt.

Members of 「No Name」 watched those two with a sigh on the other hand.

Especially Asuka, staring at Shiroyasha as if looking at trash.

“...Making it so exaggerated, but just one Geass Roll made her happy. The number one mondaiji in East Floor, if not Shiroyasha then who else?”

“Un. This time is really scary.”

Kasukabe Yō sighed as she devoured the sausages.

Leticia drank her red tea elegantly, troubled and shrugged her shoulders.

“But, just because of 「The right to order Kuro Usagi once」 she became this happy, what exactly goes on in her head.”

Yes —— what Izayoi presented was not 「Code Unknown」, but the right to order Kuro Usagi that he obtained in a certain street at the Boundary Wall.

Shiroyasha who obtained the right immediately changed her expression to defeat, and then started to organize that Kuro Usagi concert she dreamt of.

“Well, since the result is good it’s fine. The unrequited Shiroyasha realized her dream. Just congratulate her honestly.”

“...Un. It is the last memory in the Lower Floor after all, I feel that this kind of nonsensical development is not bad.”

They looked at Shiroyasha again after reaching this point.

She held a flag with 『LOVE♡Kuro Usagi』 printed in her hand, fully enjoying this moment of bliss. Izayoi who was sitting next to her and watching the performing Kuro Usagi, then suggested in a low tone.

“...I say, Shiroyasha.”


“You don’t have to worry about Lower Floor. No matter what that Ouroboros Alliance would do...As long as it is within my range, I will think of a way to handle it.”

Izayoi finished his statement with a voice barely audible and turned away.

Shiroyasha blinked her eyes in confusion like before, but showed her normal smiling face in the next moment.

“En. I will also try my best to prepare beforehand. I will leave the rest to you, Izayoi.”

Got it, he promised in a quiet voice.

But this voice also vanished into the starry sky along with the cheering at the dance stage.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. Tsukkomi - playing the straight man.
  2. Ushitora - Direction represented by Ox and Tiger.
  3. Inui - Direction represented by Dog and Pig.
  4. Yokozuna - Highest rank in sumo.
  5. Urusai - Noisy, shut up.
  6. Mikoshi - divine palanquin.