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Chapter 3[edit]

Part 1[edit]

---North Side. In an unexplored section of the forest.

Just when Kouryuu and the others activated their Authorities of [Host Master] to host their new Games.

The moonlight that sieved through the gaps of the canopy roused KuroUsagi from her unconsciousness.


“KuroUsagi? That’s great. You have awoken.” Came a familiar voice beside herself.

Turning her head to the side, the relieved face of Kudou Asuka swam into her field of sight.

“Asuka-san…… Where are we……?”

“…… I don’t know. I think we were both thrown here by Maxwell …… But I guess I’m lucky enough to be thrown near KuroUsagi. I would definitely be at my wits end with fear if I were to be thrown to this place alone.”

Saying that, Asuka stood up and patted the dust off her tattered formal dress. A closer look would have given away the fact that she had lost a shoe and her hair was messier than the moment before the dimensional dumping. Although she had said that it was near, but KuroUsagi could guess that it might have been quite a distance instead. And KuroUsagi bowed her head as she felt uneasy.

“…really sorry about this. If KuroUsagi did not let herself be caught…”

“Aah, let’s not talk about things that have already past. We are comrades of the same Community, aren’t we? We will have to look out for each other then,” Asuka paid it no mind as she straightened her back to face forward.

“Anyways, we can’t be staying here forever either. Let’s go find a nearby village of sorts. Are you able to stand?”

“No…No problem. But first, I will prepare some shoes.”

KuroUsagi took out her Gift Card and confirmed her inventory of extra clothing while Asuka leaned her back on a withered old trunk, looking up at the stars quietly.

“…… I hope everyone’s okay.”

“…… .”

Met with that worried tone, KuroUsagi found it difficult to come up with a response. In the past, she would have given her utmost effort to overcome any obstacle that stood in her way regardless of its difficulty. But after losing her Usagimimi, it felt like her determination had been sapped from her as well.

The loss of her spiritual powers must have caused her to lose her self-confidence as well. But more importantly, she could not get rid of that scene of fresh blood spurting before herself, no matter how hard she tried.

(Izayoi-san……what could have happened after that……?)

An unending uneasiness weighted on her heart. But it wasn’t the time to worry about the others.

Were they still in the North Side or were they thrown to the South or East Side?

Not that it changes anything as the forests of Little Garden are inhabited with various eudemons, faeries and evil spirits who roam freely and cause trouble.

Continuing to stay in this location would be dangerous for them.

“Walking around at night will be dangerous. Let’s rest here for the night and continue the next day,” saying so, KuroUsagi began to take out the rations and a water tree branch from her Gift Card. And it was then that Asuka realised her blunder.

“…… Oh, no. How? I think I might have lost my Gift Card.”

“It’s, It’s okay! There’s still a few days of ration stored in KuroUsagi’s card! If we find a river and follow it downstream, we will eventually find a Community and its village!”

KuroUsagi waved her hands to get Asuka to cheer up. And seeing KuroUsagi’s effort to brighten the situation, Asuka gave a bitter smile in return. Although it was a serious blunder on her part, she could not afford to beat herself down at this point. After all, it wasn’t only herself who was in this desperate situation.

The duo prayed to the stars for the safety of their comrades as they arranged their equipment in preparation to pass a night in the forest.

Part 2[edit]

[ <<Gift Game Name: Jack the Monster>>

Participating Requirements:: A person who have killed or hurt a child before;: A person who used children to perform evil deeds.:

Participant: Demon Lord of Confusion ( Permitted to kill anyone who obstructs the Game): Game Leader: Jack the Ripper:

Winning Conditions::

  • Defeat the Host- [Pumpkin the Crown];
  • Unravel the mystery behind ‘Jack’ by understanding the historical events.

Defeat Conditions::

  • Participant(Player) is killed by the Game Leader and is hence defeated;
  • Whenever a part of the Game Leader's true identity is exposed, the Participant(Game Leader) will lose his strength to the point of defeat.

Oath: The legality of this Trial is assured as long as it is implemented on a participant who has fulfilled the Participating Requirements.

“[St. Peter] Stamp"] [1]

[[ < --Gift Game: “GREEK MYTHS of GRIFFIN”-- >

Participating requirements

-The target have to be an invader (The definition of an invader will follow the conditions that were created in the contract)

Winning conditions

Fulfil either:

Defeat the [Protector of the Treasure] from the Host side. Discover the location of the treasure and display your courage. Defeat conditions

Fulfil either:

Destroy the treasure (In the case that the host destroys the treasure on purpose, it will be counted as a win for the participating side). In the case that all those on the Participating Side are defeated and unable to battle. Punishment conditions


Participants are not allowed to battle the Hosting Side beyond the “Perimeter of the Treasure grounds”. In the case that the Participanting Side breaks the rules, the Host Side is allowed to seal any but only 1 of the Gifts possessed by the Participant. In the case that the Participant breaks the rule thrice, it is possible to enforce an unlimited restriction upon the Participant. The punishment conditions will only release itself when the winning conditions are met. Rewards for winning


The Participant is allowed to request for any sort of reward from the Host (as long as it is within the boundaries of their spiritual power to give). The Host is allowed to execute the Participant as an invader. Oath: I swear by the righteousness of this trial to be held only in the conditions where the target has met the participating conditions.

The Temporary Representative of the Greek God Faction, [Kerykeion] Stamp]]]

[[ << --Gift Game: GROUND COVER on the MOON SEE-- >>

I have twenty-eight brothers who are very shy.

They will only appear when night befalls us.

My brothers who are similar in appearance hate each other and often bare their fangs and claws to initiate their fights while cursing each other.

Their venomous stare of hostility is powerful enough to resonate with the surface of the sea and it will only disappear when dawn breaks.

The disappearance of two led to the swallowing up of sand.

The disappearance of four led to the swallowing up of rocks.

The disappearance of six led to the crunching of boulders.

The disappearance of eight led to the burying of earth.

The disappearance of ten led to the withering of forests.

The disappearance of twelve will lead to the overturning of mountains and rivers.

When fourteen of us have disappeared, the only ones who exist between the Heavens and the earth will be us.

Lamenting the world as one, I open the heavenly rock cave to recruit new brothers. [2]

The recruitment of two created mountains and rivers.

The recruitment of four revitalised forests into a lush dense greenery.

The recruitment of six gave earth.

The recruitment of eight brought about boulders.

The recruitment of ten accumulated rocks.

The recruitment of twelve led to the flow of sand.

When we have recruited fourteen people, we brothers come together to cast a new curse on each other.

A new dawn will not come even as Heaven and earth are truly separated.

Pass through the formless us and smash the cycle of reincarnation.

“Great Sage of Maelstroms(The one who devastates seas)”Stamp]]

At the same moment that the Game Hosting was announced, an immense pressure weighted down the body of the three headed dragon.


That impact was heavy enough to wobble its knees.

A Gift that could make the tough body of the three headed dragon bow slightly at its knees with its immense pressure was surely not a normal one. And the three headed dragon quickly connected the immense pressure to be a result of the Game rules.

(Weight manipulation…… I see. The contents of the third Game is the cause, huh?)

Having a vast amount of experience as a God Killer, the three headed Dragon remembered a piece of information that was similar to this Game. Taking the weight manipulation and name of the game into consideration, it probably is a copy of the [Host Master] bestowed to the [Moon Rabbit]s.

And if the guess was spot on, the actual name of the Game would be <Holy Shrine of the Moon Sea (GROUND COVER on the MOON SEA)>.

The three headed dragon speculated that it is probably a game that the [Great Sage of Maelstroms] came up with by connecting the moon cycles to the ebb and flow of the seas.

But time for a deeper analysis was a luxury that the Hosts would not grant to their participant.

Kouryuu tossed aside his broken pole as he shouted, “Do not give him time to unravel the game contents! We must keep up the attacks!!!”

Then stripping off his haori, Kouryuu proceeded to channel energy to his body of steel which was the result of rigorous training. [3]

Possessing a spiritual power cultivated from a thousand years in the mountains and the seas, his punch packed the power to blow out a star in the skies. In addition to his initial powers was the Authority of [Host Master] that expanded upon his spiritual powers to give him increased strength.

Filled with a fighting spirit that was ready to burst like an underwater volcano, Kouryuu lept straight into the spot of the three headed dragon with just a step. Though Kouryuu had the bad habit of collecting weapons, his actual strength lies within his transcendent bare handed martial arts. And upon rushing into his opponent’s chest, Kouryuu pivoted on one leg to execute a roundhouse kick to the chest.

Although that was not a speed that the three headed dragon was unable to respond to, the burden of the immense pressure created an opening for Kouryuu to send its giant body flying into the sky.

{“Guh……!!”} the breath escaped from the three headed dragon as the unexpected impact was landed on him. The execution of the sequence of actions from the leap to the kick was extremely controlled to have no excessive movements. And it focused the energy enough to destroy a star into a single point that landed beautifully on the opponent. It was truly something that could not be achieved through normal training. Even Izayoi with his crazy strength would not be able to do this. And it was evident from the slight vibration from Kouryuu’s landing on the street.

(But that isn’t just an impact from martial arts. That weight in the impact was far exceeding the earlier impacts. This inflation of the spiritual power…… could it be…… a temporary activated Celestial transcendence……?!) [4]

Cultivating his spirit for a thousand years on a submarine volcano under the sea, Kouryuu obtained a spiritual power comparable to that of the Sea god and Mother goddess. And though he might have inherited bloodline of the Yellow Dragon in his veins and is bestowed with natural talents from birth, his worth was never acknowledged due to his bastard status. Hence, this is the resultant Gift that he obtained for the sake of proving his worth to himself. And that was the Authority of [Host Master] that would grant him an equivalent power comparable to that of the strongest kind of Celestial being and their associated body attributes while he hosted the Game.

That, was the impact that combined the results of his painstakingly long martial arts training and a Celestial being’s body strength.

{“However, you are foolish!”}

A difference in positioning was created by the upward strike on the opponent.

The three headed dragon was now above and Kouryuu was below it. Even with the immense pressure that restricted its movements, the three headed dragon only needed to make a free fall to slice up Kouryuu to shreds.

The wicked blades of the three headed dragon were pulsing with an unlimited energy.

I won’t let you succeed. Seeming to think that, Faceless and Leticia followed up from Kouryuu’s kick.

“I will bear his attack. Leticia, go for his legs!”


Zipping from the back of that head of blond hair were the shadow blades which shot outwards.

The shadows that fashioned itself into a dragon’s maw continued its transformation to form hundreds of shadow spears that launched themselves towards the right leg of the three headed dragon. But perhaps due to the attack being of the same classification of Gifts, the shadows of the three headed dragon fended off the attack with ease.

In the meantime, Faceless held her two spears to face the three headed dragon’s attack. And the three headed dragon swung down its left claw towards his adversaries with the domineering spirit that harboured his intention to rip Kouryuu and Faceless with his vicious swipe.

But for Faceless who's a veteran of sorts, her performance wasn’t less spectacular in any way.


Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v10 p97.jpg

Timing her attacks precisely to match her breathing was her speciality. Although Faceless did not have the strength to match half of that of Izayoi, her refined battle techniques and rapid analysis of the situation more than made up for that shortfall.

That vicious claw which held the power to rend the earth and split seas would only smash through her spears in a direct confrontation and inflict full damage to the intended targets.

Hence, there was a need to avoid that angle of the swing and predict the trajectory of the swipe before placing the two steel spears above that trajectory. Then matching her breaths to time the best opportune moment to perfectly utilise her spear butts on the downward claw swipe to draw it into a circular movement upwards and miss its target.

(Ouwa? This lady is also quite something……!!!)

Kouryuu, who saw the executed skill up close, gave an exclamation towards that gentle spear technique. And Leticia too had the same reaction for it would be impossible for her to accomplish a similar feat. A martial art that did not allow for a margin (decimal) of error was definitely a skill that was crossing over into the realm of godliness.

If Kouryuu’s martial art is at the peak of the brute force, Faceless’s martial art would be at the peak of the gentleness.

Having its sure kill strike pushed away by the opponents, the three headed dragon quickly re-evaluated his opponents from the feats that the duo have accomplished. It would seem that they were no mere bugs to be easily swatted away.

And spreading its jet black wings, the three headed dragon planned to pull back from them to take to the skies.

But was engaged by Roc Demon King and Jack who were waiting in the skies.

“Pumpkin! Are you able to expose his weakness?!”

“Yahoho, I won’t know until I try--- I will give it a full powered attempt then!!!”

A large amount of hell fire erupted from Jack’s pumpkin head and swirled around him, seeming to take on a life of its own. And it was not long after that the tornado of flames fell away to reveal the form of a human.

Wearing a wine red leader jacket and scarf, the murderous killer appeared with blood stained daggers in his hands. With the hell flames continuing to envelop his body, he turned his red murderous stare to his target.

“And next----it’s time for [Jack the Ripper]”!!!”, he shouted.

The flames were then transformed into springs to buoy himself in midair and to execute high speed manoeuvres in empty space. With regards to his current speed, it was much faster than that of Izayoi or Kouryuu and it was several times faster than the duel with Demon King of Confusion.

And this strengthening was the result of begging his Saint to rearrange the Game settings.

Jack’s Authority of [Host Master] wasn’t an all-powerful item but it was capable of focusing and strengthening the spiritual power of the individual. Only when everything that can be found in a magical god and demon Game to be hosted by a Demon Lord is included in the settings, can one obtain a body with the ability close to the four-digits.

Of course, there was a price that came along with this power. The difficulty of the Game that Jack currently hosts is lowered to the extreme. And a middle classed Game Controller would have no problem in seeing through the riddle that surrounds Jack’s identity with just a glance.

This is because, there is an unfortunate condition of hosting that made it a necessity to provide a large amount of hints for the Participants to break the Game. The London City streets, the reporting of one’s name when undergoing the transformation are all part of the Stage that would decrease the difficulty of clearing the Game. It is a common knowledge in Gift Games that “The wicked leaves others in ignorance”, but the condition of which Jack’s game is set with is one that can be cleared without any prior knowledge if the participant looks into the entire city structure.

With a higher risk, comes the larger increase in one’s spiritual power.

For the sake of protecting his Community from falling under the hands of the Demon Lord, he had reset his spiritual status to make a last stand with these conditions in the game.

(Hou…..That sure is impressive. There aren’t many people who can move this deftly in a mid-air battle.)

Roc Demon King offered her praise as she followed the battle with squinted eyes.

Jack’s aerial battle was truly impressive and it was a high praise coming from the Garuda(Karyou's) race. It was a feat even though the three headed dragon was unable to fly at the speed that it ran on the ground and besides the fact that an immense pressure was now burdening its body.

The astonishing strength compounded to the speediness supplied by the flame springs enabled Jack to execute a flurry of attacks and it would be a difficult task for anyone to catch up or even to bring him down at this point.

And the three headed dragon that wanted to dodge that sequence of chained attacks---

{“Don’t you try getting too smart for yourself!!”}

Extending its wings to their full wing span, it gave a sharp spin to create a tornado with the wind that was caught in its wake.

Moreover, the tornadoes that sprung up were three separate tornadoes and each held the power to devastate a whole city.

The tornadoes swallowed the pointed towers and sucked the rivers dry while carving up the streets. Such a scale of devastating power was already beyond the methods used to deal with a single person.

It was surely the strike of a Demon Lord to wipe out all who dared to bare their fangs against its tyranny.

But in terms of firepower, she was not inferior in any way.

“Golden Wing Flames….!”

Unfurling her wings of golden flames, Roc Demon King charged towards the tornadoes created by the three headed dragon.

With flames that cloaked her entire body, she too transformed into a huge golden winged bird that flew through the three tornadoes in a flash. And the tornadoes dissipated to mere breezes as she swept through them in her flight. Following that, Roc Demon King continued her flight to circle in the skies while cloaked with her Golden Wing Flames. Maintaining the emission of intense heat waves, she awaited the chance to strike the three headed dragon.

At that moment, there was a flash that came from a Serpens Scorpio sword below.

It was Faceless who leaned against a spire of a pointed tower while using her whip sword to snag at the leg of the three headed dragon. Meanwhile, Jack who picked up on the idea noted it to be a good opportunity to transform the flame springs into tools that would restrain the three headed dragon.

“Now, do it!”

The duo shouted at the same time. They could not restrain their target for long and Roc Demon King responded in kind.

The radiance of the golden flames burned with a greater intensity as it became the vessel for the Sun’s chariot. And this was a Gift that had proven to be effective against the three headed dragon.

[Great Sage Who Leaves Heaven in Disarray (The one who causes chaos in Heaven)] , Roc Demon King released her spiritual power and took aim at the three headed dragon.

“Release of spiritual locks…… [Vāhana Garua]---!!!” [5]

The atmosphere around her exploded and burned as she soared through the skies in the form of a fiery roc.

And the three headed dragon who was restrained at the moment was to receive a direct impact of this flight. As the strike landed, it was then catapulted backward by the impact and the heat. The heat waves that were released were equivalent to a miniature sun and the vessel of the sun gave off a mirage of seven colours that continuously melted away at the surrounding structures. At the epicentre of this brilliance was Roc Demon King who clenched her teeth in concentration.

(The chance to victory…… is here!)

Giving a barrage of strikes in a breath. It was a commendable act by far to be able to launch a sudden attack and strike down this Demon Lord when it is a seriously difficult task to begin with.

And the only one who could defeat the three headed dragon here was herself. Roc Demon King maintained her Golden feathered form while launching her strikes. Simultaneously using her wings to enclose over the three headed dragon before transforming those golden flaming feathers into an intense light.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v10 p104.jpg

The compacted light rays instantly vaporised the surroundings and a pillar of fire rose from the spot together with the sound of a loud explosion. Just the explosion alone was able to deal a large scale devastation that felled all of the sharp roof towers and reduced the streets of London to rubble in a blink of an eye.

The stage was filled with a sea of flames.

The river was being boiled by the waves of heat.

The pillar of fire, which dispersed the clouds from the sky, did not seem to have the intention of dying off.

The group of the Host side except for Jack were hiding out in a film of water created by Kouryuu to escape the blast.

“…….that's really amazing.”

Having witnessed the entirely different level of firepower, Leticia was feeling the pricks of cold sweat as she gave an amazed exclamation.

“After all, Karyou-chan is the one with the biggest firepower among the seven of us. Even from before, she had always been the main force to annihilate most if not all of our enemies.”

“Although I get that she’s a demigod, but I guess this is mainly due to her bloodline of the strongest species, huh. If that is so, that big Demon Lord should not be left unscathed after that attack too.”

“So, what are we doing next?”

Kouryuu interrupted Leticia’s babbling. There seemed to be an anxious look to his eyes. And before she could ask for the reason to that, Jack had appeared with Roc Demon King carried in his arms from above them.

And they could see a deep gash on the shoulder of Roc Demon King that extended all the way to the back of her torso.

Holding his breath, Kouryuu asked his injured sworn sister.

“Is he defeated?”

“…… No. I wanted to give him a few more injuries to worry about, but I don’t think the attacks worked on him.”

A simple answer that placed a worrisome look on the face of others.

The firepower of Roc Demon King was the largest among their team in terms of destructiveness. And that was compounded with her Gift that was with a good affinity for the destruction of gods and dragons. Even then, she had not been able to defeat it.

“It is a durability that exceeds the realm of logic…… Although it isn’t like I had not thought about that possibility, but it isn’t exactly it as well.”

“Yeah. There’s a high possibility it is near the realm of being defensively enhanced by an Authority of [Host Master].”

The three headed dragon---Azi Dahaka is the [Final Trial of Humanity (Last Embryo)].

As a manifested personification of a Humanity’s finial trial, he would have held a power that is on par to the Authority of [Host Master] in his body. And it was safe to assume that their situation was due to some sort of trick that resided within his spiritual status.

“Now that we understand the shortcoming of our battle prowess, let’s head back to the city first. There is also a need to tend to Karyou-chan’s injury.”

“I agree. Let’s take the chance to rally our troops while the protection of our Game rules are in effect---”

{“---Did you think I will allow that?”}

The voice that interrupted their conversation caused the group to stiffen in surprise.

And just as soon as the words came, the strike followed shortly after. The group who hid in the shadows of the structures had turned to look at the direction of the fire pillar. But the shadows of the three headed dragon were a step faster than that.

It was a strike that did not come from their blind spot.

It was a direct attack that punctured and carved up the structures along the street in its way as it homed in on them in a straight line.

“Guh, everyone, jump!”

And following the shout from Roc Demon King, the group jumped upwards.

But Leticia slightly lagged in her timing.

“Watch out!”

Kicking the air to get to Leticia, he pulled her up to safety. However, the three headed dragon did not miss that window of opportunity as it wrapped its flashing shadow blades around the length of Jack’s body to restrict his movements.

“This is bad… I can’t get free…..!”

{“The Pumpkin head is the first to go, huh.”}

Jack was captured by the shadows and pulled through the structures to its owner. And though Jack had been struggling all that time, he was shocked when the three headed dragon came into view.

The three headed dragon was not injured in the slightest after getting hit directly by Roc Demon King’s Golden Wing Flames.

(How can that be……?! To be unscathed after that blaze……!!!)

It might have been more logical for the opponent to be scratched up a little. But the pure white body of the three headed dragon was perfectly whole. Even if one were to take into account of the possibility of regenerative abilities, it would have been a regenerative ability that exceeded imagination.

Pulling Jack in with its shadows, the three headed dragon laughed and revealed its incisors while swinging its claw down in a swipe.

{“It’s useless thinking about that sort of stuff, [Executor]. A mere ragtag bunch like you guys will never be able to touch my Flag!!!”}

The wicked looking claw was unmercifully swung down across Jack to tear through his body and spill his innards. Falling Jack to the ground immediately.

And as it moved to make a second stroke, Kouryuu and Faceless quickly moved in to block the finishing blow from hitting Jack a second time.

“Leave it to us to buy some time here!”

“Take Jack and fall back! He won’t be dying from that extent of injuries with his immortality!”

The two who were best at close quarter combat took on the responsibility of holding back the three headed dragon.

Whereas Leticia, who wore a pained expression, carried Jack away with her flight abilities that came from the control of her dragon’s shadow.

“Jack, I’m sorry! If only my requirements for activating my authority of [Host Master] were met, we wouldn’t be pushed back this far……!”

“No…… please. Don’t. Say that. Your [Host Master] 's entrusted to you by Shiroyasha-sama, one ‘f our trump cards. Can’t lose. It here…..”

  • Cough* Jack coughed out a mouthful of blood and it was then that the others noticed the strangeness with Jack.

……the wounds, that were on Jack the immortal, did not seem to be regenerating itself.

“Yahoho…. Ara, this is going, to be much rougher than before. It seems, that the riddle surrounding my, game is being gradually unravelled.”

“No, No way! That’s too fast!”

“No, Vampire, hold up for a moment. It might be a Gift of Azi Dahaka too.”

And that suggestion elicited a sharp intake of air from the others as they pondered that frightening notion.

Azi Dahaka, a Demon Lord recorded in legends to have mastered a thousand spells. However, the magic in the past were more often than not the work of science or medicine. And the legends of his mastery over a thousand spells might only suggest at the vast knowledge at the disposal of this Demon Lord.

“And he’s a God Killer who would have gone up against many thousands of Authority of [Host Master]s. Even so, it was a hard time sealing him in the past. It might even be taken as proof for our current conjecture that he’s in the possession of a Gift that provides him an unconditional assess to knowledge regarding Games.”


If that conjecture were to be true, giving the three headed dragon time to rest would be to their disadvantage. But there was no time for them to worry about these things.

“Damn, anyways let’s just retreat for now! Oi Croix! You can hear me right?! Send us back right now if you can hear me!!” Leticia shouted at the skies while facing the airborne castle and the Hosts started to disappear in turn.

And just seconds after that, the Host team vanished without a trace like smoke in the winds.

Turning to stare at the airborne castle, the three headed dragon gave a fierce grin.

{“……that’s a type of teleportation? Well, well, try all your little tricks while you can.”}

With a wave of its right claw, a row of buildings were reduced to rubble. However, it wasn’t in a hurry at all.

Although it is true that they were protected by the Game rules, the protection would only last to the point of which the riddles are solved.

Sweeping the Flag on its back as it turned, it made a solemn vow,

{“I will hunt down every last one of them. But meanwhile, they can tremble and continue to await my arrival.”}

Part 3[edit]

--- [Kouen City]. In the piles of rubble.

Close to the [Kouen City] which was destroyed by the three headed dragon, another battle was unfolding. A storm of explosive fire and a blizzard was brewing in the abandoned land of rubble.

“Aura-san! Oji-chan! Let’s do a pincer attack. Come, time it with me!” Shouted a figure who was moving quickly to exchange blows with another.

“Got it!”


The clap of thunder that accompanied the plucking of a harp.

Flames that were shot from a black dragon in the skies.

And at the interception of both lines of attack was Maxwell in his brightly coloured blue and red jacket.

“Don’t overestimate yourselves, you pieces of trash!!!”

Spreading his hands, the flames and lightning that shot towards himself were deflected by a sudden explosion. It was most probably an explosion caused by the control of heat to create a sharp temperature difference in the atmosphere.

Although it was only the control of heat, the multiple ways to use that ability was vast to the extremes. It is just fortunate that he preferred to transit between dimensions and did not realise the full potential of its uses, but if he used it in earnest, it would probably have the potential to vaporise a small country in an instant.

If it weren’t for Aura and her golden harp which stabilized the atmospheric pressure of the surroundings, Rin and the others would also be in danger.

“It must have been tough to be targeted by such a powerful stalker. I kinda understand why you are scared of this guy now,” Rin spoke to Willa as she temporarily redrew to the cover of a building.


Willa widened her eyes in reply. However, she was shaking her head with tears brimming at the edges of her eyes as she couldn’t follow the sequence of events that led up to this point.

---The following will be mere gossip by the way.

If you were to ask about the biggest victim in this whole battle, then I would think that anyone would also name that person to be Willa the Ignis Faatus. Let’s just start from how she was caught up in the Game hosted by [Ouroboros] which made all residents of the city the victims. However, she was then chased around by a Demon Lord class stalker in the Game and been the target for his verbal abuse and lastly being kidnapped by an unfamiliar girl. This sort of unfortunate series of events can only exist for one person----Willa. Although Willa wished to use her teleportation to escape, the lock type Gift on her hands were exerting a power that stopped her from escaping.

And now, she was still the target of that stalker who continues to pursue her in the city that have been reduced to rubble. It truly is a disastrous day,

(I……wanna go home……!)

“Willa-san, we are going to run again! Come with me!”

Waah, and she was dragged off again while crying.

Shortly after, that area was covered with a layer of snow from the blizzard.

“Game Controller, hand over my Brideeeeeeeee!!!”

“……Hng. Depending on the situation, that might just have been a really romantic proposal, right?”

“Your Highness, this isn’t the time to talk about such stuff.”

His Highness sprinted in the blizzard along the ground of the destroyed city while Jin Russel straddled the back of the Black Gryphon [Graiya].

Rin speculated that kidnapping Willa would be highly effective in the battle with Maxwell, but the effect had surpassed her expectations.

Maxwell had lost himself for a moment after seeing Willa’s kidnapping but he returned to normal to say, “There’s actually a person other than me who wants to kidnap Willa?! Just who do you think you are?!”, and then he lost himself again.

Perhaps this man was never normal to begin with.

Because of the unexpected intervention of Rin who beat him to the prize, Maxwell gave a roar in madness. And that gave Rin a fright to take off in a hurry and the chase was on until the present moment.

“This is bad. I thought that there would still be ground for negotiations. But he just loves Willa-san too much.”

“That doesn’t make me happy in the slightest!”

Yeah, you’re right. The others around them agreed silently.

{“But what are we to do now? His attacks are monotonous due to his rage but it will be troublesome when he regains his composure. Is it really okay to not launch a counterattack now, Rin? “} The black gryphon asked Rin blankly.

“Hm~ Although it does seem like an opportunity, there’s also a big possibility that we might revert him into his cool and composed state due to a random and inferior counterattack. And the worst fear we have currently is that he might escape.”

Rin and the others who were ready to rebel against their organisation could not afford to let him slip from this location. They had to bring him down in this place.

{“Though you might say that, but can we come up with a detailed plan on what to do? We will just be caught if this goes on.”}

Rin did not reply to that question but she started to bit her nails as she continued to run while feeling vexed about the situation.

Jin came up with a proposal then.

“Can we just simply taunt him to the limit and make him unable to return to normal?”

“……Hm. I thought about that as well, but what you do plan to do?”

“That…… will depend on Willa-san, eh?”

Aie? Tears ran down Willa’s face again.

She did not expect her Alliance partner to come up with that sort of suggestion. Or actually, the problem she had should have been with regards to his involvement with the [Ouroboros] in the first place.

“……Sorry. But we cannot allow Maxwell to leave. He will teleport the clones of Azi Dahaka to the various locations on the lower levels of Little Garden and it will become an unsalvageable situation.”

“…you… you must be lying….?!”

Seeing that Willa was dumbstruck by that revelation, Rin added bitterly.

“It’s not a lie. Because our original plan was to use Maxwell-san’s power to teleport the clones to the various locations if we were able to carry out the Azi Dahaka revival plan successfully.”

The fight between the three headed dragon and Izayoi had already spawned a few hundred clones. And those clones including the ones that attacked the refugees were sent to the lower levels in batches.

It was all thanks to Jack and Kouryuu that the battle was turned towards a more advantageous direction, but if Maxwell were to be left alone, the damages to the lower levels would increase exponentially.

“I guess the [Floor Master]s who aren’t here in this city…… the [OniHime] Alliance and [Laplace Demons] would be activated to stop the clones. But there would be a limit to their capabilities as well. If we do not remove the threat of Maxwell, the casualties will not be limited to only us in the city but the entire lower levels as well. That is not something that our org…… or at least us, who are present here of the [Ouroboros], wish to happen.”

“That is a situation that we of the [No Name]s are unable to ignore as well. And for the sake of defeating Maxwell, it is necessary for Willa-san’s assistance in our plans.”

Willa, who now understood the predicament that they were in and the worst possible outcomes, forced a nod. And it really was a forced nod. In reluctance. Although she did not know why the reasons for Rin and His Highness’s actions, it would seem that they were plotting to rebel against their organisation of [Ouroboros].

Then, it might just be advantageous for the situation to call for a ceasefire.

“But, But, what are we to do? Do you know of any way to defeat Maxwell?”

“Aiya, should I say that it’s impossible to defeat the [Third Perpetual Motion Machine] or should I say that it isn’t suitable to be defeated……”

“…… Rin, although you mentioned that term earlier, but what exactly is that [Third Perpetual Motion Machine]?”

“It’s a secret. ….. Although I wish I could say that, but we are currently allies in the same cause. Well, I will just tell you the things that do not hamper our plans to you later.”

“But, we will want a reward” His Highness giggled, and Jin could only return a bitter smile.

But Jin also started to sieve through his memory as those words gave him a feeling that he had heard something similar somewhere.

Aura, who did not notice that pensiveness, walked over to provide her proposal and her robes rippled in her gait.

“Your Highness. Should we try to bait Maxwell to activate his [Host Master]?”

“…… Mhm. It does sound plausible since we were all told of the details of his Game content, and that the answer is something related to the [Black Box], the region that cannot be observed. Let’s have him self-destruct by means of clearing his Game and hence making him our servant to be summoned at any time. How’s that idea?”

“Ew, Your Highness, do you want that sort of servant?”

“Totally not.”

“I knew it!”

{“Then, we can only rely on the [Another Cosmology] of His Highness. With the strength of His Highness, that sort of Demon Lord can be erased completely with a strike.”}

But upon hearing that suggestion, His Highness shook his head.

“Well, that’s true, but if I were to use [Another Cosmology] on him, I would also crush the spiritual attainment of the [Third Perpetual Motion Machine]. If that were to happen, how would we retrieve it from him later? It will not be possible to retrieve it with just us alone right?”

“If that is your only worry, then everything’s fine. It’s said that the [Third Perpetual Motion Machine]’s spiritual attainment will return to its true possessor and that person has already been sealed three years ago. So there’s no need for Your Highness to worry. If you defeat Maxwell here in any way, it will just return to its original possessor”

“Mhmu? Then that leaves the question of how to land a strike on him in the first place.”

At this point, Willa raised her hand to catch their attention. “That, That’s the most difficult part. If Maxwell so desires, he is capable of activating his portal to escape into the between at any point in time. That was also the method he used to escape three years ago. “

That’s right. Maxwell is adept at activating his teleportation ability.

In addition to that strength of his, the Gift that controls heat makes him one of the toughest person to be an enemy. Even if they were to use Willa to taunt him, it wasn’t an absolute certainty that she is enough to keep him distracted.

And while His Highness and the others were coming up with a plan, Maxwell wasted no time in catching up to them with a blast of icy wind and numerous icicle spears were hurled in their direction.

But seeming to mock at that attack, Demon King of Confusion released his dragon flames while laughing brightly, “Hmphahaha! What’s this! What’s this! And you call yourself a Game controller-sama? Such a simple plan and you’ve not thought it up until now?”

“……Mhm. Then, O Demon King of Confusion-sama, what plan have you arrived at?”

“Oi, of course I’ve a plan. That’s the main focus isn’t it? That intelligent perverted Demon has been mesmerised by that big breasted girl over there right? Then wouldn’t that leave only one way to taunt him?”

Aha, Demon King of Confusion gave a sly smile.

Jin and His Highness tilted their heads and exchanged a glance as they could not catch the meaning of it.

Only Rin clapped her hands in agreement as she understood his words.

“Oh, that way. That might just work out.”

“As expected of Rin-san. Your observation skills are quite good. ---Can you pull it off?”

“Aiya Aiya, just leave it to me. That kind of thing is a piece of cake.”

Saying that, Rin stopped short in her tracks. It would seem that she had some sort of plan and the others who understood that the situation was about to get messier were also readying themselves for battle.

On the other hand, Maxwell appeared above them thinking that they were ready to give up.

“Game controller-dono, the oni kakurenbo game is over?” [6]

Exactly like their fears, Maxwell was gradually recovering to his normal self.

That composure would surely spell the worst scenario for them.

Rin looked at Willa and hesitated for a moment before hugging the chained up Willa.

“That’s right. The oni kakurenbo is over. But we will be starting the hide and seek from now, so do accompany us for a little.”

“Wha, and here I was wondering what you would come up with. Do you think that I will continue to accompany you in your little game? With things as they are now, let me tell you this. Your betrayal was well within our calculations. Leader-sama has given me the green light to all the others besides His Highness. Because the only one needed to overcome Kali Yuga is His Highness.”[7]


The eyes of Rin lit up with an intensity. It must have been a piece of important information. That gaze was exactly like a female cheetah who spotted its prey. On the other hand, Jin who overheard the conversation between Rin and Maxwell, did not miss the important details of that talk. Although the talk did not explain the full details.

(Kali Yuga…… [The age of vice (Kali Yuga)]? Why would that sort of thing be related to His Highness?)

(Jin. Do you know something about it?) Pest asked Jin as she stayed in her standby state in the ring of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Jin gave a slight nod of his head that was less than noticeable to the people around him

(Hm, because it is a long explanation, I will just cut the details and get straight to the point. It is the era where religions have come to an end and following the advancement of Human civilisation, Humans have come to lose their believes. And they enter an age of immorality and inconsideration.)

(When you mention about the advancement of Human civilisation, do you refer to the ages of the 1900s to 2000s AD? I heard that it’s the period that had lots of advancements in energy production and a gradual lost in religious faith. I also heard that it’s the age where new gods and divine spirits are unable to be born.)

(Mhm……. But, how do I say this. Because of the close relationship between Kali Yuga and astrology, the derived dates from the perspective of Little Garden will differ from that of Earth and it is difficult to confirm the exact start of that age.)

( ……Mhm? That what does it mean by overcoming Kali Yuga?)

(It is literally what it means. Kali Yuga is the fourth part of the era cycle and when the time comes, it will continue on to a new era. Or that is my guess on the meaning of those words.)

But, why would that be connected to His Highness?

Jin accelerated his thoughts.

[Kali Yuga] and the [Third Perpetual Motion Machine], and the true identity of His Highness.

He was pondering over the cause, effect and relationship between those three and then suddenly,

(---Wait a moment. Just now, didn’t they mention something more important?)


Because that was something that Jin had yet to witness for himself, he was unable to come up with an answer to it immediately. But he was sure that he had gotten for himself a piece of information that would give him the biggest opportunity to land a heavy strike upon the [Ouroboros] Alliance.

Not noticing the change in Jin, Rin turned away her gaze from Maxwell.

“Is that so? Even our betrayal is within calculations? …… My, I’m really impressed. How many steps did that person see in advance?”

“Hou? As expected of leader-sama, even Game controller-dono is unable to surpass his predictions?”[8]

“……Yeah, it sure is, just like a freakish monster. That person is really a monster to be able to predict this sort of development. And if all the sequence of events were predicted from the start--- ”

Understanding the situation and what she needed to do next, Rin closed her eyes as she brought up her dagger to her shoulder level, “it just means that Maxwell, you are the sacrifice here.”

Saying that, Rin changed her expression immediately to smile sweetly while hugging Willa tightly. And Willa started to protest this move with her struggles but Rin’s devilish hand was much faster.

Switching her dagger to her other hand, she freed it to grab Willa properly, moving ever closer to her face, tipping it up by the chin and----

“Then, excuse me?”

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v10 p123.jpg

---took Willa’s lovely lips.

“ “ “--- ……Wha-!” ” ”

Jin, Maxwell and Pest shouted simultaneously but were unable to utter another word.

Willa, the victim, was unable to comprehend the situation as her mind went completely blank. ---However, the sensation of the soft tongue that slid into her mouth brought her back to her senses.

“Mo, Ah, Wait……!?”

“Stop talking. You will bite your tongue.”

Saying that softly and resuming the act of fusing their lips once more.

The tongue invaded further this time with a higher level of intimacy. Gently licking at the inner cheeks of the desperately resisting Willa, the tongue belonging to the younger of the two then charged into the depths of Willa’s mouth in an instant, leaving no time for her to react.

Having her first time forced upon her, Willa desperately hit Rin’s back to signal her to stop but that struggle soon became feeble. And as her finger tips slightly relaxed, that was when Rin finally released her lips and the thin sticky strand between their lips fell to the ground.

When their gazes met, Willa immediately bent her head as her ears turned a bright red.

Perhaps it might be a strange thing to see a demon embarrassed by such a degree of kissing, but it was still her first experience after all. Willa fell weakly to the ground as her body felt exhausted from the experience that ran through her like an electric current that fried her senses. It was just as if she had completed an intense workout.

Rin placed Willa’s arm over her shoulder while slipping her arm to support Willa’s other side as well before facing Maxwell with a taunting smile.

“…..Okay, that’s how it is. Can you tell me what you are feeling now, Mr Maxwell? What’s the feeling to see the kiss stolen from your soon to be bride?”


It was an unexpected silence and there was no change in his expression.

Rin blinked her eyes as she cursed her luck.

“……Eih? There’s not much of a reaction huh? Let’s do it another time?”

“No, Don’t want…..!!”

“But if our taunt fails here and he escapes, his stalking behaviour towards you will probably get worse you know? For example hiding under your bed or leaping from the space between when you are in the toilet.”

“Ive already experienced that sort of thing.”

“Ooh, is that for real? Well, I guess I have to praise you for keeping yourself together until now.” Rin was surprised by that unexpected retort.

But if they were to leave things as they were, it would surely turn ugly. This way, they could only attempt to up the game with an increased ferocity. Placing her hand on Willa’s clothes as she thought until that point, that was when Maxwell roared with an emotionless stare.

“---[Summon Maxwell myths. 3S, nano machine unit]---!!!” [9]

Aye? Hearing that summoning for the first time, Rin and Willa had doubted their hearing. They were expected for him to activate his Authority of [Host Master] but he had called out for a “Summon” instead.

It was understood that it was some sort of summoning ritual but only Demon Lord of Confusion widened his eyes upon hearing those words.

“ [Summon myths]? …… Oi Oi. Is it for real? Things are going to get ugly from here.”


“Sorry, I forgot to explain. That guy hid it so well all these time. …… Tch, it is as they say that he’s of the four digits huh? This guy’s real identity isn’t that of a Demon Lord! Everyone scatter and run! The gods are coming!!!” Demon Lord of Confusion shouted as he was starting to be covered in his cold sweat.

The group retreated to a distance even though they were unable to comprehend the current situation as they realised that that would be the best option at the moment.

On the other hand, Maxwell, who was already beyond the state of anger was at the epicentre of a storm of heat waves and chilly winds. The intermingling of the cold and heat waves that intercepted each other in almost a thousand times per second was beyond the rules of the physical world and it caused the particles of the atmosphere to rampage out of control.

Breaking through the seams of the world, space shattered like a broken glass panel.

And out came two figures wreathed in fiery heat and icy winds from the gap.

Wings sprouted from the backs of these armoured monsters and though they might not appear to be living organisms, their iron-like surface pulsed with a similarity to that of blood vessels running below the surface.

And while everyone was surprised at the appearance of the strange monsters, Aura gave a small cry in despair.

“This spiritual power….. don’t tell me that those are angels……?!”

“Those are angels?! Did you mean those monsters over there?!”

“No, That’s not it! Not, but I think……”

“But they are surely beings that are close to angels! A summon ritual that calls out the word “myths” is definitely one that summon gods! And it is something that a Demon Lord is unable to accomplish! Those who can do it are the elder gods, poets and Queen herself.”[note: elder gods are the main gods of each mythological faction]

Hearing Demon Lord of Confusion’s exclamation, Rin grinded her teeth together.

“What’s happening……?! Then, the real identity behind the Third Perpetual Motion Machine would be,”

“Now’s not the time to dally around analysing those stuff, they are coming!”

The angels spread their wings and charged forth with their sword and spear respectively.

Scrambling to their battle positions after hearing the warning from His Highness, they formed a line to meet the incoming mysterious angels.

Charging into an incoming angel, His Highness grabbed the hand that held the spear to prevent it from being wielded. Giving the hand a twist, he then launched a kick to the top of his opponent’s helmet.

Though he might be small in stature, his strength easily shattered he helmet with a kick. After all, it was what allowed him to fight on par with Izayoi to have dragged out that long battle from before.

However, the one who was surprised was His Highness who initiated the attack.

(What’s happening? This kind of feedback. It’s just as though I’ve kicked a cloud. There’s no sensation……!?)

The accuracy of that instinctive analysis was soon provided with immediate proof. Moments after the destruction of the angel’s helmet, a swirl of fog seemed to condense in that location to repair it to its original state.

And giving a creaking sound of *creak creak creak*, the steel angel brought up its spear and disappeared.

(A teleportation?! Where did it go?)

{“Your Highness! Behind you!”}

Quickly turning his head to see the blackish-red light rimming the steel angel as it emitted heat in its downward swing of its spear.

But this slash and sudden thrust should have been expected to be of no effect on His Highness. Hence His Highness, who understood that fact, judged the blow to be too late for dodging and took on the spear directly while planning to return an attack from there.

His right chest was pierced as he expected it to but the impact was what shocked him the most.

(That’s heavy……!?)

That was a strike from a stiff movement that told of no special techniques involved. However, that absurd strength behind the strike was enough to stop His Highness in his steps. If it were any of the others such as Graiya or Aura, they would be cleanly punctured to their deaths with that attack. Setting aside their possible intelligence for now, their strength was truly of a divine realm.

And so, His Highness made his decision.

“Rin, Aura, Graiya! And Willa, Jin, Pest! I will be the opponent for this guy and Maxwell! I will leave the sword wielding one to you guys! Use Rin’s Gift to put distance between yourself and the opponent while searching up for the identity of these guys! Remember, don’t get close to them no matter what!”

“Understood! We will count on Your Highness to buy us time while searching answers to their real identities!”

“May our Flags fly victorious!”

Saying that, the others besides His Highness started to run towards the outskirts.

But only Jin who rode on Graiya’s back was deep in thought over the symbol emblazoned on the chest of those angels.

(Where have I seen…… that Flag……?)

A Flag that used the theme of flower petals. Although he was sure that he had not seen it with his eyes before today, he was certain that he had heard of it somewhere. But no matter how hard he tried, that piece of information just did not seem to come to him now.

(Damn, why can’t I remember it?! I definitely heard of this symbol somewhere!)

Jin gritted his teeth as he struggled to comb his memories for that information. But the adrenaline from the battle situation was making his thoughts sluggish. The shortfall of having no actual battle experience before now was starting to make its presence known here.

The group left the streets to enter the forest and were transversing through the unchartered sea of trees.

Amidst the frantic and chaotic vortex, the battle continues to intensify.

Translator's Notes[edit]

[Note: History has been divided by the ancient Indian scholars into four eras in a continuous loop. They are the Golden age (Satya Yuga), Silver age (Treta Yuga), Bronze age (Dwapaea Yuga) and Metal Age (Kali Yuga). Among them, the most prosperous era would be the Golden age followed by the Silver age. The metal age is ranked the lowest in prosperity and it is the end or downfall. After the Metal age, the world would kick start itself into a new Golden age. Details will be added below in Note 1. Thank you [hentai_Shiroyasha] and [Puppeteer of the Blood Night] for providing this information.]

[Note 1: The four eras of Hinduism

YUGA= era

In the traditional Hinduism belief, there is a unity of time called a Yuga.

The world’s time is divided into 4 Yuga—Satya Yuga(or Krita Yuga), Treta Yuga, Dvapar Yuga, Kali Yuga.

During Satya Yuga, everyone is able to feel and know of the power of god. People are able to communicate telepathically and there is no divide between the material world and the world of consciousness. There is no pain or suffering, no war, no religions and there is no sense of time’s passing. It can be said to be the golden age of the Humans.

Treta Yuga is the era of spirituality. Man has discovered time, invented tools, and utilised their intellect to rule the world. Telepathy between humans are obstructed and war is born. It is said that the story of <Ramayana> was written in this era.

When it came to the era of Dvapar Yuga, Man started to study science and invent more tools. They also had to start making a choice between the realm of spirituality or materialism. They note the distance between themselves and others around them and interpersonal communications were reliant on language. In this era, the power is held in the hands of women. It is said that Krishna’s death signalled the end to this era and that the <Mahabharata> depicted this era in its literature. And at the end of the <Mahabharata>, Humans welcome the age of Kali Yuga.

Kali Yuga is the era of materialism. Man have replaced women to be the power of the world. The chase for materialism has far exceeded the chase for spirituality. Power and supersitions start to rule the spirits of Man. Few know of the presence of gods and the only method for Man to understand god I s is through the use of religion.

[magrefadditional notes: Mother Goddess (eg. Juno) Check for more.

Yellow Dragon is mentioned in vol 7 note 63.

  1. [magrefnotes: If you noticed the difference from my first translation, good for you. You are very observant indeed. lols, I won't apologize for the misinterpretation since I did not read up to this volume at that time and translations are always interpretations of a text. The changes are mentioned on wikia of this specific Gift Game.]
  2. [magrefnotes: heavenly rock cave=amano-iwato]
  3. [magrefnotes: haori is the outer jacket like portion of the male kimono outfit. If you look at Bleach, the white portion with the squad number of the captain class is the haori.]
  4. [magrefnotes: I will just use Celestial transcendence to denote the process of becoming a Celestial being]
  5. [magrefnotes: the author changed the name a little once again to not anger the gods. Since this move is….]
  6. [magrefnotes: oni kakurenbo is a hide and seek game involving the catching of the demon(oni)]
  7. [magrefnote: look below for Kali Yuga]
  8. [magrefnotes: I’m using ‘his’ for now, might be a female but at the moment, just leaving at his till further notice]
  9. [magrefnotes: bolded to denote no translation involved. Author used English.]