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Chapter 3[edit]

—[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames] The practice area in front of the Palace Third Right Wing.

Kasukabe Yō was the first to notice the pieces of paper that seemed to have blanketed the entire night sky. The highly sensitive Yō had immediately lifted her head to witness the changes in the sky.

Possessing the sight of an eagle, Yō had instantly read the contents on the pieces of paper and shouted towards the stationed troops and the main force gathered in the practice grounds:

“Quick! Get Ready! The Demon Lords are coming!”

“What did you say?!”

“Look up! There! Those are black [Geass Rolls]!”

Hearing Yō’s shout, the stationed troops started to shout as well.

But those shouts weren’t due to a loss of their calm. Being part of [Salamandra], which acts as one of the protectors of the North, their actions upon knowing the news of the imminent attack of the Demon Lords had sped up.

Mandra took to the alarm bell tower and started to sound the bell forcefully to alert the others about the changes in the situation.

“All men to your posts! Start the operation as planned!”

“But, Mandra-sama! What do we do about the sectors that we have not prepared?!”

“This is just a normal routine[1]! When it comes to a fight with Demon Lords, to be able to get half of our defenses up is already a blessing! Just follow the flow of the Game situation and improvise the rest!”

Responding to Mandra’s shout, the stationed troops moved out as one.

This battle was already considerably advantageous for them for they held the advantage of their terrain familiarity. Compared to the fights with Demon Lords in the lower levels at their lairs or in an environment demonically transformed into a gruesome and hellish location, having a defensive battle on their familiar home ground is definitely a plus point for them.

Just then, soldiers stationed at the Outer Walls of [Kouen City] flew into the practice grounds while panting heavily.

“I’m a messenger from the outpost! There have been a huge horde of what seems to be the Titan Race spotted outside the City!”

“The Titan Race? From which region?”

“From their appearance, they should be the Titans from the Celtic mythologies! According to the latest estimations, their numbers have already exceeded a thousand!”

Hearing the reply from the messenger, one of the old-timers who was knocked away by Izayoi’s punch earlier— the hundred armed Titan peeled back his lips to reveal his fangs.

“Celtic Mythology……The Titans of the Fomorians side? Setting aside their intellect for now, their physical bodies are really huge in proportions and it would be really disadvantageous for us to have a direct confrontation.”

Just happening to overhear his voiced out thoughts, Yō had nodded in agreement as she gave her suggestion:

“Then let’s have the large sized Fire Dragon Squad to form the defensive frontlines. With the flying type fire dragons working with Pest to attack from the skies, it would be possible to wipe many of the enemies out in a one fell swoop.”

“Nn. That is the safest measure. Jin, go to the Fifth Right Wing of the Palace to hide it out.”

“Got it. Pest, please take care as well.”

With that, Pest whipped up a black wind around herself to fly to the City fringes.

The old timer from the Titan race, who had heard the conversation beside him, had frowned in displeasure.

However, he was definitely not just the old foggy that he was known to be on the exterior for he soon understood their reason for doing so.

“That Former Demon Lord Young lady with a venomous tongue…… is said to be the rumored Black Death plague, am I right? Although it sure doesn’t go well with my liking, she’s truly the best choice in the match-up. She would be able to cause quite a severe blow to the Celtic Mythological Titan Race right?”

“You know of it too?”

“Of course. We are the [Hekatonkheires] faction that controls the Titan Race of the North. The times that we have fought against those guys wouldn’t be enough to be counted with the fingers of both my ……no. Wait, the number of hands I have can go up to a hundred. See?”

As he spoke, the area around him had suddenly erupted many thick and well corded arms that were materialized from his spiritual power. Although the suddenness of the situation had taken Yō by surprise, her eyes had immediately taken on a sparkle of interest as she asked in enthusiasm:

“Oji-san, are you a type of Eudemon? From the Titan race?”

“Ah, I’m not sure about that. Seems like a déjà vu, for I recall someone asking me that same type of question…… but I guess I can be counted as a Eudemon?”

The Titan stroked the beard on his chin as he answered in a vague fashion. However, that answer was already sufficient for Yō.

Forcefully grabbing the hand of the other person, she gave it a shake—

“Let’s do the self-introductions later. So, please be my friend!”

It was the old-timer Titan’s turn to widen his eyes as he stared at her.

Originally wanting to ask further into the meaning behind that action, his thoughts were interrupted by a roar.


The both of them lifted their heads sharply at the sound that seemed closer than before.

It was clearly from a location close to the Palace. The mental conditions of the participants were instantly thrown into turmoil as they speculated about the enemies’ ability to break through the districts to infiltrate to this area.

“The Titan race have already infiltrated to the heart of the city……”

“How can that be? No matter how you think of it, isn’t that too fast?! What are the troops stationed at the Outer Walls doing?!”

“The large sized Fired Dragon Squad and your riders, please join the battle immediately!”

The humanoid Lesser dragons[2] sat astride the saddles strapped on the flying-type Fire Dragons and gripped the reins tightly as they entered their combat ready positions.

Once the Titans start to rampage in the grounds of the Palace, it would be the end of their strategies.

While swiping away the cold sweat that came from their shaken courage, they continued to refocus their concentrations to form their battle formations in anticipation for the imminent engagement in battle.

And amongst them, only one person—Willa the Ignis Fatuus had a grasp of the current situation.


The urgency in her voice would never have led people to link it to the usual klutz, Willa.

And perhaps having heard her low mutter, the bonfire in the Palace rose higher with a flare that seemed to be in response to her call.

The fiery violent winds that scattered the jet-black pieces of paper seemed to have its own consciousness as it started to swirl and narrow into a funnel. And that was the form of Maxwell’s [Astral Gate].

The fiery vortex transformed into a huge twister that rampaged in the Palace. Finally, a figure appeared on the opposite side of the blaze and gave a snap of the fingers.

“Summon, Phrase Gate!”

The theatrical voice stole the heat from the blaze in an instant and encased it in ice.

The frozen flame storm was similar to the imitation of the fight between Willa and Asuka. The figure within the ice pillar gave another sinister laugh before snapping his fingers once more. Following the shattering of the ice pillar, the person made his appearance before them.

Donning a jacket of a red and blue striking contrast, he had landed before Willa with an expression of bliss.

“Hoho, you have finally called my name. Have you had a change of heart? Do you plan to accept me, my lovely bride?”

“You are noisy, stalker.”

Willa used her Azure flames to repel the right hand that was trying to touch her blue hair. However, Maxwell fearlessly broke through the Azure flames to touch her blue hair.

Even though he was a Demon who controlled the boundaries of heat, this type of Azure flames were flames that were able to burn through the walls of all creations— the Flames of Death; hence, Maxwell’s right hand was instantly burnt and charred.

Knowing first-hand about the firepower of the [Ignis Fatuus], Yō had held her breath at the Maxwell’s stunt that defied common sense.

(To actually put his hand into Willa’s flames with no hesitation……)

If it were any other, they would have their entire bodies burnt to crisp. Although Maxwell had successfully blocked the burns from traveling to his whole body, it should still be an intense pain that would have caused people to faint.

But Maxwell’s expression wasn’t pained in the slightest.

The feeling that could be seen from his dreamy eyes could only be said as that —the bliss of having touched the hair of his beloved.

“Ahh… Finally… I’ve finally obtained the power to make the contact. In order to obtain this power, I’ve traveled to the ends of time for this. I’ve always prayed for a long time to allow my infatuation to cross over the boundaries of worlds so as to get to your side—Willa! I’m finally here to fetch you!”


The terse reply could be said to be a clear rejection but when it came to Maxwell, this would only be seen as her way of hiding her embarrassment. Maxwell did not display any sign of taking offense as he moved his face closer to try kiss the blue hair within his grasp.

Yō who had been stumped by the exchanges of the two before her had then returned to her senses and she recognized the danger in the situation.

“You, You Stalker!”

Whipping up a shimmering whirlwind, Yō made a straight charge towards Maxwell’s chest.

Although he had already been prepared for counter attacks from the enemies, Maxwell, who was infatuated by Willa, was still sent flying into the passageways of the Palace by a kick that sank deeply into the back of his waist.

Similarly, the stationed troops from [Salamandra], who were surprised audience not too long ago, had launched their pursuit and subsequent attacks.

“Now. Use this time! Let’s attack as one!”

Under the shouted command, the Lesser Dragons who wielded spears and the Salamander army started to fire their fiery bullets.

The fiery bullets that were around the size of fists were pelting in a shower towards Maxwell who had been kicked into the Palace; subsequently, the pillars and roof of the Palace were instantly reduced to rubble to fall atop Maxwell’s head.

Mandra who had rushed down from the top of the alarm bell tower had joined the troops on the ground as he shouted:

“Do not let up on the fire! Let’s finish him at one go!”

The stationed troops gave enthusiastic cries in response as they continued to raise their firepower.

However, Yō gave a loud shout as she suddenly recalled the contents in the [Geass Roll]:

“This is bad! The males must not act rashly!”

“What did you say?!”

Mandra who had given the command, asked in surprise.

The changes soon became apparent with many of the stationed troops, who were shooting their fiery bullets amidst their belligerent roars of enthusiasm, falling to their knees one after another as they started to sweat heavily.

“What’s happening to us…… strength is leaving us……”

“Tch! Even though it’s clearly a one in a million chance that had just been presented before us……”

The Lesser dragon stationed troops and the Salamanders started to fall sporadically in their fatigue. Recognizing that this is part of the curse in the Game rules, Yō and Mandra gritted their teeth while holding back their rising anxiety to read the [Geass Roll].

“This is a curse of fatigue…… Ugh, I wouldn’t have thought that it would set in this fast!”

Mandra bit his lip in his anxiety.

But it wasn’t time for them to expend their precious combat strength yet. The battle has just begun and the Titan Race were also launching their attack from the Outer walls. Mandra bitterly commanded the troops to retreat.

Having been showered with fiery bullets, clouds of smoke and dust erupted from the collapsed Palace passageway. Moreover from Maxwell’s position when it landed, it would seem that he did not avoid the collapse and should be buried in the rubble.

Everyone was breathlessly watching the pile of rubble as they focused their attention on any possible movements from Maxwell.

Seemingly like an attempt to break the tense atmosphere, Willa muttered softly:

“……As I thought, it’s still not enough. Totally ineffective.”

“What?” Mandra turned to look at Willa but her words were proven in the next moment.

A silhouette of a person wavered in the clouds of smoke. Seemingly unaffected and calm, Maxwell had made his way into the Practice Grounds while giving his jacket a casual flick as he took a look around him.

“Can’t be…… It was really useless?”

The stationed troops gave a desperate and hopeless sigh.

Maxwell patted the dust off his jacket as he made his displeased announcement:

“Arara, looks like there are really lots of obstructing objects that like to interrupt our exchange of affection……Hoho, I’ve always felt that the barbarian tribes were in excess, but seems like it is convenient enough to use them to kill off the spectators!”

The drunkenness of Maxwell’s infatuation receded from his eyes.

It was clear that this Demon had become serious.

Releasing a fiery storm from his right hand and churning up a blizzard on his left, the portal between [warmth] and [cold] was split open, and a huge horde of the Titans started to appear within the Palace grounds.

They who were disassembled into small particles before being transported over, were now being reconstructed by Maxwell’s power. Upon their complete materialization, the Titans gave a ferocious roar.


The huge battle axe fell in conjunction with the roar as the Titan swung it downwards.

Yō emitted a shimmering whirlwind in an attempt to shield the palace. But the large sized Fire Dragons of [Salamandra] were faster in reacting.

Using their scales that were harder than steel to block the battle axe, they released a stream of fire from their mouths to return the favor to the Titans.



The fire dragons and the Titans collided with their strong spirits.

Having realized the inevitability of the stream of heat shot towards itself, the Titan pushed forth to deliver an uppercut to the lower jaw of the Fire Dragon. The hot ray that formed a straight line lit the night skies ablaze with a scarlet hue.

Seemingly in empathy, the other Fire Dragons had also picked up the howls of that Fire Dragon.

The Fire Dragons, who had battled with Yō earlier, and the old timers in the Practice grounds had also entered their stance in preparation for the imminent engagement.

“Human little girl! Although I hate to admit it, you are really strong! We can only hope for you guys to defeat the enemy’s main force!”

“We will be responsible for the opening of the path. Leave the Titans here to us!”

“Mhm. But please be careful. The Dragon-types should also be under the curse of fatigue.”

“Wahaha, so what if we are? Even if we’re under the curse of fatigue, we won’t be losing to some Titan bumpkins! You too little girl, don’t go messing it up!”

The Fire Dragons gave a hearty laugh as they flew to join the fray.

Mandra was also astride on the back of a Fire Dragon as he entrusted the battle to Yō and Willa.

“Whether we win this fight, will be up to you two. May the two of you return victorious in battle.”

“Mhm, we will show you our victory.”

After encouraging each other, Mandra and the Fire Dragon charged towards the Titans.

The initial skirmishes had ended. And there was still odds for victory. The two of them stood confidently before Maxwell.

It was then that Maxwell finally snapped out of his intoxicating infatuation to note the presence of Yō whom he smiled to admiringly.

“Willa, is this girl your new partner? Looks like you finally grew tired of that pumpkin head.”

“No that’s not it. Yō is my new friend. Together, we……will defeat you, Maxwell.”

Hearing that declaration, Yō couldn’t help but tremble in excitement.

During the war strategizing, Izayoi had given the battle pairing of Maxwell to Yō.

He said—You will be the one to defeat [Demon Lord Maxwell].

(……Can I really defeat a Demon Lord……?)

Till date, Kasukabe Yō had no experience with fighting against a Demon Lord.

During the [Black Pest] saga, she had contracted the disease of Black Death and was bedridden.

And during the Game of the Huge Dragon, although she had triumphed over a strong foe, it was mainly a stroke of luck that sealed the victory.

This direct confrontation with a Demon Lord would be a first for her.


Due to the tension from the butterflies in her stomach, she could not harness any strength in her body. Just then, the 8th Left Wing of the Palace was blasted apart. Not knowing what had happened, the people in the Palace turned to look at the direction of the 8th Left Wing of the Palace.

The two Human figures that flitted out of the blown apart Palace were stepping upon the rubble they had created to engage in what seemed to be a melee at light speed.

The vibrations of their punches seemed to tremble the very atmosphere and every punch launched would be accompanied with a thunderous sound of an explosion.

Gazing at this spectacle, the Lesser Dragons were abuzz with their speculations.

“Are those guys……really monsters?”

It could be said as an epitome of a battle between a God and a Demon.

This was a battle that was waged like a violent storm which was astounding enough to steal the breaths of the Lesser Dragons and demonic species who were monsters themselves.

If people on par with a Demon Lord were to give their utmost effort in the fight, the collateral damages to the surroundings would also be of an unusually large scale. The grass of the courtyard were whipped up into the sky and the trees on the ground were also smashed into smithereens.

—Can Kasukabe Yō also fight with the Demon Lord in that fashion?

Facing Yō who was already sweating in her palms, Willa gave a smile.

“It will be fine. Even if things happen to go awry…… I will defeat Maxwell alone.”

Seemingly an attempt to materialize that will of hers, she spurted flames from her hands to create a searing wind of Azure flames.

[Ignis Fatuus]—the wind that was summoned from the boundaries of life and death which could burn anything that existed in the world as a material form. Even if the target was the Demon materialization of a concept, it would not be of an exception.

Actually, if one were to ask about the possibility of winning—[Demon Lord Maxwell] is a Demon that has its existence rejected by science in the first place.

A demon that has its existence rejected is equivalent to a paper tiger for it is a fictional hyperactive imagination that would disappear once it is torn to bits and tossed aside. He was one of the few Demons that could be defeated through the use of physical attacks. Originally of the rank of a low class wandering spirit, Maxwell had been bestowed a strong spiritual attainment due to some unknown reasons.

Willa whose hands emitted the [Ignis Fatuus], turned to Yō to make her last confirmation.

“I will take the first part of the battle, the rest of the battle will then follow as per our plans!”

With that, Willa’s figure disappeared.

It wasn’t a high speed movement or a common old trick of deceiving the senses. Neither was it a congenital ability bestowed upon an individual. It was just the Gift of the key of unlocking portals that was given to people who controlled the boundaries.

This was the strongest technique of opening an [Astral Gate] to access a different time stream of a different dimension before making a jump back into the same timeline—aka [teleportation].

“Summon, Ignis Fatuus—!”

Appearing behind Maxwell, Willa swung down the Azure Flames in her hands towards him. If her opponent wasn’t Maxwell, this strike would have sealed her victory.

However, Maxwell, who had predicted the attack, gave a ferocious grin that bared his canines before vanishing his figure to appear above Willa. Using both hands to shoot out a barrage of ice shards and flames. After continuing this attack and defense maneuver for three more rounds, the both of them simultaneously launched a Hissatsu Waza[3].

“Hahaha, it is getting unbearably hot in here! To use the Flames that steals all as the first strike sure is an honor! Do you love me to the point of being yandere[4]?!”

“How disgusting.”

“But it’s the same with me! I love you as well, my Bride of Azure Flames!”

“……Really disgusting.”

Although the distastefulness of the opponent almost caused Willa to abandon her will to fight, she continued to focus her energies to meet the charge.

But Yō, who stood at the side to observe the battle, had not done the same for herself. Unable to find a way to get herself involved with their instantaneous strikes and defensive blocks, she could only stand at her original location in a daze.

(As I thought…… the lone leaps do not have any precursors…)[5]

In respect to Yō’s fighting style that depended heavily on the sensitivity of the five senses, the exchanges between these two were of a completely different level.

Be it sight, hearing and smell, having high sensitivity for those wouldn’t mean a thing to this sort of battle.

In fact it would be easier to say that the more one relied on these senses, the more disadvantageous this battle would be for them. For Yō to enter the fray between these two, she would have to steel her heart and toss aside the most dependable weapons she had used up till date.

If only I have a day to test it out before employing it in combat— Yō finally managed to suppress that weak part of herself that voiced out that thought.

(No, that’s not right. Mandra had also said this. When it comes to a battle with Demon Lords, this sort of thing is only a normal routine.)

Being unprepared is only to be expected.

Even though that was the case, everyone had still gathered up courage to challenge the Demon Lords.

(Believe in myself! If Izayoi and Asuka are able to do battle, I will also be able to do it!)

He will be defeated by you. You can do it.

Choosing to belief in Izayoi’s words, Yō gripped her [Genome Tree]

“[Genome Tree]— [Marchosias] form…..!!!”[6]

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. [magrefnotes: ‘normal routine ’It was a proverb in the ch version, should be a proverb in Jap too, but can’t think up an English version of the proverb.]
  2. [magrefnotes: I state again that Lesser dragons is used to mean a lower grade dragon. Though the Fire Dragons are also lower grade compared to the Dragons of the Zodiacs, this situation, we will not take that comparison into account.]
  3. [magrefnotes: sure kill ultimate move.]
  4. [magrefnotes: love to the point of being mentally unstable, wanting to kill the beloved to express it]
  5. [magrefnotes: there are lone leaps through the portals and those that open the portals to allow multiple others to pass through.]
  6. [magrefnotes: Marchosias is the 35th Pillar of the Seventy-two pillars of Solomon’s Demons. The Marquis that commands thirty armies, he’s a strong warrior that takes the form of a wolf with the wings of a Gryphon and a serpent’s tail with fire-breathing abilities. Has the ability to take on the appearance of Man]