Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume11 Dinnertime of You and Me

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Dinnertime of You and Me[edit]

After class finished, we both arrived at that place.

Not that we purposely wanted to be together. Just that, after school our first activities happened to be the same, nothing more.

I was filling my stomach before work, Layfon was filling his stomach before Military Arts training.

Because our purposes were the same, I recommended that shop.

It was near the closest tram station from the first-year school building, a place that made people suffer slightly when it was time to depart. Because of this good fortune, there were no worries about whether the edibles would be sold out. But occasionally, I would worry about whether the store would be destroyed by somebody.

A donut store.

I ordered the tastiest stone-fried cake. It wasn't torus-shaped, rather it resembled its name in that it was a spherical fried cake small enough to be held by children. Not only did it have a sugary flavor, there were also chocolate and many types of fruit flavors.

I bought about ten or so of each kind. Layfon seemed to have also bought the same amount.

There were no benches to eat at inside the store, so after purchasing drinks we sat on the benches outside the store to eat.

"Come to think of it, what kind of a person is your platoon captain?"

The both of us usually spoke about stories of our work to each other. Afterwards, I knew that the platoon captain Nina Antalk also worked to clean the Mechanical Department like Layfon.

"How strange, Military Artists all get a fixed income. So why do you and your platoon captain need to work those kinds of jobs, do you need money that much?"

"Personally, it's cause I'm on my own."

I had heard these words before. However, they weren't easily understood. Indeed, if things were like that then he might not have the money that a pure Military Artist family did. But even if he didn't clean the Mechanical Department, he should still be able to live a decent life!

"Also, my platoon captain came here against her parents' wishes, so she has no financial support."

"That's quite tough!"

I felt a lot of admiration for her. When I came to the Academy City, I desperately wanted to have an urban life and adopted a somewhat rebellious attitude. Indeed, I had some altercations with my parents, but in the end they still agreed to let me come here. Of course, they gave me financial support.

I traveled on the roaming bus. Therefore, I knew of the harsh situations of the "outside world". With just this much, I already felt like it had great significance. Afterwards was my growth in Zuellni.

Although I admired the platoon captain's situation, we still chatted about other topics.

We left our individual hometowns, and for our individual growth we experienced a dangerous journey, and only at the end did we reach Zuellni.

But, that was a period of time we had to experience!

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