Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume15 Prologue

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Prologue: The One Biding Time[edit]

The time of impatience had come. What a season that made one feel impatient. One could not calm down in this season. It was a time that caused impatience. Karian felt this feeling inside the Student President's room. The repairing work was still in progress outside his window, but that too was about to end. You weren't able to see as many of the tall heavy machineries that had originally been desperately needed.

Destruction and rebirth. The things left behind and the new things springing up. The scenery of Zuellni included both old and new, a scenery that was no longer the one that Karian was familiar with.

"Things full of memories are changing. Makes me feel lonely."

"Isn't this feeling of regret a bit too early for you?"

One could see Vance's troubled expression reflected in the window. He was reading a report.

"But the things before us can be called memories considering that we might once more stand on that piece of earth, right?"

"Humph," Vance made a snorting noise through his nose.

"Compared to regret, there are mountains of things to do for the plan to revitalize the city."

"Oh, I did that deliberately."

"How troublesome."

"Because I can only forget it when I'm very busy."

"Isn't it more moderate to slowly enjoy it?"

Vance closed his mouth and watched Karian's expression on the glass.


He seemed to be saying something, but Karian pretended he hadn't heard him.

"You've also become a troublesome guy."

"Don't mind me."

It was changing. This must be it if there was such thing as "fate" in the Academy City. The Academy City must be changed into one that wasn't like an Academy City. But didn't it mean the death of the Electronic Fairy too? The Electronic Fairy should be the one to choose the future of this city.

There didn't exist change that was painless.

Then this must be sadness that was necessary.

The scenery in his memory no longer existed out the window. The people of Zuellni below the window had also changed just like the scenery.

They turned around to look at the person who had been their good classmate and friend for a long time. There wouldn't be that many chances to see his worrisome face anymore.

And then Karian began to ponder the next thing. The thing he saw on that day inside the central area of the Mechanical Department in Zuellni the Electronic Fairy.

Thinking of the person he met.

Thinking of the oath he swore.

(If the world wants to push us to the brink of despair.........)

He didn't need to confirm his mental preparation because he already knew what to do. He didn't need to think about it anymore. He had already reached his goal in Zuellni, but could he reach the next goal?

(No. This isn't their problem anymore.)

He throttled his discomfort. The glass faintly reflected his normal expression. It's okay. I haven't collapsed yet. The enemy is strong. The future is my enemy. All I can do is do my best in order to reach that goal. I cannot relax on the current road so that I can head for my next path.

(Then I must not let down my guard as I walk the remainder of this path.)

Karian's declaration, or was it his joke. Understanding that part, Vance's expression turned from usual to sour.

Karian fell back into deep thought at that.

Time was flowing.

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