Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume12 Chapter1

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Chapter 1: Chaotic City[edit]

A very beautiful girl had appeared, wearing a dark dress. Her clear eyes were looking his way with a thoughtful expression. Her pose was elegant and lovely like a doll's. Her delicately long fingers held a black bestial mask. Green light ran slowly along the lines of the mask, stirring, suddenly bright and suddenly dim. A feeling that "this is a creature" exuded from it.

Dixerio stood before the girl. He also wore a mask, but his mask differed from the Wolf Faces'. This was the Haikizoku – The Electronic Fairy of a destroyed city had turned into the form of a mask. It conquered his fate. It was the power of a curse.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

She didn't answer.

Her figure lightly shook. Her dangerous beauty attempted to sway his will, making him unable to distinguish what was imagination and what was real. The girl was using some unbelievable power. This girl was the result of a complex combination of genes. This miraculous girl fascinated him.

Dixerio Maskane was confused.

"Saya, didn't you die?"

He confirmed her existence, yet he was not impatient or anxious.

Since his home city – The City of Strong Desire, Velzenheim – was destroyed, he had been searching for those pieces. He had been searching for the lone-eyed gunner and the girl of darkness that followed him. In this upside-down world, he had been searching continuously for them, the two who had entered the outer-shell of this world, the Aurora Field. His meeting with these two people had changed the fate of Dixerio Maskane. His lazy and repetitive life was totally changed on that day because he had touched a piece buried in this world, the piece called "truth".

What existed in this world, the mysteries that didn't even become legends, Dixerio had caught a corner of it all. A mysterious development had created a netlike structure allowing Electronic Fairies to communicate. As the guardian of En, he fought in an endless and expanding battle with the Wolf Faces, yet he continued to search for the truth. In the end, he figured everything was connected to Grendan's movement, that insane city. A city that was restricted from the En with other cities. A city that even roaming buses wouldn't want to visit. What was there – it wasn't a surprising question. Even a normal way of thinking would come to this question. What was there? As such, Dixerio infiltrated Grendan for the second time. The first time was a long time ago. The second time was a few days ago. But Heaven's Blade successors blocked him both times, and in the end, he didn't manage to reach the Inner Court.

Grendan, as expected of the city that even Wolf Faces feared.

But was his infiltrating action meaningless? The person that he had been searching desperately for was right before him. That beautiful girl was here. He had died in Velzenheim and reawakened in Zuellni. To meet this girl in the Academy City that was his second birthplace, that meant......

"Let's talk about everything!"

But the girl didn't reply. Wordless, her gaze moved up and down the mask. And then........


She had disappeared without a noise, as if she had never existed. Her traces vanished amidst the sound of battle, but the confusion in his heart remained.

"Just what are you thinking? Did you come here to take it away?"

Dixerio removed his mask. The mask melted the moment it left his face. His hand balled into a fist and the remaining color of the mask scattered. The entire mask had disappeared.

"Is that your purpose? You only came for that thing?"

A Haikizoku slumbered in the mask that the girl had taken with her. Was that her purpose? What a precious Haikizoku. Once an Electronic Fairy was connected to En, it wouldn't take long to find it. Did she appear in Zuellni just for that? But Dixerio wasn't the only person chasing after her. There were the Wolf Faces too. Why did she risk it?

"I don't get it!"

He desperately searched for her presence. Since this wasn't someone he could understand with normal logic, he thought she might still be somewhere in the city. But he found nothing.


Though he wanted to look around in Zuellni, he couldn't do that. That victim was right beside his feet. She got caught in this fateful battle because of him.

Nina Antalk.

Her eyes that embraced a powerful will were now tightly shut. A trace of blood painted a corner of her mouth. He had used some reckless technique to break through her defense.

"It'd be bad if I don't release her from this fate."

Prioritizing his original aim, he spat blood and put a hand on the girl's sweaty forehead. He had to erase her memories. If he took away all the memories related to him, then she could return to the original world. If she didn't hold any speculation about the reality, then those things wouldn't affect her much. Those things were the Wolf Faces and the dimension that existed opposite this night sky.

The Kei from Dixerio's hand pierced through Nina's forehead to influence the area of the brain that governed memories. This was a Kei technique of thieves, a technique passed down in the Maskane family in Velzenheim......... a technique that matched the name of the City of Strong Desire.

He didn't plan to do anything really bad to the unconscious girl. But having looked at her recent memories, he had discovered that he needed to erase some deeper memories too. This might cause memory blockage. But he couldn't let her get caught any further. This girl had a sense of mission that far exceeded anyone else's. Her stubborn and inflexible personality was weak in this unusual situation. So he must cut off those connections. Even if she was to sustain injuries in her memories, he must return her to a normal life.


The Kei connected her and Dixerio. In this moment, he felt something unnatural. The impact of a gun, and.........

"Nina!" came the shout behind him and the simultaneous shot.

The whip in his left hand extended and returned. The Kei that was used to interfere with one's vision made everything look a mess. The long-haired Military Artist held a rifle in his hands as he closed in on them.

"Tsk!" Dixerio left Nina on the ground and leaped away.

"Everything's a waste!"

That Military Artist went to Nina. He didn't chase after Dixerio.

Dixerio confirmed the movement of the Military Artist from the air and smacked his lips.

Her right eye still hurt and she couldn't stop the tears. That girl had disappeared, leaving behind the white wall.

Leerin couldn't leave this place. She didn't understand the situation, and she couldn't hear anything from outside. Was it because of the thickness of the wall, or that there weren't any fighting outside? Had the battle finished? She failed to judge the situation.

She was confused. What was happening. what had happened........ Did she understand anything? She couldn't comprehend, and that was why she was afraid.

"Lay.... fon," she called the name of her childhood friend in agony. But he was now on the battlefield. This wasn't a curse, nor was it an annoying duty. She liked him as a Military Artist. This had nothing to do with whether he held a Heaven's Blade or not. Because he had grown up with her. He had trained through hardship, tolerating his pain to become an excellent Military Artist. He had bore the burden......... She had seen all of it. That was why she liked him.

Still, this wasn't a feeling of wanting to stay beside him. She just wanted to come to his side and hug him, then hear him say to her "It's ok". But that couldn't be done.

She didn't know that he was outside the city, riding his bike for Zuellni. The distance between them was too far.

Her right eye hurt. This was the same feeling of pain since the beginning. Nothing much had changed. Compared to the pain of dry eyes, overworked eyes and that of some foreign substance getting into the eye....... This pain was different from normal.

Something was moving and stimulating her nerves......... The pain seemed more like that of a painful tooth. The pain came from the center of the right eye, as if something that wasn't Leerin's existed there. She wondered whether her face had swollen, but touching her face with her hand told her it was fine. Just what was happening in her body? Who was that girl? She seemed to have seen her before.

From where? Where? Leerin kept thinking, trying to recall that place as she tolerated the pain. This felt like it was something very important to her. She remembered seeing only her back, but that beauty was unforgettable! The dark dress that was like a funeral dress, the long dark hair......... and the seemingly illusory girl that seemed to break and shatter at one touch.

Leerin couldn't remember.

She continued to ponder in desperation, fighting against the pain. Thinking was the only thing she could do to forget the pain.

A scene surfaced in her mind, something that seemed to be unrelated to the current situation. The time when she first met Synola. Tears had fallen at that time too. She didn't know how, but the tears had stopped. She didn't feel sad, and her eye didn't hurt. Even so........... What did Synola see at that time? What did she see in the right eye?


On that day, Synola was sleeping on the lawn. The weather wasn't that warm, but she was sleeping as if she didn't care. Leerin was on her way to the entrance ceremony, but she got lost. When she saw Synola sleeping, a feeling of melancholy filled her chest. But before Leerin herself could react to this woman, her eyes were glued to her and tears had then fallen.

"Hey, why are you crying?" Synola had asked after waking up.

Leerin didn't know why.

Synola stared at her face, and it was at that time that surprise and shock showed on her face.

Why? Why was she shocked? Because Leerin was crying? In that case, Synola could have been shocked the moment she woke up. Or........ Did she hide her shock? Then why didn't she hide it the second time? At that time, she........? What did she see?

Recall that memory. Recall it more clearly, more vividly.......... Call forth the memories that she wasn't aware of. Though Leerin didn't do anything deliberately at that time, the memory of that action should be in her brain. Back then, she was fascinated by Synola's beauty. Hence Synola's beautiful face surfaced clearly in her mind. Her face......... Leerin concentrated on that face.

She saw something. Look at her eyes.......... What was reflected in Synola's eyes. Normally, this feat wasn't possible, but Leerin gathered her concentration as if something was sucking her in. Her head hurt. Had the pain moved from her eye? Or was this caused by her intense level of concentration? – She wasn't sure.

She magnified Synola's eye in her memory. Her own image was reflected in the depth of the eye. Suddenly, something alluring shot through her. She saw her own face reflected in Synola's pupil. That face was also magnified. Leerin's own eye stared out at her as she looked at Synola.

Synola was shocked, but for some reason, a large beast with four legs was behind her. Leerin remembered that beast. It saved her from Gahard Baren's attack when he was possessed by a filth monster. But why did it appear beside Synola?

That wasn't just it. Someone was at a far distance behind Synola........ No! Not behind. It overlapped with Synola and the beast. It wore a dark dress. Long black hair............ It was her! She was there! But why was she there? As if........ As if........... As if she was already on a screen that was projected on someone else's screen.......


An unbelievable conclusion. But wasn't that it? If Leerin's eye was a screen............

"That means.........."

This girl was inside her? Inside her eye? Impossible! She denied her thinking through the pain and chill. Because, because...........

She remembered that the beast hadn't appeared beside Synola. She had many reasons to deny that conclusion. If it did exist, then Leerin herself couldn't have remained unaware of it! Memories were so vague that they always made delicate changes in one's experience.

Because, ahh, because of that...........

Somewhere deep inside Leerin had already accepted that conclusion, but right now, she didn't want to nod and admit it. But whether she admitted or denied it, it was meaningless. A meaningless truth – she felt as if someone was gossiping about her.

(She's inside me............?)

"Just, what's going on...........?"

Uneasy. She had become the person in question – this uneasiness assaulted her. Had something changed in her body? What am I? Her strength left her as if she were tossed into a deep pit.

-an orphan.

This term drew the attention of her entire body. Her birth was unknown. Who gave birth to her? Who was her mother? She knew nothing.

-Am I not normal? -Or was I abandoned because I'm not normal?

She didn't understand!


Her heart called out for something. She bit her lip, noticing that feeling. She hated how weak she was.

When she came to, the pain had vanished. Her right eye was naturally closed. She felt the pain might return if she opened it, so she stood up with her hand on her eye.

Confusion remained. Her vision shook when she tried to stand up. She could bear it. Leerin gritted her teeth, standing up.

She had said she'd get some drinks for Mifi. The other girl would worry if she got back late. Meishen, who had been lively and full of spirit, had fallen. Naruki was tired from fighting. Leerin must not let them worry about her.

When she was young, she had helped the older people make meals. She could already cook on her own when Layfon became a Heaven's Blade successor. At that time, older brothers and sisters had gone off to work or gotten married. They had all left the orphanage. Even so, Leerin didn't show her weakness. It was her personality, not because she was forced. She didn't think she had borne any extreme hardships. She was only doing what the older brothers and sisters had done at their younger age.

She covered her right eye and intended to return as she staggered. She must find an excuse for not opening her eye. But before that, another fate had taken her.

"......... Eh?"

She thought it was her imagination because of her staggering steps. She had been on a hard floor, yet it felt sticky.

She looked down.

".......... Eh?"

The floor was gone. No. It was still there.

"Wh........ What?"

An artistic floor.

Face. Face. Face. Faces had emerged in the floor. They were everywhere. There wasn't even a crack between them. They were without expressions. Foreheads, closed eyes, mouths and noses........ Leerin couldn't tell whether they were male or female.

Face. Face. Face......... When she realized, the faces had covered up even the ceiling and the wall. Face. Faces surrounded her. Only she herself was in this dimension. Her right eye, the memories that she failed to explain, the uneasy encounter. The events that came one after another had taken Leerin to her limit.

"What is this!!"

CSR vol12 029.jpg

A voice collapsed under agitation and anger.

In that moment, the air trembled. A ripple spread out in this dimension.

Those faces opened their eyes when the shaking of the air stopped.


They all opened their eyes as if waiting for this moment. Pupils spun in unusually white eyeballs, as if they were looking for something. The pupils stopped moving when they saw Leerin.

"...... Found you!"

The voices surrounded her.

"Hohohohoho, Found you! Finally, finally found you!"

"Curse you, the end of the tie."

"Destroy you, the shadow of the moon."

"We're the conquerors of the past illusory world."

"I curse. I curse. I curse!"

All the faces said in a chorus. Strangely high spirits. Strange melody. Curses and lamentations surrounded her.

"You......... What are you! What are you!" Leerin said in fear and confusion. But nothing changed in this dimension. She cautioned that this might just be an illusion caused by fatigue and confusion........ But the hostility invading her every pore denied her thinking.

"Ohhhhhhhh......... We're to return to the illusion."

"You just need to obey, Child of the Moon!"

"The tie is weak, but it doesn't grant our wish."

"We curse............"

"We curse your soul to hover in endless darkness."

Hostility filled all the words. Leerin hugged her eyes as she pressed down on her right eye. It hurt again. As if the pain encouraged her, she stood up. The fear had disappeared.

"Curse...........?" someone laughed mockingly behind her. That laugh held within it contempt.

"To rely on that thing, you really are weak and lazy, unable to change no matter what the situation is! You group of rotten fools that can't disappear! Such foolishness makes you quite cute!"

Leerin turned around. The countless faces moaned "oh, uh". Their sound shook the air, but the sound of the newcomer was melodious, like that of a savior's.

Leerin was shocked. That girl was here. The white-skinned girl who wore a dark dress. But something was different. She didn't feel like a doll. She seemed angry. Mocking laughter dangled from the corner of her lips. Her eyes squinted into a line. And her beauty shocked even Leerin, who was of the same gender.

No! She must caution herself. This girl wasn't the one in her memory. This was another existence.

The girl waved her hand in annoyance. A mask appeared in her hand. A mask that looked like a beast. Leerin felt that she had seen it somewhere before but she couldn't remember.

The voices around them disappeared after the girl waved her hand. Leerin looked around and saw the mouths opened on the faces. She saw the faces shaking, shouting something, but no sound drifted into her ear.

"You trash that only knows to bark."

She breathed a sigh of relief at hearing the girl's voice. The confirmation that her senses were working had calmed her down.

The girl continued to speak. "But for the trash to appear here, has it really weakened to such a state?"

Calmness descended on Leerin. She began to think positively. Should she just leave everything to this girl? Wasn't it better to move according to how the girl acted...... She felt more relaxed even though she was still in this strange environment. She shook her head as if to shake loose the pain in her eye.

The girl watched her and smiled mysteriously. "Aah, you're bearing it? You're the end! Well, perhaps that's it. Perhaps you really have the blood of the beginning!"

"Just what is this? How come.........?" Leerin asked. This girl knew what was happening around them.

"These things aren't real," the girl said, bored. She played with the mask in her hand.


She noticed that the girl had hidden the most important information because she found it boring. The girl smiled again, a smile of a child who was planning a prank. Something cruel hid behind her innocent smile.

"It's too late. You're powerless. You already concluded you're powerless in what you can do in this world. Even if you can do something for this powerless world, all you can do is keep this powerless world the way it is. Everything else is operating naturally. No one can turn it around. What can't be crafted is the end result............"

Leerin didn't understand, but a bad premonition took hold of her.

"What's happened?"

Something had happened. Something unbelievable had happened. Leerin only understood a small part of what the girl had said. No, she didn't really understand it. She guessed it from the bad premonition she got.

"You'll understand when you see it. Besides, it's time for you to journey. Didn't I say before? You can't do anything............"

The girl caressed Leerin's cheek with her unoccupied hand. Her icy fingers were soft as silk.

"Obtaining the shadow of the fake had called me from my sleep – though I don't like that. But the bell of the beginning was rung. The remnants that have been guarding the sky are near their limit. The war that aims for release is about to begin."

Her finger poked Leerin's skin. It didn't hurt, but the delicate finger held a power that didn't match its look. The girl moved her finger to Leerin's right eye.

"Let me tell you and give you a clue! The beginning of the war and what's happening right now – the reason that makes you people anxious. The fools that can't pass on. Ignasis. Rigzario."

Ignasis. Rigzario. Where had she heard of them? The Rigzario........?

Leerin remembered as the girl's finger allowed her to open her eye.

When she came to, she saw Sharnid's face.

"You awake?"

Nina frowned with an expression that did nothing to ease him.

"What......? I....... What happened?"

She didn't understand.

"At that time.........."

She had fought the larvae that managed to get past the defense line. Her arm hurt. It was the result of using Raijin. And then...... What happened?

"How's the situation?" she stood up and asked.

Sharnid shrugged and looked at the sky. "Not sure! But the crisis is gone."

Nina followed his gaze......... True, the male filth monsters were gone.

"So what happened?"

"I said I don't know! It's just that a strange light took out the filth monsters."

Nina shook her head. Her entire body made noises.

"What is it?"

"Nothing much......... I just forced myself a bit?"

She knew why her arm hurt, but she didn't remember what made her entire body hurt. But since the battle was a mess, maybe her body had reached a certain limit without her knowing.

"That's 'a bit'?" he said with disapproval.

"Anyway, this is done. Let's go back!"

"True," she grabbed his extended hand and he pulled her up.

"Done?" she said to herself. It felt like they had been fighting for 3-4 days since the intercity match with Falnir. She didn't feel like this battle had finished though. In fact, wasn't the thing that caused this fiasco sleeping a light sleep somewhere they didn't know about? Would that thing be doing whatever it liked in a place Nina couldn't see? So many things made her worry.

"Aaa, it's ended......... Not sure about Layfon, but we can only trust him."


Was Layfon still fighting the filth monster? Could he defeat it? Was he hurt? Those questions hardly calmed her.

"Felli's helping Layfon. She can't talk with us. If you want to know, you can only ask the Student President." His expression relaxed.

Nina agreed. Even if Felli had forgotten herself, she would not have forgotten the Student President. They could only head for the underground conference room then.

"Hey, hey! Before that you need to see a doctor......" Sharnid cut himself off. He had noticed something.

In this silence of the aftermath, Nina felt the remnants of battle. This was her second time feeling it.

"Hey, can you still fight?" he asked and held the Dite he had previously placed back in the weapon harness.

"Can't be helped!" she also reached her hand into the weapon harness. She'd have to fight even though her entire body hurt and the pain in her right wrist was becoming unbearable.

"Geez, just what's this for........ Aah, I see!"

Nina was still thinking when she heard him. These guys moved because this was the time.

The Salinvan Guidance Mercenary Gang.

All members released Sakkei. Did they notice she had discovered them? Or had they already aimed for the relaxing moment after battle? They had reduced their presence such that even Sharnid couldn't sense them, but they failed to escape Nina's unusual senses. Still, the opponents were veterans.

Presences that cut the air released from surrounding buildings. Nina could see ten or so people. Where were the rest? Should she retreat or fight? She hesitated as she and Sharnid restored their Dites.

The light of Kei scattered between them. Next came the light that surrounded Nina and Sharnid. Vivid and dense purple color, and then came the sound of successive explosions.

Mines of Psychokinesis.

"Retreat!!" Karian's shrill voice sounded.

Without thinking, the two jumped in the direction behind them. The Gang members didn't come around the explosion after them. Sharnid caught the flake that floated to where they had landed.

(Please run to the entrance of the shelter, 3B. The door will open after 30 seconds.)

"Felli!" Nina shouted. She should be supporting Layfon!

(I'm very busy. No time to say anything unnecessary.)

No more reaction from the flake. The Psychokinesis mines continued to explode behind them. were these Felli's mines or someone else's? She couldn't tell. She and Sharnid kept running.

They arrived at the door after 30 seconds. The path they were on split apart with noise. The two of them slid down that path. Once they were in, a Psychokinetic explosion buried the crack. The storm above them pushed them down the path. The two landed as if they were tossed through the entrance.

Karian appeared through the thick door of the shelter. The door shut along with the sound of machinery.

"It's good that you're all right."

"Student President, what's happened?"

She had forgotten the etiquette between seniors and juniors.

Karian's look was clear and refreshing when he looked at them.

"Do you find this hard to believe?"

She didn't answer. She already knew this had something to do with the Haikizoku sleeping inside her.

"Are the others OK? It'd be bad if only we escape but others become hostages," Sharnid said.

"We're still confirming the situation. Everyone will enter the shelter according to procedure. But that won't solve the problem........."

"Yes....... Even a small number of Military Artists can destroy this shelter. We can only use this place to buy some time. We need to regroup and find a place to counterattack........."

"We can resolve this early if we hand over the Haikizoku," Karian's gaze did not move away from Nina.

She knew the Haikizoku was inside her. Unconsciously, she put a hand on her chest.

And she felt something different. This wasn't a feeling caused by fatigue and injury. Though she wasn't sure of the situation, she still noticed the subtle change.

"Next, it's about time for you to give an explanation."

Karian's question seemed to come from somewhere far away, as Nina was concentrating on herself. Her memories........ Someone had defeated the male filth monster.

"The green light that defeated the filth monster. Was that you?"

Green light. A tiny memory stimulated the inside of her head. Her hand moved to her head.

She was looking at the sky. A male filth monster with wings spread was in the gray sky. Nina deeply felt her impotence. This pain had been with her since entering Zuellni. She felt the pain and attempted to overcome it, but the pain came back. The place Military Artists stood was high. It wasn't a wall that one could jump over easily. Military Artists had to stand in this cruel world. Failure was not tolerated. Failure meant death, and possibly the death of the city too. If she failed, she'd greet such a fate.

It felt like her first time meeting the filth monsters. That terror. Unable to fulfill the promise she made with Layfon, terror had overwhelmed her. At that time...... What happened? Something had happened!

She couldn't remember whom she talked with. She knew she had conversed with someone, and that someone wasn't from Zuellni. This made her think of the Electronic Fairy........... So vague. Something moved. Something covered it. She couldn't remember, but then........ Yes!

"Does that mean........."

"What is it?"

She understood that unusual feeling. It was the feeling she had when she saved the Electronic Fairy, when Layfon was heavily injured........ the feeling of having lost something.

"The Haikizoku...... is gone?"

That feeling was gone.

"What did you say?"

Both Karian and Sharnid's expressions were stiff. Nina didn't know how to explain it. That thing was within her when she fainted, but it was gone when she woke. This meant something had happened during the time of her losing her consciousness. But what was it?

That man appeared above the city's multi-legs, on one of the numerous metal pillars that surrounded the city. When did he get there? No one noticed. The remnants of battle that suffused the city were now quietly disappearing. The air gradually cooled as if losing its heat source. During this process, a sense of exhaustion bled through the wounded and tormented city.

But, there were people working in the dark at this time. Grendan's hunting dogs. The Salinvan Guidance Mercenary Gang had the Haikizoku as their goal, yet they had failed to obtain it. The girl that had the Haikizoku was snatched to somewhere unknown.

"This is unexpected. Who would have thought it'd awaken," the man said in a small voice.

He didn't know that face. He did feel that he'd seen him before, but that memory was forgotten the moment he pulled his gaze away. Perhaps even a plain face would leave behind an impression of "a plain face"!

"Though I think we might have to use the power because of the outsider. Is this for the sake of Shadow? Or is this the beginning of fate........."

He didn't know him, but he recognized the uniform. Though the long coat was not uncommon in other cities, this stood out in an Academy City. Yes, this man was there in the intercity match with Falnir. He was sent by the Academy City Alliance. The man who had contacted Savaris, the man who had awakened the Haikizoku in Nina.

This man silently placed his hand on his face. A mask appeared the next moment to cover his countenance. This was the same mask as Nina's, but it did not give off a green light.

The mask of a beast. This was proof of who he was – a Wolf Face.

"Then let's begin from this moment! The time to be released has finally come!" the man said again in a small voice.

Next, he took out his Dite from the inside of his coat and restored it. The Dite became a staff, a staff with a large decoration adorning its top.

Dong – The decoration rang with this sound.

"The shadow of the world. The shadow of the moon. Let darkness gather. For the real body of the Shadow. continue........"

The man's coat hung loose, opened, then vanished to reveal a new figure. His entire body was black. This was his new garment.

Dong – This sound rang.

"Shadow attracts shadow, but it continues to head for the real body of Shadow........"

Dong – This sound rang.

It was no longer just one person. People who wore masks gathered, as if emerging from the entrance of the air purification system to stand above the city's multi-legs.

CSR vol12 049.jpg

"From now till the end of fate. Release the tie of the beginning. Release the real world of the end. The time for journey has come. Release from the infinite lines to advance forward."

Dong – This sound rang.

"Sacred Sword. Its servants!"

Dong – the sound dispersed into the air.

"The Faceman system set on the earth has finished its mission. Break through the embrace of thorns! This moment, that figure......"

Dong – This sound rang.

The sound was being absorbed. The sky, covered by the dust of battles, was released. It was a gray sky with an aura.

Small whirls appeared in this sky. A light containing seven colors. And the Wolf Faces walked as if to walk out of this city in search of something. And then the people who expanded Dixerio's battlefield......... were dissembling, disappearing. Their bodies crumbled into atoms from the top of their heads. Atoms of light that gave off seven colors. Dissolved. Their bodies collapsed.

"Sacred Sword! Nano Celluloid! Creatures in the form of humans who have been created!" The Wolf Face carrying the staff spoke as his body crumbled.

One by one, the Wolf Faces vanished. Their brains were gone. Elbows were gone. Bodies were gone. Legs and feet were gone. They left behind atoms of seven colors that spiraled upward and the staff that seemed to guide them up.

"Sacred Sword and you people loyal to destruction, the Staff of Flame that summons annihilation....... The Sword of the Devil that shatters the final war."

Even the staff had vanished.

"Leave your traces right now, right this moment."

Disappeared. Everything had disappeared. The atoms of seven colors had disappeared. Everything, including the traces that validated their existence were gone.

And a large hole soon dominated the sky.

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