Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume11 Morning of You and Me

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Morning of You and Me[edit]


I encountered Layfon in front of "Sauce Soba Bread". This small shop cart in front of the first-year school building was managed by a sempai who looked like a middle-aged man, but was someone who had escaped from the Discipline Committee's hunts many times. During school hours, selling things at this kind of place was against school rules. However, the customers were considered innocent. Ah!

"Good morning!"


This early in the morning, he was able to show such a refreshing attitude, and I was only able to quietly give a strained reply.

"You have no vigor!"

"After yesterday, there's no way I could have no energy."

"What happened yesterday?"

I really wanted to throttle this person who was tilting his head as if it were natural, but the probability that I would be killed was 10000%. In front of this guy, probabilities and those kinds of things already had no meaning. Even if buildings in front of him came crashing down, he would keep on living. If Zuellni suddenly exploded, maybe he might die. ......Though by that time I would be 10000% dead.

"......Nothing happened."

I ordered five soba breads. As the soba quivered on the iron cooking plate, some sort of sauce was added that gave off a smell that made it hard to resist. The middle-aged sempai sandwiched the finished soba inside bread.

The enthusiasm of this middle-aged sempai who did not sell anything other than sauce soba bread had already passed through the taste of the bread to reach me. Depending on the blessings of the Discipline Committee members, this small shop cart wasn't something that could be seen every day, and even if it was seen it might have been sold out long ago. How fortunate that I could come across it today in this kind of place! Perhaps this kind of fortune could let me forget about yesterday's matter.

Layfon who was next to me also ordered bread. Five, the same quantity.

"So, what happened to the person from yesterday?"

To alleviate the atmosphere, I asked Layfon this while he waited for the soba sauce bread to be made.

Layfon had originally thought that perhaps he would forget that matter in a twinkling of an eye, like a dream. As expected, he still held an interest in that person. No, it was only right to say it was something that couldn't be forgotten. Ahh, false, a man's heart is so false.

"A childhood friend!"

"You lie!"

I shouted out. No, perhaps it was true that they were childhood friends. However, there was definitely more to it than that!

If they were only childhood friends, and moreover because they were boy and girl...... They shouldn't be able to so cordially have a conversation.

I also had a childhood friend. She was also a girl, very cute at that, and you could say she was my first love.

But her, she stopped talking to me early in the second grade.

Ahh, it was a bit painful. My youth had barely begun.

"She's really a childhood friend!"

Seeming to have seen through the doubt in my heart, Layfon repeated himself again.

Our sauce soba bread had finished being made, and while steaming were stuffed into bags and delivered out.

Just then, from the school entrance came over some Discipline Committee members. The middle-aged sempai immediately jumped onto the shop cart, and pressed a certain button. A grinding engine noise sounded, and a thin smoke immediately rose from the tail of the shop cart. The cart's wheels spun, rubbing intensely over the ground.

The wind mixed the smell of the burnt tires with the smell of the sauce.

The shop cart rapidly escaped.

The Discipline Committee members desperately tried to catch up. But they were not Military Artists, and the middle-aged sempai would definitely escape them.

That sempai who had so much enthusiasm towards sauce soba bread was truly awesome.

I also wanted to achieve some of that awesomeness.

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