Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume11 Nighttime of You and Me

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Nighttime of You and Me[edit]

After work, I saw that person on the road back to my dormitory.

I was surprised. No, it deserved surprise.

For a long time, I had known that I lived in the same district as that person. However, I had never seen him in the period of time when I returned to my dorm.

He...... Layfon was walking with another girl.

Should I be surprised or not?

Layfon's popularity was high, that didn't even need to be considered. But, considering that guy's character, this kind of result was very strange.

However, if you carefully considered it, another possibility emerged. The figure behind him - the small figure one head shorter than Layfon's above average height. That beautiful girl who was several times more famous than the most popular Meishen Trinden from our class, The Student Council President's little sister, the seventeenth platoon's Psychokinesist.

She belonged to the seventeenth platoon. If their homes were in the same direction, it wouldn't be too strange for them to return together.

However, what I saw was not like that.

That figure which I could one look at from afar was totally rigid.

If only they made some sound. Then, I could get closer to look at her. Not that I had feelings for her, I simply wanted to look at her.

What should I do...... Just as I was so troubled. Layfon stopped his foosteps and looked this way.

"Ah, you're returning now?"

He happily said. She also looked this way. Those eyes which could only be seen in a dream instantly penetrated my heart.

It wasn't a feeling of love, I just got a little carried away.

I don't know why, but later three people arrived at a nearby vending machine.

This was a place to rest and satiate oneself during the night. From the several vending machines standing side by side, we bought snacks and juice.

Felli-sempai only selected juice and a chocolate snack, but Layfon and I wanted to enjoy the atmosphere of a late-night meal, and heaped a table full of a small mountain of food.

......Even if we made a great heap, I had no confidence that we could finish it.

In front of me was that beautiful girl. Just looking at her made my stomach feel like I had already eaten quite a few things. Nervousness, nervousness decreases the appetite. But I had bought them according to the amount I usually bought.

Felli-sempai's light voice, a voice that seemed to have been crafted like a beautiful gem, made my body tremble.

"Hey, this can't be normal, right?"

Replying in a bland manner, that guy who was opening the package of a snack was broken in some area, as expected. For example, a male's response function towards girls - that kind of area.

Layfon and Felli-sempai were talking. For Felli-sempai's soft-spoken discourse, Layfon matched her tone. I reveled in Felli-sempai's voice, while at the same time worrying that sempai would say "Why is this kind of guy here!" or that kind of thing.

Nothing of the sort happened.

Felli-sempai is a good person!

For this, I felt happy.

After we finished eating the snacks, Felli-sempai separated from us.

As for me, I felt that it was a failure to return with Layfon.

"You, why don't you even ask me before eating everything! You unfair person!"


So terrible, must you destroy everything before you are satisfied!

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