Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume13 Prologue

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Why did he think of that event? It was a memory that shouldn't have existed. The memory of that time shouldn't have remained. Because all that were etched in that memory were simple anxiety and feelings. Hunger. Fear. Exhaustion. Unpleasantry.

His heart eased.

As he walked to the outskirt of the city, he absently pondered on the feelings welling up in him. That feeling was that of a child's. Though it did not recall the memory itself, it was a reaction only children cared for in an orphanage have. The more complicated meaning in that reaction would also show itself on the surface. The memory that shouldn't be recalled knotted in Layfon's heart.

What was the meaning of this feeling? The memory that he had never recalled was now dug out. Exactly what meaning did it hold? What was the meaning behind the thing that he now thought of?

Layfon pondered as he kept walking.

Grendan stood before him. It was a place he lived in the past. The place called home. But he did not feel nostalgic. All he felt was tension from the gloomy atmosphere and the many difficulties he was to face and make happen. A tension that he felt like vomiting out.

"Layfon.........." Felli called.

He turned around.

"You, okay?"


He didn't have the room to smile. He felt gloominess in Felli's usual icy expression. The problem behind such a heavy atmosphere was probably because he looked ready to face a serious situation.

He could think step by step. Step by one step.

"Felli.... If it's you, you could support us even in Zuellni, so......"

"You want to kick me away again?"

He wanted to say more but stopped.

"I've already decided to go with you. No matter what happens to me, that would be my responsibility."

"But no one wants to see you caught in an accident."


"Everyone will be sad."


"Besides, it's not possible to escape Delbone's eyes in Grendan. The fight will probably begin the minute we enter the city."


"If things turned out like that, it'd already be hard enough to keep myself above water. If Sharnid-senpai.......!!"

A spark flashed past his mind.

The cause originated from his left leg.

"......I said I'd kick you."

"......You did, but."

Layfon moaned on the floor. It really hurt.

"I've also thought of ways to counter that Psychokinesist. Isn't that natural? Who do you think I am? Though I'm listless, I'm still talented."

"....... What incredible self-confidence."

"What are you two doing?" Sharnid said. He had returned to the two who had stopped walking.

"Because this fool is still unable to decide."

"Ahha? Saying those things again? You really are cautious."

"No, it's because........"

"Felli and I already knew for a long time that those people are monsters. Even so, we're going. Isn't it natural to have the appropriate strategies and fortitude for it?"

"....... Eh?"

"You grew up in the city opposite us, didn't you? Then you should understand this more than us. Simple bravado cannot win against those guys."

At a loss, Layfon looked at Grendan, then at Sharnid, who looked unhappy.

"Youth is our privilege. Even though it does nothing against those guys, we're still going. Though a newborn calf doesn't fear a tiger, we aren't confusing vigorous youth with rashness."


"Though we've been living, thinking ourselves clever, this time, it's our chance to show them the power of youth."

He laughed mockingly.

"Look, all your brain thinks are of cool lines."

"No no, isn't this the time suitable for such lines?"

"Well, never mind. You're different from a certain fool."

"Really. That guy probably doesn't have any plans like us."

"That's troublesome. Would he be the one to drag our feet?"

"Hoho, that's possible. Very possible. We valiantly save the crying Layfon. That would be the climax of the drama."

"No, uh..........."

"That's how things are."

"Eh?" Felli said to Layfon, who looked confused.

"We aren't making a challenge without strategies. We move for victory. So please keep in mind that you're to act in order to come back alive."

Come back alive. What heavy words. At the same time, these heavy words gradually chased away the other pressure in his heart, as if liquids of different weight being poured into the same container.

"I understand."

"Good. Really, why do you have to waste time thinking of it when we're already here?"

"Um, sorry."

"............ All right, let's go."

Felli walked ahead on her own. Sharnid snorted a smile as he watched her back. Felli's foot started searching for its target, and he quickly escaped the kicking range.

A scene of heading for school.

"........... I really can't win against them."

Naturally, a smile appeared on his face. Layfon stood up and chased after them. That memory awoke once more in his mind. A memory from when he was young. A memory that shouldn't have remained. During his sweet slumber, he reached out his hand and touched something. He reflexively grabbed hold of it, and what came to him was a soft touch. Beside him was an existence similar to him. That was the feeling he had. The child sank into an even sweeter sleep. That feeling of comfort had remained with him until he turned into an adult and held the Heaven's Blade.

It was then again taken away when he left Grendan.

But once more, he wanted to return to the starting line.

Leerin. The child who was taken into the orphanage like him. That feeling must be from her. Now she had left his side again. She left him through her own volition. Were her words during that time genuine? Did she lie so to save him from a hopeless situation?

He must confirm it.

Layfon decided to strive forward.

A figure dropped down before them. This took place one minute after.

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