Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume3 Prologue

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The voice that answered was a sharp reproof.

"Have you forgotten Gahard Baren?"

I took a deep breath and waited quietly for an answer. An icy pressure closed in.

Was it fortunate or not? Chance created a sealed space between the two combatants. Under the tense and strained atmosphere, it was as if the two of them were fighting to the death.

As an observer, I breathed in deeply. Just what were these two doing......When my life was about to end in only a few minutes, just what were these two men doing?

One was wounded. Not wounded enough to die, but he had a few broken ribs and the bone in his right shoulder seemed cracked. Due to the Kei attacks, the armor-suit hung in tatters. It slid open at his stomach. Traces of pollution burns were visible on the skin. A black stain spread out gradually around his wound.

The other person wasn't injured, but his armor-suit was torn from the chest to the left shoulder, and a very shallow wound could be seen through the rip. Pollutants were eating away that shallow wound, but the person himself paid no attention to it. Even so, the least injured person was the one who held the most serious expression.

Layfon Alseif.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten......"

"How could I have forgotten?"

I let out a breath and looked at Layfon.

That name must have touched a past he didn't want to remember. It was a weapon to wound his spirit.

What expression did Layfon hold......Finally understanding the situation, what changes would appear on that face......

I swallowed my breath and waited silently. He......

"I can't forget......And I don't want to, but, I don't force myself to remember."

An extremely icy expression.

"Damn you......"

"Is......Gahard Baren dead?"


From shock to anger to stiffness......Layfon recovered from the malignant effect of the words thrown at him to observe the changing expression of the other guy.

"It's time to let go of him," Layfon said with a frosty tone......But his eyes weren't looking at the person before him. He was looking at someone far away. Someone who wasn't here. Gahard Baren.

That was what I thought.

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