Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume8 Interlude 02

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Interlude 02[edit]


"What's wrong?"

"Speaking of which, there aren't any Heaven's Blade Successors who use metal whips, are there?"

"I think you should know more about these things than I do."

"I guess I should. Well, including me, there're three people who use swords, and if you exclude Delbone, there's a person using his fists, a long sword, a shield, a gun, a staff, a bow and metal spheres. There isn't anyone who uses metal whips."

"What's the matter, bringing up these things now."

"Well, it's about my captain, Nina-senpai."

"Yeah, I know, you're always talking about this person in your letters, and she seems to be very hardworking."

"Yeah, it was just teaching her some moves. But I've taught her a lot of different moves before..."

"Because Layfon isn't used to teaching others, that person must be having a hard time learning, right?"

"Hmm, maybe it's like that. So that's why, I suddenly thought of a move at that moment. It's a move that couldn't be more suitable for her. But I can't remember where I picked up that move from."

"...You've gotten dementia?"

"Hmm...Maybe it's like that. But as long as I've seen a move once, I can immediately recognize the direction of its Kei flow, so maybe it wasn't a Heaven's Blade successor's move. I should be able to remember a person who used such an elegant move, even if I've only seen him once."

"But to make Layfon so eager to teach her that move, that person must be really talented."

"Yeah, she's really hardworking as well."


"Not only that, she's also very frank. I doubt there's anyone else who's as direct as she is. But then again, she's a little bit of a klutz at times."

"You don't have the right to say that about others."


"Yes, really."

"But I'm a little bit envious. Even though she's clumsy, she's still very straightforward about everything. It really makes me envious."

"Yeah, maybe."

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