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Chapter 2: Enemy[edit]

The information had arrived yesterday morning.

Delbone's power of Psychokinesis could discover almost any nearby filth monsters one week before the city came across their paths. However, this time the filth monsters had an excellent ability to search out their enemies.

"Then what about their fighting power?" Cauntia squinted happily as she stood on the edge of Grendan. Her waist-long white hair fluttered in the strong wind. She wore the long coat that only a Heaven's Blade Successor was given. The coat covered her body and cut her off from the pollutants in the air. The coat was surprisingly light, allowing her to move freely in it. As such, the coat fully revealed her delicate body. Her waist was high and her arms and legs were long. Only the word "grand" could be used to describe this body. She held a large weapon that had a long and thick handle and a wide and big blade. The head of a dragon decorated the place connecting the blade and the handle, as if the blade was about to shoot flame. The Green Dragon Crescent Moon Sabre, this was her weapon. It was a huge weapon with an imposing pressure alleviated by the small charm decorating the blade.

"Aren't you excited for this?" she turned around, her red painted lips revealing the joy in her. A scar from her forehead to her chin cut through her beautiful face. She smiled like a little girl.

"Your presence is too heavy."

Unlike Cauntia, a calm face met her gaze. That person stood alone and he was only half as tall as Cauntia. However, his head, eyes, mouth, nose were all big in proportion. His arms and legs were short, giving off a feeling of a large kid. His skin was smooth and his face was round like a sticky rice cake.

"What is it, Reverse? You're as down as ever."

"This is war. Of course my feelings are heavy."

Cauntia put her hands on her hips and sighed at his timid attitude. "We can never come to a consensus at this point. Why can't you listen to my opinion at times?"

"That means you'll have to agree to my opinion."


"Impossible!" said both at the same time.

Cauntia laughed, Reverse smiled without hesitation.

"But, don't worry. I'll protect you," he said in a small voice.

Unable to suppress herself, she gave him a hug and put her lips on his reddened cheek.

CSR vol09 077.jpg

"Then let's observe today's prey," she said as if speaking to her love.

Both were Heaven's Blade Successors put in the same group. They were now strengthening their vision to confirm their prey. An unusual thing that was the size of a lion was closing in on Grendan from 30 Jimels away.

"It's given up its wings."

"It looks quite old."

The things on the lion's back had become two small hills. This filth monster was in a matured phase. It was massive enough to give up its wings since flying took up lots of strength.

"It's worth hunting down," Cauntia said, licking her lips.

Reverse's shoulders shook. "It looks powerful, and it looks hard."

"I don't mean that. How far can we cut it down? Hohoho, this feels like usual, but different from the time when we took our first filth monster. Compared to giving it the last push, this is so much more boring. Anyway, this is just a job."

"I was tense at first too."

The filth monster dashed towards Grendan, shortening the distance with shocking speed. The feeling of distance crumbled with a closer look.

"Let's get rid of it with our usual combo," she said lightly.

Reverse gave a stiff nod. The two of them put on their helmets and readied their fighting stances. Cauntia confirmed the part connecting Reverse's helmet to his armour. The design of his coat differed from hers. Plates of alloys covered several parts of the coat. The coat and the helmet made him look like a metallic doll. Even Military Artists would find it hard to move with that weight on them.

High speed was the best strategy. Reverse's equipment didn't seem appropriate in a life and death fight against filth monsters. On the contrary, Cauntia's light equipment seemed more suitable. However, the female Heaven's Blade's equipment wasn't the best at defense. The destruction of the surroundings during a fight could cause scattering stones and rocks to tear apart the coat. Pollutants would enter the body once the protective coat was damaged, and that pain, though tolerable psychologically, would bring down movement speed. And a Military Artist whose movements slowed down would face death. Either he died by the filth monster's hand, or he died on the way back to the city, his body eaten up by pollutants.

However, Reverse and Cauntia were Reverse and Cauntia. That was why they were given permission to wear such gear. He focused on defense and she focused on the offensive. These equipments were specially made to cater to their combination.

"Don't worry, I'll always protect you."

They gazed at each other. Cauntia smiled a bitter smile.

"Thanks. I can do my best because you're here."

"Same here."

Their interaction showed they knew each other very well. This was a special combination among Heaven's Blades. The two of them walked their own paths but were able to perfectly cater to each other.

"Then let's begin the hunt."


They entered the battlefield. Just the two of them, as before.

Why am I....

Felli felt her present situation was unreasonable. Why did her stomach hurt so much?

It had been one week since that event. Layfon was unhappy for the whole week. He and Leerin had a huge fight after he refused to accept the box. It was shocking at first. Felli and Nina never thought Leerin, who was gently persuading him to accept the box, would suddenly turn rough. By the time Nina and Felli came to their senses, it was too late to stop the fight. There was no room for them to put in a word. They could only listen with a feeling that they shouldn't be there, and then they watched Leerin run away in anger.

So Nina ran after Leerin and Felli ran after Layfon. That couldn't be helped, since they lived in different areas.

Layfon waited for her, and they walked to the next tram station in silence. She felt that she had to stand by his side, and she wanted that too, but this time Layfon was wrong. Leerin...... She took the long and dangerous journey to come to Zuellni. Perhaps all the students here would criticize Layfon for this, since everyone had once sat on the small and narrow roaming bus, facing the danger of being attacked anytime by filth monsters.

But that wasn't the problem. All students came here for themselves, no matter how different their purposes were. Leerin was different. She came here for Layfon's sake, yet he failed to express any gratitude.

Felli's feelings leaned towards Leerin, and she didn't feel unhappy with that. Layfon was in the wrong, and what Leerin said was right. In that case, she had to do something about this. Leerin wanted Felli and Nina to listen too so they could judge the situation. As a normal person, she wanted Military Artists, such as Felli and Nina, to be the judge in this matter. The two of them knew Layfon as fellow Military Artists.

Felli felt Leerin was right.

"This isn't Grendan!" Leerin had confirmed this point again and again in the fight.

Felli thought she was right but Layfon didn't want to hear it. He kept saying this was his punishment, so he couldn't accept it.

Leerin was here so as to allow him to accept that box. But........

"Then I'm leaving first," he said and closed the door of the training room.

The members left in the room sighed as they heard his footsteps retreat further away.

Ahhh, her stomach hurt. She put her hand on her stomach.

".......... His mood hasn't changed," Harley said, tired.

Sharnid had already left. At first, everyone was worried, but now they felt tired of the situation.

"I never thought he could get mad like that," Nina said.

"He always thought it's his punishment. Since she's nailed him, even he would turn stubborn," Dalshena sighed. "Compared to that, that guy's been hiding such strength..... Geez, unbelievable."

"But I don't think he'll become so much more powerful if he uses a Katana," Harley responded. He pointed at the terminal which showed the data of Layfon's three Dites: Sapphire Dite, Shim Adamantium Dite, Adamantium Dite.

"Forget his movements when using a weapon. There shouldn't be much difference just from the qualities of the sword and a Katana."

"What do you mean?" Nina asked.

"Of course, a Katana's cut path is more prominent but we can't say a sword can't cut as well as a Katana, since technology is improving," he showed the cut path on the screen. "But Layfon is more suited to using a Katana. That's Kirik's opinion. His moves are all variations of the Katana technique. And by using a Katana, he can maximize his power in his basic moves. The damages to the Shim Adamantium Dite would be less than to the sword, and that's probably the same for his body."


Nina's expression turned heavy at what Harley said: the burden on the body.

"But I heard that he became a Heaven's Blade Successor at age 10. He stopped using the Katana at that time, maybe his body's grown used to handling a sword?" Dalshena said.

"Perhaps," Harley said. "I'm not a doctor so I can't say much. But looking from the viewpoint of a technician, a Katana suits him better. He wouldn't have to force himself and shoulder any additional burden. The data here proves it," he pressed a key on the keyboard.

Sword and Katana. Felli didn't know the difference between them. As a Psychokinesist, it was natural to use the staff Dite. She had no other choice. Even so, the difference in the shape of the flakes could affect the conductivity of Psychokinesis and the movement of the flake in the air current. Though she wasn't too keen in the fights, she often requested adjustments for the Dite so she could use the weapon freely.

"He doesn't seem to care much about the adjustments of the Dite. I don't mean he's just confident in his own strength though. He remembers the exact data for the Steel Threads setting."

"Is that so?" Nina said, surprised.

"Yes, as expected, he's only like this when it comes to the sword. He doesn't care much about the Dite that would mean life and death for him. He's probably an exception among so many Military Artists."


Felli cocked her head at Nina's unusual movement.

"I....... I don't have anything to complain about my Dite," Nina said, about to sweat from agitation.

Harley gave her a bitter smile. "Of course, my dad and I have always been looking after your Dite."

"Harley, do you like the Captain?" Felli asked, holding a mop.

"What!?" he said in a high-pitched voice.

Felli was in charge of cleaning today. After vacuuming the place, she took up the mop and started brushing the floor. She asked Harley the question as she felt something from him in the conversation. He had been humming while tidying the equipment.

The two of them were alone.

"You, what did you say?"

The equipment fell everywhere. Harley looked at her in shock as if he was about to fall too.

"I felt it from the conversation."

"Aaa........ I suppose," he admitted.

His unexpectedly honest admission surprised her.

"Ah, but that was in the past. It doesn't mean anything now."

"Is that so?"

"She was my first love. Well, she was the most beautiful of all the girls that I knew. Now she's got short hair, but her hair was long back then. And she was dressed like a lady. None of the girls back then could catch up to her. You can say that was my first time understanding the charm of a woman."

"It feels like you're deliberately complicating the explanation and hiding something."


"You really don't feel anything now?"

"Yes. I can't feel from her what I felt before. We're just childhood friends."


"Perhaps not. Either way, we've been together for a long time. Forget that we're different in gender. I got used to her because of the long time, or you can say that I don't want to see her other side."


"I don't want to treat her from the angle of a male. It's different from being a lover. But I don't despise Nina because she's female."

"Ha.........." She nodded, half understanding what he said. This was what childhood friends were like.

"Though I don't know what others think, Nina is like that. I'm used to the present Nina. I find it hard to accept, thinking of Nina acting all lady-like in front of her boyfriend."

"... Meaning you aren't gonna improve your relationship with her?"

"That's the way it is with a boy-girl relationship. As a friend, Military Artist or Dite technician, that relationship doesn't matter."

Was this feeling special for Harley, or did it apply to all childhood friends? Felli didn't understand since she didn't have one.

"Not good enough for research purposes."

Nina and Harley, Layfon and Leerin. They were all childhood friends with each other but weren't their personalities different? Felli didn't know what Layfon thought of it, but she knew Leerin wanted to have a relationship that went beyond that of childhood friends. Otherwise, she wouldn't have come all the way to Zuellni. And Felli felt that she herself had lost on that single point.

If it was herself, she wouldn't have done it. Would she have taken on a dangerous journey for the sake of another person? She probably wouldn't have chased after him. She would have stayed home and prayed for his safe return.

She had lost to Leerin just by thinking like that even though she didn't want to admit it. Even though she didn't want to feel sad, even though she didn't want to admit she had lost.

"..... Forget that though," she said to herself as she headed home alone.

She couldn't leave the matter as it was. She must do something, but what? Should she help alleviate that stiffness between them first? But that wouldn't help to reach Leerin's goal. She had to do something to resolve Leerin's problem. Besides, Harley had just said something that bothered her.

"Ah, yes. There might be one more reason why Layfon doesn't care much about the settings of the Dite," Harley said, embarrassed by the conversation about Nina and so said something else to divert her.


"Layfon tried the Katana in here and destroyed it. It wasn't a good Dite since I made it quickly."


"But the investigation on the Dite showed Layfon had used too much Kei compared to usual. I think he couldn't control it because he was using Karen Kei."

She didn't understand what he meant.

"Meaning the usual Layfon pays attention to the level of Kei he uses. It's not just the sword or the Katana. He isn't used to the material that made the Dite, so the Adamantium Dite probably wouldn't have worked."

Harley thought to himself that Layfon's results had fueled the research students' enthusiasm for researching new materials. Layfon was such a monster. And that had added a few more questions about the Heaven's Blade that a Heaven's Blade Successor used.

"Really, what should I do?" Felli sighed deeply.

Someone else was also sighing right now. The creepy sound of vegetables being chopped in the kitchen gave Nina a hard time sitting still. Leerin was making dinner. She had taken charge of the kitchen since she moved in, and Selina, the person in charge of the dormitory, had then reduced Leerin's rent.

Anyway, Leerin was now alone in the kitchen. Though Nina wanted to say something, she felt it hard to approach the other girl for now. She paced near the door. She didn't feel that Leerin was wrong, but she understood Layfon at the same time.

Layfon refused to use the Katana so he wouldn't taint his adopted father's skills. He hadn't once abandoned that decision since he was exiled from Grendan. But Leerin came here because his adopted father had forgiven him, and that feeling shouldn't be ignored.

Layfon was unbelievable. He grew up under terrible circumstances, yet he possessed a strength that Nina didn't have. And he fought with reasons that she didn't agree with. The pain he endured didn't come from the fights with filth monsters or the pressure of becoming a Heaven's Blade Successor. That pain came from his feeling of betraying the orphanage. What did he feel when he was exposed to face everyone's reproach? Was he disappointed that they didn't understand him? Or was he angry? And what did Leerin think?

"What're you doing?"

Leerin had already prepared everything. Her speed in cooking even surprised Selina.

"Ah, no..... Well........"

"Still thinking of that?" she said with a stiff expression. She was forcing herself to smile.


"What should I do with him? That moron........"

Anger and frustration pierced Leerin's words.

"I think he has his reasons."

"I know that."

Nina helped her lay out the eating utensils. Leu was in her own room, studying or reading books. She always forgot her meals. Selina had written on the board that she'd return late, so they prepared three sets of utensils tonight. Nina placed the large bowl of salad in the middle of the table and went to bring out another dish. Leerin reheated the bread she made in the morning, put it in a basket and took the basket to the table.

"But Layfon......"


Leerin swayed and fell to the side. Nina let go of the wok to support her. The wok fell onto the floor and the basket of bread rolled off the table.


It felt like she had lost all her strength. Blood had drained from her face, so white a face that it looked as if she was about to die. She panted.

"Leerin?" Nina shouted.

Leaving the kitchen to Leu, Nina took Leerin to the hospital. Looking at the other girl, sleeping with a drip in her arm, a feeling rushed through her, propelling Nina to run out of the hospital.

Layfon needed a stronger power.

She had been thinking of something since leaving Leerin in Myath. Savaris was here. Grendan had sent over a Heaven's Blade to take over the Salinvan Guidance Mercenary Gang. It would be the best for Nina, Karian and anyone else if the Haikizoku could be retrieved without hurting anyone. No, it was all right even if she was to sacrifice herself. However, Savaris seemed to have another purpose here. He wanted to fight Layfon. Why? Because Layfon was an obstacle? Or because...... Layfon needed to become stronger.

Nina had been worrying since Leerin arrived. Would it be today, or tomorrow......... That thought had stayed in her mind for three months. Time had calmed her heart, but uneasiness still remained.

A Military Artist who had enough strength to match Layfon's had come from Grendan. Nina didn't have the confidence he could win. He needed to become stronger, but she didn't know how to help him. How could she help him get stronger when he was stronger than her? He didn't start from zero. He had already reached 100. The present Nina was like someone at 10 thinking of how to reach 100. She should probably tell him about the event.

But how should she reply if he asked why she didn't tell him earlier? By telling him she was reminded in a dream not to say it? Telling him what she encountered in Myath? She felt it was unfair that she got caught in this event. She wanted to share it with someone and talk over it with him or her, but if she did that, then that other person would become involved.

She couldn't do that.

How could she obtain his forgiveness when that time came? She chose not to tell him because she didn't know how it would turn out between them, especially with Layfon. How could she get him involved when he didn't want to fight? But.........

Nina pressed the button. The lift took her to the floor where Zuellni's Mechanical Department was. She didn't have work today. The people working here greeted her, and she returned the greeting as she searched for Layfon. Since the city had moved into the tropics, the Mechanical Department was hot. Just walking in it was enough to make her sweat.

Right, he was here working close to the central location. Right now, he was standing, holding a mop and forgetting himself.


"Eh?" he looked at the direction of the voice. "Captain? What is it?"

"Leerin's fainted."

".... Eh?" he said, confused.

"She must have fainted from the exhaustion from the long journey and her inability to adapt to the new environment. She's in the hospital."

"Right," his body shook, his face green, but he didn't head straight for the hospital.

"Not going?"


"Why can't you accept it?" she felt him hesitating because of the box.

"You heard it too. I betrayed my father. How can I accept it?"

"Is that really it?"


"Not because you're still angry? Till now........"

"How could I. There's no such thing!"

The handle of the mop broke in his hand. His shrill voice echoed in the Mechanical Department and gradually faded. His hands still shook.

"You're saying this because you don't know! Father did so much for us........."

"Then why are you ignoring his feelings?"

Emotions shouldn't govern his actions. Particularly not in this situation. Leerin probably knew that too. But she said those words back then because she felt strongly about them. She had been holding those feelings throughout the journey to Zuellni.

"Your adopted father has realized his mistake. But why can't you accept him? Aren't you ignoring his feelings?"

"That....... Of course I know that," he looked at the ground.

Nina reached out her hand. "I want you to become strong."


"I don't know what you'll choose, but if you're not returning to Grendan and want to stay a Military Artist for a while longer, I want you to become strong. Leerin's right, this isn't Grendan. I can't support you from behind. At present, I can't catch up to you."

".........." He seemed to want to say something.

Nina saw defeat in his eyes. Why did he lose?


She felt shocked after looking at his eyes.


Why did he look like he'd been abandoned?

"Layfon..... I......"

"Captain, you......" Instead of saying more, he sped past her.


But he didn't stop, and she didn't chase after him. The broken handle of the mop was left behind on the floor.


Gorneo kneeled down at the heavy impact of the fist. The time was deep into the night. No one was using the Training Complex. Light spilled out from the training ground of the 5th platoon.

"Too naive. I thought training outside could improve your naivety. Is this all you can do!"

Gorneo curled into a ball, as if to vomit the pain in his stomach, but no mercy came from that voice.

"I'm not yet........" he said, a spasm working into his throat.

"Yes, yes. Show me your endurance."

He pushed himself up to face his own brother – Savaris Qaulafin Luckens. Why was his brother here?

Gorneo was confused when Savaris suddenly appeared in his room. Grendan's Heaven's Blade Successors shouldn't have left the city. But Savaris was here to capture the Haikizoku. How foolish. It was only a rumor that a Haikizoku could realize a Military Artist's dream. Such an elite Military Artist actually left Grendan for a rumor....... But Savaris then explained it to him.

"This is the Queen's order."

In that case, he could only believe what Savaris said, believe in the Queen's words. He believed and accepted it even though he was doubtful. And that was what a Queen's existence was like. Consequently, understanding filtered through him now that he believed – about the report of the 17th platoon in the ruined city, the 10th platoon being suddenly disbanded, the doubts over the platoon matches, the appearance of the Mercenary Gang, Zuellni's loss of control. Had these all to do with the Haikizoku? If so, then the Haikizoku was poison to the city, particularly if it was related to Zuellni's rampage.

Could it be.......

Grendan continued to drift through danger zones. Was it because it had a Haikizoku? Why did the Queen want it? But.........

It had been three months since the last meeting with his brother.

"Come. How long do you plan to keep swaying?"

What had his brother been doing in three months?

He stood up, panting as he watched Savaris. That smile was the same as the smile back from Grendan, but he could see it had turned older. Gorneo had been in Zuellni for five years now. It wasn't strange for his brother to have grown older. Savaris probably thought the same.

No, it was easier to say Savaris had forgotten the brother he had five years ago. However, in these three months, Gorneo's brother would train him from time to time. He would come once every 2-3 days or he wouldn't show up for a whole week. He never told him what he did in these three months. Savaris was probably sleeping in the roaming bus of the Mercenary Gang. Layfon and Haia had a duel in the last Military Arts Competition, as if someone had planned for them to fight. Was that to do with Savaris too? So he wanted to fight Layfon?

"Please keep at it. I plan to make you a teacher if you return."

"What!?" Gorneo said, speechless.

"I think you should be able to inherit father's name since you've had five years of experience."

"Hang on. Being a teacher......... There should be people stronger than me. Like Parsen and Denet. And if it's to inherit the Luckens......."

"Those two are teachers already, and half of the teachers you knew are already dead."


Savaris told him their death in a frank and refreshing manner. Just like the time when he told him of Gahard's death without considering his feelings.

"Geez, death is one split-second moment no matter how long we train. We live in a world of a moment."


"Well, in a sense, that's happiness too."

A shiver ran down Gorneo's spine as he watched his brother. Savaris........ his brother...... this creature......... he had always seen the world in a different light. As if he had returned to the Savaris in Grendan. Everyone looked at the Heaven's Blade Successor, Savaris, with respect. But not Gorneo, who watched him with fear. Every time he looked at his brother, he felt that he was watching a monster, and uneasiness and fear filled him.

CSR vol09 111.jpg

"Brother!" he said in a loud voice to cover up the trembling in himself. "It's natural that you would inherit the Luckens Military Arts."

"That can't be done. I'm not interested in females."


"Aaa, that doesn't mean I'm interested in males. I just don't have much of an interest in sex. I haven't done a checkup, but I probably can't produce the next generation. How can someone who can't produce the next generation take over the Luckens' name?"

What should he say to an older brother like that?

"So I can only fight. I can only feel good in fights. Aa, so boring! Why is Layfon so lazy? I was so looking forward to it and thought the Haikizoku would get out of control. I thought I could see the power that I once saw in Grendan," he watched the sky.

"So boring! So peaceful! Damn! Isn't there a place that is more exciting than Grendan? Was that why Lintence came to Grendan?"

Gorneo didn't understand why he was angry. Savaris wanted to fight something powerful, and it did not matter whether it was a human or a filth monster. He remained the same as when he was in Grendan. Other Military Artists would think this was a Heaven's Blade Successor's wish to improve and become stronger, and that was why he was special in their eyes. But it was hard for Gorneo to live with him as part of the family. Though he knew a Military Artist should become strong, this level of a wish was too much. So he feared his brother.

Savaris's gaze fell. He must have tidied his emotions now. "So for that purpose, you must at least learn the 72 techniques. We'll leave the others for later. As for the secrets of them... well, try your hardest to feel them with your body."

Gorneo readied his fighting stance after regulating his breathing.

"You'll take that girl with you when you return to Grendan, right?"


Shante's shadow surfaced as he was releasing his Kei.

"An opening!"

Savaris' fist landed on his brother's nose.

The helmet fell and shattered as it touched the ground. Shocked by the sound of fury in the air, the medical team of Grendan stood numb, their mission forgotten.

Strong gusts of Kei whipped her long hair around her. Unbelievable cracks spidered across the concrete floor beneath her feet, proof of the Kei released from Cauntia. Blood flowed from her mouth.

Wearing the heavy armor, Reverse heard her tooth break. She must have gritted her teeth too hard.

"I actually........" she moaned, and spit out the broken tooth.

Her coat was heavily damaged. The first high speed attack had split its seams. The second and the third attacks tore the coat further apart. The thin protective coat made to protect against pollutants while allowing maximum movement had its strength drastically reduced. This was of course, to be expected. On the contrary, a normal coat would restrict freedom of movement.

Cauntia's Kei wasn't used to defend.

Her fight had a limit of ten attacks. Her coat would be completely destroyed once she went over that limit. Right now, parts of her body were exposed. Pollutants burnt her skin. The medical team was here to treat her, but they couldn't approach due to the Kei surrounding her.

"Cauntia.......... Cauntia, it's enough. It's already finished."

Reverse strode straight up to her despite her Kei crashing against his hard armor.

"Finished?" she looked at him with widened eyes. Fury filled her blood-shot eyes. "What's finished? The battle? Or the meaning of my existence?"


"Or is that I, for failing the battle, no longer have the right to be a Heaven's Blade Successor?"

"Cauntia!" he held her hand.

"We already won."

"We didn't. We didn't hunt it down!"

Her hand shook. Was it from anger or reproach? Her tendency to attack affected not only others, but herself too.

"We didn't take it down but it won't come near Grendan anymore. That means we're done, because we've guarded Grendan."

"This.....!!" she swallowed her anger. His genuine eyes had taken away her fury.

"Wu, wu, wu.....!!" she moaned. Kei stopped flooding out. The medical team rushed to her and began treatment.

"Thanks," someone said to Reverse as he watched the medical team take Cauntia to the hospital.

This someone was as tall as Cauntia.

Reverse lifted his head. "Troyatte, is something the matter?"

"The old woman said that guy's already escaped. It wouldn't be good for that to become a lie."

Reverse sighed in relief. He made up what he said to Cauntia back then. There wasn't any evidence to back up his statement.

"I was to come here as insurance, but it doesn't look like I can catch up to it. Barmelin should probably have a way to do that. She was making quite a fuss before this too."

The elimination of the intruders in the Inner Court had left her some bad memories, and she had shut herself in her home since then.

"Lintence holds no interest in an enemy that has fled. But he's given that guy a name."

Given a name to the filth monster that had fled Grendan.

"Yes, the enemy is strong," Reverse nodded, remembering how the humongous monster had sustained zero injuries. He had taken the filth monster's attack with its sharp teeth to protect Cauntia.

"That doesn't sound convincing, coming from you."

"That... That can't be."

"Well, you're Grendan's most prided knight."

A commotion in the direction where Cauntia had disappeared to.

"Look, the princess is calling for her knight."

"Ah, yes, well then..........." he made a bow to Troyatte and stumbled away in a run.

The handsome man squinted at Reverse. "Ah~~ I also want a lover. I'm already tired of what's limited to a bed."

He cocked his head. "No, that can't be my fault, right?"

He left the scene, thinking his conclusion was quite foolish.

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