Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume19 Interlude

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Soft, bell-like laughter entered her ears.

"It seems very fun."


Delbone's soft laughter made Felli feel quite displeased.

She still sat over there, and had a thick book on her lap.

"What are you thinking of doing?"

Felli didn't understand why Delbone had appeared in the region of her own memories.

No, it couldn't be a mistake.

What was before her might be...... no, it definitely was the battle experience she had entrusted to Felli.

But, why would her battle experience take the form of Delbone's appearance from her youth, and why could it rummage through Felli's memories like this?

"Oh my, this is?"

After murmuring this, Delbone switched the book in her hands.


That book was even thicker than the others. From its back cover, it seemed to be the gathered memories of all of her activities.

"A cultural festival. Oh my, it seems very fun."


The phrase 'cultural festival' made a trembling feeling sweep through her heart.

If Felli hadn't guessed wrong, the memories gathered inside there should be......

"You gathered quite a bit of information with Psychokinesis, I'm very excited."

"Please wait."

"I can't wait, since I'm just an automatic program after all."

Delbone's unchanging smile was truly detestable. Felli didn't stop her in time, and Delbone's hand opened the book.

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