Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume19 Epilogue

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Being constantly laughed at by an elegant woman gave her an uncomfortable feeling.

"Aren't you laughing a little too much?"

Delbone kept laughing, almost going out of breath, and Felli stared at her hatefully.

"Hahaha...... sorry. I believe I've already seen quite a few worlds, but in the end I don't have memories, so I think these memories are very refreshing."

After she finally stopped laughing, Delbone put her finger on the corner of her eye.

There weren't any tears there.

"Are you the battle experience?"

"Nn, yes."

After Felli asked pointedly, Delbone nodded her head.

"When did you notice?"

"I've noticed since the beginning. I've only seen you using Psychokinesis, but it's impossible for you to appear here in a younger form."

"That's true, how impressive."

"Why are you doing this kind of thing?"

"Oh my, I thought you already knew, right?"


"When you created this kind of library, you already obtained the means of deciphering me. Even for a Psychokinesist, it's a very rare ability to be able to turn their memories into data and analyze them."

"Is that so?"

"That's so."

Delbone slowly stood.

"Though there are still some residual memories left, they're memories of battle. Life really is a beautiful thing."

"'This life isn't so bad' - you said something like that."

"Really, that's great."

Delbone nodded with a smiling face, and just then-

She was no longer the person before her.

Rather, it was Felli.

"Beautifully done."

Even the sound was no longer Delbone’s, but rather, Felli's voice.

Felli stood before Felli. From a different point of view, even her posture was completely the same as Felli's, but Felli didn't waver.

The battle experience that Delbone had entrusted would all become Felli's in this moment.

The proof was the Felli before her.

"You've worked hard."


Felli responded to Felli's words. An intriguing feeling as if a mirror were betraying her made her dizzy, and Felli shut her eyes.

"Don't forget to add a table of contents after merging with my battle experience."


The same kind of voice continuously sounded, like a one-man skit.

However, when she opened her eyes, there was no longer anyone there.

The being in the library with the appearance of a younger Delbone was the battle experience she had entrusted.

It had only taken that appearance because the battle experience had been archived with Delbone's methods. Moreover, because Felli had absorbed it, the battle experience had taken Felli's appearance.

After opening her eyes, Felli sat on the place Delbone had been sitting up till just recently.

Somehow, a big book had appeared on her lap.

"Come, you show me things this time."

After saying this to the book, Felli turned the page.

The pictures leaped from the pages, as if it were a three-dimensional picture book.

What appeared was the scene of a moving city.

It was the image of a city with a tall tower reaching to the heavens.[1]

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. The city that Layfon and Felli go to in Volume 18
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