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Show Me Heart EX--![edit]

There were dozens of guys and girls gathered in that space.

"......What's going to happen?"

"Nothing's going to happen. In any case, it's just watching, you'll be teased, and then it'll end."

"I...... I'll be teased?"

"Of course you'll be teased. After all, a person this serious normally unexpectedly appeared in this kind of film. That will definitely be hilarious."


"And you're wearing male clothing, right? Everyone will laugh their self to death - No, some of the audience will faint, right?"

"......If......If possible, I also wanted to try wearing those very frilly clothes......"

"That would be terrible."


"Quiet down a bit, you'll disturb the others."

"Uh, oh......"

"Right, right."

"And there's nothing wrong with appearing in this kind of film. Actually, I've also appeared in it. Though it was a scene where I was being chased by a monster."


"Oh, it's starting. What did you say just now?"

"......Nothing, in any case you'll know when the movie starts."

After that, the world slowly went dark. Light focused in the screen in front of them, and then formed shapes.

Their gazes also focused on the movie. Words formed under the image that their eyes were focused on.

Zuellni's students, Zuellni's festival committee, and Zuellni's Movie Ethics Committee had approved.

The Festival Film Conference displayed its works.

Playing: the Animation Research Club - Milans[1] group.

Psychokinesis Girl series.

Magical Magnet Hunter......

"The world is being corroded bit by bit."

A girl's voice sounded, and a story filled the dark space.

In a place unknown to anyone, the world is being corroded. Outside of the cities, in the outskirts, in small alleys, from underground, underneath our feet......

The city is changing bit by bit without anyone knowing.

A change that no one wished for is happening.

A change is happening that even the city's will - the Electronic Fairy - hadn't expected.

"Give me a break!"

Those abnormal being that descended from the sky, Karasumi, suddenly changed my world. This is what it means to be inconsiderate. I didn't even have the leisure to consider, and even though I refused countless times, things still became like this.

"I'd be very troubled."

"Don't say that."

Karasumi follows me around. At first glance it seems like a fluffy being with white and light blue hair growing from their bodies, and no one can see them other than me. Karasumi is the other consciousness of the city that was created from the Electronic Fairy's self-defense instinct...... at least it seems that way.

"As for whether or not that's real......"

"It's real! Believe me!"

"I can't check, either."

"Speaking of which, it really hurts that you don't trust me even now!"

"For what reason do you want me to trust you?"

"Didn't you fight countless times with the Magical Magnets?"

"You might also be conspiring with your comrades to trick me. In that case, I'd also become an accomplice in harming the city...... maybe it would be better to kill you."

"Wait wait...... wait a bit! I'm begging you! Don't close in expressionlessly with only your eyes glowing with light! What are you planning on doing with that big long thing? Or rather, it was me who gave you that weapon. And I also gave you those clothes, wasn't it. Don't you think they're cute? Right? Right?"

"These aren't clothes a seventeen-year old should wear."

"They're very suitable, very suitable! And you're ten years old! T-e-n! You can't forget your own setting! The setting is very important! Extraordinarily important! The paycheck is also very important. Don't forget, there's a paycheck, a paycheck~~"


"Then, let's energetically hunt Magical Magnets today too-"


What were those so-called Magical Magnets after all?

They were the Plamatrion charged particles that the Electronic Fairies gave off. Those weakly charged particles were spread across the entire autonomous city, and its use was like a nerve network, allowing the Electronic Fairy to feel the abnormal phenomena that happened inside the city. However, there was an evil organization in this world, and they were trying to use those particles, trying to breed an evil heart inside the Electronic Fairies!

The aggressive magnetic particles that those people had developed-

Those are the Magical Magnets!

"Come, let's go, we have to hunt today as well. The Magical Magnets are over there. Because you're a Psychokinesis Girl - Magical Magnet Hunter Felli."


"Raise the Magical Girl Rod, Show Me Heart~"

"You don't need to sing."

The Psychokinesis Girl sighed.

"I can't turn down this business no matter what I do?"

"Of course! The fight of the Psychokinesis Girl won't end until the Magical Magnets are annihilated!"

"You don't need to say it so excitedly."

The sighs hadn't stopped.

The Psychokinesis Girl looked at it with a dead heart.

She looked at the thing that had been called a Magical Magnet.

It was a black-colored organism that looked very light and fluffy. Its color and its sharp triangular red eyes made it look like it had an evil personality, and other than this it looked exactly the same as the Karasumi next to her.

The Psychokinesis Girl and Karasumi, along with the Magical Magnet, were currently on the roof of a tall building. It was at a height sufficient to see the entire city, and wind quietly blew past them.

The Psychokinesis Girl had pursued the Magical Magnet, and had cornered it here.

"It's your comrade, as I expected."

"That's- not- right, it's not like that-"

"Whatever. After the truth is revealed, I'll roast you along with them."

"You don't trust me at all!"

The Psychokinesis Girl, covered in pure white clothes, raised the rod called the Holy Magical Wand. These clothes had a few too many unnecessary decorations for battle, and they seemed a bit exaggerated for beauty.

In any case, regardless of whom it were for, the owner of these clothes would have to be someone with a strong will...... most of the audience thought this.

"If possible, I want to never wear these clothes."

"You're already wearing them, so stay firm. I never thought that you would be unexpectedly talkative."

"......Got a problem?"

"I didn't say anything- come, hurry and annihilate the enemies."

While the two of them were talking about such things, the Magical Magnet that looked exactly the same as Karasumi was running away.

The Magical Magnet's movements were extremely fast, and it clearly looked like a small animal, but it could fly in the air.

"Like the description aggressive magnetic particles implies, Magical Magnets originally have no form. The reason the Magical Magnet has become like this is because your consciousness has rendered it into a shape after instantly realizing it's an enemy, so this is just an image in your head."

"In other words, I'm also seeing you as an enemy."

"How cruel! I don't want to know that kind of thing, you jerk. Come, let's chase."

"You've become resilient. Ah, alright."

The Psychokinesis Girl raised the Magical Girl Rod.

Just like her name, the Psychokinesis Girl was a Psychokinesist.

In other words, the long rod currently in her hands - the Magical Girl Rod - was a Light Dite that Psychokinesists used.

So, Psychokinesis flakes spread from the rod. The countless flakes sent out from the Magical Girl Rod took in the girl's Psychokinesis and glowed while gliding through the air.

At first glance, it looked as if a swarm of butterflies gathered around the girl were gradually scattering.

However, their movements weren't beautiful, but functional. The Psychokinesis flakes gliding through the air began to chase the Magical Magnet that had taken the opportunity to fly away...... Not only this, but they also scattered to search for the other Magical Magnets spread around the city.

The Magical Magnets escaped to the sky.

However, the Psychokinesis Girl didn't chase, but only sent out Psychokinesis Flakes.

"Uh, well...... Felli-chan?"

"I only need to wipe out the Magical Magnets trying to corrode the city, and my mission will be complete, right?"

"Huh? ......Huh?"

"In my eyes, the Magical Magnets have your villainous image. In that case, as long as I use the visual information I saw just now as a foundation, I can find all of the Magical Magnets hiding in this city. Is that right?"

"Ah, really? Probably. Nn, it might be. Maybe?"

"Well, I just need a moment to inspect this entire city, and then I'll beautifully, completely, and mercilessly annihilate all of the Magical Magnets, and things should be fine."

"Uh...... right, that's right."

"Then there's no problem."

"It's a big problem! First, there's only been ten minutes since the beginning. Even if it were a normal anime, it wouldn't even have gone into commercials!"

"This is a movie."

"What will we do with the remaining ninety minutes!"

"Won't it be fine if you perform a dance? Speaking of which, movies don't have commercials in the first place."

As the two of them were bickering, the Psychokinesis Girl had already finished her preparations. She positioned her flakes according to plan, using senses outside of sight, smell, hearing and touch - a perception originally not belong to humans that had spread from one end of the city to the other, from top to bottom, from the outskirts to the city's center, investigating every corner of the city.

She found the originally formless Magical Magnets.

The Magical Magnets seemed very evil from all perspectives, and their external appearances similar to the Karasumi formed in Felli's mind.

The evil Karasumi had gathered in this city, and scenes of them shown from every corner of Zuellni.

"They're like cockroaches."

"How mean!"

"Let's get rid of these wild beasts."

"Though that's correct, my heart hurts because of you!"

The Psychokinesis girl ignored the Karasumi crying out next to her, changing the nature of the Psychokinesis flowing through her terminal.

Instead of gathering information, violent purple lighting was produced.

The moment the flake mines were released, lightning shocked all of the creatures, as if the city itself were glowing, and then that bright scene gradually disappeared.

While checking the surrounding people who had stopped walking because of that flash and after checking whether there had been any injuries, Felli began recollecting her flakes.

Afterwards, the title came down and covered their bodies.

Psychokinesis Girl ☆ Magical Magnet Hunter Felli

"I've eliminated the evil."


The Karasumi's shout definitely wasn't a happy cry.

The film had been going for ten minutes, so of course it wasn't time to roll the credits and show 'the end'.

"Good morning......"

A blunt greeting passed through the morning air.

"Ah, good...... good morning."

What returned was an even blunter greeting. Felli looked over.

Layfon was wiping a glass cup behind the bar. His face was slightly twitching, his gaze darted everywhere, and his voice seemed inexplicably sharp.

"I'll...... making breakfast right now."

As the rigid-sounding and rigidly-moving Layfon put down the coffee cup he was wiping, the smell of melting butter came between the two of them.

A girl came and stood next to Layfon.

"I'm already doing it, so you go make coffee, Layfon."

"Ah. O......okay."

Toast with butter was being fried in a pan, and the toast had first been soaked in milk and beaten egg. Scattering spices and sugar over it while it was toasting seemed to her unique style.

The smell wafting through the air slowly became a delectable, even more appetizing flavor, and the song that she hummed also entered Felli's ears at the same time.

Felli's breakfast was done in a blink.


Felli could only make a puzzled sound at her relaxed attitude.

Leerin was the girl standing next to Layfon.

The two of them were the owners of the cafe 'Ringring' that Felli lived in...... and they were also Felli's guardians.

"Uwah, you've completely lost. You've been defeated so miserably as a woman."

"Shut up, you not-yet-dead Magical Magnet."

The Karasumi appeared quietly, and also dropped some poisonous words, making Felli glare at it spitefully.

"W......What is it?"


After coldly replying to Layfon who was becoming more and more rigid, Felli sat in front of the bar.

Ringring still hadn't opened, so there weren't any other customers inside the store.

Layfon, with a completely carried away expression of excitement, put the coffee cup and small plate down in front of Felli with a clatter, and Leerin quickly and happily set down the toast and salad.

"Incidentally, Layfon is Felli's brother, and Leerin is his wife."

"That's the setting. It's a setting, and it was created, only for this time, only once, a temporary storyline thing."

"You really are wordy."

The Karasumi that showed a devious smile was truly hateful.

"Don't talk about that, why haven't the rolling credits appeared yet?"

"How could they appear. The story has just started, the battle hasn't ended yet."

"Didn't I completely eliminate the Magical Magnets?"

"I'd be very troubled if they were eliminated like that. Especially because the film wouldn't be long enough."

"In that case, you must be the Final Magnet King, as I expected."

"I'm not! Rather, you should get rid of those strange doubts!"

"But Layfon and the others can't see you either."

"Correct. Incidentally, an explanation will be added in afterwards."

"What a lazy answer."

"That's true. Nn, they can't see me because I'm created from the self-defensive instinct of the city's Electronic Fairy, and I'm a being with special abilities. Uh, in short, I'm some kind of thing like a mix of a vaccine and a ghost."

"Do you think using vague words like 'some kind of thing' will be able to fudge things over?"

"They can fudge things over."

"Your useless self-confidence is really firm."

"Ah, whatever. The important thing is that the Magical Magnets still haven't disappeared, and that's been decided. Regardless of whether it's the script or the length of the film, that has to be the answer. In other words, don't look down on ninety minutes!"

"Can't you use a more normal reason to explain why the Magical Magnets aren't all dead?"

"Ah, I can."




"What? Why are you suddenly like that? This silence is very strange, eh? Your piercing gaze is hurting me!? What? What's going on?"


"Uh? What Felli saw were the Magical Magnets before possessing things, and the Magical Magnets that already possessed things can't be seen, so you have to find them."


"......What is it?"

"............You don't plan on putting on a decent performance to tell me that kind of thing?"

"Isn't this more interesting!"

"Shut up, you Final Magnet King."

Felli sighed heavily.

"What is it?"

Leerin asked, smiling. She held a container in her hand, filled with cut fruit, and placed it in front of Felli who had finished her breakfast.

"It's nothing."

"Really? You can tell me about any troubles."


Leerin's smile stayed on and practically sparkled, and Felli involuntarily turned her head away.

"That woman who robbed you of your precious brother (hah). Ah, it's the setting of the story, the setting."

"Go die, go crumple into a ball because of electromagnetic interference and die."

"So mean!"

Just then, a bell sounded.

"Good morning everyone!"

The worker walked into the room, and Felli stood up.

Time for breakfast had ended.

It was time to do what needed to be done today.

"Then, let's energetically hunt Magical Magnets today too."

Felli sighed miserably.

Like that, the Psychokinesis Girl Magical Magnet Hunter Felli continued fighting today as well.


A monster wielding a pink proboscis nimbly avoided buildings while chasing Felli.

"I never would have thought it wouldn't destroy buildings, what a well-behaved monster!'

"You're so noisy!"

The Karasumi's useless words were annoying to listen to.

Felli ran.

Grasped in her hand was a long, large Light Dite - the Magical Girl Rod.

Being worn on her body were the Psychokinesis Girl fighting outfit.

She continuously ran, and the people in her field of vision showed surprised expressions because of that monster and the white-clothed Felli.

Was it her mistaken feeling that everyone's gazes were focused on her, or was it a fact?

Her face became hot.

"I need to defeat it quickly."

Felli thought this. But, that pink monster's body was huge, and its movements were also very agile. Felli had tried to increase the distance and recoup her stance, but she hadn't been able to.

Felli could only continuously run.

She felt annoyed at the weight of the Magical Girl Rod, but couldn't release it from its restored state. Felli could only run without stopping under the weight of the heavy rod.

"If you don't deal with it quickly, if this goes on......"

"If this goes on, all the residents of the city will think of me as a person with strange interests."

"That's what you're worried about?"

"What else do I need to worry about?"

"Something like the safety of all the residents, the peace of the city, and your friends, there are a lot of things to worry about!"

"Military Artists will deal with those matters themselves."

"The...... The protagonist can't leave those matters to other people!"

"......You seem to have made some mistake."


Felli listened to the Karasumi's surprised voice while stopping her feet.

Breathing hard, Felli took a deep breath, and then turned around to the approaching monster.

"I only do what is in the scope of my abilities, and I don't plan to rely on my own power to resolve everything. It's fine if I leave other people to do things they can do."

Felli raised the rod.

She checked the rod and released the Psychokinesis Flakes linked inside.

"People's safety? The peace of the city? Those aren't things I can do."

All of the flakes had been positioned.

The pink monster continuously approached, and its otherworldly eyes carried a fantastic killing intent.

Felli raised the Magical Girl rod.

"There's only one thing I can do, which is defeating Magical Magnets."

Flake mine - release.

Purple lightning and Psychokinesis light filled the surroundings.

The lightning surrounded the monster, penetrating it, burning it.


The pink monster made mysterious cries while collapsing. However, before its huge body came in contact with other buildings, it crumbled everywhere as if it were sand, disappearing without leaving any trace of its mass.

"I'll leave other things for other people to deal with."

"You definitely don't plan on ending this beautifully!"

"If I could, I also want to give up on the mission of fighting off the Magical Magnets. My goal is to do nothing and live peacefully."

"That's too lacklusterrr!"

"They'll disappear without a trace after being defeated, and they don't harm others. The setting of the Magical Magnets is unexpectedly gracious."

"In the end, they were originally particles."

"So different from you, who always troubles me."

"Those things make more trouble!"

Felli ignored the noisy voice of the Karasumi, entering the transformation sequence on her own. The fighting outfit of the Psychokinesis Girl became particles of light, and was absorbed into the Magical Girl Rod, and the Dite also returned to its basic state.

"Then, I should have a pure and normal student life now."

"I don't care about that kind of scene! Continue fighting the Magical Magnets!"

"What do you mean, you don't care about it?"

"And the scene of your school life won't appear anyways. Think about your setting. Where do you think this place is? Get the atmosphere right."

"The ones who made my setting to be ten years old were clearly you guys."

"What do you mean. To force a seventeen year old to be a Psychokinesis Girl would violate its definition, so you're set as ten. I...... I'm not saying you have to be ten, and I don't think that girls older than twelve aren't women. I never thought anything like that! Yeah."

"You're noisy. The current you is even more annoying than a different person in the world."

"D......Don't say I'm a person. I'm the mascot of the Psychokinesis Girl - Karasumi! I'm an animal!"

"I meant the person hiding inside you."

"There's no one hiding inside!"

"No, there is. There's a hiding Yachi voicing you."

"Look, you just need to fight with Magical Magnets. Isn't it nice for the Psychokinesis Girl to battle Magical Magnets! Other than that, everything else is meaningless. Come, fight. We have to fight now. Come, hurry up and fight. Everything will be fine if the Psychokinesis girl transforms and makes her skirt fly up--!"

"You finally showed your true nature."

" what if I showed it."

"Getting ashamed and then becoming angry, how disgusting......"

"Though I don't want to say this, the method of fighting you have as a Psychokinesist isn't the fighting style of the Psychokinesis Girl."

"What do you mean?'

"I mean, setting traps with flakes and using flake mines to blow the enemy into the sky is the fighting style of a Psychokinesist. The Psychokinesis Girl isn't the same as Psychokinesists. She has to find the courage to battle evil face-to-face. Psychokinesis Girl can fly into the sky, and can use a giant beam with a flick. Hey, I explained this earlier!"

"Those fighting methods don't fit my personality. Rather, what do you mean? Face-to-face? Outsiders who don't understand battle shouldn't say those kinds of words."

"Huh? What's that mean?"

"Fighting while protecting your own life is the method of fighting that is most likely to win. Fighting face-to-face is an extremely stupid action. You can only sacrifice your life to protect something once. But if you live, the next time, you can protect something again."

"Gaaaaaaah! What unromantic and uninteresting words! I was hurt so much that even my tears were killed, so I can only grimace. Bah--!"

"You bastard animal......"

"Ah? What do you want to say? You little girl who doesn't even understand romance, what do you want to say to me? Gosh, I'm looking forward to it."

"............Go die."

Felli's voice was very low.

She drew out the currently unrestored Dite, grasped it tightly in her small hand, and shook from anger.

After a short time, killing intent spilled forth from Felli.

However, the disaster that might have happened in the next moment didn't happen due to a change.

"How long are the two of you going to have that weird argument for?"


The sudden voice made Felli and Karasumi open their mouths at the same time, puzzled.

The gazes of human and animal looked upwards at the same time - to a location decently far away, among the tall trees.

There was a red-clothed girl.

She stood on slender tree branch, seemingly ignoring her weight.

She held a spear in her hand that seemed as if it were decorated with flame.

She wore tight clothes that emphasized mobility.

Her hair slowly flowed in the wind.

"What are you doing over there, you fraudulent-body trickster."

"Fraudulent body...... What's that mean?"

The other party didn't understand Felli's jab.

"Sorry, it was my mistake not to consider your intelligence level."

"Though I don't really understand, you're making fun of me!"

Raaah! The red-clothed girl roared.

"Ohh, you're Felli's classmate Shante! Why would you be in this kind of place!"

Karasumi tried using those words to push the plot in a different direction.

"Shaaaaaa! You're too naive, Psychokinesis Girl! We Magical Magnets have long since found the means to oppose you!"

Felli frowned at the strange sensation of having words enter her ears at the same time as a roar.

"Those lines were clearly added in the studio after the fact, is that alright?"

"It's fine, or could it be that you want me to hold higher expectations for her?"

"Then it'd be fine to just not use her."

"Hahahahaha, the reason I want her is about the same as for you."


After the person hiding inside Karasumi said that, Felli looked at the other party in disdain, and then raised her head to look at Shante who was still standing lightly on a thin branch.

"Then, what are you trying to do?"

"Do I need to say it?! I heard that there would be a chance to be allowed to beat you up, so I agreed to act!"

"Then, I'll also be allowed to roast you. That's normal self-defense, so please testify for me in court."

"Real-world killing intent is so scary!"

Felli ignored Karasumi's cry.

A battle would definitely break out if the two of them met. Felli restored her Dite, and countless Psychokinesis flakes flew towards Shante.


Angrily hissing, Shante raised her spear and charged at Felli.

"I won't let you succeed."

Felli spoke calmly, and then released her flake mines.


Lightning erupted continuously, and Shante quickly turned around and retreated.

"I'm not your opponent in terms of speed. However, do you think I haven't researched how to quickly spread flakes in a defensive formation?"


Felli enjoyed Shante's retreat while howling. But, she wasn't concerned.

"After all, the enemy is a Military Artist. As long as you're careless for a moment, you'll be killed instantly."

"No no no, Psychokinesis Girl! This is a battle of Psychokinesis Girls!"

"Graaaah! You little girl who can only hide in her own room and peep on others! I'll definitely crush you!"

"Crush me if you can. Come on, come one. Come on come on come on......"


"You can't even find an opportunity to make me concerned. You haven't done anything other than howl, right?"

"Raaaah! Raah!"

Felli used flake mines to chase the constantly howling Shante around everywhere.

Regi19 219.jpg

Of course, Felli didn't just chase Shante in a circle. She predicted the actions Shante would take in her head, and set traps one after another while positioning her flakes.

She preemptively made a place that Shante would have nowhere to run.

It didn't take her much time to construct a maze of flake mines with no exit.


Even Shante noticed her own situation at that moment.

It was very comical to see her startled expression.

The flakes positioned around Shante formed an area of destruction, closing her off without any gaps.

"Burn to ashes."


Felli proclaimed this, and the moment the flake minds swelled with lightning, Shante's expression twisted and she roared.

It was a roar filled with external Kei.

The vibrations in the sound housed a destructive power even stronger than normal, and the strong airflow destroyed the pressure produced by the flake minds, and upset its destructive area.

Shante passed through the upset area and escaped the trap.

To make that judgment and action in a moment was an outcome that could only have come from animal instincts.


Felli involuntarily clicked her tongue.


Shante who had been blackened from the explosion showed a fearsome smile as she drew close.

Shante tried to claim revenge, but Felli attempted to spread a wall of flake mines between the two of them.

However, Felli couldn't keep up with Shante's speed. The moment the flake mines exploded, Shante had already passed over the wall of mines...... That situation repeated three times, and the fourth time Felli spread a wall of mines, she finally caught Shante.


Shante flew forward after receiving a blow from her back.


Felli was also knocked over by the wind of the explosion, and tumbled on the ground.



Her back hurting, Felli forced herself to stand up, and Shante also stood up at the same time.

At this time, Felli repositioned her flakes.

"Peeping girl!"

"Wild animal!"

The excessively-excited Felli became less verbose, but she didn't regret or feel ashamed, because her feeling of excitement was cooking the brain inside her head.

"You'll definitely die this time!"

The two of them shouted at the same time.

Both sides regulated their breathing, preparing to fight again. Just then......

"The two of you, can you please seriously be Psychokinesis Girls!"

Karasumi raised a somewhat intriguing proposal.

"Aren't I being one?"

Felli glared at Shante while replying with this. Karasumi's response had been unexpected.

"Aren't I being a Psychokinesis Girl extremely seriously?"


Felli also nodded her head. But, she definitely didn't understand the meaning.

"I'm following your instructions, fighting face-to-face with my enemy! Ah, though I still haven't flown and I haven't used that beam move."


"Ah, after all the speed of its flight is a bit you know, and my reflexes can't keep up with a Military Artist's speed, so I feel that it might be suicide to use those now."


"So, I hope that you can agree that I'm only left with these deadly moves to use."

"Nnnn............ The deadly moves weren't used on me, right?"

"Well, what do you imagine from the conversation?"


"Hey, shut---- up!"

Karasumi seemed to have truly gotten mad.

Felli felt baffled.

"This is the first time I've seriously been a Psychokinesis Girl since the film began!"

"That's not a Psychokinesis Girl at all, don't joke around! You don't understand anything, so enough is enough!"

Karasumi was raging.

"Aah, whatever, whatever! Okay, exit. It's alright. Exit please, Shante-san, take the compensation."



After Karasumi ignored the speechless two and announced this, a giant figure came to the scene while avoiding the burnt air that had been produced by the flake mine shockwaves.

"Ah, Goru."

"Let's go back."


"You got the compensation, right?"

"Of course."

"That's good then. Shante, let's go back and eat."



The giant figure...... Gorneo said this, and Shante quickly dropped her fighting mentality and left the scene.

The speechless Felli was left where she was.

"What now? What does this mean?"

After coming to her senses, Felli began asking Karasumi.

"Are you just going to end filming here?"

"Of course not, you still haven't fought with the final enemy."

Right. Though the story was already strange by now, according to the script, the Magical Magnet-possessed student that Shante was playing should have been the final enemy.

However, the final enemy had already gone home.

"What are you planning?"

Felli asked this, but she quickly changed her thinking.

"Perhaps I can also go back?"

"Of course not."

Karasumi replied coldly.

"You still haven't defeated the final enemy."

"But, the final enemy's already......"

"What I mean is, we'll let the story go on as you desired."


"I'm the final enemy."

As soon as those words left his mouth, Karasumi changed.

It expanded.

It grew enormous as if being magnified, and Felli could only blankly stare at the scene.................. Of course, she didn't do that.

"In other words, you want me to fly into the sky, and use the particle beam to roast you."

Felli didn't wait for Karasumi's growth to end.

"Magical Girl Rod, enter flying mode."

It was really annoying to use her voice as the method of activation - Felli thought this as she did so. The flakes that returned to Felli's side had already been located, and the terminals of the Magical Girl Rod had already attached to the back of her fighting outfit.

Then, some auxiliary flakes were positioned around her fighting outfit, and the transformation to flying mode was complete.

The central flakes vibrated. They took in Felli's Psychokinesis, concentrating the Psychokinesis, and then releasing it.

A magnetic field expanded.

Wings of light grew out from behind Felli's back.

The magnetic field that expanded with the form of wings counteracted gravity, letting Felli's body move towards the sky.

The slow floating in the beginning gradually increased in speed, and feeling of Felli's hair flowing in the wind became stronger and stronger.

The speed of Felli's flight continuously increased, catching up to the speed of Karasumi's still-continuing growth.

"U-o-o-o-o-o-h.................. Psycho- kinesis- girl!"

Karasumi's voice had become low and echoed through the sky.

Its forelimb moved as if to grab Felli. After avoiding the blow, Felli flew higher, and kept flying to the region of the air filter, and then pointed the front terminal of the Magical Girl Rod at the giant Karasumi.

"I'll let you taste the beam that you've been expecting."

Felli announced this.

"Begin the particle beam setup."

At her voice command, all of the Psychokinesis flakes other than the ones used for flying gathered in the direction the Magical Girl Rod pointed.

The Psychokinesis flakes positioned themselves as if to form a hollow cylinder in front of the rod and pointing towards the target.

"U-a-a-ah...... flying mode and the particle beam, those two abilities need extremely strong concentration and enormous Psychokinesis, but to think that you plan on using them at the same time, how reckless......"

"Didn't you believe that I could do those kinds of reckless actions, and that's why you chose me?"

Felli used Psychokinesis.

The wings spreading behind her back winked once, and she felt a force like she was falling at the same time. But, that condition only lasted for a moment, and Felli did not fall, but continued to float in the sky.

Moreover, at the front of the Magical Girl Rod......

"O-o-o-oo...... possibly."

Karasumi's voice boomed.

Felli raised the rod and took a stance, her Psychokinesis gathered at the tip of the rod. The flakes spread around the tip of the rod had created a magnetic field just like the ones used for flight.

Roughly speaking, the particle beam just gave directionality to flake mines. However, Felli's Psychokinesis along with the focusing and corrective ability that the huge number of flakes of the Magical Girl Rod gave allowed the flake mine to form a long and thick pillar of light.

The front of the Magical Girl Rod showed a sign that a beam would appear soon.

It seemed as if it were waiting for Felli's next words, violently suppressing its energy.

"Then, goodbye."

Felli released the energy.

The Magical Girl Rod shot out light.

An inferno of heat and light pierced through the gigantic Karasumi, causing it to crumble.

"Goodbye, pervert."


The Karasumi that was becoming many particles of light was continuously sucked into itself, and was then pushed towards the city surface by the airflow produced by the particle beam, bouncing back towards the sky and ascending.

Before Felli's eyes, that scene seemed as if it were a split body trying to merge with the original, but being rejected by the original Electronic Fairy Zuellni.

"Also, there's still some time left, as expected."

"............Hey, a comedy show should have limits."

After everything had ended, those were Sharnid's first words.

"......Huh? Uh, was that the only scene I was in? But I said so many lines!"

Nina abruptly spoke out, looking at the credits rolling at the end.

The scheduled broadcast time had been ninety minutes, but the film had ended after only thirty minutes.

It was really outrageous for there to still be an hour left. The incredibly slow rolling credits that were currently playing were the same, and what was waiting afterward were all behind-the-scenes involving Felli. Even though there was still some time left after this, what it finally showed at the end was a video of the Karasumi - the abnormal familiar who had been eliminated in the end of the story? - doing a strange dance.

"It's...... over like this?"

"Uh, but...... maybe?"

Nina and Sharnid looked at the movie screen with a strange feeling of tension. There were many other people in the audience who also felt tense because they didn't know what to say, and these people didn't have any intention of leaving their seats.

"Huh? Where's my scene? Huh, I'm playing the person being chased by that pink monster. Huh?"

Harley who had expected his scene to appear had sat there waiting till the end.

When the ending time finally arrived, the Karasumi raised its forelimb to say bye bye, and then the word 'END' appeared on the screen.

Of course, what came afterwards was a chorus of 'There was nothing at all!'.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Last name of Yachi, who appeared in Show Me Heart earlier in this volume.
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