Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume11 Lunchtime of You and Me

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Lunchtime of You and Me[edit]

Layfon and I visited the same bento store in the morning to buy lunch. A double deluxe bento. Even if one had suffered mental trauma or had a dissatisfied heart, upon becoming hungry one still had to eat. The lid of the bento store's container jumped up, but was stopped by the thick rubber bands wrapped around it.

Layfon had also chosen the double deluxe bento.

However, only Layfon's bento had a slight difference.

It was just like how it was made at the Silver Terrace, that childhood friend had said.

"Isn't it all still takeout!"

She actually had said what I didn't dare to.

Was saying that a responsibility as a bento store worker? What is this?

Layfon had tried to refute it, but totally lacked momentum. Afterwards, he had fled the shop from before that girl.

What a beast, moreover that guy basically couldn't be killed.

......Though even if he died it wouldn't do me much good.

We walked towards the classroom, and ate our bentos on a bench near the school building.

"Come to think of it, today Trinden-san didn't take care of you?"

Meishen Trinden.

Probably the cutest girl in our class. Even if I didn't really like her submissive eyes and attitude. However, the males in our class all claimed "that type is good". Of course, I was also a male, so some parts of that girl still attracted me. For example the things under her clothing that strongly made themselves known, which to males could be considered the most powerful lethal weapons, right?

The guy who could eat the handmade bento of that kind of girl every day definitely would be cursed yet had nothing to say.


Layfon pierced a big fried object with his fork, letting out an ambiguous voice.

"Sounds like your body is uncomfortable and you need to rest a bit."

"Is that so."

Judging from Layfon's expression, he wasn't able to perceive the truth of the situation. No, it could be that this guy hadn't realized anything at all. Although he had said something along these lines before, this guy's ability at perceiving human emotions towards him was deficient to enough of a degree to surprise people.

Meishen Trinden's mind was easy to understand.

He had seen several scenes of her speaking with other males. But the her at those times always wore an expression as if she were going to cry and would quickly escape afterwards. Otherwise it would be her two friends who would come act as a wall.

The sole male that she could speak alone with was Layfon. Moreover it seemed that they were from different homelands. Meishen and the others had come from the Transit City Joeldem by roaming bus. Even if I don't know of Grendan, Joeldem is a famous city that even I recognize.

This kind of girl, and the only male she could speak with was Layfon. This was a fact that even the first-year students all realized.

However, this guy might truly not be aware of the situation.

If that were the case, this would really be ignorance on the level of a crime! Even if the one being harmed couldn't really say anything, even if it was possible that all the girls of Zuellni would collectively hold hostility to this sort of ignorance.

But, why didn't this sort of thing happen?

"In the end, where are you uncomfortable?"

Maybe, what that guy has isn't just ignorance, but perhaps some kind of tender ignorance. After all, even to me whom he didn't really have a good relationship with, he also spoke kind words......

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