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Chapter 4: The War Begins

Karian Loss, the Student President, received the report of a city nearing Zuellni the moment he entered the Student President's office. Uneasiness filled him, as he hadn't seen his sister in the morning and she didn't seem to have returned home either. A bad feeling came to him.

"Um, that child is now a young woman." He said something that didn't match his age, trying to cover up the uneasiness in him. His thoughts turned to something else once he heard the report. He had to call in Vance and start planning and starting up the city's defense system. He also had to confirm the formations of the Military Arts students and check the preparations for the rest of the students to enter the shelters.

Actually, he'd have gone to check his sister's whereabouts or make an emergency call for the City Police or the 17th platoon if not for all those things he had to do. But he had no time for other things now.

The conclusion had come one hour after the report that the other city was named Myath.

"You heard of it?" Dalshena cocked her head, speaking in a voice that all the 17th platoon members could hear.

A rule had been set long ago that all platoon members were to gather when a city was discovered. Although emergency training gave room for relaxation, the training did have its effects. After considering everything, the 17th platoon had decided to wait in the room in the Training Complex.

"Ah~ Haven't heard of it," Sharnid said, also cocking his head. "There're so many Academy Cities. How can I remember them all? Of course, it's natural for a city's reputation to spread if it has a good record. But if we haven't heard of it, then its strength probably isn't much."

"That sounds logical," Harley nodded.

Harley had taken out a different machine during the final check for the Dites. He had put the Dites through that machine, displaying a list of data on the screen.

"These are the war records from the Academy City Alliance. It appears Myath's previous record was 1 win and 1 loss. It hadn't had many fights, and the fights were pretty peaceful. Not much to talk about," Sharnid said.

"But either way," Nina said, sweeping her gaze to him, "They're stronger than us."

Sharnid shut his mouth from making another joke, and smiled.

"No......We're underestimating them if we think of what happens after we win. The war hasn't even started yet." Nina's looked at the members gathered in the room. Felli was missing.

"Is she still angry about yesterday?"


Nina looked obviously down at that.

"I didn't consider everything, and I made her angry. And we're in such a crisis............"

"What're you saying? She was the one who couldn't hold it in. No matter how good she is at Psychokinesis, it's useless if she can't use it when the time calls for it." Dalshena said, holding her fists.

"Um, uh......" Looking at them, Sharnid suddenly seemed to remember something and he spoke to Layfon in a small voice. "Don't you think the females in our team like to get spoiled?"


Layfon couldn't quite turn his head around at the sudden change of topic.

"No matter how you think of it, life is short, and youth passes by like the blink of an eye. That's why actors try their best to paint the beauty of youth. And the audience is either happy or sad about that. But it seems the females in our team don't get that point. Uh, it wasn't easy to be born as beautiful ladies, but they don't know it and they're wasting their time."


Layfon had some sort of understanding of Sharnid's explanation, but since he didn't have the ability to seriously think about that kind of question, he didn't know what to say.

".........Do you mean me as well?" Naruki said.

"Ah, your sickness is light compared to them. But you're stiff. You don't have to worry about becoming like them if you get early treatment."

".........I'll be troubled if I become soft like senpai. Isn't it important to be serious at a time when it needs to be serious? Senpai, you would be very handsome if you could be stronger."

"Oh, you did well," Sharnid looked pleased at Naruki's unexpected counterattack.

"What? What? What're you saying?" Harley said.

CSR vol07 155.jpg

"Stuff that has got nothing to do with you, mad scientist."

"Wah, that's mean."

"I think you still have hope if you try harder."

"Ah, speaking of which, Urgh, I want a girlfriend."

"If you've got that thought, then work hard for it, my junior," Sharnid said like an older brother, and he suddenly turned his head around to Layfon. "Well, either way, you're all better than this naturally clumsy terminal phase patient."

"......What was that?" He had never heard of that term, but both Harley and Naruki nodded in understanding.

"Meaning's in the words. You don't understand, never mind. Speaking of which, can you really afford to relax at this time?"


"Mediate between the two of them. That isn't my job. It's time for you to enter the stage."

"Ah, ok."

It looked like they wanted him to stop the two of them. Layfon stood up and prepared to search for Felli.

"Ah, Layfon, I've finished checking your Dites. You can take them with you," Harley said and handed him two Dites.

Two Dites?


The Sapphire Dite and the Shim Adamantium Dite.

"The Adamantium Dite is supposed to be used against filth monsters, therefore it won't be of much use here. I think it's better if you have this instead."

"But you didn't change the setting? Then I can't use it."

The restored form was in the form of a Katana. Kirik had quickly discovered from the damages on the Dite that Layfon was used to wielding a Katana. But Layfon had decided not to use a Katana again. He must not use the Psyharden technique because he had tainted his adopted father's name. Layfon couldn't help using the weapon in the fight against the 10th platoon, but he wouldn't use the Katana again unless it was under special circumstances.

"Uh, I think you think too much. You'll just be taking it with you," Harley took out the special-made weapon harness.

"But I'm sure I won't use it."

"Whether you use it or not is your business. Anyway, you should keep it since it's a Dite made for you," Harley shrugged. "That was what Kirik said."

Though he didn't want to, Layfon took both Dites, told Nina he was leaving, then left.

He headed straight for Felli's dormitory. He couldn't think of anywhere else she would be in. Definitely not in the dormitory of the 2nd year. Besides, she'd appear to be spoiled and would attract attention if she went to school. Being spoiled was all right, but attracting attention wasn't so good. Anyway, he just needed to head for the building for now. Since it was faster to use his two feet than to take the tram, Layfon jumped with Kei. It wouldn't be good if normal students saw him, but he had to hurry.

He quickly came to the front of the building.

"Um," he entered the lobby. While hesitating on which doorbell to ring, an unexpected voice sounded behind him.

He knew who this person was. No need to turn around, but he had to, just in case he had to react. As he thought, it really was Haia. Layfon frowned, looking at the person he didn't want to meet.

"Why are you here?"

"I really admire your change of attitude, sort of like a double personality."

Haia was leaning on the wall of the lobby. When would he use Shou Kei? Why was he here? A bad feeling hovered in Layfon's mind, but his face showed nothing.

"Why are you here?" he asked again. The weapon harness was close to his hand, but Haia still had his arms crossed. In this case, Layfon would be the first to pull out his Dite.

"Look at this," Haia moved from his position and tossed over something to him. Layfon caught it and looked down.

"........." His gaze turned horrible.

A badge of the 17th platoon.

"I have Felli Loss."

"What a tasteless joke, do you not want to live?" The feeling had left Layfon's eyes. That was his habit, to gradually eradicate all feelings that were unnecessary in a fight. He now stared at Haia with an emotionless gaze.

"I know you have a lot to do, but this isn't the time," Haia crossed his arms, avoiding his murderous intent. "We'll have a one on one duel, but the time is tomorrow."


The day of the intercity match. Why that time? To make him unable to participate in the match?

"So Myath hired you without us knowing. You're good at doing business."

"Learn something......That was what I wanted to say, but a shame. That has nothing to do with this. Teaching Military Artists and intercity matches have nothing to do with us anymore. In fact, we haven't had any contact with Myath."


"Stop getting involved in the little details. They don't mean a thing."

What was Haia thinking? Kidnapping Felli and challenging him. Both Haia and Layfon succeeded in the skills of Psyharden. Haia's master was Derek's senpai in the same Military Arts school. That was why Haia seemed to hold jealousy against Layfon. Layfon had heard of it from Fermaus.

"I just want to duel with you. Go back and make your preparations. Of course, be prepared that you can't run away. The environment might be advantageous for me. That's all I want to say."


"One more thing. Don't make a move today. You don't know how to do tricks to affect the outcome of the duel, do you?" Haia said and walked outside. "I'll let you know the location later......Oh, that's right."

He stopped and turned around to point at Layfon's Dite.

"You're to use that Dite."

Layfon looked at the direction of Haia's finger – the Shim Adamantium Dite.

".........What're you thinking?"

Was he attacking him psychologically? But Haia had made a similar request in their previous fight.

"Since I've abandoned my way of thinking, as the side being blackmailed, shouldn't you also do something?" He said, waved and left.

Layfon returned to the Training Complex and reported the incident to Nina.

"How dare he........." Nina was first quiet, then she balled her hands into fists and her body shook.

"Has he damaged his brain?" she said in anger, the stirring of Kei echoing strongly in the room. The sensitivity of the Kei vein to the changes in a person's emotions had proven Nina's growth as a Military Artist, and her amount of Kei was also very large. Even Layfon mistook that as the Haikizoku awakening.

"Is the Haikizoku his aim?" Naruki asked.

Everyone's gaze turned to him.

"Not entirely sure," he said and shook his head, regaining his calm.

"Haia didn't say. He just wanted a duel with me."

"Unbelievable," Dalshena said. "He uses any means to reach his goal. How can you believe him just by what he says?"

The aim of Haia's organization was to capture the Haikizoku. Till now, the one that had been hurt the most was the 10th platoon.

"Should we contact the City Police?" Naruki said.

Nina shook her head. "No. I'm sorry, Naruki. In truth, the City Police isn't enough for the Mercenary Gang......I see......" she seemed to understand something. "I know why they're doing this. The Mercenary Gang hasn't allied itself with Myath. The possibility of that happening is low."

"Why?" Dalshena asked.

"They couldn't have predicted Myath would fight Zuellni even if they did teach Myath's Military Artists in the past. If that leaked out, Myath will get in trouble. So Myath probably wouldn't answer even if the Mercenary Gang suggested cooperating with them. Kidnapping Felli at this time is to take advantage of our current situation. If we fight the Mercenary Gang, that'd affect the intercity match. We can't do much without all our fighting power in this crisis."

"Meaning we have to listen to their request," Naruki said.

"But that isn't a bad strategy," Sharnid said.

"This isn't the time to admire them!" Dalshena howled at him.

"So what do we do? Accede to their request and let Layfon handle them himself?"

"That's all we can do......... but, we have to report this to the Student President, since this will affect his planning. Besides, he's Felli's brother and is also her only blood relative. We can't hide this from him."

"So how should we tell him?" Layfon asked slowly. Nobody could give him an answer.

Karian Loss transferred Layfon to Military Arts for this day, but now Layfon couldn't participate in the intercity match. What would the Student President say? That his sister was kidnapped because Haia wanted to duel with Layfon? But Layfon had said he'd prioritize Felli's rescue even if the Student President were to make him return all the school fees that he had waived.

"He really can do things," Karian said, leaning on the sofa. He had been called out of the meeting and told of Felli's situation. He was now in a room beside the meeting room to talk with Nina and Layfon.

"So what next?" Nina asked stiffly, waiting for his answer......Her face showed she was prepared for anything.

"Uh......" He took up the phone and called Vance over.

"What?" Vance said, entering the room with confusion, but he seemed to have understood something after looking at Nina and Layfon.

"Got trouble?"

"We have to make changes to the strategy we made before," Karian said and explained the situation to Vance.

"Damn, who'd have thought they'd do this."

"Well, it's useless to argue this with them. Though they've helped us a lot recently, in the end, the result is unfortunate. Anyway, money and contracts are only so so. We can't help things by reproaching them, and we don't have the time for that. We'll stick to the original plan but make some adjustments to it. Please."

"Ah, only Gorneo and Shante can work on their own in that case. But the strength of that team relies on Gorneo's commands. Besides, I actually wanted him to command the students on a larger scale......"

"We couldn't have predicted this situation. We just need one chief commander. I'm already in my 5th year so this is my last Military Arts Competition. This isn't the time to consider the growth of others."

"True, but what about Psychokinesis?"


"Well......" Nina cut them off in a careful manner. "Can we hear of this?"

Vance turned to her and gave her the explanation. "That was the plan I planned to announce after lunch, but I'll tell you now. Actually, team 17's original mission wasn't to lead the usual Military Arts students, but to infiltrate Myath, take over the opponent's student council and cause chaos in their defense. I chose that plan because of Layfon Alseif. The fighting power of your team is a waste if you were to fight in a crowd."

"Ah, ha........."

"But if Layfon can't participate, then we've to adjust the plan. I'm thinking of whether sending Gorneo and Shante over instead......"

"So you're letting me duel with Haia?"

The two of them had yet to give a straight answer.

"Ah, about that," Karian asked Vance in a small voice. "I still haven't heard your opinion. We just jumped ahead to the plan."

"Isn't this obvious?" Vance said angrily but firmly. "Go. I'm angry at their trick, and intolerable of their using such low means as kidnapping. Use your full strength and let them know how foolish they are."

Both Nina and Layfon nodded at Vance's encouragement.

After the discussion on finer details, Karian called Layfon short as he was about to leave. "Though she has lots of problems, she's still my sister. I'm counting on you."

"......I would know that even if you didn't say it," he nodded and left the room.

After Nina and Layfon had left -

"I never thought you'd quickly agree to letting that guy leave the fight," Vance said, surprised.

"I'm also human, and I care for my family."

"Of course, but didn't you transfer him into Military Arts because of the Military Arts Competition?"

"You're right, but this year's fight probably isn't limited to just tomorrow. Besides, I hope he can come to a conclusion with the things that might cause trouble in the future. And......"


"Layfon Alseif is a Military Artist, but he doesn't take pride in his fighting, and he doesn't want to protect any city. He is someone who fights for a certain person. And because of that, his power will be hard to handle once he's decided whom to fight for."

"Very troublesome personality."

"Yes, he probably wouldn't feel sad no matter how many normal people die without anyone knowing it."

"Because of a sense of danger?"

"Who knows........."

The reason that Vance felt uneasy was the same as Karian's. Chased out of his orphanage at Grendan, Layfon had been led by Nina Antalk's intense will. External things were more important to him, and he moved for them. If that person who could affect Layfon turned into someone other than Nina – Layfon might become an enemy.

"But it's all normal for now."

Layfon was moving to protect Felli. They couldn't tell whether it was for friendship or love. But he wouldn't have hesitated since Nina also supported him.

"All we can do now is trust him."

At this same moment, Felli was watching Zuellni's multi-legs through the window.

"This has become troublesome," she said to herself.

She was in a narrow room with the bed she sat on and a small desk as the only furniture. No chair. They probably thought the bed was enough. Light shaking constantly shook the room. Things were tossed into the air and fell with the rhythm of the steps. It was quite bothersome to her.

CSR vol07 171.jpg

Felli was inside the large roaming bus of the Salinvan Guidance Mercenary Gang, imprisoned inside one of the rooms. Someone had attacked her after she parted with Layfon. When she came to, she found herself already in this room.

"Well, this isn't bad. I can calm myself down."

She was a bit angry over yesterday's events, but she also regretted it. She knew it'd be awkward when she next saw Nina, so the current situation was better than having to meet the Captain. Nothing else showed outside the window except the city's multi-legs. Having lost her Dite, Felli couldn't use Psychokinesis. Even if Myath was to appear in front of her, the current Felli couldn't do anything.

The sound of the lock being unlocked came through the door.

"Excuse me......" A weak voice accompanied a tray in a hand. A familiar face peered from the door.

"......I don't recall your name but I know you. So this is a roaming bus."

"Ah, yes. Yes," Myunfa entered, not sure what to do. "I've brought the food. Sorry for being late."

"It's ok........." she lightly shook her head –

"What's going on!?"


The angry howl of a man came through the gap between the door and the wall. Myunfa was about to put the tray on the desk. She shivered at that howl and the soup splashed out of its bowl. If that man's voice was a notch louder, the soup might have splashed onto the bed.

"It seems something great has happened."

"Ah, hahaha........." Myunfa didn't say anything else, with a stiff smile on her face. "Then just call out when you finish. I'll come and clean it up. Call me if you need to go to the bathroom or anything else."

"OK," she nodded.

Myunfa escaped from the room.

"......I can only wait," Felli said to herself. She took up the spoon to fill her empty stomach.

"What're you planning!"

Haia had been surrounded. The angry howl came from a senior in the Mercenary Gang, whose influence was just below Fermaus. The rest of the Mercenary Gang stood behind him, angry and failing to comprehend the current situation as they studied Haia with suspicion.

In the end, the rest of the Mercenary Gang members knew of the kidnapping. Since Haia had moved all members to the facility inside the city besides himself, it was too late when the rest of the members found out.

"What're you planning, kidnapping the family of the Student President?" the man said in a lower voice, hearing Myunfa's voice from Felli's room.

"To settle the score with that guy."

"......Haia, do you want the Gang to break?"

Haia smiled. "......Actually, this will happen sooner or later, no matter what we do," he said and explained to them the content of the letter he received from Grendan.

As expected, the contents of the letter caused a commotion within the members. The result of their long journey had been acknowledged, and the royalty had promised a great reward. It was a joy that no one could hide, whether they aimed for the reward or were loyal to the royalty.

"Didn't it say to leave the rest for the Heavens' Blade successor? What we have to do now is return to Grendan. We can leave after tomorrow's intercity match, then what happens next has nothing to do with us anymore."

"......But, I'm not interested in the reward from Grendan's royalty," Haia said directly. "I came here to settle this with him. After that, you can do whatever you like. But that's after tomorrow's duel. No one can interfere with me before that," he took back his smile, his gaze asking no objection.

A lot of the Gang members viewed Haia as their own son or brother. Taken in by Ryuhou and nurtured into an adult, Haia grew up in this roaming bus. All Gang members stood witness to it. On the other hand, he was also their leader, the family member that they had to protect. But all that ended today.

"Haia, what do you truly think?" that man asked before giving up.

But Haia had nothing to say.

A new voice sounded beside him – Fermaus.

"Fermaus, say something," that man said.

Only Ryuhou and Fermaus could change Haia's opinion and make him bow his head. Haia might change his mind if the Psychokinesist said something. Everyone watched him with anticipation. But they never thought he'd say something totally irrelevant.

"This had fallen there" Fermaus showed them something.

It was a hand-made stone that was the size of a palm, and tied onto it was a letter.

"This is........."

Everyone was drawn to the crest on the letter – Grendan's crest.

Haia took the letter, untied the small rope and took out the letter from the envelope.

"......Ha," he laughed after reading the content. "It seems the real Heaven's Blade is a monster."

He handed the letter to Fermaus.

"Fermaus......What's written on it?"

Everyone moved his gaze to Fermaus and waited for him to explain.

"The Heaven's Blade successor Savaris Qaulafin Luckens is currently in Myath. He's planning to move over here when the two cities fight. Please distract Layfon when that happens, just in case he finds out and causes trouble."

"Meaning the Heaven's Blade we're relying on is coming tomorrow?" the man said, relieved. They weren't scared of the revenge of Zuellni's Military Artists. They were only scared of one person, Layfon.

In truth, many of them didn't think much of Heaven's Blade successors. They only fully understood the terror of Layfon after watching Layfon and Haia's match and Layfon's fight with the filth monsters. Hence they were all relieved, thinking that Layfon's target would move away from them. And Savaris's request made a timely excuse for the current trouble.

Saved. But only Haia showed an incomprehensible expression among the joy of the Gang members.

"He threw a stone over from Myath. Really, what a monster......"

And the stone had landed at the right place.

How strong was this person compared to Layfon? The burning flame in Haia burnt hotter. Under Fermaus' arrangement, the Gang members had split and moved. One half went to guard the roaming bus, one to wait at the facility in the city, providing the illusion of doing nothing. The rest infiltrated the city to monitor the Student Council and Layfon.

"Is it ok to stay here and do nothing?"

In the end, only Haia, Fermaus and Myunfa were left. There were also two other members that Haia trusted the most in the roaming bus, but they frowned, looking at his displeased face.

"Ha, anyway, my trust is all gone. Perhaps it's time to give up the position as the Gang's leader."

"So what?" An electric voice conveyed no feelings, but one could feel the laughter in there. They knew because they had lived together for a long time. Fermaus was laughing.

"Didn't you say that the Gang will disband no matter what we do?"

"Perhaps that might happen. But I don't remember saying to destroy it yourself rather than letting others do it."


"Then why do it so freely?"

"......Because this is my home," Haia said, patting the pipe on the wall. "I grew up here. I don't consider any city my home because this is my home."

"Ah, that's true," Fermaus said, thinking of the days from Haia's adoption to today.

"So for those who have their home cities, the bed of their home must be more comfortable than this place. But no matter how comfortable that bed is, no one would want to stay there forever."


He stopped patting the pipe.

Fermaus understood. Haia wished to be isolated from the family that was the Mercenary Gang. He wanted to begin his own journey before losing everything. But for normal people, their families remained after they became independent. Their families would open their arms to them when they were tired, yet Haia had none. The day when the Mercenary Gang returned to Grendan was the day of its disappearance. Although that might not be the only result, Haia seemed to think that would happen.

"What's your plan from now on?"

"Who knows," he turned around with his usual expression. "I might just head for a few places first like normal travelers."

"I'll go too!" Myunfa shouted, from near Felli's room. Realizing what she had done, she lowered her head with her face red, yet strong determination was written on that red face of hers.

"I.........I want to go too."

"Uh—" Haia frowned at her courageous declaration. "Myunfa will drag me down."


He laughed. She was next to tears. "Ahahaha, I was lying. Whatever you like."


"I won't be the leader by that time, so I can't order you around. You can do anything."

"Wu......Yeah," she smiled, wiping her tears. It was a smile that came from the bottom of her heart.

It was finally time to leave.

Savaris knocked on the door then entered the room.

"Ready?" he asked her. He widened his eyes at the condition in the room.

"You've cleaned it quite thoroughly."

Under the sunlight spilling in from the window, the room looked new.

"Ahahaha, I couldn't sleep yesterday........."

She had kept cleaning, unable to sleep from either excitement or tension.

"Well, never mind. People are about to head for the shelter. We have to grab the chance and leave."

"Ah, ok," she dragged her luggage as she followed him out.

The two cities' multi-legs seemed to weave together as the edges of the cities touched. The Student Presidents already waiting on the edge of respective cities signed the war contract. Unlike other intercity wars, a fight between Academy Cities didn't involve bloodshed. The purpose of signing the contract was to confirm that each city would fight under the regulations set by the Academy City Alliance, and that they would discuss any problems that arose. After that, the contract and the result of the Military Arts Competition would be sent to the Academy City Alliance.

After the signing event, each side spread out the map of their cities, confirming the areas designated for the war and appointing a time for the fight to begin.

Both sides had agreed to begin the fight at noon.

"I hope this will be a good competition," Karian said, sweeping his gaze past the Military Artists standing behind Myath's Student President.

Behind Karian stood Zuellni's Military Artists.

"Yes, same thought here," Myath's Student President said. Though he wasn't used to Karian's smile, he and Karian exchanged handshakes.

"What do you think?" Karian asked Vance.

"Very high morale."

"Yes. A quick check of our record, and anyone would think it's easy to beat us."

"True, but that probably isn't the only reason."

Karian understood the reason behind Vance's caution. Myath's Student President gave off a weak aura, but that was probably because of his personality. However, a strong desire to win shone in his eyes. And......Karian's gaze turned to Myath. Myath showed huge traces of destructive power. Traces left by something huge.

"It seems to have traces left from using Kei cannons."

"Aaa, meaning it had recently fought filth monsters?"

"And won. That explains why their morale is so high."

"Humph, if we compare experience of filth monsters, no Academy City can match Zuellni," Vance said.

Karian smiled bitterly. "Well then, I'm leaving the rest to you, Chief Commander."

"Ah, leave it to me."

Leerin wouldn't know the happenings going on outside the facility. The passengers living in the facilities were all heading for the lobby under the guidance of the City Police. Though this was called a Competition, the battlefield involved the entire city area. Still, some areas related to the normal operation of the city were classified as no-fighting zones..... such as farming areas, pastures for livestock, factories for fishery, manufacturing zones that belonged to the Alchemy courses, medical facilities, water purification system and electricity generators, underground Mechanical Departments, City Police areas, libraries, etc. Areas left over made up the stage for the Military Artists, and once the war began, normal people would be banned from entering those zones.

"What should we do?" Leerin asked Savaris in a small voice. They had sneaked out from the emergency exit of the facility.

"If we're to enter the other city, we have to go through the contact point."

"Is that right?"

"That's the only place shielded by the air shield. If we go any other way, we'll get burnt by pollutants."


Would they contact the pollutants? That'd be terrible.

"Anyway, we'll check out the outskirts. We must find a good timing to enter Zuellni, when the battle runs for a certain side. In that situation, no one would care even if I was carrying a person."

"Ah, sorry."

"Not at all, besides, I have to keep my promise to protect you."

Savaris had promised Synola. While feeling grateful, Leerin couldn't help but pity him for having to listen to the reckless Synola. A feeling of closeness to Savaris rushed up in Leerin.

"Huh? Savaris, don't you have luggage?" she realized he was empty-handed.

"Eh? Ahah, that's because I still have to ride Myath's roaming bus."


"Nothing strange. My destination isn't Zuellni. Originally, I had to part from you here."

"Oh, I see."

He had to take her to Zuellni on top of keeping Synola's promise. That made her feel really bad.

"Sorry for troubling you."

"No worries. Besides, I quite like this game."

(A game.)

True. He did look happy. But it was hard to judge whether he really was happy or not. He was always smiling. Besides, he had to infiltrate Zuellni in the midst of an intense battle. It was a battle even though it was between Academy Cities. Savaris called it a "game". Leerin could truly feel the confidence that only a Heaven's Blade successor would have.

"Ah, that's right," Savaris clapped his hands.


"If you see Layfon, don't let him know you came over with me."


She didn't think of deliberately mentioning her travel with Savaris to Layfon. But he actually requested her not to. She cocked her head, not understanding.

"This is a secret mission, and it's better not to spread around the news of a Heaven's Blade sneaking out of Grendan."

"Oh, I see."

In that case, she would keep his secret.

"Thanks, then let's go. We have to find some place to pass the time," he took her luggage and walked out. Leerin followed.

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