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Novel Illustrations[edit]

These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 19


Felli was currently falling.

It was an illusion.

She understood that it was only an illusion. Because she hadn't forgotten what kind of situation she was currently in.

Felli was currently invading her own heart. Delbone's battle experiences were imprinted in some area of her mind's memories, and she was doing what she was to unlock that information.

She was still falling.

The so-called area of memories shouldn't have been able to make her feel the sensation of a three-dimensional world. The reason the feeling of falling was still being produced was because Felli was trying to embed her memories into the real world.


She exhaled.

Her body stopped falling, and the feeling of coming in contact with the ground spread through Felli's feet.

A basic element fixing her own existence - 'the ground' formed.

Next, in order to find her target object among the organized memories, Felli began to give them images.

How much time would this kind of assignment procedure take? Some kind of stinging sensation in her eyelids made Felli open both eyes.

"Is it still like this after all?"

Felli focused her consciousness to lead the imaging procedure, but actually she still couldn't completely control what kinds of forms those memories became.

"For a first attempt...... this is pretty good."

The completed product was a projection in Felli's subconsciousness.

A red brick building appeared before Felli.

It was a library.

An area that preserved information, and moreover one that could be accessed at any time......

"Not to belittle myself, but that kind of relationship is quite simple."

However, it was no use but to enter.

Felli strode into the library.

Inside were counters, spaces where tables were placed, space where shelves had been arranged, and a vast expanse of space.

This wasn't the kind that Felli was familiar with - rather than a terminal-assisted library[1], a rare one that had actual physical books.

"Unexpectedly traditional...... but with this, I can't retrieve books using the terminal, right?"

Felli had also used a library containing specific physical books. At the time, she had tried using the terminal to find those books, but she hadn't noticed any traces of them.

"This isn't simply a reappearance of memories."

Then, did she have to search for her target object one by one among this gigantic sea of books?

"What a waste."

Felli sighed, walking towards one of the lined-up shelves.

She shouldn't be able to use Psychokinesis inside her memories, right? Psychokinesis gave no response, so she was only able to open books one by one to confirm. Felli walked along the path between shelves.

The lined-up shelves looked tidy, but formed a smooth, gentle curve.

"It's almost like a maze."

What significance did this arrangement have? Felli thought while she strode forward, walking to a shelf placed by the wall in an unknown area.

The surface of the wall was covered with glass, and soft light from the outside shone on to the shelf.

Felli stopped her feet.


Her vision froze.

The edge of the shelf was illuminated by a beam of light from outside. Over there - on a footstool meant to get high objects, was seated that person.

"You are...... Delbone?"

"Oh my, I never thought you would guess it instantly."

It wasn't the aged voice that Felli had heard before, but a young and vigorous voice.

"Though I never saw you directly......"

That woman held a book in her hands, looking over with her head tilted. She was young, with a head of silver hair, looking over through a pair of glasses. Felli began feeling a bit uncomfortable under that kind of gaze.

"Because I don't remember seeing someone like you in the real world, so you must be Delbone."

"That way of thinking is a bit shaky, but you answered correctly."

"What are you doing?"

"I'm looking at your memories."


"Nnn. For example, this kind of memory......"


Seeing the spine of the book in Delbone's hands, Felli's heart sank.

"Your student life seems very interesting."

"......What a low hobby."


An unhappiness that her private life was being peeped at emerged in Felli's heart.

"You might feel unhappy, but accompany me for a while, alright?"

"What do you mean?"

Those suggestive words made Felli ask this.

However, Delbone didn't reply.

The title of the book in Delbone's hands gradually changed, and Felli looked on unhappily.


That evening, Meishen made a mistake.

"Aaaaaah, oh no......"

The reason for that was completely caused by the endless rain pouring everywhere. The cafe that she worked at was crowded by a group of guests, and the cafe became incredibly busy right before closing, and moreover the next day she had to turn in the homework from school.

When she returned home after finishing work, all that was in Meishen's mind was her homework. She had already mostly prepared the homework, and all that remained was to transcribe it again. With her personality, it was a natural thing to prepare to this degree. Mifi who couldn't care as much about her homework would never do such a thing, and that was also her personality.

Naruki was working at the City Police, so tonight she wasn't in the dorm - that was also misfortune.

Meishen fell asleep at some point. After Mifi had finished her homework, feelings of fatigue and security became sleepiness in an instant, so the two of them fell asleep in Mifi's room.

Meishen was woken up by the sound of the rain.

It rarely rained in the autonomous moving cities, because the air filter would break apart the raindrops.

But today, rain was falling inside the city.

In other words, a torrent that could break through the air filter was battering the entire city.


After being woken up by the sound of the rain, Meishen hurriedly rushed out to the balcony. The clothes she had just washed were still hung outside. Meishen would normally take them back into the room right after coming home, but today she had been careless and forgotten to take them back because her mind was full of her homework business.

Was this misfortune, or avoidance of further misfortune...... There would probably be two ways to see this.

Because of that, Meishen was able to reduce the loss she suffered to some degree.

But, she witnessed a scene.


After opening the sliding glass door and rushing out to the balcony, Meishen saw someone.

Her gaze met with that person.

As she took down the clothesline where the clothes were hung, she saw a mysterious figure standing there, holding a bamboo hanger.

Even in the darkness produced by the intense rain, light from inside the room shone on that person, who gazed at Meishen with sparkling eyes.


In front of Meishen who had lost her breath, that person agilely jumped off of the balcony.

In the next moment, a scream was released from Meishen's throat.

"An underwear thief?"

That phrase made Layfon show a confused expression.

Even if he had already heard rumors, he had never seen a so-called underwear thief with his own eyes. Of course, Layfon didn't have any intention to deliberately acquaint himself with criminals, so it was perfectly explainable for him to have never met that kind of person, and moreover he didn't know anyone who was any other type of thief.

Among all kinds of thieves, Layfon had the hardest time understanding underwear thieves.


Naruki nodded her head very seriously. Behind her, Meishen whose figure had become even smaller than normal tightly grabbed on to her uniform.

Meishen seemed very scared.

The morning classroom was not yet full of students. They were scattered in small groups everywhere, chatting happily.

The sun shining through the windows into the room was quite sinister. The classroom was full of air conditioning, but sweat flowed during class. If the temperature continued to increase, school would be cancelled due to the students being unable to learn. Moreover, because of the Military Arts Competition this year, everyone said that the school would make the decision to hold vacation early.

Of course, at the same time rumors had spread - that there would be a huge amount of homework waiting for everyone during the vacation, under the name of self-study.

In this kind of hot temperature, no one wore the full uniform. Perhaps because her fear from last night hadn't yet receded, the short-sleeved Meishen seemed very cold.

"Then, nothing happened to Meishen, right?"

"Uh, nn......"

"Oh, that's good."

Layfon first sighed in relief.

"Actually, there have been reports all over recently."

Naruki lowered her voice.

"But, the losses received haven't been that great. It was written in the reports that the victims at the time even thought that they might have been wrong."

"What does that mean?"

Layfon was unable to understand what Naruki was saying. The victims had reported to the police, but had also felt that they might be wrong.

"The criminal deliberately only steals a small amount of clothing, letting the victim doubt whether the lingerie was blown away by the wind. He only steals the target that he carefully selects."

"Really, what a joke!"

Mifi who was sanding next to Meishen spoke angrily.

In this kind of situation, the person who had the most fun was usually Mifi, but this time even she got mad. It seemed that the so-called underwear thief was hated that much by women.

"In any case, we have decided to increase night patrols in order to catch that person, so please lend us a helping hand, Layfon."

"Ah, nn. Sure."

Naruki was agitated even while asking for help. The fact that her good friend Meishen had encountered that kind of terror had definitely made her truly mad.

Friendship is really beautiful~, Layfon thought.

Starting in the evening, Layfon began patrolling the night with Naruki.

Still, they didn't know when or where the criminal would appear. Formed had said that there was no reason to stop ordinary business, so Layfon could only patrol when his work cleaning the Mechanical Department was over.

"Really, he hasn't learned his lesson at all."

Naruki murmured this, walking through the still night. In order to vent her anger, Naruki kicked the ground with force as she walked, and it seemed from this that she didn't plan to hide her presence at all.

Then, if the criminal were nearby, he would be able to slip by.

But, Layfon couldn't find an opportunity to warn Naruki about that at all, so he could only follow behind her with a forced smile.

"Isn't the enemy a dirty man who steals girl's underwear? Don't you think that we have to immediately arrest him even if we have to mobilize the entire City Police?"

"Ah, uh, nn. Maybe."

Layfon had to go clean the Mechanical Department tonight, so he already wore his working clothes. Because the weather was very hot, he had taken off the top portion of the outfit and tied it around his waist. Layfon had stuffed his Dite in the pants of his working clothes, so he could draw it out at a suitable time.

Layfon and Naruki walked around with the residential district as a center. There were residential districts all over Zuellni, and the criminal hadn't chosen a particular one for his crimes.

"First, let's focus on the reported district to carry out investigations."

Following Naruki's proposal, the two of them walked to the district that Layfon's dorm was in.

The number one male dorm was a giant building, so there were very few girls living around here. However, farther away could be found coed villas or apartments.

Naruki pinned on the badge of the City Police, striding forth with killing intent surging up to the sky. Just seeing that appearance, the students who had come out to have fun at night quickly fled away.

Layfon who walked behind her began thinking that everyone saw him as a problem student who was being brought back to the City Police for counseling, which gave him a strange impatient feeling.

"Hey, Naruki."


Layfon opened his mouth towards Naruki who was walking while looking in all directions.

"Did Mei catch what that criminal looked like?"

Speaking of which, it seemed that he had forgotten to ask about something very important.

"I didn't say?"


"Really? Is that so?"

Naruki's mood had slightly changed, right? But when she started talking, she didn't look towards him.

"The sudden rain last night lowered the visibility outdoors a lot, so Mei didn't see very clearly."

"Ah, that's true."

Speaking of which, it had indeed rained last night. At the time, Layfon had been cleaning the Mechanical Department, and though he had been underground, he had helped to inspect the reservoir that prevented water overflow, so he also clearly remembered it.

"But the criminal was small, and moreover he jumped off the balcony in an instant. So that person shouldn't be a normal person, but a Military Artist."


A Military Artist deliberately became an underwear thief?

It wasn't impossible, but could even be called an easy thing.

If that were true, then that person was truly wasting his ability - Layfon felt speechless, thinking that in his heart.

"Come to think of it, why does he want to steal underwear?"

"Ask the criminal for that kind of thing, how would I know what that pervert is thinking."

After speaking those words, Naruki focused her vision somewhere.

Someone had just turned the corner.

"Ah...... Fe...... Senpai."

It was Felli, and moreover she had a plastic bag in her hands. Layfon who was about to say her name without honorifics like usual hurriedly changed his words, and that response made Felli stare at Layfon with an unhappy look.

"What are you two doing?"

"We're patrolling, what about you?"

"Can't you see just by looking?"

Felli slightly raised the plastic bag in her hands, where the name of a nearby store was printed. The contents seemed to be magazines and juice.

"I went out to buy some things and kill time."

"Oh. We're patrolling, so can I ask senpai whether you've seen any suspicious people?'

"Who knows."

After Naruki asked this, Felli only tilted her head slightly and showed a confused expression.

"Did something happen?"

"Nn, it seems that there's an enemy of women around."

"? Is that so?"

Felli seemed like she didn't really understand the meaning of that phrase, but she still walked past Layfon and Naruki.

"Is it alright not to tell her?"

Watching Felli's back as she departed, Layfon asked this after confirming that she had disappeared behind the apartment ahead.

"Nn. Though we can't confirm it, I think that criminal wouldn't harm Felli-senpai."

Naruki's proclamation held an inexplicable confidence, which made Layfon show a confused expression like Felli before.

Layfon looked at the time, and it was already past time for him to go clean the Mechanical Department.

After parting with Naruki, Layfon strode towards the entrance he normally used.

After some time, some sounds entered his ears.

Intense buzzing sounds.

Along with screams.

The sounds that entered his ears were truly soft. When he had been patrolling with Naruki, Layfon had constantly used internal Kei to improve his hearing ability, and these sounds were barely caught by his lowered hearing.

Layfon quickly ran over.

The apartment of Felli that he had just parted with was over there.

In Felli's apartment, there was a part of the first floor designated for laundry use. Washing machines could be used in every room there, but there seemed to also be quite a few people who only used dryers.

That was information that Felli had told him before.

In the loud sound of the burglar alarm, Layfon met back up with Naruki on the road, and arrived at the scene together. This place gave off a tidy feeling, completely different from the dorm laundry area that Layfon normally used, and moreover the ground was inlaid with various colors.

The clothes, underwear, and towels that had been placed in the washing machines were fallen everywhere. A girl - she was probably the one who had screamed - and Felli were blankly standing in the entrance. The tenants who had also heard the sound also came to see the situation one after another, and the narrow entrance was filled with people in a moment.

Regi19 023.jpg

A bit glass window was set in the outer wall of the laundry room. That window had been broken, and the glass shards fallen amidst the laundry reflected the lights of the room.

Layfon and Naruki cautiously walked into the room through the broken window. After Naruki showed that she was part of the City Police, the girl who had just screamed let out a comforted sigh.

"I came after hearing sounds, but things became like this. There was something here just now, but it jumped out from there in a flash."


Naruki let out her voice. Felli understood Naruki's meaning, but she shook her head.

"I didn't bring my Dite, so even if I chased him now it would be meaningless."

Felli could return to her room and get her Dite, and then continued searching.

Organizing the situation after those events would be far too difficult. Never mind the criminal being a Military Artist, even if he were a normal person he would be hard to find.

"And I was unable to see the criminal's looks, so since I have no clues at all, I don't know where to start looking."

Felli's words made Naruki's expression twist in regret, but she immediately changed her mindset and took the necessary formalities.

Soon after, support from the City Police had come to the scene.

The burglar alarm still sounded. The nearby police had already received reports even before Naruki had arrived.

Two patrol officers also came as support. Though they had only come to check the origin of the police siren, it didn't take much time for the number of people present to increase from two to a large group.

After the police issued the order to preserve the crime scene, the girl who had screamed and Felli obviously showed a dissatisfied expression, since after all what had fallen on the ground was not just ordinary cloth. Felli whose gaze had instantly dropped into the world of absolute zero glared at Layfon for some reason.

"This doesn't have anything to do with me."

"Please think of something."

"I can't do it."


Losing to that soundless pressure, Layfon opened his mouth to ask Naruki, but saw Naruki talking with the police who had come to handle the case. After all, the undergarments that had fallen on the floor also contained lingerie, so Naruki who was also a woman should handle this matter. She was quite agitated as she convinced them, so the police agreed to let the owners first confirm whether or not things had been stolen.

There had only been two people using the washing machines.

"Felli......senpai, how many clothes have you accumulated?"

"You're noisy, shut up and don't stare at a woman's laundry, you idiot."

The tone suited Felli's quiet style, but coarse words that didn't suit Felli's speaking style flew out.

The laundry that had scattered were almost all Felli's things, and were probably about three laundry bags with regard to quantity.

It was definitely necessary to use the washing machine to wash this much clothing.

"It's a bit more comfortable to wash bit by bit."

Layfon made a proposal, but Felli turned her head to the side and didn't regard it.

"Have you seen anything missing?"


"They're gone!"

After Naruki asked, Felli shook her head. Right then, the other girl screamed again. That girl had also accumulated a heap of unwashed clothes like Felli, with a quantity of about two laundry bags. However, after that girl picked up her clothes, she stared horrified and with a pale face at the bare floor.

"What's gone?"

Naruki asked this. From Naruki's voice, Layfon could hear that she had already guessed the answer.

"My bras......"

The girl mumbled this.

Naruki raised her head to look at the sky, her hand clenched tightly into a fist.

That girl's bras had all been stolen.

The criminal was a pervert who stole bras.

Layfon couldn't understand the situation. Bras? What would he do with them after stealing them? He had no way of understanding at all. People's likes were truly inexplicable - he couldn't help but stare into the distance.


After school the next day, Felli made that remark in the training hall. Everyone had been carrying out group exercise to prepare for the Military Arts Competition, and this happened after training. Sharnid who would never participate in this kind of voluntary training obviously was not there. In the space reserved for the seventeenth platoon, other than Layfon and Felli, there was only Nina and Dalshena. Naruki was in the City Police, participating in the manhunt with an abnormal enthusiasm.

"Underwear thieves are indeed the enemy of women."

After hearing Felli's remark, Nina nodded her head.

"Is it Sharnid? Ha, if it is, then we should go punish him."

Seeing Dalshena swing her lance spiritedly, Layfon could only think that she just wanted to find an opportunity to beat up Sharnid, but he didn't say so, because Felli immediately opened her mouth.

"You can't joke about that kind of thing."

"What did you say?"

Felli's words made Dalshena show a surprised expression.

"Nor can you understand this kind of humiliation."

After saying that in a low voice, Felli went silent. She seemed to be biting her lip.

What was going on? The three looked at each other, completely unable to make sense of the reasons for Felli's quiet rage.

Felli hadn't had anything stolen from her. Therefore, she should feel thanks for her good luck, and should make calmer judgments. The normal Felli would do that, but her response wasn't this way, and Layfon really couldn't make sense of what was going on.

Speaking of which, Meishen had clearly been a victim, so Naruki and Mifi's rage were evident. The three of them were good friends from the same home city, and moreover Meishen had that kind of personality, so it wouldn't be strange for her sense of fear to be stronger than her anger. But even Felli had become this way, meaning that some mystery was hidden in this.

"Can I ask why you're so mad?"

After asking honestly, Layfon received Felli's stare.

"First, you need to arrest the culprit of this as quickly as possible. Also, he should be given a suitable punishment, that's what we need to do right now."

"By 'we', you mean...... Felli-senpai is also going to help?"

It was tremendously good for the Psychokinesist Felli to express that she wanted to help.

However, Felli shook her head.

"Not only me, but Captain and the others as well."

Felli said this, and Nina and the others who were listening silently by the side showed surprised expressions.

"What did you say?"

"We're also helping?"

"That's an obvious thing. The opponent is an enemy of women, what are you hesitating for?"

Though she said it like it was natural, Felli's tone didn't have a hint of joking.

Later, it was night.

Naruki and Nina were side by side, and Layfon was behind them. Felli spread out her Psychokinesis from her own apartment. Even right now, many flower petal-like flakes were floating in the surroundings.

Why were things like this...... Layfon didn't say it, because it was no use to say.

Several days had passed since then. Even with Felli's Psychokinesis and the City Police's investigation network, no one was able to find the whereabouts of the criminal.

Moreover, the criminal had continued committing crimes in that period of time.

The criminal's target was really only bras.

Moreover, after seeing that horrible situation, Nina and Dalshena also understood Felli's anger. Layfon also understood that it was something he would never understand.

Dalshena understood those kinds of feelings, but still had left the investigation for some reason. Honestly, Layfon envied Dalshena very much, but when Dalshena had announced that she was backing out, Layfon had felt that she showed a subtle expression of guilt.

"We'll definitely catch that criminal today!"

Nina shouted this from the front, and everyone other than Layfon also shouted vigorously, and even Felli shouted through the flake.

That was impossible, this kind of thing definitely wouldn't happen normally.

Layfon couldn't keep up with the pace of the others. Though he couldn't keep up, he could only choose to keep up.

Layfon had only tried anything like backing out once. That had happened yesterday, and after all Nina who had even more vigor than Layfon had also joined the patrol. Moreover, Layfon felt that he had been lacking sleep, so he tried to make a proposal to leave, however-

"Oh...... you want to back out?"

"Really, Layton's friendship is only at that level."

"How lacking."

"Sorry, I was just saying it."

The three of them looked at him, and their gazes made Layfon raise the white flag of surrender.

When Dalshena had said she was backing out, clearly no one had opposed her.


"Huh, you really are on that side, I see."

At the time, Felli seemed to have said that kind of unreasonable line. If it were the normal Dalshena, she should have retorted at that sentence, but at the time she hadn't done so, but rather left truly guiltily.

Rather, for some reason the other two hadn't stopped Felli's rude remarks or reproached her, but it seemed that they even approved of her saying that.

Layfon truly couldn't understand it.

What kind of situation was he in right now?

Moreover, that night Layfon had to leave early because he had to go clean the Mechanical Department.

Like that, the criminal committed three more crimes, and the angry howls of women sounded through the entirety of Zuellni's night sky.

"Really, what's going on."

The next day, Layfon had slumped lifelessly in his seat in the classroom. The weather was still hot. Though it was very hot, it was a bit better than yesterday. According to rumors that Layfon heard in the classroom, the average temperature seemed to be gradually dropping. Because of this, Zuellni's summer break provisions had not come into effect, and it would be impossible for them to get a long break.

Dissatisfied catcalls and other sounds bounced around the classroom.

During that kind of situation, Meishen walked over, putting a cup of juice on Layfon's desk.


"No, it's not Mei's fault."

It seemed to be a drink that she had gone to the vending machine to get. Layfon gratefully took the drink, drank all of the juice in the cup, and then chewed on the pieces of ice that had fallen into his mouth.

"But, if we don't hurry up and catch the criminal, my body might not be able to take it."

It wasn't his physical strength, but his mind.

Layfon had no way of understanding the actions of an underwear thief, nor did he understand the reasons why Naruki and the others were so dedicated to this.

"Right, what about Mi-chan?"

"Uh...... She said that she'd keep her ears open."

Mifi hadn't joined the ranks of the night patrol, but she was listening everywhere for information to help catch the criminal.

A characteristic of the Academy City was that almost all of the city's residents would gather in school buildings when it was time for class. Mifi used that trait, and it was because of this that she was always late for class.

"Why are Naruki and the others so vigorous? I feel that they're even giving off killing intent."

The criminal who stole women's underwear was the enemy of women - Layfon could understand that claim, but the situation right now seemed vaguely out of control. If it were only Nina, Layfon could understand the situation, since her personality was that extreme. But the first person who had become like this was Naruki, and even Felli had joined their ranks.

Moreover, why had Dalshena backed out?


Layfon was almost muttering to himself, making Meishen's face get red.

"Mei, do you understand?"

"Uh............well......I don't really understand."

At a glance, Layfon could see that it was a lie, but he also understood that if Meishen was showing this appearance, she definitely wouldn't tell him the truth.

It seemed to be common knowledge known only to women, and the male Layfon obviously didn't understand.

And for some reason, Meishen also showed the same extremely guilty expression as Dalshena had.

Layfon really still didn't understand.

But, it was meaningless.

"We'll definitely end everything tonight."

Layfon decided this.

He had already had enough of this difficult mood.

Layfon stood on the spire of the Student Council building's roof.

It was night right now.

Normally at this time, Layfon should have been carrying out night patrols along with Naruki and the others, but Layfon had escaped the ranks of the patrol and come here. Because of the girls' momentum and enthusiasm, Layfon hadn't been able to convince them or explain his own thinking.

He single-handedly held on to the staff of the city's flag, and tightly grasped the Sapphire Dite in his other hand.

The clear blue sword hilt didn't blend in with the night, but proclaimed its own existence, standing out from the surrounding environment in its namesake color.

"......There's not much time."

Felli's Psychokinesis flakes were spread through every corner of the city. These Psychokinesis Flakes were spread in order to capture the criminal, but also because of this, it was only a matter of time until Layfon was noticed. If things became like that, Nina or Naruki would find him, and then drag Layfon back into the patrol group.

Layfon had to catch the underwear thief before the situation changed like that.

In any case, that underwear thief hadn't appeared, so Layfon's mind couldn't calm down.

Layfon used internal Kei to raise his hearing. The entire city's sounds flew into his ears, and Layfon's head immediately began hurting. He endured that feeling and continued listening to the sounds. Layfon had no way of distinguishing the subtle noises, so he couldn't hear the footsteps or movements of the criminal before the crime, but if it were the loud sound of the laundry room window being shattered like what had happened in the apartment before, he would know immediately.

Completely different from before, today Layfon had already entered a battle state. As soon as a screech entered his ears, he was confident that he could get to the scene in a moment.

Layfon waited, listening carefully.

And then, he heard it.


A cry.

Where? ......Layfon looked in the direction the sound had come from, and at the same time strengthened his vision.

Got it. On a balcony in the middle area of a tenement building, a girl was standing there with an expression of shock.

Layfon followed the girl's gaze. There was a black shadow there, and its figure was indeed small, but the shadows of its hands were confusingly long. Before Layfon's vision could catch up to the shadow and see clearly, the opponent had already hid in the shadows of the trees.

Regi19 037.jpg

"Don't think of running."

Internal-type Kei variant - Reflecting Water Ferry.

Like ripples moving over a surface of water, Layfon closed in at rapid speed while leaving almost no trace. If Whirl Kei was dynamic movement, Reflecting Water Ferry was silent movement. Its speed exceeded that of Whirl Kei, letting Layfon leap over the vast space of the Academy City in a moment, and then land soundlessly and with no presence.

The location of his landing was the forested park in front of the tenement building. A Yuusuiju tree[2] in the center of the park created moisture that left a sticky feeling on the skin, and other than this there were no presences of anything.

The criminal was......


The criminal was still over there. He was constantly jumping through the dense tree branches, gradually leaving the area.

Layfon pursued.

However, before Layfon reached his target, the criminal did something unimaginable.

The criminal leaped into the center of the park, towards the pool of water surrounding the Yuusuiju tree.


No splash at all had been made.

Layfon looked closely at the pool, but only saw the drain at the end of the pond that prevented overflows, and that the grating that was supposed to be covering it was nowhere to be seen. The criminal had definitely escaped inside.


With Layfon's physique, it wasn't like he couldn't squeeze inside.

What should he do...... After hesitating for a moment, Layfon squeezed his body into the hole.

It was very slippery here.

Moss grew everywhere in the sewers, and he would step on it and slip if he wasn't careful. When he had just entered the hole, Layfon had been forced to crawl, but the passageway was tilted, so the clothes he wore all got utterly filthy. Moreover, the water gushing out of the Yuusuiju tree was warm, so he was surrounded by a muggy heat in the narrow space, and when he reached a larger open area, his entire body was already dripping with either sweat or humidity.

What Layfon entered seemed to have been a waterway leading to the water purification plant. Layfon let out a heartfelt sight, thankful that it wasn't a waterway for sewage. The current Layfon was using internal Kei to raise his senses, and if he were attacked by a stench as well in his current environment, Layfon might have reconsidered what was going on in his life.

It was also very hot in the waterway, but there were walkways on the side meant for security. There were only weak safety lights inside the waterway. In order to keep from missing the sound of footsteps of the person ahead, Layfon focused his mind on his ears, concentrating on tracking the criminal's path.

There would occasionally be small black shadows flitting around in the dripping waterway, or the light given off by the safety lights would be reflected by silvery things. It seemed that there were also fish in this kind of place. Layfon looked at the fish as he kept his distance behind the sound of footsteps. Layfon thought that, since things had progressed to this degree, he might as well unearth the suspect's secrets completely.

Moreover, Layfon was very intrigued by the sound of these footsteps. The way the other party set his feet down and the way he walked was different from a trained Military Artist. However, Layfon had a hard time catching his presence. His footsteps were the same. They weren't the sounds of shoes, nor were they the sounds of bare feet, so maybe it was a mix of the two - it was a subtle noise that sounded very mysterious.

He might as well just close the distance in a breath and the opponent, and that kind of charge constantly enticed Layfon. Maybe doing that was better, but getting back the stolen objects was also very important. If he just charged out, Layfon would be giving up on that idea.

The waterway finally reached a large pool. The water released by other Yuusuiju trees would all gather in this place. This was a place where waterfalls made crashing noises as they fell, and many fish were swimming around in schools. The water here would pass through a giant waterway, and then flow into the water purification plant.

The sound of footsteps moved towards the passageway from another Yuusuiju tree.

Layfon kept chasing.

The footsteps continuously advanced, and soon after Layfon had to do the same as when he had entered, squeezing himself into narrow waterway. His pants and arms were soaked again by warm water, and the moss spread in this waterway was even thicker, completely different from the moss in the forested park.

Sure enough, the grating installed at the end of the waterway to block off garbage had also been removed.

After he walked out, a tract of jungle that the forested park couldn't compare to at all appeared before him.

"Is this the Agricultural Department's land?"

It seemed like the forests that he had tended before. While he was confirming the sensations of the forest, Layfon noticed that the footsteps had disappeared.


Layfon hurriedly focused his mind, but the footsteps had already been drowned out by the noises of the livestock raised in the forest, and he couldn't hear them.


Listening closely, Layfon noticed that new footsteps were drawing closer.

At the same time, he also noticed small things preparing to surround him.

"A trap!"

A tense feeling flitted across his heart.

However, that feeling wasn't correct.

The small things were Psychokinesis flakes, and their shape was a kind that Layfon was familiar with.

Moreover, under the light shining through the trees, he could see the truth behind the footsteps that were constantly drawing close.

"Captain...... and Naruki?"

The Psychokinesis flakes were Felli's.

After seeing Layfon, Nina and Naruki also showed surprised looks, but those were only for a moment. Dangerous looks quickly appeared on their faces, and soon after became deep scowls.

Layfon had a bad premonition.

An extremely bad premonition.

"I never thought...... no, I never would have thought that this kind of thing would happen."

Nina murmured this in a low voice. She shook her head slightly, raising her eyebrows.

However, her gaze didn't leave Layfon's body.

"No, please hold on. I......"

(I thought that something was wrong, since the criminal always appeared when you weren't there.)

Felli's voice sounded by his ears. Layfon's surroundings were filled with Psychokinesis flakes.

"That's only coincidence!"

Layfon cried out. A trap, it was truly a trap.

He hadn't imagined that he who was chasing the criminal would have been mistaken as the criminal.

"I was just chasing the criminal!"

"We were also chasing the criminal."

(Moreover, you're the only one nearby.)

Naruki and Felli's emotionless tones made Layfon's hair stand on end. He had to prove his innocence no matter what, but it was no use against them. Fueled by their impatience at being unable to catch the criminal, and the enigmatic emotion of Layfon being unable to understand, Nina, Naruki and Felli's anger at the underwear thief lost control.

The three of them who had completely lost control were looking for an outlet to relieve their anger.

And the target they had locked on was Layfon.

Maybe he should escape......

Just as Layfon thought of this, a flake suddenly gave off light, and bindings also wrapped around his wrist.

It was Naruki's rope...... She had taken advantage of the opportunity and captured Layfon.

(It's no use.)

Felli spoke lightly to the dazed Layfon:

(You're surrounded. I've already grasped your movements using your nerve impulses...... Even if you're strong, you have no way of escaping if your actions are predicted.)


Felli said these things in a serious tone, making a feeling of fear run through Layfon's body and causing him to almost collapse.

"And also......"

That was Naruki's voice, and sparks flew through his vision.

This was the External-type Karen Kei variant - Amethyst Lightning.

External Kei that had become electricity assaulted Layfon's entire body. Layfon quickly used external Kei to deflect that move, so he wasn't hurt. However, his body became heavy quickly. Bathing one's entire body in external Kei would sometimes throw the mind into chaos, making the body unable to move. The goal of Amethyst Lightning was originally to daze the opponent, so even if that result wasn't achieved, the effects produced by the electricity were the same as what happened when his body was bathed in external Kei.

The effects produced by Amethyst Lightning didn't immediately disappear, and having his body become heavy made Layfon fall to his knees.

At that time, Nina strode towards him.

"I should give you some punishment."

She growled violently.

The iron whips in her hands had long been pumped full of Kei.

"Don't joke around like that!"

Layfon yelled, and then leaped high. His body was very heavy, and couldn't jump as quickly or as high as he had wanted.

"Don't try to escape!"

Nina and Naruki chased him.

The Psychokinesis flakes stuck to Layfon with frightening speed.

A brilliant burst of thunder surrounded Layfon, and then overwhelmed him.

After saying goodbye to Layfon after school, Meishen was alone. Naruki and Layfon went to training together, and Mifi went to pursue matters regarding the underwear thief alone. Mifi had said that if she would make it into an article if she saw the criminal, but Meishen could plainly see that she was really doing it for her own motives.

Why had things become like this...... Meishen couldn't help from sighing. Meishen had been the one whose underwear had been stolen, and she should be the one who felt angry, worried, or hurt, but the outrage of Naruki and Mifi far surpassed their duty as good friends, and moreover it had gone out of control. Seeing the out-of-control anger of the two, Meishen could only feel more and more meek, and gradually felt pained.

"Layfon also feels worried... I really hope this can be resolved quickly."

After mumbling this, Meishen took a detour on the way to the tram station that she could take to get home. Today she didn't even need to go work at the cafe. Meishen thought that she should buy the things she would use for dinner on the way. After thinking of the materials in her fridge, Meishen thought 'I shouldn't need to buy too many things', so she chose to go shopping in a place nearby the school.

"Oh my."

Just as Meishen was holding vegetables deciding whether they were good or not, someone spoke to her.


Turning around, she could only see Leerin, waving while holding a shopping basket just like her.

"Mei, you also came to buy things?"

"Um...... Nn."

"It seems like you're troubled."

After Leerin came by Meishen, she spoke while beginning to choose vegetables.

"I feel like Nina's been very worked up recently, and a bit talkative."

Regi19 049.jpg

Leerin said this with an ordinary mood, making a puzzled smile emerge on Meishen's face.

That response made Leerin tilt her head and show a confused expression.

"Could it be that you're still troubled by it? Is the criminal still targeting you?"

"No, it's not like that. But......"

Meishen spoke hesitantly. She thought as she hesitated.


Leerin looked at her worriedly. Meishen made her decision.

"Uh, do you...... have some time later?"

To Meishen, even inviting someone of the same gender to a cafe required a bit of courage.

"Ah my~~"

Leerin made a sighing sound as if she partially understood but partially didn't understand, making Meishen's face go red.

"Ah~ So that's how it is. I never would have thought Nina would be so concerned about such a thing."

"Um, I don't get it......"

Leerin moved her gaze as if she were thinking about something. Meishen lowered her head, her eyes peeping out to see her response.

It would be alright if it were her, Meishen thought, and that was why she had talked with Leerin. But, how would she respond after all?

"......Indeed, if it were Synola-senpai, I think she'd definitely be qualified."

After looking at Meishen, Leerin said that kind of mysterious thing.


"Aah, nothing."

After Leerin shook her head, she clapped her hands and changed the subject.

"In any case, this can't go on. If we don't catch the criminal, Nina will stay unhappy, and the dorm atmosphere will become very bad just because of her. Everyone's worried......"


The situation on her side was the same. Naruki and Mifi gave off killing intent, and Meishen could only pass every day with the feelings of hiding in a shelter waiting for Military Artists to fight off filth monsters.

She hoped the criminal would be arrested sooner.

Because that would definitely make everybody's current discontent go away.

"On the other hand, as for what we can do......"

Leerin sighed.

Right, that was also a problem. The criminal was someone whose crimes hadn't been stopped even by Layfon and Nina's nightly patrols, and had even become a terrifying person who was a serial underwear thief. Even if normal people like Leerin or Meishen helped out, they couldn't resolve that matter.

"But, maybe we can ask what developments there have been in the investigation."

Leerin spoke that suggestion.

"See, Mei was a victim after all."

Whether Meishen agreed with that proposal or whether she was convinced, the two of them ended up leaving the cafe and walking over towards the City Police headquarters.

After explaining their business by the counter on the first floor, the two of them were told to go upstairs directly, and not long after, Formed showed his face.

"Speaking of that matter, it should be resolved soon."

Contrary to their expectations, Formed immediately said that kind of thing.


Meishen and Leerin felt surprised, and Formed showed a difficult and complex expression, taking a cup and drinking some tea.

"Naruki is being too noisy. Also, she's too lax when collecting evidence."

Formed's unhappy expression made Meishen and Leerin look at each other. Just as they did this, a policeman came, saying several quiet words to Formed.

"Ah, as I thought."

His unhappy expression became complicated. It was a look of wanting to laugh, but being unhappy.

"......If you don't care about spending a bit more time, do you want to see the moment we arrest the criminal?"

He gave an order to the policeman, and after he stood up and thought a bit, Formed made a proposal to the two of them.

After looking at Leerin's response, Meishen nodded.

Afterwards, Meishen and Leerin first returned to their own rooms for a bit, and then returned to the headquarters at the time that Formed had designated......

Then, they came to this place.

The two of them entered a tram with the policemen. The city transportation tram sent the two tense individuals to the entrance to a jungle.

"Is this...... the Agriculture Division?"

In the dim moonlight of the night, the forest seemed like it had no bounds.

After Leerin asked this, Formed nodded. The policemen used their flashlights to illuminate the forest's darkness and advanced forward.

Even the hard, sloped road was covered with leaves. Formed deftly advanced on the sloped road, and after confirming the fork of the road, he gave his flashlight to the policemen and gave a wordless signal.

The policemen advanced and dispersed.

"Then, can we ask what the situation is?"

Why did they have to come to a forest of the Agriculture Department when they wanted to arrest an underwear thief?"

"You'll know the answer very soon."

They could see the face of Formed in the darkness, with exactly the same unhappy face he had shown in the beginning.

"......Suspecting the Alchemy Department and the Agriculture Department first whenever something troublesome happens, that's the modus operandi of the City Police."

He murmured softly.

"Because those two departments both carry out experiments, and moreover sometimes very unexpected things happen."

A small sound could be heard, as if air were escaping from something. The leaves made an intense rustling sound, and something made a screech, and then made a sound of falling to the ground.

"Why didn't that girl notice in the apartment laundry room. Really, her attention to detail is too low."

Formed murmured this with a reproachful, sharp tone, and then walked to the source of the screech.

After looking at the thing that a policeman had captured in a net, Meishen and Leerin's breath caught.

"Uh...... is this a monkey?"

Leerin mumbled without any confidence. Its size was about as large as a ten-year-old child, and its arms were abnormally long, but its feet were very short. This monkey was completely covered in fur, but didn't have any on its face, so its red skin could be seen directly. Its mouth protruded outward, and sharp teeth could be seen lined up inside.

It held a pure white object unfitting for a wild animal in its hands.

A bra.


The two of them made sounds at the same time.

"Some people of the Agriculture Department tried seeing whether they could make a monkey into labor in order to reduce their chores. Maybe they thought so because this monkey was very clever, so perhaps they could succeed with a bit of training. In their experiment, it seems that they gave the work of raising birds to this monkey."

Formed spoke while warily taking the bra from the monkey's hand, giving it to a female policeman, then walking into the depths of the forest in front of the monkey.

After catching up to Formed, that scene was immediately reflected in their eyes.

A part of the forest had been fenced off. Floating along the wind was the odor of chickens that she had raised when she was small.

"These chickens don't really need to be tended, and just need to be given space and food. Did you know that their leg meat is very tasty?"

"Nn, I think so."

"The only problem is these chickens' nests. In order to grow good legs, they need to be able to exercise. So we purposefully put their nests in a high location, making them constantly hop to exercise their legs. Usually we use Kuwada beans to make their nests, but......"

The policemen shone their flashlights into the fence together. The bright light that suddenly appeared made the chickens emit protesting cries.

Among the countless beams of light piercing the darkness, several things could be seen floating in midair.

No, they were hanging in midair.

They were bras.

A large web spread through the branches of the trees, and countless large bras were hung in midair. The bra cups that usually housed girls' chests had been stuffed full of grass and leaves, and small chicks were sleeping inside.

"......They're very similar to the pods of Kuwada beans."

Kuwada bean pods were very large, and they could hold many beans inside them. As soon as a fitting season arrived, a light wind would cause the pod to burst, spreading the beans everywhere.

"This year we used a new product, so no one grew those kinds of beans."

"Uh, in other words......"

Leerin rubbed her temple while murmuring. She seemed to be organizing the thoughts in her head.

"For their experiment, the Agriculture Department people gave the work of tending these chickens to this monkey. Then, the Kuwada beans that were used as their nests stopped being produced this year, so this monkey went out to find something that could serve as a replacement, is that right?"

"The experimenters seem to have prepared a replacement, but it doesn't seem very satisfied."

Formed didn't disagree with her conclusion.


Leerin looked at Meishen after making that sound.

She sized up Meishen's chest.

"It could fit one of those chickens."

" way."

Meishen lowered her completely red face.

Just then, a strong light spilled forth from the distance.

"Come on, fight me, Layfon! No, pervert king!"

"You deceived me. No, I'm quite disappointed that you've been looking at me with that kind of gaze."

(How deficient.)

Layfon had escaped from the surround of Psychokinesis lightning with difficulty, but merciless roars along with external Kei and Dites assaulted him.

"I'm innocent!"

Regardless of how loud Layfon yelled, the girls didn't listen to him.

He cried out while running away, but had no way of avoiding the encircling Psychokinesis. In addition, the damage inflicted by Amethyst Lightning and the Psychokinesis lightning just now had slowed Layfon's movements. A difficult battle that had never appeared during training was gradually driving Layfon to an impasse.

The three of them became a destructive storm that devastated the Agriculture Department's forest, and Layfon who was being pursued could do nothing but flee.

"I didn't do anything!"

Layfon's grief-filled appeal dissipated in the darkness of the night.

The escape drama didn't stop until Formed and Leerin used megaphones to carry out a dual audio attack.

Show Me Heart[edit]

Today had been very boring, and nothing at all had happened.


Felli opened her mouth to yawn naturally. In order to wipe away the water that appeared in the corners of her eyes, she raised her head from the book in her hands.

It was the classroom. The morning classes had already ended, and right now was the resting period before the afternoon classes began.

After consuming the bread that she had bought as lunch, Felli had nothing to do.

Hot sunlight shone from outside the window. However, its strength seemed to be decreasing. Actually, the temperature was gradually fluctuating while slowly dropping. If this went on, wouldn't the city have passed through the summer period - the students all complained about this in low voices.

If the average temperature didn't increase, the school wouldn't let out, and the agricultural lakes wouldn't open. Many female students complained that they had finally bought new swimsuits but were unable to wear them. In that case, wouldn't it be fine to go to a swimming pool, Felli thought.

It was obviously better for the weather to be cool.

Though the sun was strong, the temperature wasn't that hot. The window was even open. Though her skin would sweat if there was no wind, as soon as wind blew into the room, it dissipated all of the accumulated heat in the room.

Today was a day of nice weather.

Maybe she should just go to sleep...... Felli looked at the book again, but the monotonous action of reading words made her feel very irritated, so she put in a bookmark and closed the book.

Just then-

"As expected, it can only be you!"

A loud voice suddenly sounded in the classroom.

Felli who was about to fall asleep raised her head as if she had been electrified, almost falling out of her chair.

The person who had raised his voice stood by the doors next to the podium.

All of the students in the classroom focused their gazes on that male. That person had a weak figure, and his external appearance was very drab.

Whether because the thick glasses on his face were too dirty or whether their lenses were too thick, his eyes couldn't be seen behind the hazy lenses, and the shirt on his body was wrinkled, his hair was messed up, and sparse stubble covered his chin.

However, that man seemed as if his entire body was filled with vitality, making one unable to resist staring at him.

It seemed that this man was looking at Felli. His footsteps made a strange pitter-patter sound as he rushed forward with his arms spread wide, wiggling his hips.

He was a dangerous person - Felli thought this.

When she restored her Dite, Felli didn't have the slightest bit of hesitation. The translucent petals installed in the Light Dite, also known as Psychokinesis flakes, began to separate, disperse, and surround that man.

"If you get any closer......"

The man didn't stop. "That's wrong - Ah!"

Not only did the man not stop, a happy smile even bloomed on his face in a moment. He took out a crumpled sheet of paper from his pocket, and spread it out before Felli's eyes.

Regi19 061.jpg

"This is the weapon you should have!"

An image was drawn on that paper, depicting the outline of a girl holding a weapon, but that weapon was incredibly meticulous and detailed.

It was a rod. It should be a rod, probably. It had a length exceeding the girl's height, and on the tip was attached an incredibly fancy thing, and moreover several wing-like objects spread from it, with a few feathers even sticking out from the handle.

"This is a Light Dite experiment - named the 'Magical Girl Rod'! It can hold five hundred Psychokinesis flakes, and is equipped with two new relay terminals. Its search radius is theoretically 1.3 times higher! And for a Psychokinesist's only method of attack, flake mines, it can add additional maneuverability with magnetic enhancement. Using this function, the user can shoot a particle beam thirty Mels!"

His yelling was filled with emotion.

Those words resounded in not only the classroom, but even the corridor, and many people even peeked their head in to look inside the classroom.

The area was filled with a speechless silence. The confidence-filled man, Felli with her Dite raised, and the students who watched how the situation unfolded from the side, along with the people watching the commotion from the corridor.

"Come, take this weapon now, and stand on a new battlefield!


A Psychokinesis Girl, Magical Magnet Hunter Felli!"

The man roared.

Felli didn't hesitate at all when she activated her flake mine.

What was the so-called Magical Magnet stuff about?

They were the Plamatrion charged particles that the Electronic Fairies gave off. Those weakly charged particles were spread across the entire autonomous city, and its use was like a nerve network, allowing the Electronic Fairy to feel the abnormal phenomena that happened inside the city. However, there was an evil organization in this world, and they were trying to use those particles, trying to breed an evil heart inside the Electronic Fairies!

The aggressive magnetic particles that those people had developed-

Those are the Magical Magnets!

"......That's the setting."

Harley explained this.

"How stupid."

Felli concisely stated her feelings.

It was the seventeenth platoon's private space in the training hall.

The members of the seventeenth platoon had finally gathered here. In the center of this space stood Harley, but everyone gazed at the thing in his hand instead.

It was a thick book that had been made of photocopied paper.

On the cover was written 'Psychokinesis Girl, Magical Magnetic Hunter __' in big letters.

The protagonist's name seemed not yet finalized.

In other words, this was a script.

It was something left behind by that person who had shouted out loudly with a thin and dirty appearance. Though Felli had made her Psychokinesis power as weak as possible, that man had taken the flake mine but had looked completely fine after.

Incidentally, for both Military Artists and Psychokinesists, using their abilities to cause explosions in daily life constituted a felony regardless of how much they had been harmed.

......However, that strange man hadn't reported to the City Police, so things weren't serious.

"That person's constitution is quite strange."

A slight smile emerged on Harley's face.

"Do you know him?"

Nina asked this, and Harley nodded.

"He's Yachi Milangsi-senpai, a fifth-year Alchemy student. Don't look down on senpai, his achievements for Light Dites are great. If he were a bit more serious, it wouldn't be hard for him to become the Alchemy Department head."

"In other words, he's responsible for the Psychokinesists?"

Sharnid asked this. Harley nodded, and then continued explaining.

"I think that probably every Light Dite in Zuellni has that senpai's design concept. Felli's Light Dite has it too."

Felli's Dite had been made by Harley. However, if not for Yachi's designs, Harley wouldn't have been able to make that kind of thing. Dite designs and adjustments were Harley's specialties, but the objects of his research were normal Dites like the ones Layfon and Nina used.

Since Kei flow and Psychokinesis were different and their structure differed in many areas, the Light Dites that Psychokinesists used were different from normal Dites. Though Kei flow and Psychokinesis seemed somewhat similar, they were actually completely different entities. Harley could adjust Light Dites or perform basic assembly using a design as a base, but he couldn't make a completely new Light Dite from scratch.

"On the other hand, that...... it can hold five hundred flakes? 1.3 times the search radius? Ah...... two relay terminals? Um...... I guess that's why it's so big."

"What about that thing called a particle beam? Can it do that kind of thing?"

"As long as magnets are used to add directionality to an explosion, it can be done. A special device was also installed on this. If there were more devices installed on this Device...... Nn, thirty Mels shouldn't be a problem."

"But, Thirty Mels can't compare to a good shooting range."

"That's true. Never mind long-range sniping like Sharnid-senpai's, to Psychokinesists who had similar athletic ability as normal people, there's no significance in being able to shoot from that kind of distance, and at the least it would have to reach a hundred mels. But, thinking of the Psychokinesis power necessary to shoot that far, firing won't be possible with a single person, and moreover the people on the battlefield don't need to use such things. If it's a battle against filth monsters, we can use the Kei cannon. Uh, I feel like this weapon won't be of much use even if it's made."

"You idiots!"

The doors suddenly opened with a clatter, and the problem individual Yachi entered.

"Your dreams and imagination are insufficient! What 'not enough' have you been talking about since just now? What 'won't be of much use'? You don't have any imagination! Imagine the figure of a delicate, charming Psychokinesis Girl battling alone against giant evil! Why don't you feel deeply moved by that dreamlike scene?"

"Uh, even if you say that......"

The seventeenth platoon members opened their mouths but couldn't say anything, but only a wry smile emerged on Harley's face.

"That's too bad. Though, I don't think writing scripts is your specialty."

"It has nothing to do with that!"

He was refuted instantly.

"Actually, senpai, why don't you make a movie instead of using live-action? It shouldn't be bad even if you use CG, right?"

Even if her had been refuted, Harley still didn't back down. The two of them were both Dite technicians, and maybe they had had exchanges like this in the past.

"Of course I'll also use CG, but I already decided that the main characters this time will be filmed with real people."

"Filming real people is a pain, and CG also has its limits."

"It'll be a pain? You only think it's a pain because your love, choreography, stage equipment, and other things are insufficient!"

Harley shook his head silently.

In other words, this was the situation.

Yachi Milans - A fifth-year Alchemy student, as well as the president of the Animation Research Club.

He was the director of the animation series 'Psychokinesis Girl' that the research club produced. And for the next product, he was trying to hold auditions for the live version of 'Psychokinesis Girl, Magical Magnet Hunter __', planning to use Felli as a female protagonist, and also wanting to use Felli's name in the heading.

"I refuse."

Felli had made that extremely simple response.

However, Yachi's face full of self-confidence didn't waver a bit.

"Hahahaha! I already obtained the agreement of your guardian!"


Yachi unrolled a sheet of paper with a rustle. The top half of the paper was a contract related to Felli being filmed, and in the bottom half was a signature.

On it was written 'Karian Loss'.

"......That stupid brother."

"Hahahahaha! You no longer can refuse me. Now, don't be like that and perform well for my work, I'll pay you very well. Ohh, right. If possible, I'd also like the seventeenth platoon's members to shoot this film. Of course, I'll also pay them very well."

First, Felli prepared another flake mine.

If she killed him now, then the aftermath would be much easier to deal with.

Felli seriously thought about it.

The next day, a threatening letter on which was written 'I'll tell the City Police about the flake mines <3' was written was delivered to the seventeenth platoon, along with several identical scripts.

Though it was a movie, it wasn't a very large-scale filming.

"I thought that we would have filmed over in that practice construction area."

The one who murmured this was Nina. The dorm she lived in was in the practice construction area for the Architecture department, and she had heart that some clubs that made films would request to use that scenery.

"The budget isn't that large."

Yachi said this, and it seemed like he didn't plan on hiding that matter.

"We'll borrow premade things for parts of the scene, and other than those, we plan on using CG to add in other things like explosions, melting, and things being destroyed."

"I never thought it would be that simple."

"Because we have a budget problem. But more importantly, if we burn or destroy materials, we won't be able to get our recycling incentive money. Losing or wasting materials is harmful to everyone."


Felli listened to Nina being outargued by Yachi while thinking about what she should do.

This was the studio of the Animation Research Club that Yachi was the president of. The Animation Research Club didn't have the entire floor, but many movie-related societies shared it.

The third and fourth floors seemed to be within the Animation Research society's sphere of influence. Among the rooms, one was filled with machinery and bordered a pure white room across from a glass window.

Felli stood blankly in a corner of that machinery room.

She wore clothing that someone had given her, thinking about what action she should take.

"This kind of thing......"

She looked at her reflection to check. The entire wall was a mirror, and her figure was clearly reflected from head to toe.


Felli shook her head in despair.

Speaking of which, whose fault was it after all that she had become like this?

Was it that weirdo's fault, or was it her brother's fault who had easily agreed to that weirdo.

Her brother the instigator hadn't returned in the morning. Therefore, she planned on going directly to the Student Council to find him - though Felli had take that action, she had been told that Karian was in an important meeting and had the door shut in her face.

"Could it be that he plans on avoiding me until the filming......?"

It was highly probable. It wasn't too much to say that Karian lived in the Student Council building, because he lived that sort of life. As long as he thought of some way to resolve the problem of sleeping and changing clothes, he didn't have any need to return home.

"It would be fine if he never came home."

Felli mumbled.

However, that wouldn't resolve the problem.

"But, how long will this be filmed for?"

She raised a question to Layfon on the other side of the doors.

"If it goes smoothly, it can probably be filmed in a week."

"How fast."

Nina made a surprised sound.

"There's a limit to our outdoor filming, and almost all of the scenes will undergo post-production. With that, the filming schedule won't be affected much by the weather. In addition, the script is already written, and the only problem is how well you can perform."

"I think that's the biggest problem."

"Well, I think changing time is about over."

Yachi raised his voice, as if he wanted to cut short Nina's bitter words.

On the other side of the doors, Felli made a fist.

"If you still haven't changed, then maybe Felli doesn't know how to wear it. Some female staff can......"

Those words weren't a joke either.

"I've changed."

After replying with this from the other side of the doors, Felli slowly turned the door handle.

The figure that walked out made Yachi show a satisfied expression, Nina made a surprised sound, and Layfon's eyes widened.

It was an extremely fancily decorated white outfit that also looked very refreshing, and it felt like wearing a uniform. To explain further, it was like a uniform for a special ceremony. Though that kind of uniform didn't exist, it felt like one.

It was also accurate to say that this outfit was a combination of a uniform and an evening dress. A round skirt opened in the middle was fixed on top of a knee-length skirt as if to cover it, and a weapon belt used to hold Dites was sewn in the waist.

"Nn, not bad."

"......What part?"

Felli thought of when she had worked at a cafe before.[3] Why did men like to make girls wear these kinds of weird clothes.

"There's also this."

He handed over a Dite in its unrestored state, which had a form that could be kept in the weapon belt.

"This is the Magical Girl Rod."

The other party said completely confidently, but Felli didn't care at all. She unhappily took the Dite, and then put it into her weapon belt.

"For today, just wear that outfit, and get used to the feeling of moving around with it on. Go over there."

Felli was brought to the white room on the other side of the glass. She was alone there.

"The battle scene will be post-produced using the movements you make inside as a basis."

So that was what it was. Looking carefully, sensors were buried everywhere in the walls and floor. They recorded the movement of the person in the room from many angles.

"In other words, the scenes wearing this outfit will all be shot in here?"

"That's right."

Hearing those words made Felli relax slightly, because she wouldn't have to go around outside wearing this kind of humiliating outfit.

............No, this film would be made public, so the outcome was still the same.

Just as Felli was being troubled, the door by Layfon and the others opened. No sound that didn't pass through a microphone could make it through. But, on the other side of the glass window, a large person walked into the room.

That person had a bitter face.

Someone sat on his shoulders.

A petite girl.

No, in terms of age, she should no longer be called a girl, but she looked younger than Felli.

Felli recognized the two of them.

Gorneo and Shante.

The new arrivals made Layfon, Nina, and the others show surprised expressions.

Gorneo was also confused by the presence of Layfon and the others, but the bitter expression on his face still didn't disappear.

Shante sitting on his shoulders looked over.

She checked out Felli's appearance.

Then, she pointed at Felli and laughed.

Anger suddenly emerged.

"Well, you still need an opponent."

Yachi explained this.

"But, your conflicting appearances are just so amazing. Even if we don't rely on acting, the lines will still be filled with emotion."

Felli grasped the already-restored Magical Girl Rod in her hand. She had originally thought that this Dite was only a decoration, and hadn't thought that it was genuine, and even had Felli set as the user, with even detailed settings already arranged. Later, she would have to properly ask Harley where Yachi had gotten details on her from - Felli thought this to herself.

The Psychokinesis flakes that were sent out from the rod floated in Felli's surroundings, crackling with charge.

Regi19 075.jpg

Shante in front of her was held back by Gorneo as the Ruby Dite spear that she raised emitted an ominous sound.

They were on the verge of battle.

The pained smiles that Layfon and Nina showed to calm down the two of them were a useless effort.

"Actually, I wanted a Psychokinesist, but this kind of thing is truly hard to achieve. Because of that, I requested his help to assist me in finding Shante to play this role."

"Does that really count as 'requesting'."

Gorneo glared at Yachi resentfully.

"What does it matter. Doesn't your Psychokinesist feel very happy that his Light Dite had its abilities upgraded?"

"The thing before that!"

Gorneo yelled loudly.

"Ah, Shante-san's compensation? That cow was very expensive for us as well, though."

However, Yachi went on casually and leisurely.

"You still don't need to send it over alive! Why would you do that kind of unnecessary thing, you provoked that girl's hunting instincts!"

That sentence made the surrounding atmosphere a bit tense.

Felli calmly-

"Wild animal."

After those words were dropped, Shante howled.

Anyway, the film was shot. The so-called motion capture - the back and forth movements in that white room - were truly very tiring. Felli had to swing around a rod that she wasn't used to and also prance around. Moreover, when the staff told her 'please move like this', she had no way of making sense of their meanings the first time. Because of that, she was forced to redo countless identical motions.

In that regard, Shante was quite excellent. She could make the movement that Yachi and the filming group asked for, and moreover easily enough to make one annoyed.

"A Psychokinesis girl mostly uses Psychokinesis to fight, so you don't need to be too concerned about it."

Being consoled like this by Yachi made Felli feel even madder.

The next day was when they would record the lines.

This time it became a job that Felli completed easily.

"The fans know that Psychokinesists are bad at expression emotion, and it could even be said that it's better this way. So it's fine even if your tone is flat when you say the lines."

......She really didn't feel like she was being praised.

Shante who was also following the same method messed up the lines.

"Uh...... your determination is----...... How do you read this?"

Not only was her voice too flat, sometimes there were words that she couldn't read. Yachi took Shante's lines and wrote the pronunciations on them.

"Ahahahaha! Not bad. You got it, you got it all right!"


Every time she pronounced a line correctly, Shante would show a satisfied expression.

"Do it however you want, but can't we finish faster?"

"Flat-voice girl."

"It's much better than being unable to read words. Ah, but you can read phonetics. That's great, its fortunate that you can still have a bit of societal skills."


Even with this, the recording work was finished that day.

The following day.

They were going to film outside today.

When Felli arrived, the filming equipment had already been set up. A large camera had been placed inside a cafe with a family atmosphere, and the lighting had been arranged densely. After entering the crowded space, Felli unconsciously stopped walking.

It seemed that the workers running around to check whether the equipment had any problems weren't the only source of noise.


That kind of pondering noise came from inside the shop.

It was a sound from Yachi.

Felli looked inside, and inside was a normal space for storegoers to rest or sit. There was a screen that the workers might have brought in, and many clothes were arranged there.

Yachi and Layfon were over there......

"What are you doing?"

Also, Nina was there.

"What do you think we're doing?"

Nina who Felli had asked this of stood in front of Layfon and Yachi without any interest.


"Yeah, that's also the role of an actor."

Felli's answer made Nina nod her head with a bitter expression.

Nina wore an apron. It was an extremely normal apron. With just that, there wouldn't be anything weird about it.

However, the clothes she wore underneath were a bit weird.

Nina wore a skirt.

What was improper about girls wearing skirts? Even if Nina wore a skirt, there were styles that suited her.

However, this skirt was unsuitable for Nina for some reason, and the disparity was of a pitiful level. It was a floaty-looking long skirt. It was a full-body dress, and it wouldn't be strange to wear a large white bonnet with it, if she just took off the apron.

"It's very unsuitable."

Yachi shook his head with a bitter expression.

"Though I realize that, I don't know how it could be unsuitable to this degree."


Nina dropped that word unhappily.

"Clothes with a masculine air would really be more suitable for you. Then, your role will become a young worker, but for you to play that role......"

After saying this, Yachi turned to Layfon. Layfon wore a handsome outfit, and his appearance was very natural.

"This side has its own problems, and it seems a bit lacking, a bit too simple."


Layfon who didn't really understand the situation scratched his head.

"I want to find a somewhat domestic girl, are there any suitable options?"

That was Yachi's weakness, because he normally didn't film shows with real people. So he definitely didn't have actor contacts.

"Hi everyone."

Just then, Naruki's voice entered.

Turning around, Naruki along with her good friends Mifi and Meishen appeared before them, and Leerin was also there.

Naruki hadn't been given a role, so she looked around leisurely at the cafe that had become a filming scene.

"I'm a reporter from the Weekly Look'n, I'd like to have an interview in a while."

Mifi and the others had come to check out the set.

However, Yachi didn't listen to Mifi's words.

"......Found it."

Yachi looked at Naruki and the others while murmuring.


He pushed aside Mifi, passed by Naruki...... Perhaps obviously, he arrived in front of Leerin and Meishen.

"Can I ask one of you to act in this film?"

Yachi's momentum surprised the two.


"Acting in this film means......?"

"Play the part of the hostess of this cafe. He's the co-owner...... she's the other employee."

He singled out Layfon and Nina.

"Acting in a movie...... with Layton.................. Auu."

Whatever Meishen was thinking, her face turned red in a flash, and then she fainted right there.


Meishen whose presence had become weak mumbled that with great difficulty as she was being held up by Naruki.

"Uh, we can't have stage fright. Then what about you?"

"Huh...... me?"

Leerin was very confused, looking around as if to confirm that he meant her.

She looked at Layfon, looked at Nina, and then looked at Felli.

"I'll pay well!"

"......About that, how much money would that be?"

The deal was closed like that.

That kind of development wasn't funny at all.


When she came to her senses, Felli called for Yachi.

"What is it?"

"Well, can't I be the co-owner?"

"? ......Aren't you the protagonist?"

"No, I meant that wouldn't it be alright for the protagonist to have such a setting?"


Yachi ruffled his hair left and right as if thinking about something.

"No, it can't. Listen, you're a Psychokinesis Girl, and a Psychokinesis Girl wouldn't run a cafe."


"Because she's a Psychokinesis Girl. The scene of a Psychokinesis Girl opening a store and seriously thinking about money would be very strange. Listen, even if a Psychokinesis Girl has a job, at most it can only be a part-time job, and moreover she has to work in a store with a cute feeling like a cafe or cake store."

Felli couldn't understand. She couldn't understand the stereotype that she couldn't do certain things just because she was a Psychokinesis Girl.

"The so-called Psychokinesis Girl has to be dreamy, delicate, and charming, a bit separate from the rest of the world."

Felli silently shook her head.

In any case she understood one thing, which was that the situation wouldn't go according to what she wanted.

Everyone's acting was half-baked, Nina gave off a very masculine air wearing male clothing - those were all in the scope of Felli's imagination.

What made her angrier was that Layfon and Leerin's couple play was very lifelike.

After that, the filming work went smoothly...... From some point of view it counted as going smoothly, and at the least it didn't go over the one week that had been promised at the beginning.

Finally, it was the last day.

"......This isn't the same as what we promised."

Felli silently stared at Yachi.

"Oh my, really sorry."

Though Yachi apologized, his face didn't seem at all painful. The strange brilliance reflecting off those thick glasses still obscured his eyes. It couldn't be that he had installed some sort of gadget, right?

"We could use CG to resolve it, but it's faster to just film it."

Seeing Yachi speak those pretenses, Felli knew that he had planned this from the beginning."

After all, the schedule for today only had this job to do.

The filming location was outdoors, near the cafe that they had filmed at before. Because of the filming, do not enter tape had been set up in the surroundings.

A group of spectators with nothing else to do had gathered on the other side of the tape.

A tent had been constructed in the location farthest from the spectators. After changing clothes inside it, Felli was on standby.

She stood by with the appearance of as Psychokinesis Girl.

This was the thing different from what had been promised.

"On the other hand, how do you plan on filming?"

Felli looked at the director suspiciously, along with the tent on the other side of the filming site. Other than the cameras placed everywhere, nothing in particular had been prepared here.

However, the number of cameras was even more than usual. Not only the filming site, but the roofs of the surrounding buildings even had recorders on standby.

The thing that had been kept until the final day to be filmed was - the shot of the Psychokinesis Girl flying through the sky.

"I can't fly!"

For now, Felli said that obvious fact. Yachi was like that, so Felli worried that he would say some ridiculous opinion like 'Psychokinesis Girls can fly'.

"Of course I know that."

"Then, how do you plan on filming it? Using some method like wires?"

However, Felli didn't have anything on her to which wires could be attached.

"If we used those kinds of things to film, it would be enough to just fix it up with CG."


"Well, don't you also have that?"

Yachi meant the Light Dite.


Felli restored the Dite as he instructed. It was a rod much longer than Felli's height. It was not only heavy, but its balance was poor when it was being held, and frankly using it was very difficult. That shot called the particle beam whatever was very short, and it wasn't necessarily true that the more flakes the better. If the quantity of flakes was higher, then it was indeed possible that accuracy could be improved when gathering information, but it would also add a burden to the Psychokinesist's analytic abilities because of this.

Yachi had obtained countless results in his research of Light Dites, so there should be no way he didn't know such things......

"Actually, if you only take the relay terminal on top and affix it to the back of the battle outfit you're wearing, you can fly."

"Uh, don't bring up that kind of setting."

"It's not a setting."

Felli already felt exhausted at that kind of explanation, but Yachi asserted this.

"A strong magnetic field can counter gravity, that's something already proven. I wanted to find a way to bring that theory to a practical stage, so I invented this Magical Girl Rod. You could even say that this was the goal that I prepared so many flakes and relay terminals for. The problem now is whether the range of the particle beam is too short, but if that issue is resolved, I believe that Psychokinesists might be able to provide fire support in battle."

"You mean that flake mines aren't enough?"

"Right, flake mines. Wireless remote detonations are indeed effective. To Psychokinesists, there is no other means of attack that is more effective. Because of this, there hasn't been anyone coming up with new, more effective weapons until today. No, even if they were invented, they wouldn't be used.

Yes, flake mines. Indeed, in an open space like a practice field, almost all Psychokinesists would be able to effectively use that kind of weapon. But, what about in battles against filth monsters? Have you ever heard of a case of active and effective use of flake mines against filth monsters? No, if it were you, it would be possible to do such a thing. For someone like you with such a titanic Psychokinesis power, maybe you could grasp the entire battlefield with your own power, but and use mines to a significant effect."

"Why do you know about that......"

Yachi's words made Felli wary.

He knew Felli's Psychokinesis strength, and knew that her Psychokinesis was far greater than other peoples'.

Yachi smiled.

"Who's responsible for maintaining your Dite, do you know? Harley Sutton and Kirik Seron are experts at combat weapons, and they couldn't completely maintain a Psychokinesist's Light Dite."

It wasn't like Felli hadn't thought of this before Yachi had said it. Though Felli felt dissatisfied with her Psychokinesist self, she didn't want to feel unsatisfied while using Psychokinesis. When her Dite was calibrated, she would make certain detailed requests, and Harley would respond to those requests.

She had always thought that Harley was the one who was responsible for the maintenance.

No, even if Felli knew this, she never would have thought that someone could learn her secrets just from inspecting her Dite.

"When I got the agreement from your brother for you to act in this film, I mentioned to him that I was carrying out the Magical Girl Rod experiment."

"Then, this is......"

Performance testing of a new type of Light Dite?

"This is both interesting and applicable, the answer to both. The unfortunate thing is that I don't have experiment results, because I already knew that in the end it could only be used by someone with a Psychokinesis strength at your level."

Yachi smiled in self-derision.

"But, this step has to be taken for all the Psychokinesists."

"......I'm different."

The man she had once thought to be just a weirdo continued showing his enthusiasm. Felli shook her head in order to confront those emotions.

"I'm different."

"But, you've also had those feelings, right? Those involuntary feelings in battle. When your friends, brothers, and people close to you stand on the firing line, and you have to watch their fight. The feeling of helplessness of being able to only send information in that kind of situation."


Felli hesitated. She had indeed has such feelings. When Layfon charged into a large group of filth monsters alone, when he advanced alone towards an aged phase, and when he stood alone on the battlefield throwing behind all those whose powers weren't enough.

She was the one who could support him, and she was the only one. Wasn't this violating the resolution she had made before coming to Zuellni - Though Felli somewhat felt so, on the other hand she felt impatient at herself who could only watch from the side.

"I've been taught countless times that I must give up on those helpless feelings. However, I can't give them up."


Those words made Felli feel his true feelings, as if his body had been cut apart.

Yachi silently parted his messy hair.

On his skull that was covered by that messy hair, there was a patch of bare white. There was no hair there, and the skin showing seemed as if boil-like bubbles had emerged from hit, and moreover it had hardened like that. Red and blue blood vessels crawled across the skin as if they were living organisms.

It was a burn wound.

Moreover, Felli also knew the reason for which he bore this kind of scar.

"This is the result of insisting on pushing forward with my helpless feelings."

Becoming like this was because he had released too much Psychokinesis, because he had done something surpassing his information-processing ability, and because his brain had gone out of control and overheated...... his blood vessels had actually boiled.

To a Psychokinesist, this was the first thing he learned - the dangers of his ability.

"If the barrier blocked my abilities, then I will find some other means to fly over that wall. That is my current self."

Yachi took off his glasses. The reason it was impossible to look through his glasses and see his eyes was because his glasses were Psychokinesis flakes.

Regi19 093.jpg

He was using Psychokinesis in his daily life.

Underneath were eyelids covered in burns that could not be opened.

Felli had a feeling of experiencing those wounds.

The heat that had burned his eyes clearly had already disappeared, but her skin felt as if it could feel what he had once been immersed in - the heat he had given off before seemed as if it were scorching her......

That heat gradually immersed Felli's body......

She could feel as if the heat were eating away at her......

"Excuse me......"

When that call sounded, Yachi quickly left Felli, and put his glasses back on.

It was Layfon.

"The staff said that they're already prepared."

"Oh, thanks, thanks."

Yachi patted Layfon's shoulder, and then walked past him. Felli tightly grasped the still-unrestored Light Dite.

"......That can be used to fly, huh."

"You heard?"

"Uh, a bit......"

After Felli voiced her surprise, Layfon replied stupidly.

"Never mind whether it's of any use in real battle, being able to fly through the air is pretty interesting."

"Did the conversation just now sound that relaxed?"

Layfon's casual response made Felli feel angry, as Yachi's emotions still lingered in her chest. The enthusiasm he held for the Light Dite, his impatience as a Psychokinesist, and the feeling of being wounded on the battlefield all lingered in Felli's heart.

It made Felli unable to calm down.

It made her feel that she had to do something.

Felli even felt as if not only his enthusiasm, but Yachi's entire self was inside her.

"But, you're powerless."

Layfon's tone was the same, and it couldn't be told whether he had noticed Felli's feelings.

"Expectations or jealously...... The feelings other people have of us are many, but we can't do anything. Even if we want to realize other people's desires, we might not be able to. Even if we can do it...... It's possible that we won't be able to do what we ourselves want because of it, isn't that right."

Layfon's tone hadn't changed.

"Fon Fon?"

"It's enough if you fly up there."

Felli followed Layfon's gaze and looked over at the Light Dite grasped in her hand.

"That's all there is. Regardless of what we do, in the end we have no way of resolving that person's problems. Because that person plans on resolving them himself. So, Felli only needs to use that to fly, that's all there is."

"That's all there is, huh...... Is that okay?"

"It's okay."

Layfon nodded his head, without a trace of falsity in his expression. He spoke the things in his heart so casually, as if he were breathing.

Felli felt that the heat accumulated in her chest had been quickly dissipated. Yachi's will slowly disappeared, along with his impatience, involuntary helplessness, and all of his feelings were slowly released from Felli's heart.

"I understand."

The staff was currently calling for Felli.

Felli stood up.

The restored Light Dite was really long. On its front - the tip of the rod - was installed a set of wings. Under the sunlight, rainbow colors emerged in the translucent wings.

This set of wings was the relay terminal.

"As I explained just now, after you fix the relay terminal on your battle outfit...... right here...... After you attach it, your Psychokinesis will autonomously become a magnetic field. And at that time, there will be a number of flake terminals around you. They are used to control the strength of the magnetic field and your direction of flight. As long as you increase the field strength, your buoyancy will be increased, and it should make you rise."


The group of spectators on the other side of the tape had become large, and their noise had also increased. Yachi, who showed a tense expression that he had never had up till now, stood to the side. The entire filming crew seemed to have been infected by that tension.

"I'm counting on you."

After patting Felli's shouder, Yachi moved back.

Felli alone was left in the area that the cameras focused on, and the surrounding tension gradually focused on her, and the group of spectators quieted down, holding their breath as if expecting something to happen.


The clapperboard sounded, and an even more focused tension pricked her chest.

Felli pointed the rod at the sky without saying a word.


She lightly murmured.

Her Psychokinesis began flowing.

The Psychokinsis flowed into the Light Dite 'Magical Girl Rod', moving towards its goal.

After the set of wings split into two, it came off of the rod. They didn't fall to the ground, but floated in midair, and then attached themselves to Felli's back.

The sound of moving machinery vibrated her back. Felli understood that her Psychokinesis had begun concentrating there, and gradually took shape.

A magnetic field developed.

The wings shone with a faint light. After being bathed in this light, the Psychokinesis flakes on her back began assembling.

An uncomfortable feeling that had been loosed from somewhere passed through her entire body......

Her feet left the ground.

She floated.

The commotion from the spectators broke her concentration. Felli flew even higher, at the same time trying to rid herself of that noise.

She flew into the sky.

Roofs were arranged under her feet, and above her head were the strong sunlight and the blue sky.

Felli was in the sky.

The magnetic field fended off the wind blowing by her body.

There wasn't any sound.

Quietly, Felli flew through the sky.

The uncomfortable feeling of losing a foothold quickly disappeared, and a sense of liberation stronger than being in water filled her entire body.

How nice would it be to always be like this.

The liberated Felli kept flying until the sunset appeared on the other side of the earth.


Yachi cried out.

It wasn't a figure of speech, it was the truth.

The tears that leaked from beneath his glasses formed rivulets on his face.

"I never before saw such an awesome scene!"

After Felli returned to her original location, Yachi expressed his joy as if he were going to rush over and hug her.

The experiment was a success. The experiment of using magnetic fields to counter gravity and fly had been carried out beautifully.

That was why Yachi was so happy. He had taken another step towards his goals.

It was great.

Felli's expression hadn't changed, but her heart felt this.

"Look at this!"

Yachi put a piece of paper in front of Felli.

It was a printed picture that the camera crew had taken. It used normal paper, and its quality was very rough.

However, the image it depicted was very clear.


Felli needed a bit of time to understand.

The person in the picture was Felli. It was Felli flying through the air, raising the Magical Girl Rod.

Regi19 099.jpg

It was the image of her flying while releasing Psychokinesis light from behind her.

Felli didn't know that that light had formed the shape of wings.

It was a picture of her moving the wings of light, flying into the sky.

"Amazing! Truly amazing! This image! Regardless of how many times we animated flight, I never had this kind of feeling. This is reality, Psychokinesis Girl born into the real world! Long live...... Long live Psychokinesis Girl!"

Felli stared blankly at the joyfully dancing Yachi.

"Then, about the experiment......?"

Yachi's desire - to let Psychokinesists use their abilities to support the battlefield directly. What about the experiment meant to achieve that goal?

"Ah, of course that's also very important, but it can't compare to this. My dream is to move from the battlefield to the theater! Come, Felli-san, accompany me and bring the fame of Psychokinesis Girl to the entire world!"

"I refuse."

After murmuring this, Felli pointed the rod at Yachi.

In the experiment of the Magical Girl Rod, there was still one function that hadn't been tested.

The particle beam.

Purple electricity gathered at the tip of the rod.

Genius Go Road[edit]

The scene before her made Nina's go completely still, dazing her for a long time.

Why had things become like this?

One week, the Student Council had suddenly announced plans to hold a 'festival'. During the preparation period, various stores, clubs, and various interested people had quickly made preparations for the 'festival'. Acting, dancing, and music-related clubs enthusiastically rushed out to the city's various theaters and roads in order to find space for their activities, and other clubs also got involved in this battle. In order for the Student Council members ran around everywhere to mediate, and the Architecture Department students were working day and night to construct parking and other necessary furnishings.

The students who sat back and relaxed were all excitedly discussing what they would wear that day, or what guys or girls they wanted to deepen their relationships with.

That noisy week passed in the blink of an eye. Karian announced the official start of the festival, and that had been yesterday........................ at least it should have been.


Nina mumbled again.

This was the store that Sharnid came to often.

Nina couldn't think of why would she be in this store that partially counted as underground. The store was in a state of private use, and she couldn't find the female owner in any corner of the store, never mind behind the bar.



Nina mumbled again.

After looking at the people lying on the bar, floor, and tables, Nina mumbled that. Sharnid and Harley were fallen on the floor, and Layfon was moaning with a green face on the bar. Felli, Naruki, Meishen, and Mifi were folded over on the sofa around the seating area.

Turning her head to look behind the bar, she could only see Leerin sitting blankly on the floor.

Everyone appeared to be in a state where she couldn't tell whether they were sleeping or unconscious.

A sharp pain arose from her head, and Nina rubbed her temple.

She tried digging up her memories, but the pain stopped her, and her brain couldn't turn freely because of it.


After moaning, Nina noticed that her mouth was very dry. Correct, whether she had woken up or become conscious, she had only opened her eyes because her mouth was dry.

Nina rubbed her temple while taking the glass cup placed by the bar - the place that she had just been sitting. The top of the bar was covered by glass cups filled with the remaining drinks, and there were also leftover dishes surrounded by the cups.


After drinking the liquid in the cup, Nina felt that her head became even more painful. She didn't know what had been inside, but the beverage had become warm because the ice cubes inside had melted, so the taste had become quite strange.

No, come to think about it, what kind of drink was this in the first place?

She could see a fridge inside the bar, and Nina walked over to find water to drink. Leerin was sitting on the floor, and the sound of her pained breathing entered her ears. After crossing over her body, Nina took some water from the fridge, and then poured it into her throat.

The water seemed as if it cleansed the annoying things from her head, and Nina felt that her headache had become slightly less painful.

After drinking a bottle of water, Nina took out another bottle, and sat back in the place that had been her original location. This time, she sipped silently while trying to rid herself of the pain deep inside her head.

"Well, why did things become like this?"

After murmuring this, Nina was assaulted by her headache as she dug through her memories.

Right...... The Student Council President had announced that the 'festival' had begun, and then......

......The sudden 'festival' made Layfon have a sort of confused feeling.

It had only been a week since the Student Council President had announced this. With only a week, all of the preparation work had been easily completed.

Vendors lined up with Zuellni's largest road - Sanaji Avenue - as a center, and other activities also took place on other roads.

"Having everybody work on preparations as soon as it's announced is something that only a city whose residents are all students could do."

Sharnid explained this. Even so, Layfon couldn't keep up with such rapid changes.

Layfon blankly stared at the sea of people around Sanaji Avenue. The number of people hadn't increased. The people here would go to school every day.

"What are you doing?"

After being asked this, Layfon turned around. Felli stood there.

"Huh? Felli, aren't you not participating in the activities today?"

Today was the first day of the 'festival', so the platoon training was halted, and replacing it was a movie-watching activity that Sharnid had proposed.

"Nn, of course I'm not going."

The movie they were going to see was 'Psychokinesis Girl - Magical Magnet Hunter Felli' that the seventeenth platoon had acted in not long ago, and it was obvious without saying that Felli would never go watch that film.

"Uh, then......"

Things were clearly like that, so why would she appear in this place where everyone had gathered?

"My classmate has a stand nearby, so I'm coming over to see."

While Layfon scratched his head and showed a confused expression, Felli said this.

"Ah, that's how it is."

"......Does your class not have any stands?"

"My class doesn't...... Ahh, Ed[4] said that he wanted to participate in the eating contest."

"Oh, that guy."

"Felli, does your class have any stands? Ah, if your classmate has a stand, that means......"

"No, the stand is her club's."


As the two talked, Layfon clearly felt that she was becoming increasingly impatient, so he became very anxious. In the end, he couldn't really figure out what Felli wanted to do.

"......I can't believe you want to go."

After sighing deeply, Felli stared at Layfon.


"I'm talking about the movie. I think that film doesn't have any value."

"It's indeed very embarrassing."

Layfon had never watched himself on a big screen, but that sort of feeling was indeed very embarrassing. It felt like it would suit the style of the energetic Sharnid, who hadn't participated in the acting, better. Though he thought this, the other people who had participated in the acting - like Nina and Leerin - wanted to go, so Layfon had no reason to refuse.

"Huh, but you're very slow."

"How can you say that...... I would still feel embarrassed."

"Whatever, it doesn't matter."

Felli didn't want to hear Layfon's reasons, and suddenly pulled his hand.


"You'll get found by other people here, so just come with me for today."

"Huhh? But we already promised to......"

"You don't have any reason to purposefully go over to get embarrassed, right?"

Being glared at, Layfon couldn't say any words of opposition.

Felli pulled Layfon to a somewhat strange-looking booth. The room looked like a tent, and the lights inside were dim. Layfon hadn't had time to pay attention to the signs hung outside, so he didn't even know what kind of store this was.

"Ah, Felli-san, you came."

A voice with a ghastly air made Layfon jump.

There was only a candle lighting the tent, and that candle had a bone as a candlestick. The melting candle was firmly fixed on top of the bone, seeming as if it had already been stuck there for many years.

The person making a 'huhuhu' laughing noise was a girl wearing a black robe that covered her from head to toe.

"The atmosphere is very outstanding, Eri-san."

"Really? Huhuhu, everyone turns back as if they were escaping, why is that?"

"Because they're scared."

Felli's merciless words surprised Layfon. However, the robed girl who had been called Eri didn't seem bothered at all.

"Huh - If it's not this much, won't it be missing the atmosphere for divination?"

"You would be enough to make that atmosphere. Thanks to these small decorations and the lighting, you look like the devil pressing someone to sign a contract."

Layfon didn't really understand Felli's comparison. But, other than the table with the bone candle on it, there was also a large crystal ball and cards with mysterious pictures painted on them. Other than this, there were also disturbing pictures and words affixed behind her.

"A devil......"

Felli's words made Eri show an intoxicated expression.

"So, this place is a fortune-telling store?"

The situation hadn't progressed at all, and he couldn’t understand what was going on, so Layfon tried asking a question. It was almost the arranged meeting time, so maybe Nina and the others were already waiting for Layfon. Thinking this, Layfon felt bad, but he also didn't think Felli would permit him to go over.

But Layfon felt confused as to whether he was happy or not about this......


Eri slowly responded.

"Huhuhu, in that case, do you want to have your fortune told?"


"It doesn't matter whether or not your fortune is told. Fortune-telling is no different from talking to someone else about your life. It's enough if those words can improve your mood."

"It feels like you'd only be able to predict misfortunes."

"Seers and diviners are different."

Then, Eri loudly explained the differences between seers and diviners, but Layfon had no way of understanding what she was saying. Even Felli didn't plan on understanding Eri's explanation.

In that period of time, several people stuck their heads into the tent, but when they saw there were already customers...... no, probably because they saw Eri's gloomy-looking appearance as she spoke in front of the crystal ball, their faces stiffened and they left the area.

"Then, do you want your fortune told, or do you not?"

"Ah, why don't you tell it?"

Felli's words made Eri's tense face relax.

"Who wants their fortune? Felli-san or Layfon-san?"

"Tell Layfon's fortune."

"Huh? Why me?"

"Because if I want a fortune-telling I can get it anytime."

"But you always refuse me every time."

Felli ignored the surprised Layfon and gave a look to Eri that made her shut up.

"Uh, okay. Then Layfon-san, please sit."

"Nn...... Okay......"

Under Eri's instructions, Layfon sat down in front of her.

"Then, what kind of fortune do you want told?"


Layfon tried thinking.

............There wasn't anything in particular to foretell.

Felli standing behind him seemed to be thinking of something.

"Then uh, I'll just divine what's going to happen today."

But Eri spoke first, and the atmosphere she gave off completely reversed, as she began shuffling the cards with extremely fast movements.

After letting Layfon choose a card from the shuffled deck, Eri placed the card facedown in front of Layfon. Next, Eri placed the cards one by one around the crystal ball in a mysterious order. To Layfon, this method of ordering seemed to have some kind of rules, but it also seemed disorderly. With many images arranged in front of him that were completely different from those on the cards that his classmates played games with, Layfon could only feel perplexed.

"Nn, nn, nn--"

Eri waved her hands, and not long afterwards collected the cards with another method that seemed both like it had rules to it and didn't, and moreover she carefully checked the pictures on the cards as she collected them.

Finally, she turned over the card that Layfon had chosen, and then carefully looked at the picture on it.

"Well-- huhuhu, um--"

......Why had she laughed in the middle?

Layfon had a bad premonition.

"Well, I'll announce the results."

"What do you mean, announce the results......"

She used such a confusing method......

However, Eri seemed completely unconcerned about that kind of thing, and looked at the cards remaining in her hand while explaining:

"First, after you leave here, please go to the rabbit building and find somewhere around there to eat lunch. Your lucky object is a green drink. Afterwards, please go to 'Hipshot Ball' to play. When evening comes, I believe that you will need only to follow the hands that guide you to keep from going wrong. Ah, Felli-san's lucky object is a red drink, and her object of destruction is a black drink."

"......What kind of thing is an object of destruction?"

"You'll know when the time comes. Also, Layfon-san."

"Ah, yes."

Being gazed at by Eri from underneath her dark robe made Layfon feel a bit tense.

"Be a bit cheerful."

Eri asked him to be a bit cheerful with that kind of tone, but she didn't sound cheerful at all.

Layfon didn't really understand what Eri had talked about.

"Uh, what should we do now?"

So after leaving the tent, Layfon didn't know what he should do. Right now was already time for the movie to begin airing, and Nina and the others should have gone over. Since he had already missed his appointment today, Layfon didn't have anything to do.

"First, let's go to the rabbit building."

Felli seemed also to have nothing to do.

"But, what does that so-called rabbit building mean......"

"You'll see it after you pass 'Hipshot Ball'."

Layfon knew 'Hipshot Ball', it was an entertainment center a small distance from here.

In the end, the two of them decided to go there first.

As to which building was the rabbit building, the answer emerged quickly.

"Ah, it's this, right?"

After noticing that building, Layfon extended his hand to point at it. Two thin and long balloons were affixed on the not-very-tall building. They seemed to be balloons advertising whatever activities were going on inside the building, and they looked like rabbit ears.

Layfon looked at the clock tower for a second. The time right now was excellent, and though it was a bit early to eat lunch, it wasn't too early.

"I can eat lunch already, what about you, Felli?"

"No difference."

Though there were no festival booths nearby, there were unexpectedly many restaurants. Other than the restaurants, there were many clothing or jewelry stores clustered here, along with grocery stores. Hipshot Ball was an entertainment center that had just opened this year, and the surrounding stores had sprung up as if coordinating with it. In other words, this was a new downtown.

As Layfon though about what to choose, lunchtime slowly approached.


Layfon had decided which store to go to with some difficulty. When they entered, Felli was already very unhappy.


Layfon shrank back his body while apologizing.

Felli wanted Layfon to decide where to eat. Layfon had looked at the dishes while trying to check Felli's preferences, but because of that he had been slow in making a decision. While he was being hesitant and indecisive, people had begun flowing into every store, and the two of them had also missed the opportunity to enter because of this. Felli didn't want to go to a restaurant full of people, and as their options became fewer, when Layfon finally managed to find a restaurant without too many customers, the time had already become quite late.

"The reason your pressure[5] is insufficient really is because of your lack of determination."

Layfon's body shrank even smaller when Felli said this with a cold tone.

"Have you decided what you want~ ......Ah."

After the waitress walked over and asked this, the two raised their heads in unison. The face that had appeared in front of them was one they had been acquainted with before.

"......You're from Captain's dorm?"

"Right right right, I'm Selina!"

"Ah, hello."

Layfon felt that he had seen this person.

"I've invested a bit into this store. So when I have time I come to help like this."

"Oh, is that so."

Felli showed a completely uninterested expression, but Selina wasn't concerned at all.

"Right~ Since you guys are Nina's friends, do you want to try a new dish for me, though it's only juice. If you try this drink for me, today's meal might as well be on the house."

"It's fine with me."

Led by the word 'free', Layfon nodded his head. Felli wasn't in a good mood so she refused the proposal, but Selina didn't seem bothered at all.

The thing she carried over with a smile was - a green drink.

Regi19 119.jpg

"Can I ask what this is......?"

"It's a (partially) vegetable juice~"

"Did you just add something in a whisper?"

"It's your imagination, your imagination. Come come, drink it all!"


Since she was someone Nina knew, this cup of beverage wouldn't be poisoned. For the moment, Layfon drank a sip......


Moving from his tongue to the back of his mouth and spreading along his throat, the sweet and cool feeling surprised Layfon.

"It's very good."

"Nnnnnn. Go ahead, drink it all, I can give you refills!"


Like that, Layfon downed the drink......

When he put down the cup, his vision became pitch-black.

At the same time as Layfon put down the cup, his forehead also crashed heavily into the table.


Even Felli had been unable to predict this situation, and she could only blankly look at that scene.

"What did you make him drink?"

Selina calmly inspected Layfon's pulse, and Felli glared at her with a sharp look.

"Ahaha~ It's just a small experiment!"


Felli silently took out her Dite from her bag, and Selina grabbed her hand with an unexpected speed.

"What are you doing~?"

"Nothing, but first I want to call the police."

"This definitely won't be bad for Felli~"

"What do you mean?"

Selina still held back Felli's hand, and Felli looked back and forth at her face and Layfon who was still sprawled on the table.

"This is a masculinity-awakening juice~"


Felli didn't understand what Selina was saying.

"I inspected Layfon's brain matter~ It'll make him become more manly~ Or you could say that I awakened his masculinity~ Or sexual attraction~ Those kinds of things were increased with one gulp~"

"What are you trying to say?"

"I just wanted to invent a way to break down the walls inside people's hearts, and a drug that would make him coolly enjoy sexual intercourse with girls~"

"As expected, I still need to call the police."

"You~ don't~"


Just as another dispute arose between the two of them, a sound suddenly arose.

Layfon had straightened himself.

"Huh, what happened?"

"......Ah, nothing."

Felli sighed, gingerly putting her Dite back into her bag, and at the same time moving her gaze.

In the corner of her vision, Selina lightly made a fist.

"Hahaha, you're really weird, Felli."

Lay......Layfon was laughing.

He laughed with a hearty expression, and it felt like his eyes were glowing, and even his teeth seemed like they were flashing.

"......Layfon, uh......"

"Why aren't you calling me Fon Fon?"

Unimaginably, Layfon asked this. Selina who was listening from the side covered her mouth with an 'oh my'.

"If Felli doesn't call me Fon Fon, that name will be dead."


(What is this person saying?)

Until now, Felli had always naturally called Layfon 'Fon Fon', but she had some sort of feeling right now as if that would be a very embarrassing action.



"Come on, Felli."


The current Layfon had a somewhat radiant expression unlike normal, nor did he have the menacing air he had when he fought. His expression was extremely normal, but his look was very tender, and he wore a smile filled with confidence, staring straight at Felli.

He clearly had the same skeleton and the same figure along with the same face, but the difference was this great.

"Come on......"

"............Fon Fon."

"That's great."

Layfon smiled at her. Felli had a feeling as if she had been humiliated, so she lowered her face.

"Why do you lower your head, my Felli, Come, let me see your beautiful face."

"Wah...... ah......"


The day before, she had run into Eri at school, and she had said 'If you bring Layfon over to my place tomorrow, I'll lend you a hand', and Felli had agreed to that proposal. Eri had said she would tell Felli's fortune, so Felli only needed to bring Layfon to Eri's place and she would use that pretense to go on a date with him. That was the situation - Felli had thought. Well, Eri had also planned for that.

But, just as Eri's fortune had predicted, this store had truly brought a green drink and things had become like this.

(I hate you.)

Felli cringed under Layfon's pure gaze without the slightest bit of ill intent while cursing her robe-wearing friend.

However, if she knew she was being cursed, Eri would instead be very happy. On the other hand, she couldn't make the madly staring Layfon in front of her disappear even doing that.

The time it took for the food to arrive at the table was long enough to scare her.

Moreover, it was the same even after that.

"Then, next let's go to Hipshot Ball."

"No, it's way too stupid to act like the fortune says, so maybe we shouldn't?"

"Are you unhappy being with me?"

"No, that's not it, it's not like that."

"In that case, don't concern yourself with a fortune, don't you want to go have fun with me?"

"Um...... Al......alright......"

"Then let's go."

Save me.

Like that, the two of them played the namesake game of Hipshot Ball, a game where they used metal balls to knock over pins......

Crash...... roll roll roll.

"There are still pins left."

"Don't worry, leave it to me."

Crash, rattle rattle rattle!

"Well done."

"Haha (sparkle)."


"I'll teach you how to throw it."


Layfon guided Felli carefully and closely. He stood close behind supporting Felli, his hand overlapping over her smaller hand. Layfon's breath tickled her ears, and Felli turned her head to look behind, and his pure and innocent eyes also looked back at her.

"What is it?"


"Hahahaha, you're weird, Felli."


Save me.

And then, it became evening.

After setting out from Hipshot Ball, the two of them rested a bit, and then played other games...... With that, it became evening......

"It's about time to go back."

The weary Felli only managed to say those words resolutely after gathering her entire body's strength. If it were the normal Layfon, he would definitely end the activities here.

However, today's Layfon was completely different from normal, an even his personality was different.

"Do you want to eat dinner together?"



However she looked at it, he had a look of 'just dinner won't be enough to satiate me', and Felli's entire body froze.

Until now, they had just proceeded according to the fortune's results. An object of destruction - Hadn't Eri said those words? Felli didn't know what it could destroy, but at the least it could definitely destroy something about this situation.

Guiding hands, where were the guiding hands?

"Huh - - Isn't that Felli-chan?"

They appeared.

"Ah, what are you doing in this kind of place!"

"Ah, Layfon!"

When she turned around, there were Nina and the others with Sharnid in front - the seventeenth platoon members - along with Leerin, and Naruki's friends Meishen and Mifi as well. Had everyone relocated after watching the movie?

"Layfon! What did you do after ditching us!"

Leerin reached out her hand to point at Layfon's chest, and Layfon grabbed her hand.


She showed a surprised look because his face had suddenly drawn close.

"I'm sorry, Leerin. Though you're very important, Felli looked far too lonely."

"Huh? Ah......wah......Huh?"

Leerin became confused in an instant, and her entire body went rigid.

The other members who saw this scene had similar reactions. Nina had originally planned on also berating him from behind Leerin, but now she just showed an expression as if she had seen a ghost and stood stock-still behind her.

I've had enough.

Felli began feeling depressed.

She had only gotten everyone involved in this trouble.

The scene changed, and they were now in the underground bar that Sharnid frequented and that they had held a celebration in before. Today the female owner seemed to be away resting, so she wasn't in the store. But Sharnid and she had a connection, so he borrowed the key, and everyone was able to enter the store.

They couldn't let Layfon stay in a normal store in his current condition, so everyone had come here.

"This is a good opportunity."

Mifi's whispered words made Meishen's face go red.

Everyone had already heard the chain of events from Felli's mouth. Because he had drank that cup of green juice, Layfon had become this unusual.

Right now, Leerin was making some food behind the bar, and Layfon was talking to her. She wore a dissatisfied expression and ignored Layfon's words. Nina and the others were sitting on the other side of Meishen and them, surrounding the weary Felli and talking about something.

"By op......opportunity, you mean......"

On the road here, Layfon had quietly spoken flirtatious words that he normally would never say to all of the female members, and he hadn't even let Dalshena go. She had dropped the words 'how uncomfortable', and then returned.

Maybe Dalshena's attitude was the best way of dealing with this kind of situation.

However, if they just let Layfon go and let him do whatever he pleased until the effects of the juice disappeared, what kind of things would happen? Layfon had been active in the platoon matches, so he had many fans. There were many girls who only knew Layfon during competition and didn't know his normal self. Supposing Layfon's sweet words managed to trick those girls, what kind of drama would unfold?

"We can't tie him up until the effects disappear either."

Naruki murmured this with a bitter smile, and actually, before they had arrived at this store, she had already sneakily tried to see whether she could do that.

But, Layfon had quickly noticed her presence.

And moreover, he had grabbed Naruki's hands and quietly murmured 'I'd actually like to tie you up for a night', so Naruki had been unable to do anything.

"It feels like we've released a wild beast. If his judgment has been impaired, he might become a sex offender."

Perhaps thinking of the scene just now, Naruki shivered, and then drank the beverage in her hand with one gulp.

"So I said that this is a good opportunity."

Mifi was still pushing that matter. Meishen didn't know why, but Naruki was looking at Mifi with a dirty look.

"What I mean is, what is done cannot be undone."

"As I thought."

Mifi said this, and quickly brought Naruki upon her.

"I knew you were talking about that kind of thing. You want your own friend to do such an impure action?"

"What are you talking about. Mei-chan likes Layton, so she's quite okay with it."

"The order of things is very important."

"If she's concerned about such a thing, she won't be able to capture Layfon. There's open warfare and deception, and girls are deception. Every move is allowed, whether it's a feint, surprise ambush, or a nighttime visit."

"Okay, okay. If you want to say that kind of thing, wait until after you've succeeded with it."

"That's no fun--"

Just then, Meishen finally understood what Mifi was talking about, and her face became even redder because of it.

Mifi continued being naughty.

"As long as you make something happen before the effects of the juice disappear, and then present it to Layton after he wakes up, it'll be enough. It's the 'scene under the blankets the next morning' move. And if you say something like 'that was great' when the other party wakes up, it would be even more terrific."

"Nn, Mifi should really change to the editorial department, because she's already been led astray."

"That's no fun--"

Scene under the blankets the next morning?

Felli who had a reaction to those words raised her head.

By the table, the serious-faced Nina, smiling Sharnid, and Harley who looked like he wanted to laugh but couldn't were discussing things.

"What's wrong with it, maybe we should just let him be comfortable? If you don't want him to find arbitrary girls to deal with his desires, then you should take the field yourself."

"Why did it become that kind of topic!"

Nina quietly got angry. Her face was red.

"That person didn't prepare anything like a neutralizer, did she?"

"Even if she did, would it be enough?"

"Harley, can you make an antidote?"

"I'm a materials major, I can't do things like medicine."

"It should be fine to just let him be comfortable. What, if you don't like doing it when he's under the influence of a drug, then just go for a second round when he returns to normal."

"Hey...... Why can your mouth only let out those kinds of things!"

"Because that's the easiest way."

"I need to properly correct your morality!"

"Don't think my Magnum Bomb is that easy to block!"

"Hey, what are we actually talking about?"

Harley's helpless voice made Felli expel the conversation around the table from her thoughts.

What she should be cautious of were the people sitting around the other table.

They were talking about something like scenes under the blanket the next morning. Though the person who said it wasn't Meishen, Felli was still very concerned about how Meishen would respond after hearing such a thing, or what actions she would take.

A scene under the blankets next morning with that girl's body as a weapon...... was really frightening.

(Maybe I should tell everyone.)

Maybe the changing situation had made her feel confused, but she was unable to make calm judgments.

Felli looked at Layfon. He was sitting at the bar alone, talking to Leerin who was making dinner for Felli and the others. He was saying flirtatious words that he had spoken to Felli first, but Leerin kept a displeased expression.

After seeing that, she shouldn't have to worry about Leerin.

Felli thought this, but......

"Leerin, I really want to eat your breakfast every day."

"Enough is enough, stop it, alright?"

Felli saw Leerin say this, but when she raised her face, her face was quite red.

She was also very dangerous.

This wouldn't do.

Felli stood up.

Meishen also stood up.



No, she seemed to have been forced up.

"Ah, Leerin, I'll come help."

After being forcefully pushed from behind by Mifi, Meishen said this, and then moved towards the bar.

"Mei-chan, you're the cutest when you wear an apron."


The kitchen was on the other side of the bar, and Meishen was naturally preparing to wear the apron that was hung there, but her face went red because of those words, and her body even froze.

She had to think of something. Felli thought this, standing blankly in the middle of the store.

If this went on, everyone - all of the females present in the store, would be assaulted by Layfon's poisonous fangs. Though Nina's face was red because of Sharnid's words, maybe in her heart she felt that it might be okay. Even the angry-looking Leerin was very dangerous. As for Meishen, she was currently the most dangerous person.

Regi19 135.jpg

Everyone might try a 'scene under the blankets the next morning' move.

She hadn't done anything to deal with that.

She had to think of something.

But, what could she do?

The object of destruction.

A black drink.

Right. Before they had come here, hadn't she been thinking about that? The object of destruction could definitely destroy many things. That was certain. It could destroy the danger zone surrounding Layfon, it would definitely destroy it, and maybe it was even true that it was targeted at it.

In that case.

Felli looked around the interior of the store, looking for a place with drinks. She couldn't find any drinks in the area that customers would walk around in. On the other side of the bar, behind Leerin, she could see a fridge with drinks, and actually she had long since noticed that. This was a place that sold liquor, so there were various types of liquor placed on the wall.

But, the so-called black drink shouldn't mean liquor, right? According to Zuellni's laws, no one here had reached drinking age.

Felli entered the kitchen, walking past the two people who were currently making food, and then advancing towards the fridge. Meishen used the knife with stiff movements.

"Aah, Is Felli also going to cook for me?"

Felli had decided to take action quickly, and she had originally planned to ignore everything, but Layfon's voice made her stop moving.

"That makes me happy."

Layfon said those kinds of words without embarrassment. What was that feeling creeping over her back, was it a feeling of terror that made her uncomfortable, or......

(But, because of this kind of situation......)

Felli felt her heart waver, so she looked at the fridge as if to throw off such a feeling.

......It wasn't there.

It wasn't inside. The things inside were all water or fruit juice, and there were neither red nor black drinks. In that case, she would go look at the bottles arranged on the wall - but there weren't red or black drinks there either.


Felli shouted.


"......Are these all the drinks?"

"There's a private repository inside."

Sharnid used his hand to point somewhere, and there was indeed a passageway there.

Felli rushed inside quickly.

Many bottles were placed in orderly arrangements in the cold air, and this method of storage meant that this place was a liquor storeroom.

"A wine storage room."

In her hometown, her father's wine had also been stored with this kind of method.

"In other words, there's only wine here?"

Felli creased her brow.

However, if there was wine, then she could indeed find a 'red drink'.

"Maybe this is the lucky object?"

In that case, that thing was definitely inside this wine bottle.

"But, even so......"

Felli glanced at the wine inside of the bottle. The label attached to the bottle expressed the vintage and age - that kind of thing was pretty much the same in every city. Roughly three percent of the Academy City population was legally permitted to drink, and if that were true, it wasn't such a good thing for the wine industry to be thriving in the Academy City. Of course, there had also been wine trafficking in Felli's hometown, so this wine definitely wouldn't be wasted.

In this wine storage room, there were bottles of vintage wine from more than fifty years ago.

Wine could be separated into red and white types.

But, there shouldn't be any black drinks here, right? Though there were wines that had been named 'black' wines, those were in the end just very concentrated red wines.


"Got it."

That thing seemed to have been hidden, placed in a corner of the storage room. Felli could see through the bottleneck and behind it, since the bottle was translucent. The liquid sitting inside was a deep red wine that definitely couldn't be distinguished from black.

"......It's this."

Felli reached her hand out to it, and just then-

"I'll help you."

A voice suddenly came from behind her, and Felli almost jumped from fright.


"It's only the two of us here right now, so why don't you call me Fon Fon, Felli?"

He used a sweet tone, saying this almost in a whisper.

"Why did you come here?'

"Because it would be heavy if Felli came to get drinks for everyone herself, right? So of course I'd come to help."


Right. The owner of this store wasn't here, so not only did they have to prepare food themselves, but drinks as well. Somehow, Felli had become the person burdened with preparing drinks for everyone.

"If Felli's delicate hands were hurt by something heavy, I definitely wouldn't be happy."

After saying this, Layfon brought Felli's hand to his face.


In order to wake up the part of her self that was beginning to float away, Felli screamed as loud as she could in her mind. Layfon's current state wasn't normal, and if he moved as he was, it wouldn't be surprising for someone to have come chasing after him. The fact that it hadn't happened meant that Layfon had used Sakkei when he was following after Felli.

In order to capture Felli with sweet words.

He was serious, Layfon was seriously trying to seduce Felli, and have a 'next-morning scene under the blankets'.

Felli was willing to admit that she was very persistent towards Layfon, and those feelings even made her feel a sense of competition with Meishen who clearly liked Layfon. When Leerin had come to Zuellni, she had the same feelings.

But, still - even so. Layfon was currently being misled by a drug, and Felli wouldn't feel happy about being seduced by the current him.


His hand rested on Felli's waist, and his glowing eyes looked towards her as if drawing Felli in.

No good, if this went on it would truly be bad.

Aah, but. Ahh, but!

The lucky object, the red drink, was here.

She couldn't be seduced by Layfon who had gone out of control because of the drug. But, if it were the second round - Sharnid's vulgar murmurs endlessly filled her brain. A scene the next morning under the blankets, and then the second round. That way......

No no no!

Even that way, wouldn't she lose the valuable first time to the drug?

"It's a masculinity-awakening juice~"

For some reason, Selina's voice sounded in her head. At the time, Felli hadn't seriously listened to her words, but for some reason, that explanation sounded in Felli's mind right now, and she tried to understand its meaning.

"I inspected Layfon's brain matter~ It'll make him become more manly~ Or you could say that I awakened his masculinity~ Or sexual attraction~ Those kinds of things were increased with one gulp~"

......Meaning, that cup of juice had eliminated Layfon's slowness towards women, making him able to act?

In other words, though his actions were outrageous, the foundations governing his actions hadn't changed?

If it were that way, then the actions appearing in front or her now - Layfon's actions towards Felli - weren't betraying his subconscious?

"Felli...... how about it?"

Layfon strengthened his arm around Felli's waist. Felli was pulled over, and his clear eyes slowly drew close.

Regi19 141.jpg

Aah, how about it.

She involuntarily thought about it...... She almost thought so.

"No no no."

Felli spoke unconsciously.

That interpretation was just a pretense produced by Felli's desires. On the road here, and when he had been in the store, he hadn't only whispered sweet words to Felli, but had also done that to other girls, right?

It was already enough.

Truly enough!

She had been exhausted by this situation, so-


"Fon Fon, can you bring these drinks to everyone?"

After Felli said this coldly to the somewhat puzzled-looking Layfon, she pointed to the black drink in the corner of the wine cellar.

It was already enough.

Might as well let everything be destroyed.[6]

Incidentally, though that black wine brewer's recipe had spread outside of its city, its brewer's concept was an experimental substance with overly strong contents to 'get people one hundred percent completely drunk', so not even a bottle had been sold, and it was received poorly even in Zuellni.

It had been called 'Wicked Devil'.

The shop owner didn't even plan on letting customers drink that wine, and only held it as a collectible.


Nina stopped rubbing her temple and trying to dig through her memories.

She couldn't think of anything after Layfon had missed watching the movie with everyone. The memories after that were unclear and blurry like smoke, and Nina felt that if she continued thinking, she would think of many unbearable memories.

"Sometimes there are situations where it's fortunate to forget. Nn, oh well."

For some reason, a strange sweat emerged on Nina's back. As if to chase away that sweat, Nina gulped down the rest of the water, and then laid back down on the table without even looking at the faces of the others who looked like they were having nightmares.

The Rolling Carnival[edit]

That day, during the reign of the thirteenth generation Student Council, a widely-attended but covered-up thing happened.

Regardless of whether it was the old Student Council or the current new one, it was the same. Since the Academy City Zuellni had been born into the world and a Student Council had emerged, every generation of Student Council secretary would log the things that had happened into their records. From the contents of the everyday campus activity meetings, to the results of the various student discipline situations, to the published papers and research abstracts, even the countless things that the City Police reported, were all stored in a tremendous and accumulating log of history. Even a normal student could access these logs just by going to the library, so it could be said that it was Zuellni's history book.

As long as it was something that had to do with the Student Council, even tiny insignificant things would be recorded into these logs, but the thing this time hadn't been recorded inside in the end.

Moreover, no one was blamed for that.

In that peculiar situation, even Student Council President Karian Loss was unable to blame the secretary for those independent actions.

Ten days before-

"Let's have a festival."

Karian said this in the meeting room.

It was something that happened after Karian finished listening to the Military Arts Head Vance Hardy's report on the training of the Military Arts department up to now, along with the various department heads' reports.

This year was the Military Arts Competition, and Zuellni who had only one selenium mine remaining had faced a harsh situation where they had to win. Fortunately, Zuellni had achieved victory in the battle against Academy City Myath, and because of this they had obtained some breathing room. However, the Military Arts Competition hadn't ended, and they were still in a situation where they couldn't relax. so the Military Arts students were focusing hard on training.

However, preparing for the Military Arts Competition wasn't the only goal that the students lived here for, and it was just a situation that one would only encounter in an Academy City.

Those were the various department heads' following reports.

"In this kind of critical juncture?"

Vance stared at Karian with a bitter expression.

"It's because it's a critical juncture."

The large-scale training being carried out for the Military Arts Competition was a burden for the various students who were responsible for supporting it. Inspections had to be carried out for the Dites that the Military Artists used, repairs, fighting clothing, maintaining practice fields, servicing defensive equipment inside the city, stocking medical supplies, positioning workers to deal with injuries that happened during battle etc. As long as the Military Artists were taking action, other students would have to cooperate and follow.

"We have to move."

"That's right, we have to move. But, having to move and nourishing the soul are two different things."

After wryly smiling at Vance's attitude, Karian kept speaking.

"Actually, in terms of duty, the ones who have to move are the trained sixth-years, but they are preparing for the final research reports before they graduate. Moreover, the other students are feeling uncomfortable because of the business of their everyday life. Haven't there been more small conflicts lately?"

Vance who was also an executive of the City Police couldn't deny that problem.

"Though that is true, we can't tell the sixth-years to skimp on their work, so at the least we should provide an outlet for them to reduce their depressed moods."

"So that's why you want to hold a festival?"

"That's right."

"But, we can't spend too much time preparing, right?"

Another department head raised his hand and spoke, and Karian nodded agreement to those words.

"Of course, we probably have about a week to prepare, and we can cancel classes to some degree during that time. The problem is in the area of materials......"

"The school has simple tent and stall kits, and as long as we rent some more, we won't need to make new stalls, so there shouldn't be any problem there. As for stage materials and workers, ah... As long as we add points to grades, we'll get as many people was we want."

The slightly tanned Architecture Head expressed approval of the festival, and a smile appeared on Karian's face.

Looking around the entire meeting room, only Vance's face was bitter.

"Then the Military Arts students......"

"Just suspend the training carried out in the city. If possible, it would be best to reduce the difficulty of the training to some degree. I don't want them to become negligent, but we can't have them on a knife's edge for the entire year."

Just as Vance wanted to say something, Karian opened his mouth at the same time, and those remarks made the creases on Vance's brow become deeper. Since Karian had been elected Student Council President, Vance had been the right-hand man by Karian's side, so the other department heads held their breath watching his actions.

"If the chairmen pass this proposal-"

"Of course, just leave it to me to handle."

After Vance sat back down arms crossed, relaxed sighs sounded from around him.

Karian nodded firmly as a guarantee.

Nine days before-

It was carried out that day - with the approval of the chairmen and committees of all the grade levels, the proposal that Karian's Student Council submitted passed, and the holding of a festival was finalized. The preparation period was the week before it opened, and notifications were made in advance, so that various classes and student associations registered with the Council applied for stalls or to hold activities.

Eight days before-

Maybe the preparation time was very short, or the students had been waiting for this time to come, but the Student Council meeting room was quickly piled full of applications to participate in the festival.

The Student Council collected the application data, and began taking up the work of creating stall locations and schedules. Even if the situation had already been decided, there were still various participants and societies that submitted individual applications to change stall locations or to increase their stalls.

In order to deal with that work, the Student Council became incredibly busy.

Five days before-

"Do we want to do something ourselves?"

The sun was already in the west, and the lights of the school buildings were almost out, but looking out the window, some schools could still be seen with their lights on.

At this time, the Student Council didn't yet have work like mediation or negotiation. Though that were true, they still had to record the stall locations and schedules, though they were only semi-formal documents.

Moreover, even if right now was the preparation period for the festival, it didn't mean that the Student Council's routine business had disappeared because of it.

The Student Council's executive room was cluttered full of files, and they were piled even higher than normal. Karian was wordlessly and mechanically dealing with those files.

The female secretary who brought tea in made this proposal.

"What do you mean by 'do something'?"

The Student Council followed the guidelines handed down from generation to generation - Rest properly when resting, and Karian who concentrated on tasting the tea looked at the secretary.

"In this kind of situation, even the Student Council has no way of preparing some other activity."

Karian used his eyes to point at the mountain of files on his table.

"Nn, so we plan on doing something that doesn't require much time to prepare or practice beforehand, a performance where everyone will perform or show something that they're an expert at."

"Oh...... is there such a performance?"

Karian who had the biographies of every Student Council member recorded in his head tried thinking of their talents. But he was unable to quickly combine those talents together.


Karian showed a confused expression, but the secretary who stood before him showed a confident smile.

"You seem like you've though of something, huh?"

"Yes, how would making a band be?"

"A band?"

"Nnn. Because Shirley can play the piano, Miralia can play bass, Roxella can play the drums, and I can also play guitar."

"You can play the guitar?"

"Yes, is that unexpected?"

"Very unexpected."

That hadn't been written in her biography.

The secretary in front of him, Serine, was a black-haired girl, and gave off a the air of a sheltered, rich princess, and even if it weren't strange for her to know some instrument, probably no one would have felt that she played the guitar. Actually, in her biography, there had been an instrument with a very rich princess-like air.

"Because I only learned it after coming to Zuellni."

"I see."

Though this was an unexpected answer, to this secretary and the group of girls that she had just mentioned - the group of Student Council secretaries - it wasn't anything unexpected.

"I think that we'll probably also need a bit of practice time."

"That's probably no problem. But going by what you just said, it seems you still lack a singer?"


Serine gazed at him with a smile, and that expression made Karian have a bad premonition, and his entire body froze because of this.

He was unable to be slow in this kind of situation, and maybe that was Karian Loss's bad luck.

"You couldn't mean?"


"Are you joking?"

"We're not joking."


Karian rubbed his temple while shaking his head.

"You're not willing?"

"......Don't look at me like that, I'll get stage fright."

"How could that be."

Maybe she took those words as a joke, but Serine laughed.

"Oh my, you're working hard."

Just then, Vance walked in with one of his platoon members, Rafael. Even if he stood next to a rough man, he gave off a gorgeous presence that added color to the slightly tired atmosphere of the room.

He held a cake box in his hand, and the group of secretaries gave happy cheers.

However, Serine didn't leave Karian's side.

"Thanks for helping to patrol."

"No no no, it's quite fun to be able to stroll through Zuellni at night with my dear."

Vance who stood to the side showed an extremely bitter expression, but Rafael seemed quite satisfied.

"Right, I just accidentally overheard while outside, but could it be that the Student Council will hold some activity?"

The other secretaries had gone to make tea for the two of them, and Rafael cut the cake for everyone.

"Nn, we're planning on making a band."

After taking the cake, Serine replied like that.

"Oh, a band. Music is great, since it can heal the heart."

"Raphaela-san, are you also planning on doing something?"

"Nn, I'm running an opera. Though I'm the only singer, I plan on holding it together with an orchestra."

"That seems troublesome, are you alright preparing for it?"

"I've been preparing since a long time ago. The orchestra is people that I've known since I started school here, and we composed together, and the outfits are also made of plans that we designed before. I plan to hold another before I graduate, so this time counts as a preview."

"Seems incredible."


Serine's words made Rafael nod his head enthusiastically.

"After all, I plan to make the perfect ending to these six years. I want to use custom costumes that I made with a lot of hard work."

Rafael spoke elatedly, and the expression of Vance behind him became more and more bitter. Vance's change showed what kind of dramatic scene Rafael was going to show.

"I want to sing my eternal love for you in a dream world. Yes, for you!"

In order to escape from Rafael's passionate actions and look, Vance moved his gaze to the edge of the ceiling.

Though his 'dear' expressed indifference, Rafael wasn't depressed. He continued speaking:

"Then, who's going to be the singer for the Student Council band?"

"Of course, President."


Serine's smile showed that she already took this for granted. Because she had already told three people about this, she probably planned on pushing this to the level of an established fact.

"No, I haven't yet......"

"Ah, that's amazing. Having the leader head a performance, that's exactly what festivals should be."

"Really? I thought that in this kind of time, our Student Council President should take a more behind-the-scenes position......"

"That's true. But, we are students, and we have to enjoy a festival to be students. I think that the President's student side can also help the normal students feel relaxed."

Rafael's words made Karian moan quietly.

Four days before-

During the morning, Karian returned to his apartment to change his clothes. Karian let Vance and the other secretaries go back to their individual rooms, but he had stayed in the Student Council building working until the middle of the night.

In his apartment, his sister Felli was currently eating breakfast.

"Hi, good morning."

Karian tried to chat, but his sister didn't respond. Normally, she would reply in an ordinary manner when greeted in the morning.

Karian knew the reason why he was unhappy.

How could they hold a festival in this critical juncture...... She definitely thought that.

Not long before, Karian had forced her into acting in the film 'Psychokinesis Girl - Magical Magnet Hunter Felli'. The film was obviously going to be released, but she definitely hadn't thought that they would be holding a festival as if to match that release.

His sister definitely thought her brother was messing with her.

Though it truly wasn't like that, it was very suitable for her to think that way, and actually Karian was the person who had agreed to let her act in that film. Even if her paranoid delusions continued to expand and she began considering conspiracy theories, it was a very natural thought process.

The hateful silence made Karian decide to quickly escape the apartment after he finished his business.

What dispelled that thought was some change in mind.

"I'm truly sorry about the thing earlier."

Karian didn't look at his sister, but said those words to the doors. He didn't know what kind of expression his sister showed outside of his vision. Karian held the thoughts that 'maybe my sister is normally expressionless, but she'll smile because of those words' as he spoke.

"Never mind the movie for now, I was very interested in the Light Dite experiment. Even if only a Psychokinesis amplifier experiment, as long as we can find some means to push it to a practical stage, I think that it can ease your burden."

"......You misjudged that person's nature, how unlike you."

"No, I didn't misjudge, I knew he was that sort of person long before the planning stage. But, with regard to Light Dites, no one in Zuellni has yet been comparable to him. So in order to let this experiment be carried out smoothly, I could only let his attempt succeed."


"Though research on that Light Dite's flying ability and particle beam have temporarily been suspended, plans to put the amplifier into practical use have already begun. Depending on the occasion, it could become a giant weapon like the Kei cannon, or could reduce the burden on you."

"I won't hold any expectations of it."

His sister's attitude was still cold. But, it was much better to get a response than non at all - Karian judged this.

When Karian walked to the door, his sister's voice sounded.

"......Has something happened?"

His feeble attitude had been noticed, and Karian showed a wry smile, but his feet didn't stop because of it.

"Uh, I just kind of understand your feelings of not wanting to do something but being forced into it."

Felli seemed to turn her head, but Karian didn't look at his sister's face right then, but rather left the room carrying his baggage.

After getting off the tram at Sanaji Avenue, Karian looked at the scene on the avenue while walking towards the school building. Preparations for the festival were going on in every corner, and currently there were vehicles holding materials running along the street, and he could see the figures of Architecture students carrying the materials around. Karian gazed at that scene while striding towards the Student Council building.

Though he had been the one who had announced the festival, he would never get tired of watching this avenue's scene of slowly changing vitality.

Karian had prepared to pass through the plaza, which had been blocked off because work was being done on it. The workers in the middle of the plaza were constructing a steel frame for a stage.

"Oh, President."

Just as Karian planned on changing his route and was about to depart, someone called to him.

It was the Architecture Head.

The Architecture Head smiled while wearing work clothes and wearing a safety helmet, and he showed white teeth that contrasted with his swarthy face.

"Hi, how's the work progressing?"

"Nothing's gone wrong, it's very smooth."

"What about materials?"

"More than sufficient. We're using the cultured materials from the machinery layer, so wood is plentiful. There's more than enough processing capacity for the wood, it's clear that Zuellni is very vigorous."

The Architecture Head's words provoked Karian's interest.

"You know that the city's vigorous?"

"I can pretty much feel it."

It was clearly the morning, but the Architecture Head's tanned face was already damp with sweat. He used a tower hung around his neck to wipe off the sweat, and then said:

"I can figure out just by looking at the culturing area. Like I just said, the culturing area uses the city's machinery layer. In other words, it's the regenerative ability of the city. When people are feeling bad, the wounds they receive don't get better easily."


"The proof is, when the city went rampant before, the condition of the culturing area was terrible."

"I never heard about that."

"Didn't I report to you about the business of the culturing area production inefficiencies before? Other than that, the deduction is just my feeling after all, it's not like the Mechanical Department guys who are professional and justified."

The Architecture Head's reasons were very justified as well, though.

"The condition of the culturing area has been particularly good the past few days. Maybe the Electronic Fairy is also looking forward to this festival."

"Looking forward to the festival huh, so that's how it is."

It wasn't hard to understand the Architecture Head's remarks as long as he thought about the reports from the Machinery Department. Karian didn't know about the condition of other Electronic Fairies, but he knew that the Electronic Fairy of Zuellni was very exuberant and curious. When he had just entered school, situations would often arise Mechanical Department because the Electronic Fairy had gone somewhere, and that was proof.

"You have to be excited too."

"Nn, of course."

"After all, this is the stage you're going to stand on."

"......What did you say?"

As the Student Council President, he had to make this festival succeed - Karian had only nodded his head to show approval because he had thought that was the Architecture Head had meant.

However, the Architecture Head seemed to mean something else.

"What, you couldn't possibly not know, right? This is going to be a live music venue, where the light music clubs can all perform independently. Your band will also perform here."

Karian felt a bit dazed.

"Since when?"

However, Karian didn't fall over. There were other students here who, just like Karian, had failed to notice that the plaza was closed and then had to leave, and there were also workers constructing in the plaza. As the Student Council Head, Karian definitely couldn't faint in front of the eyes of spectators.

"Nn? Before you came, a secretary came over and told me."


The Architecture head patted Karian's shoulder, and it looked like he approved of the situation. Karian could only force himself to stay calm as he left the area.

After that, Karian ran into many people who chatted with him on his way to school, and there were about six who brought up the matter of the Student Council band.

This wouldn't do, he was being trapped.

Karian walked to the Student Council building while wiping off the sweat on his forehead. It definitely wasn't the hot temperature of the summer that made him sweat that much.

Serine...... Not only her, the entire secretary group was utilizing some method to try to make it an established fact because Karian hadn't shown interest and had been hesitant. In order to make this decision an established one, they planned to make it common knowledge, and make it so that Karian, who concerned himself over the prestige of the Student Council, had nowhere to run.

"I need to think of something, need to think of something......"

Karian mumbled to himself while walking into the Student Council building.

Even the construction students who were preparing to work brought up the band. Karian returned a doubtful smile very unlike him, and then arrived in the Student Council room.

Music came from the empty room next door that was usually used as a resting room, and several students who didn't belong to the Student Council were currently moving things into the room.

Karian watched quietly.

Regi19 167.jpg

The sofa that Karian usually used to nap on had been moved to the side, the table had been taken away, and replacing them were a complete set of drums, a large amplifier set on the floor, and musical instruments placed on stands.

A brilliant microphone stand was placed in the center, and that scene gave Karian a cold sweat.

Karian entered the Student Council room, and there was no one there, though the files that he hadn't finished dealing with yesterday were piled on the table.

It was normal - the customary scene made him feel comforted, though this was the first time Karian had such a feeling.

After putting the bag holding his change of clothes next to the table, Karian sat in the chair. The familiar sensation of the chair let him relax a bit.

Suddenly...... he noticed something on the table that hadn't been there yesterday.

It was a data chip, and to it, fixed with a clip, was...... a music score.

The sticky note attached to it read 'This is the music we're going to perform, so please memorize the lyrics.'


Karian was already speechless, facing Serine's neat handwriting.

Three days before-

The preparation for the festival was already entering the final stage. Right now there were almost no more construction workers around, the schedule for activities had already been planned and finalized, and all that was left was for the workers to smoothly complete setting the various stages.

In the schedule, the playing time of the Student Council band was clearly listed.

The weariness in Karian's heart had already reached its limits.

The song the band was going to perform sounded from the players in the Student Council room. It wasn't singing, but the electronic melody.

"You couldn't have made that song yourself?"

After asking this, the drummer Shirley lowered her face shyly.

"R......really. I feel like it's not bad at all."

Karian could only show a doubtful smile.

What should he do right now?

This was the only matter in Karian's mind. There would be a small break every hour during Student Council work, and there would be time to rest every three hours.

During the small break, the secretaries would walk one by one to the neighboring room - the room that had become a music room. The entire Student Council building was made of a material that was soundproof to a degree, but they had never considered in the beginning that there would be a band performing here. The strumming guitar, flowing piano, and pounding drums holding up the song's rhythm passed through the walls and entered the Student Council room.

Every time he heard their performance, Karian would hold his head.

The secretaries had spoken to Karian once about it, but hadn't looked for him to practice afterwards. Moreover, they hadn't slowed down in their own work, but rather dealt with cleaning, making tea, speaking with visitors, sending files to Karian, asking him to sign files, and speaking to him about various matters like they normally did. They didn't mention the band business while working, but once it was break time, they would silently walk next door as if it had been arranged, and then the loud sounds of a performance would pass through the wall and shake Karian's eardrums.

What should he do right now?

One day before-

In the end, Karian hadn't attended their practice once.

The festival was tomorrow, so he no longer had business to work on. The normal scene of the Student Council was returning bit by bit.

However, the room next door still kept its state as a music room.

Karian no longer slept in the Student Council building. After completely dealing with the things he had to do, he would return to his apartment without any further ado. After her brother who hadn't been back for a while returned, his sister hid in her room as if she were confused, but her response was just a triviality.

The Student Council room was quiet like normal. The secretaries hadn't played music from speakers again, and right now they were silently dealing with work.

A steady and tranquil working scene.

However, it was hard to deny that the scene hid something completely different from normal, an emotional and nervous tension.

The secretaries had already realized a fact.

That was - Karian truly didn't want to stand on the stage with the Student Council band.

It was tomorrow...... He feared that tonight would be the final practice.

He would have to return early today as well.

But, what then......?

He had to face tomorrow.

Right now it was already too late to change the schedule. Up to now, Karian hadn't mandated that the secretaries stop their Student Council band activity. Since he hadn't done this, then the performance should be carried out. Karian who was the singer couldn't stop that performance without some particular reason.

In that case, he would have to perform.

Karian had to stand on stage and sing in front of the microphone.

Just thinking about it, he had a kind of feeling as if his body were being torn from the pressure.

(I wonder if filth monsters will attack tomorrow.)

Karian walked towards the files while thinking about childish delusions, but he didn't show those emotions on his face at all.

(No no no, that's too outrageous no matter what. In that case, if an Academy City comes near this place, and then the festival is halted because of a Military Arts Competition...... No, even that would just mean the festival was extended. Then, it really has to be filth monsters. If filth monsters invaded the city, and damaged the city interior, and it wouldn't be time to hold a festival anymore.)

Karian began imagining. Letting filth monsters come near the city, and engaging them in the outer regions. Military Artist students would go fight, but as for allowing the filth monsters to invade the city......

No, that kind of thing wouldn't be allowed.

Even in his delusions, Karian was still a perfectionist. He calmly planned Zuellni's battles, and when he thought of the battles the students had experienced up to now, he pushed aside that possibility.

It was possible that filth monsters would suddenly come to attack the outskirts and would be confronted. Only Felli had the power to spread a sensing web around the city. Though there were other Psychokinesists on the lookout right now, it didn't mean that they were completely alerted.

However, it was almost impossible for filth monsters to invade the city and only cause light damage.

Because, Zuellni had Layfon Alseif.

The Lance Shelled City Grendan had many strong residents, and that man had won the title of Heaven's Blade successor there at a young age, and had come to the Academy City because he lost that honor. To him, a large group of larvae was an annoyance that had only numbers, and even a grown mature phase wasn't his opponent. When he had defeated an aged phase, he had entered a bitter struggle because of his equipment, but in this situation where the chance of encountering a filth monster wasn't high, it was unlikely that they would run across an aged phase filth monster, and the probability of such a battle happening tomorrow was almost zero.

(Damn you, Layfon Alseif!)

Even though Layfon had only come to Zuellni by chance, Karian had still used him completely, so he had no right to blame him for this.

"Ah, President."

When he returned to his senses, Serine was standing in front of him.

"Nn, what is it?"

After dispersing his evil delusions, Karian raised his head. Her expression was sad and depressed.

"Well, would President please join tonight's practice?"

After she cautiously said this, the secretary group held their breath.

"Only tonight is left for practice. Please, join our practice."

Serine lowered her head, and Karian was speechless. Karian had originally tried to leave before the others could say such things, but he had escaped from reality because of the overwhelming pressure, and missed the opportunity to leave.


Karian paid attention to keep from leaking anything into his expression while desperately searching for an excuse to deal with Serine.

However, she was the first to speak.

"We know that you doesn't want to do this, President. But we want to do things in the festival other than Student Council activity. We have to choose something that doesn't require a lot of time to practice. Because everyone can play instruments, we decided to form a band. I'm sorry for making such a reckless decision."

Serine's words slowly drove Karian into a corner.

"Don't say that."

"No, we're requesting President to do something that you don't like, so I have to lower my head a few times."

Karian was slowly running out of places to go.

"Since you can perceive my feelings, why don't you just not include me? It's fine for your singer to play an instrument at the same time."

After saying this, Serine and the other secretaries all lowered their heads. Though it was only through the wall, Karian had heard their performance skills. With their skills, it was impossible to sing while playing.

"Well...... we could do it, but that's not what this is about."

"Then what is it about...... No, I shouldn't ask. Anyway, since you can leave me out of it, please do so."

Karian stood up.

Hurry, he had to hurry up and escape.

Karian took the bag placed next to the table, and then stood up. He had work that he had to do. But, it was alright even if he delayed that work till tomorrow. In any case, in this critical juncture, he had to flee the scene even if he had to become a villain.

"We want to do something with you, President!"

Shirley was the one who shouted this out. The fact that the soft-spoken her had desperately said such words dragged out Karian's conscience.


Karian clicked his tongue.

(What's wrong? Karian Loss. Hurry, Karian. Are you the kind of person to stop in this kind of place? You're the villain who ruined your sister's and another student's lives without concern for the peace of the city. In that case, what do you need to be concerned about. Move, go. Reach your hand to the door!)

However, he wasn't able to stride forward.

Shirley continued speaking.

"We want to make memories together with President[7]. The Student Council's activities are also very fun, but we wanted memories more like a student's."

Move, Karian Loss.

Karian couldn't move, unable to lift his legs as if they were buried in the floor. Since his feet couldn't move, then he could use his hands. Hurry up and reach for the door. Regardless of the method, he should quickly escape this place.

"We're begging you!"

The secretaries stood up, bowing their heads to Karian in unison.

"I can't sing!"

Karian shouted this. That shout spurred him to action, letting his limbs move again. Karian quickly moved in front of the door, and left the Student Council room.

Karian walked to his apartment without looking back.

The day of-

The festival that Karian had announced was beginning.

At the Student Council President's message broadcasted to the city by loudspeaker, every corner of the city broke out in cheers at the same time. Vendors shouted loudly to customers, and advertising balloons danced through the sky, with the sound of firecrackers also resounding.

However, a heavy atmosphere lingered in the broadcasting room, completely contrasting with the joyful atmosphere that the entire city gave off.

Karian left the broadcasting room as if escaping from that awkward atmosphere, and none of the secretaries chased after his back.

(That should be enough.)

He only had a small bit of satisfaction in his heart. An extremely bitter feeling filled his chest, an evil and painful feeling. Even if this was a city with only students, politics were still politics, and it was impossible not to dirty his hands. This wasn't the first time Karian experienced such feelings, but the pain today had left an incredibly bitter aftertaste for him.

The secretaries had to go to the plaza in order to prepare the things the band needed. It was the City Police's work to deal with the disputes that happened during the festival.

There was no longer anything Karian had to do during the festival. Should he return to the Student Council room to continue yesterday's work? Though Karian thought about it, his feet headed somewhere other than the Student Council building.

This was a park in the residential district. This park was normally a resting place during noontime break, but today there was no one here. According to the schedule, there should be cultural societies holding activities in nearby lecture halls, but today the park wasn't in the students' vision. From the beginning, Karian had known that there wouldn't be anyone coming here.

He sat on a bench and looked at the sky. Today's weather was excellent, and could be said to be good weather tailor-made to a festival.

"Really, what am I doing."

Karian couldn't help but mutter.

Until now, Karian still hadn't considered participating in the performance, but he didn't regret not saying he would participate. This way, he didn't have to conform to everyone's opinions. He also believed that Serine and the others' plans had failed, because they had given him a chance to flee.

Even so, the bitter feeling still hadn't disappeared.

Normally, Karian should have observed the festival with the secretaries under the name of patrols, but right now he could only pass the time here with nothing at all to do. Karian understood that it was that kind of misfortune that brought him his bitter feeling.

He gazed at the sky.

When the colors of the sky began showing traces of the sunset, a lot of time had already passed.

Just then, a figure appeared in the edge of his vision.

When he realized who it was, Karian abandoned the thought of escaping. Doing that kind of thing was completely meaningless, because he clearly understood the decisive difference in physical ability between the two sides.

"So you were in this kind of place."

Vance emotionlessly stared at Karian who sat on the bench.

"I wasted effort running around to many places."

"Is it alright not to be patrolling, Military Arts Head?"

"I don't want to be told that by the untrustworthy Student Council President."

Vance didn't sit next to Karian, but stood in front of him.

"The secretaries' looks were all very depressed. I know the entire situation."

"In that case, you should know I wasn't wrong."

"Actually, I saw the boss abandoning his responsibility for his subordinates."

"What did you say?"

"To not have revised the schedule, isn't that neglecting your position?"


Karian couldn't retort, and could only stay silent.

"It's not like you at all. If you don't want to participate, you should have many means you can utilize."

"That's true, but I really can't ignore their sincerity."

"In that case, you should go step up to the plate. You were the one who decided to have a festival, but then you let it be stepped on? That kind of thing definitely couldn't happen, right?"


"I heard that you said you couldn't sing, huh."


"You couldn't have......"

Vance's hinting words made Karian turn his face to the side.

"Hah, I guessed it."

A big smile emerged on the Military Arts Head's face, and that made Karian show an unhappy expression. It was less humiliating for Vance to know this than for other people to find out. But even so, Karian didn't particularly want that man to know.

"Is that bad?"

"So that's how it is, a perfectionist like you obviously wouldn't want to do such a thing."

"Everyone has their weaknesses."

"That's true. Right, everyone has their weaknesses, that's nothing embarrassing."

"In that case, can we stop this matter here?"

"I can't do that, because you still have to step up to the plate."

"What did you say?"

"You have to fix the moods of the secretaries. Judging from their current appearance, problems will appear later in the general affairs of the Student Council. Morale has already plummeted, so how will you deal with that?"


Karian tried responding, but noticed that he didn't have the slightest idea, so he silently shook his head.


"Don't joke around."

"Go be a laughingstock."

"I don't care if I make people laugh. But, I don't like being laughed at."

"In that case, make everyone smile."

"You want me to be a clown?"

"A clown is quite an incredible profession."


That was indeed true. But, if someone asked him whether he wanted to be a clown, the answer would definitely be negative. If there were a reason, or it were for him to acquire something he wanted, Karian could force himself to be a clown. However, he didn't desire to deliberately be a clown.

"You're wrong."

"Where am I wrong?"

"The people you need to make smile aren't the listeners, but the secretaries."


"They're important manpower that the Student Council needs to operate. In order to return to normal morale, you have to be responsible for their smiles."


After Vance said that answer, Karian stared at him without looking elsewhere. The dark mouth that was tanned by the sun curved in a smile, but his eyes held a serious look.

Regi19 181.jpg

"Really, I never would have thought that the day would come when I would be lectured by you."

"It's you who made me always be a king of complaints."

"That's true."

Karian stood up from the bench.

"Right, since you came to push me anyway, you should be able to help me with something, right?"

This place was quite a distance away from the plaza where activities were being held. After looking at the clocktower to check the time, Karian looked at Vance, and looked at the displeased expression of the Military Arts Head who was being asked by the Student Council President to violate school rules, and then smiled.

A gloomy atmosphere filled the waiting room.

They were the final band to take the stage. In the vast waiting room, there was no longer anyone else from different bands. The bands who had participated had tidied up their things and then left, and all that was left in the room were the things of the band that was currently performing.

"......Anyway, everyone do your best, I'll sing."


After Serine said that, Shirley only replied quietly. The faces of the other two also darkened, and they clutched their instruments and drumsticks.

"I never thought that President would hate singing in front of everyone this much."

"Nothing we can do......"

Roxella continued Miralia's words, understanding their meaning. Just by thinking a bit on why the President would hate singing in front of others this much, she could easily surmise that conclusion. Since they had become students, these few secretaries had always been by Karian's side, so it wasn't hard for them to imagine that the perfectionist him wouldn't perform his weakness in front of others.

"Nn, we didn't look into it enough, we should apologize to President."

"Correct, I hope that you all will do that."

A voice suddenly sounded, and the secretaries looked over in surprise.

Standing in the entrance to the waiting room was Karian.


After walking in front of the secretaries who had cried out in surprise, Karian looked at them. Karian had already seen the instruments in their hands.

"Wearing this should be fine, right?"

After checking that the secretaries wore clothes the same as what they normally wore, Karian hooked his finger in his collar. He had just experienced the movement abilities of a Military Artist, and sweat not caused by heat had made his neck and back a bit uncomfortable. It was a bit unsightly to open his collar in front of others, so Karian could only let his neck air out a bit.


"Then, President......"

After Roxella nodded, Serine cautiously opened her mouth.


"Could I ask......"

"I have no choice, since things have already been decided after all."

"......I'm really sorry."

"No, I should be the one to apologize. I should have been honest with you all earlier."


"But, I have to ask you something first. Is it really alright for me to sing? Just like you predicted, I don't sing well, so the outcome will definitely be terrible, and your beautiful performance will be ruined by me. Even if things become like that, you won't care?"


The first to reply was Shirley. She replied loudly with a shaking voice, seeming like she would cry at any time.

"We want to make memories together with President."

Their gazes and the words that he had heard before made a smile emerge on Karian's face, and he turned to the side.

(How embarrassing.)

Like that, Karian stood on the stage.

The microphone stand in the center flashed brilliantly.

The fact that the Student Council was truly standing on stage made the gathered audience cast their surprised voices and gazes towards them.

"Hello, everyone."

It would be fine if he stood just like he did in front of the podium - Karian continuously said that to himself, but he still raised his voice a bit because of tension. That reaction made the audience laugh.

An embarrassed smile emerged naturally. He had no choice but to do it, and Karian wove his confrontational mood into his words.

"Though I don't sing very well, please listen, everyone."

Afterwards, the rhythm of the drums began to form.

1, 2, 3......

Aggressive guitar lines swept through the air, and piano notes depicted smooth curves, and time slowly flowed past.

The rhythms of drums and bass shook the earth.

The secretaries performing an intense piece with serious expressions surprised the audience, slowly dragging them into a world of music.

Karian who felt the notes from his back also had similar feelings. A live performance that directly entered his ears instead of passing through from next door had that kind of shocking power. Karian was surprised, and he never would have thought that they had this kind of side to them.

The intense but short overture was about to end.

Karian opened his mouth.

In order to project his voice, notes, and the lyrics, his mouth, which usually bluffed and wove words to lobby and convince, opened.

Sound came from his mouth.

Regi19 189.jpg

In that moment, the vibrations formed from the secretaries' performance was wiped out, and a sound a hundred, no, ten thousand times stronger assaulted the entire plaza. The ground shook, the trees trembled, and the air split open.

That extraordinary fact made the audience speechless, even forgetting to cover their ears. However, that only lasted for a moment. In front of that weapon of sound that gave them physical pain, the audience plugged their ears, and struggled to keep from falling to their knees. A violent sound surpassing the microphone's tone control dominated the plaza, and it still continuously expanded to a larger area. The air filter continuously shook, and the scene outside the city distorted because of it.

Even the Electronic Fairy Zuellni who had joyfully come to the plaza frantically plugged her ears (though it was unknown whether there was any meaning in doing so), and escaped in a flash back to her home, the center of the Mechanical Department. However, the Electronic Fairy hadn't been able to escape that shockwave, and fainted inside the Mechanical Department.

The city's legs stopped, as the machinery had malfunctioned due to the abnormal situation occurring inside the city. The city made strange motions as if its gears hadn't caught fully, and not long after those movements became cityquakes. Even the students who weren't in range of the violent sound felt the abnormality through the cityquake.

The City Police who didn't know anything sounded the emergency alarm, telling the students to quickly hurry to shelters. In the situation where filth monsters might be attacking, the merry festival feelings of the Military Artists was erased, and their hands grasped their Dites as they prepared to group. But the seventeenth platoon wasn't in that scene, nor was the Military Arts Head there, and even the Student Council President hadn't made an announcement about what the abnormality was about.

The abnormality continued for about the length of a song, and then stopped.


After singing, Karian sighed. He had deliberately kept from looking at the audience while he sang, and because he was too concentrated, he hadn't even heard his accompaniment very clearly. But, Karian had followed the rhythm and burned the lyrics into his mind, and sang along with the rhythm. He could read music, and he could remember the lyrics of the song, he just couldn't sing them in their original notes. It was a kind of disconnect between the brain and the body - a helpless feeling made Karian feel impatient.

But, it would be a lie to say he weren't satisfied. Just making a lot of noise was something that made one happy. He could definitely sing, and it made him emotional.

But, Karian didn't listen to the accompaniment while singing. He sang for himself, rather than for others.

"That doesn't really count as singing together, does it?"

Karian murmured softly to keep the microphone from picking it up, and then looked at the secretaries behind him somewhat apologetically.

Until now, he hadn't paid attention to the silence around him.

He turned around to look at the audience under the stage, the emcee on the side of the stage, and the workers.

Everyone had fainted.


Karian mumbled softly, and then shook his head with an expression of giving up.

He would never sing again.

He silently made that decision.


Soft, bell-like laughter entered her ears.

"It seems very fun."


Delbone's soft laughter made Felli feel quite displeased.

She still sat over there, and had a thick book on her lap.

"What are you thinking of doing?"

Felli didn't understand why Delbone had appeared in the region of her own memories.

No, it couldn't be a mistake.

What was before her might be...... no, it definitely was the battle experience she had entrusted to Felli.

But, why would her battle experience take the form of Delbone's appearance from her youth, and why could it rummage through Felli's memories like this?

"Oh my, this is?"

After murmuring this, Delbone switched the book in her hands.


That book was even thicker than the others. From its back cover, it seemed to be the gathered memories of all of her activities.

"A cultural festival. Oh my, it seems very fun."


The phrase 'cultural festival' made a trembling feeling sweep through her heart.

If Felli hadn't guessed wrong, the memories gathered inside there should be......

"You gathered quite a bit of information with Psychokinesis, I'm very excited."

"Please wait."

"I can't wait, since I'm just an automatic program after all."

Delbone's unchanging smile was truly detestable. Felli didn't stop her in time, and Delbone's hand opened the book.

Show Me Heart EX--![edit]

There were dozens of guys and girls gathered in that space.

"......What's going to happen?"

"Nothing's going to happen. In any case, it's just watching, you'll be teased, and then it'll end."

"I...... I'll be teased?"

"Of course you'll be teased. After all, a person this serious normally unexpectedly appeared in this kind of film. That will definitely be hilarious."


"And you're wearing male clothing, right? Everyone will laugh their self to death - No, some of the audience will faint, right?"

"......If......If possible, I also wanted to try wearing those very frilly clothes......"

"That would be terrible."


"Quiet down a bit, you'll disturb the others."

"Uh, oh......"

"Right, right."

"And there's nothing wrong with appearing in this kind of film. Actually, I've also appeared in it. Though it was a scene where I was being chased by a monster."


"Oh, it's starting. What did you say just now?"

"......Nothing, in any case you'll know when the movie starts."

After that, the world slowly went dark. Light focused in the screen in front of them, and then formed shapes.

Their gazes also focused on the movie. Words formed under the image that their eyes were focused on.

Zuellni's students, Zuellni's festival committee, and Zuellni's Movie Ethics Committee had approved.

The Festival Film Conference displayed its works.

Playing: the Animation Research Club - Milans[8] group.

Psychokinesis Girl series.

Magical Magnet Hunter......

"The world is being corroded bit by bit."

A girl's voice sounded, and a story filled the dark space.

In a place unknown to anyone, the world is being corroded. Outside of the cities, in the outskirts, in small alleys, from underground, underneath our feet......

The city is changing bit by bit without anyone knowing.

A change that no one wished for is happening.

A change is happening that even the city's will - the Electronic Fairy - hadn't expected.

"Give me a break!"

Those abnormal being that descended from the sky, Karasumi, suddenly changed my world. This is what it means to be inconsiderate. I didn't even have the leisure to consider, and even though I refused countless times, things still became like this.

"I'd be very troubled."

"Don't say that."

Karasumi follows me around. At first glance it seems like a fluffy being with white and light blue hair growing from their bodies, and no one can see them other than me. Karasumi is the other consciousness of the city that was created from the Electronic Fairy's self-defense instinct...... at least it seems that way.

"As for whether or not that's real......"

"It's real! Believe me!"

"I can't check, either."

"Speaking of which, it really hurts that you don't trust me even now!"

"For what reason do you want me to trust you?"

"Didn't you fight countless times with the Magical Magnets?"

"You might also be conspiring with your comrades to trick me. In that case, I'd also become an accomplice in harming the city...... maybe it would be better to kill you."

"Wait wait...... wait a bit! I'm begging you! Don't close in expressionlessly with only your eyes glowing with light! What are you planning on doing with that big long thing? Or rather, it was me who gave you that weapon. And I also gave you those clothes, wasn't it. Don't you think they're cute? Right? Right?"

"These aren't clothes a seventeen-year old should wear."

"They're very suitable, very suitable! And you're ten years old! T-e-n! You can't forget your own setting! The setting is very important! Extraordinarily important! The paycheck is also very important. Don't forget, there's a paycheck, a paycheck~~"


"Then, let's energetically hunt Magical Magnets today too-"


What were those so-called Magical Magnets after all?

They were the Plamatrion charged particles that the Electronic Fairies gave off. Those weakly charged particles were spread across the entire autonomous city, and its use was like a nerve network, allowing the Electronic Fairy to feel the abnormal phenomena that happened inside the city. However, there was an evil organization in this world, and they were trying to use those particles, trying to breed an evil heart inside the Electronic Fairies!

The aggressive magnetic particles that those people had developed-

Those are the Magical Magnets!

"Come, let's go, we have to hunt today as well. The Magical Magnets are over there. Because you're a Psychokinesis Girl - Magical Magnet Hunter Felli."


"Raise the Magical Girl Rod, Show Me Heart~"

"You don't need to sing."

The Psychokinesis Girl sighed.

"I can't turn down this business no matter what I do?"

"Of course! The fight of the Psychokinesis Girl won't end until the Magical Magnets are annihilated!"

"You don't need to say it so excitedly."

The sighs hadn't stopped.

The Psychokinesis Girl looked at it with a dead heart.

She looked at the thing that had been called a Magical Magnet.

It was a black-colored organism that looked very light and fluffy. Its color and its sharp triangular red eyes made it look like it had an evil personality, and other than this it looked exactly the same as the Karasumi next to her.

The Psychokinesis Girl and Karasumi, along with the Magical Magnet, were currently on the roof of a tall building. It was at a height sufficient to see the entire city, and wind quietly blew past them.

The Psychokinesis Girl had pursued the Magical Magnet, and had cornered it here.

"It's your comrade, as I expected."

"That's- not- right, it's not like that-"

"Whatever. After the truth is revealed, I'll roast you along with them."

"You don't trust me at all!"

The Psychokinesis Girl, covered in pure white clothes, raised the rod called the Holy Magical Wand. These clothes had a few too many unnecessary decorations for battle, and they seemed a bit exaggerated for beauty.

In any case, regardless of whom it were for, the owner of these clothes would have to be someone with a strong will...... most of the audience thought this.

"If possible, I want to never wear these clothes."

"You're already wearing them, so stay firm. I never thought that you would be unexpectedly talkative."

"......Got a problem?"

"I didn't say anything- come, hurry and annihilate the enemies."

While the two of them were talking about such things, the Magical Magnet that looked exactly the same as Karasumi was running away.

The Magical Magnet's movements were extremely fast, and it clearly looked like a small animal, but it could fly in the air.

"Like the description aggressive magnetic particles implies, Magical Magnets originally have no form. The reason the Magical Magnet has become like this is because your consciousness has rendered it into a shape after instantly realizing it's an enemy, so this is just an image in your head."

"In other words, I'm also seeing you as an enemy."

"How cruel! I don't want to know that kind of thing, you jerk. Come, let's chase."

"You've become resilient. Ah, alright."

The Psychokinesis Girl raised the Magical Girl Rod.

Just like her name, the Psychokinesis Girl was a Psychokinesist.

In other words, the long rod currently in her hands - the Magical Girl Rod - was a Light Dite that Psychokinesists used.

So, Psychokinesis flakes spread from the rod. The countless flakes sent out from the Magical Girl Rod took in the girl's Psychokinesis and glowed while gliding through the air.

At first glance, it looked as if a swarm of butterflies gathered around the girl were gradually scattering.

However, their movements weren't beautiful, but functional. The Psychokinesis flakes gliding through the air began to chase the Magical Magnet that had taken the opportunity to fly away...... Not only this, but they also scattered to search for the other Magical Magnets spread around the city.

The Magical Magnets escaped to the sky.

However, the Psychokinesis Girl didn't chase, but only sent out Psychokinesis Flakes.

"Uh, well...... Felli-chan?"

"I only need to wipe out the Magical Magnets trying to corrode the city, and my mission will be complete, right?"

"Huh? ......Huh?"

"In my eyes, the Magical Magnets have your villainous image. In that case, as long as I use the visual information I saw just now as a foundation, I can find all of the Magical Magnets hiding in this city. Is that right?"

"Ah, really? Probably. Nn, it might be. Maybe?"

"Well, I just need a moment to inspect this entire city, and then I'll beautifully, completely, and mercilessly annihilate all of the Magical Magnets, and things should be fine."

"Uh...... right, that's right."

"Then there's no problem."

"It's a big problem! First, there's only been ten minutes since the beginning. Even if it were a normal anime, it wouldn't even have gone into commercials!"

"This is a movie."

"What will we do with the remaining ninety minutes!"

"Won't it be fine if you perform a dance? Speaking of which, movies don't have commercials in the first place."

As the two of them were bickering, the Psychokinesis Girl had already finished her preparations. She positioned her flakes according to plan, using senses outside of sight, smell, hearing and touch - a perception originally not belong to humans that had spread from one end of the city to the other, from top to bottom, from the outskirts to the city's center, investigating every corner of the city.

She found the originally formless Magical Magnets.

The Magical Magnets seemed very evil from all perspectives, and their external appearances similar to the Karasumi formed in Felli's mind.

The evil Karasumi had gathered in this city, and scenes of them shown from every corner of Zuellni.

"They're like cockroaches."

"How mean!"

"Let's get rid of these wild beasts."

"Though that's correct, my heart hurts because of you!"

The Psychokinesis girl ignored the Karasumi crying out next to her, changing the nature of the Psychokinesis flowing through her terminal.

Instead of gathering information, violent purple lighting was produced.

The moment the flake mines were released, lightning shocked all of the creatures, as if the city itself were glowing, and then that bright scene gradually disappeared.

While checking the surrounding people who had stopped walking because of that flash and after checking whether there had been any injuries, Felli began recollecting her flakes.

Afterwards, the title came down and covered their bodies.

Psychokinesis Girl ☆ Magical Magnet Hunter Felli

"I've eliminated the evil."


The Karasumi's shout definitely wasn't a happy cry.

The film had been going for ten minutes, so of course it wasn't time to roll the credits and show 'the end'.

"Good morning......"

A blunt greeting passed through the morning air.

"Ah, good...... good morning."

What returned was an even blunter greeting. Felli looked over.

Layfon was wiping a glass cup behind the bar. His face was slightly twitching, his gaze darted everywhere, and his voice seemed inexplicably sharp.

"I'll...... making breakfast right now."

As the rigid-sounding and rigidly-moving Layfon put down the coffee cup he was wiping, the smell of melting butter came between the two of them.

A girl came and stood next to Layfon.

"I'm already doing it, so you go make coffee, Layfon."

"Ah. O......okay."

Toast with butter was being fried in a pan, and the toast had first been soaked in milk and beaten egg. Scattering spices and sugar over it while it was toasting seemed to her unique style.

The smell wafting through the air slowly became a delectable, even more appetizing flavor, and the song that she hummed also entered Felli's ears at the same time.

Felli's breakfast was done in a blink.


Felli could only make a puzzled sound at her relaxed attitude.

Leerin was the girl standing next to Layfon.

The two of them were the owners of the cafe 'Ringring' that Felli lived in...... and they were also Felli's guardians.

"Uwah, you've completely lost. You've been defeated so miserably as a woman."

"Shut up, you not-yet-dead Magical Magnet."

The Karasumi appeared quietly, and also dropped some poisonous words, making Felli glare at it spitefully.

"W......What is it?"


After coldly replying to Layfon who was becoming more and more rigid, Felli sat in front of the bar.

Ringring still hadn't opened, so there weren't any other customers inside the store.

Layfon, with a completely carried away expression of excitement, put the coffee cup and small plate down in front of Felli with a clatter, and Leerin quickly and happily set down the toast and salad.

"Incidentally, Layfon is Felli's brother, and Leerin is his wife."

"That's the setting. It's a setting, and it was created, only for this time, only once, a temporary storyline thing."

"You really are wordy."

The Karasumi that showed a devious smile was truly hateful.

"Don't talk about that, why haven't the rolling credits appeared yet?"

"How could they appear. The story has just started, the battle hasn't ended yet."

"Didn't I completely eliminate the Magical Magnets?"

"I'd be very troubled if they were eliminated like that. Especially because the film wouldn't be long enough."

"In that case, you must be the Final Magnet King, as I expected."

"I'm not! Rather, you should get rid of those strange doubts!"

"But Layfon and the others can't see you either."

"Correct. Incidentally, an explanation will be added in afterwards."

"What a lazy answer."

"That's true. Nn, they can't see me because I'm created from the self-defensive instinct of the city's Electronic Fairy, and I'm a being with special abilities. Uh, in short, I'm some kind of thing like a mix of a vaccine and a ghost."

"Do you think using vague words like 'some kind of thing' will be able to fudge things over?"

"They can fudge things over."

"Your useless self-confidence is really firm."

"Ah, whatever. The important thing is that the Magical Magnets still haven't disappeared, and that's been decided. Regardless of whether it's the script or the length of the film, that has to be the answer. In other words, don't look down on ninety minutes!"

"Can't you use a more normal reason to explain why the Magical Magnets aren't all dead?"

"Ah, I can."




"What? Why are you suddenly like that? This silence is very strange, eh? Your piercing gaze is hurting me!? What? What's going on?"


"Uh? What Felli saw were the Magical Magnets before possessing things, and the Magical Magnets that already possessed things can't be seen, so you have to find them."


"......What is it?"

"............You don't plan on putting on a decent performance to tell me that kind of thing?"

"Isn't this more interesting!"

"Shut up, you Final Magnet King."

Felli sighed heavily.

"What is it?"

Leerin asked, smiling. She held a container in her hand, filled with cut fruit, and placed it in front of Felli who had finished her breakfast.

"It's nothing."

"Really? You can tell me about any troubles."


Leerin's smile stayed on and practically sparkled, and Felli involuntarily turned her head away.

"That woman who robbed you of your precious brother (hah). Ah, it's the setting of the story, the setting."

"Go die, go crumple into a ball because of electromagnetic interference and die."

"So mean!"

Just then, a bell sounded.

"Good morning everyone!"

The worker walked into the room, and Felli stood up.

Time for breakfast had ended.

It was time to do what needed to be done today.

"Then, let's energetically hunt Magical Magnets today too."

Felli sighed miserably.

Like that, the Psychokinesis Girl Magical Magnet Hunter Felli continued fighting today as well.


A monster wielding a pink proboscis nimbly avoided buildings while chasing Felli.

"I never would have thought it wouldn't destroy buildings, what a well-behaved monster!'

"You're so noisy!"

The Karasumi's useless words were annoying to listen to.

Felli ran.

Grasped in her hand was a long, large Light Dite - the Magical Girl Rod.

Being worn on her body were the Psychokinesis Girl fighting outfit.

She continuously ran, and the people in her field of vision showed surprised expressions because of that monster and the white-clothed Felli.

Was it her mistaken feeling that everyone's gazes were focused on her, or was it a fact?

Her face became hot.

"I need to defeat it quickly."

Felli thought this. But, that pink monster's body was huge, and its movements were also very agile. Felli had tried to increase the distance and recoup her stance, but she hadn't been able to.

Felli could only continuously run.

She felt annoyed at the weight of the Magical Girl Rod, but couldn't release it from its restored state. Felli could only run without stopping under the weight of the heavy rod.

"If you don't deal with it quickly, if this goes on......"

"If this goes on, all the residents of the city will think of me as a person with strange interests."

"That's what you're worried about?"

"What else do I need to worry about?"

"Something like the safety of all the residents, the peace of the city, and your friends, there are a lot of things to worry about!"

"Military Artists will deal with those matters themselves."

"The...... The protagonist can't leave those matters to other people!"

"......You seem to have made some mistake."


Felli listened to the Karasumi's surprised voice while stopping her feet.

Breathing hard, Felli took a deep breath, and then turned around to the approaching monster.

"I only do what is in the scope of my abilities, and I don't plan to rely on my own power to resolve everything. It's fine if I leave other people to do things they can do."

Felli raised the rod.

She checked the rod and released the Psychokinesis Flakes linked inside.

"People's safety? The peace of the city? Those aren't things I can do."

All of the flakes had been positioned.

The pink monster continuously approached, and its otherworldly eyes carried a fantastic killing intent.

Felli raised the Magical Girl rod.

"There's only one thing I can do, which is defeating Magical Magnets."

Flake mine - release.

Purple lightning and Psychokinesis light filled the surroundings.

The lightning surrounded the monster, penetrating it, burning it.


The pink monster made mysterious cries while collapsing. However, before its huge body came in contact with other buildings, it crumbled everywhere as if it were sand, disappearing without leaving any trace of its mass.

"I'll leave other things for other people to deal with."

"You definitely don't plan on ending this beautifully!"

"If I could, I also want to give up on the mission of fighting off the Magical Magnets. My goal is to do nothing and live peacefully."

"That's too lacklusterrr!"

"They'll disappear without a trace after being defeated, and they don't harm others. The setting of the Magical Magnets is unexpectedly gracious."

"In the end, they were originally particles."

"So different from you, who always troubles me."

"Those things make more trouble!"

Felli ignored the noisy voice of the Karasumi, entering the transformation sequence on her own. The fighting outfit of the Psychokinesis Girl became particles of light, and was absorbed into the Magical Girl Rod, and the Dite also returned to its basic state.

"Then, I should have a pure and normal student life now."

"I don't care about that kind of scene! Continue fighting the Magical Magnets!"

"What do you mean, you don't care about it?"

"And the scene of your school life won't appear anyways. Think about your setting. Where do you think this place is? Get the atmosphere right."

"The ones who made my setting to be ten years old were clearly you guys."

"What do you mean. To force a seventeen year old to be a Psychokinesis Girl would violate its definition, so you're set as ten. I...... I'm not saying you have to be ten, and I don't think that girls older than twelve aren't women. I never thought anything like that! Yeah."

"You're noisy. The current you is even more annoying than a different person in the world."

"D......Don't say I'm a person. I'm the mascot of the Psychokinesis Girl - Karasumi! I'm an animal!"

"I meant the person hiding inside you."

"There's no one hiding inside!"

"No, there is. There's a hiding Yachi voicing you."

"Look, you just need to fight with Magical Magnets. Isn't it nice for the Psychokinesis Girl to battle Magical Magnets! Other than that, everything else is meaningless. Come, fight. We have to fight now. Come, hurry up and fight. Everything will be fine if the Psychokinesis girl transforms and makes her skirt fly up--!"

"You finally showed your true nature."

" what if I showed it."

"Getting ashamed and then becoming angry, how disgusting......"

"Though I don't want to say this, the method of fighting you have as a Psychokinesist isn't the fighting style of the Psychokinesis Girl."

"What do you mean?'

"I mean, setting traps with flakes and using flake mines to blow the enemy into the sky is the fighting style of a Psychokinesist. The Psychokinesis Girl isn't the same as Psychokinesists. She has to find the courage to battle evil face-to-face. Psychokinesis Girl can fly into the sky, and can use a giant beam with a flick. Hey, I explained this earlier!"

"Those fighting methods don't fit my personality. Rather, what do you mean? Face-to-face? Outsiders who don't understand battle shouldn't say those kinds of words."

"Huh? What's that mean?"

"Fighting while protecting your own life is the method of fighting that is most likely to win. Fighting face-to-face is an extremely stupid action. You can only sacrifice your life to protect something once. But if you live, the next time, you can protect something again."

"Gaaaaaaah! What unromantic and uninteresting words! I was hurt so much that even my tears were killed, so I can only grimace. Bah--!"

"You bastard animal......"

"Ah? What do you want to say? You little girl who doesn't even understand romance, what do you want to say to me? Gosh, I'm looking forward to it."

"............Go die."

Felli's voice was very low.

She drew out the currently unrestored Dite, grasped it tightly in her small hand, and shook from anger.

After a short time, killing intent spilled forth from Felli.

However, the disaster that might have happened in the next moment didn't happen due to a change.

"How long are the two of you going to have that weird argument for?"


The sudden voice made Felli and Karasumi open their mouths at the same time, puzzled.

The gazes of human and animal looked upwards at the same time - to a location decently far away, among the tall trees.

There was a red-clothed girl.

She stood on slender tree branch, seemingly ignoring her weight.

She held a spear in her hand that seemed as if it were decorated with flame.

She wore tight clothes that emphasized mobility.

Her hair slowly flowed in the wind.

"What are you doing over there, you fraudulent-body trickster."

"Fraudulent body...... What's that mean?"

The other party didn't understand Felli's jab.

"Sorry, it was my mistake not to consider your intelligence level."

"Though I don't really understand, you're making fun of me!"

Raaah! The red-clothed girl roared.

"Ohh, you're Felli's classmate Shante! Why would you be in this kind of place!"

Karasumi tried using those words to push the plot in a different direction.

"Shaaaaaa! You're too naive, Psychokinesis Girl! We Magical Magnets have long since found the means to oppose you!"

Felli frowned at the strange sensation of having words enter her ears at the same time as a roar.

"Those lines were clearly added in the studio after the fact, is that alright?"

"It's fine, or could it be that you want me to hold higher expectations for her?"

"Then it'd be fine to just not use her."

"Hahahahaha, the reason I want her is about the same as for you."


After the person hiding inside Karasumi said that, Felli looked at the other party in disdain, and then raised her head to look at Shante who was still standing lightly on a thin branch.

"Then, what are you trying to do?"

"Do I need to say it?! I heard that there would be a chance to be allowed to beat you up, so I agreed to act!"

"Then, I'll also be allowed to roast you. That's normal self-defense, so please testify for me in court."

"Real-world killing intent is so scary!"

Felli ignored Karasumi's cry.

A battle would definitely break out if the two of them met. Felli restored her Dite, and countless Psychokinesis flakes flew towards Shante.


Angrily hissing, Shante raised her spear and charged at Felli.

"I won't let you succeed."

Felli spoke calmly, and then released her flake mines.


Lightning erupted continuously, and Shante quickly turned around and retreated.

"I'm not your opponent in terms of speed. However, do you think I haven't researched how to quickly spread flakes in a defensive formation?"


Felli enjoyed Shante's retreat while howling. But, she wasn't concerned.

"After all, the enemy is a Military Artist. As long as you're careless for a moment, you'll be killed instantly."

"No no no, Psychokinesis Girl! This is a battle of Psychokinesis Girls!"

"Graaaah! You little girl who can only hide in her own room and peep on others! I'll definitely crush you!"

"Crush me if you can. Come on, come one. Come on come on come on......"


"You can't even find an opportunity to make me concerned. You haven't done anything other than howl, right?"

"Raaaah! Raah!"

Felli used flake mines to chase the constantly howling Shante around everywhere.

Regi19 219.jpg

Of course, Felli didn't just chase Shante in a circle. She predicted the actions Shante would take in her head, and set traps one after another while positioning her flakes.

She preemptively made a place that Shante would have nowhere to run.

It didn't take her much time to construct a maze of flake mines with no exit.


Even Shante noticed her own situation at that moment.

It was very comical to see her startled expression.

The flakes positioned around Shante formed an area of destruction, closing her off without any gaps.

"Burn to ashes."


Felli proclaimed this, and the moment the flake minds swelled with lightning, Shante's expression twisted and she roared.

It was a roar filled with external Kei.

The vibrations in the sound housed a destructive power even stronger than normal, and the strong airflow destroyed the pressure produced by the flake minds, and upset its destructive area.

Shante passed through the upset area and escaped the trap.

To make that judgment and action in a moment was an outcome that could only have come from animal instincts.


Felli involuntarily clicked her tongue.


Shante who had been blackened from the explosion showed a fearsome smile as she drew close.

Shante tried to claim revenge, but Felli attempted to spread a wall of flake mines between the two of them.

However, Felli couldn't keep up with Shante's speed. The moment the flake mines exploded, Shante had already passed over the wall of mines...... That situation repeated three times, and the fourth time Felli spread a wall of mines, she finally caught Shante.


Shante flew forward after receiving a blow from her back.


Felli was also knocked over by the wind of the explosion, and tumbled on the ground.



Her back hurting, Felli forced herself to stand up, and Shante also stood up at the same time.

At this time, Felli repositioned her flakes.

"Peeping girl!"

"Wild animal!"

The excessively-excited Felli became less verbose, but she didn't regret or feel ashamed, because her feeling of excitement was cooking the brain inside her head.

"You'll definitely die this time!"

The two of them shouted at the same time.

Both sides regulated their breathing, preparing to fight again. Just then......

"The two of you, can you please seriously be Psychokinesis Girls!"

Karasumi raised a somewhat intriguing proposal.

"Aren't I being one?"

Felli glared at Shante while replying with this. Karasumi's response had been unexpected.

"Aren't I being a Psychokinesis Girl extremely seriously?"


Felli also nodded her head. But, she definitely didn't understand the meaning.

"I'm following your instructions, fighting face-to-face with my enemy! Ah, though I still haven't flown and I haven't used that beam move."


"Ah, after all the speed of its flight is a bit you know, and my reflexes can't keep up with a Military Artist's speed, so I feel that it might be suicide to use those now."


"So, I hope that you can agree that I'm only left with these deadly moves to use."

"Nnnn............ The deadly moves weren't used on me, right?"

"Well, what do you imagine from the conversation?"


"Hey, shut---- up!"

Karasumi seemed to have truly gotten mad.

Felli felt baffled.

"This is the first time I've seriously been a Psychokinesis Girl since the film began!"

"That's not a Psychokinesis Girl at all, don't joke around! You don't understand anything, so enough is enough!"

Karasumi was raging.

"Aah, whatever, whatever! Okay, exit. It's alright. Exit please, Shante-san, take the compensation."



After Karasumi ignored the speechless two and announced this, a giant figure came to the scene while avoiding the burnt air that had been produced by the flake mine shockwaves.

"Ah, Goru."

"Let's go back."


"You got the compensation, right?"

"Of course."

"That's good then. Shante, let's go back and eat."



The giant figure...... Gorneo said this, and Shante quickly dropped her fighting mentality and left the scene.

The speechless Felli was left where she was.

"What now? What does this mean?"

After coming to her senses, Felli began asking Karasumi.

"Are you just going to end filming here?"

"Of course not, you still haven't fought with the final enemy."

Right. Though the story was already strange by now, according to the script, the Magical Magnet-possessed student that Shante was playing should have been the final enemy.

However, the final enemy had already gone home.

"What are you planning?"

Felli asked this, but she quickly changed her thinking.

"Perhaps I can also go back?"

"Of course not."

Karasumi replied coldly.

"You still haven't defeated the final enemy."

"But, the final enemy's already......"

"What I mean is, we'll let the story go on as you desired."


"I'm the final enemy."

As soon as those words left his mouth, Karasumi changed.

It expanded.

It grew enormous as if being magnified, and Felli could only blankly stare at the scene.................. Of course, she didn't do that.

"In other words, you want me to fly into the sky, and use the particle beam to roast you."

Felli didn't wait for Karasumi's growth to end.

"Magical Girl Rod, enter flying mode."

It was really annoying to use her voice as the method of activation - Felli thought this as she did so. The flakes that returned to Felli's side had already been located, and the terminals of the Magical Girl Rod had already attached to the back of her fighting outfit.

Then, some auxiliary flakes were positioned around her fighting outfit, and the transformation to flying mode was complete.

The central flakes vibrated. They took in Felli's Psychokinesis, concentrating the Psychokinesis, and then releasing it.

A magnetic field expanded.

Wings of light grew out from behind Felli's back.

The magnetic field that expanded with the form of wings counteracted gravity, letting Felli's body move towards the sky.

The slow floating in the beginning gradually increased in speed, and feeling of Felli's hair flowing in the wind became stronger and stronger.

The speed of Felli's flight continuously increased, catching up to the speed of Karasumi's still-continuing growth.

"U-o-o-o-o-o-h.................. Psycho- kinesis- girl!"

Karasumi's voice had become low and echoed through the sky.

Its forelimb moved as if to grab Felli. After avoiding the blow, Felli flew higher, and kept flying to the region of the air filter, and then pointed the front terminal of the Magical Girl Rod at the giant Karasumi.

"I'll let you taste the beam that you've been expecting."

Felli announced this.

"Begin the particle beam setup."

At her voice command, all of the Psychokinesis flakes other than the ones used for flying gathered in the direction the Magical Girl Rod pointed.

The Psychokinesis flakes positioned themselves as if to form a hollow cylinder in front of the rod and pointing towards the target.

"U-a-a-ah...... flying mode and the particle beam, those two abilities need extremely strong concentration and enormous Psychokinesis, but to think that you plan on using them at the same time, how reckless......"

"Didn't you believe that I could do those kinds of reckless actions, and that's why you chose me?"

Felli used Psychokinesis.

The wings spreading behind her back winked once, and she felt a force like she was falling at the same time. But, that condition only lasted for a moment, and Felli did not fall, but continued to float in the sky.

Moreover, at the front of the Magical Girl Rod......

"O-o-o-oo...... possibly."

Karasumi's voice boomed.

Felli raised the rod and took a stance, her Psychokinesis gathered at the tip of the rod. The flakes spread around the tip of the rod had created a magnetic field just like the ones used for flight.

Roughly speaking, the particle beam just gave directionality to flake mines. However, Felli's Psychokinesis along with the focusing and corrective ability that the huge number of flakes of the Magical Girl Rod gave allowed the flake mine to form a long and thick pillar of light.

The front of the Magical Girl Rod showed a sign that a beam would appear soon.

It seemed as if it were waiting for Felli's next words, violently suppressing its energy.

"Then, goodbye."

Felli released the energy.

The Magical Girl Rod shot out light.

An inferno of heat and light pierced through the gigantic Karasumi, causing it to crumble.

"Goodbye, pervert."


The Karasumi that was becoming many particles of light was continuously sucked into itself, and was then pushed towards the city surface by the airflow produced by the particle beam, bouncing back towards the sky and ascending.

Before Felli's eyes, that scene seemed as if it were a split body trying to merge with the original, but being rejected by the original Electronic Fairy Zuellni.

"Also, there's still some time left, as expected."

"............Hey, a comedy show should have limits."

After everything had ended, those were Sharnid's first words.

"......Huh? Uh, was that the only scene I was in? But I said so many lines!"

Nina abruptly spoke out, looking at the credits rolling at the end.

The scheduled broadcast time had been ninety minutes, but the film had ended after only thirty minutes.

It was really outrageous for there to still be an hour left. The incredibly slow rolling credits that were currently playing were the same, and what was waiting afterward were all behind-the-scenes involving Felli. Even though there was still some time left after this, what it finally showed at the end was a video of the Karasumi - the abnormal familiar who had been eliminated in the end of the story? - doing a strange dance.

"It's...... over like this?"

"Uh, but...... maybe?"

Nina and Sharnid looked at the movie screen with a strange feeling of tension. There were many other people in the audience who also felt tense because they didn't know what to say, and these people didn't have any intention of leaving their seats.

"Huh? Where's my scene? Huh, I'm playing the person being chased by that pink monster. Huh?"

Harley who had expected his scene to appear had sat there waiting till the end.

When the ending time finally arrived, the Karasumi raised its forelimb to say bye bye, and then the word 'END' appeared on the screen.

Of course, what came afterwards was a chorus of 'There was nothing at all!'.


Being constantly laughed at by an elegant woman gave her an uncomfortable feeling.

"Aren't you laughing a little too much?"

Delbone kept laughing, almost going out of breath, and Felli stared at her hatefully.

"Hahaha...... sorry. I believe I've already seen quite a few worlds, but in the end I don't have memories, so I think these memories are very refreshing."

After she finally stopped laughing, Delbone put her finger on the corner of her eye.

There weren't any tears there.

"Are you the battle experience?"

"Nn, yes."

After Felli asked pointedly, Delbone nodded her head.

"When did you notice?"

"I've noticed since the beginning. I've only seen you using Psychokinesis, but it's impossible for you to appear here in a younger form."

"That's true, how impressive."

"Why are you doing this kind of thing?"

"Oh my, I thought you already knew, right?"


"When you created this kind of library, you already obtained the means of deciphering me. Even for a Psychokinesist, it's a very rare ability to be able to turn their memories into data and analyze them."

"Is that so?"

"That's so."

Delbone slowly stood.

"Though there are still some residual memories left, they're memories of battle. Life really is a beautiful thing."

"'This life isn't so bad' - you said something like that."

"Really, that's great."

Delbone nodded with a smiling face, and just then-

She was no longer the person before her.

Rather, it was Felli.

"Beautifully done."

Even the sound was no longer Delbone’s, but rather, Felli's voice.

Felli stood before Felli. From a different point of view, even her posture was completely the same as Felli's, but Felli didn't waver.

The battle experience that Delbone had entrusted would all become Felli's in this moment.

The proof was the Felli before her.

"You've worked hard."


Felli responded to Felli's words. An intriguing feeling as if a mirror were betraying her made her dizzy, and Felli shut her eyes.

"Don't forget to add a table of contents after merging with my battle experience."


The same kind of voice continuously sounded, like a one-man skit.

However, when she opened her eyes, there was no longer anyone there.

The being in the library with the appearance of a younger Delbone was the battle experience she had entrusted.

It had only taken that appearance because the battle experience had been archived with Delbone's methods. Moreover, because Felli had absorbed it, the battle experience had taken Felli's appearance.

After opening her eyes, Felli sat on the place Delbone had been sitting up till just recently.

Somehow, a big book had appeared on her lap.

"Come, you show me things this time."

After saying this to the book, Felli turned the page.

The pictures leaped from the pages, as if it were a three-dimensional picture book.

What appeared was the scene of a moving city.

It was the image of a city with a tall tower reaching to the heavens.[9]

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. One where you bring up books you want to read by using an electronic terminal.
  2. A certain type of tree that emits water.
  3. Volume 8 Cool in the Cafe
  4. See Volume 10 Happy Hot Dash. He also appears in various other places.
  5. Pressure as in the feeling of intimidation one would feel from him.
  6. A reference to the 'Object of destruction', not an expression of malice.
  7. Sounds a bit strange in English, but think of 'President' as being a formal way to refer to Karian. That's how it works in Japanese, at least.
  8. Last name of Yachi, who appeared in Show Me Heart earlier in this volume.
  9. The city that Layfon and Felli go to in Volume 18
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