Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume24 Prologue

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There was a figure that would not look back.

Regardless of what happened behind, that figure wouldn't look back, and would only continuously look forward.

There was a figure that saw the giant beast that appeared before her and couldn't move a muscle because of the flame spewing from the beast's body.

Tightened lips slowly opened.

"......No problems breathing."

She confirmed the taste of the air that she sucked into her mouth. Because of the heat of the flame, the dry air felt a bit bitter.

(That beast's flame has consumed almost all of the pollutants in the surroundings.) Schneibel's voice came over.

(In the current situation there isn't a problem even if you run outside. Even if there is some problem, I shall link with the other Electronic Fairies, and widen the air filter to deal with it.)


Towards this voice that reverberated in her mind, she nodded.

This meant she wouldn't have to hurriedly prepare protective equipment for outside the city, saving quite a bit of trouble. In the current situation she didn't want to think of finding someone to help her prepare the protective equipment, and it would be a huge waste of time.

Right now various phenomena were happening, and she didn't have enough emotions to feel surprised at everything.

Right now, her heart had been occupied by something.

She only looked forward, she only ran to that place.

She flowed all of the vigor and fighting spirit that she had into the two Dites grasped in her hands.

She didn't want to think of any insignificant things, nor did she want to manage those things.

Right now she only wanted to put all of herself into this battle.

So, she definitely wouldn't look back.

She wouldn't go see what was over there.

Right now all she needed to pay attention to was that thing in front of her.

That giant beast whose whole body was burning with flame that scorched the horizon.

This was all Nina gazed at.

"That beast is the end."

"I know."

Slightly nodding her head, Nina didn't have any fluctuations in her heart.

As long as she confirmed that beast was the final target, there wouldn't be anything afterwards that she had to care about now.

"Have you already made up your mind?"


She had truly asked an interesting question, Nina thought.

"Do you doubt me?" [1]

"By now, I wouldn't doubt anything from you. Gildred chose you, and I whom he chose shall also choose you. You are my final hope."

"In that case, then there's no reason to ask those kinds of questions."

"That's true, I asked a foolish question."

Hearing Schneibel's words of apology, Nina continued looking before her.

Confirming the vigor that continuously rose inside her heart.

The time when she would leap out was becoming closer and closer.

Schneibel was behind her.

The Senou City was not among the countless moving cities that had appeared by diverting their path. She had come to this battlefield as an individual Electronic Fairy.

"Foolish children."

Schneibel murmured this with a voice that no one could hear.

Even Nina didn't hear it. She only looked forward wholeheartedly, and hadn't even noticed Schneibel accompanying her from behind.

Schneibel's words were towards the countless cities before her.

She could only think this way of the Electronic Fairies that had come to participate in this battle by themselves, doubting the plans of Schneibel, the mother of all Electronic Fairies.

As for why she would say this kind of thing, it was because all of the preparations carried out for this battlefield had already been completely readied.

Since Schneibel knew the true form of this beast, she also knew the relationship it had with Nina. She also more or less knew the further causality behind the true nature of this beast.

Moreover, Nina herself was here right now.

"The situation before us is an unnecessary worry."

There definitely wouldn't be an error in the victory of humankind and Electronic Fairies.

"Ah, as long as they don't impede us, it's fine."

Schneibel gently waved her wings, and wind fluttered around.

Her wings danced.

Those wings that carried a glow weren't blown by the wind on the battlefield, but she still violated gravity and floated above the ground, letting out a faint light.

She gave off light as if to conceal a different glow.

It was a scattered blue light, things like petals or perhaps like scales, but actually they were Psychokinesis flakes.

"I won't let anyone disturb this blade."

Schneibel's gaze was filled with keen light as she spoke alone.

That blade was now advancing rapidly towards its target.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Nina is speaking.
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