Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume18 Epilogue

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The truth was really too outrageous.

After giving the matter of movement all to Harpe, the two of them had nothing to do. Layfon confirmed the condition of his Dite while he thought of the things they had just spoken about.

After he calmed down a bit, he couldn't help but think.

Grendan had a girl named Saya, and this girl had created this world, along with maintaining it. The Vati that Layfon knew was a Nano-Celluloid, and they planned to kill Saya, destroying the world.

"......Suddenly saying those things about people I don't know, no one would be able to believe it. That kind of thing is too outrageous."

"But, you believe it."

Felli and Layfon had taken off their helmets, because Harpe said the interior was safe.

Her eyes gazed straight at Layfon.

"After all, that kind of thing just happened."

Moreover, Grendan and Nina's great-grandfather definitely had experienced abnormal battles different from the ordinary fights against filth monsters.

The reason hidden inside definitely had to do with Nina and Leerin. Though he could peek into the truth through the two of them, Layfon couldn't come close to the secret at all. If Harpe was willing to divulge the answer, Layfon believed there was value in trusting it.

"Moreover, tricking us has no meaning at all. If he wanted to kill us, then he could easily do it right now."

"Don't say that, I'll get scared."

"I trust it, so I'm not scared."

"Is that so?"


"Because this is in Delbone's records?"


"That was only a hunch. Rather than that, I'm concerned about something else."

"What is it?"

"Before we entered Harpe, you once brought up Leerin's name. What did you think of?"

"Th......That is......"

After thinking of this, Layfon showed a wry smile.

Layfon was thinking of his satisfied feeling, and he remembered that he had once experienced that kind of feeling somewhere.

"It's related to Leerin, but it also seems like it isn't."

It was when he was small.

It was before the first time he entered the battlefield.

Their older sisters had asked Layfon and Leerin to go buy things, but they encountered something unexpected en route. Cargo that had collapsed en route almost got another pedestrian involved.

Layfon, still young, had reflexively saved that person.

To the Layfon from back then, it wasn't anything impressive. No, from the position that Layfon was in, any Military Artist would have been able to save that pedestrian regardless.

"It really isn't anything impressive. It was only because I was standing there that I did it. That pedestrian wasn't saved just because of me."

It wasn't anything impressive.

However, Leerin who was next to him wasn't the same.

"She was extremely excited, and even praised me."

Layfon remembered that he had been very shy at the time, and also very happy.

"I thought of that time. What I thought at the time. Protecting people like that is the meaning of Military Artists...... After that, I entered battle for the first time. In the process of experiencing countless battles, I gradually forgot that."

Even if he said the same thing, it was different. At the time, he didn't have a sense of accomplishment.

"But, it would be good if I could become that way. Or, wanting to become that way, I'm still pretty similar to the part that decided to become that way...... right?"

Layfon unconsciously raised his head, only seeing that Felli had already stood up, coming next to him.

"Uh, what is it?"

"......Hahh, nothing can be done about this."


"In the process of your personality formation, she was one of the people in that most important period. Nothing can be done about it, I understand."


"But, I'm still mad."

After saying this, Felli clenched her fist.

"Felli? Huh? ......Uwah!"

The fist fiercely drilled into his cheek.

Layfon had suffered worse treatment, but he felt that the shock from this blow was greater than ever.

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