Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume14 Prologue

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She had not forgotten the feeling left on her lips.

The sound of the city's multi-legs moving. It was time for the roaming bus to depart. Leerin had picked out all the luggage beside his feet. The jacket he wore, the top he wore, the pants, the shoes, had all been chosen by Leerin.

The weather of that day was so good that one might hate it, as if it was there to bless his journey. There were many reasons why filth monsters appeared. The level of pollutants was related, but the air on that day was especially crisp and fresh. Filth monsters usually wouldn't appear under those situations, so it was the best day for a roaming bus to leave. Till that day, the departure date had been pushed back. She had wanted that day to never come, because the day signified separation.

It might be a separation for eternity.

She had thought so, and that thought might even have been right.

Until the day she received the box from her adoptive father.

The katana of Psyharden. It was the symbol of the heir to the school of Psyharden. It was proof that he had forgiven Layfon and reconciled with him. Though Grendan still couldn't accept Layfon, Layfon's foster father still wished to maintain a connection with him. There was someone who wished for this besides Leerin.

This was also an opportunity for Leerin to take action. She had been living a life different from her past. Originally, she would hesitate before giving up than hang on. She was about to give up many times, but this sudden opportunity had given her stubbornness another victory.

She recalled once again the feeling left on her lips.

At that time when the sound of the city's movement suddenly stopped, when something pressed hard on her back, that moment must have meant something.

She just wanted herself to be left in his memory for a little longer.

She wanted the existence of Leerin Marfes to stay longer in his memory. This thought was with her as she acted.

That was how she wanted it to be.

But, this action....... Why did she wish for him to remember her? Because her lover was about to leave her?


She recalled the feeling left on her lips.

The long journey to Zuellni had ended. When she saw him covered in wounds, that feeling rushed up to her chest. She couldn't resist it.

Why did he turn out like this?

Why did he turn out like this but she wasn't beside him? Because she couldn't stay by his side? This was so cruel. She felt pain in her chest. Her tears fell. Unstoppable. She regretted it. She had never hated herself so much, she who lacked imagination and consideration. This place wasn't Grendan. She only knew, after leaving Grendan, how blessed and strange a place it was.

She only knew of him the side she knew....... She had never thought of the Layfon who would give up Military Arts. She had never thought of the cruelty of reality. As she never had to participate in the cruel fights, she had never thought of it.

So foolish.

The feeling on her lips.

She was trapped in confusion, and then three months flew by. She had been observing him, trying to answer the question of whether he was fortunate or not to live as a Military Artist. He was using his busy life as an excuse to escape her. The number of roaming buses had been drastically reduced during wartime, and that had become her excuse to stay by his side.

What was Leerin Marfes thinking at that time?

Finally prepared to give him the box, and he had accepted it. Why was Leerin Marfes happy?

She decided to give him the box after observing and deciding he was living a good life in Zuellni. It was the Katana of Psyharden that her foster father had given her.

Layfon had obtained forgiveness.

Then what had Leerin gained? The fact that the connection between the two of them wasn't lost? That Layfon hadn't forgotten Grendan and Leerin Marfes? Or........ the fact that there was a special relationship between Leerin Marfes and Layfon Alseif? But even so, this was just on the surface. Was there another reason in a deeper area? Was there a much more personal and willful reason behind it? And what should she do now that she had noticed it? What should she do?

But the magic in her right eye beneath the blindfold could see the truth that she was Leerin Eutnohl. In her ran the blood of the three royal families of Grendan, and from it came a special power.

This was her proof, her proof of her real father and mother.

And this truth became much brighter before her right eye.

The chaos in Grendan. What should she do?


His voice called for her.

This made her chest hurt even more......

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