Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume19 Prologue

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Felli was currently falling.

It was an illusion.

She understood that it was only an illusion. Because she hadn't forgotten what kind of situation she was currently in.

Felli was currently invading her own heart. Delbone's battle experiences were imprinted in some area of her mind's memories, and she was doing what she was to unlock that information.

She was still falling.

The so-called area of memories shouldn't have been able to make her feel the sensation of a three-dimensional world. The reason the feeling of falling was still being produced was because Felli was trying to embed her memories into the real world.


She exhaled.

Her body stopped falling, and the feeling of coming in contact with the ground spread through Felli's feet.

A basic element fixing her own existence - 'the ground' formed.

Next, in order to find her target object among the organized memories, Felli began to give them images.

How much time would this kind of assignment procedure take? Some kind of stinging sensation in her eyelids made Felli open both eyes.

"Is it still like this after all?"

Felli focused her consciousness to lead the imaging procedure, but actually she still couldn't completely control what kinds of forms those memories became.

"For a first attempt...... this is pretty good."

The completed product was a projection in Felli's subconsciousness.

A red brick building appeared before Felli.

It was a library.

An area that preserved information, and moreover one that could be accessed at any time......

"Not to belittle myself, but that kind of relationship is quite simple."

However, it was no use but to enter.

Felli strode into the library.

Inside were counters, spaces where tables were placed, space where shelves had been arranged, and a vast expanse of space.

This wasn't the kind that Felli was familiar with - rather than a terminal-assisted library[1], a rare one that had actual physical books.

"Unexpectedly traditional...... but with this, I can't retrieve books using the terminal, right?"

Felli had also used a library containing specific physical books. At the time, she had tried using the terminal to find those books, but she hadn't noticed any traces of them.

"This isn't simply a reappearance of memories."

Then, did she have to search for her target object one by one among this gigantic sea of books?

"What a waste."

Felli sighed, walking towards one of the lined-up shelves.

She shouldn't be able to use Psychokinesis inside her memories, right? Psychokinesis gave no response, so she was only able to open books one by one to confirm. Felli walked along the path between shelves.

The lined-up shelves looked tidy, but formed a smooth, gentle curve.

"It's almost like a maze."

What significance did this arrangement have? Felli thought while she strode forward, walking to a shelf placed by the wall in an unknown area.

The surface of the wall was covered with glass, and soft light from the outside shone on to the shelf.

Felli stopped her feet.


Her vision froze.

The edge of the shelf was illuminated by a beam of light from outside. Over there - on a footstool meant to get high objects, was seated that person.

"You are...... Delbone?"

"Oh my, I never thought you would guess it instantly."

It wasn't the aged voice that Felli had heard before, but a young and vigorous voice.

"Though I never saw you directly......"

That woman held a book in her hands, looking over with her head tilted. She was young, with a head of silver hair, looking over through a pair of glasses. Felli began feeling a bit uncomfortable under that kind of gaze.

"Because I don't remember seeing someone like you in the real world, so you must be Delbone."

"That way of thinking is a bit shaky, but you answered correctly."

"What are you doing?"

"I'm looking at your memories."


"Nnn. For example, this kind of memory......"


Seeing the spine of the book in Delbone's hands, Felli's heart sank.

"Your student life seems very interesting."

"......What a low hobby."


An unhappiness that her private life was being peeped at emerged in Felli's heart.

"You might feel unhappy, but accompany me for a while, alright?"

"What do you mean?"

Those suggestive words made Felli ask this.

However, Delbone didn't reply.

The title of the book in Delbone's hands gradually changed, and Felli looked on unhappily.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. One where you bring up books you want to read by using an electronic terminal.
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