Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume8 Interlude 03

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Interlude 03[edit]

"Speaking of which, there are normally a lot of people who take care of us."

"Huh? Oh, you mean Meishen and them, right?"

"Yeah, what kind of people are they?"

"The three of them seem like childhood friends. They were all born in the transport city...You've been there too right?"

"Oh, yes. But I stayed for just under three days."

"Yeah, and the lodging facilities are the best."

"That's right."

"Still, what kind of people are they?"

"You might have already seen Naruki because she's in one of the platoons."

"That person with the tanned skin?"

"Yeah, that's her. She's also part of the City Police. Mifi is a very open girl, and she works at the journalism department. As for Meishen, even though I know her pretty well..." he sighed, "Well, cooking. If it's one thing I've to say about her cooking, it's her dessert. She's very good at making sweets."

"Oh? Then all your desserts and snacks were made by her?"

"Yeah, but it's just that I don't really like eating sweets."

"Same. I don't eat too much stuff with a lot of sugar in it. But you're licking a lollipop right now."

"But still, I need my sugar."

"Yeah, yeah. Father used to say that if two people licked a lollipop at the same time it would bring about hatred."

"Why would he say that..."

"Then, do you refuse to eat her sweets?"

"No, sometimes I eat them as well. I'm eating a controlled amount of sugar."


"Meishen is a really nice person, and when I was really busy she made me bentoes for lunch."

"...Wait for me!"

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