Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume4 Prologue

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As the signal sounded, the still air vibrated as if an explosion hit the air. Sharnid rushed out like the rapids of a river, moving swiftly but cautiously. The gun in his hand made no sound.

If he didn't make noise, then no one else would discover his location......That was Sharnid's current mission. He carried it out loyally. There was meaning in being true to a mission. The members of the other platoon were constantly on the lookout for Sharnid, especially the Psychokinesist, who had sent out his flakes to fly back and forth in the field. Sharnid kept moving forward as he evaded detection. The tension inside him felt like something hard in his stomach, bursting to escape.

The anxiety that he was suppressing ran through all his nerves. If he made a noise here......The unnecessary thought bounced off every corner of his mind.

Ignoring that thought for the future, he concentrated on the mission and smoothly arrived at his position. He maintained his cover, hiding from the opposing platoon's members and Psychokinesist as he quietly increased the flow of his Kei to strengthen his vision.

He could have located his enemies through the Psychokinesist on his team, but his own intuition and feelings were the most reliable when accidents occurred. Relying on a Psychokinesist meant making time for redundant communication, slowing everything down. Speed was extremely important in a fight between Military Artists. One must eliminate what could be eliminated.

In a split second, Sharnid poured Kei into his bullet, as if the Kei had been solidified. Inside the bullet compartments were anesthetic bullets. One of the bullets was covered with Kei. Once the trigger was pressed, the Kei covering that red bullet would transform – it'd become flame-like, expand, explode into flames, and the Kei bullet would shoot forth.

Sharnid would feel all that in one swift moment. Now all he was doing was waiting for that moment to come, as the fight in the middle of the field began.

He saw the golden flowing hair that was his comrade - Dalshena Che Matelna. She wielded a huge lance as she moved, moved like a wild river, like an arrow leaving its bow.

A golden river roaring wild. That was all Sharnid could compare her with as he watched her curly hair draw numerous whirls about her. She ran forward, leading her teammates and drowning her enemies along the way.

Sharnid and one other person existed to keep that river overflowing – Dinn.

Sharnid's mission was to cut through the obstacles attempting to stop the flow of that current, Dalshena, and Dinn's goal was to extend the path that Sharnid made.

He pulled the trigger. Having confirmed the Psychokinesist's information with his own eyes, Sharnid fired the Kei bullet at the enemies that were suddenly cutting in to attack Dalshena. One of the three enemies fell. Dinn finished off the other two. He was as close to them as if he were their shadow.

After covering for Dalshena, Sharnid stood up to change his position. The Psychokinesist in his team informed him of approaching enemies. Even without that information, Sharnid would have to move since he had exposed his position. This already had reduced his chance of making a hit next.

Before he changed position, he glanced at Dalshena, who was dashing forward. She'd enter a fight with the defending members of the enemy team soon. That was when she could demonstrate her true potential. Sharnid must not slack off before she reached her destination. His mission was to lead her to the place where her potential could shine. He must move swiftly. Sharnid watched her back.

(We must win today.)

Following her gaze to the enemy's flag, Sharnid quickly moved, propelled by a natural feeling to hurry up.

It had been one year since then.

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