Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume15 Chapter2

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Chapter 2: The Impassioned One[edit]

Samiraya Mirke burned. She was staring at the poster with burning passion. She was in it. On the poster was also her name. Though her supporters came, hoping to see her smile, she was showing them a severe expression.

It might feel like boasting to others, but she felt the atmosphere to be more grand and just. Not that she wanted to become an idol. She knew she wasn't cut out for that. And so she wanted to convey her passion through her expression.

Samiraya wanted to become the next Student President.

She would be in grade 5 next year. She had been working in the Student Council for the past year, and she had accumulated a certain amount of experience. She had always been looking at Karian, the current Student President who was about to leave his role.

Samiraya was a person with no good points except for her seriousness, and so she was the class prefect and she sometimes went to help out in the Student Council. She didn't plan to be here. It was all done without deliberation, and somehow, she ended up here.

But now Samiraya's heart was boiling, and her wish to become the Student President was becoming more and more intense.

"How is it?" and so she asked herself full of confidence.

One part of the dormitory had been turned into her conference room as a Student President candidate. All her strategic meetings would be held here.

"Um, not so sure."

Beneath her glasses was the listless face of Leu Matthew, whose gaze fell to the piece of paper on the clipboard in his hand. The conference room could hold ten people but now there were only Samiraya and Leu in it. Samiraya was listening to the street survey result of a certain magazine from Leu. She knew the editor wasn't that good at what he did, but she was still concerned about the result.

And then what Leu said was of a disappointing result.

"Though the head organization is here, it doesn't look that much different."

Leu was one year younger than her, but their relationship had become very good since they met each other in the Class Council and found out that they were both from the same city.

"As I thought. People aren't interested in the election because of the administration side of things. Anyway, Sami is the last in the rankings when it comes to experience and public exposure."

Samiraya was already 20 years old, but she didn't look that much taller than Leu because of her height. But the most important thing was she was better than Leu when it came to being calm and steady. There were other supporters, but most of them were related to the Student Council. Samiraya was too, that was why she was one of the candidates. No other supporters were present in this conference, not because of fairness, but because they were all too busy. In general, the most complicated things had been taken care of, but the jobs that were to come were piling up like mountains. The job for next year was crucial, but what was most important was the present.

If this attitude was held not just within the Student Council, then it was no wonder that no one was interested in the election.

"To enter the election in this situation, votes will naturally flow to the person with high public exposure," Leu sighed.

But Samiraya hadn't considered that point.

"That can't be true. Besides, we just need to increase our publicity from now."


Leu picked up her spirit at Samiraya's optimism.

"If it's about publicity, then the best person should be a Military Artist."

Her lively reply was the signal of her actions.

"Uh? Leu. What is it?"

Samiraya and Leu had finally arrived at the classroom of the third year. Samiraya suddenly grabbed hold of Nina's hand, who was getting ready for class.

"Are you interested in the election?"


Nina was in a fluster as she looked at Samiraya whose eyes were emitting light.

CSR vol15 067.png

"Ah, well, you...... are a candidate for the Student President position."

Nina remembered the poster. There was only a face on the poster. Because the poster didn't show Samiraya's full body, Nina didn't realize she was this short.

"Samiraya Mirke. Please look after me. How about it? Help out in the election. The head position of the Military Arts program is waiting for you."

"You're the first person to say that to me directly for now," Nina said with a bitter smile.

"Ara, so have there been other people asking for the same?" Leu said.

Nina nodded.

"Two came. Um, how about we talk over it somewhere else."

She didn't feel comfortable when gazes from other students gathered on her.


But Samiraya didn't move.

"I want to relay my thoughts to everyone. That way, someone will tell me if there's something wrong with it. Now I want to tell everyone why I need Nina Antalk."

"No. That's enough," Nina shrugged and looked at Leu for help.

She could tell Samiraya's personality just by looking at her expression. But just what was that cold smile afterwards? Anyway, there didn't exist a student who would point out Samiraya's mistake. Nina found out from other candidates the reason why she became involved in the election, but she didn't understand. Because the 17th platoon became famous in this Military Arts Competition. Nina was in the third year and so was the center of the platoon that was mainly made up of juniors. Their rank in the platoon matches was third. She didn't feel much difference in the gap between her team, Gorneo's 5th platoon and Vance's 1st platoon. The 17th platoon acted as the infiltration team in the last Competition. The 17th platoon was the sign of new power.

Nina felt that this praise was similar to when Sharnid was in the 10th platoon. Perhaps it was the same. She felt honored to be on the receiving end of it. But that didn't mean she would allow herself to be taken advantage of just for the sake of the election.

"Sorry. Others have already said that I'm not mature enough. The job of the Military Arts Head is a bit too much for me."

"It's all right. Leu is in the same year as you. If I win, then she will become the Vice President."

"Ah? Really. I haven't heard of that," Leu was surprised.

"Uh? Have I not said this before? Karian didn't set a Vice President position, but I need it. If Leu isn't here to help out........."

Leu touched her own head. It felt strange, but it looked like Samiraya really did forget to say it to her. She was unexpectedly clumsy.

"Then let's do it together!"

Samiraya's smile was like a budding flower. Nina felt that that this smile suited her better than the forced solemn expression she had on the poster. Still, she shook her head.

"I'm really sorry. I have something I must do as a Military Artist. I really am not suited to becoming the Head of Military Arts."

"I see."

Samiraya let go of her hand. Nina felt guilty at her regretful expression.

"Uh, that can't be helped then." But Samiraya then looked at her with a smile. "But will you help out when I become the Student President, Captain?"

"Of course. Let me know anytime if the 17th platoon can help out in any way."

"Then goodbye. I'll turn Zuellni into a better city. Just you wait."

At her confident proclamation, for a split second, Nina felt that she saw the figure of Samiraya overlap with Zuellni.

"Well, this is hopeless. What should we do next?"

Samiraya Mirke didn't feel down. She talked with Leu as they walked in the corridor.

"It was my judgment to go find Nina."

To act when she thought of something was both Samiraya's strength and weakness. She would listen to others' opinions, but she liked to act before listening, especially this time.

Before, Leu had smiled at Nina, thinking that she had really acted like herself, but it seemed that she hadn't understood the meaning.

"The hardest person to understand is oneself", thought Leu as she involuntarily said it.

"I approve of finding a Military Artist to become a partner, but if it were me, I wouldn't have chosen Nina. Even if she is indeed very popular, if she actually was chosen as Military Arts Head it could evoke dislike from other people."


"She's too young, and since she's popular at the same time, there are people who dislike her. Nina especially gives people the impression of standing out too much, and more importantly when she formed the seventeenth platoon she aroused some disputes. There are definitely many people who see her as unsuitable."

Moreover we don't need two people who do things recklessly without using their brain, Leu thought in her heart but didn't say from her mouth.

"Mmm, that’s true, she's a bit difficult."

At Samiraya taking Nina's side and uttering laments, Leu was really a bit shocked. Putting aside ages for now, it was really naive if you looked at it, she could even become your rival. Leu thought this but did not say so, not because she didn't want to, but because even if she did it wouldn't be of much use.

"Since it's like this, who's good then?"

"As for whom, that hasn't already been decided."

At Leu's prompt, Samiraya thought about it for a bit, and reached an answer herself.

So, afterwards they once again squeezed into a class, arriving in a fifth-year classroom.

Gorneo was in the classroom by himself being depressed. That feeling made it hard for someone to approach. Leu felt that the entire classroom exuded a sort of tense atmosphere, and it was difficult for one to stay there.

"There, there's a bit of a hard-to-talk atmosphere."

Leu felt the tense atmosphere in front of the entrance, and didn't enter the classroom.



Samiraya didn't notice, and as if she completely hadn't noticed the atmosphere, loudly called out, "Excuse me," and directly walked towards Gorneo.

With Gorneo, Samiraya seemed even smaller.

"What do you want?"

That low, bored voice was unable to sway Samiraya.

"It's our first time meeting. I'm the fourth-year Samiraya Mirke. Actually, I have something to request of you......"

"If it has something to do with the election, no way."

"Whats that, you already know why we were looking for you, that makes things easier to say."

"As I said, no way."

But Samiraya hadn't heard his words in the first place.

"If I become the Student Council President, I would like to invite you to become the Military Arts Head."

"Didn't you hear me, no way."

"But, other than Gorneo-senpai, who else is qualified to be the Military Arts Head?"


"Gorneo-senpai is a fifth-year, as well as the captain of the fifth platoon, second in strength only to the Military Arts Head Vance's platoon. Whether it's strength as a Military Artist or leadership ability, there's no one better than senpai. I think it's only natural for you to be the Military Arts Head. Since it's like this, why do you refuse?"

It was different from the attitude she had when talking with Nina, not only her momentum, but her arguments also became more aggressive. It quite surprised Leu.

"For me, the higher my station, the worse I perform."

Hearing the remarks that he said to Samiraya, even Leu could understand but he still showed a difficult, pained expression. Could it be that he had some regrettable situation? Moreover, that it was only because of his situation that he was this irritable?

"If even Gorneo-senpai has no way to carry it out, then I can't insist. But even so, I still wish to become Student Council President. Because I have things I must fulfill. So I ask for your help," Samiraya said.

Leu felt that in Samiraya's simple words was a kind of incredible strength. Something that made one unable to refuse, only permitting submission. More strength than even a thousand words.

Gorneo was a person who remained calm in whatever situations. This couldn't be felt from Nina, and actually even Samiraya thought that it wasn't possible for Nina to become the Military Arts Head.

Gorneo stopped his low groans, seeing his own statue-like, un-moving manner reflected in Samiraya's pure eyes, and Leu involuntarily sympathized with his expression.

But, with this kind of situation, Gorneo definitely was not on the list of any other Student Council President candidate. Moreover, since they had been refused by him, and so relied on Nina's ability, Samiraya was convinced.

Even if things were like this, if Gorneo were to promise here, then she would have great superiority when compared to the other candidates.

(Come on)

Leu also became unexpectedly enthusiastic.

"I don't have the time to think about those kind of questions right now." As Gorneo said these words, the bell signalling the start of class sounded simultaneously. That meant there was no time left.

Leu and Samiraya had no choice but to return to their classroom.

When teaching ended that meant that class was over. Leu walked over to Samiraya with a bit of worry, who was preparing to pack her things to leave.

"Well, let's go to Gorneo-senpai together."

At the same time, she indeed held some worry in her heart.

"Wait a bit."

Leu endured her headache, and directly grabbed Samiraya's collar and dragged her to the fifth-year classroom.

"What are you doing!"

"Calm down," Leu said, dragging Samiraya towards the conference room.

"Then, what is it?"

She obstinately made Samiraya sit on the simple chair. At this moment she seemed like an older person, and completely didn't look like someone who wanted to become the Student Council President.

"We've said we were going to convince him, but how should we go about convincing?"

"That, we have to be enthusiastic."

"You fool who doesn't use her brain."


"Just enthusiasm won't produce any results."

"Then what else can we do?"

Even if her eyes were filled with hope, it still wasn't enough.

"Before plans, we have to gather intelligence. Even if we haven't even talked to Gorneo-senpai directly, we've head from Nina. Never would have thought he was such an ill-tempered person."

Even if he didn't seem very nice, she didn't think he would make the classroom's atmosphere such pandemonium.

Then, there must be some reason.

"First we need to understand the reason, and if we can do that then we can provide him with assistance. If we do that we'll get into his good graces, so then won't we create some good feelings in the other party?"

"Um, it sounds very cunning."

"Then, when the other party has difficulties, if we don't do anything, do you think they will say, 'ah, I have a bit of trouble~ could you help us~'? I think the other side's situation is favorable."

"You don't have to get mad."

"I'm mad. Because I did feel that I was being a bit cunning, but being told this directly, I can't help but get mad. However, if the other party has some trouble, helping them out isn't anything bad."

"So then let's first gather intelligence."

The panicked Samiraya and the not-so-calm Leu began the operation like this.

At this time, someone entered the room,

"Sorry to disturb, are you busy?"

The person who entered was the current Student Council secretary, called Serine.

"Ah, Serine."

"This is from the President."

Serine took out a cake box.

"Wow, that's generous, is this okay?"

"There's no problem, the other candidates also have it."

"Alright, let me get you a cup of tea."

Leu walked out of the room to boil water. Serine was the current Student Council Secretary, and was already a fifth-year, who would remain in Zuellni next year. In addition, she was also a supporter of Samiraya.

"Ah, if only that were true."

When Leu returned, Serine said this.

It seemed that while she was out of the room boiling water, Samiraya had already carried out an explanation of the situation.

"Because of the battle last time, the vice-captain Shante was hospitalized, and has not left the hospital yet."

The previous commotion had injured many people. Most of them had recovered and been released from the hospital, but there were still unconscious students, and there were still students who had to go to the hospital. Leu had heard a male Military Artist that she recognized saying that it had really been a tragic battlefield. He had also been injured, but had been released from the hospital without injury. Even so, he would sometimes unintentionally express his detached thoughts.

During the commotion, his Military Artist heart had suffered a severe blow.

"Then, he cares so much about that person named Shante that it made his temper become so poor?"

"Could be. I'm not too clear on their individual situations, but in the end the relationship between the two is very good."

Serine's words earned a nod from Samiraya.

"Then, for Shante's rehabilitation, we'll go together to provide assistance."

Leu also thought that there was no other way.

"But there's a possibility that we won't make it for the election period."

Serine was calmer than Leu, and she who was under Karian's command and directly participated in Student Council matters had the steady calm that Leu and Samiraya did not.

"Of course, if he could become a joint candidate for the Student Council, that point alone is very superior. In the list of Student Council candidates, some Student Council President candidates have perfect social skills and connections. If his name is not with any of their names, if that's the case, then it's worth a look."

"But, do we have time?"

"Right, time is of the essence. Moreover the polling is next month. The other candidates have already recommended their own Military Arts Head candidates."

She had to find and decide on candidates for the other branches. She also could not go without preparing a draft for her speech. The things she had to do were plenty.

But, to other people, the significance of the 'Military Arts Head candidate' was definitely a more important place than the candidates for other branches.

It was expected that for most students, for most people, they very much cared about who the Military Arts Head was. As the person who would have to protect them, the one who stood there had a symbolic force.

"But if Gorneo-senpai loses......?"

"Also, the seventeenth platoon's Nina Antalk had more popularity."

"No, we've already been refused."

"It could be that she's not good for it. Still, after that is the fourteenth platoon's Shin Kaihan, and the third platoon's Winse Karald."

As she listed these names, Serine showed a subtle expression. In terms of strength, the 17th Platoon and the 14th Platoon's Shin Kaihan were the same. But among the platoons that she had observed, he had a bit of frivolousness. The captains of all of the platoons from before Nina had also heard of this, and their frivolous impression of him was a negative element.

In this regard, Shin and Winse were complete opposites. Nina and the current Military Arts Head Vance had characters that were rather similar. But Winse gave people an unyielding feeling. An oppressive unyielding feeling like Vance and Gorneo was okay, but it seemed that his oppressive feeling was almost focused on neuroticism. If would be fine if he were only the captain of a small platoon, but to command the entire body of Military Artists, one needed to have a bit of flexibility.

She had said too much. She knew. However, from those who had actually achieved records, produced a sense of trust, had flexibility in moving a team, and who had a calming appearance, and who was able to stand by Samiraya while she was Student Council President as the Military Arts Head, there was no one more excellent than Gorneo.

"Ah, you're missing someone."

Seeing Samiraya and Leu, Serine continued speaking.


"Layfon Alseif."

She was already taking this as a joke.

Saying something that frightening, she must definitely be joking. But she was unaware of the effects of her own joke, as she enjoyed tea and cake. She left on her job, returning to the Student Council room.

"What does everyone think about what Serine's opinion just now?"

For now first put the question of the Military Arts Head to the side, and begin sorting out the other personnel candidates, Samiraya said.

Leu had a sort of a bad premonition. However you looked at it, Samiraya was the most important. Thinking to here, Leu said a strange sentence, "Okay, it's decided," and then began to depart.

"Who knows? I don't think he will approve."

In her mind had emerged Layfon Alseif.

The new first-year who had joined Nina's platoon with a preeminent strength, who most likely surpassed the Military Arts Head Vance. Nina's expression toward him was a "so powerful" evaluation. Her Military Artist friends also praised his "awesome" strength. She didn't really understand the professional reviews, but for the most part those words should be the case.

Ordinary students could only confirm the strength of Military Artists there, but even watching the inter-platoon battles Leu again sighed, "powerful".

What this entailed was that the Military Artist Layfon was extremely powerful.

Before the battle with Falnir, she had never heard anything of him like training for the match in the stadium.

Perhaps it was true that Nina led him in popularity, and this part she reckoned was something he disliked. But in Military Arts strength, he definitely would defeat the opponent. It was definitely the case that, regardless of good or bad, the foundation of Military Arts was strength.

The people who used their strength in his birthplace Grendan definitely thought this way.

But then, she thought that this alone wasn't enough, as expected. She only knew that for an ordinary person, this was very amazing.

"Hmm, yeah."

Unexpectedly, Samiraya also thought so.

"Sami, have you met Layfon?"


Towards Leu's surprised expression, Samiraya nodded her head.

"But not from the beginning."

Samiraya muttered as she looked at the ceiling.

"We met during an inter-platoon match. I knew his strength and popularity. However, I had no way to explain it clearly, and I thought there was some difference."

"That's true."

Samiraya relaxed, beginning to sort out her materials. She searched for the materials on section chiefs that should be collected. Other candidates wouldn't become like this, would they?

As expected, the problem lay in the Military Arts Head.

"What should we do?"

"So did things first start with Shante-senpai?"


As Samiraya nodded her head, Leu began thinking carefully.

"Mmm, if we go visit holding a sympathetic attitude, it's still not that good. Moreover suddenly wanting to go to the hospital is the same."

"Right, that's true."

"What should we do, hmm..."

Even Leu couldn't instantly think of a good method.

"First, what kind of a person is Shante-senpai, we should first examine her habits together."

"Then, the examination of her habits will be assigned to Leu."

"Wait a second."

"I'll first go visit her."

"Don't worry about it, I won't let Gorneo-senpai notice."

Leu hadn't stopped speaking, but Samiraya had already left.

"Ugh, I was careless......" Leu sighed, realizing that the draft for the speech had not been prepared.

"I guess I'll go prepare it."

Her head started to hurt, since who exactly was the candidate? She thought of complaining to Samiraya later, but this was an almost useless action.

Actually, Samiraya going to the hospital to visit had not disturbed her.

In that room, Shante slept deeply on the bed, seemingly the same as during competitions, a red-haired girl with a petite frame.

Samiraya was aware that she herself was a small existence. Shante was also small.

Shante had lost consciousness.

She had no problems with her body. But she just wouldn't wake. That kind of state had continued up through today. Samiraya thanked the doctor who informed her of the patient's condition, and hurriedly left the hospital.

She didn't even have the energy to return to the school building, but then she had no way to let down her baggage. She didn't know what to do, but seeing bench, Samiraya sat down.


Maybe she didn't have any way to think about it.

The last commotion had been fairly long ago, and most of the injured people had been released from the hospital, even Samiraya presumably knew this. Even so, she was still hospitalized.

Perhaps that way of thinking was too simple.

She still lived, but she was unconscious.

Perhaps this obscured too many possibilities. Thinking of this, Samiraya could understand Gorneo's impatience.

Current medical technology was said to be able to treat anything unrelated to the brain or Kei vein, and it was said that even lost memories would be recovered.

But, even if the body was recovered, what could the medical students do if they declared that the body was unharmed but could not understand the reason why she was in a coma?

What could the person do who waited for her to wake up?

She really couldn't comprehend it.


Samiraya let out a soft and lingering sound. When she advanced she advanced with all her might, and when she was downcast she stayed downcast till the end, that was Samiraya. She herself didn't know whether there were any other situations between these two people.

Right now Samiraya was completely downcast. She didn't even know what she herself should do to make things better. For her own election, she thought of using the Shante who had not woken up from a coma - even if she understood her shallowness, she still could not help but blame her own stupidity.

"Wu...... Sure enough, I can only rely on other people."

Even so, she first had to think about the problems around her. Perhaps it should be said that all people were like this.

"Excuse me, are you okay?"

Hearing a voice, Samiraya raised her head. That moment, she saw the topic himself walking over.

"Layfon Alseif."

"Excuse me, where are you uncomfortable?"

Even though she knew the name of the person she met, it wasn't something particularly surprising. Platoon matches were seen everywhere. It had happened before that he was addressed by his name.

"Uh, hmm. I was just thinking about my situation, and I was a bit down."

"Could it be that you are a Student Council President candidate?"

"Yeah. I'm Samiraya Mirke, nice to meet you."

"Ah, nice to meet you."

They shook hands, following the recent habit of this place. Not knowing what to do, they sized each other up, the two of them feeling a bit awkward.


The two both sighed. This time it was really a meeting that would surprise people.


"No, no, what's wrong, it's clear that there's something just from looking at Senpai."

"What, you want me to apologize because your mood is down?"

"That's not what I meant, um, I, uh, how should I say it......"

"Really, don't just get depressed whenever."

Even if he mouthed protests, he didn't know why, but he felt that Layfon's depression had nothing to do with Samiraya.

"What? Was there something that made you lose heart in the previous battle?"


"Ah, never mind, never mind."

Looking at Layfon's expression, which had become gloomy during the chat, Samiraya felt anxious.

"Um, sorry."

"It's okay, it doesn't matter. Feel free to sit down."


The two people sat in a row on the bench.

But, he regretted it after sitting down. The two were very gloomy, but even if they sat together, it wasn't any use. They silently prayed that they could quickly return.

"So, do you have some kind of problem?"


"You already don't want to talk?"



If she wanted him to return, she shouldn't have asked him to sit. Samiraya pouted and looked towards their front, devoid of people.

"If I may ask, does Senpai have a problem?"

"What? You don't want to talk about your own trouble, but want to listen to other people's situations?"

"Um, sorry."

They went silent again. But Samiraya was quickly unable to endure this kind of silence.

"So, was the battle this tiresome?"


"Us normal people have no way of understanding the emotions that people hold in the middle of battle. I want to hear about your way of thinking."

"Speaking of that, indeed it feels tiresome sometimes."

"Ah, is that so......"

Samiraya muttered in a small voice. She had not really thought about it before this.

"It really is choking. The people next to you can just easily disappear......"

"No one's left?"

"You, could it be that you can't say any comforting words?"


"It's alright, I'm not the only one like this. Rather, I don't have the experience. But, perhaps I haven't experienced any situation more painful than this."


"Because I hold it and understand it, when I don't say anything it instead makes me suffer more."


"Ah, well, I understand. Even things are that way I should still keep living on. Especially for me who has set becoming the Student Council President as my target, I have to consider the people who are living. There are no adults in Zuellni, so we all must be adults, so I can't ignore the reality placed in front of me.

Afterwards, she let out a big sigh. She sorted out her thoughts for a moment, selecting suitable words.

"However, the people who were once in the Academy City have been long gone. They all leave because they graduate. This place doesn't have death. If we follow the rules of the Academy City, graduation is like dying. We have no way to request the aid of those people. We can't see them again. Maybe. Some people think that people who were born in different cities won't encounter each other again, but that is rational thinking. It's just the same as dying. Because they will already only appear in your memories."


"But memories are a form of solace. It's nothing more than that. That's how things are. That, that......"

When had this started, it wasn't her thoughts about Gorneo, but rather her own situation.

What was the reason for her longing to become the Student Council President?

"It's right in front of us. But I'm not bound by it. I don't want to be smug towards everyone, I want to be able to be sure of everything. That's where the problem lies."


"Ahh, how embarrassing. I've just been spouting my head off. Anyway, that's all."

Samiraya satisfactorily said she understood her own thoughts.

"The problem is that right now if other people see me I won't feel any shame."


She saw that in Layfon's eyes flashed an inexplicable meaning. There were shadows. But, was this normal and commonplace for him, or had he been guided by dark things? She had no way of judging. Because she didn't understand the ordinary him, this was something she could do nothing about.

So, Samiraya had no way to hold back the things she had noticed and not said.

"In this Academy City, people get replaced every year. I myself had been here for six years. This world endlessly advances. In that kind of environment it's not possible to live leisurely. One needs to have something they want to do. If you have something you want to do then you will quickly and straightforwardly go do it. So we have to act."

"......But, you might be defeated, or nothing might happen, so then what do you do?"

This was something that Layfon disclosed from deep inside his heart. But to Samiraya, this was impossible to comprehend, and she really didn't understand Layfon's situation.

If Nina and Felli were there, perhaps this dialogue would not have been interrupted, and they would have understood.

But, Samiraya didn't know. Even if could see some desperate signs in his words, right now was not the time to hesitate.

"Losing isn't anything bad. Wasting time on regret is too much of a pity. Since you can't find it, why not try doing something else. My fundamental problem is that I don't know whether I have the ability to serve as the Student Council President or not. I have times when I want to rely on my friends or when I don't feel that many people support me, and I don't know if I can win the election. But I still want to try. So I'm doing it. When I feel that it won't work, then I'll think about looking into something else. That's why I always know what I want."

Layfon was overwhelmed by the momentum of her language, and Samiraya stood up. Even for the petite Samiraya, when she stood up she could look down upon the seated Layfon. However, the shadows swayed in his eyes as he looked upwards.

"Perhaps it's only because I don't have any responsibility that I act when I want to act. But, isn't it good to be able to rest when you want to rest? Even if it doesn't really match what I just said, even though you've lived in an Academy City for six years, your life definitely won't end in only six years."


"The Military Arts Competition has already ended. Zuellni's crisis has already passed. Next year is a year to rest."

Samiraya announced this, but didn't stop her steps, since she had found something that she wanted to do. All that was left was action. Samiraya Mirke's thought of a question while simultaneously running and pondering.

It had to do with Layfon Alseif.

It had to do with having him become the Military Arts Head.

(It won't do. I feel like he's not very reliable.)

But, she also thought the reason for that kind of unreliability was because the shadows of things were binding his feet. Even if he didn't become the Military Arts Head, it would be good if some day those shadows disappeared.

Either way, he was a student of Zuellni.

But, this way of thinking lasted nothing more than a moment.

Flying aboard the tram that had just stopped in front of the station, no matter what she wanted to convince Gorneo. She had been thinking of that situation all along.

Later, the name Gorneo Luckens was impressively written in the Student Council supplement that the Samiraya faction published.

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