Chrome Shelled Regios:Volume12 Prologue

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The sound of metal sliding against each other sounded from the bike and from the wheel. The engine had entered a danger zone.

But he did not relax his foot on the accelerator that had reached its limit.


A stone hit the helmet protecting his vision. The screen of dust obstructed his sight. Layfon's vision remained clear thanks to Felli's flake and the vision-aid system.

Similarly, another bike was running at full speed in front of Layfon. Though the sound was a bit far, the sudden increase in volume was enough to add more pressure and impatience to Layfon.

He looked at the rear mirror. The shadow of a huge city was reflected in the mirror that was coated with a screen of dust. It was a shape Layfon had seen before. It had multi-legs that differed from Zuellni's.


He found it impossible. He didn't want to believe it, but thinking back on the previous battle and how that filth monster died...... Only one Military Artist could execute that feat in Layfon's mind.

The Queen, Alsheyra Almonise.

She could do it. She who far exceeded all Heaven's Blade successors......... But for Grendan which was unrelated to the Queen's consciousness, why did it keep chasing this side?


He must hurry. Savaris was on the bike before him, planning to capture the Haikizoku, and the Haikizoku was inside Nina. Nina said so herself. What would Savaris do to her? Had he the skill to extract the Haikizoku from her? If so, why did he wait till now?

Or was he waiting for the city to sink into a crisis?

Layfon heard that a Haikizoku was born from a city's hatred and stubbornness. At that time, the Haikizoku answered Dinn's intense wish to protect the city. It did not originate from Dinn. It was lurking inside Zuellni and was called forth by Dinn's will. And now this thing was inside Nina. Right now, the city was in a crisis. Changes might have come to Nina's body.

"Felli...... The Captain. Is she OK?"

"...... I'm concentrating on supporting you. I don't quite know the situation of the city."


Is that true or false? But even though the anger rose in Layfon, he could not just quietly push it down. Even if he knew of Nina's situation, he could do nothing. He should concentrate on solving the problem before him rather than being swayed by his concern of the city. Hesitation remained in him though his heart had made such a decision.

Nina had guaranteed him when he left Zuellni that she'd protect Leerin. He was truly happy, so happy that his sadness due to what she said before, "I can't support you", had disappeared.

"I won't let you!"

The bike began to jump. The ground in front of him split apart like a slope, the structure of the earth exposed to the air. Having regained his balance, Layfon stood on the bike. The Shim Adamantium Dite in his left hand cut through the sky.

External Burst type Kei variation – Sendan. (The cut of a lightning flash)

Savaris was also dancing in the sky as he released the suppressed Kei. A straight-line strike similarly split the ephemeral air asunder.

Savaris' figure was gone from the bike.

The presence appeared above Layfon.

Savaris descended speedily in a spiral.

"Tsk - !"

Block it.... Ah, no. Layfon chose to evade. He quickly released external Kei and used its remnants to change the bike's direction.

Savaris landed. The Kei in his knee was released and pieces of rocks flew everywhere. If Layfon had received that attack, he and his bike might have gotten caught in the explosion and turned into scrap metal.

"Hahaha! This isn't my style but it's quite interesting!"

As Layfon had lost his balance in the Kei remnants, he couldn't immediately counterattack.

"Are we to play wherever we are?"

Savaris' laughter pierced through the smoke screen made by the explosion. Layfon, putting Kei in his voice, blew away the dust.

And saw Savaris was already back on his bike and was ahead of him by some distance.


Layfon also landed with the bike and madly chased after him.

If the Sapphire Dite and the Adamantium Dite weren't damaged, he could use the Steel Threads........ but all he had left was the Shim Adamantium Dite.

The sound of the city was closing in behind him.

Since he was still chasing after Savaris, Layfon could only push back the roiling despair in his heart.

What could Layfon do if it was just Savaris.......

But what about the city behind him?

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