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This is the Mondaiji-tachi_ga_isekai_kara_kuru_soudesu_yo Navigation Template.


{{Mondaiji Nav|p1|p2|n1|n2|pv|nv|sub1|sub2}}

p1 = previous link volume number, I.e. 1 to 99

p2 = previous link chapter name, I.e. Illustrations, Chapter 1, etc.

n1 and n2 = next link, similar to p1 and p2.

NOTE: if exist, the p and n values will be used in direct links, spell properly.

pv = previous volume number for full text nav

nv = next volume number for full text nav

sub1 = subcategory for the previous link I.e. Last Embryo (optional)

sub2 = subcategory for the next link I.e. Last Embryo (optional)

Normal Chapter Example:

{{Mondaiji Nav|p1=1|p2=Illustrations|n1=1|n2=Chapter 2}}

{{Mondaiji Nav|p1=12|p2=Afterwords|n1=1|n2=Illustrations|sub2=Last Embryo}}

{{Mondaiji Nav|p1=1|p2=Illustrations|n1=1|n2=Chapter 1|sub1=Last Embryo|sub2=Last Embryo}}


Full Text Example:

{{Mondaiji Nav|pv=1|nv=3}}

{{Mondaiji Nav|pv=11|nv=1|sub2=Last Embryo}}


NEW: Clicking the [show] will open up full series nav.