Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume10 Afterword

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—Considering the title of the Demon King, having one title as the Demon King of the Night is enough!

Hello everyone, I am Shimizu Yuu. I am once again very thankful for everyone who has picked up this book. This time, I present to you the tenth installment of Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, "The Awakening of the Demon King"!

The worst reunion occurring amidst burning flames. With the entrusted Vorpal Sword returning to Kamito's hands, her murmurs will lead Kamito to awaken as the Demon King. The conspiracy-filled Cross Fire finally welcomes the final battle against Rubia Elstein. Will Kamito be able to save the captive Claire—?

And thus, the series finally reaches double digits with the tenth volume. This work has only been able to get this far with all the readers who have supported all along, as well as the efforts of many many people. I will continue to strive hard and I hope everyone can continue to support!

Next comes the acknowledgements. To Sakura Hanpen-sensei who has drawn many beautiful illustrations again, I am truly very grateful. The two spirits on the cover are too adorable.

Narita-sama in charge, for making up lots of different plans for promoting the Seirei series, thank you thank you. Let's continue to work hard together.

Also, there's Hyouju Issei-sensei who serializes the manga version on Comic Alive. Congratulations on the release of the manga's first volume.

The girls are very cute, the blade dance scenes are super cool, together with some slight ecchi fan service, it is simply the best. Due to the Hyouju-sensei's supplementing the designs on the art front, I feel that those who have read the original can still immerse themselves even deeper and enjoy the Seirei world through the manga. This is a really great and high quality manga, so I hope everyone can grab it together with this book to the cashier (it's being sold at the same time as Volume 10!) Also, the official mini guidebook is being given out through lucky draws at the manga promotion event going on right now, please feel free to attend (For details please read the accompanying book band).

Finally, the greatest thanks goes to the readers. I am very happy to receive letters and survey comments. In Volume 9's popularity poll, Est remains supreme but Restia has returned to second place. 3rd is Ellis, 4th is Leonora, 5th and 6th are Rubia and Claire respectively, giving a kind of Elstein sisters combo impression.

—Well then, the Blade Dance festival arc finally draws to an end in the next volume. Let us meet again in the in the eleventh installment, "Elemental Lord Assassination (tentative)", when the truth of what happened three years ago will be revealed!

Shimizu Yuu, January 2013

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

STnBD V10 262-263.jpg

Welcome and welcome back, I am Sakura Hanpen!

A dual character cover! The dual spirit combo cover.

To be honest, trying to draw two people on the cover with the same dimensions really gave me a hard time figuring out... So difficult.

I must work even harder, that was what I felt strongly in this volume.

Also, we finally see it! Kamito's dual wielding!

Thinking far back to when Restia first appeared, I was speculating the possibility of Restia dying → Est awakening... (stares into the distance)

Because I personally like matching black with white, I like these two characters very much, drawing them together was very enjoyable.

And now I really want to see Volume 11 as soon as possible...

Besides, because of these two taking up space I must stop here...

So let us meet again next volume!

2013 XX 桜はんぺん