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Chapter 4 - Convergence[edit]

Part 1[edit]

After Kamito and the girls entered the Water Elemental Shrine, roughly an hour went by.

Having concluded the Darkness Kagura ritual, the young ladies and Kamito were sleeping on the same bed, snoring away. This was their last chance to rest before the final battle at the Holy Capital.

Kamito carefully sat up to avoid disturbing the girls.

Once again, his entire body was filled with the divine power of darkness that he had depleted at one point during the Darkness Kagura ritual. Evidently, the Darkness Elemental Lord's divine power was practically inexhaustible.

Taking his eyes off the girls in their underwear, Kamito changed into fresh clothing.

"...Mm, Kamito, you're such a lecher..."

Just then, Claire tossed and turned on the bed.

"D-Don't... keep playing with boobs, sheesh..."

...She seemed to be talking in her sleep. What the heck was she seeing in her dream?

(Say, I've done such crazy things to them...)

He felt his back break out in cold sweat.

In fact, Kamito had lost consciousness halfway through the ritual. His memories were still hazy.

However, the sensation of tender skin still lingered vividly on his fingertips. Also, his body was covered with marks from bites and licks.

"—to, hey, Kamito."


Hearing a voice calling to him from behind, Kamito turned his head back forcefully.

The one calling him was Restia with her jet-black wings outspread, landing lightly on the bed.


"Shush, you'll wake them up."

Seeing Kamito cry out, Restia placed her index finger on his lips and spoke softly.

Glaring at Kamito, she looked a little displeased.

"As expected of the Demon King of the Night. I can't believed you took care of everyone at the same time."

"...! The ritual required it, to share divine power to them..."

"Yes, it was required by the ritual, but I think you went a bit too far when you did it to them to the point of losing consciousness."

"Losing consciousness... I did that?"

Kamito looked at the girls sleeping on the bed.

STnBD V20 BW04.jpg

"Sure enough, you don't remember. My goodness, towards the end, I was mulling over whether to stop you."

"...Uh, what did I do?"

"N-Never mind, if you don't remember. Sheesh."

Restia blushed in a rare moment and looked away.

"Kamito is the Abysmal Demon King of the Night."

Just then, Est spoke from her sword form that was leaning against the wall.

"Abysmal Demon King of the Night!? W-What the heck happened!?"



"Looks like it was too much of a shock for Miss Sword Spirit."

Oh dear, Restia shrugged in exasperation.

...How far did he go exactly? Kamito became more and more curious.

"By the way, it's time to wake up Miss Hell Cat and the others."

Restia pinched the sleeping Claire's cheek.

"...Uwah... Kamito... Don't, ah..."

"No, everyone's tired, let them rest a bit longer—"

"I'd like to do that too, but that's not possible."

No sooner had she spoken, ripples appeared on the water covering the floor. Cracks appeared on the Water Elemental Shrine's giant mirror.


"What is going on?"

With this, the sleeping young ladies woke up in alarm.

Restia looked up at the ceiling and said:

"The enemy has found us."

Part 2[edit]

Teleporting back from the Water Elemental Shrine, Kamito and his companions returned to the hall they had last gathered.

The four Queens were already sitting at the table.

"It appears that the Darkness Kagura ritual was a success."


Hearing Iseria's comment, Claire and the girls blushed.

However, they soon regained composure.

"Speaking of which, how is the situation?"

"Hmm, it leaves little room for optimism."

Saying that, Iseria waved her hand towards the water sphere on the table.

Seeing the image of the outside world reflected on the surface, Claire gasped.

"We're surrounded..."

Riding Pegasi, second-generation flying militarized spirits, knights were encircling the gigantic body of the white whale that swam through the air as though it were an ocean.

The silver-white armor shining and glittering, paired with crimson capes, were symbols of the Sacred Spirit Knights, elite troops of the Holy Kingdom.

"The Dire Whale is not enough to resist them on its own."

Iseria said.

"Can't we escape?"

"It will be very difficult."

Claire's suggestion of retreat was met with Ellis shaking her head.

"The Holy Kingdom's main force of flying militarized spirits far surpass the speed of the Empire's flying ships. Once caught up, they cannot be shaken off by this spirit's flying speed."

After all, Ellis hailed from a family with a long military tradition and was very familiar with all kinds of military intelligence from all nations across the continent. If she asserted so, then there was no way to retreat.

Well-coordinated, eight spirit knights were circling deftly in the air, gradually approaching the white whale, tossing their elemental waffe holy spears like fishing harpoons.


The gigantic white whale roared in pain, struggling violently.

"This is horrible. I feel so much pity for Mr. Whale!"

Rinslet spoke with anger.

"Can't we counterattack?"

Seeing that, Claire asked Iseria.

"Just as you can see, the Dire Whale is a spirit with a gentle personality."

"...! At this rate, we are only waiting to be shot down. I shall strike back."

Ellis picked up her elemental waffe spear and prepared to sortie.

"Wait, going alone is too dangerous!"

Fianna hastily grabbed her arm to stop her.

"But I am the only one able to use flight magic... Kyah!"

The floor of the hall tilted greatly.

The Sacred Spirit Knights' attacks had torn the white whale's pectoral fin.


Ellis cried out and stumbled. Kamito hastily caught her.

"Oh, Kamito..."

"...! This is bad, it appears that we are really going to crash!"

"—A crisis right off the bat..."

The four Queens were huddled together, trembling.

Just then...

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

A series of explosions were heard.


"...I-Is that cannon fire?"

Claire stared at the water sphere.

The artillery seemed to aiming at the Sacred Spirit Knights rather than the Dire Whale. A couple of spirit knights mounted on Pegasi were unfortunately caught in the blasts and crashed to the ground.

"...Such accurate artillery shots. Who on earth could it be—"

The answer soon emerged.

A gigantic military ship broke through the pure white clouds, sailing through the sky.

On the side of the military ship were countless cannons.

The silhouette of that ship, all covered with steel armor with a sharp battering ram—

"—The Revenant!"

"Why is the Revenant here?"

Kamito whispered in surprise.

As the symbol of Legitimate Ordesia, the ship should be moored at the imperial capital.

'—Lad, can you... hear me...?'


Suddenly, the water sphere showed a new image, a face extremely familiar to Kamito.



The face belonged to the Witch of the present, no longer in her prime.

'Muir is here too! Can you see, Onii-sama?'

His adorable adopted sister's twintails jumped energetically in a corner of the image.

"And Muir... Why are you all here!?"

'—We shall explain later. Evacuate to this ship first.'

"Easy for you to say..."

The Revenant was located directly below the Dire Whale.

(...Don't tell me she wants us to jump onto the deck?)

Not that he could not do it, but it would be highly challenging to do so while protecting the four Queens at the same time.

If they were attacked by enemies during the descent, all would be lost.

'—I shall open a Gate right away. Be patient.'

Saying that, Greyworth began to chant void spirit magic, her specialty.

Next, a pitch-black shadow appeared beneath Kamito and company.

'—The Gate will not hold for long. Hurry.'

The hall in the Dire Whale shook again.

Kamito and company exchanged a glance then immediately jumped into the shadow.

Part 3[edit]

After experiencing a dazzling sense of floating...

Kamito slowly opened his eyes, only to find himself standing on solid floor.

It was the familiar deck of the flying ship, the Revenant.

Cannon fire kept thundering, shaking eardrums.

He looked around him and noticed that Claire and the others, who had jumped into the shadow before him, were fallen on the floor.

They probably jumped too hastily and failed their landing.

"Hmm, it really was in the nick of time—"


Kamito looked back to see Greyworth standing, arm crossed, dressed in a suit.

"—Looks like the Queens are safe. I am glad we made it in time."

Saying that, she turned her gaze towards the four Queens sitting collapsed on the floor.

"Dame Greyworth, I never expected to meet you here—"

Faced with the legendary Dusk Witch, Reicha and the rest all acted with reverence.

"Explain to me, old lady. Why is the Revenant here?"

"Because we received a report that you had gone to Astral Zero. Never did I expect you would try to invade the Holy Capital—"

"...I see. Anyway, looks like we lucked out. Thanks."

Hearing Kamito's thanks, Greyworth went hmph and looked away.

"This ship's exterior is different from the Revenant before."

Standing up, Claire raised a question.

Indeed, Kamito remembered the ship was not equipped with such powerful weaponry.

"Yes, the ship is currently merged with Velsaria Eva's Fortress."

In response, Greyworth answered nonchalantly.

"You can do that!?"

"It's military technology first developed during the Ranbal War. Vivian Melosa apparently stole Murder's research results from after the war."

"So this ship's weaponry is essentially my esteemed sister's elemental waffe?"

Ellis looked astonished.

"Rather than weaponry, it would be better to say that the entire ship is under Velsaria Eva's control. She has connected to the drive reactor's spirit crystal, thereby controlling the Revenant."

"...I see."

Just then—


An adorable voice was heard as a tiny girl ran up to the deck.

It was Kamito's adopted little sister, Muir Alenstarl.

Without slowing down at all, she threw herself headlong into Kamito's bosom, rubbing her face against him.

"Sheesh, Onii-sama, how dare you leave Muir behind and run off!"

"Sorry for making you worry, Muir."

Kamito smiled wryly and stroked his adopted sister's ash-gray hair.

"Hwa, Onii-sama..."

Leaning against Kamito's bosom, Muir kept rubbing her head against him. Next...

"Hmph... Onii-sama, you have other women's smell on you."


With eyes glaring straight at him, Kamito frantically averted eye contact.

Just at that very moment...

"Oh no, look at Mr. Whale!"

Rinslet pointed into the sky and wailed.

Dozens of Sacred Spirit Knights had surrounded the white whale, which crashed slowly in the forest of Astral Zero with a scattering of dots of light.

Despite the giant pectoral fin struggling to rise, it looked like the spirit no longer had the strength to take to the sky.

"Is there any way to help Mr. Whale?"

"Worry not. The Dire Whale is an ancient and powerful spirit. Although it may lose strength and become unable to manifest for a short period of time, it will not be erased permanently."

Seeing Rinslet about to cry, Iseria comforted her.

"Lad, who is this shorty?"

Greyworth raised an eyebrow, asking in surprise.


"Um, that child is the avatar of the great Water Elemental Lord, you know?"

"...W-What did you say?"

Even Greyworth was taken aback with surprise, widening her eyes.

"Given the emergency situation, I shall overlook this insolence for now."

"—Look, the enemy is coming."

Saying that, Claire pointed up.

Perhaps noticing that Kamito and his group had moved, the Sacred Spirit Knights were now targeting them again.

"Then I shall handle this!"

Suddenly, a giant shadow descended from above with a voice.


Kamito looked up, only to see Leonora emerge from the clouds, riding a flying dragon.

The wind blew up her skirt, offering an unrestricted view of her bare bottom.


Kamito hastily turned his gaze away.

Leonora looked down at Kamito from above and smiled.

"Kamito, your power seems to have increased again."

...Impressive as ever. She saw through right away.

"I really want to fight you."

"Any time you want, after we survive this."

"Yes, I know."

Leonora replied happily and vanished among the clouds again.

"Leave the vanguard to Leonora. We will break through from the front and enter the Holy Capital."

"Yeah, understood."

"Could the princess and the Queens construct a barrier, please?"

"Very well."

Hearing Greyworth's instruction, Fianna and Reicha nodded.

"Ellis and I will break through from the front.

"I will cover you. I will not let a single enemy through."

"Muir will go too."

"No, you're the trump card for taking care of the big ones."


Pulled back by Greyworth, Muir pouted unhappily.

"Ellis, can your Simorgh carry three people?"

"It is possible, but carrying three people will affect flying speed."

"I see, I was thinking I could join too—"

Claire shrugged with disappointment.

Claire's Flametongue was an elemental waffe for mid-range combat and thus unsuitable for providing support from the back. Unlike Rinslet's ice arrows, her specialty of flame spirit magic was an area-of-effect attack and difficult to target friend and foe separately, and thus unsuitable for chaotic skirmishes.

STnBD V20 BW05.jpg

Even though she had a spirit crystal for levitation, aerial combat would be too much of a stretch.


—Just then, a flaming silhouette emerged behind Claire.

"Scarlet... Ortlinde!?"

Claire cried out in surprise and turned her head back.

Standing behind her was the spirit weapon in the form of a young girl, with flames all over her body.

This was the hell cat's true identity, Ortlinde the Scarlet Valkyrie.

"S-Scarlet, what's going on? I clearly didn't release your true name...!"

"Through the ritual earlier, your divine power has taken a massive leap in power, Master. Thus, I am able to take this form on my own."

Ortlinde straightened her flaming tail and spoke.

"...I-I see."

Claire looked down at her own hand. Originally, releasing Scarlet's true name required spending a huge amount of divine power even for an elementalist of Claire's caliber—

(...Did I release her true name subconsciously?)

Evidently, the effects of that ancient ritual of Darkness Kagura really lived up to its reputation.

Or perhaps, the power Kamito inherited from the Darkness Elemental Lord was way too strong?

"At your current level of power, Master, you should be able to use the elemental waffe's second release."

"Second release!?"

"Could it be that it will allow her to fly?"

"—Yes, I will turn into the elemental waffe pictured in Master's thoughts."

Elemental waffen were weapons materialized from the soul form of elementalists. Although they were not identical to what one imagined, they did not differ too far either.

"G-Got it. Let me try."

Claire took a breath and faced Ortlinde with a nervous look.

It was like looking at a mirror. Two girls with crimson long hair brought their hands gently together.

—O guardian of crimson flames, watchman of the sleepless furnace!

—Turn into my ideal form according to the contract of blood!

Instantly, Ortlinde turned into fire and covered Claire's entire body.


Rinslet could not help but worry.

The flames surrounding Claire roared—


Everyone present was astonished.

Claire emerged, clad in shining crimson armor.

Like an avatar of flame, that appearance like a valkyrie's—

"Elemental waffe, second release—Einherjar!"

Flames spewed out from the back of the armor like a pair of outspread wings.

"You have obtained the power of flight, Master."

"Amazing, Scarlet!"

"No, it is your talent, Master, for bringing out my power as a spirit weapon."

Claire gently kicked against the floor and her body began to float up.

"Will you be able to get used to it?"

"I'll get used to it through actual combat."

Hearing Kamito's question, Claire nodded.

"I cannot lose either—Simorgh!"

Ellis summoned her demon wind spirit too.


With the gathering of particles of light, a gigantic sacred bird took form.

"...! Looks even more impressive than usual!"

"The feathers are giving off iridescent light!"

"There is a crown on his head."

Claire, Rinslet and Fianna widened their eyes in amazement.

The summoned Simorgh glowed with the light of divine power, displaying an appearance worthy of a sacred bird's.

Normally the terrifying face of a bird of prey, his face now looked stern and dignified, perhaps a matter of psychological effect?

"Simorgh, so this is your original form—"

Ellis stroked his bright feathers. Simorgh cooed in joy.

"Onii-sama, how did everyone become stronger?"

Muir looked suspiciously at Kamito.

"...! U-Umm...!"

Hearing that, Kamito instantly panicked. The girls also avoided eye contact.

"—Rinslet, allow me to lend you some power too."

Just then, Iseria Seaward clasped Rinslet's hand.


"Stay still, it will be over soon."

Iseria closed her eyes and gently kissed the back of Rinslet's left hand.

"I-Iseria-sama, isn't this a spirit contract!?"

Rinslet widened her eyes in shock.

In response, the Water Elemental Lord smiled—

In the next instant, she vanished into particles of light.

"...E-Excuse me, Iseria-sama?"

'I am here, Rinslet.'


Instantly, the ice rose seal on Rinslet's left hand glowed with blue light.

'I might as well stay here since I will be nothing more than a burden on the deck. In this state, Fenrir's power ought to be amplified greatly too.'

"An Elemental Lord personally came to this seal, this is too great an honor..."

Hearing Iseria's explanation, Rinslet seemed a bit troubled.

"There is no time. Let us set off for the Elemental Lord's shrine!"

"Yes, you are right—"

The Sacred Spirit Knights had entered formation and kept approaching from the front.

Kamito gathered divine power in the spirit seals of his left and right hands.

The ultimate sword spirit and darkness spirit. The two seals glowed.

"—This is the final battle."

Part 4[edit]

"—Target locked, over there."

On a side cliff of the shattered Ragna Ys—

The special agent of the Sacred Spirit Knights, Ayla Cedar, pointed to the clouds in the distant sky.

She was an expert in tracking and searching. Using traces of divine power left behind by elementalists, she was able to lock onto the positions of targets.

"—I see."

Hearing her subordinate's report, Luminaris Saint Leisched nodded and slowly drew out the sacred sword Murgleis from her waist.

The sword was giving off a mysterious glow.

Ren Ashbell was on the other end of the sky.

"Luminaris-sama, we too shall..."


Stopping her subordinates who wanted to accompany her, Luminaris shook her head.

"This is my stubborn decision. I shall go alone."

She turned around, her beautiful blonde hair billowing in the wind.

Residing in her blue eyes was powerful determination.

Paladin Luminaris—One of the Holy Kingdom's famous and powerful spirit knights.

Since childhood, she had been educated as a holy knight, to offer her to her home country.

Even if the Holy Lord wished to destroy the world, even after being abandoned by her country after failing her mission, she still remained loyal to the Holy Kingdom the whole time. However, during the Blade Dance, she had received the mission to capture the darkness spirit.

Hence, her wish for a rematch with her could not be realized.

(...Since the world is coming to an end, ultimately, I wish to settle things with that man.)

Neither for her family's honor nor for a knight's pride, nor for her country.

Purely out of her own wish, she wanted to blade dance against Ren Ashbell, the Strongest Blade Dancer.

Luminaris looked up at the gigantic Gate penetrating the sky.

"I failed to impress you during the Blade Dance tournament, but—"

With both hands, she raised up high the long sword shining with silver light.

"O Elemental Lords, I shall now offer to you my supreme blade dance."