Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume15 Chapter6

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Chapter 6 - The Seductive Leonora[edit]

Part 1[edit]

"What excellent flavor."

Leonora rapidly ate seven steaks and licked her lips with satisfaction.

"Wow, you're quite an eater..."

"The dragons of Kelbreth Mountain are able to swallow entire oxen effortlessly."

"But you're not a dragon..."

Kamito could not help but retort.

Leonora became embarrassed.

"Umm... Do you dislike girls who are big eaters?"

"No, it's not like that at all..."

Kamito found it a soothing sight to watch girls enjoying delicious food.

"Really...? Thank goodness."

Leonora was relieved.

"Then let us go for dessert next."

"You're still gonna eat!?"

"Didn't you know that desserts go in a separate stomach, Kamito?"

Leonora tilted her head slightly.

...It was rare for elementalists to be overweight. Presumably, controlling her dragon spirit required plenty of calories.

After that, they walked around randomly through the vendors along Dragon's Street. After trying out one of Dracunia's famous specialties, shaved ice made from meltwater, enjoying dragon buns that exploded with juices from a single bite, they went to watch dragon fights between ground dragons at a plaza.

"This is really tense..."

Watching dragon fights for the first time, Kamito could not help but praise in admiration.

"My ground dragon at home has emerged victorious in three dragon fighting tournaments."

Leonora said proudly.

"You keep ground dragons at home too huh..."

Preparing all the food must be quite a chore... Kamito thought to himself.

In the plaza's vicinity were many craft stores opened for attracting sightseeing tourists. Kamito went to one of them, intending to get presents for Restia who was waiting at the castle, as well as Claire and the others.

"This ornament made from a processed dragon horn is very popular, you know?"

"Won't the dragon be angry for getting its horn cut off?"

"Pretty much all horns are taken from dragons that had died in wars. Although there are many fakes too."

Leonora scrutinized the talismans and accessories on display at the shop seriously.

"Everything here should be real."

"I see. Then I'll buy this hairpin for you, Leonora."

Kamito picked up a dragon-shaped hairpin.

"A gift... for me!?"

"Yeah, think of it as thanks for showing me around town. Although it's nothing expensive..."

"Not at all, thank you very much."

Leonora accepted it carefully and replied with an intense blush.

"This is actually my first time receiving a gift from a man..."

For Restia as well as Est, who was currently in sword form, Kamito bought mini-pouches made from water dragon skin. For the girls training on Dragon's Peak, he got them amulets crafted from dragon scales, choosing the colors based on their respective preferences.

He decided he would bring Claire and Ellis along next time to learn about Rubia and Velsaria's preferences instead of buying the gifts right now. Velsaria aside, he had totally no idea what Rubia would like.

Finally, Kamito bought a pair of earrings made of dragon teeth. The incredible jade-like hue and luster was her favorite color.

(...Come to think of it, I've never given her a decent present before.)

When he was younger, Kamito had always been in a rebellious phase. Back then, he never thought about buying gifts for anyone around him.

The facility that had raised Kamito never taught him something this important.

The ones who had taught Kamito human emotions were Restia and—

(What she taught me was more than sword skills...)

Kamito looked down at his hands.

—Are you able to kill the Dusk Witch?

Rubia's words on the flying ship flashed through his mind.

Part 2[edit]

While they were hanging out in the plaza, the sun gradually set...

"It's time we got back to the castle. Restia will worry about us when she wakes up."

"I suppose you're right..."

Leonora said with slight disappointment.

"...Then to finish up, let us have a ride on that."


Leonora tugged Kamito's sleeve and pointed at the dusk sky.

Kamito looked up to see a group of flying dragons in the air, transporting giant boxes with windows. The boxes were decorated luxuriously. At first glance, they looked like fancy carriages except without wheels.

"What are those?"

"Dragondolas, a form of transportation used for aerial tours. It gives passengers an overlooking view of Dracunia's scenery. I recommend you try it once."

"Looks pretty fun, then let's have a go."

"Very well, I will take you to the boarding platform."

Leonora took Kamito's arm and walked over to the boarding platform for the Dragondolas.

While having Kamito wait at the entrance, Leonora started negotiating with the staff. During this time, Kamito looked at the Dragondolas with great interest.

Some of them imitated the shapes of dragons, some looked like temples for worshiping spirits, others had floors made of glass. Dragondolas truly came in all sorts of varieties.

Leonora returned after the negotiations.

"Can we get one?"

"Yes, the one we will ride is that Dragondola—"

Leonora pointed at the sky. At that moment, a Dragondola resembling a small castle slowly descended.

"That's quite an extravagant one..."

"Its design is based on an ancient castle in Ordesia."

Leonora opened the door of the descended Dragondola.


"This is..."

Seeing the interior, Kamito could not help but gulp.

First to enter his view was the large canopy bed set up in the middle of the room. Decorated with exquisite relief carvings, it was like the beds used by royals and aristocrats.

The walls were light pink with spirit crystals embedded for illumination. The ceiling even had a gigantic round mirror embedded.

"It's like a palace..."

Kamito commented.

"Yes, I selected the most luxurious royal room."

"Are you sure this is okay? It looks very expensive..."

"I am a princess of this nation after all. This is nothing at all. Besides, th-this is my first time, you know? Anything less would be unacceptable."

"Your first time? That's quite surprising..."

Kamito frowned.

"Is it very surprising? I regret that you gathered that impression."

Leonora went red and pouted.


Hmm, on further thought, since she can ride a dragon spirit, of course she doesn't need to use Dragondolas. There's nothing to be surprised about.

"Are you very experienced?"

"Oh no, it's my first time too..."

"I see... That is good to know."

For some reason, Leonora breathed a sigh of relief.

"However, there's no place to sit."

"Why not just sit here?"

Saying that, Leonora patted the bed.

"...Well, I guess."

Seeing Leonora sit apprehensively on the bed, Kamito took a seat on the edge.

(Urgh, I can't shake the weird feeling from sitting side by side on a bed like this...)

After they sat down for a while... The room began to shake intensely.

Two flying dragons were supporting the gondola and started spreading their wings to fly.

"It's shaking quite a lot..."

Kamito looked out the window a bit nervously.

"It starts out shaking quite a bit but soon stabilizes."

The Dragondola carrying them flew higher and higher.

"A-Are there any falls?"

"Don't worry, Dragondolas are much safer than horse-drawn carriages."

Just as Leonora said—

The shaking gradually lessened, turning into a comfortable rocking.

Looking out the window from the bed's edge, he could get a full view of Dracunia's streets tinted with the color of the sunset.

"I see, now this is quite spectacular."

Kamito praised in admiration.

"Yes, the overlooking view of the street from a Dragondola is very pretty after all."

"Isn't it your first time on a Dragondola?"

"...? No, I have ridden them many times—"

(...Then what did she mean by first time just now?)

Kamito frowned.

"Speaking of which, the first time I met you was in the sky too."

"Yes, that time... That was when you were trying to chop off my you-know-what."

Kamito nodded with a wry smile. It had happened during their journey to Ragna Ys, the competition venue for the Blade Dance. Leonora had boarded their flying ship and drew her sword against Kamito, trying to castrate him.

"Please erase that from your memory..."

Leonora looked away in embarrassment.

(...The Blade Dance. It feels so long ago now.)

Meeting Claire and the others at the Academy, Fianna's transfer, the battle against Velsaria—Kamito could not help but reminisce about his days fighting alongside his comrades in Team Scarlet.

Soon, the Dragondola reached the cloud layer and started to descend slowly. After the recent period of turbulent events, this was a rare moment of peace and relaxation.

"Thank you so much for today, Leonora. I had a really good time."

Kamito thanked Leonora sincerely.

"Really? I am very glad to hear that..."

Leonora smiled.

"Then it is time to begin—"


Kamito was puzzled.


What on earth—Just as Kamito was about to ask...

Leonora forcefully grabbed Kamito's shoulders and pushed him down on the bed.


Kamito frantically tried to get up—

(...I-I can't move?)

His arms were being held down tightly.

...Such powerful arm strength.

"...W-What are you trying to do!?"

Through that military uniform, her soft bosom was pressing against him, making Kamito flustered.

"Fufu, even if you surpass me in swordsmanship, I am still unbeatable in a pure contest of strength. After all, the princess maidens of the Lancaster family have Dragon Blood."

When she was using dragon attributes to enhance her body, even Kamito would be rendered helpless in such a situation. At the same time, the ceiling's lighting turned pink while the bed below also started rotating.

"W-What's going on!?"

Kamito was plunged into confusion. He could neither figure out why Leonora had suddenly assaulted him nor why this bed would suddenly start rotating...

—At that moment, Kamito suddenly realized something.

From the mirror on the ceiling, he could see Leonora's bottom, clad in pantyhose.

The skirt of her military uniform had already slid down to her thighs, thus showing him a full view of what ought to be underneath.

Kamito blushed red and turned his gaze away.

"So embarrassing..."

While Leonora was keeping Kamito pinned down like this, sweet breath escaped from her lips.

"What the heck do you want..."

"Kamito, you promised me at the imperial capital, didn't you? Anything I want—"

"Yeah... I definitely said that."

—Indeed, he had undoubtedly said that. Anything you want, as long as it's in my power.

Leonora began to strip shyly. She really was not wearing any underwear. Her massive bust became exposed.



"In that case... Let me have your baby."

Leonora whispered in Kamito's ear.

"What the heck are you talking about!?"

"Babies conceived in the sky are known as Dragon's Treasure, a very auspicious event."

Her sweet voice echoed in his ear.

"Or... Do you hate doing it with me?"

Leonora made a sad expression.

Could it be that the Dragon Blood in her body had started going out of control like during the Blade Dance? No, it did not seem like it.

Her eyes were black as usual.

"H-How did things turn out like this!? I am totally lost!"

"...I-I don't know either!"

Leonora cried out, her face red.

(Did her shame turn into anger!?)

Despite thinking that, Kamito did not say it aloud.

"W-Whenever I look at you, my heart pounds nonstop and I feel very weird. Ever since the first time we fought, it has been like this the whole time—"


Seeing her about to cry, Kamito could not help but close his mouth.

"All this time, I have been thinking about why this is happening. Every day, almost unable to sleep, always thinking about you... Now, I have finally figured it out—"

Leonora stared at Kamito.

"This is my instinct, stemming from the Dragon Blood I inherited, wishing to obtain your powerful seed!"

"Wait a sec, what's with that crazy leap of logic!?"

Kamito could not help but retort.

Back at the imperial capital, when she said that it would be troublesome if Kamito were to die, was she referring to this?

Although Kamito wanted to run away, Leonora's hands did not budge the slightest... Or rather, if he moved recklessly, his face would get buried in that bosom, which would be too dangerous, hence he did not dare to move at all.

"Give it up, Kamito. The dragons of Dracunia will do everything in their power to obtain what they want."

"C-Calm down! You're thinking too much like a dragon!"

Just as Kamito cried out like this—


Suddenly, he felt a searing pain on his leather-gloved left hand as though burned by fire.

"—Ah, gah..."


Noticing the change, Leonora relaxed her grip.

"...Urgh, ah... Guh... Urghh..."

"...W-What is going on?"

Seeing Kamito in pain, Leonora asked with concern.

However, Kamito could not even speak properly.

The searing pain felt as though a scorching brand was pressing on his body.

Amid this intense pain—

Kamito instantly realized a certain possibility.

(...Is Restia calling for me!?)

Part 3[edit]

"...Where is this?"

Surrounded by blinding light, just as she was about to lose consciousness—

Claire slowly opened her eyes.

This was not the altar at Dragon's Peak where Claire and her friends were at just now—

"No way... This place is..."

Claire could not help but widen her ruby-like eyes.

A flourishing forest. A magnificent stone castle built on a hill.

Claire was currently standing before the front gate of the Elstein castle that she knew so well.

Looking at the plains at the foot of the hill, she could see the duchy in prosperity. The wheat in the fields were bountiful while herds of cattle and horses roamed the plains. Looking towards the river, she saw a cottage with a water wheel grinding wheat while it turned.

In her childhood, Claire loved to watch this scenery from a window in the castle.

(...Why am I here?)

She looked around here. Ellis, Fianna and Rinslet, who were with her just now, could not be found anywhere.

Had they been teleported elsewhere?

A place for people to confront the value of their own existence—That was what the dark dragon Vritra had said.

(...But why show me all this?)

Claire went through the castle gate and stepped into the garden.

Inside the castle, nearby residents were preparing for a grand festival. In the center of the garden was a large number of wine barrels. A grill prepared for roasting meat was also lit already.

Seeing this scene—

(...It's that day.)

Claire remembered.

On that day, the young Claire had played with Scarlet while enjoying the banquet that started in the evening.

On that day, everyone firmly believed that it would be a peaceful day as always.

That they would continue to lead stable lives—

"...Oh no... Everyone, hurry and run!"

Claire cried out.

However, no one could hear Claire's voice. None of the people present noticed Claire's existence.

"...Why? ...Why show me this!?"

At that moment, the sky changed dramatically.

Rather than the color of the setting sun, they were crimson flames for incinerating everything to oblivion—

Next, a rainstorm of fire began to fall.

The scenery before her eyes was instantly surrounded by flames and burned to oblivion.

"Stop it! Stop it, why does this have to happen!?"

At that moment—

"—These are the consequences of which I am responsible."


Hearing the familiar voice, Claire looked back forcefully.

Over there was her elder sister, standing like a ghost with fluttering long red hair.

Rubia Elstein—No, it was the masked Cardinal.

"...No, it wasn't your fault, Nee-sama—"

"Back then, I lacked the power to stop this tragedy. Had I possessed greater power at the time, I could have eliminated the Elemental Lords to prevent this tragedy—"

At that moment, a sword enveloped in crimson flames appeared in Rubia's hand.

Godslaying flames—the elemental waffe of the strongest flame spirit, Laevateinn.

"Nee-sama, don't—!"

Claire cried out desperately and blocked Rubia's path.

Those were the flames of revenge. They were the flames of destruction that were going to incinerate herself to oblivion.

"Move aside, Claire Rouge—"

Rubia made a thrust at Claire using Laevateinn.

"Absolutely not. I will stop your revenge right here, Nee-sama—!"

Claire chanted a summoning incantation and a flaming hellcat appeared at her feet.