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Chapter 7 - Great Festival's Eve[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Walking out of the office, Kamito parted ways with Ellis in the corridor.

"Well then, please come over here, Dame Lurie."

"See you later, Kamito-kun."

Lurie smiled faintly while Virrey silently turned on her heels.

"...Okay. I'll be returning to my room too."

Just as Kamito muttered...

"Hold on, Kamito."

Claire grabbed his wrist from behind.

"W-What's up?"

"Why is Ellis wearing such a terrible set of armor?"

"I can't believe you forced the captain to wear that kind of thing... S-Shameless!"

...These girls looked like they had a huge misunderstanding.

"...Umm, that's apparently the uniform the Knights are wearing for the Great Festival of the Spirits."


Claire's eyes were opened so wide that they were round.

"...N-No way, wearing such radical clothing out on the streets?"

"It's almost like underwear."

"...Yeah, I found it strange too."

Kamito scratched his head in embarrassment.


"The captain, how pitiful."

After learning of the story, the two girls showed pity in their eyes.

"By the way, what's with the getup, you two?"

Kamito was also raising questions about the two girls' maid uniforms.

"Th-This is what we're wearing for the imitation shop!"

"I will be serving customers."

"I see..."

Speaking of which, they had mentioned this morning about Raven Class running a maid cafe imitation shop.

That was apparently where these clothes came from.

"Kamito, you have no more duties today for the Knights, right?"

Suddenly, Claire put her hand at her waist and asked.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Then head over there to help."

"...Got it."

Kamito shrugged and agreed.

Passing through the courtyard to reach the secondary block, they then climbed up ancient wooden steps.

The venue assigned to Raven Class was an empty classroom on the second floor.

A sign hung over the classroom's number plate.

Luna Forest—That was apparently the shop's name.

Opening the door, Kamito found himself in a carefully decorated shop space.

"This is quite proper."

"I know right."

Claire nodded with satisfaction. The tables and chairs were carved from wood. The pleasant grass-green wallpaper was apparently specially switched.

Kamito surveyed the classroom, deeply impressed.

"Claire, where did you go off to—Oh my, it's Kamito-kun?"

Suddenly, Kamito heard a voice he seemed to have heard before.

Turning around, he found a black-haired beauty dressed as a bunny-eared maid.

This was Her Highness the princess who had given him the killer cookie in the corridor yesterday.


Recalling the surreal taste of the cookie, Kamito could not help but groan.

"Ugh... What's that supposed to mean, Kamito-kun?"

"Oh, nothing..."

The princess pouted with displeasure. Seeing that, Kamito frantically waved his hands to cover up.

"Fianna, is the magic circle's construction going well?"

"It's basically complete. Now I'm just taking a break and checking out the situation on this side."

Saying that, Fianna turned her gaze back to Kamito—

"Kamito-kun, do you have shifts too?"

"No, I belong to the Sylphid Knights—"

Kamito shook his head, but...

"The festival only comes around once a year, Kamito, you should join in. You should have free time on the second day, right?"

Claire suggested.

"...However, there's nothing for boys to wear here, right?"

"Well, that's true too. Let's borrow a butler uniform from somewhere."

"On the other hand, I believe that it's fine without a butler uniform, yes?"


Fianna smiled impishly at Kamito.

"Uh, what's that..."

"Hmph, exactly what I mean, literally—"

Fianna snapped her fingers. Immediately, a crowd of girls from Raven Class appeared from inside the part of the room sectioned off by a curtain, surrounding Kamito.


"Very well, dress Kamito-kun up as a beautiful maid!"

"H-Hold on..."

"How interesting!" "P-Perhaps it will be surprisingly suited to him..." "Leave the make up to me!"

The girls of this class seemed a bit strange, showing great interest in Kamito.

"You two, s-s-save me—"

Kamito turned his gaze at Claire and Rinslet but...

"...Uh, don't worry. I think you'll look very good in it."

"Me too, uh... I actually want to see."

The two girls avoided eye contact at the same time.

"Okay, okay!" "Just count the stains on the wall and it'll be over." "Hurry hurry~"


The screams of Kamito resounded in the entire classroom after he was taken into the room.

...Several minutes later, changed into a maid's outfit, Kamito reappeared from behind the curtain.

A wig was placed on his head, combed neat and tidily. He even had light make up like a princess maiden.

On his head were cat ears ornaments just like Claire's.

(...H-How strange. Inexplicably, there's no sense of dissonance.)

Standing before the mirror, Kamito had this conclusion.

It was as though he was already used to this—

"...K-Kamito, so pretty!"

"...I-It suits you quite well!"

Claire and Rinslet could not help but exclaim.

"Kamito-kun, you can join the Beauties' Festival next time!"

Fianna clenched her fist while the girls in the class all nodded repeatedly.

"Y-You girls..."

Kamito groaned in his throat—

"...Kazehaya Kamito, I never knew you had this kind of fetish."

At this moment, there was a surprised sounding voice.


Changed into her Knights of Ordesia uniform, she was Virrey Branford.

Her eyes of amethyst glared sharply at Kamito.

"N-No, you're wrong! Don't get the wrong idea!"

Kamito shouted frantically but Virrey did not change her cold expression.

"This pervert."

"Who is that person?" "She's not a student here. She must be one of the Empire's spirit knights."

The girls in the classroom began to chatter.

The majority of elementalists looked up to the spirit knights.

But it looked like no one realized she was one of the Numbers.

Virrey sat down at a nearby table.

"I can order tea and cake, right?"

"Y-Yes. Pleased to be of service."

One girl happily nodded but—

"No—Kamito, you prepare the tea."

...He was named.

"I'm not a noble, so I'm a total amateur at brewing tea."

Kamito grumbled with his eyes half closed.

"Doesn't matter. I'm not particular either."

"...Sigh. Got it."

Sighing, Kamito boiled water in the kitchen and started to brew tea.

Although the tea leaves were arbitrarily picked from the dozens of jars, all of them were probably high class stuff no matter which he picked. The rather classy fragrance went straight into his nose. While the tea was steaming, Kamito took the best-looking roll cake nearby, cut a neat slice and placed it on a plate.

Clearly with no memory of it, for some reason, he knew how to brew tea.

This was a skill unneeded at the Instructional School... Who on earth taught him?

(...Did I actually work as a maid before?)

Kamito was getting more and more confounded by what kind of person Kazehaya Kamito was before losing his memory.

Virrey Branford sipped a mouthful of tea, then...

"...You pass. Perhaps you are quite suited as a maid."

"You are too kind."

Kamito shrugged and sat down opposite to Virrey. Getting unrelated girls caught up just for testing Kamito's abilities, this fact made Kamito feel that he could not get along with this member of the Numbers.

"What about you, why do you talk like a man?"

Hearing him, she quietly put down the cup of tea.

"Special operative knights' chief duties consist of espionage activities in other countries. Cross-dressing offers many conveniences. Since male elementalists do not exist in principle, it eliminates the worry of being exposed as an elementalist."

"...I see. You've already experienced many hellish battlefields by this age."

"This has nothing to do with age. The same goes for you, right?"

She glared sharply at Kamito, then cut a piece of the roll cake and brought it to her mouth.

In the next instant, Virrey's face suddenly went livid.

"...C-Cough... W-What is this... Is it poisoned!?"

She lay on the table, her arms convulsing nonstop.

"...How could it be poisoned—Ah!"

Kamito suddenly realized.

Claire and Rinslet were silently pointing at Fianna.

It looked like the piece of roll cake came from the hand of Her Highness the imperial princess.

...Because it looked the best, I took it out without thinking.


"Urghhh... You bastard, it is poisoned after all... Underhanded... villain..."

Holding her belly, Virrey stood up unsteadily.

"...I, shall, excuse myself."

"H-Hey, are you okay?"

Just as Kamito went up to help her...

"Kazehaya Kamito. My true mission is to observe and see what kind of person you are."

She whispered in his ear.


"Hypothetically, if you were the Demon King leading the world towards destruction—"

—I will mercilessly kill you when the time comes.

Part 2[edit]

—In this manner, they busied themselves with the Raven Class's interior decorations until night had fallen.

Kamito and Ellis went to the Spirit Forest together.

"Sorry Ellis for needing you to help lead the way."

"Pay it no heed. This is part of the discipline committee's duties."

She was leading him to the ritual purification site used by princess maidens. The spring water here apparently had fatigue recovering effects and was useful even for the Empire's knights. Of course, this was originally a place where males were forbidden. After Ellis had a discussion with Greyworth, Kamito was authorized to use it during late night.

Having reached the spring, Ellis handed a fire spirit crystal to Kamito.

The mineral had a salamander-shaped fire spirit sealed inside.

"Just activate this mineral then put it in the water. The water is a bit cold at night."

"Oh okay, thanks."

"W-Were it not for the rules, I would enter together with you..."


"N-Nothing! D-Do not be late for the morning meeting tomorrow!"

Ellis shook her head to cover up then flew across the sky to the other end.

"...She seems quite busy."

Kamito took off his uniform and soaked himself in the spring with only a pair of shorts.

...So cold. Taking Ellis's suggestion, Kamito injected divine power into the fire spirit crystal.

Glowing red, the spirit crystal released heat in the water.

"Wow, this really is convenient—"

The water temperature rose slowly, then steam resulted. It was almost the same as a hot spring.

Kamito looked up at the night sky and exhaled, sighing.

"...So much happened today."

Why was Kamito's contracted spirit sealed away?

Did it have some connection to why his memory was lost?

Then there was what Virrey Branford had said.

(...I am the Demon King leading the world towards destruction?)

Why did she say something like that—?

...Splash. Suddenly, he heard sounds of water from behind.


Looking back, he found a figure standing at a bush.

"—Who is it?"

Releasing killing intent, Kamito asked.

...Ordinary students were not supposed to go out during such hours.

"Wait, Kamito-kun, it's me."

"...This voice. You're Lurie Lizaldia?"

The figure nodded.

"...S-Sorry. I'll come out right away!"

Kamito frantically tried to stand up.

Speaking of which, she was wearing glasses. Perhaps in the darkness of the night, she failed to notice that Kamito had entered this place. After all, it was a ritual purification site supposed to be used exclusively by princess maidens.

"Oh, it's fine if you stay there. I came to see you, Kamito-kun."

"...See me?"

"Yes, didn't I mention last time? You need regular treatment."

As soon as she spoke, on the other side of the rising steam, Lurie's vestments fell to the ground all at once.


Before Kamito could make a sound, she had already entered the spring.

Wet, sleek, black hair. Delicate and smooth skin. Kamito had not noticed when she was dressed in her vestments, but her figure was actually quite good.

Her seductive bosom, quite impressive in volume, was swaying before Kamito's eyes.

"...I-If it's treatment, surely in a room—"

"Isn't it easier to relax here? Besides, it also helps strengthen my powers."

Yeah right, relaxing in such conditions—

Kamito intended to retort but his convulsing throat could not make a sound.

"W-Why naked?"

"Oh dear, you haven't heard from Greyworth-sama? Yours is an unusual constitution where magical effects are difficult to transmit to you without direct skin contact. Fianna-sama does this usually as well, I expect—"

"...T-To think I've done that kind of thing before!?"

Kamito was shocked by his own experiences.

(...I-I can't believe I did that with a proper princess!)

Lurie pressed her chest against Kamito's arm.

"Okay, relax."

Finally giving up, Kamito sat down obediently. Then sacred light appeared from Lurie's hand and faintly illuminated the surroundings. Then like that, she placed her hand over Kamito's heart.

"...Your heart is pounding."

"Th-That goes without saying!"

Face red, Kamito looked away to the other side.

Lurie chuckled and whispered in his ear.

"...Close your eyes and take a deep breath."

Feeling his body filled with warm light, Kamito nodded.

"—So, first question. Girls with large busts or small busts, which do you prefer?"

"...Does this have anything to do with my memory?"

"No, I'm just curious."

"...I'm begging you. Please be more serious."

Kamito closed his eyes and groaned.

"...Well then, I'll ask seriously. After obtaining victory at the Blade Dance, you lost your memory at the Elemental Lords' sanctuary. Do you still remember anything about what happened there?"

"The sanctuary of the Elemental Lords... No, I remember nothing at all..."

...Throb. Kamito felt a slight headache.

"Different question. What is your contracted spirit like?"

"My... contracted spirit... is..."

...Throb. Throb.

Beneath his eyelids, something flashing with silver-white luster inexplicably appeared.

"Silver-white hair... A very pretty girl... It feels something like that..."

"Looks like that's the Demon Slayer. What about your left hand's spirit?"

"...Left hand?"

...Throb. Throb. Throb. Throb.

"Ugh... Guh... Ahh..."

Spirit. Left hand's—Black wings, her heart—I, using this sword—

"—Kamito-kun, you, what did you see in the elemental lords' sanctuary?"


Kamito howled from the depths of his throat.

Lurie's body was sent flying.

"Huff, huff, huff, huff, huff..."

Kamito collapsed again, on the water surface.

"Sorry. This, what a mess."

"...Let's call it a day here."

Lurie shook her head and stood up.

...Imperceptibly, the spring water had gone cold already.

Part 3[edit]

Returning to the room, Kamito found Claire still awake in bed.

Under the light provided by a spirit crystal's flame, she was reading a book zealously.

"Claire, what are you reading?"


Dressed in pajamas, Claire closed the book in a panic upon hearing his voice.

"...Th-This is preparation for tomorrow. A reference book about playing a maid's role."

"I see. As expected of the honors student."

Although the book's title, "Tale of the Maid of the Night" entered his view, Kamito did not take any particular note of it.

Because he could not tear his eyes away from Claire's appearance.

Normally, tied up on the sides of her head, her crimson hair was now let down.

Probably having just taken a bath, her hair was still a little moist.

"...What's the matter?"

Claire asked in puzzlement.

"No, it's just the sight of your hair untied..."

"Oh okay. Like this, it's easy to mix me up with Nee-sama."

Using her fingers as a comb, Claire straightened her hair.

"Kamito, do you like this hairstyle?"

"...Well, I think the twintails suit you very well too."

Kamito turned his face away to hide his embarrassment.

"I-I see..."

Hearing that, Claire whispered quite happily.

"Kamito, do you have any plans for tomorrow?"

"The morning is with Ellis patrolling the Academy town."

"...Hmm. F-Fine. After the patrol duty is over, come with me to take a tour."

"I don't need to help out the class?"

"You still want to dress up as a maid?"


Kamito shook his head.

At this moment, Claire extended her little finger—

"Agreed? Tour the Great Festival of the Spirits with me tomorrow. It's a promise."



She hooked hers and Kamito's little finger together.

Suddenly, her gaze fell upon the spirit seal on his right hand.

"Hey, Kamito—"


"Kamito, do you really wish to recover your memory?"

Faced with Claire, gazing sincerely—

"...I'm not sure."

Kamito answered thus.

Part 4[edit]

"—Fufu, beloved children. I can feel you stirring in excitement."

Under the moonlight, golden hair was fluttering in the wind of the night.

Within the flourishing forest stretching outside the palace, a girl in vestments smiled tenderly.

Millennia Sanctus—the cardinal from the Holy Kingdom of Lugia.

In her hand, she was holding a necklace, a rusted sword, a silver bracelet and four rings.

These were all ornaments from royalty of antiquity. These Artifacts each sealed within them a tuned militarized spirit.

Inside were spirits for assaulting strongholds, originally requiring a high level of skill to use. Also present were forsaken spirits that were impossible to control and deemed unsuitable for military use.

The girl's finger slid across a knife's blade.

Immediately, darkness flowed out from her finger tip and through the blade, corrupting all of the artifacts.

"—O True Darkness. Spill out and corrupt the insane, beloved children."

Flowing out endlessly, the darkness dripped to the girl's feet, forming a pool of blood.

Watching the scene with one eye, the girl—

"Fu, fufu, fu—"

She could not help but smile.

Part 5[edit]

With a campfire lighting up the darkness, a figure appeared next to the stone circle.

There were no other active presences in the surroundings. The twelve princess maidens constructing the Gate for inviting the spirits to the Academy as well as the supervising knights were all collapsed on the ground, unconscious.

Fianna Ray Ordesia was not among them. At this moment, she was sleeping at the secondary block. The fact of her absence had been confirmed beforehand.

Had an outstanding princess maiden like her been present, things would have been a bit troublesome.

The figure touched the giant magic circle that was traced on the ground.

Although the rejection reaction of protective magic caused sparks, that merely lasted but an instant. Soon, the defenses were broken through and the activation spell, composed of spirit language, was gradually rewritten—

By dawn, these girls would have forgotten everything.

As though nothing had happened at all.