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Chapter 5 - Water Play[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The sun beamed down gently into the forest.

The rich colors flitting about in the air.

Colorful fruits adorned the branches of the densely growing trees.

It was the lake beside the castle.

Because of the spirits floating near the lake shore, this lake granted high purity. It was a place of the highest quality for a princess maiden's purification.

"Claire and the others aren't here yet......"

Kamito, who had just arrived, surveyed the area.

His top half was naked. On his bottom half, he wore trunks. Of course, he had removed the leather glove on his left hand, but he wrapped the seal underneath with a black cloth.

"Being the first one here makes it look like I'm really excited and that's embarrassing."

While scratching his head, he complained and–

"Kamito-kun, sorry to keep you waiting!"



Being suddenly hugged from behind, Kamito unconsciously yelped.


Surprised, he turned around–

And there stood the cute princess wearing a bold black swimsuit.

"Does it suit me?"


Fianna's swimsuit was an adult-like bikini. Wrapped around her supple hips was a low-leg pantie. A black ribbon adorned her chest. The frills wrapped around her thighs coupled with the garter looked erotic. The triangular cloth covering her breasts was very suggestive and seemed about to spill over.

"A queen shouldn't be that immodest!"

"Fufu, Kamito-kun got angry ♪"

Fianna stuck out her tongue in a cute manner and released his arm.


Kamito's heart throbbed at those enchanting words.

"That's right. Kamito-kun, should I show you my spirit seal?"


Fianna bent over and–

Allowed him to gaze at her breasts within the gap of her bold swimsuit.

Kamito swallowed hard.

"Look, it's right here. On the inside......"

While teasing him with her bold actions, her face was lightly tinted red.

Despite wearing a mature swimsuit, she was still a pure young lady.

The soft cleavage that, even now, urged him to bury his face in it.

Just as he glanced the spirit seal carved within–

"Fianna-san, wh-what are you doing!"

From the small path within the forest ran the swimsuit-clad Rinslet.

It was a proper-looking swimsuit suited to a well-bred young lady, but it emphasized her breasts' volume. The legs peeking out from under her pareo were so beautiful that Kamito froze in fascination.

"Ka-Kamito-san, how is my swimsuit?"

"......Y-Yeah, it really suits you."

Kamito spoke his true thoughts and Rinslet blushed.

"Y-You really......think so? I-I don't like being flattered."

"It's not flattery. You're really, um......beautiful."


Rinslet reddened right up to her ears.

And fell over just like that.

"S-Sorry for making you wait!"

And now came a rigid voice.

The one who emerged from the same path as Rinslet was the knight captain, Ellis.

She was wearing a sporty navy blue swimsuit with a stress on practicality. It was plain compared to Fianna and Rinslet's, but the gap between her armored state and the current one emphasizing her body line was dangerous.

He was rooted to the spot.

"Ka-Kamito, don't look here, look over there!"


Kamito quickly averted his gaze and––

Ellis cleared her throat.

"......N-No, I mean it's fine to look?"

"Which one is it......"

"Sh-Shut up! Besides, you probably just thought it's a boring swimsuit!"

"Nobody said that."

Kamito tiredly sighed.

"......I should've worn a more erotic swimsuit."


It felt like the knight captain had just said something amazing but–

"You look very beautiful in your swimsuit."


Exclaimed Ellis, her amber eyes widening.

"I thought it suited the serious Ellis."


Ellis tightened her arm to her chest and blushed.

"The only ones left are Claire and Est–"

Kamito muttered and,



At the voice he'd grown accustomed to, he turned around – Claire stood there.


From behind a large tree, twintails were poking out.

"You, what are you doing?"


Claire stayed hidden behind the tree.

"Did your swimsuit's string get cut by any chance?"

"Th-That's not it!"

The twintails stood on end.

"Then why aren't you coming out?"

"B-Because it's......embarrassing."

"Embarrassing, you say......everybody's also in a swimsuit."

"That's true but......o-okay."

Claire resigned herself and timidly came out.

At that moment–

Kamito's breath stopped.

Claire was wearing a pure red bikini. Though it was a plain and simple design, it actually accentuated her beauty. The panties held with string wrapped the smooth skin and her thighs had a thin line from her leather whip.

It was painful to admit, but she was insanely cute.

Honestly, he didn't understand why she was embarrassed.


"D-Don't say anything, since I'm just......"

When he saw her timidly hiding her chest with both hands–

Kamito realized the reason.

Claire was concerned about her small breasts.


Kamito made a wry smile and placed his hand on the embarrassed Claire's head.


"Listen, okay? These are my true thoughts. I won't say it again."

"Wh-What is it......!"

"You're cute, Claire."

"Fuaaa, i-idiot, what are you saying!"

Hit, hit, hit.

Claire hit his shoulder with a beet-red face.

Part 2[edit]

"This time the knight captain is the demon!"

"I won't lose in swimming."

"Ellis, you can't use your wind armor."

The lovely voices echoing within the forest. Glistening water droplets.

Breasts that shook in tango with the rest of the body met the eyes.

The swimsuit-clad beauties frolicked in the lake.

......No matter how you look at it, there's no feeling of this being a purification ceremony.

(Well, it's important to relax as well......)

Kamito stretched out on the lake shore.

He couldn't play with the girls because he'd be constantly distracted, so he took to sunbathing. The girls seemed dissatisfied, but perhaps because they had heavy-handedly forced him to come, they let him go.

Beside him, Est was kneeling while licking a popsicle.

Her snow fairy-like body was covered by a navy blue academy-issued swimsuit.

Her smooth milky skin and smooth silvery white hair.

On both of her legs were knee-high socks.

Est had the sort of appearance that maniacs would like, wearing both a swimsuit and knee-high socks.

There wasn't much skin showing, but for some reason, it felt like it crossed even more lines than being fully nude.

"Est, you're not going to play with everyone?"

"It would be embarrassing to be barefooted."

Est replied expressionlessly.

"Besides, I can't swim."

"Ahh, I see......"

Est was a sword spirit so she couldn't float.

No matter how strong of a spirit she was, she couldn't cast off her basic metal attribute.

(......Come to think of it, it was also near a lake that I made the contract with Est.)

While gazing at Est's side profile, Kamito thought that.

Demon Slayer – Terminus Est.

A legendary sealed holy sword spirit. It was a mystery why a sword of her caliber had chosen Kamito.

–He still had no idea.

Besides, Est had many other secrets as well.

"Hey, Est–"


Est turned towards him while licking the popsicle.

"Are you really the holy sword that defeated the Demon King?"

The legend of the Demon Slayer remained everywhere on the continent.

Est was undoubtedly an unrivaled sword, but there was no way she was the real one – that's what he thought.

(But if she really is......)

The power that had destroyed the Cursed Armament Seal on Velsaria's heart two weeks ago.

That was not the ability of a regular sword spirit.

In the legend of the Demon Slayer, the holy sword was also said to have destroyed the spirit seals for all seventy-two of the Demon King's contracts.

"I'm sorry, Kamito."

But Est silently shook her head.

"My memories are incomplete right now. If I regained my true body, my memories should return with my full power."

"No, I should be the one to apologize. Sorry."

Because Kamito clung to his contract with Restia, the contract with Est remained incomplete. Est could not display her true power.

"No, Kamito."

STnBD V04 121.jpg

Est brought the popsicle away from her lips and gazed at Kamito with her mysterious eyes.

And then–

"I'm glad I contracted with you."


For a moment, the fleeting expression on Est's face made his heart race.



Platinum blonde hair sparkled in the sunlight.

At some point in time, the swimsuit-clad Rinslet had stood beside him.

"Don't surprise me like that......"

"No, that is, sorry......"

Kamito apologized to the pouting Rinslet.

"What's wrong, Rinslet, you're not going to swim with everyone else?"

At his words, Rinslet squirmed a bit and her face reddened.

"I c-can't, that is......I can't swim very well."

"Is that so?"

That was unexpected. That the perfect Rinslet would have that kind of weak point.

"Hmm? Even though you were playing tag in the water normally just now?"

"Th-That was......umm, it was a little trick."


Rinslet nodded timidly and stuck out her finger.

A freezing atmosphere gathered and from thin air appeared a white wolf.

The demon ice spirit Fenrir.

"I was riding on this child's back while in the water."

"......I see."

Upon imagining the white wolf elegantly running around under the water surface with all its might, Kamito wryly smiled.

"Y-You just laughed, didn't you! That's horrible!"


"And so, umm......"

And Rinslet's cheeks became even redder.

"I'd like to ask a favor of you, Kamito-san."

"A favor?"

"Umm, that is, my......"

And then Rinslet became inarticulate.


It was at times like these that her maid would translate for him–

Kamito looked around and found the hiding figure of Carol.

......He had been thinking for a while now that he hadn't seen her, but she was hiding this entire time.

She was moving her lips and appeared to be saying something–

Kamito used the lip-reading ability he had been trained in at the institute.

(Milady, do your best – was it......what did that mean?)

Waiting for a little while like that–


Rinslet yelled out and seemed to have found her resolve.

Sweeping her platinum blonde hair up and pointing at Kamito–

"I-I shall allow you to teach me how to swim!"

......I see, thought Kamito with a wry smile.

(......As always, she's a lady that just can't be honest.)

But if you got used to it, those points about her also became cute.

"Est, I'm going to swim with Rinslet for a bit."

"Yes, Kamito......"

Est pouted a little sadly.

Part 3[edit]

"Ka-Kamito-san, please don't let go......"

"Yeah, it's fine. Spread out your body more."

Splash. The sound of water echoed near the shore.

A little bit away from where everyone was playing, in the shadow of a rock, Kamito was teaching Rinslet how to swim.

It seemed she didn't want the others to know.

"F-For sure, okay......i-if you let go, I'll make you into an ice sculpture!"

With a nervous expression, Rinslet gripped onto Kamito's arms.

With the soft sensation upon his skin, his heart throbbed.

"I-I got it, so please don't force your nails into me."

"S-Sorry about that......"

Taking her hands off his arms, she instead grabbed his hands.

She held tightly with her slender and soft fingers.

"A gentleman's......hand."

With red cheeks, her upturned eyes were wavering.

"Well, I am always holding a sword......"

Kamito said while quickly averting his eyes.

(Th-This angle is bad......!)

From the white nape to the collarbone adorned with water droplets.

The breasts that could be seen under the water surface were much too distracting.

"Kamito-san, where are you looking?"

"Ah, no......come on, loosen up and stretch out."

Kamito immediately changed the topic.

"T-To have a boy give me an order......that's the first time."

Rinslet shut her mouth tightly.

But that expression looked somewhat happy.

"Sorry, milady. I'm just an impertinent fellow."

"No, i-it's fine if you give more orders. B-But perverted orders are a little......"



Rinslet spoke into the water and formed bubbles.

What a strange person – Kamito thought that and then.


Kamito felt someone watching him.

He felt a blade-like pressure on the back of his neck.

Kamito quickly surveyed the area.

He only felt the presence for an instant and it had already disappeared.

(I don't think it was my imagination but......)

It might just have been the spirits around the lake.

Well, it had disappeared quickly so there was no point worrying about it.

"What's wrong?"

"No, it's nothing......come on, relax more."

"......L-Like this?"

Rinslet nodded honestly and stretched out her entire body.

Her cute butt wrapped in the white swimsuit rose out of the water.

"I-I floated!"

Her smile was like a blooming rose, very bewitching.

"You really become cute when you're honest."

With a wry smile, Kamito whispered that and Rinslet became red to her ears.

"......Kamito-san, you're teasing me, aren't you?"

Bite. Like she was scolding him, she bit onto both of his arms.

Bite. Bite.

"Rinslet, it hurts......"

"Fufu, it's punishment for teasing me."

Rinslet smiled elegantly and finally stopped biting him.

But as expected of a talented lady, her learning rate was really fast.

"Then, next, try moving your feet."


STnBD V04 129.jpg

Rinslet nodded and–


Suddenly gave out a cute yelp.

"W-What happened?"

"Fua, ya, ahn......w-where are you touching!"

Rinslet flopped around in the water.

"N-No, at this kind of're perverted."

"......Wa-Wait, I'm not doing anything!"

Kamito denied with all his heart and–


The water surface that had been calm until just now boiled.

"That seems like fun, Kamito."


What rose from the water was Claire with her twintails standing on end.

Her tone was calm but......she was angry. No mistake.

"Y-Y-You, what are you doing alone with Rinslet?"

"No, this is just swimming training–"

At his answer – Kamito hurriedly shut himself up.

Rinslet had wanted him to not reveal that she couldn't swim.

He couldn't betray her trust.

Kamito suddenly became quiet, and it seemed that that incited Claire.

"Could it be that you were doing s-something that you can't tell me......"


"Th-That's wrong, Claire, this is–"

What came to Kamito at that time was–

"That was a secret lesson!"

Those words.

"......Secret lesson!?"

Claire's eyebrows shot up.

......Crap, it seemed that he had messed up his word selection.

"Th-That's right, it was a lesson about things that can't be said!"

While still holding onto Kamito's arm, Rinslet said that.

"A-A lesson about things that can't be said......"

"Wait, Rinslet, that wording will invite misunderstandings–"

But Claire had already turned red from whatever she had imagined.

"......Kamito, th-this pervert, how lewd!"

Hit, hit, hit.

"Calm down, you're wrong! It wasn't a lesson like you're imagining!"

"Claire, could you please not interrupt our secret lesson?"

Rinslet said with a composed smile.

"......Y-You, get away from Kamito!"

"Oh my, why should I?"

Sparks flew between the hell cat girl and the ice princess.

......The usual fight had begun.

"Ka-Kamito is my slave spirit and I won't give him to you!"

"No, Kamito-san is mine!"

Both of them each grabbed one of his cheeks.

......A fight between two top-class elementalists started.

While sending water droplets flying, both of them grappled with each other's swimsuits.

Rinslet was always standing normally. This was the sandbar, so there was a foothold.

The breasts and butt that could be seen from the offset swimsuit made Kamito turn red.

"G-Give up already!"

Rinslet placed a hand on Claire's breast and pulled at her swimsuit.

And then.

The string of the red bikini came undone–


Time stopped.

Claire quickly covered her breasts with her hands, but it was too late.

The figure of those small, cute hidden mounds was burned into Kamito's vision.

"......D-Did you see?"

Kamito nodded truthfully.

"A, uu......"

Claire flushed red up to her ears–



And bolted into the forest.


"I-I wonder if I did something bad......"

Rinslet was reflecting.

The forest that spread around the lake.

Even if it was the Elemental Lord's sacred land, there could be dangerous spirits in the forest.

He knew Claire was a top-class elementalist – but as expected, he was still worried.

Kamito sighed and chased after Claire who had disappeared into the forest.

Part 4[edit]

While running in the dark forest–

(Ka-Kamito saw my breasts......!)

Claire reddened.

It was embarrassing to the point that her face felt like it would burst into flames.

(Jeez, what is this, what is this, idiot!)

He had seen her naked in their first meeting.

But then and now were totally different.

She didn't know why though......

(Wh-Why is my heart......beating this fast, I wonder.)

Claire stopped running and suppressed her beating heart.

That's right, she didn't hate that he had seen her naked.

Having him see her underdeveloped breasts had been a shock.

(Th-This small of a chest is strange, isn't it......)

Rub. Rub.

While feeling her soft chest, she bit her lip.

Claire had read it in a book.

That boys liked girls with big breasts.

That definitely did not exclude Kamito–

After all, Kamito had been all happy around that big-breasted Rinslet.

(Wh-wh-wh-what's this secret lesson about things that can't be said, y-you idiot!)

Remembering it again, she felt her anger resurge.

Just what were those two doing in the shadow of that rock–

"I-I d-don't really care about who he gets along with......"

–Just as she said that with a pout.

She felt a cold sensation on the back of her neck.

"......Who is it!?"

Turning around, she inquired with a sharp voice.


"Hmm, you're unexpectedly sharp, onee-chan. But separating from the group isn't good."

Appearing from the trees like a shadow–

A single hooded girl.

Slightly visible ash grey hair. Transparent blue pupils.

A young girl that was even smaller than the short Claire.

(–A child in this place?)

Claire was suspicious.

She didn't appear to be a princess maiden of the Divine Ritual Institute.

The only possibility was that she was a member of another team.

"Do you have some business with me?"

Claire asked while keeping her guard up.

What she had felt just before was close to killing intent.

Even if her opponent was a small girl, she couldn't be careless.

The girl laughed lightly.

"I'll have you disappear, onee-chan. For nii-sama's sake."


Instantly, Claire reacted.

Water came from the ground as many tentacles were formed and attacked her.

(......A water spirit user!?)

The writhing water tentacles splintered the surrounding trees' branches.

Claire landed on the ground and performed her summoning.

–Guardian of the crimson blaze, keeper of the undying hearth!

–Now's the time to abide by the blood contract, come forth and do my bidding!


A crimson flame-clad hell cat appeared from thin air.

The hell cat immediately transformed into a whip in her hand.

"You, do you understand who you're picking a fight with?"

"Of course, Claire Rouge. The Calamity Queen's younger sister."

"Looks like you really did your research!"

Claire swung down the flame whip.

Drawing a pure red line in the air, it easily mowed down the forests' trees

But the water tentacles coming from the ground easily stopped the flame whip.


"There's no way onee-chan's flame spirit can defeat this Scylla."


Claire had read that name at the academy.

It was the name of a special-use militarized spirit that could be used by anyone. That flexibility to switch contractors was deemed too dangerous and it was supposed to have been sealed after the Ranbal War–

And then Claire realized.

If she was an assassin that used sealed militarized spirits–

"Don't tell me, you're the one who attacked the flying ship......kyaa!"

In that moment, a tentacle coming from the ground grasped Claire's foot.

The tentacle wrapped itself all the way around and lifted her into the air.

"......This damn thing, let me go......!"

She swung her Flametounge with all her might but it did nothing inside the water spirit.

Her opponent's spirit was the worst match-up for her fire spirit.

On top of that, this area weakened flame spirits because of its proximity to water.

Even if it was a high-class spirit like Scarlet, overcoming that was hard.

The tentacles entered into the gaps of her swimsuit.

Wrapping around her thigh, it was a terrible feeling.

"......Ah, n, wh-what are you doing, noo......!"

"Fufu, what a disgraceful appearance, onee-chan. But I'll let you enjoy it soon."

The girl approached Claire who couldn't move.

"......Why are you targeting me?"

"Because onee-chan has corrupted nii-sama."


Claire had a realization. The one that came to her mind was–

"Could this be about Kamito?"

"Don't say nii-sama's name so lightly."

The water tentacle slapped Claire's cheek.


"If I kill onee-chan, nii-sama will definitely wake up."

"Wh-What do you mean wake up! Kamito is Kamito!"

"Don't speak like you know what you're talking about."

A bone-chilling tone. Shivers ran down Claire's spine.

"Onee-chan, what do you even know about nii-sama?"


At her words–

Claire widened her eyes.

(......That's right. I don't know anything about Kamito.)

For example, this girl who called Kamito nii-sama.

This girl probably knew.

Kamito's past that Claire didn't know.

She felt a pain in her heart. She didn't know why.

"Good bye, onee-chan."

The girl gave the command to kill what it had caught–


Then a blade line flashed.


Part 5[edit]

The short sword pierced the ground.

The girl jumped and landed after turning in the air.

At the instant Scylla's power weakened, Scarlet returned to its hell cat form and destroyed the water tentacle. Kamito caught the released Claire with both arms.


"Claire, stand back."

Kamito placed Claire on the ground and turned to face the girl.

(I didn't think an elementalist would be here–)

He regretted not bringing Est along.

With the last exchange, he understood. His opponent was a skilled assassin.

The short sword disappeared. It was the product of the only spirit magic Kamito could use as the elementalist of a sword spirit – weapon production with Weapon Works.

(So that presence I felt at the lake was this person......)

Kamito looked at the girl. He couldn't see her face because of the hood.

The girl's lips lightly shook and opened.


At the same time, the water spirit reformed its tentacles and attacked again.


He took a blow to the stomach.

Kamito flew and smacked into the muddy ground.



Claire ran up beside the collapsed Kamito.

"Why didn't you dodge it! You should've been able to."

Claire closed her mouth tightly......that's right, he couldn't dodge it.

"......You covered for me?"

"I can't allow a wound to touch a young lady's face."

Kamito wiped the blood from his mouth and shakily stood up.

Once again, the tentacles swung down like whips.

Kamito raised both arms and blocked. But no matter how strong he was, a human couldn't match up to a spirit.

A blunt attack. The sound of bones being crushed rang out.


"Nii-sama, why are you interrupting me?"

The girl muttered this to the fallen Kamito in a sad tone.


He was sure she had called him that at the start as well.

The encroaching girl. From beneath the hood, he spied ash grey hair blowing.

"You, don't tell me you're–"

Kamito's eyes widened.

The girl waved her hand and gave the order to attack–

"Freezing fangs, pierce – Freezing Arrow!"

In an instant, many ice arrows impaled the water spirit.

The water spirit instantly froze. Then–


"–Take this, Blazing Fireball!"

Claire's fireball scored a direct hit.

A fierce blaze.

The frozen water spirit shattered.

"Hmph, that was easy."

Wielding a magic bow, Rinslet swept her hair aside.

Though she was doing such a carefree action, her breathing was ragged from chasing Kamito.

"Rinslet, you're a life saver......"

Kamito stood as he groaned in pain.

Rinslet and Claire equipped their respective elemental waffen and faced the assassin girl.

"Aww, he got killed. It turns out like this if I don't use Jester's Vise."

Sticking out her tongue in a childish manner, she flipped her hood off.

STnBD V04 145.jpg


Ash grey twintails. A lovely, youthful face.

Kamito stood shocked at the face that had hardly changed from four years ago.



Claire knit her brows.

"Muir, why......"

"Nii-sama, you've become very weak."

The girl sighed sadly and turned around.

"But don't worry, Muir will definitely wake you up."

Saying that, she disappeared into the forest–

"Stop–" "Right there!"


Kamito stopped Rinslet and Claire who were about to pursue.

"Hey, why are you stopping us!"

"–You can't beat her."

The two gulped at Kamito's serious expression.

And so, the assassin girl completely disappeared.