Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume1 Afterword

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—You be my contracted spirit!

With that, nice to meet you, or perhaps, long time no see, this is Shimizu Yuu.

My new series, 'Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance', raises its curtains here!

This story is an alternate world fantasy x battle action where the main character, a young boy named Kamito, meets a ferocious, beautiful girl Claire in an academy that trains elementalists and together they aim to fight in a grand battle tournament— 'Blade Dance'!

Contracted spirits that can transform into weapons —'Elemental Waffe'— that are used by beautiful girls to fight, spirits that only girls are supposed to be able to use, the main character is a young boy that was able to make a contract, the secret of the crest engraved on the young boy's left hand, the powerful sealed spirit that was sealed into a scared sword, and the tsundere princesses x3 (the maid included) + a cool cute mysterious girl, and so on, with all sorts of content. Anyways, I have enjoyed writing it. "I'll turn you to cinders!" is the favorite phrase of an excellent but ferocious, beautiful girl heroine, Claire. Kamito's fate of being made to be her slave spirit(?) and so on...!

Ah, although I said battle, the basis is an academy romance comedy, the battle of love of the girls surrounding Kamito is also steadily turning to a dead heat! Even after this, I'll try my best to aim for "increased love, double the fun, superior battles!". It will be a blessing if all you dear readers also somehow enjoy yourselves lightheartedly!

Now for the thanks. I am truly grateful to many people for the start of my new series.

First, Sakura Hanpen-sensei, who drew superb cute beautiful girls + spirit, truly thank you very much. Every time, I received a draft, I was in agony. The girls' expression and poses are very charming. The girls are also cute but the cat is magnificently cute.

The glittering star administrators of MFJ that read my manuscript many times, and gave me precious advice and ideas, truly thank you very much. You have my gratitude for all the advice.

The chief editor, Misaka, the proofreading team, the binding team, the sales team and the rest that had something to do with this work, to everyone, thank you very much.

And now, my greatest thanks is to all you readers holding onto this book in your hands. Shimizu's release of this book is something due to everyone's support. The questionnaires made me really happy!

—Well then, let's meet again in volume two!

November 2010, Shimizu Yuu

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

STnBD V01 263.jpg

Nice to meet you, I go by Sakura Hanpen.

This is the first time I'm drawing light novel illustrations.

I have been really tense.

It is good when I draw cutely, however...!

Personally, my favorite is Scarlet, neko-yan!

For humans, Rinslet is my favorite.

Things like tsundere ojou-sama are my specialty, how cute...

Shimizu-sensei, also, I request the next to be Rinslet's naughty scene please. Without fail.

While making such a naughty request, 1 volume ended!