Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance:Volume16 Prologue

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White and black. The blades of the dual swords crossed.

Absolute Blade Arts, Dual Wielding Form—Purple Lightning Revised.

This was a skill originating from Purple Lightning, a thrust executed with godlike speed, modifying it for dual wielding.


A crisp sound resembling the breaking of glass was heard—

The demon sword of darkness and the sacred sword of steel had shattered the witch's crimson demon sword.

In that instant, surprise appeared in those gray eyes of Greyworth's.

Kamito did not miss that look in her eyes. So even the strongest elementalist on the continent would show this kind of expression for once? This thought flashed through his mind momentarily.

The elemental waffen held in his hands were stronger than Greyworth's—

During this moment, Kamito had surpassed his mentor for the very first time.

Kamito felt like he saw a faint smile on the corners of Greyworth's lips.

However, it could have been his imagination.

A momentary clash of blades. Kamito's use of the Absolute Blade Arts had shattered the demon sword. The residual force easily sent Greyworth flying.

Behind her was a cliff leading to the gaping jaws of Dragon's Canyon.

Thus, she fell towards the bottom of the abyss and was gradually swallowed by the darkness of the night.

It felt as though this was going according to her intention—


Kamito could not help but cry out loudly.